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59 Reviews

Launched by the design house of Balenciaga in 1998, CRISTOBAL is classified as a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fruity oriental top notes with lower notes of patchouli and sandalwood. It is recommended for office wear.

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Launched by the design house of Balenciaga in 1998, CRISTOBAL is classified as a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of fruity oriental top notes with lower notes of patchouli and sandalwood. It is recommended for office wear.

  • CHLOE06/07/2017

    Cristobal is beautiful, nothing like it, and it sure recieves many compliments...

  • CANDICE12/24/2012

    Was much smaller than I thought it would be but am glad I was able to get this purfume one more time. It's a shame its been discontinued by Balenagica. Do you happen to know of a similar smelling purfume I can buy to replace this one? I just love this one but know purchasing any more will not be possible so let me know of a similar one if you know one. Thanks!

  • DOVILE12/05/2012

    very happy with the product, waiting was worth it. couldn't buy those perfumes in any other place, once again good stock.

  • BEULAH CATLETT06/04/2009

    I would like to get my own signature cologna and how would I go about it? I like this one Is there any way I can get my own signature on something like this? thank you.

  • AMY04/04/2009

    i love this scent. ultra feminine and soft. i have to admit i get complimented all the time from women 50 yrs and older. i dont know what that means! :) even though i'm 36, this perfume is ageless!!

  • NATHALIEZ06/27/2008

    I too agree that it is overly sweet and nothing special..didnt work for me at all...I wish it had had more strength and more dimension...

  • BEVERLEE12/29/2007

    Has anyone been able to purchase eau de parfum recently. I cant find it anywhere. I love it and each time I wear it, other people also want to buy it. Please help

  • JIM11/06/2007

    This is all I smelled: cream soda straight out of the can. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not elegant at all. Doesn't develop much...linear, but strong enough, for sure. Good for a playful girl around 20.

  • SARITA05/18/2007

    This is scent lasts all day and all night! I love the way it warms up on my skin, nothing but compliments both men and women. This one is a keeper, one of my all time favorites!!

  • AMY03/16/2007

    very impressed with the staying power. lasts all day and the scent is awesome!! belongs in any perfumeholic's collection!!

  • MARA02/05/2007

    I am a true Cristobal believer. I tried Missoni yesterday at a high end retailer and it blew me away. The ingredient list would have caused me not to try it, but I tried a spray on my wrist to please the salesman. Wow!!!! It contains chocolate and orange, along with flowers and woods. I couldn't stop smelling my wrist all day and night. This is wonderful, but terribly expensive. I would enjoy hearing from you if you enjoy this fragrance. My email address is: [email protected] We need to start a discussion group on Yahoo.

  • GEL01/26/2007

    It is always funny to hear people say shalimar is very strong. i wear the perfume and EDP all the time but the scent fades away in an hour or so, with a vanillic dry down and people dont even recognise that i have it on. whats the reason for this? anyway i am attracted to Cristobal so i will get it soon. could anyone tell me if this scent resemble anything on the market? thanks

  • ZEKIYE01/13/2007

    I have both Cristobal and Shalimar. I cannot find any resemblence between the two except they are both pretty strong.

  • JILLAINE01/06/2007

    I heard someone say that Cristobal smells somewhat similar to SHALIMAR. For those of you who know this scent, would this be a good comparison??

  • KINSEY12/21/2006

    Cristobal is a rich, sweet, very sexy scent that becomes a part of its wearer. It's perfect on my skin. My husband adores it, and many have commented about how good it smells. It's outstanding, but it's getting very hard to find. I'm going to have to buy about 50 bottles to hoard! I don't ever want to be without it.

  • SARA12/16/2006

    Well, i bought this perfume because of so wonderfull did not met my expectations! I am 35, and found this fragance fit very well to over 50 ladies...nothing modern...extremly classic, very powdery. If those qualities are what you are looking for...its ok! But if you need something modern...look for other fragances not for this one.

  • MARY DEMATIO11/28/2006

    I tried a number of scents that were just not right for me - until Cristobal. I get so many compliments from both men and women, that I wouldn't wear anything else. Please, don't ever discontinue it!

  • SMELLIE KAT08/27/2006

    This fragrance doesn't last well on me, so that sucks. I wish it were a little "bolder," for lack of a better word. However, it does have a classic feel about it and the result is quite nice (reminds me a little of Desnuda). Was hoping for a bit more.

