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For Her Eau de Toilette Narciso Rodriguez Image

Narciso Rodriguez

For Her Eau de Toilette   

98 Reviews

Sex in a bottle. What more can I say? The box is a delicate and feminine pink and when you open it up, the bottle is clear glass painted coal black on the inside to hide the secret that is the sexy woman this fragrance was made for. The main note of Narciso Rodriguez For Her is musk, which is the very core of all three accords in this perfume. The more

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Sex in a bottle. What more can I say? The box is a delicate and feminine pink and when you open it up, the bottle is clear glass painted coal black on the inside to hide the secret that is the sexy woman this fragrance was made for. The main note of Narciso Rodriguez For Her is musk, which is the very core of all three accords in this perfume. The first pulse has been freshened with orange blossoms and osmanthus and a touch of amber. Next, the musk is illuminated by the creaminess of amberlyn and vanilla. Finally tactile woods lend a voluptuous dimension to the musk, such as the feminine vetiver. It all sounds very heavy and rather sickly, but goodness gracious, if you want to have them falling at your feet, get yourself in line to own Narciso Rodriguez For Her, pronto!

  • MAX03/03/2014

    i am shocked at how much i adore this perfume...i have lots a lucky girl ...this is adorable ...

  • BRENDA02/06/2013


  • CKMIA05/25/2011


  • FIONA T05/19/2011

    I am a perfume addict and always have a stock of 20+ different fragrances. Narcisco Rodriguez is the ONLY perfume I've ever worn and had complete strangers stop me in the street to ask what it is. What's more surprising is that most of these were men! I love it. It's fabulous.

  • SHIRLEY05/10/2011

    i brought some and every time i wear it i get a goooood commitment on it

  • MARY K. 11/29/2009

    Ohhhh, WOW!!! I love this stuff so much! Excellent if you love musk. I would call it a very sexy musk perfume.

  • YAED06/17/2009


  • ARICIA04/26/2009

    Smells of cola/roses/patchouli/musk. Potent, and delicious. If it were safe to drink, I'd order a tall glass of it.

  • FOR HER12/14/2008

    This is the best natural scent you will ever find with hints of fragrance. This is not over powering at all and lasts for hours. The best product I've found yet and his Musc, is out of this world.

  • FOR HER12/14/2008

    This is the best natural scent you will ever find with hints of fragrance. This is not over powering at all and lasts for hours. The best product I've found yet and his Musc, is out of this world.

  • DARRSHAN J VORAA08/21/2008

    go go buy this, iam finished with 2 bottles and looking forward to third one,its heaven. edp

  • TANINHA BRAZIL08/17/2008

    i fell in love with narciso ... so , i bought both ts and ps .... and to my surprise i only loved one of them , the ts !!! the ps was too floral ... too strange on my skin , while the ts , caressed my skin like silk , breezy afternoons ... cant explain , how soft yet to the point it was ... to the point of making my ex husband ... sniff my neck a little longer , when he picked our daughter up for the weekend ... anyway , enough about the past ... narciso is feminine , ans ideal for those moments shared by two ... a first date perhaps ... ive been wearing it , way too often ... even when i go to sleep ... and dream !!!! ps? i enjoyed mixing both ts ( more of it ) and ps ( just a hint behind the ears , between the breasts and wrists ) ... quite good !!!

  • AMAZONIA7107/25/2008

    i just re-read your first post, and i saw too late that you HAD tried the, maybe you should sniff out the EDP....i can't believe the EDT would smell bad on anyone, but i suppose, as you did point out, that everyone's personal chemistry is different!

  • AMAZONIA7107/25/2008

    i finally figured out what the deal is...the pink bottle (eau de parfume) and the black bottle (eau de toilette) are two almost completely different scents. the eau de toilette is probably going to be more to your liking. though i never thought about it till now, it is more unisex, and it's really beautiful...warm and soft after it dries draws people in to you. i'm smelling myself right now, and it the tops notes are a little more masculine, but in an hour it will be a softly sweet musk. the eau de parfum, however, has a much more cloying, lilac-y scent...and i HATE lilac! i didn't realize there was a difference in the actual scents until i decided to try the eau de parfume thinking it would be a more economical purchase, and it wasn't very nice. i ended up giving it away to a co-worker who liked it. so, these are the cliff notes if you're trying this for the first time. if you want a musk with a more flowery smell, go for the eau de parfum, if you're a more earthy, woody type, the eau de toilette is the way to go...and it still has pretty decent staying power!

  • KELLY04/06/2008

    Would you say that Narciso is similar at all to Donna Karan's Black Cashmere? I have not been able to find any stores to try Black Cashmere before buying. Just wondered if you could compare and contrast it for us! Thanks!

