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Thierry Mugler


692 Reviews

Angel perfume was created by Thierry Mugler in 1992 and is recommended for daytime wear. Angel's fragrant nature explores essences of honey, chocolate and caramel. Angel perfume also possesses a blend of vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli, accompanied by fruity notes of fresh citrus, melons, peaches, and plums.

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Angel perfume was created by Thierry Mugler in 1992 and is recommended for daytime wear. Angel's fragrant nature explores essences of honey, chocolate and caramel. Angel perfume also possesses a blend of vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli, accompanied by fruity notes of fresh citrus, melons, peaches, and plums.

  • VERSYE O'BERRY JR01/16/2020

    It's my wife's favorite fragrance.

  • BRAD I12/20/2018

    Good gift set!

  • LINDA05/13/2017

    THIS PRODUCT IS WONDERFUL...I love the fragrance.... Not too strong but just right.

  • JOYCE 08/03/2016

    My favorite perfume at a good price and with fast delivery!

  • DANELLE08/18/2014

    This perfume smells amazing!

  • SIENADOG08/14/2013

    Goldie Hawn,... Kate Hudson, ...and Cameron Diaz ... and first ladies also wear this perfume, such as Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush. It is a great perfume, but I would recommend it for special occasions because the scent is on the strong side. Still, if you get star-struck, you can wear it to think of your favorite stars and first ladies.

  • MARYELLEN03/16/2013

    First smelled this fragrance on a friend about five years ago and have been buying the EDP ever since. I agree that it is a strong smell and only use one "squirt". Someone bought me the EDT and I didn't like it at all. Will definitely only buy the EDP. Another favorite of mine is Fidji by Guy Laroche; a much lighter scent than Angel, but I love them both.

  • JEAN01/02/2013

    I love my Angel glittering body powder but disappointed that it will not sprinkle out of the box. Any suggestions as previously when I ordered this glittering body powder, the canister had a shaker on top.

  • FAIRY NOIR08/22/2012

    When I first tried Angel my first thought was "Oh, that's different" I went about my business that day forgetting that I sprayed it and thought what smells so good? I must say a little goes a long way and it's more appropriate during the winter months. While I'm here, this is the first time I have posted a review and I noticed how angry some people sound when they post reviews. It's just a perfume people, no need to take it so personal.

  • PAMELA 08/06/2012

    I love this perfume, my very good friend purchased this for me..And I feel in love with it...

  • DEBORAH BROCATO06/13/2012

    my favorite scent; angel

  • DENETTE01/19/2012

    Beware, this fragrance is soooo strong. The first time I wore it, I sprayed two sprays on my chest (my usual), and every time I took a breath for the first 7 hours that I wore it I could smell it. It is best used when applied very lightly. Don’t let the cute, feminine star bottle fool you into thinking that is a light airy fragrance. It is a deep and seductive scent that has a smoky, spicy, gourmand quality. As much as I love this scent (my hubby loves it too) it is just too strong for daily wear. I really want to try the new EdT version as I hear it is more wearable.

  • ELLE01/15/2012

    Not recommendated for Pregnant woman....

  • ROSIE TEA06/12/2011

    wanted to like this because of the name and the pretty bottle but it is foul. like home-brand vanilla cake mix that has been left out on the bench for a week. yucky.

  • MARY12/25/2010

    Love it. Just keep enjoying how good this smells. Keep sniffing my wrists. Love it!!!

  • SHERRIE 12/20/2010

    The first time I smelled Angel I was shopping. I asked the woman what she was wearing and told her it smelled"heavenly". She laughed and said it's called Angel. I make my first purchase that day, 7 years ago. I love it!

  • CH237311/12/2010

    Could n't stand the smell at first, but because my guy purchased it. I wore it, never had so compliments on how good I smell.

  • JT10/26/2010

    I'll start by saying I used to really hate this scent. After a while I started to think it was "ok". Then I started to get intrigued by some of the notes in it and started to actually like it. My man loves it and it's his favorite women's scent! It is still not my favorite, but I do enjoy it when I wear it. Funny how we can change our mind...

  • ANDREA09/09/2010

    I've been wearing it for years, and I love it. I always get compliments that I smell so good.

  • ALI G07/28/2010

    I really want to like this scent but it honestly made me gag the first time i smelled it. Its almost tart smelling cant pinpoint it ,but idont smell any honey or choclate or vanilla , reminds me of baby powder n stinky old ladies! Sorry to all the fans!

  • LISY05/20/2010

    This stuff is heaven sent...Omg I love it. It brings out the good in you.

  • FRANGIPANI05/20/2010

    This is sickly sweet and really makes me feel ill. Horrible.

  • ZOE05/19/2010

    The best perfume ever

  • JANET05/02/2010

    EVERYONE stops and asks what I'm wearing. Of course, it's always "Angel". Men. women, young, old, --- everyone loves it. To anyone who doesn't, I must question their sense of smell.

  • TREBOR03/15/2010

    One of the great feminines that was a game-changer of modern perfumery. Just a little lasts all day, and it works on guys as well as the ladies, especially in small doses and for those guys who don't like the tarry notes in A*Men.

  • DENISE01/22/2010

    I love this perfume and get nothing but compliments when i wear it

  • URSULA01/02/2010

    People who spray on this scent freely are using it wrong. A little goes far ... just to be noticed. It brings back memories of childhood but is also invitingly sexy - a little dab underneath your clothing - where it counts.

  • HAZEL10/06/2009

    I actually have read quiet a few of Gracie's reviews on here and most are insane but I agree with her on this one. It smells like flea powder. My mom sprayed it on at a dept. store while we were shopping. A little while later it smelled like she had sprinkled flea powder on. Not something I would want to smell like a wet dog with flea powder.

  • VAL09/23/2009

    My body chemistry blends well with this fragrance and my friend absolutely loves it when I wear Angel. The best description that I received from a co-worker was alluring.

  • DARRSHANJVORAA09/20/2009

    one of the worst perfume is angel i dnt know how they give such name it shoul be devil


    Not a good fragrance very cloying and reminds me of a flea spray I use on my cats. Smells similar to Coty's Emeraude. Very powdery and chemical smelling. I received this as a gift expecting it too be great boy was I wrong! Try a little Hartz Flea and tick Spray if you want to try Angel and not pay a high price! Very old lady-ish.

  • MAGGI06/15/2009

    When I wear Angel, there is "magic" in the air, and I'm the "magnet." Attractive, sensual and yes, oh so sexy. Who doesn't enjoy all that?

  • BUNNY06/06/2009

    All I know is I'm hooked on Angel. Everytime I were it someone compliments me. I'm in heaven when I were this. 100 % the best fragance ever....

  • SCENTMAN06/06/2009


  • BLONDIE02/26/2009

    Finally tried this out for real today. As I suspected it is not for me but more interesting than I formerly gave it credit for. If this had been around in my long ago club hopping days I'd probably have had some. My opinion only but this is not really one for "nice girls". This is for a woman out to be naughty on purpose. If you are a single girl headed out for an evening of looking for Mr. Goodbar, this is the one for you. "Dirty, sweet, oh yeah"...

  • SYLVIE01/19/2009

    The bottle so blue you my beloved fragrance. Sensuous, sweet and heavy. Bewitching.

  • NADINE01/18/2009

    It smells like burnt caramel and a musky patchouli and it isn't blended right.I tried Eau de Star and it smells exactly like Angel but lighter but Eau de Star still has that burnt caramel smell to it. I would wear Eau de Star but not Angel.

  • NICKIE01/04/2009

    I smelled this years ago and was not crazy about it at all. I tried again around the holidays and my body chemistry must have changed because it smells totally different on me now and in a good way. I receive a lot of compliments when I wear this fragrance. The drydown is so soft and airy. I wear this everyday now.

  • CHRISTINA12/28/2008

    From ballet dancer to window-dresser to one of the great and innovative new breed of avant- garde Parisian couturiers, Thierry Mugler has always thanked his lucky stars for his success, and as a tribute bottled his first perfume in a stunning blue-tinged glass star. Angel has become just as much a glittering star as he has, and no wonder - it´s truly out of this world! Never one for the remotely conventional in anything, Mugler has concocted a fragrant fantasy so delicious it´s almost mouth watering! No jasmine and roses or other romantics here. Instead it´s a childhood nostalgia trip of luscious goodies like juicy red berries, dewberry, creamy vanilla, wild honey touched with the orange tang of bergamot and - wait for it - chocolate and caramel. Not just your nose but your taste buds will be in seventh heaven - or perhaps somewhere warmer if you dislike it.. The chocolate/caramel notes actually comes from a new synthetic called Veltol and Angel is the first perfume to use it. It all results in an eccentric trifle or a bizarre adventure..too far fetched to be serious. Just because it´s called Angel doesn´t mean it´s pure and virtuous; that innocent-looking star bottle is really a hand grenade in disguise! Not to be used by anyone who thinks she´s angelically sweet, Angel is for women who don´t have a halo and don´t want one. This is a budoir perfume, but you can wear it out of bed to lure whoever into it later.. By day, Angel will go perfectly with anything low-cut on top and high-cut below, and at night in sexy slinkies and slitheries, preferably in shiny and glittery fabrics of dramatic black, voluptuous purple, shocking pink, electric blue, blazing gold and lots of shimmery silver. It´s strictly for grown-ups who frequent grown-up places and get home very, very late - if at all.

  • CHRISTINA12/15/2008

    The first time I smelled "Angel", a flamboyant six-foot-three salesman with the shoulders of a linebacker encased in a baby blue zoot leaned over the counter and sprayed me. I recoiled. "is this a joke?" It was the worst thing i had ever smelled. I suffered then from the naive belief that women should smell only like flowers, fruits and possibly candy; yet Angel, perversely, smells of them all, with the same relation to your average sweet floral as the ten-story-high demonic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from "Ghostbusters" has to your average fireside toasted sweet. In that sense, Angel is certainly a joke, bad or good, and you should only wear it if you know how to tell the joke properly. A woman wearing Angel should be utterly original and out to create merry hell! Countless perfumes have copied parts of it - like Victor & Rolfs´ "Flowerbomb", Calvin Kleins "Euphoria" - but they mistakenly play it straight. Although Angel is sold as a gourmand for girls, spoken of as if it were a fudge-dipped berry in a confectioner´s shop, it´s all lies. Look for Angel´s Adam´s apple; a handsome resinous, woody patchouli straight out of the pipes-and-leather-slippers realm of men´s fragrance, in a head-on collision with a bold black currant (Neocaspirene) and a screechy synthetic white floral. These two halves, masculine and feminine, share a camphoraceous (mothball) smell, which gives Angel an icy brightness above its overripe - or even rotting - rumble. The effect kills the possibility of cloying sweetness, despite megadoses of the cotton-candy smell of ethylmaltol. It´s not an easy perfume to wear, and some people really take offense or feel ill in its presence. It´s not a crowd pleaser either. Personally I think it has created a whole new category in perfumery, but a most difficult one. You don´t wear it, it wears you - and you will get some attention - not necessarily positive. In New York it has been banned from certain uppity restaurants ! And what about the men ? Most men do not respond in favour of this louder-than-loud all-synthetic concoction. I´m afraid I have to agree.

  • IDA AYU12/05/2008

    Overpowering on me. It blends with sweet&strong flowery scent. Anybody has suggestion? how should i wear this perfume so that it wont smell overpowering? combining with other light scent perfume, maybe?

  • LIZ12/01/2008

    This fragrance is very nice-a complex sweeter smell. One spray is all that you need-anymore than that would be a bit overpowering. This scent will last all day. The dry down is beautiful, soft, and feminine.

  • ANGIE11/29/2008

    My mom bought me a few samples of perfume for Christmas last year and among them was Angel. At first whiff I thought it was somewhat inviting, so I wore a small dab to work the next day. Now I don't know if it's my chemistry or the scent itself, however, I smelled like a grandma! I just thought it to be disgusting and very 'old' smelling. I suppose this is because I'm a huge fan of more fresh scents like Acqua di Gio, Cool Water, and Ocean Dream. I would definitely not reccommend this to anyone!

  • DMARIE11/17/2008

    I apologize to those of you who like Angel but I sampled it for the first time today and I was blown away by the awful smell.It smells like fried caramel and not in a good way. What is in this stuff? This should have been called poison because it is strong enough to put a hurting on somebody!

  • CARLA10/31/2008

    Angel and Euphoria are the only scents I've ever come across that truly make me nauseous. Both are just overpowering!

  • MARYANN, DENNIS09/24/2008

    i bought a bottle from highpoint victoria, love it after about half a bottle,it wouldent spray any more and vaporated, but did not follow though to ring myers, because i had it for a year,and wear it on special events, and they are supposed to sent me samples every so offen. please reply. thankyou.maryann

  • EARLENE ESTES09/21/2008

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  • JIM08/25/2008

    My radar goes haywire when I detect Angel in the air. I want to hunt down the wearer and eat her, on the spot. Yes, I've been told some ladies of the night overdo Angel giving it an unsavoury connotation, but on an attractive woman it's a huge turn-on.

  • EVE08/04/2008

    Wow I am wearing it right now. What an amazing smell. Angel is definitely the most interesting, clever and sexy perfume there is to wear. It's number 1 in France and not for nothing. If I have to choose my no one it's definitely Angel.

  • CHICK CAPTAIN07/29/2008

    While I have read mixed reviews on this product, if applied correctly...i.e., spray and walk into mist, it should have the desired effect of being light, sensual and not overpowering to anyone besides those who you are (and choose) to be close to. A mistake often made by people in application is several sprays directly on the body. This is a strong scent, meant to be used lightly for optimum effect. Most recent compliment upon learning I was wearing "Angel" was "WOW, a friend wears this and I hate it because it is so strong, but it smells really nice on you"...For all who complain of this or any strong scent...follow the application rule. All perfume should be applied gently as, if you were unaware, perfume it is meant to be alluring...noticable to you and those who you wish to be close to you. If you are receiving negative feedback, you are wearing it wrong. My lover adores it and his only complaint is the lack of residue on my pillow. THIS is a compliment! He also found a sample in a catalog, which he kept to enjoy in my has since dissapated, so he bought me a bottle to keep at his place, in case I forgot to apply or pack for a few days together...WHAT HIGHER COMPLIMENT COULD A WOMAN DESIRE FROM A MAN REGARDING PERFUME?

  • CATHY THE GREEK07/06/2008

    Helen, Oh my God... how are you? I went on this site for the first time in several months and went to the Angel postings looking for you and found your posting from last October! I am so sorry I've neglected this site and YOU for soooo long! How r u? It's July in Ohio and summertime. Lots of rain this spring and summer but the nice days are really beautiful. Not too HOT so far this year. How is your life treating you? I've been working as a massage therapist for alittle over two years now. I work with cancer patients and I love it. My children are growing... I have a daughter who'll be a senior in high school in the fall. My son will be entering the 6th grade. I'm also keeping busy with some dear friends too. I'm still in love with Angel... I've started wearing pure Patchouli oil (a little goes a long way but it's beautiful) and I wear an inexpensive one called "Skin Musk". It's only about $12.00 but it's been around for a while and I love it. It's warm and cozy and pretty. My sister-in-law has started wearing "FlowerBomb". It's smells great on her. Let's see... those are the only ones I'm wearing lately. Helen, I don't know when I'll hear from you but I'll check this site and the Angel postings for your reply. I hope and pray that all is well with you and your family. Yiasou, my long distance aussie greek friend! God be with you.

  • ERIC05/03/2008

    While waiting for a train 2 days ago an attractive lady starts walking towards me about twenty feet away and I could smell the Angel she had on wrap its amell around me like tentacles. She sat across from me on the subway car and I almost barfed. I actually had to get up and move to another part of the subway car. Luckily it wasn't rush hour and there were other seats available. This stuff really almost makes my eyes tear and does make my stomack sick to smell it. It has to be the worst female fragrance ever made. Other than that she was beautiful except for the Angel she had on.

  • WILDFLOWER04/29/2008

    I have never tried Angel. Somehow I picture it smelling like what the smell would be if you combined Euphoria with Hypnotic Poison. I love these two perfumes and have a hard time deciding which I like better so i have sprayed one on each wrist and I must say the combination is very interesting. (Husband likes Euphoria better)

  • MISS MARGARET04/26/2008

    I would just like to say, "On me, Angel smells like 'Magic'! Men and women, stop me and ask me, "What are you wearing?" I, of course, say my Angel!

  • ROMEO04/24/2008

    I have read some of men's comments on this perfume and I agree to them. I wish my finance just never wear this perfume. It just too sweet and looks like if a kid is wrapped up in sweets!!