  • PETRA08/03/2006

    This is my favorite perfume - ever. And I wouldn't consider 31 being old (nothing wrong with being older anyway). But this is a very CLASSIC, unique, sensual scent. It is not weak nor is it heavy, just perfect.

  • REBELRAT07/02/2006

    Very warm and throaty at beginning; softens with dry-down, but retains warmth and spice. Hope they never stop making it.

  • JANETHLU05/31/2006

    The first time I smelled this scent it reminded me of when the original scent of "Colors" by Benetton came out. Cristobal is a little more sophisticated and elegant than Colors. It smells like you're fresh out of a shower. Powdery, semi sweet and very clean. Very nice.

  • TANINHA BRAZIL03/20/2006

    i love reading your posts ! we have a great many scents in common . i noticed that you complain about the "lastingness"(sorry ,did i just make that word up?)of some fragrances ... maybe ypu could do as i do ...layer your fragrances either with their own lotions ,or make them yourself ...say ,if i detect some vanilla and rose on a given fragrance ...before anything i will wear a lotion or body oil with those items ... i hope i could be of some help to you ! tchau from brazil. about cristobal : feminine , classy ...makes me feel elegant and i love that!

  • MARGARETA12/28/2005

    I just love this one! It has everything I want from a perfume, and is long-lasting too. A day-perfume, so I can wear it every day! Perhaps I will wear it mostly during the autumn and winter, it´s a woody smell... The bottle is very beautiful! A real tresure!

  • AMY12/12/2005

    Every time I wear this perfume, I can't keep from wanting to smell of my wrist. It is that addictive and intoxicationg!! I imagine being secluded in a cabin in the forest with snow falling, a burning fireplace and a hot gentleman to keep you warm. Yes, it's that good!!

  • JSTAGRL09/13/2005

    I only got a sample vial of this to try and my first impression was would be nice for the cooler weather because of it's's very spicy and woodsy...seems to be something I picture a very elegant, mature lady wearing....just not sure it's something I would enjoy wearing.

  • KRISTIN M.03/01/2005

    Great perfume...glad perfume emporium was here to help me know it existed. Woody orientals are my favorite class of fragrances and this gem is no exception. Love it!

  • BEBE02/16/2005

    scent is like fine wine. once is not enough. i want more. grande. the smell of victory. very nice.

  • SHARRIE12/03/2004

    georgous like the bottle, wonderful blessings to revcieve, capture the elegance of cristoble.

  • HELENA11/23/2004

    that the staying power of this one is truly amazing, after 7 hour of applying (EDT, sprayed twice) it's still goes strong, I can smell my own sillage and it's gives me a little nausea .....unfortunately...

  • HELENA11/23/2004

    So sorry to be the one, who doesn't like it, but I honestly tried very hard ! Gave me a headache and makes me feel ill, for some reason. Something about it just bothers me. But the bottle is so pretty !

  • KATE11/22/2004

    It's a very sofisticated, warm and sexy fragrance, perfect for cold winter days. It's discreet, but very characteristic and my boyfriend adores it!!!

  • ERIN11/18/2004

    This perfume smells like something a beautiful woman would wear. I receive compliments whenever I wear it, from women and men. I've even had colleagues pass me notes during meetings asking what perfume I'm wearing! What I love about this perfume is that I can wear it to work or play.

  • AMY11/07/2004

    I read all the positive comments about this fragrance and I decided to buy it without even trying it. Well, I have to say that I LOVE it! It is such a sexy, classy, warm scent. A co-worker said it smelled like Obsession. I can smell the similarity. But anyway, this one is a keeper! Thanks for everyone's comments, they truley steered me toward this one!

  • LYNNBEE10/15/2004

    Finally! Something okay for people over 40!! It goes nicely with work clothes (suits) and it's great for going out - I wouldn't bother wearing it with jeans though

  • DONNA09/21/2004

    Loved it.....found on a trip to Paris and what a fragrance -- indicative of that beautiful city.

  • LINDA09/08/2004

    This was given to me by our foreign exchange student who came from Paris a few years ago. I had never heard of it before but I absolutely love it. It stays all day long and it is very sexy.

  • MARA05/20/2004

    I have searched the world and spent hundreds of dollars searching for a scent that I really felt good about and one that I would want to wear over and over again. I've finally found it. Cristobal is wonderful. I find myself smelling my wrist all day long just to get a whiff of it. Try it. You'll probably love it.