  • DIRK02/14/2008

    A very simple musk, but of high quality. I've taken to wearing perfumes marketed towards women, and gave NR Edt its first wearing today. I think I pulled it off - received two compliments from the ladies. Great stuff. Next thing will be Poison (Dior)...

  • AMAZONIA7102/09/2008

    well, i thought it smelled nice on him, but he didn't particularly like it. and yes, the womens' version also seems to smell very different on each friend loves it on me but can't stand it on herself. then again, pretty much all scents end up smelling the same on me eventually anyway. but i have to say, i really didn't like the musc oil version. it smells like cheap patchouli-type roll-on perfume! and i found that the little spray sample vials smelled way better than the mini eau de parfume i purchased, almost like a completely different scent alltogether. different enough to make me pretty sure i got duped into buying a fake version in a real bottle. i didn't purchase it from perfume emporium, mind you.

  • MISSSANDS01/24/2008

    I sampled Narcissco Rodriguez(edp) today. It is everything I look for in a fragrance and it reminds me of Paloma Picasso another fragrance which I love!!

  • RYAN12/19/2007

    Hi there. You know, I don't know why she recommended this to me. I was looking at Tom Ford Black Orchid, which I love and would wear, but that is a lot more masculine smelling. Also, I excitedly tried the men's version and was greatly disappointed. In fact, I hate the men's version. To me it smells like fertilizer and swamp. Not at all trying to be rude, it's just definitely not my thing. It was probably just my skin and chemistry that made it bad. I cannot wear citrus or aquatic scents either, they always turn chemical-cleaning product on me. I go for orientals, some gourmands, some sweet-woody scents. Those are the categories that I love and smell great on me. Does it smell good on your boyfriend?

  • AMAZONIA7112/09/2007

    there is a men's version of narcisso rodriguez as well. i bought some for my boyfriend, and while it smells nothing like the women's version at all (none of the same type of notes), it's still nice. i'm not sure why the sales lady would have given you the women's. maybe she wasn't too bright.

  • BARBARA W11/24/2007

    Saleslady at Saks gave me a sample of the EDT, and I've got some on my wrist right now. I can definitely see the comparison to SJP's Lovely - they are *very* similar. NR is a bit more voluptuous, more of an evening scent. Whereas Lovely is crisp and bright, NR is creamier and a bit more sexy. If you like one, chances are good you will like the other. You could probably even use the body products interchangeably. I agree with Ryan that this is NOT a masculine fragrance at all! Next to try is the EDP version...I hear they are quite different from one another.

  • GREEKGIRL11/22/2007

    Hi there, i have Narciso in edt and luv it but havnt tried edp, since youve tried both could you describe the differences? is the drydown really like Paloma which is another fave, thanks for any feedback.

  • DARRSHAN11/21/2007

    a perfect blend of all the notes in this edp makes it a smooth journey which is very alluring and rich in content and speaks very smoothly through its sweet notes, a must have , a royal sweet dish.

  • ASYA11/18/2007

    I just ordered the EDP and i've been reading reviews all night long. I haven't smelled it yet. Heard about it from a friend of mine, who likes the same smells as I do. Hope I like it and hope it stays on my skin...:)

  • PERFUME LOVER10/28/2007

    A few months ago i remember trying Narciso edt at a dutty free in Brazil, it was good, I remember thinking about it as a cool, different fragrance and today I tried the edp version and I fell in love, the dry down reminds me a lot of Paloma picasso´s classic scent, which is probably why many people thinks of it as a grandma perfume, but since I´ve always liked Paloma itself, finding this modern version (in a way) of it is great, it is not overpowering, yet it demands attention and it is just elegant, I was looking for a different smelling scent (have you noticed perfume releases always seem to be very similar between each other and suddendly all new perfumes smell the same) and it was great to find that rare, special one.

  • RYAN10/25/2007

    Ok, so I'm a guy and was shopping at Bloomingdales for a new scent. The saleslady asked me what I like/own and I gave her a few examples. She suggested that, even though its women's, I try NR in the EDT form. She sprayed it on a card and it smelled pretty good. Next day, after reading reviews here, some of which called this a masculine fragrance and others saying it is not long lasting, I decided to try it. I sprayed it on my wrist (again the EDT) and while it did smell good, it was incredibley feminine. I could not smell a hint of anything masculine. In addition, after leaving the store, I went to the gym to work out, sat in the sauna, showered, and even after all that, could still smell it on my wrist. All in all, definitely smells incredible (on a woman), but I cannot say I agree with other reviewers who've stated this is masculine and doesn't last on skin.

  • GRACE10/18/2007

    NR for Her EdT has a permanent place in my Top 5 of all time, and sometimes it's #1. This scent is right for every occasion, every weather, every time of day, every outfit. Gorgeous, to die for, exotic and feminine. I finished one small bottle and just ordered the gigantic one!