    I have tried this several times, different seasons and is just so overpowering! I have to give credit to Mugler, the concept of this perfume was supposed to be a memory of funfairs when he was a child. Well, it missed the mark. By alot. It's like a thick, sugary syrup with patchouli mixed in (which, by the way, is supposed to represent the smell of sawdust. Right.) Sixteen years after it's release and it still costs the earth- it is not worth it. I always dread that someone will spray it when I'm in Sephora!

  • LILLIAN04/13/2008

    Put on my little sample of Angel.It smells very sweet like vanilla,cotton candy with a little fruit.Very nice...

  • ORCHIDFLWER04/11/2008

    I got a HUGE amount of compliments on this scent, even though I found just..ok. Other women in particular seemed to love it, which is not what I was looking for. I think chemistry is particularly important with this scent.Its either going to be great on you, or ghastly.

  • SHWETA04/01/2008

    Ok i know angel is common....but i just cant stop coming to it...its the chocolatey smell mixed with vanilla which is not the sickly headachey other favs are Chanel no 5 elixir, jovan musk and TBS white musk.

  • DIANE03/30/2008

    Only 2 other scents create this adverse negative reaction, Ciara and Poison. It literally sticks my stomach and I'm a perfume junkie and tried a LOT.

  • ERIC03/24/2008

    I smelled this the other day on a young woman and asked what she had on. I sorta figured it was Angel since it has some similarities to Angel for Men which I can not take and she said that's what she was wearing. I said "oh ok". I would never say to someone you smell badly but she smelled bad. I see that over 600+ people here have posted and mostly positively but I guess I am a man that would never wish my woman to smell like this ever. I would rather her wear nothing at all than wear this perfume, it was cloying, nauseating and made me wish to find fresh air just as the men's version does. I understand everyone is different but I really don't understand the appeal of this or the men's version of the fragrance.

  • LAURINHA03/13/2008

    If you like Angel, but think it's too strong, I have a sugestion: Eau de Star, from Thierry M. It's very similar to Angel, but weaker and more comfortable, won't be agressive to people who don't like strong fragrances.

  • KERRI03/11/2008

    I wore this briefly in 1994, I bought a small trial w/ a lotion I remember getting lots of compliments..I used only a dab behind each ear..I think that is the perfect amount as it is strong, yet beautiful in small doses..

  • IDA AYU02/26/2008

    My hubby get one for me this year. He loves it so much. Unfortunately, when i it's just sucks. Too strong for me to 'carry' it. Maybe it suites for aged lady with high class life style who dresses classy branded clothes but it didnt work on me ...the ordinary person. I enjoy my Burberry so much. Anyone can suggest any type of fragrance that can reduce the "strong" scent.....may citrusy/light floral scent to be combined together?

  • JENNIFER S.02/25/2008

    It is quite refreshing to find a scent that does not smell like the average, ordinary, everyday scents produced by stores such as Victoria's Secret and Bath and Body Works. This scent demonstrates high quality, which is reflected in its price. In addition, this unique fragrance is quite mature and individualistic, and should not be worn by teen-agers; it would be quite inappropriate. Thank you Ms. Mugler for creating a worth-while fragrance.

  • KAS02/01/2008

    Of course this fragrance isn't for everyone, you have to like patchouli, but I think its a wonder mix. I will always wear it. Thank You for making it Mugler.

  • DARRSHAN01/07/2008

    this is for all those who didnt like even a bit if angel , can now try the new eau de star, iam sure u will enjoy it, forget this stinky old stuff which is very annoying and cloying


    LOL I enjoy seeing all of the controversy regarding Angel. I think that Angel is an amazing scent but definitely must be used in moderation. Not for everybody, but if I am in the right mood nothing else will do.

  • ME12/26/2007

    It was given to me as a gift. I never knew about it! Since then, I am addicted to the smell and wish I can afford an endless supply!!

  • HEIDI12/23/2007

    I agree that this perfume's "performance" is absolutely dependent on one's body chemistry. I was in Neiman Marcus yesterday and the saleswoman had this one and it was magnificent. I have never smelled anything like it. I tried it, walked around the mall for a few hours, certainly enough time to really get a sense of it and it was just not good at all. Two different people; two different scents.

  • SANDI12/13/2007

    That hits it home for me a has-been 90's drag queen noted this is she/his fav fragrance recently. This scent is just horrible strong mix of patchouli with sweet sugar notes. I can see RuPaul appealing to a men's fragrance trying to dress in drag to make itself a women's scent.

  • SHARON12/10/2007

    I know it's hugely popular and touted as the most recognizable fragrance in the world, but it's the patchouli that ruins it for me. I wish I liked it but I just can't pull it off.

  • DARRSHAN12/02/2007

    cant handle a bit of it too overpowering and very very strong, hits ur mind very badly, sure headache. better try prada, narciso rodriguez, hypnose homme,

  • CAROLINE11/30/2007

    This is my all time favorite. People stop me on the street to tell me I smell amazing...and where can they get it..It is dependent on your body chemistry, and if it works for you you will never wear anything else.

  • R. SHREST11/14/2007

    This perfume for women seems to divide opinions like no other scents in the last decade or so, some even managing to go over the top with their hatred for this timeless classic. Can't be bothered with those who hate Angel with a passion, I'm just glad not everyone likes it which in turn makes it more mysterious and alluring. This fragrance is totally classy, unique, and sexy. Most emphasize on the edible sweet character of the scent but I think there's more to it, a distinctiveness and plenty of sophistication. This is the best for some romancing (very sensuous indeed) from a man's point of view. Not among the favourites of my girl but she's a darling, wears it just for me. Love her and that angel beside her. ;)

  • HARLEY-MAMA11/09/2007

    For being so *Christianly* you sure do have ALOT of hate built up in you! I too, don't like alot of perfumes but its never made me want to *kill* nor do I wish they would *choke* to death on a perfume either! Try turning your hate into something more pleasant for a change. Since when did perfume turn so violent?

  • PUZZLED11/09/2007

    Do you feel this strongly about a perfume that you want people to choke on it? Come on, it's just a fragrance! There is much more to life then wanting people to suffer because they like a perfume! Hum! Take a deep breath around you! You smell it? It's life and everything around you was design to have scent. Just because perfumers make perfume, they know EVERYBODY will not appreciate THEIR taste. It's just perfume, come on!

  • BRANDY11/05/2007

    "Angel" is a bit strong, and is not for everyone. However, it hasn't given me psychotic urges like Petite Lass. Perhaps my sample was stale? ;)

  • ANNAMARA11/05/2007

    Excuse me? And you dare to call yourself a Christian? I think you need to develop some tolerance and perhaps some insight my dear.

  • PETITE LASS11/01/2007

    Being a Christian I was quite curious as to how a perfume called "Angel" would smell like. I was mortified. It's so offensive that knowing people think they smell good with this on is quite angering. Strutting around proudlt while stinking up the place makes me want to kill them. Maybe they should just choke to death on it or I'd do it for them. I hope you get the idea of how bad it is.

  • CK10/31/2007

    As many have stated this is a love or hate perfume. This scent works well on some but not others. I gave mine a rest for some years and went back to it a few weeks ago. It still smell fantastic to me! It did not sour in the bottle. The lotion I got is still as potent and did not separate, as some do from age. I still love this scent, it is worth investing in, if you are a collector of perfumes and fragrances. Its piercing edge has, to some, caused so much controversy. If you love it, then love it! The same goes with the negative view. Only those persons who appreciates the skill of perfumers or "noses" know that it is a complicated task. I love perfume. Yes, at times I will not love every scent that comes on the market and that's why we have such varieties. This scent still gives me that bottom-pit stomach feel.

  • TARALYNN10/26/2007

    Angel is the most intoxicating, sensual, mood lifting and attention grabbing frangrance I've ever worn. It's powers are magical...on me. When I first smelled it in the bottle, I thought it smelled like moth balls, BUT being the daredevil I am, I decided to try it and it changed my outlook on perfume for life. Certain frangrances smell better on certain people and vice versa. This scent is the epitome of that rule. You can either wear it beautifully or it absolutely stinks on you. Try it out before you buy, you will know within 10 minutes if it's for you.

  • PEETJE10/16/2007

    Bubble Gum! Bubble Gum! That's what i'm thinking when i smell this scent. It's overwhelming sweet but not in a pleasant way. It reminds me of little children with sticky hands and faces full of left overs from the candy they have been eaten. No offend to the lots of women who like this scent but for me it's making me sick if i smell it too long.

  • ANGELICA10/15/2007

    I love the Angel body cream and the perfume. So beautiful and sensual.

  • DEE RICH10/12/2007

    To each his own, Angel is a very sensual and grown/sexy scent; just not on you. Please refer to yourself as a FOOL .Apparently you don't have a clue how perfume and body cheministy can play a role . Grow up and try ANGEL again someday.

  • GREEKGIRL10/07/2007

    Hi Cathy sorry its been a while since my last post but i did post another 2 messages earlier and for some reason they didnt go thru, maybe i was posting too many on the same site and thought i better slow down! anyway how are you, how is Ohio and your kids, hope you are all well, we have spring now and the flowers are beautiful but hayfever is starting and im not enjoying it one bit! how is you perfume hunting going have you tried any new ones? ive just tried the new M from Mariah and its really nice reminds me of No.19 which i love, and also ive bought Serge Lutens Un Bois Vanille which im addicted to right now, it is a smoky vanilla and its yum, also the new L Lolita is also a really nice vanilla, the new Covet by Sarah Jessica is another nice one that smells like Hypnotic Poison with some greenery, too many nice new ones and i cant keep up! xmas is coming up are you doing anything special? i cant wait to go for a swim, we dont do it enough here in Canberra, anyway get back to me soon ive missed your posts, yiasou from your aussie buddy Helen.

  • LASSIE10/02/2007

    What a beautiful name, wasted on this stench. Truly disgusting. All than junk just mixed up together, sold to fools who don't realize they smell like toxic waste. Whoever made it must have been super drugged up that day.

  • THE QUEEN10/01/2007

    I love Angel perfume so much.When I first tried it I fell in love with it.It smells so good and it only takes a little to last all day.I would prefer Angel over any other perfume.

  • ANGEL08/24/2007

    I love Angel perfume and body cream. It smells so beautiful on me. Everyone compliments me on it!

  • YEEHAW08/05/2007

    Angel body cream is luscious and beautiful. It is creamy soft and has the most beautiful sensual scent. I get compliments every single day. It is much softer than the EDP spray.

  • YEEHAW07/28/2007

    Angel body cream is luscious and beautiful. It is creamy soft and has the most beautiful sensual scent. I get compliments every single day. It is much softer than the EDP spray.

  • ADRIANA07/23/2007

    I've never had a perfume literally make queasy upon smelling it, but Angel did. I always thought people were being overly dramatic when they said a perfume "made them sick", but now I understand. Chocolate and patchouli should never be combined! Approach this with caution.

  • ANGEL LOVER07/18/2007

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Angel. This is the sexiest perfume around! Men love it too!

  • GABRIEL06/22/2007

    I can normally smell the difference between synthetic and natural musk, sandalwood or other ingredients used in fragrances. This is because, I think, if high percentage of synthetic ingredients are used the chemical always sits on my skin with a horrid toxic smell and a super-tenacious staying power (whereas natual ingredients tend to fade away more nicely). In other words, Angel is a nightmare - above all I smell an extremely strong synthetic musk which is totally unbearable, it really smells like toxic waste rather than fragrance. It is highly unethical for the so-called perfumers to fool the consumers into spending money on such cheap chemical crap. If they desperately want to sell it, they should put it on the shelf of one-dollar shop. That is the price it deserves with regard to the cost of raw materials.

  • VYXXYN05/22/2007

    This fragrance is unique but way too strong and over the top. Not suitable for women who work in cubicles or rooms that are close to other colleagues'. Though I like the scent, I've always had complaints from others about how much perfume I've applied when I've only used ONE drop. Probably suits women who have strong body odor to mask ;)

  • BARBARA W05/19/2007

    I don't like to use disgusting words to describe a perfume - and I'm not trying to offend anyone - but this literally smells like vomit on my skin. Absolutely horrid. I asked several others to sniff my wrist and they thought it was disgusting, too. This scent must be totally dependent on body chemistry, because so many people love it, but it is definitely NOT for me.


    I love the fragrance and I also love the way it stays with you all the time. It is the best kind I have ever wore and that is my number 1 favorite type of perfume I prefer to wear.

  • CATHY THE GREEK04/15/2007

    Hi Helen! Hope you had a lovely Easter with your family. I want to apologize for not returning a message to you sooner. I just returned from New York City. I took my children to see their father in NY. We had a good time and I'm glad they got to see their dad. I may not be married to this man anymore but I still love his family and thankfully, they seem to still love me. Did a little shopping in NYC at a Sephora and saw a few new fragrances but nothing that really stood out to me. I'll have to try the ones you suggested to me in your last post. I did come across a really DELICIOUS body lotion though. Victoria's Secret has a new line called "MOOD" and it comes in three different fragrances... I love the "Sweet Cravings" scent. I bought the body lotion but I think they have a perfume version of it too. A long time ago I put together a trio of oils at this little shop known for letting customers make their "own scent" with oils. I added my three oils to a neutral smelling lotion they had a created my "own" body lotion... and you know what? My version smelled almost exactly like the "Sweet Cravings" from VS. I was amazed! Anyway... next time you're at a VS, give it a whiff! I hope you and your family are well. The weather is getting warmer but we are still having some very cold and windy days. This weather is nuts! I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Bye for now!

  • RYAN04/07/2007

    Just wanted to comment on the Angel body products and how incredible they are. If you think the actual perfume is too strong, but still like the scent, try some of the body products. I have the shower gel, body cream, body oil spray and the lotion. They are all incredible. Out of these, the body cream and body oil spray are my favorites and smell the truest to the actual scent without being overpowering. Plus, you can layer them extremely well. In fact, they all smell so awesome and are so lasting on skin, that you probably wouldn't even need the perfume at all. Especially if you shower with the gel, then layer on some of the body cream and oil. You do have to spend a few minutes rubbing them into your skin, but once you do they are not greasy at all. The scent lasts all day too!

  • GLORY03/30/2007

    Don't care for the perfume per se but I like the body lotion. The fragrance just seems so overdone and nothing smells worse than someone doused in Angel. The lotion is much more subtle and soft making it more wearable. I agree with a previous poster who sprays it only on her lower back creating just a hint of the scent. The bottle really should have come with a warning to use very very very sparingly.

  • GREEKGIRL03/27/2007

    Hi again Cathy, hope you and kids are well, is it still snowing there? wish we had some snow and some rain, ive been trying to think of some frags you might like, dont know if you like orientals but the new one from Armani called Code is really nice, it has ginger and flowers its very similar to Classique, you could also try Sonia Rykiel in the yellow t-shirt apparently its similar to Angel, its not available here, also Popy Moreni is also similar (not the one thats just called Popy) have you tried euphoria, thats also in the Angel category I really like that one, anyway try them and let me know how you go and also let me know of any others you try, anyway KALO PASKA! if i dont hear from you earlier, bye for now Helen.

  • LO03/23/2007

    I usually wear light day scents like Aqua Di Gio by Armani, but I reacquainted myself w/ Angel more recently. It's very true that this fragrance wears differently on each and every person. On me, it doesn't smell very citrusy at all, but smells more of chocolate and patchouli. Both men and women seem to be extremely attracted to Angel, almost as if it contains a seductive pheromone. Luckily, no one has told me that they don't like it or that it sucks the oxygen out of the air. It is very strong, so a little goes a long way. It is a bit pricey, but considering it lasts so well, it's worth it. If you want to smell out of the shower fresh, wear Aqua Di Gio, but if you want to be sexy and sultry wear Angel and get phone numbers from both men and women!!

  • DEZ03/15/2007

    A couple of you ladies have mentioned that Hillary Clinton wears this stuff. I have a lot of respect for her. I may even vote for her. But, I can't wear this stuff that I associate it with her. Now, I'm once again searching for a nice FEMININE scent. I might go back to True Star. Who knows...? But, when I smell this stuff now, it's a little too masculine for me. I keep thinkin' of Hillary Clinton. And her pant suits. And helmet hair. A very smart woman, but...meh... It's like, when I wear my Chanel No. 5, I think of Marilyn Monroe. Feminine, girly, funny, beautiful and underneath it all, very smart also. I'll go back to my Chanel for now. So, I'm not sayin' Angel makes me sick or anything. Just that it ain't for me. Ladies (and the few gents who added their comments), thanks for your honesty. And for mentioning that Hillary Clinton...ewww. Where's my Chanel?

  • KATGRRRL03/14/2007

    The first time I wore this was also the first time I tried out Dove Cool Essentials deodorant. I kept smelling this underlying weird kinda rancid odor. Wore a different deodorant the next day and didn't smell that funk. A co-worker of mine wears this and I love how it smells on her. So I got a sample and my hubby and I love how it smells on me as well. It's not as sweet as scents I usually go for. It's got a musky vibe to it. The bit that stands out most for me it the vanilla...a little of the chocolate too. The negative reviews here are cracking me up! But, I guess it depends on one's body chemistry and taste. Personally, I like it.

  • CATHY THE GREEK03/09/2007

    Hello Helen! Nice hearing from you again! Hope all is well. The weather here in Ohio... very cold recently with lots of snow. The children had several days off from school for the extreme cold and snow... but it is starting to warm up and the days are getting longer so that is very good! I've been scoping out other fragrances on this web-site and have come to find out that you are a friend to many! That's GREAT! You've helped a lot of other fragrance junkies (like us) better understand what some of these frags are about.... thank you from me. I've found a fellow greek friend and I hope to stay in touch. So, I wanted to tell you that I did try the Juicy Couture... nice but not really my kind of scent... it's a little hard to explain though... patchouli is in it with a fruity top note. Nice, but not my "style". I've also tried Prada which is essentially patchouli and amber... nice but I got a little tired of it and gave it to my mom! My most recent purchase was "7 Notes" by Jivago... it's a real pretty oriental and dries down VERY nicely... alittle heavy so I know I wouldn't be wearing it when the weather gets warmer. It's got some cinnamon tones and reminds me a little of Opium which I used to wear many years ago! I'd love to find another alternative frag that I love as much as Angel... any new suggestions Helen? Other news... my ex-husband (my kids father) is moving away from our area and re-locating to New York City because of a new job... he's from there originally. Well, my kids are so sad he's leaving. I hope they will adjust and see him as often as possible. He just got them a web-cam for the computer so that will be good... they'll be able to actually see each other... amazing! Please take good care Helen and I hope to hear from you again very soon!

  • RYAN03/08/2007

    I am also a guy and I love Angel. I truly feel that both the mens and womens versions could be unisex. I can imagine the mens version on a woman, and the womens version on a man. I am glad to know that there are other guys out there that love this awesome scent also. BTW, I also love the mens version of Angel and sometimes, when it is really cold out, lightly layer the mens with the womens version. Truly incredible!!!

  • LEXIE03/01/2007

    anyone who looks for a deal be careful, you are usualy buying old perfume, so if you think you can get fresh angel for 30 bucks or so, just bring it to a store like nieman marcus or any dept store that turns around there stock, and just compare yours to theres. i bet you will se a color difference, angel should be almost purple, not light blue and smell of achahol. and what ever you do dont buy on ebay!!!!!

  • CHRISTINA02/24/2007

    This is the absolutley worst crap ever to be liquified. Wash it off quickley! Every man almost goes green and runs out to vomit, and then shouts in anger and grasping for air. It owes all to Muglers fashion status. And we all know what smells he gets off

  • GREEKGIRL02/23/2007

    Hi Luna, i have tried Amen, my son has it in a mini, i used to like it but now im getting sick of it cos he wears it all the time, it smells like incense to me with coffee mixed in, it might have been the one you tried, but i prefer Angel to Amen, it really is more mannish, see ya, Helen.

  • GREEKGIRL02/22/2007

    Hi Cathy, i apologise for not getting back sooner, we had a big thunderstorm here and my modem got fried (thanks to the kids for not turning it off) so ive been offline for a few weeks, anyway how are you, and thanks for asking about my son, hes doing fine but wingeing a lot(boys!) so you are a nurse, i always wanted to be a nurse but got married and never got round to it, it must be hard being a single mum its hard enough looking after kids being married! so whats Juicy Couture like? my son has a mini of Amen i used to like it but now dont, it smells like incense to me, with coffee mixed in, also i forgot to tell you i was holidaying at the same time as Nicole Kidman, she has a house near my parents beach house, i didnt run into her, but my friend saw her at the supermarket, shes even more beautiful than on films she told me, and a lovely person, what the weather like there, is it still cold, here its been very hot, (ACT) so i cant wear my Angel, cant handle it in the strong heat, well thats all for now, hope to hear from you soon, Helen.

  • JJ02/22/2007

    My new fave. I know some people don't care for it as it is a heavier scent and that's okay. Everyone's entitled to their opinion and mine is that I love it!

  • APHRODITE02/11/2007

    I adore it, just received some as a gift and it transports me to another world. Can't wait to buy other lines in this fragrance.

  • PAJULI02/11/2007

    Mysterious and innocent... provocative and alluring. Totally woman!

  • ELISABETH02/09/2007

    I really regret that I cannot wear Angel because of the heavy patchouli note it contains - still it is one of the most capricious, seducing, crispy fragrances I have ever known and I envy all women who can get along with this one!

  • CATHY THE GREEK01/30/2007

    Hello Helen! So nice to hear from you again. It sounds like you had a good time on holiday. We don't take enough "holidays" here in the states. I always amaze that when it's SO COLD here, it's so warm in Australia. Thank you for telling me a little about yourself. Before I forget, I hope your son is doing OK after his minor surgery... having children is an exercise in worry. It's also wonderful but I feel like I'm always worrying about their safety. I am a single mother of two children... my daughter is 15 years old and my son is 10 years old. I am a registered nurse but I returned to school to get a license in therapeutic massage. I wanted to care for people in a more wholistic, non-invasive way. My parents and family live in Michigan and I'm in Ohio. I have family in New York and California and was just in Chicago this last summer. I love Chicago! I would LOVE to experience Australia. I do have cousins there and I would love to go. I haven't been to Greece yet and I'm so looking forward to going one day... that is the one thing I really want to do before I get too old! As I'm writing this, I can smell the chocolate tone of my Angel perfume. How could anyone not love this stuff? Different body chemistries I think... I just tried a new one today called "Juicy Coutoure"... Someone posted a message about a fragrance named "Amen"... is this one by Thierry Mugler too? Anyway Helen... I hope to hear from you again soon. Every time I go on to this website and type in ANGEL, I always look for a message from you. Yiasou Eleni!! Take care and hope to hear from you again very soon!

  • LUNA01/30/2007

    When I tried this out at the department store I remember falling in love with the chocolate notes but I notice that I don't get the same thing from the bottle that I bought, instead I get more of a dirty patchouli. Could the SA have accidently sprayed AMEN on me? Just wondering cause I just got over reading the reviews for AMEN and notice how some rave about the chocolate note and some woman love to wear this as well. Did anyone here prefer Amen over Angel? Thanks!

  • GREEKGIRL01/23/2007

    Sorry i forgot to mention that i also have cousins there in Chicago which i havnt met yet but hoping to in the future! see ya, Helen

  • GREEKGIRL01/23/2007

    Hi Cathy and happy New Year, sorry for taking so long to answer as i just got back from holidays, i was having such a good time, i didnt wanna come back, you know what our greek holidays are like lots of laughter dancing and wine, and lots of food! how were you holidays, hope you had a great time, you wanted to know more about me well, i am also second generation greek, my parents were born in Greece, me and my brothers and sisters were born here, i have three sons, the oldest is 18, (and a handful) he lives and breathes cars at the moment, as for my taste in perfume, it seems a lot like yours, Kenzo Elephant i have and love, (also a little similar to Angel) my son bought me hypnotic poison for Xmas and i finished my mini, also just purchased the new one from D&G called The One which is very nice, and so is the new one from Hillary Duff (smells like coconut) and have you tried Lolita Lempicka, smells a lot like ouzo when its first sprayed, I love it, hypnotic poison is really nice as well, at the moment its very hot here, and ive been wearing O De Lancome which is really refreshing, anyway im off to take my son for minor surgery now (thanks to soccer) yiasou for now and hope to hear from you very soon, Helen.

  • SAYA01/21/2007

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use it sparingly. Someone around you maybe holding her breath, saying nothing just to be polite. I really, positively hate this smell. I usually love sweet, heady scent, but this one is just so...overpowering.

  • ANGELA01/13/2007

    Let me preface this by saying that I like heavier gormound type scents. I just don't think that I can warm up to Angel, for two reasons. 1. The first twenty or so minutes after spraying this on where horrifying. Like I said, I like heavier and sweeter scents, but Angel was way too much. It was sweet to the point of being cavity inducing (not to mention headache inducing). The sweetness started to back off slightly, but only because the patchouli seemed to be fighting it for dominance. I'm not one who absolutely hates patchouli, but I do think that a little goes a long way in some perfumes, and unfortunately for Angel, it was also just way too much. After a few hours this did morph into something wearable. Not great, but definately not as terible as it had been. Which brings me to the second reason I just don't see my self ever wanting to wear this. It started to smell very familiar. The more I sniffed, the more I was sure that I had smelled this before. Then it hit me. This is my mother in laws perfume. Well, that was the final nail in the coffin. I certainly don't like the dried down version enough to put up with the awfulness at the begining, or wear something worn by a woman I'm not altogether fond of. Oh well, more for her.

  • R. SHRESTHA01/03/2007

    This to me is the best perfume a woman could wear, end of. I know some women find it too strong but men will go crazy if you're wearing this genius of a sweet creative juice. I don't know why most women choose to go with the same old fruity/floral aromas, if you want to stand apart from the trendy crowd, Angel is for you. This definitely comes off as a classy scent among the more popular and typical girly fragrances. Wear this for that romantic dinner or for when you're just cuddling with him, believe me you'll bring the man down to his knees. ;) I'm glad not everyone likes this one, otherwise it would have been overplayed like L'eau D'Issey and the likes. I just don't want to let my girl go when she's wearing this magical scent. I can never thank Thierry Mugler enough for creating this perfume.

  • LAURA12/31/2006

    I have been wearing this fragrance exclusivelyfor about 2 years and have had more compliments than any other fragrance I've ever worn before. I've tried fragrances that I've loved on someone else and on me they smell awful, so it must be true that it al depends on your body chemistry.

  • CATHY THE GREEK12/29/2006

    Hey Laura... I read your posting and I'm so sorry you didn't like Angel. I know that people either really love it or hate it. When I first tried it a long time ago, I really liked it. I bought it and then to my disappointment... I didn't like it so much. I gave me a headache and I had to actually pick days to wear it when it smelled better to me. I had just given birth to my daughter so I thought maybe my hormones were still alittle off (I had a problem with some other fragrances when I was pregnant). So, a few years later I got a sample and tried it again... this time I loved it and I still love it... I've received compliments from many people... men and women alike... and these people are kind, courteous and many of them are professionals and not tacky people at all. Men seem to like it most. I think the secret to this fragrance is to NOT overdo the application. The bottle needs to be held about 12 to 16 inches away from your body and only one or two sprays. Also... your body chemistry may not react well with the intricate/stronger notes in Angel (especially the patchouli)... that's probably why you don't like it. What other fragrances do you like? Hope you had a good holiday Laura. Bye for now!

  • CARMEN12/27/2006

    Ive smelled this on some co workers and boy is it way to strong. I thought maybe Ill smell it and see how it smells on me, but to my surprise just by smelling it on paper gave me a headache right away. This is one of those very extremely strong smelling perfumes. Not for me.

  • LAURA12/26/2006

    Like may people, I really wanted to like this fragrance when I purchased it. After hearing so many rave reviews and hype about Angel I decided to try it and it has to be (in my opinion) the worst, most offensive smelling fragrance ever! I don't know how I let myself get sucked into the hype of Angel. I don't like to generalize (especially since I'm guilty of having once tried it), but this scent seems to attract very tacky individuals. Any woman who becomes a fan of this obviously has questionable taste. I hate to be rude about those who do enjoy it, but seriously, it is too offensive to other people to wear this scent in public.

  • CATHY THE GREEK12/25/2006

    Hello again Helen and Diana! It is Christmas day and I wanted to finish up my message to you from last night... Again, now that I have my internet connection back, I'll be checking on messages from the two of you. I hope today is a magical and blessed day for you both and your families. What other frags do I like you asked? Over the years, I've tried so many but I'm having trouble keeping up with all the new fragrances. My favorites have been very similar to yours... I have tried the Patchouli frag from Moulinard and I like that very much. I did get the one that smells like Angel and you're right... a little fruitier and I like Angel better. I got Prada which is Patchouli and Amber... I tired of it and gave it to my Mom though. Guess Gold is nice. I like the Garden of Angel stars too. My favorite is La Rose... so pretty and a little more floral than original Angel but with still the same notes! Let's see, I got Kenzo L'Elephant once. Very different and unique... I was told I smelled good enough to eat! I think the Angel smells that good. Recently, I've tested Juicy Coutoure... I'm still undecided on that one. I've worn Alien by T. Mugler and Angel Innocent. I didn't really like the Innocent. I lean toward any scent that has richer and creamier notes and I love the patchouli... Angel is so amazing because it has the chocolate and caramel/vanilla notes and it's so delicious... better than the best Spanikopita and greek pastries even!!! Anyway my fellow (Greek Goddesses "GG's") I eagerly await your responses... Tell what else you think I should try and tell more about yourselves, OK? Once again, Yiasou and Kala Christoyena!!!

  • CATHY THE GREEK12/24/2006

    Hello Helen and Diana... my fellow Greek Goddesses! I'm sorry I've been away for so long. My computer crashed and I just regained my "on-line" capabilities... BTW Merry Christmas or should I say "Kala Kristoyena!!!" I'm in Ohio Helen and I am second generation American Greek... Both sets of Yayas and Papous are from Greece. I have cousins in Australia! I hope you get this soon. I will post again when I have more time... time to go to church! I'll post again a little later! Take care Helen and Diana!

  • JAN12/19/2006

    This is one of Hillary's favorite perfumes. That is understandable since Hillary has no taste in clothes, hair, etc. I would want nothing that reminded me of her.

  • MISHELLE12/09/2006

    I love this stuff and I am always being asked what I'm wearing! Highly recomend! And by the way, none of the children in my family have had a bad reaction to it.

  • AMANDA12/07/2006

    Every one has a unique body chemistry, so it follows that not every person enjoys Angel. However, with my body's chemistry, it's sensually exquisite! I wear it morning, noon, every season. Men drool to the scent and women think it's lovely. The divine Angel is heavenly : )

  • CSCENTS12/03/2006

    I tried Angel again after many years and I had my daughter with me. Drydown was good and we kept sniffing. But my 8 year old told me she had a "migraine" when we left...she's only 8! When I got home my son told me, "not to offend you, Mom, but it smells like sour milk." So, even if I liked this, I would not wear it because it literally repulses some people.

  • RCATES12/01/2006

    This perfume is a favorite of mine but I have found that anyone who smells it either loves it and wants it or hates it and wants to vomit. No one ever thinks it is 'so so'.

  • WAY TO STRONG11/29/2006

    I have this perfume and it is way to strong, it lingers for hours, I mean days, it is overpowering. To the point of almost sickening. I would never purchase this perfume it was a gift

  • MEG11/26/2006

    I heard many people say how great this perfume is however when I tried this stuff on I had a headace for an hour...from one spray!

  • MARVA COOPER11/22/2006

    I have been blessed to experience some of the finest aromatics on the planet while I appreciate many Angel is my all time favorite. I never tire of its scent. I wear it as often as possible. I would purchase it by the gallon and scent all my personal domain, oops; Queendom! six stars.

  • ANG11/16/2006

    What a great scent! I've received many, many complements. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

  • KALINA11/11/2006


  • LASSIE11/04/2006

    this stuff smells like a bucket of week old vomit. I spritzed it on in the store and ended up scrubbing it off frantically with a wet nap on the escalator. Five hours later I can still smell it, but the drydown isn't as bad as the initial blast...

  • TIAH11/02/2006

    I really don't like this fragrance. It has a note that lingers that I don't like. I can't put my finger on it.

  • MARY ANN10/28/2006

    My neice got me started using this several years ago. My favorite perfume and people are always complimenting me on the fragerance and wanting to know what is is

  • GREEKGIRL10/23/2006

    Yiasou Diana, wow, another greek! but we do have good taste dont we! ill have to get the body creme, since you vouch for it, also have you tried the shimmer lotion? sounds nice, here in Australia they have a complete range of products including shampoo and conditioner to bath products, im really starting to get crazy over Angel, every day and a different note, what other frags do you like? hope to hear from you soon, see ya, Helen.