  • AISHA01/05/2004

    I am so picky about perfume and this is the freshest and sexiest smel. Very oriental, exotic and sultry and few stores carry it. My very favorite

  • PERFUME JUNKIE12/27/2003

    I put this perfume on my Christmas list after reading all the rave reviews. Thank you, ladies. It's a wonderful scent. Not too heavy and very elegant. Just one complaint. I wish they had the EDP. The EDT does not last very long. But I still love it. And the bottle is divine. I would certainly recommend it.

  • MICHAELA11/24/2003

    This fragrance is luxurious and is definitely a classic. It also lasts a long time, but I feel that I am too young to wear it. It's just not for me, however my mum loves it.

  • BECKY11/11/2003

    This is a very sexy & seductive fragrance. I love it!

  • KATHY1111/07/2003

    I just had to try this after reading all the rave reviews and was terribly dissapointed. To me, it is overly sweet and smells like candy. I was hoping for a warmer, sexier scent.

  • KATHY1111/04/2003

    Can anyone tell me what this perfume is similar to?

  • ELISABETHS09/15/2003

    Someone gave me a sample vial once and that was all it took. I wear this in the cooler months, very warm, spicy, and sexy. I love it that not too many people know about it.

  • ALEXANDRA08/10/2003

    It is sweet in a good way, as soon as I spray it I feel happy and cheerful.

  • CHER08/04/2003

    This is the most exciting purfume I have ever worn, I was thrilled when I came across it in Tenerife whilst on hoilday two years ago, I could not believe is was not known in the UK in the usual department stores, very glad to have the internet to buy it, as I would be lost with out this fragrance, it makes me feel very glamourous, feminine and totally at peace with myself.

  • LOCORIA07/09/2003

    I bought this product 3 years ago and I still adore the smell. Its a great perfume which stays.

  • LABI'S MOM06/10/2003

    buy this today..great price for a great product..this site is the best and has a discount coupon!

  • SZARADA06/02/2003

    I just purchased a bottle and I'm in seventh heaven ! Cristobal is such a pleasure to wear, it is elegant, sexy and mild, I mean not overpowering. No way someone could complain about the scent, it is just ideal ! My personal advice is not to buy EDT because it doesn't have good staying power, EDP is much better in this case.

  • BELINDA05/16/2003

    My boyfriend just returned from Mexico and he brought me back this perfume and I simply adore it. It's fantastic and I enjoy having a variety.

  • PERFUME JUNKIE05/10/2003

    Looks like I'll definitely have to try this one. :)

  • MARY DEMATIO04/09/2003

    I've never gotten so many complements than I have since I started wearing Cristobal!

  • NANNA04/01/2003

    This is my signature scent, and I just adore do men ;-)

  • OLGA02/25/2003

    I love it! The scent is rich and very classy. it takes a few minutes to really appreciate the scent, but well worth the wait!

  • AMK02/01/2003

    Like it-However, when I'm wearing Cristobal, I detect high notes of Vanilla. It then becomes similar to many other perfumes. Overall, still a nice scent.

  • KAREN01/23/2003

    Cristobal is a great fragance, really good. Sweet, elegant and long lasting. The price is good.

  • REDONE11/21/2002

    This is great stuff! I purchased this on whim and I love it! Slightly oriental with a critrusy twist. Yum

  • STELLA10/26/2002

    I don't think that this perfume is only for older women.I'm 23 and like this one very very very much.It is not heavy,it is refreshing,vanillic and powdery at the same time.My boyfriend is crazy about it.

  • ANOUK09/12/2002

    Yhis is the sexiest perfume of the world.A must try a must buy.wooouuuuw

  • ANA08/31/2002

    Elegant and luxurious. Excelent fragrance. Very high quality!!!

  • EVONE07/03/2002

    I bought this for my mom a few years ago. She loved it and still keeps the bottle. Now that I see it here, I may buy a bottle for myself. Very nice and elegant.

  • GAIL05/23/2002

    This is such a warm, rich scent.I wear this in the winter and on more dressy occasions, although you can wear it when ever the mood strikes you! I really like this one alot!

  • JOAN04/13/2002

    Balenciaga is for elegant, older(30-50)woman.This scent is tempting and worth.

  • CARLA04/01/2002

    Nice, floral-oriental, with vanilla in the drydown. Refreshing and sexy at the same time

  • JBLASKE03/07/2001

    I am trying to replace a cristobal parfume-1 oz. and can't find this Help anyone! Thanks [email protected]

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