  • PELIN10/07/2007

    well, this is a different perfume...It doesnt smell simple like should give this a chance...

  • FLOGRANCE09/29/2007

    One of the very few scents which speeds up my pulse... a light smell but actually very intense

  • KELLY09/27/2007

    I love this one so much! It makes me feel sexy and exotic while I'm getting groceries on a Wednesday afternoon, and I'm a stay-at-home mom, so you know that's saying something! I guess it could be considered old-lady-ish if the old ladies you know are intelligent and well-moneyed. I am only rating this *good* because it is a bit expensive.

  • KRIS06/15/2007

    I have been wearing Narciso for about 2 years now. I consider it to be along the lines of Coco (which I wore for about 5 years) but much more modern. Though the base notes are different, they are both spicey, sexy, oriental fragrances. Narciso has a slightly creamy powderiness to it once it dries down. I own the hair mist, deodorant, cream, EDT, and EDP. My next purchase will be the oil.

  • GREG06/07/2007

    As a male, I know that I am not alone in HATING this overpowering and putrid concoction!!! I have NEVER been so put off by a perfume. The other day I walked into an elevator which reeked of the stuff, I could hardly breathe. This is a NOXIOUS liquid NOT a fragrance. I know a number of people who hate it just as much as I do. I had no choice but to hug a friend who was wearing it, it stuck to my clothes and I could not wait to get home and wash them. This should be made illegal!!! PLEASE DONT WEAR IT!!! It is dreadful for those who dont like it.

  • RANIA05/30/2007

    Mostly arabian women loves to wear an oil musk perfume. NR eau de toilette enhanced it in a more sophisticated level. definitely my signature scent since i'm already fed up with so many mainstream fragrance such gucci, chanel, dior, etc which could easily find in department store

  • ANGELIQUE05/18/2007

    Hmmm I think maybe I was wrong in my last review. I guess a week to sleep on has made a difference. I think when I originally tested this scent it must have mingled with something I was wearing already and just made me feel ill - I dunno, but the first time I tried it I hated it. Anyhow, I gave it one more chance, I bit the bullet and dusted myself all over with it. But this time, rather than being repulsed and nauseated, I was actually quite enrapt. It's not a girly scent, it's actually quite complex and rather sophisticated with a hint of seductiveness. It's actually very nice in a way I can't put my finger on. It also has a nice timelessness about it which I like too. So rather than a horrible 1 star, I am elevating this to an excellent 5 star perfume. I am now very happy with this and will be adorning myself with it when I want to feel special.

  • ANGELIQUE05/15/2007

    I thought this was horrible. Smells great on the tester card, but once it dries onto the skin it absolutely reeks. Not my kind of scent at ALL. It actually made me feel slightly nauseous.

  • JESSICA04/09/2007

    i'm thinking of buying this unsniffed, is this a long lasting one ? other perfumes i love are burberry brit, hypnose, and ange ou demon. Do you think i will love this scent if i love those 3 perfumes ? thanks x

  • SYLVIE04/07/2007

    Maybe something is wrong with my nose and taste, but I find this fragrance not nice at all!!

  • ARILL03/30/2007

    ok i'll tell you the truth. i first recognized Narciso when i was in my fav local cafe. it was late and i was alone enjoying my coffee in my lazy hours. that time was the first i recognized this wonderful heavenly scent. a very attractive lady with long dark hair sat alone. i assumed she was already there hours before me but i just didnt recognize her. i'm an introverted and shy person but i didnt know what make me do that. suddenly i have this courage to reach her and asked her politely about the name of fragrance. she smiled. i dunno either it because the stupid question or it was because she saw me blushing. she said ... "it's narciso". "Narciso Rodriguez". i'm not expert in perfume and im not gonna talking about the complicated ingridients what so ever... but maybe my true story can describe the hidden power of this fragrance. it even could make a shy guy like me gone wild. lol!! if you, women, who wants to have a scent that will make everybody (especially men) who walk pass to you, turn their head and suddenly fall in love with you... Narciso Rodriguez is the answer. i also just bought it for my mother at her birthday. she loves it very much and keep getting compliments from her friends. (i'm sorry if my english is bad, im from ist. turkey)

  • HISAKO03/20/2007

    some people mentioned that Lovey and NR are similar. But I think it is only the impressions of the both scents. First application to the dry-down, both are different in many ways. IMO, NR is by far better than Lovely and a matter of fact it smells so divine!! I have just read all the posts -killing time after the busy day-and I agreed with Maya and Allison- you both said it so right. Now I am looking for buying Musc, the oil version. I put my hope high that my search for THE signature scent is finally over!