  • MADDIE10/23/2006

    I don't know what it is with Angel perfume... it seems people either love it or hate it. When I first smelled it out of the bottle I thought it smelled like mothballs. Then I tried it on, and I thought it smelled like mold and chocolate. That was about 5 days ago, and today I put on the sweater I was wearing that day, and Angel is still on it, and it smells SO GOOD! So when I got home tonight, I spritzed a tiny spritz on my wrist and it smells great. No mold or mothballs. Right now it smells leathery and woodsy, with a hint of fruit and honey. So I guess for me the trick is to just use a little bit. I can handle that... it'll make the super expensive bottle last that much longer.

  • MELISSA10/23/2006

    Just recently got into fragrances so I'm trying out alot right now. Heard about Angel so gave it a try. Apparently, this is a fragrance people either love or hate, and I am in the latter category. Angel fragrance smells like mold or mildew or mothballs, and chocolate. It is just horrid! My stomach got queasy after having this stuff on for a couple hours. It's a shame though. I really like the star bottle.

  • GREEK DIANA10/19/2006

    Hi Cathy and Helen! I'm a Greek gal too who adores Angel!!! I bought this for the first time in 1997 and haven't stopped getting compliments since! It appears that the three of us have similar tastes -must be the Greek Goddess in all of us! tee hee. BTW the Angel body cream is divine and lasts a long time. Hope to read more from you soon. Take care. di

  • GREEKGIRL10/18/2006

    Hi again Cathy, sorry i forgot to ask if you have tried the Angel body line, i was thinking of getting a complete set but i wanna know if its worth it since its so expensive, also have you tried Nirmala by Molinard, its very similar to Angel but more fruitier, i prefer Angel, and also Byblos Cielo smells a lot like Angel as well, but i only tried that one on a card, not sure whats its like on the skin, waiting for you reply soon, Helen.

  • GREEKGIRL10/17/2006

    Yiasou Kathy! glad to see theres another greek on this site, are you from Greece or are you American Greek? i am an Aussie Greek, i also love love love Angel, and i also put perfume on my armpits (thought i was the only one to do that!) Angel is in my top ten but i have a lot of frags which i love from chypres to orientals and vanilla based ones, i also find Angel smells different on me each time i wear it, thats why i love it so much, its interesting how its gonna smell each time. What other frags do you like? i currently have so many i cant name all of them but my favs are, Angel, Addict, Lolita, Hypnotic Poison, Paloma Picassso, Samsara, Coco Mlle, All about Eve, La Perla, Kingdom D&G Light Blue, Dolce Vita, Indecence and lots more, hope to hear from you very soon, bye for now, Helen.

  • BERTIE BEAR10/13/2006

    This by far has to be the most foul perfume i have ever smelt in my life, it smells so bad it actually made me vomit and i had to give the bottle away, congrats to anybody who can actually stomach wearing it!

  • CATHY THE GREEK10/09/2006

    Hey fellow "Greekgirl"... I've read your comments on several postings from other fragrances and it seems we like the same perfumes... must be our greek genes! Anyway... I've been wearing Angel for a very long time and I learn to appreciate it all over again each day that I use it... which is every day. I cannot imagine wearing anything else (even though I've tried others, I always come back to my Angel!)... it's seems like it smells a little different every day too. One day, I pick up more patchouli, the next day I pick up a little more caramel and chocolate. However it unfolds on me day to day, I am thoroughly and completely IN LOVE with Angel! I even spray a little under my armpits every day!!! I know that sounds strange and maybe a bit weird but it works and my perspiration smells like Angel... c'mon... we all sweat sometimes and what could be better then sweating "Angel"? Don't forget to get on the "Angel Network"! Bye for now!

  • SEXY KITTEN10/04/2006

    I LOVE this chocolatey vanilla in a completely edible womanly way...I am not responsible for the way my hips move or the way my mouth pouts while wearing this delectable sexy fragrance

  • ALICE09/29/2006

    i cant quite make out what it smells like. Its a good scent but i wouldnt give any compliments to someone wearing it. its a unique scent like sweet and its not!! fruity.

  • LISA09/20/2006

    One thing I noticed about angel since I've been wearing it the past few weeks is that it really smells best when ou put it on right after your bath or shower...if you put it on later in the day or heaven forbid you go out dancing or anywhere where you may be perspiring a little, it does seem to get a little b.o. smelling...I don't know if anyone else has found this or maybe it's just me!! hope not!

  • NANCYK09/18/2006

    I'm not at all impressed with this fragrance. I asked for a frangrance with pachouli and the gal at Nordstom's frangrance told me about Angel and how it was her favorite....maybe she was just selling me.For the price....Yuk. Cheap smell

  • NANCYK09/18/2006

    I'm not at all impressed with this fragrance. I asked for a frangrance with pachouli and the gal at the frangrance counter told me about Angel and how it was her favorite....maybe she was just selling me.For the price....Yuk. Cheap smell

  • MELANIE 08/23/2006

    This is a very beautiful scent. So distinct and unique. The first time I smelt it I was a little taken back and unsure but now it is my #1 favorite. A perfect scent for the Fall and Winter time. You will learn to love it!!

  • LISA08/20/2006

    this is a popular albeit unique smells a bit weird but in a curious way...similar to the way shalimar develops on your girlfriend wore this to her wedding and I liked it on her...she hugged me and the scent stayed on MY clothes the rest of the day!

  • GREEKGIRL08/17/2006

    the angel imposter (stitchs) smells even better than the original, but you have to spray on quite a bit to get an effect, and even then does not last very long, pity its smells gorgeous.

  • TULIP08/16/2006

    Very interested to read all the comments about how "intoxicating" men find it. There's a woman I know (whom I can't stand because she's had a fling with my husband) who drenches herself in it. It reminds me of unclean restrooms: bodily fluids with a hint of toilet block and I've loved your "hate" comments - it sums her up so perfectly: unwashed "dirty" woman. I have a gag response every time I smell it on a woman walking by in the street and my husband seriously thinks I can't tell when he's seen her? He comes home smelling like latrines.

  • ALCHIMIE08/10/2006

    I did doubt that perfume, I have to admit, before even smelling it. Maybe the name, maybe the color of it? Made me think of it as of another girly, light, refreshing "angel" perfume. Then I went to the store with my friend and smelled it... Oh how wrong I was!!! This was a gorgeous, woody perfume! I couldn't believe - something I used to doubt so much smelled like my all the time favorite Lolita Lempicka! Fabulous, and gorgeous!

  • KIMBERLY07/24/2006

    Both perfumes are wonderful, I have them both and they are my favorites. While both perfumes have a similar sweetness, and have that exotic punch I do think they are definately different. Euphoria has a more masculine scent as it wears off, which I think is awesome. Angel is still Angel, and every bit as beautiful. Both are worth every penny, men love them!

  • JESICA07/18/2006

    I love angel fragrance its one of the best fragrances that i have tried so far. very exotic and unique I love fruitty scents and this one is a winner. I just purchased Euphoria from Calvin klein and its devine almost the clone of angel. Does anyone agree w me!!!!!

  • TB07/15/2006

    A friend of mine wears this and I cannot stand to be near her when she has it on. It smells like wet dirt. That's the only way I can think to describe it. Yuck!

  • STEFFANIE07/14/2006

    If you like Angel you might want to try Jungle L'Elephant by Kenzo. I just bought Angel, love it, and realized it's a lot like Elephant. Since nothing else I have is like Angel or Elephant, I thought an Angel fan might want to know about Elephant.

  • PETRA07/05/2006

    I just received a sample of this last week, and I have to say it’s a keeper. I tried it a few years ago and ruled it out as too strong - maybe a little on the sweet side. It no longer smells like that to me, perhaps that because all the tooty, juicy fruity scents that came since have made me smell what over the top sweet is. This is a very flirty, make you feel young perfume that needs to be worn RESPONSIBLY - Not heavy handed.

  • SHUMEI (SINGAPORE)06/28/2006

    angel smells like heaven to me!! those who r not perfume lovers will feel nauseus or giddy, but i wont!! this was the perfume introduced by my ex bf, because of this perfume i fell in love with him.. isnt it sweet..

  • ALLISON R.06/23/2006

    but, I love it. I always compliment the woman wearing it. If Hilary Clinton wears it, you know that it's not a meak little scent that hides behind a man. As for driving the men crazy, any scent would achieve that if the wearer allowed. The scent that comes close to smelling the way this does is, Vanille Givee des Antilles. It's a vanilla inspired line that is just breathtaking, (also very affordable). So wear in good health!!!

  • LEE ANN06/19/2006

    I been wearing Angel a long time and I love it. I rotate my perfumes and I do not wear the same perfume every day. I will never get sick of Angel.

  • PRETTY BROWN 06/16/2006

    I have learned that mixing Angel with a little bit a natural body secretions drives a man wild......even other women!!!!

  • TIKI06/13/2006

    This is the most disgusting perfume ever. I remember when this came out back in 92 and I was in SAKS dept. store in Chicago and they spritzed this on me and I ran literally from counter to counter looking for something to obliterate this from my person. It smells like a woman who hasn't bathed in weeks. Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

  • ANJELL06/01/2006

    I really wanted to like(love even) Angel as I am a huge fan of chocolate and vanilla and anything sugary sweet, but this perfume was waaaay over the top for me. I kind of reminds me of cream soda which had 100 cups of sugar and molasses added to it....really makes me feels sick to my stomach.

  • ARLEEN05/31/2006

    I bought Angel from the reviews. I wasnt sure about it, but purchased it anyway. I sprayed it on my wrist, and at first it was strong, but after awhile it softened to a most beautiful smell. Similar to Angel Innocent and Lolita Lempicka. The secret is not to put too much on. Great drydown. Love it.

  • ANGELIQUE05/21/2006

    It's just too powdery. It's horrible. I don't think it smells nice on anyone. I know instantly when someone's wearing it - I always get this urge hold my nose. It's in the leagues of Poison as one of the worst scents ever.

  • ESMER05/18/2006

    I think this fragrance is strong but nice, I like many different fragrances strong, sweet, you name it, it really smells different on everyone, some smell really nice and others dont, it really just is if it works for you (chemistry). I love it and I have already refilled my bottle. I think its great, for me. But like I said on everyone its different. I think everyone should try it and then judge. Some of you will love it others will hate it. I'm glad that I love it! Peace.

  • NICOLE05/04/2006

    Someone below mentioned that men prefer floral or fresh scents...I don't think so. How many studies have to be done before women realize that is not true? I'm sure that there are men (and women) that love those perfumes(I do too), but the majority of "love" inducing perfumes are intoxicating. Either deep florals, woodsy, dark, or musky scents attract the most men. Florals are often too simple for men to enjoy. I'm sure this has it's place in there, along with the well known classics like opium or shalimar. The problem is that most women are too scared to try something new and daring with their perfume. I wonder if angel had never come along....would they still be wearing basic "safe" perfume?

  • REBECCA05/04/2006

    Ok, this has been around since the early 1990's and it's not going to go away. It's the signature or "HG" scent for alot of women. It's unusual, or was for that matter, at the time of creation. Now everyone wears it and I agree for some it is overwhelming and strange. I felt it was strange at first smell, but now wear it from time to time. I don't want to wear it out by making it a constant scent to choose. Also I wish those who harshly judge it would learn how to spell. For the most part, all I get from it is patchouli, so I rarely use the true perfume. Instead I use an almost identical knockoff that's much softer, and the notes I love stand out more in my choice. I do think that women should look around for another alternative to their precious angel, and mix it up a bit!

  • KARRANN04/15/2006

    Wow! Over 500 posts about this scent! Love it or hate it, it is a well known scent. I love it but like Coco Mlle I had to hang it up for a while until I stop smelling everywhere I go! I think that is why I love the older classics that not everyone is wearing. Too many women bathe themselves in this and it ruins it for everyone. I actually wish the topnotes of Angel would last a bit longer though. That opening is my favorite part of this fragrance. All in all this is one of the most unusual (or used to be) fragrances today and I'll love it for a long time.

  • JUDE04/07/2006

    My sister & I have been wearing this for YEARS. I get more compliments on this perfume (from men & women) than any other I've ever tried. Just a spritz will sister douses herself in it. My one brother-in-law said her perfume made him sick, but said mine was wonderful... same Angel, just less of it.

  • ANNAMARIA04/03/2006

    Having read these boards, I noted that on the Euphoria board, people compared it to Angel. Now I think I tried Angel once in a department store and thought it was very odd. More recently, I bought Euphoria as I thought it was lovely. I now think that perhaps it's a stepping stone to Angel, because I have since tried it again and fallen in love with it. It was just too different from "normal" perfumes to begin with, but Euphoria warmed me up for it. I like very much to be different in my fashions and style, and Angel seems to go hand in hand with this. It seems more powdery and heady that Euphoria, like the big girls version of it. There are those that don't seem to like these gourmet perfumes, preferring the more flowery scents. Each to his own, but I think this is the way that perfumes are going and I am happy to embrace this. You don't have to move forward, but just as you tend to move on with fashion, hair and makeup, so too I think it's good to move on with perfumery. Good for Thiery Muggler.

  • ALI04/03/2006

    I sprayed Angel for the first time about 3 hours ago and I'm in Heaven! The smell is so soft and unique. Mostly, I smell the honey and sandalwood. It's warm and just right for autumn or winter. I love it!

  • JUDI W.03/31/2006

    I originally bought this because it was "different", meaning not like the other flowery & fruity trendy smells out there now. I got a huge amount of compliments, but not sure now if I would wear it again, too expensive, kind of sweet. Like the patchouli in this, not crazy about smelling like chocolate. Love the bottle. Overall, glad I experienced it, but I think I'm over it!

  • JUST A GUY03/25/2006

    This is the best smell I have encountered. I wear this myself. I dont overapply since its a strong perfume that might be too intense if you apply too much. A little of it makes my day, everyday...

  • CREAMY03/19/2006

    My lover insists I wear it for him. As a matter of fact, he buys it for me. He says he loves it! He himself wears Angel Amen.

  • BERTIE BEAR03/18/2006

    This has to be the worst scent i have ever smelt, i had a bottle about 7 years ago and at the time had a really bad cold so thought it was lovely, cold cleared up and i then got the trus smell, VULGAR, actually made me vomit, gave bottle away, boyfriend has aftershave and he has never worn it because the smell makes me sick! Avoid at all costs if you know whats good for you

  • DESDEKID03/15/2006

    i hate it. too strong, too heady, too pathouli, too much! men who like women that wear this, just have bad taste! a woman shouldn't smell like rotten fruit, or like a cheap prostitute. this is what this smell inspires to me. i give it -5 stars.

  • RAJUL03/11/2006

    i happen to go through a whole lot of posts on angel yesterday as frankly the sheer number of people who have sent in their reviews never fail to amaze me...... !! its always fun to read when people are commenting on something as personal as perfume coz what turns u on is a revelation to what kind of personalities exist.sometimes most aggressive seeming women go for the softer kind of frgrances and then some sweet gentle seeming girlish woman would go for real sexy stuff !!! its the choice of perfume which reveals to u what the person is likely to be when she reveals her private inner self which usually either a mate or parent or very close friends are the only ones who know. as regards to angel...... i read soooooo many posts calling it headache inducing and all kinds of bad stuff that i decided to experiment for myself before sending this post. i like angel a lot but so far had only used it in the evenings on occassions. yesterday i sprayed some first thing after my morning bath and went through the entire day with it.the verdict is.......not only was it very bearable (no headache !!) but it stayed so close to me that i actually regretted my bath later which would take away the lovely and very special fragrance it had become in the course of the day !! and by the way i happen to live in india where the summers are killing (very hot !!)! JUST 1 SPRAY OF THIS WONDERFUL PERFUME BETWEEN THE BREASTS OR WHERE EVER COMFORTABLE IS ALL YOU NEED !! sprayed with restraint i find this 1 of the most beautiful and complex perfumes ever in the recent times.i received this as a gift about 3 years ago and used it now and then in the evenings as an occassion perfume.But thanks to my experiment........ i am tempted to make it my signature fragrance !

  • GREEKGIRL03/05/2006

    I just luv luv luv this! one of the most sexiest perfumes out there trust me! MEN LOVE THIS! go easy on it though as it can be strong.

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    wow !!!!! thats quite a number of reviews up ahead of me !!! anyways...... common or not but i do like angel as one of my preferred fragrances. i like to use it on certain evenings...... this is not a fragrance you can handle at any given the summer heat it can probably kill me first and then the others around me!!!! but..... on certain cooler evenings or a quiet date where you want to linger on a person's mind......this one used with a light hand can do the trick !!!!!!

  • "L"02/14/2006

    Hello~I smelled this on a friend, and had to ask what she was wearing because it smelled so nice. Right away I knew this would be my favorite perfume, and it is! There isn't a time that I don't get a compliment when I wear this perfume. Like every perfume out there, it may not be for everyone, and I do believe that our body chemistry has much to do with the way certain perfumes may smell on us.

  • SARAH02/10/2006

    I've tried this perfume several times hoping to like it, but I just can't stand it. There's a horrible medicinal-chemical-acrid sort of smell to this. It completely overpowers the chocolate and other nicer notes. It's the first scent to actually leave a bad taste in my mouth, somehow. Too bad! Maybe I'd like Angel Innocent better, I don't know.

  • HOLLYDOG02/06/2006

    Well, after reading all of the comments concerning "Angel" - all I can say is perfumes interact with a person's body chemistry. If you don't like a certain scent - then don't wear it! But don't dog the ones who do love it (I do) because we may just not like the scent YOU are currently wearing!

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE02/06/2006

    I probably am in the minority on this, but I detest Alien, On me, it smells of some thing so chemically floral, kind of like a public restroom air freshner unit. I hate to be so blunt, but it's awful! And I have over 100 fragrances, so it's not like I don't like a wide variety of scents! I just don't like this creation. Perhaps it is just too alien for my liking. Very cloying - gave me a royal headache and a half! Yuck.

  • ROBIN 01/31/2006

    The new Angel garden line (I forget the exact name) with topnotes of lily, violet or peony will make Angel lovers swoon -- and may even make converts out of some of you sitting on the fence. (Me? I absolutely loved the original Angel back when it was new, but one bottle was enough. . .Although I still like catching the scent on other women.) I love the peony version especially. It's SO nice!!!Imagine all the things you love about Angel -- the sweetness, the chocolate caramel edibility, the earthy, sexy patchouli-ness -- and then subtract the things that are starting to tire you -- the heaviness, the overtness, the been-there-done-that identifiableness. Add a whoosh of fresh, flirty peony, lighten the whole thing up a notch but keep it sweet, and bingo: there's the answer you may have been waiting for! Lots of luck, everyone; I love all the controversy on this board (although, frankly, reading some of the posters personally attacking others for their perfectly legitimate opinions I DO find very, very sad, disturbing and entirely unconscionable. xxoo

  • ROBIN 01/31/2006

    Dearest Chick, I'm one of those fanatic, although admittedly dilettante-ish, perfume nuts who actually makes herself little charts about what ingredients are in which of my fragrances. It's a private compulsion of mine, but now it's got a purpose!!!! I just skimmed down the patchouli column, glanced at the floral columns, and lo and behold, according to my calculations, you might just go INSANE for l'Occitane's D'Iparie!! It's got zip in the way of flowers except for a low-key note of rose, it's got moss and vanilla, red pepper and myrrh, labdanum (a kind of vanilla-spicy resin), "incense" notes, not a whiff of bergamot, and best of all, heaps of patchouli. Right down your alley, wouldn't you say? The girls at the l'Occitane store here in Vancouver all love it, and I think you might, too. (Gosh, I've even got some myself!) Other rich scents -- although they don't have patchouli -- that aren't floral-forward would include Trouble, Omnia, l'Instant, Cinema. . .all quite different from each other, but all leaning in the same, Chickey26-like direction. . .Do let me know how you make out!!!

  • SIGNATURE01/22/2006

    Angel Is One Of Those Scents That Has A Different Smell On Each Individual Who Wears It...For Me It's Amazing...It's Been My Signature For About 5 Years Now...On Some People It Is Just Not Right, It Has To Do With The Individuals Chemistry. So You Can Say It Repulsed You When You Tried It On In The Store, But To Be Fair, It Obviosuly Just Did Not Mix With Your Chemistry. I myself Am In love With This Perfume And Will Continue To Wear It, I Have Never Had A Complaint, Only Compliments, I Guess I Got Lucky...Always Test First...

  • JULIE 01/20/2006

    I absolutely love it!!! I have tried so many perfumes in my day and none of them last. I can't tell you how many times I would use it in the morning before work and go out later that night and people would come up to me and ask what I was wearing! I will say that it is a strong perfume but you just have to know how to use it, the spray and walk through really worked well.

  • MADELINE01/11/2006

    I tried this once and didn't like it; the bottom notes were too strong. But, from what I understand, it may take more than one try. As soon as I can I will hit the dept. store and give it another spritz and will report back. I currently wear Angel Innocent and LOVE it. We'll see how test #2 of Angel goes ...

  • DENISE01/11/2006

    When I first smelled Angel,I hated it,I sprayed it on a tester paper at the perfume counter,a couple of days later I smelled the paper again and quite liked it,the next time I went to the store I sprayed it on and did like it quite a lot. The point I am trying to make is you just need to give fragrance a chance and you could end up likeing them alot,the dry down with Angel is much softer than the first spray,but to tell you the truth,I do not quite understand a few of the posts saying they spray just a small amount on their back, or just barely walk through it when sprayed in the air, maybe if you need to be that careful with a fragrance it is not for you,I will admit this is not for everone,but give it a try,I am glad I did.

  • A MAN01/10/2006

    how can u be so exaggerating??? For crying out loud, keep your opinion for yourself and let others have their opinion about whats classy and what is not...

  • LASSIE01/09/2006

    I sprayed this on my wrist, foolish me, and - eww, eww, eww!!! (scrubscrubscrubscrub) - this stuff is indeed VILE and sickening. It never fails to astound me how the ugly, the cheap, the un-classy things in this world get so popular. Listen, everybody: if you cannot spray a perfume on your body without getting nauseous from the stench; if you need special instructions on how to apply this skunk juice - for the love of God, people - don't buy it! Jeez!

  • HONEY01/06/2006

    My husband sprays a light mist of Angel perfume on my lower back, and then runs the sprayer over the backside of my neck. Any remaining perfume in the little whole ends up there and in my hair. I smell great, and have not experienced a headache wearing any perfume this way. I absolutely love Angel, it is so feminine. I find that by wearing my perfume this way, I also don't overpower others at dinner or parties, or anywhere for that matter. It is very subtle.

  • MASS12/23/2005

    I have worn this for since it first came out and it is the best perfurme money came buy.. Worth every penny and dollar!!!!

  • ELIZABETH12/22/2005

    I've read a lot of the reviews from ladies out there who say that Angel gives them an instant headache and makes them feel sick. One lady mentioned she sprayed it directly on her wrist and then experienced this sick feeling. If this has happened to you, try spraying Angel in the air, and then walking through the mist with your blouse off. Then when you get dressed, the scent is not too strong and overpowering. I was so disappointed because I too felt sick the first time I wore Angel, but it's because I had applied it directly to my skin. The "walk through" technique works much better and it's not too strong that way. Otherwise, I absolutely love this perfume, I'm addicted to it now, and my fiancee loves it too!

  • JULIE12/22/2005

    How can a grown-up woman (how can even a young teenager) voluntarily wear a scent than smells like chocolate, honey and fruits? It always reminds me of a 5-year old girl playing with its "Barbie" doll. It should be pink, not blue, pink would fit much better... If I ever have a daugther, maybe I'll buy Angel for her first day in school. Is it true Hillary Clinton wears it? - That would mean she's not that smart and mature I suspected her to be... :-(

  • RZ12/13/2005

    I tried so hard to like it for several times, but... it just toooo.. sweet & tooooo.... strong that always make me want to throw up everytime i smell it T__T And it took all day long headache & dizziness, coz Angel is truly a very long lasting fragrance.. even after i take a bath i still could smell it @[email protected] Despite of the cute star shaped bottle that i always wanted, just a spritz of Angel can make my day horrible Y__Y

  • KT12/12/2005

    My daughter wore Angel first & I loved it so bought it. Friends that have liked it on me have tried it for themselves & can't get on with it. It is my fav perfume & everyone comments on it when I wear it. I do agree that you have to know when to wear it and how much to apply as it can be overpowering.

  • LAURINHA11/30/2005

    Sorry if I hurted your feelings saying bad things about Angel, but that's what I think and yes, I'm right, 'cause everyone who likes Angel that I know doesn't like it in the summer. It's good for night winter parties, not for work or to go to the beach in summer days, you can ask any sensitive woman who likes it. About men, I just said what they think here in my country. They prefer perfumes like L'eau par Kenzo, L'eau d'Issey, Cool Water...

  • KELLY11/28/2005

    One of my friends has worn this for as long as I have known her and I think it has a somewhat "dirty" smell. I recognize it as patchouli now and like it on her but it is definitely NOT for everyone.

  • MELISSA HALE11/22/2005

    I Love this perfume. I have worn it for years and have never found anything better. Everytime I wear it I get sooo many compliments. Nothing Better!

  • HEATHER11/18/2005

    I've been wearing Angel for over 12 years; however i am some what over it. I used to never smell it on any one else and now evryone wears it. I hate the way it smells the next morning after a night out especially. If you find it to strong try Innnocent, it's my new fav and no one seems put off at the office by it. Angel is still a great choice when used in moderation.

  • GWENDOLYN11/18/2005

    When I first spritzed a little of this on I thought it was really nice - different - I could wear this ... but then after the dry down - UGH. If you're not into patchouli there's a good chance this will make you gag. The patchoulli was sooo overwhelming I couldn't believe it; I was reminded of my college days hanging around with some of my Deadhead friends who reeked of patchouli - lol. I am giving it 2 stars because if you like those heavy, pungent bottom notes, you may very welll like this fragrance. If you're not a fan of patchouli - don't even bother!

  • J11/16/2005

    That is reason enough NOT to buy it. Who would want to smell or dress or act or do anything that reminds us of Bill's wife.

  • KASIA11/15/2005

    Hi, if you ever find yourself breaking out in acne, or having your skin turn red, it might be due to the ingredients in this perfume. It contains Propylene glycol, and an unusually high amt. of essential oils: 18 percent. You are alergic to either the propylene glycol ( which is antifreeze) or to an oil.

  • KAE11/10/2005

    I've read alot the posts about not liking Angel, about it being to strong. Yes, it is a lasting fragance. But, few women know how to apply any fragrance, therefore leaving a vapor trail in the room. You should spray the fragrance about 18 inches in front of you from knee to chest, and quickly walk in to the spray (this should be done in the nude). Apply frangrance in this manor, and you smell good, close up, but not to everyone in the room. Use caution that you don't spray your pearls or other soft type Gems. Or on your clothes, as frangrance can discolor them. If you like the smell of Angel, try it in the body lotion that has a non scented lotion to mix with it. I use this method on all of high dollar creams, makes them last alot longer, saves money and smells great.

  • KAE11/10/2005

    I think you might like Spark, by Liz Clairborne. Angel is nice, and I love it, but it tends to be on the floral side, I think. Or, try Pleasures Intense by Estee Lauder.

  • JAN11/07/2005

    Try Coco, by Chanel. As for Angel, as with all perfumes, some like it, some do not. To each his own.

  • CHICKEY2611/04/2005

    Wow..there are alot of you out here who have experienced lots of fragrences! I am becoming facinated myself. I was wondering if anyone could suggest a scent that is very oriental...not overly flowery....dries down to a very warm scent heavy on the patchouli, cause I love it, also nothing with sharp notes but some complexity...this sounds like the impossible to find fragrance and I must say I am not sure it exists. I do not like bergamot very much..either...Would I like Angel? I am overwhelmed in dept. stores and most scentsthat are very floral give me headaches. Thanks!

  • JANNINE11/04/2005

    Sorry, but my inner twelve-year-old cannot resist this scent. I know, I know, it's not a "real" perfume and most connoisseurs would hang me for liking it. But I can't help that I'm a sucker for gourmand.

  • CJONES10/27/2005

    This is a good smelly:) My brother gave me Angel for christmas last year. He travels alot and smelled it on a women. This fragrance works for me. We mesh well. Love it. Thanks brother.

  • ELLE10/06/2005

    all the time i was using this, i kept thinking i smelled it before. then one day, it hit me. BRUT! the green-bottled cologne i remember my father having! it truly smells like brut, all throught the dry-down. ah well, so it reincarnated in a woman's fragrance. i'll just use up what i have but will not repurchase.

  • BKLYN10/03/2005

    I love most perfumes however Angel is one that I will never stop wearing! I love it and the refillable bottle is the best. Everytime I wear it someone wants to know what it is, and of course I won't tell! I have been wearing it now for 7 years or more! My girlfriend loves it on me...

  • SHANTI10/01/2005

    what fragrance do you usually wear? angel is very different than the usual scent. personally, i LOVE LOVE LOVE angel!

  • PERFUMENOVICE09/28/2005

    It's just a bad smell. At least I sprayed it on before heading to the library as opposed to the office. I would be embarrassed to smell like this in front of people I know. I'm suprised it's so popular and expensive.

  • JESSICA09/24/2005

    i know this isnt angel perfume but there isnt a categorie for alien perfume yet. i wa just wondering what evryone thought of theirry muglers new scent? i think it's gorgeous, although it doesnt have the staying power of the origianal angel, do people agree/ would love to hear what people think of this perfume, not seen much about it on the web. cheers.

  • PAULA09/23/2005

    I myself love this perfume to death...but every time I wear it , even just a couple of dabs of it, I will inevitably get a negative comment about the scent from day at work I had to wash it all off with soap and water as it was making a colleague sick..I got rid of it in the end...over 130 bucks down the drain.

  • BRITTNEE09/20/2005

    The patchouli note is very dominant, which is not something that everyone loves, but I think this one is more tolerable than the older patchouli fragrances. My only complaint is that it is way too expensive!

  • ISOBEL09/20/2005

    Ladies. Angel is a strong perfume. And I mean burn your nasal passages strong. Yet you devotee's of this scent seem obvilious to it's room clearing power and thus this has become the MOST abused fragrance around. Be aware that it is the fragrance equivilent of Agent Orange. It actually clings to those of us who unfortunately come within 5 paces of you. And in the same note, the elevator should not smell like your fragrance..especially after you have exited it. Frankly I think this stuff reeks to high heaven. And the reason it is so notable is that it overpowers every other scent near it. It takes a very unique body chemistry to wear this fragrance successfully. Most of not have that body chemistry. Accept it. Find a new fragrance. Or do not leave your house. Please.

  • JR09/17/2005

    In earlier times, people tended to apply fragrance low on their bodies, so the scent would rise slowly and have a more subtle effect. If you find Angel to be too strong at the outset, try applying it behind your knees and on your lower torso -- no higher than heart level. And apply it sparingly at first. See if that helps.

  • CAROL09/13/2005

    I live in the mid west and our department stores don't carry Angel though I've read so much about on the Internet. About four months ago I went on a vacation to Boston and in Neiman Marcus they had Angel. The bottle was beautiful and the price tag was hefty. But I feel in love at first sight and I was ready to purchase it but I wanted to try it first. I picked up a large tester and sprayed my wrist actually the sprayer was very strong and a lot came out at me. I can not put into words the scent that accosted my nose. I immediately became very nauseous and dizzy. Thinking I was going to vomit I left the store and went out into the mall and sat on a bench. The smell was all over me and my head started throbbing. To be honest I did not smell any chocolate and fruits or flowers just a terrible putrid scent. It totally ruined that night for my husband had to cancel dinner reservations why I stayed in hotel bed with a terrible headache. To this day that smell is burnt into my nose and my stomach still turns just thinking about it. You city foke can keep your Angel, I can not believe you pay the price you pay for that stuff someone is laughing to the bank.

  • ROBIN 09/12/2005

    Okay, I've got to weigh in here. I bought Angel back when it was new, gosh, years ago, and for a few months I was nuts about it -- you know, that chocolate honey thing is pretty edible/irresistible. But, like too much dessert, you can get sick of it after awhile. Now, I wear it once in awhile: definitely for a date/club thing, not first thing in the morning to go to work. And it's so identifiable now -- what's this, 495 posts by now? That's got to set some kind of a record -- that I'd rather smell a little more unique. But as to men liking fresh, floral scents? Maybe. . .but they'll nibble your neck all night long when you wear something this sweet and tasty, so don't forget that basic maleness of theirs. If you're still wondering, try it yourself; I'd be quite surprised if the man in your life WASN'T in the mood for a sexy scent like this. For better or worse, it's always worked for me.

  • PRINCESS09/09/2005

    My boyfriend used to buy this for me all the time and thank god for that. Although we are no longer together, I find that whenever I put this scent on, the men go wild and i HAVE to fight off the men. Thanks ANGEL. No more lonely nights!!! Excellent!

  • NINA09/09/2005

    Anyone tried the latest one? It's nothing like Angel, but it's beautifull.

  • D_GAPEACH09/05/2005

    Whenever I wear Angel I am stopped by both men and women wanting to know what I'm wearing. I was even told that I "smell good enough to eat". I love both Angel and Angel Innocent.

  • A MAN09/04/2005

    You are so wrong. A perfume is a perfume and it might be more suitable for some conditions but I don’t think you must not wear it in any other way. Are you serious? If someone uses it during summer, or during the day, or not at a party then he/she is wrong??? Excuse me for not taking a weather report for the humidity before I apply my perfume... And don’t overgeneraliase. Men like lots of scents and different men prefer different scents. Not all men hate Angel and not all men prefer floral and fresh scents... Get real...

  • CHRISTA09/03/2005


  • ROCHELLE09/03/2005


  • LAURINHA08/31/2005

    When it was launched, I liked, but not in me (too strong!). Now I hate it, people need to know how to use it = only in the winter, at night (parties) and dry weather. Men hate it too, they prefer floral and fresh scents...

  • BRANDO08/26/2005

    Just wanted to say I am a guy and I wear the women's Angel, and get complimented all the time by women and men. AMen is WAY too powdery on me an smells feminine, while suprisingly, the women's smells like chocolate, citrus and leather. Most awesom e fragrance ever

  • TAM08/24/2005

    Angel is a wonderful combination, I just discovered the perfume and I fell in love with it. I really love heavy fragrance, and this is one I just cant get enough of.

  • KINGJON08/24/2005

    I smelled this and my God, this is one of the best female perfumes out there. I liked this alot and the all the garden of stars. Of course, I won't wear any of this.

  • ANNABELL08/23/2005

    The first time when it was spayed into the air, I went... oh my goodness, what is this? I withdrew from the very sopt. I couldn't stand the strong scent of it. It penetrates to the deep core of the nose. I was with my collegues and we all couldn't stand the STRONG, sweet fragrance. It's an unpleasent fragrance. To those who loves Angel, I'm sorry but that's what I feel about it

  • TERESA08/19/2005

    No other fragrance can compete with Angel. I should be a sales rep for your company, serveral of my girlsfriends have purchase your product because of how good it's smell on me. And the men go wild!!!


    These messages are so funny. I have heard them all. My best friend say I smell like collard greens,but she loves the way i smell. Another friend say I smell like a old lady. I work at a hospital and ALL and I mean all of the little sick men damn near wake from there sleep just to say "what is that your wearing" People follow me. I agree with the one person who said, love it or hate it. I have several people i know that bought it and said they cant wear it at all. Two of them gave me there bottle and said it smelled like roach spray. I am definitely the one to wear it. I have been wearing it since 1998. I LOVE IT!

  • PAM STEWART08/15/2005

    I read just some of the messages on the message board and I really couldn't believe the ones that said Angel didn'y smell good. I not only think it smells good but its fragrance to me is absolutely "out of site"!!!! The very first time I smelled it I thought, what a wonderful scent. I love it so much. I wish I could afford to buy all of the products. I have the refillable and when I do get it I use it so fast until I make my own self sick. Beside the smell I love the fact that you only need a little of it on your clothes because its so strong and the smell last and lasts and last. I have used it, washed my clothes and still can smell the Angel, and I don't mean just a faint smell. Angel is the best. I'm sure there are others out there but I can't stop using it to find out. So for those of you who don't like it, I feel sorry for you because you're missing something WONDERFUL, of course that's my opinion only, but then in this case it's only my opinion that counts.

  • PETUNIA08/15/2005

    Some years ago I bought a bottle of Angel, and my then-boyfriend commented that it was "strong stuff." As he was British I took this coment to mean that he hated it, and did not wear it around him any more. Years later,while in France, I received a sample of Angel, and spritzed some on one day while visiting French friends with a teenage daughter. She was very impressed that as an American I wore Angel,as it is "quintessentially French" and "stylish." She also told me that many girls her age (then 16) received Angel as their first perfume! I began to notice just how many French women wore it: all ages, all variations of "chic." I agree with other posters that one tiny spray is usually more than enough. It would be great if they made an eau de toilette.

  • PERFUME _DIVA08/11/2005

    Angel perfume combines oriental tones of sandalwood with fruity, fresh citrus notes. If you like this fragrance you may also wish to try Dune by Christian Dior, which has hints of the orient combined with slightly crisper, marine notes. For an even closer match, Lolita Lempicka is similar but more fruity with hints of liquorice and Wish by Chopard is a woodier version of Angel by Thierry Mugler.

  • MARI9808/10/2005

    For people who like the smell but think it's just too overwhelming (like me:-) they might switch to body cream, which is sooo scrumptious and understated. Just a suggestion...

  • SARAH08/09/2005

    Angel is unique! It is one of a tiny number of perfumes that do not use florals at all and I couldn't wait to try it because it contains two of my favourite notes, pathcouli and chocolate. My first Angel product was the luxurious body lotion and amazingly enough it was as strong as wearing perfume. Around the time I met my fiancee I bought the perfume and turned up on a date wearing it and I can only say he nearly gagged when he went to kiss me. He thought it was AWFUL. So Angel was relegated to girl's bights out and about half-way through the bottle I was getting very sick of the overt sweetness myself though the patchouli dry-down was lovely. In the end I gave the rest to my mother because I had enough. To echo a comment below, every second person I meet seems to be wearing this without regard to occasion, dress or weather and I don't want to smell like everyone else (or like a sticky dessert on a hot day) so the search goes on for something unique......

  • ISADORA08/05/2005

    This is a really great perfume if you like fruity/chocolatey/musky scents. ONE THING TO REMEMBER WITH THIS STUFF~A SPRAY GOES A LONG WAY!

  • WHO CARES?08/05/2005

    It reminds me of when people try to cover up body odor with a strong perfume. "Angel" is one of the most disgusting perfumes that women (in public restrooms) use to cover up the dirty underwear smell. It is disgusting, GROSS, and horrible. It smells cheap, sickening and almost like a combination of dead skunk and bitter chocolate A hint: Please take a shower before you wear that horrible stuff. If you really have to wear this eau de b.o. or other strong and offensive perfumes and colognes, please use some sense.

  • MAYA08/04/2005

    Angel is a scent most people fall in love with at first sight, but the trick is in being able to actually wear it and smell it all day. It smells so yummy on some people while on others, turns into a horror story! Of course I had to buy this one, but I was never able to get through the whole bottle. I ended up giving it to my mom who just LOVES it! For me it ended up just being a bit too much. I wish I could wear it, but in many ways its heaviness reminded me of Sonia Rykiel and at times it would even give me a headache like Sonia is guaranteed to. Overall I think that Angel is a very beautiful fragrance...

  • CYNTHIA08/02/2005

    Try putting it on your hair. A light spritz on your hair might keep it's scent intact.

  • JESSICA07/26/2005

    I heard so much about Angel but really got dissappointed, it didn´t work on me, my friend smells sweet and soft with honey and patchouli, on me it smells like stale christmas candles and way to sharp. I feel so sorry cause i really would like to wear it..

  • SCARLET BABE07/24/2005

    I love Thierry Mugler's "Angel". It's sophisticated and warm. It does seem to fade rather quickly on me though, even when I layer it. How can I make it last longer?

  • SUMMER07/08/2005

    i love angel,and i also wear coco mademoiselle by chanel which is similar and softer-also "amorito" from the body's beautiful and inexpensive!!! try these...

  • TAT2DBETTIE07/07/2005

    Let me start off by saying that I absolutely LOVE the way Angel smells. I could not stop sniffing myself when I wore it and neither could my boyfriend. It is a really strong fragrance so when I would apply it I would spray it in the air once and walk through it. That little bit was enough to last through the whole day. Alas, when I tried this... I could not last through the whole day. This wonderful scent gave me a pounding headache every time I tried it! I tried it at least 6 times to be sure because as I stated above, I love this scent! Since Angel didn't work out too well, I decided to try Wish by Chopard... and I have never looked back! They smell very simular to eachother so it was obvious that I was going to love Wish. Like Angel, one little spray last all day... plus Wish does not give me a headache so I have been using it for years! Bottom line, I WISH that Angel didn't give me a headache, but since it does, I am more satisfied with Wish.

  • SARINAE07/02/2005

    I'm sick of smelling a hundred people a day wearing this heavy fragrance! Especially when it's hot outside and they'vegot on shorts and flip flops with a very night time scent!

  • ~L~06/28/2005

    gag! sickening! smells like a little bit of manliness with a touch of old ladies and old spice! can't detect any chocolate scent in it at all. maybe it smells different on different people. i don't know, but i think it stinks! comptoir sud pacifique and la maison are much better choices for me. angel is extremely overrated!

  • CHLOE.F.PUFF06/26/2005

    Can any of you experts suggest some scents to try that are similar to Angel? I tried Angel because I read it's similar to Flowerbomb (which I absolutely love) and I liked it except for a citrus note I couldn't shake. Grapefruit, or pineapple, or something. (Oddly enough, I couldn't isolate the gourmand notes; just an overall sweetness, smooth, patchouli, and the citrus.) Well, I don't like the citrus and that's enough to turn me off. I'm going to try Wish, and Nirmala....anything I should I try? I tried the Garden of Stars sampler with 3 scents named after flowers (Angel peony, lily and violet) because I thought they wouldn't have the citrus note - boy was I wrong! They are smelled like citrus and BO on me, no smoothness or yumminess. Anyway, thanks everyone for your help.

  • HI THERE :-)06/16/2005

    Hi. I'm Bethany and I never posted about Angel. I haven't posted in a couple of years and I never posted in all caps. Oh, and someone is impersonating Aimee too. She used to write great reviews. Whoever is impersonating her is doing a lousy job. As for this perfume, I actually did wear it at one time, loved it, then grew sick of it. I think it's extremely over-rated. Bye.

  • JESSICA06/16/2005

    whenever i smell this it reminds me of a hippy hooker. it smells like a mix of candy and patchouli.. hence hippy hooker... too many people wear this and it is really heavy. i can smell it from across the room and when i do i generally leave the room. this is awful!

  • RISA06/16/2005

    This is very strong although I took a bath already, the scent still made me terribly headache. I got the sample for this, and absolutely not recommend. Smell like strong blueberry, dizzy for me.

  • ROS06/14/2005

    If you like this scent so much, you shouldnt let something as silly as gender classification of a scent keep you from wearing it. The notes in Angel are honey, chocolate, patchuli (sp???) plums, peaches. Why are those notes are specific to women??? If the scent had female hormones or pheremones or whatever they are called, i would say, yeah, dont wear it. But it doesnt, so if you enjoy it, wear it. I am a guy and plan on buying the womens angel soon because i like it too.

  • CRIS06/10/2005

    Hey AMEN, if you really like this scent, use it for yourself without any shyness.I am also a male who use it for years, and believe me, no any lady staying around me, didn't notice that I was wearing Angel for women, and I"ve got tons of compliments, believe me.If you read the reviews bellow, you'll notice that are several guys who wear this perfume without any problem, and I agree with them, it could be considered a unisex fragrance. And keep in mind that a fragrance smells so different on each skin. So, go for it, don'T CONSIDER YOU ARE LESS MALE IF YOU USE IT. THEREFORE, IF YOU LOOK FOR SOMETHING SIMILAR , BUT IN MALE RANGE, TRY ROCHAS MAN(IN FRANCE YOU CAN ALSO FIND ROCHAS MAN INTENSE WICH IS CLOSER TO ANGEL).same sweet notes, chocolate, coffee, jasmine.... Keep in touch and wait for your opinion. If you want, you can write me at:[email protected]

  • MON06/07/2005

    I just wasted my money and a perfume that smell like it was meant for a man!

  • MADISON06/06/2005

    I like this perfume and I get a lot of compliments from the guys....and some girls. It can be strong unless you don't know how to wear it. I personally spray ONE mist on my body, or I spray my ankles (only one each), yes I know it sounds strange but you still get the effect.

  • CHRISTINE06/02/2005

    I heard so much hype about Angel when it first came out that I specifically sought it out at a department store. I was interested because it came backed with "scientific proof" that this was the scent men would love because of the chocolate/vanilla blend in the formula. My mom and I both dabbed a little on in the store and we about retched. We went into the restroom to try and wash it off, but it dug it's heels in and just wouldn't leave. I literally had to take a shower when I got home and still I could smell it even a day later. I am intrigued so many people are crazy about it, but the smell reminded me of an unwashed hippie drowning in her own patcholi stank! I have a very sensitive nose and this scent gave me the long lasting heebies. I want people to remember *me* not the smell that screams it's own name a mile before I get there!

  • SOHA05/28/2005

    wow , im not really a perfume person but dis is just amazing, a fragrance that lasts forever! its worth it!!

  • SOUTHERN05/27/2005

    Run do not walk to get this one. Love it more every day!!

  • LAURIE05/24/2005

    I've had this perfume for a couple years now, and it has become my favorite perfume. Anytime I'm wearing it, people have to know what I have on because it smells so nice. I love the mix of sweet smells, florals, and a touch of patchouli in it. You won't be disappointed if you try it, but it is strong, so a little goes all day!

  • SOUTHERN05/24/2005

    After trying the "knock off" of this fragrance i finally got my hands on the real thing. Best advice before you buy is to spray some on and wear for 30 min. before u decide if it is right for you. At first spray it about knocked me down but after dry down it turned absolutely amazing. As others have said, this has staying power, use a light hand. One of the best yet.

  • A MAN05/17/2005

    I am a male, in love with this smell. Do you have anything similar to suggest? Its feminine but I like the smell so much. Its a pitty its for women...

  • LOUISE05/16/2005

    If you like the first tones of Angel but hate the drydown, consider Ferre 20. It has some notes (and mind you, only SOME notes, not all) that are redolent of Angel but without any of the gustative oomph or the metallic drydown, which is what Angel does on me. I like the opening notes of Angel okay, but the drydown becomes metallic and then I smell like a bottle of men's after shave. And that's not my favorite thing to smell like. Anyway, Ferre 20 is a marvelously versatile scent. A nice balance of florals and orientals and a slight smell of what might pass for chocolate, though it's not. It's hard to describe, but it's a tone that lasts as long as the scent does. Kind of dark, but in a good, sweet way. If you like Angel, you might like 20. If you hate Angel, you still might like 20.

  • GARDENIANGEL05/08/2005

    smells good, but you have to like that patchouli, earthy, incense smell. reminds me of the 70's or something.

  • BRANDY05/05/2005

    I really like Angel. I have heard mixed story but even though some people are too sensitive to smells this one is still one of my favorites. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so I really like this one!

  • DENISE05/04/2005

    When I first smelled this I hated it,then when I went back to the store I smelled it again,and really liked it,I put it on and it did last pretty much all day,I usually only like soft florals,but I really do love this scent,there really is nothing else like it,it is in my top 3 favorites

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    I like this scent for winter, but I HATE the dumb star-shaped bottle! What a stupid decanter! If you're like me and you keep your fragrances in a drawer or box away from sunlight, this decanter is a pain in the you know where. Secondly, I would never be willing to take this scent with me on the road because the dispenser cannot be locked down. That's all I need is for it to bump into something and spray in my purse! What stupidity! Who designs these things?!

  • CAMI J05/01/2005

    Angel is one of my favorites...Turns everones head, men love it! If you like the sent but it is too strong, just use less! (Dont spray it on your neck.) No complaints here! I LOVE it and so do all my friends.

  • STEPH04/30/2005

    This perfume is absolutely heavenly and those of you who think it reeks are probably smelling yourselves through the perfume. I have yet to find a man who doesn't drool when they get a smell of it.

  • NICOLE04/29/2005

    Never smelled anything like this before it came out. It used to be only in certain stores, but now I'm seeing it more and more. It reacts differently on everyone and really isn't that expensive when it comes to todays pricing. It's not as expensive as clive christian & if you love it and get compliments, then go for it. It's strong in the start, but mellows down after a couple minutes on me. I think it should be used a little, not too much. This is one you can really smell from across the room if that happens. I do wish they toned down the patchouli, as that really knocks me down at first smell.

  • JORI LYNNE04/28/2005

    This scent reminds me of how nuvo-hippies smell because of the strong patchouli. I makes me nauseous when I smell it.

  • JT04/28/2005

    I can't believe that men are saying they like it for themselves! I do not care for the smell even for women. I do think that the A-men for men does smell A LOT like Angel which really surprised me. Do these men even realize that? Angel Innocent is really inappropriate for a man... unless he wants to smell just like a woman. Angel is also inappropriate unless he wants to smell like a mature woman! Guys... please try the men's version, I think you will find it is similar, yet made just for men!

  • MAX04/24/2005

    I'm hear to review perfumes that i like not squabble. I'm ashamed to have been pulled in. Sorry to the other people who have had to read this.

  • PATTY 04/22/2005

    Angel is one of my favorite perfumes I can never get enough I recommend it ! Guys love the smell :)

  • KAREN S.04/22/2005

    As posted earlier I love Angel -I just worry getting to much of a good thing as it's so distinct and popular in my part of the world. This is an interesting dialogue here since so much passion seems aroused on this scent! I understand how some people may hate it as it is so powerful. What i wonder do those of you who hate it like generally? I'd love to see a list emerge which added up might give us the antithisis of Angel? And for those who do like it can i suggest Wish Chopard as another favourite with similar notes? Or not...

  • SWEETANGEL2002U04/20/2005

    a co-worker of mine wears this stuff. I find it cloying and annoying. It gives me a headache and makes me want to vomit!!!!!!

  • AMBER A04/19/2005

    I got this as a gift. It is very heavy and to me it smells like honey, heavy heavy honey scent. A spoon of honey a day is good but when you are surrounded by this smell all day it makes you dizzy. Definitely make sure it's your kind of perfume before you buy it. It didnt work for me.

  • JOHNBOY04/19/2005

    I first smelled this on a stripper in california during her routine. I fell totally in love with it as did all the men sitting with me (yes girls the stripper was cute too) but the scent is wonderful. I kept smelling it one me all night. I bought some for my girlfriend who thinks it is the best. So take this from a man who loves women...IT WORKS !!! If you want your boyfriend or husband to fall in love with you all over again, try Angel

  • KAREN04/15/2005

    which one of the 1.7 Angel bottle is refillable? the more or less expensive?the one that says tester or not?

  • CRIS04/06/2005

    Hi, JB,I really enjoied your message, as I am also a guy who is addicted to ANGEL .I also think it could successfully be a unisex product.Anyway, I have a question for you.Did you ever try the ANGEL INNOCENT?Which is your advice, it suits for a male also, or you think it is too feminine.I am waiting for your answer, as I think to buy it for summer time.Greetings from Romania, JB! I quess you are a quite sophisticated man, as you enjoy Angel for women.Hope a lot of guys could be the same.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC04/01/2005

    YOU like Angel, and that's fine, but there are many who do not - as several other postings reflect....YOU do however need to consider the fact that these message boards are for individualized opinions and postings will and do reflect that. Just because a posting is not positive in relation to a product YOU like, does not give YOU the right to interfere or make derrogatory comments on other's postings. GROW UP and realize that if u do not like a posting all u have to do is jump to the next, or horror be, if that should be a negative as well, just keep moving right aloooooooong.

  • OANAHIMMLISCH03/28/2005

    I was thinking about what JB said. Oh my God, you're so right! I'm really crazy about Angel and I feel hipnotized when I'm wearing it. And the true magic is that this perfume makes me what I really am, as I know, as I've always been. It's not what you see now, it's quite the fire within

  • MAXXX03/21/2005

    YOU protest to much. I love Angel and that's all i care about. I don't usually use capital letters but in YOUR case i'll make an exception.


    For those of you who don't like the perfume Angel. I would be happy to purchase it from you.

  • JULIA03/16/2005

    I used to like ANGEL when I was younger and still experimenting and trying to find out my own personal style. (Now I am a female Methusalem of 29 ;-)) Being a "mature" woman and not an old teenager (student) anymore, I think ANGEL is a perfect fragrance for teenagers and young women in their early twenties - the kind of girls that still love their Barbie dolls, their pink bed linen, ralph-lauren or laura-ashley country style (despite of the fact that they live in NY studio on the 23th floor) ... The fragrance is sweet, a little bit of everything, it reminds me of all the ingredients you need to make a traditional german christmas cake... A few of them are o.k, but all of them together are simply too much (just as I don't like a spiced christmas cake for easter or even in summer!). If the bottle was an apartment, the perfumer would have furnished it in a late 19th century style - rich, but far too plushy, too much too much too much. I prefer Bulgari pour femme - my signature scent. It is somehow "classicistic" if you know what I mean. The scent with its Sambac Jasmin tea note reminds me of the famous tea house in the garden of Frederick the Great's "Sans Souci" palace in Potsdam (near Berlin). And the bottle is simple, a reminiscence of the great antique architecture - just like the rooms in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's house in Weimar (I hope I don't stress this metaphor to much). I love it! But if you like Angel, it is o.k., especially in winter.

  • STACEY03/14/2005

    I have atleast 30 different smelling perfumes and this is the only one my boyfriend notices on me and likes. Smells like chocolate and honey, and something tropical. Reminds me of Hawaii.

  • JB03/12/2005

    I'm a very masculine guy & I wear this scent. I've been wearing it for years now & NO ONE has EVER guessed that I'm wearing a womens perfume. I've gotten countless of complements on it from girls & guys both, as a matter of fact my father asked me what kind of after shave I was wearing & asked if I could I pick him up a bottle, LOL! I also wear Muglers Angel Men from time to time, but "womens" Angel is my first choice by far. It really honestly does change itself to the wearers own body chemestry, on me you can really smell the patchouli, which I love, and also a subtle sweetness of chocolate. It doesn't smell floral on me at all, it does smell sweet but not too sweet, well, thats how it smells on me anyway. It is very comforting to me, almost hypnotic. I have tried 100's of scents in my life and Angel is my absolute favorite. I just do not understand how anyone could not like this scent, it is wonderful!

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC03/06/2005

    I would like u to scroll down to a previous posting by "Bob" dated, 11/03/01 and please read! This poster does a great job to sum things up. u need to take note of what he says and APPLY it. Just because people don't like something YOU do, doesn't mean they are afflicted with 'jealousy'. I am more than certain YOU have at least one fragrance that you would classify as being not to your standards. Ever heard of the fact that everyone has a right to their own opinion as well as the right to express it? It's called FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  • MAXXX02/28/2005

    Dont over do the spraying. If you do this the whole effect is just not there. A tiny dab and's great. I cannot believe that so many people hatt he this fragrance. Jealousy of Mr Mugler comes to mind :( It is a beautiful perfume that needs correct application. some people protest too much.

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC02/22/2005

    This has got to be one of the worst smelling perfumes out there on the market. Truly hideous indeed. Its so terrible that it invokes an instant headache and just downright ANNOYS u! I think the only thing this disgusting scent would be good for is spraying down the outside of your house -=- it would do a great job of convincing burglars to stay away!

  • NICOLETTE02/22/2005

    Ashlee, after wearing Angel since 1992 there are a few tricks. You can spray a tiny bit on your finger an apply the fragrance that way or spray a small amount into the air and walk through it. It will stay all day. You will be PC and not offending anyone at the office. Good luck!

  • NICOLETTE02/22/2005

    Angel is my favorite perfume of all time. The star, the glass blue container, the unforgettable fragance. Not many people wear this and it is quite expensive. Like most have said "you either love it or hate it." I personally think it is a men magnet. Works for me!

  • STEPH02/19/2005

    This is one of the most unique perfumes I've ever smelt, that is why I like it so much. It is one of the few fragrances that smells good on me and lasts for that matter. As for the people who don't like it, everybody has different body chemistries, so perfumes will smell differently on each individual

  • JT02/17/2005

    WOW!! I just couldn't believe that on top of the odor that I just cannot stand, it also has to be obnoxiously strong! I don't think there is a more potent perfume out there... beware, if you get the smallest amount on something with a permeable surface, it will smell like it for the next 10 years! I once had a small sample which when I threw it away in my house I could smell it very strongly until I had to throw it away in the outside dumpster far away from my apartment. I couldn't believe it's strength! A whole bottle seems like it would be enough to last a lifetime! Read post titled P-U... similar story, it is hillarious!! Come on, even you Angel fans have to see the humor in it!

  • LOISPOL02/13/2005

    This secent is wonderful on me. It lasts and lasts. Unfortunately it seems everyone around me has discovered it also. It is funny in that I find myself complimenting others on it, not recognizing that they are wearing one of my favorites. I think it changes quite a bit with different peoples chemistry. Men follow me when I wear this.

  • AJ02/12/2005

    I am surprised at how many people seem to really hate Angel. I absolutely love it--it's one of my favorites. I get a lot of compliments when I wear it too. It must be a personal chemistry thing. I guess be sure to try it at the store and wear it yourself before you buy.

  • GEEGEE02/10/2005

    LOVE my bottle of Angel. Suggest it as an evening scent as it's a little strong for everyday wear. Sweet, floral scent.

  • IRENE02/09/2005

    The people who only smell this from the bottle should really try it to put on their pulse points. It smells different on the bottle and on your body and it also smells different on everybody. It smell more like chocolate and honey on me while on my friend it smells more vanilla and mandarin. It's a very complex perfume and no perfume in this world can compare to it's complexity!!! There's never a day I don't wear it!

  • FUBAR196302/07/2005

    i would love to experience this on a man. my son loves the sample i gave him of emporio armani night for her, and so does his girlfriend, another great scent you might enjoy is deep night by ghost for her. scents are individual not bipartisan, so wear whatever makes you feel unique, as long as it doesn't attract flies there will be people out there that will enjoy the way you smell.

  • USC '0502/02/2005

    Took a test whiff at my local Sephora and was unplesantly suprised. I love sweet, but this was just bitter and slightly rancid. It has a "bad perfume" smell.

  • DENISE02/02/2005

    This is by far one of the most horrible fragrances I have ever tried,I don't even know where to begin to discribe it,I can smell the chocolate in it,but it almost reminds me of when people try to cover up body odor with a strong perfume,it is GROSS,disgusting and horrible.

  • TONY T01/31/2005

    i work at an airport so i smell this a lot on foreign chicks. great smell kinda like cotton candy and fruity flowers

  • MEGAN01/27/2005

    I have tried Ralph Lauren Romance, Armani Mania, Chanel, etc. but nothing has smelled as good as Angel! It is incredible! Anybody with good taste in perfumes would agree with me.

  • CRIS01/25/2005

    Hy Jenna, and thank you for your answer.I apreciated it, and I can tell you that you was the first one who answered me.Thanks again.I will wear this fragrance for years as I enjoy it a lot and I get a lot of compliments, and no one lady told me that I smell like a girl.By the way, what kind of ingredients do you detect in this perfume? If you like ANGEL on ypur husband you should try ROCHAS MAN.It is another master piece, in the same gurmand-oriental family as Angel and AMEN.It is for men, but it is for sure that you will also enjoy it.Try it, and... keep in touch.

  • JILL DAILEY01/24/2005

    I love this perfume more than any I have ever bought. I am sooo hooked. I have people ask me on a day to day what I am wearing. This is a must try. I will always have a bottle of this in my shelf.

  • HELCAT01/22/2005

    Angel The first time I tried, I thought yuck, This smells like a bad fair ground day, of yucky, sticky melted icecream mixed with crushed grapes, stale candy floss and stale cigerette smell. YET on the second ocassion, mmmmmmmmmm seductive and no problem What the secret?????????

  • SALLY01/22/2005

    i have been wearing this since 1992 & have people ask what am i wearing & where can i purchase this awesome perfume. men love it !!!! & it lasts all day into the evening......


    My only suggestion would be to spray on the pulse point areas only. Anjel is such a fragrant perfume you need only to spray once behind your ears. As your body temperature heats up, you will smell the fragrance more and more. Just remember, a little goes a long way..........................................

  • DANI01/21/2005

    I received a sample mini bottle and opened it to take a sniff. After just one sniff I spilled all of the contents down the toilet and just kept the pretty bottle. This is one perfume you would not catch me dead in.

  • CRYSTAL01/20/2005

    Yes, the patchouli is very strong, but all in all this scent is very sensual, heady and more for a very sophisticated ready to take on the world women.....most folks can't take the combination of scents, but one of my favorites! My daughter actually gets sick when she smells it.

  • SU-KI01/18/2005

    Received a mini sample of the perfume and after taking a sniff started to sneeze and felt dizzy. This perfume had such an unpleasant odor that I threw the bottle out. A neighbor found it and after smelling it also discarded it in the trash can in the building where we live. Whoever walked by the trash room complained about the hideous scent coming from the can.

  • VAL01/16/2005

    ...but it's one of the top sellers, so there must be something great about it. I give it a "good" rating because it actually smells wonderful on a friend, but just not on me...we all have to realize that our chemistries are different, that's why they have testers at the mall :)

  • LOLA01/08/2005

    I sprayed it on my hands, and I almost passed out!This is sooo sweet, even I think it's to sweet !!!(and I am a big fan of sweet perfumes like Escada Island Kiss) I would jump out of the window if somebody would visit me with that perfume!(respect for the fans of Angel)

  • TRACT01/02/2005

    Love it. Worn it for a couple of yrs now. Multiple men have given me compliments on the smell.

  • SUZIE12/30/2004

    I wear this as my winter fragrance and really like it. One of my co-workers tried it and did not like it, but she said it smells good on me. This one does not work for everyone.

  • ARIANNE12/29/2004

    I got a free sample of it, and I LOVE IT!! I'll be sitting around the house, and I spray it on my wrist, just because I love the smell!! To bad it cost so much :(

  • JENNA12/27/2004

    I think this would be delicious on a man so more power to you Cris. I'm curious as to what kind of responses you get. I wear both the Angel and Amen and would like to smell my husband in the Angel.

  • ASHLEE12/27/2004

    does anyone have any tips about how to apply angel? i really love the scent and it smells good on me, but only after it has time to air a little... is there some way to put it on so that it's not SO overpowering during the beginning of the day??? [email protected]$%

  • JUDI W**12/26/2004

    When I first smelled it, I wasn't sure if I liked it, but I loved the bottle and that it was strong. I bought it and then didn't wear it for about a couple of months, (was so expensive I felt I had to wear it and get my money's worth)I got so many compliments every where I went, that I continued to wear it until it was almost gone. The jury's still out on whether I really like it or not. It's different and compelling but Fendi, Opium, and Jungle Elephant are still my favorites!!! Never argue about differences of opinion over fragrances, everyone has a different experience, no one is right or wrong!!!

  • DORA12/24/2004

    I think it's the worst perfume I have ever tried in my entire life. It makes me wanna vomit and it gives me a headaqe. I can't stand Angel. Oh, and, too many people wear it. That's not good too, but, hey! That's only my opinion!

  • JAMES12/20/2004

    I must say that this stuff is a turn-on for me. My wife's going to find a bottle in her stocking for sure.

  • HARRIET12/20/2004

    This is by far the sexiest aroma in a bottle! It captivates and seduces its audience. I love it!

  • BECKY12/14/2004

    I love the essence of woody, warm amber based perfumes with chocolates, vanilla, and fruity melons and citrus in them. Your chemistry and age means alot, so this fragrance will not smell good or smell alike on every women

  • DANI12/09/2004

    I get migraine headaches from most fragrances. Angel is the only fragrance I am able to wear without getting sick. I always receive compliments on the fragrance as well. I had one negative experience when I purchased a tester, but was advised that testers are usually a higher concentrate & therefore a much heavier fragrance - not so good. Otherwise, its the best. Perfume Emporium is great - I have been purchasing from this website for years & am very happy with the service.

  • BONITA12/01/2004

    This is my absolute FAVORITE perfume! It lasts all day and people notice the exotic aroma.

  • KAREN11/30/2004

    I had been testing this perfume for a while and finally decided to buy some. Yes, it is strong but it mellows beautifully and becomes a very individual scent. I don't want to reveal this one to the people who compliment me just yet. Some things are best kept secret.

  • SHAINIE11/27/2004

    I just bought a mini, since this perfume seems so popular. My first reaction was this smells like every Avon perfume I've ever smelled - woodsy and yuck. My 4 year old told me it smells like Grandma's camper's bathroom. Now that he said that, I know what he means - it reminds me of how every porta-potty smells - the deodorizer they use to cover smells. I really wanted to like this perfume, but obviously I'm going to move on!

  • LAURA11/23/2004

    I've considered buying this fragrance several times as every single time I go by the counter and take a sniff, I always think it's just the most gorgeous scent. However, everytime I actually try it on, about 15-20 later I feel sick from the cloying sweetness. Last time I tried it on (a couple days ago) was no different. I wanted to buy it as a Christmas night fragrance but after having it on my wrist for a bit, I felt overwhelmed with the smell and was was desperate to find soap to clean it off...and it took several washes to get rid of it! Nice scent but only for a few minutes...or on others.

  • LULU11/10/2004

    Even though Ferre 20 is not a gourmand type fragrance like Angel, it reminds me of Angel and frankly, I like it better. The dry down is better. At least, that's true for me. Angel is nice, Ferre 20 is nicer. Give it a try some time if you like to experiment with different scents. Gianfranco Ferre has created a fabulous fragrance in Ferre 20. I've only been able to find Ferre 20 in the EDT, but it's formulated such that it really does have staying power without being obnoxious or cloying.

  • LIN11/09/2004

    I have been wearing angel for years and was always asked what I was wearing, people love it on me. Though on some people it can smell less than delicious, if it works with your chemistry as it does mine, it can be an amazing scentsation

  • K11/06/2004

    This is one scent that brings out the best and the worst in some people. I have never heard of a fragrace that sparks such emotion as to what other people think of it. I happen to love this, do I care that you don't.......not really. I agree this is strong and in the wrong hands can be quite hazardous. But if you know how to wear this it is glorious. And to me the only opinions that matter are mine and my hubbys. If you don't like it good, that leaves more for me..........................................

  • CRIS11/04/2004

    Hi to all Angel fans.I am a male and I was wearing AMEN, till I discovered that Angel for women is much better and it suites well for my skin.I want to know if there are any men who wear Angel for women and how they feel wearing this.For me is great, and I don'T feel less macho at all. And ladies, what do you think about a man wearing Angel?

  • JT11/04/2004

    Understand that just because you and YOUR friends love Angel, it is no reason to accuse others of having mold spores up our sinuses! MANY of us just do not find the smell of strong patchouli mixed with other heavy sweet scents appealing. Angel is such a different kind of smell that there will ALWAYS be people who hate it. Get used to it.

  • SHANNON11/03/2004

    I like soft florals and tend to lean toward sweetness, but I find this scent just godawful. To begin with, the composition is just bizarre: chocolate is great, but I don't want to smell like it! And certainly not a synthetic version of it. I leaned in to sniff the tester at the perfume counter and had to run for cover. Just very heavy overpowering sickly sweet. Please use this with a light hand Angel fans. I can only imagine what a nightmare it would be to be stuck on an elevator or bus with someone who applied too liberally!

  • JUDY10/31/2004

    I don't know what the problem is with these women who say that Angel smells bad (perhaps mold spores lodged in their sinuses?) but, I absolutely LOVE Angel and everyone who gets a whiff of it LOVES it too! BTY - several of my friends, co-workers and other acquaintances (both women and men) have purchased Angel AND it has become the favorite of many.

  • KAREN S.10/28/2004

    Such an original scent that's backfired because it's become an overused signature. I used to love it until Iralised how in your face it is and lucks subtlety

  • JT10/27/2004

    I believe what you call 'mildew' is the patchouli you are smelling. I agree though, patchouli is a peculiar smell that you either love or hate. To me it smells like dirt, which is beyond me why it is so appealing to smell like that, but to each their own I guess.

  • REALITY10/25/2004

    i read the description, and it sounded so lovely, but what's up with the lingering smell of mildew? is is just me?

  • BROOKE10/24/2004

    Angel reminds me Christmas Eve Night when everyone is sitting around the fireplace opening presents. It is a heavier fragrance but very yummy. It has chocolate, vanilla, patchouli and honey in it. It is one of the fragrances that you either love or hate. If you like patchouli - you'll love it! :o)

  • SCENTFANATIC10/18/2004

    I completely agree with everyone who thinks it stinks! I also think that even if you have great chemistry for it, it STILL smells bad. The combo of patchouli and chocolate and the other heavy musky smells just are so strange together. Very different smell, but not good at all. Also, I have a friend who used to like it and she said that it goes bad quickly and does not seem good quality either.

  • PLAYGIRL10/17/2004

    Loveitloveitloveit. This is the best fragrance I have ever had. One of my coworkers told me about it but I forget what she said the name was. I went in this store one day and passed the perfume counter. This scent hit me so hard, I went back to see what it was, and let me tell you, I literally went weak in the knees and I had to have it. I spent about 150.00 that day. and have since bought my husband some. He loved it to, but I won't let him wear it without me{haha just kidding}. But we both love it. Everytime I smell it I WANT IT more. Boy was I surprised to toll my coworker that I had bought this perfume and she have got to get her some, well needless to say, this was the same perfume that she had bragged about months earlier.

  • KELLY 10/17/2004

    This is the best fragrance I have ever come across. I love the way it smells when it dries down. It is a strong scent and a little goes a long way. I spray it ever so faintly on my lower torso or spray it on a cotton ball and dab it on, as another reader suggested. I then throw the cotton ball in a drawer to scent my socks, etc. A bottle will last forever. I wear this and Angel Innocent exclusively. I wear Angel on the weekends or Winter months and Angel Innocent to work and in the summer as it is a bit lighter but contains the same notes. I have tried other scents and like many but non can hold a candle to these two. I must venture out and try some of the body products. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!

  • KIMBERLY ANNE10/17/2004

    I am an avid defender of Angel. When I first smelled it I was shocked at how strong and how unusual it smelled, it was quite a shocker! I was surprised at what a number one seller it was. It is a very complex and very strong scent. That is why it took me a year of smelling it in shops till I finally bought it for my self. There is something to body chemistry and also the chemistry of this perfume! It is the best one I have ever bought! I am a perfume fanatic and this is my favorite. I love the comments that I get when I wear it....everyone loves it. It is heavy, chocolate, caramel, sweet, and spicy all wrapped into one. It goes on strong but mellows out, but never loses it's signature scent. It attracts everyone, and men especially love it. It is a intriguing fragrance. Wear and make a man fall in love with you!

  • MONNA10/16/2004

    I this moment, I just love this scent. And I am going to try also the body cream. I hope it`s at least as nice as the perfume.

  • JESSICA10/15/2004

    It's funny but the first time I wore it; I hated it. I could not wash the sent off me and It made me sick. Then one day I put it on for the heck of it & now I love it. I wear it almost every day & so many people say I smell great. I think it is something you either love or hate. But I love!!!!

  • JULIE10/15/2004

    I agree that it is definitely an acquired taste... a taste which I personally could NEVER acquire!! Wow! What a bad smell regardless of body chemistry...It smells just like an old strong musky old fashioned perfume gone bad, drizzled with stale chocolate, then rolled in the dirt. NO Exaggeration! I am amazed at how many people love such an amazingly offensive odor. By far the worst on the market in my opinion. It is so strange smelling that I guess you either love it or HATE it!

  • PERFUMEFANATIC10/14/2004

    I am a perfume addict and think this is by far the worst scent on the market. It's far too overpowering and left my arm smelling like a musty sweet shop! I really don't know how anyone can enjoy this, especially as there are so many more subtle and less offensive perfumes out there. This one is definately an acquired taste!

  • JT10/07/2004

    Yuck! I enjoy a variety of different types of scents, but this one is the WORST of the popular scent out there! I heard how good it was so I decided to smell it, and was disgusted at the stench and scrubbed it off my arm. Even if one does have the right 'chemistry' for it, I still think it stinks on them. On paper, or smelling the bottle is every bit as bad too. Any way you look at it, it is just plain bad smelling. The Angel Innocent is however, one of my favorites. It shares some of the same notes as Angel minus the bad ones!

  • CONNY09/28/2004

    angel perfum is for me in winter and autum the best All the classy women that I know wear this perfum believe me you have very styl with angel you don't need an other perfum try angel and you will always buy it

  • MERMAID09/18/2004

    This is my holy grail of fragrances--but I do believe that it all has to do with body chemistry. It doesn't wear well on everybody, but fortunately for me it does. Although, I keep reading over and over and *everyone* wears this, I never seem to run into that many people that do. It is so different that anything else out in the market--so tired of transparent, non-existent floral scents. The body cream is the absolute best item in the line--it is very luxurious! Anyway--love it or hate for me, I will always love this.

  • ANYA09/17/2004

    Marks and Spencer in the UK now sell a new scent called Love (the box actually says "You'll be an angel to your Love" and it is very, if not completely, like Angel, except it costs 6 pounds for 30 ml! Worth a try to see if it agrees with your skin - it m ight be a tiny bit 'darker' perhaps, but it's lovely!!

  • SSDNC09/13/2004

    many people actually "love" this fragrance. I had heard so much about it and finally tried it. Wow, I immediately tried to wash it off, but the stench lingered for hours. Gave me a killer headache too. !!YUCK!!

  • INDERIKA09/12/2004

    I'm undecided about this one. At first when I apply it I get the same plummy, chocolately,honey-sweet smell that others decribe. Later when it dries down I smell a woodsy almost evergreen scent that I'm not so crazy about. I can see how one person stated that it smelled like a bunch of perfumes mixed together (kind of weird). Even still, I consistantly get compliments when I wear it (so, I'm torn). This one is definately not one of my everyday scents. I can't decide if I really like Angel or not.

  • KSTEVENS09/08/2004

    Angel has to be my favorite scent of all time. I love to layer the body cream and now the perfume. I can't get enough of it and get compliments everytime I wear it, it is long lasting.

  • QUEENBASILIKA09/07/2004

    It's one of the best I can tell, but the problem is that every women weare it.Every time I go out someone near me smells Angel.I like it much but I want something more Unique-->look how many commets for this perfume...

  • KBALDWIN09/03/2004

    Absolutely heavenly. Will be my fave for a long time.

  • ANNE09/03/2004

    Love this perfume and so do all the men.

  • SUTRA08/27/2004

    i adore angel! i even wear it to work, and since i'm a nurse, angel suits perfectly. i got loads of compliments from other nurses and male patients ;) the other nurses find it unusual and intriguing, and totally alluring. the men find it comforting and soothing and very highly seductive. angel + nursing outfit = hot stuff. lol, jk.

  • KAT_H08/22/2004

    I tried to like this - it's not for me. I did smell it on someone else though and it smelled good. It's one of those that has to work with your chemistry. Try it before you buy it!

  • DK08/18/2004

    I don't know why Angel is called a perfume for day, I seem to have quite a bit of luck wearing it at night. Men DO love it... believe me. Just don't use too much.

  • LAURA08/14/2004

    This isnt for those with sensitive noses! It is VERY STRONG, and people always seem to put way too much on. It reminds me of bitter chocolate. But it also reminds me of the flea spray I use on my cat. Nice bottle though. A little overrated, and guarentted to give you a migraine.

  • PENANCE08/12/2004

    This is absolutely my favorite perfume I've ever tried. It might be too sweet for some people, but I, personally, really love it. I'm on my third bottle now and don't see myself switching to any other scent at any time in the forseeable future.

  • STEPHANIE08/11/2004

    I absolutely love Angel. I have a funny tidbit to mention though about the first two times I smelled it though. The first time I smelled it on a scent card and took a whiff and of course the perfume was still too strong seeing as how the woman had just sprayed the card. I made a face while smelling it and the lady said "It's not for everyone." Then the second time was at a convention type thing where all types of businesses had come to resale items for cheap. I was looking at the perfumes and picked up a bottle of Angel. It must have been an older bottle.. I'm guessing seeing as how it was half used. I took a whiff and made the same type of face as before when I first smelled it. This woman told me that some people loved it and some people hated it. That perfume inspired a passionate response from everyone, meaning no one was just iffy about it. But then my then bf bought me a bottle one day and I finally tested it on my skin. I adored it on myself and thought it smelled like heaven. Even my mother thought it smelled fantastic and when I told her it had chocolate and caramel in it she said "You're kidding!" This has become my signature scent.

  • SUNDARI08/08/2004

    It is the best fragrance for attracting men. It makes a bold statement and is very sensual. Wear it and heads will turn!

  • KIMBERLY08/08/2004

    Angel is the sexiest and most intoxicating scent ever! It is sultry, warm, and sensual. I had second thoughts about the way I thought it smelled on me at first, as if it were too strong, but the feedback from others is what got me hooked. It comes on strong but mellows after it has been on for a while yet stays very fragrant. If you want attention wear it. I get a ton of compliments from both men and women, all day long. Men will adore you...I guarantee it. I have had them stop in there tracks and ask what it is I am wearing...and there comments are that it is "wonderful" and they even stop to breathe in the air around me! It is like magic! It is an out of the ordinary scent and it makes a bold statement. Wear it and cast a spell on the one you've been admiring, and soon he will be admiring you....I can attest to this!

  • JENELLE07/29/2004

    This is the best perfume. When you put it on it Magically(lol) adapts itself to change into YOUR scent. I love it.

  • VIRGINIA07/27/2004

    no matter what time of year you wear it, its beautiful you have to be a classy person to wear it and understand the smell of it.

  • EVELYN07/23/2004

    Angel is one of the bi-polar fragrances: people either love it or hate it, there is no inbetween. As for me, I like it. It has for sure a good structure and a highly innovative character. It is a bit on the loud side and not so easy going, that's true. What is also true is that it is sexy, just ask the men. (Well, maybe being sexy is also part of the being on the loud side. ) Any way it is a daring fragrance. I once had one of the star shaped bottles of Angel which I liked a lot - especially the gorgeoues bottle. But I did not know how to wear it every day without being the focus of attention. Whenever I entered a room wearing Angel all heads would turn to me, especially men. If you like that kind of attention, look no further Angel is the right one for you.

  • K07/21/2004

    Delicious, perfect, and addictive. Favorite perfume of all time. Can't live without it. Only wish it wasn't so expensive, but a little goes a long way and a bottle lasts a long tome.

  • JADE07/16/2004

    I love this scent but I usually try to find something a little lighter for summer. I just ordered the Angel Body Mist, looking forward to using a lighter mist of my favorite scent this summer. I do love the compliments I get when I wear Angel!!!!!

  • HELENA07/13/2004

    Tried it couple of days ago, my parents loved it on me, my dad said it's the best scent he ever smelled... Now I need my hubby to smell it on me (he is away right now). It's so unusual and the staying power is absolutely great. Definately the next one on my list !

  • MJ07/13/2004

    I was really disappointed with Angel. The top note of chocolate is very strong, which is great if I'm trying to disguise myself as a chocolate sundae...otherwise, I don't see the point of smelling like chocolate. The fragrance didn't last very long either, chocolate or otherwise, which was a blessing in disguise. For as expensive as this is, it's not high quality at all.

  • SOFIA07/08/2004

    This continues to be my favorite & warm. I get tons of compliments on it. My boyfriend isn't crazy about the way it smells, so I'm still searching for one that he will like on me.

  • JANET07/07/2004

    I've adored Angel since I first used it in the early 1990s. It's been my "signature" fragrance all these years. Unfortunately, I have recently had the experience of being around two different women who have totally drenched themselves in it - to the point that it was hard to breathe in the same room with them. Please - Please - for those of us who love Angel - and even more so for those who don't - take it easy. A little goes a VERY LONG WAY.

  • SHANNON07/02/2004

    This has to be the worlds worst next to Poison. I wouldnt wear it if you paid me. Smells like cigarettes and burnt chocolate. people think they are so hot wearing it but its not!

  • SYLVIE06/25/2004

    ANGEL (women): The magnificent bottle, the heavenly name, the wonderful colour: GREAT!!! An excellent shock in the perfume-scene! So different - so unique. Very special - not for every taste... But believe me "Angel for Men/A*men" is much better!!!! Heaven-sent CHOCOLATE-VANILLA/coffee scent. Did I mentioned that A*men is better??? Yummy, yummy...

  • MIC06/15/2004

    Everytime I wear this, I get asked what it is, by men and women alike! They love it! I Everytime I wear it, I get compliments! A beautiful scent.

  • TARALEAN WHITE06/14/2004

    It's the bomb. Best!

  • MEGAN MARSTON06/13/2004

    Hi Laura, I noticed your question about Patchouli in Angel. I really believe that a person's body chemistry intensifies certain notes in Angel. For example when I wear Angel, my chemistry makes it smell very sweet and people usually comment on the chocolate/vanilla scent. However, when my boss at work wears it, it smells strictly like patchouli on her. I think the Angel body lotion smells more like patchouli than the perfume. You might want to try the body lotion to see how it matches with your chemistry. Like you, I also love patchouli but this is not a hippie-patchouli scent. In my opinion it is more sophisticated smelling than regular patchouli although everyone's chemistry is different. Take care and have fun!

  • ELISABETH06/13/2004

    i cant go anywhere with out my angel! I've been waring it for years and i am never sick of it. i can't even leave the house with out it. i keep the lotion in my purse and i even sometimes use the shower gel. oh yea guys love it

  • JAYDEE06/08/2004

    This scent is so unique, although Nirmala by Molinard is supposed to be very similar. