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39 Reviews

0.25 oz COL Mini (New Version) (Unboxed)
SKU 65284
$20.00 $16.99
0.25 oz COL Mini (New Version)
SKU 41404
$20.00 $19.99
3.4 oz COL Spray (New Version) (Tester)
SKU 79272
$100.00 $44.99
3.4 oz COL Spray (New Version)
SKU 8070
$100.00 $93.99

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  • ANDY04/14/2012

    thought it was discontinued. Is this the same that was made by Estee Lauder a while back?(for her husband). Couldn't find it for years. It's great. I still have a bar of soap.

  • PATRICK04/27/2011

    Never had a complaint. One time I was leaving a club and very attractive woman turned and said, wow, JHL.

  • JOSE I CORREA03/27/2011

    My best cologne ever..... Now is dificult to get.

  • JEFF02/12/2011

    I absolutely love it. This fragrance is by far my favorite, and in fact, it's even nicer than the original Aramis for men.

  • FRANK KEMPA12/22/2010

    I have loved this cologne since the late 1980'S. Unfortunaltely is became hard to find. I cannot wait to get my new bottle!

  • FERNANDO09/18/2010

    I was just talking about JHL with my wife and daughter. I actually put it on to go to dinner tonight from a bottle I bought in 1985 and have stretched out. Now it's back! Wow! A great scent and so many great memories. I can't wait to buy a new bottle.

  • JAMES12/18/2009

    I had a bottle of this in the late 1980's and it was my favorite cologne of all time. Then they discontinued it and I was so upset. Now I see that you can get it again. It was sexy and it brings back wonderful memories for me.

  • RACHEL09/18/2009

    I was so happy to find that JHL is back! My husband had it in his collection when we got married 25 years ago and I started to use it. I was so dissappointed when it went it got so pricy then went out of circulation. It is bold, but not old, stuffy, or over powering. What I love about it is that it lasts all day and a little goes a very long way! Am stocking up now!

  • RUSTY01/19/2009

    This cologne is one that will turn heads both men and women. It was originally made for Estee Lauder's husband JHL and was very popular in the 80s and after he passed away it disappeared. It is now back and about twice the original cost but worth every single penny. This alluring, masculine scent has clove, musk, woodsy, oriental spices and just plain sex written all over it. The longer it is on the better you smell and it lasts for a long, long time. A little goes a very long way. I consider this an evening cologne and one to be worn in the winter mostly because of it's very sensual and earthy tones. Men and women will love this and you will get compliment after compliment! An Excellent addition to any man's cologne collection!

  • ARNOLD S. WALKER09/09/2008

    Ever since the location where I was buying my JHL Product close down I felt like it was a waste of money to buy other brand

  • DUSTY L.08/21/2008

    I was given a bottle of JHL several years ago as a Christmas gift from my sister. Being a Christmas gift, I used the cologne sparingly even though it was my favorite scent. JHL has to be one of the best men's fragrances that are on the market. After I had used the bottle I was given, I replaced it with a new bottle. At that time JHL was around $50 for a 3.4oz bottle. Unfortunately, over time the price of JHL has risen drastically. I believe Aramis knows how much of a virtual gold mine the JHL cologne is and has priced it as such. With my limited income, I can not afford $70-$150 for a bottle of cologne despite how great it is. Considering JHL was a favorite of my girlfriend, I have been searching for a comparable scent she loves just as much, but, to date, I have not been very successful.


    I remember my lady buying this for me, in the 80's, every year for Christmas...Maybe now the mystique of only being able to acquire this around the holidays has left and Estee lauder sold the product or distributes it under their Aramis division...I just hope the smell is the same ...I love this stuff...

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI04/21/2007

    Amigo: It was made by Estee Lauder for her husband, whose initials were JHL--can't remember how it wound up as an Aramis frag, though I've heard the story. In any case, it closely resembles Lauder's Cinnabar--for women, Estee's perrsonal favorite. Having said all this, in fairness I should also point out that some men find JHL the height of luxury and refinement.

  • DILLON04/12/2007

    Those of you familiar with Aramis know that the brand is synonymous with masculinity. So how did they manage to produce a scent that smells so UN-MASCULINE that it set a new standard in cloying men's cologne during the 1980s? Beats me! But if ever there was a fragrance that captured the 'syrupy musk' of an aristocratic woman of advancing years, this is it.

  • MARIO JUSTININI05/08/2006

    Really tried to like it but it's just too sweet. Or perhaps it's more accurate to say the sweetness overwhelms the 'refinement' factor. Graded on a curve, it's 10 stars compared to a cloyingly sweet lower class abomination like Coty's Stetson and half a star compared to the upper class swashbuckling and luxurious Royal English Leather by Creed.

  • K.O.04/11/2006

    Quality fragrance but too stuffy for everyday wear, i prefer Witness for this purpose.

  • M.R.03/21/2006

    To make it short and simple; it's bold, masculine and genuine Aramis at their best.

  • FLYBOY02/22/2006

    This is a well made cologne for a woman. It is very similar to Estee Lauder's Cinnibar( the similarity was by design). Smells so much like my mother used to that it is dissettling.

  • BRABUS02/18/2006

    The ultimate expression in masculinity and classiness from Aramis isn't cheap but worth owning if you can find it.

  • BOB01/29/2006

    i recently sent aramis an email in which i campaigned for the retention of aramis 900, devin and JHL in their men's lineup. i was told that there are currently no plans to discontinue any of the three and that all three are in "limited distribution." contact parfumerie douglas, macy's in new york, and/or bloomingdale's in new york if you have any difficulty finding it here or elsewhere. introduced in 1982, estee lauder created this spicy/ambery oriental fragrance for men, similar to her women's fragrance cinnabar (1978). the initials stand for Joseph Harold Lauder, her husband (for whom she created it). a potent fragrance, with a heady aroma of cinnamon and rose, this will work best for cold nights out (preferably while dressed to the nines). sold with a separate atomizer, it works as either a splash or spray; either way, it should be applied sparingly. as with 900 and devin, about all that exists is the larger edt, so don't expect much in the way of ancillary products. regardless, this is one of the very best domestic fragrances ever produced and is well worth seeking out.

  • OSSEY01/02/2006

    I got lucky over the Christmas holiday and found a full-size bottle for 58 bucks. It is an exact copy of estee lauders cinnabar and VERY similiar to youth dew by estee lauder as well. JHL are the initials of estee's husband and this scent was made for him. She must have wanted him to smell like cinnabar and youth dew because, like i just said, JHL smells just like them.

  • DUC01/01/2006

    Haven't worn for years but what I do remember about this cologne was that it was very bold, masculine and classy as hell. The best from the designer right next to Havana and Havana Reserva.

  • MICAH12/13/2005

    I came across this one about 20 years ago,When it disappeared I mourned-=Then I finally found it again and was able to get it I was very happy!I have "bookmarked" this site and will not again let this one get away from me!I had been looking for the last 12 years.

  • QUANTUM FIRE12/11/2005

    Probably the most bold and masculine in the Aramis lineup. Refined and sophisticated classy man's fragrance is definitely not for all tastes and not for the young at heart.


    Masculine, classy and very sophisticated fragrance is hard to find but worth it for the expensive price if you me!

  • MARTY11/12/2005

    This is the most wonderful cologne made, net to Balenciaga. It is a very romantic, sexy fragrance. I wore it 20 years ago and it is just as good at attracting people now as it was then.

  • MICK F.11/07/2005

    Great classiness and refinement in this hard to find (not to mention expensive) but highly masculine selection from Aramis.

  • SANDOKAN10/31/2005

    Do they still produce it? I thought it was discontinued many years ago. So, how old are the bottles one can purchase? I think I was 15 (23 years ago) when I got a sample, and I found it wonderful, but back then my friends thought it was a ladie's perfume, so I didn't buy a bottle. A few years later no store had it anymore. It is nice to remember this one.

  • P.T. STOCTOROCTON10/28/2005

    Absolutely a fabulous classic and masculine fragrance for the man of refinement.

  • J. YORK09/29/2005

    Classic, refined, bold, sophisticated, you name it. This rare find from the designer is worth every penny of its high price.

  • RAY09/09/2005

    At Last I finally found a place to purchase this wonderful fragrance long lasting and masculine, I used to get this regular in the UK but then was discontinued but thanks to Perfume Emporium I have again found my all time favourite cologne. Will be purchasing form here time & time again a great place to but and fast delivery excellent to deal with

  • M08/20/2005

    This scent is wonderful. Soft as a cashmere jumper. A fresher, softer version of Cinnabar which can be too overpowering.Try it girls!

  • JENNIFER08/15/2005

    My husband has been wearing this scent for 15 years. Although it has been difficult to find lately, it remains my favorite....

  • CHERYL08/15/2005

    I used to buy this in MN for my hubby but have moved to TN and cannot find it wanywhere here. For me a 50+ yr. old this was the best "love" potion ever. If someone can get Aramis to put it back on the market I will be in line to buy and to promote it.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE08/07/2005

    A timeless masterpiece and THE BEST from Aramis. Classic, bold, sophisticated and demands the attention from the WOMEN not the girls.

  • Z.G. ARCHIBALD06/29/2005

    Totally agree with the pilgrim about the classics he/she mentioned in comparison with this one. If you've never tried this and you love classic fragrances, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

  • SPACE PILGRIM06/25/2005

    Right next to Tabarome by Creed, Duc de Vervins by Houbigant and Tuscany by the same designer, this is a milestone among classic fragrances and the best from Aramis.

  • RON A05/21/2005

    I've been honored to wear JHL for over 15 years and it is by far my most preferred. Throughout those years, it has been tough to find. Though a sophisticated, elegant and rare scent, I've felt comfortable using it for all occasions. Always having a couple dozen colognes in my rotation, JHL is certainly my current and all-time favorite.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU05/20/2005

    I'm glad I came across this website. In my opinion, I think this is the best from Aramis. The only other cologne I've ever tried from this designer was Tuscany around 13 or 14 years back and was a decent classic cologne. I must say I'm rather impressed with JHL. It's probably hard to find and too expensive for most but that's what I like about it. It's a bold, sophisticated and classic fragrance that suits the GQ middle-aged man like myself. This is actually one of the "cheaper" bottles in my collection. I've got four 4oz. bottles of Creed, X by Clive Christian ($225), Amouge Dia and Amouge Ciel (both are entry level 1.7oz bottles at $125 each) and Mandorlo di Sicilia by Acqua di Parma ($85). And then of course I've got some of the obvious more affordable scents such as Acqua di Gio (yawn), Emporio Night, Black Code, Le Male, Dunhill Desire, Cristobal, Grabazzi, and a few others. Anyways if you like the classics, try this one. Good day.

  • JOSH A04/22/2005

    This is a Classic fragrance and it's no longer being produced. It's spicy, woody, fresh and long lasting. This is one of the finest fragrances around...I'd grab it while it's still available.

  • W.B.01/28/2005


  • ROB H.11/09/2004

    Classic, luxurious, sophisticated and expensive. Good luck trying to find the 3.4oz. for under $75. This is probably the best by Aramis and will most likely suit the middle-aged man.

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