  • ME03/06/2007

    This one is very much like Lovely and I find Lovely to be sharp and annoying. One sniff and it sticks with you and not in a pleasant way. If I had to choose I would pick NARCISO RODRIGUEZ. It's milder and not as twisted.

  • LUSI03/06/2007

    ... great scent, special, good staying power, very romantic... but you can also go for Lovely (SJP) wich smells excaclty the same.

  • HISAKO03/03/2007

    I had not worn this for sometime although I love the scent. A week ago, I happened to try the body lotion and I re-discovered how BEAUTIFUL the scent was!! Some posted it like an old lady's. May be so. As I realized this scent somewhat reminds me of those relaxing days in the early 80's not long after I moved to the States from my country. An old lady-like scent or not, I still think this is VERY WONDERFUL scent!!!!!

  • SANDY01/30/2007

    Recently wore it on a 14 day cruise and people were following me around. It is a divine fragrance and the duty free shop sold out quickly.

  • GISELLE01/09/2007

    smelling than Narciso. It's cheap and it barks back to the awful 80's. I was still in diapers, so thank goodness I didn't get to fully experience all that tacky excess. For what it's worth, I wear either 1000 by Jean Patou or Melograno by Santa Maria Novella in the winter, and Chanel Chance in the summer. I think it's great when customers leave their true impressions on these boards. It's a great source of non-biased references anyone can access before spending hard-earned money on something they don't know.

  • K01/07/2007

    I LOVE this mature, sensual scent! Where oh where did the body lotion go! I hope PE restocks!!!

  • MY TWO SCENTS01/05/2007

    I ration my supply because Narciso is pricey for me, but my husband never fails to comment on how good I smell when I'm wearing it. Even other guys at home would stop and tell me they loved the scent. The board members who say like things "for old ladies" obviously prefer something like Charlie because this is an elegant, sophisticated perfume. The body lotion is great, too.

  • WIZARD OF AHHHHS12/31/2006

    Love Narciso HOWEVER the scent changes as I travel to different climates. Not good in New Mexico but great in Texas. As I compared it to Lovely previously, I must say that Lovely is wonderful no matter where I go. Similar and beautiful scents - just a matter of altitude. :) Happy New Year all!

  • GISELLE12/23/2006

    Simply put, it smells like a vintage bar of soap, but somehow it lacks the freshness of the bar.

  • SHELBY12/08/2006

    My roommate brought me my first bottle and i fell madly in love with it. Men and women would stop me and ask what was i wearing!!

  • GISELLE11/29/2006

    100 % granny-like, even before it touched my skin - and that's coming from a lover of all things vintage! Soapy, but by no means a "fresh" scent. Sorry, Narciso, but this one gets a big thumbs down! PS: Lovely is much nicer!

  • TRACY11/28/2006

    I've just ordered this having never smelt it which i feel a bit mad for doing. I love 'Michael', 'Mademoiselle', even liked 'Poison' when it first came out before the world smelt of it. God I hope I like it, bought the perfume, shower & body lotion specifically for nights out over Xmas.

  • WIZARD OF AHHHHS11/27/2006

    This stuff is by no means an old lady scent! I ordered a sample and once I received that and smelled this heavenly fragrance, I immediately ordered a bottle!! It's definitely sex in a bottle!!! Someone said it's similar to Lovely by SJP so I went out and bought a bottle of that to tide me over but it's not quite the same. Narciso is divine....and Lovely is good too. The difference is in the dry down and the smoothness that comes through with Narciso. YOU WILL LOVE IT - trust me! Toodles and happy holidays!

  • SAIRA11/24/2006

    i want to buy a bottle of this stuff but a couple of people told me it smells like an old lady perfume. is that true?

  • WG11/21/2006

    i am very disappointed. it is very chemical stuff, headache inducing, turns sour on my skin (both edt and edp).

  • JULIE11/17/2006

    I first smelled Narciso on a coworker and the only way to describe how she smelled was "SEX". I had to run out and but it myself. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

  • MEG10/25/2006

    I agree with Cindy. I love this fragrance so much, but am so disappointed by it. I just bought the eau de parfum, (one would think this would have awesome staying power). It DOES NOT! I have to spray a huge amount and them in one half hour I cannot smell a thing. It evaporates into nothingness. Please Narciso, do better than this!

  • KAT09/25/2006

    This is an all time classic scent. It is one of my all time favorites.

  • ANNIE09/17/2006

    I don't get the sex in a bottle thing but I like it anyway. I swapped for my bottle of NR and didn't have any major expectations. I was mainly curious to see what the hype was about and try something new (to me). I think that NR for Her is distinctly unisex. I can see a man wearing it as well as a woman, which is a nice thing, imo. To my nose, there's somewhat of a sweet boozy note (brandy? bourbon?) that I associate with "masculinity". I wear it as an all-round fragrance, mostly in the daytime. It dries down clean and soft, stays close to the skin. It's not particularly "sexy" on me and doesn't make me feel particularly sexy either. Maybe I don't get it, but I think NR is just a pleasant fragrance, nothing more or less. I have the black bottle (edt). If I had my hopes up about this one I might have been disappointed. I doubt I'll purchase a replacement when the bottle is finsihed, but I have nothing against NR for Her at all.

  • BELLE07/10/2006

    I love this fragrance, but my husband doesn't like when I wear it either. He loves "Michael" by Michael Kors on me. He likes the very feminine scents on me...he says Narciso is masculine smelling, but because I do love it, I will continue to wear it. I wear it to work a lot and by the end of the day when I get home, it has faded a lot, so he doesn't have to smell it. I also have "Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker, which smells alot like Narciso, but it's cheaper. He doesn't like it either! :) Every time I wear "Michael", he walks by and breathes deeply and comments on how wonderful it is, so I wear that some days for him. Our opinions differ, so I compromise, but I don't give up on wearing my Narciso.

  • JP07/08/2006

    Makes you smell like you bathed in cheap, heavy, oily cologne from the dollar store.

  • GWEN06/28/2006

    I started wearing this fragrance last year and still LOVE IT, but my husband says he hates when I wear it. I have been reading several posts that mention that their boyfriends or husbands hate it! I'm not sure why because it's a beautiful fragrance. Please comment if you are having the same issue

  • MERMAID06/22/2006

    I have discovered (today) that Lovely by SJP smells identical to narciso and is a fraction of the price!!

  • MERMAID06/22/2006

    At last I own this perfume! The most divine thing I have smelt for a long time or at least since Hynose arrived!! ;-) It's feminine and classy!! A+++++++++

  • GREEKGIRL06/13/2006

    What can i say i just love this perfume, its very sexy but also quite innocent and playful as it reminds me of my childhood, playing and having fun because it smells like some musk lolly sticks i had as a child at birthday parties, and also pink musk lifesavers (lollies) , Narciso you BAD BAD BOY, LUV IT!

  • BELLE05/22/2006

    Just got this! Love it! Sophisticated & sexy! Not your typical teen fragrance like most others are these days, but not old lady smell either... great scent... high class!

  • PHYLLIS05/20/2006

    Love this perfume!! Best scent I've smelled since "Angel". Good staying power but soft and sexy.

  • MELH05/09/2006

    Love, love, love this! It's modern and exotic at the same time, longlasting, intriguing, sexy, feminine, sweet but never cloying, good egyptian musk mixed with orange flower, woods and vanilla. Smooth and cremy, warm but wearable in summer. I always get compliments when I wear it. I want a new bottle! I love the Eau de Toilette version and also the Musc Oil, but I don't like the Eau de Parfum because it's too rosy, pungent and flat.

  • ALEXA05/03/2006

    ..get Narcisco Musc. Its slightly annoying because its an oil, not spray, but the scent is delightful. I was skeptical about Narcisco for Her and my boyfriend hated it- but we both LOVE Musc. Definitely get it

  • TBUZZ04/20/2006

    I dont think that a weak sickly sweet rose smell is sexy. Very disappointed in this one. I believed the hype about sex in a bottle unfortunately.

  • ABIGAIL04/17/2006

    Don't judge a perfume by its bottle. NR smells quite different on the skin, especially after wearing it for half an hour or so. It settles down to such a lovely soft fragrance. I know you're probably hesitant to put it on, so try taking a small whiff of the musk oil. From the bottle, it smells more like the "on the skin" scent.

  • JULIA04/13/2006

    Too sweet by far! This smells like rotten fruits to me. Just after the first sniff at the bottle, I had to run out of the perfumery in order to get some fresh air in my lungs. If one of my co-workers wore it, this would be reason enough for me to change the job.

  • MISSI04/10/2006

    Well i got a small sample of this, and I liked the smell for the most part..but my husband said it smells like ol lady too much,, and honestly i can agree a little bit..but for some reason i keep it near my pillow in my headboard so i can get little whiffs here n there LOL maybe it just makes me think of a sweet grandmother i dunno. But overall i think it's pretty good stuff.

  • NARCISOWANNABE04/02/2006

    Ever since the Nordy's lady handed me a ribbon with this stuff on it, I can't stop thinking about it. They must put something addictive in it! j/k husband doesn't like it! I know, how could anyone not like it? Any suggestions?

  • KATHRINE04/01/2006

    I recieved a small tester of the EDP from a friend of mine who said that the fragrance didn't work with her body chemistry. That was a very good day. This beautiful potion certainly works with mine... It's absolutely lovely. It's complex and feminine - and very alluring. I received 5 compliments on this scent the very first day I wore it. I use very little so that it remains subtle and unintrusive. I went out and purchased the EDP today and have proceeded to scent everything in my home with it - from my linens, to my unscented bath oil. It makes my fiance purr.

  • MARELLA03/29/2006

    I tried this about a week ago and have not been able to stop thinking about the sexy scent that made me actually think about spending that kind of money on it. Well, not only did I think about it, I actually did it! I bought a bottle of NR EDT!!! I deserve this kind of yumminess too! I have received more compliments on the way I smell in the past week then in the past five years of my life. I used to wear something else, (Coco-Chanel), that used to get me compliments but that ceased about a year or so ago. So I guess it was time for a change, and I chose the best one of them all!!!!

  • CINDY03/29/2006

    smells great, but does NOT last at all!!! you practically have to spray half the bottle to be able to smell it for a couple of hours.

  • E.K.03/28/2006

    Amazing fragrance. M. purchased it with trust, and I fell at her feet at once. My pleasure. More about me >

  • MAYA03/15/2006

    "Narciso Rodriguez is one of those sultry fragrances you can just wear anytime and feel the sex-appeal ooze out of your every pore, be seen and felt in your walk and felt in your presence. Not a fragrance you have to be in the right mood to wear, or attending a special occasion event type. Every day is special, every day a perfect occasion for Narciso Rodriguez! I love the way this sultry scent envelops me from the beginning to the very end... Osmathus and Orange Blossom mixed together in a most creamiest of ways to create a mood of seduction and passion... followed closely by amber and vanilla softening and sweetening your every step... and then the provocative woody base with exotic musks dripping with honey.... What can I say I'm a 'Narciso-Girl'!!!"

  • ALLISON02/26/2006

    I think about this fragrance all day long. I get complimented daily on it. For me, this is a little pricey, but it also smells a little pricey. I wear it in the day and evening it doesn't matter to me because I love it. It's a little floral...which I love, and a lot of musk. Not a cheap unoriginal scent, but one that lingers. It's sort of smokey like earl grey tea. This scent is going well with my all natural look that I'm trying to get comfortable with. It's what a woman should smell like, and for a young girl to look forward too.

  • KAREN02/20/2006

    This is just fantastic. Similar to Prada, Lovely and Agent Provacateur (which isn't on this site) but better and more individual. I am in the UK and it is great to read about other international opinions.

  • CAROL02/13/2006

    Some compare this with Lovely from SJP. I know both perfumes and find them both nice. BUT, the dry down of Lovely has more changes in it. It turns into a stronger patchouli note. Narciso stays true during the dry down. The beautiful scent stays for hours without turning into something else. And, it lasts longer on me than Lovely does. For these reasons, I prefer Narciso Rodriquez, but both are excellent. They both get 5 stars!

  • CAROL02/13/2006

    Simply beautiful and lasts very long on me. Actually the lasting power amazes me. So nice.

  • LIZZIE02/10/2006

    this mystery continues to intrigue me. i haven't gotten it figured out yet. just tried the concentrated perfume oil, and it's DELICIOUS. no alcohol. then i spritzed the EDP on some tissue... equal delight and smoothness, wonderful complexity. maybe it's my skin chemistry last i tried the EDP???? or some body butter i was using??? anyway, do try both before you buy... one is no indication of the other. there IS quite a difference, but quite unpredictably so, according to what everyone's experiences have been in solving this mystery!!! sorry for the previous confusion, girls!!! HAPPY SNIFFING!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

  • LISA02/08/2006

    It is very soft and totally feminine. Like the way it makes me feel soft. It brings out the soft female qualities in me, not anything assertive or stiff. In a world where women often take on rough roles, this perfume represents the opposite. The power of being totally feminine. Melts mens hearts.

  • LIZZIE02/04/2006

    i personally LOVE the creamy, woody, timeless elegance of the EDT (like euphoria, but without the fruits), but the EDP just reeked of moth balls on me-- harsh, biting, and very out-dated. i had to run and wash my hands off. it might have reacted strangely to my skin chemistry, but it was so different from the EDT, that my nose could hardly believe it! it's the first time that i've LOVED the EDT and HATED the EDP! they really ARE different scents, and if you're not sure which one to buy, do take yourself to a perfume shop and test-drive both scents to see which you prefer. i think it really depends on skin chemistry and personal preference. i'm still shocked that i hated the EDP so much! good that my nose loves the cheaper version! even on ebay, this stuff ain't cheap, ladies. :-D happy sniffing!

  • ROBIN 02/01/2006

    Hi, Marnie! It's very true that the EDP is quite different from the EDT. Although the basic ingredients are essentially -- although not entirely -- the same, the proportions are rather different. I think you'll find that the EDT is a little more linear, more tailored, firmer, perhaps a tad woodier in impression, while the EDP is richer, rounder, smoother, with perhaps more of an undercurrent of honeyed, floral-amber sweetness to it. I tend to prefer the EDP, and it lasts considerably longer, too. All that said, I must also say that, although I think the packaging is phenomenal and I admire the designer's commitment to quality, I'm not this fragrance's biggest fan; I do like it quite a bit, but I'm not nuts about it on my own skin, and I'm not crazy about it on other women. I'm not even sure why; it's not that it's got anything going against it -- it's more that it doesn't have quite enough going FOR it, if you know what I mean!! Anyway, that's just me and my own personal opinion, and I mention it so that you'll be encouraged to try it for yourself before you buy it, as it is quite an investment. Of course, if you've bought it already, whether it's the EDT or EDP, I hope you ADORE it and enjoy every drop!!!!!!!!!!! xxoo Robin

  • TAMMY01/31/2006

    I love NR For Her. However, I do not love the expensive price tag. It's outrageously priced! I do own two bottles of NR that I bought on sale at Christmas and use sparingly. Since SJP's Lovely smells just like it, I've opted to use this on a daily basis and For Her on special occasions.

  • SYLVIE01/29/2006

    Dear P.E. ladies, I have a sample of the Eau de Toilette version. I'm not impressed. The opening notes are interesting, complex, synthetic-"spicy", and special. But what a poor drydown: Simple musky only! No sweetness, no femininity. Not harmonious well-blended scent imo. Where are all the notes from the start?? I can smell ONLY boring musk at the end. This fragrance is not for me, but that's okay. If you like this type of scent - enjoy it and have fun. I think this fragrance is only nice and attractive for musk-lover. I cannot agree that this should be a floral-chypre... and I can't find the "sex in the bottle". And I try and I try and I try. I can't get no satisfaction!!!

  • MARNIE01/28/2006

    I tried some and love the scent but now I don't know which form to purchase. Some comments indicate that the different forms (EDT, EDP, etc) have markedly different scents. This fragrance is not inexpensive and I don't want to make a mistake. Suggestions?

  • NATASHA01/26/2006

    Narciso is similar to Lovely I have both of them. I love the similarities and I love the differences between the two! Now I can alternate between them and I feel great either way. Oh and I know I will never tired of either. It's like they knew exactly what I was looking for!

  • TESSA01/25/2006

    The fragrance to convert those that dont like to wear perfume. I am a convert! It's everything a fragrance should be - romantic, alluring, subtle, and best of all lasting. I love it so much that I wear it not only for special occasions, but every day and even to bed at night. Nothing nicer after a hot shower than the smell of your favourite perfume as you drift off to sleep in the arms of a man who loves you while he too enhales your wonderful scent.

  • GARDENIANGEL11/17/2005

    This smells like a man! (which is not a bad thing), but I like to smell girly. Even if you wanted to smell like a strong and sexy woman, I wouldn't pick this scent. I don't like it for a woman...too masculine. I'd like to smell something similar on my boyfriend though! It does have a sexiness to it.

  • BETH11/17/2005

    A nice, musky floral. Not too strong, goes not smell like a hippie Whole Foods kind of musk. An elegant, sophisticated, sexy scent! (Thanks to PERFUMECHIQUITA for the totally needed English lesson! )

  • MARI9811/12/2005

    Fortunately, it is not similar to any of the above. It's totaly different than any other fragrance that I've ever tried, but sexy, feminine and not cloying. It's a must for any serious fragrance library.

  • BELLE11/11/2005

    I can't rate this fragrance because I've never smelled it before. It sounds nice, but I wonder if it is similar to Dior "Addict" or Boucheron "Trouble". I do not like those two...too heavy/cloying! Does anyone know? Is it pleasant or sickening sweet?

  • KINSEY11/07/2005

    If you love chypres you must try Narciso Rodriguez For Her. This smells retro 1970s to me, and reminds me of another fragrance, which I cannot place. For Her edp is very different from the edt on my skin. When I sampled the edt I wasn't fond of it, as it turned quite bitter on my skin. The edp smells stikingly better on my skin, mostly because the musk notes seem mellow and smooth. The edt and edp are different enough to me that I feel they chould have different names! For Her is a rich, heady, elegant fragrance that is appropriate for occasions where you really want to dress to the nines. I don't think I'll wear this one in a work environment, but instead keep it for special occasions. The bottle is beautiful.

  • SO SEXY10/31/2005

    Usually can't use perfume.. found it in TA Israel and in Singapore.. fell in love.. it's amazing, sexy and fun to wear.. and the guys love it!!!!!!!!!


    Granny perfume?!? ok, each to her own...but -as perfume chiquita dons her english major hat--Please ladies and darlings, spellcheck your posts-- (yes, you, Stefanie!) Otherwise, as you "complain about some saleswoaman selling you some granny purfume that is sumthoan not for you like omg you will look like a ditzy valley girl teen complaing about "old lady" matter how valid your point. Hence, please spellcheck. Thank you!--removing grammer hat now.

  • STEPHANIE10/20/2005

    o my gosh i bought this purfume like a year ago with my dad bcuz sumhowthe sales woeman talked me into liking it. Then when i got home i was like god this stuff stinks and everyone at my school said it smelled like thier grandmother when she went to church LoL im only 15 so maybee if your older you'll like it i gave mine to my grandma and she wears it now its smells nice on her.

  • CC10/14/2005

    All my men (sons 18, 23 and my guy) LOVE this scent and so do I. My search for the perfect fragrance has at last ended. Thank you soooo much Narciso!!!

  • CK10/07/2005

    Have not purchased it yet, although I got a sample from the salesperson! This is one very classy scent. Unique in its own style, sexy and definitely not sleazy. Could you imagine purchasing the purse perfume, the musk oil, the edt., edp. and the body cream? This stuff is a small fortune....But it is worth it!

  • HISAKO09/29/2005

    Interestingly edt, edp and musk oil smell different.. I had to ask the sales lady if they are the same scent. The ratio of the ingredients must be not at all the same. It reminds me of femenine do bois by Shiseido and Shiseido France, name Beaute something is the maker of Narciso. In any case the scent is amazing. Soft, sensual and touch of wooddy scent gives me a impression of today's sophisticated modern women. Unfortunatelly it does not stay on me a long time..too bad. I like the smell of edp among edt and oil. I thought oil lasts long and smells strongest but it was not true at all! I don't know about the oil is just too expensive.

  • DONNA09/28/2005

    What a wonderful fragrance. This will be a classic. A classy scent...feminine, clean, sexy. Is appropriate for any occasion. I am so thankful I found this one. I am very picky when it comes to only sad because this will take off and won't be so unique. This is definately my signature scent. I have been complimented on this one several times and I love that.

  • MARY K. 09/20/2005

    Woweeeeeee!!! This stuff is truly sensual and lasts all day! Very unique too! I have tried the new eau de parfum it just has a slight bit of freshness to it and I love it as well!

  • PERFUMEFANATIC, UK12/19/2004

    I Love this! Described as "sex in a bottle" this scent has it all, warm, bright, sexy, sophisticated...and it lasts with out over-powering you which is always a bonus. I would recommend this for evening wear as oppose to day wear and if you like this I would also recommend STELLA by Stella MCartney.

  • KATIE G11/20/2004

    the most sensual, feminine, youthful, nostalgic scent ever! I AM IN LOVE! Thank you Narciso.

  • MONIKA11/16/2004

    I can't say how it is wonderfull and excellent. For me it is realy good1

  • MARTINA11/15/2004

    What can I say? The best, I can't change it with other parfum.

  • KATIE11/02/2004

    I got a sample of the body lotion in Italy and I love it!!! It definetly adds to the styaing power of the EDT. Does anyone know where to get the body lotion in the US?

  • ANETTE11/01/2004

    When I first put it on my wrist, it was like: "Oh no!". Then I waited for the drydown and it became: "Oh yeah!". Wonderful. Not for every day and surely not for everybody. Give it a try. Staying power is ok.

  • SANDEE10/29/2004

    Does this one have staying power in the EDT form?

  • ADDICTED10/25/2004

    I decided to risk ordering this perfume online without trying it first. The description I read of it sounded too good to be true. I just received the perfume from PE in the mail and I am addicted already. I'm not sure about the lasting power, but my man's already shown me that the perfume has magnetic power. I can't quite describe it...clean scent, it has depth, not too floral, not too musky. It's just right. Perfect fragrance for the upcoming cooler weather.

  • LUCIA10/20/2004

    This is by far the sexiest scent ever! My 10-year old loved it the minute I walked in the house with it on last Spring. This has a delicious thing going on that I can't explain. All I know is, it's awesome! The actual Musk Oil is even more unbelievable. The cream is so rich it is intoxifying!

  • ASR10/19/2004

    It has great depth and warmth; a "black tie" fragrance that can still be worn on a cool autumn day.

  • ROBIN10/19/2004

    Nice and creamy softer version of Trouble by Boucheron

  • JOHANNE10/19/2004

    My favorite perfume dreamy creamy yet clean smelling

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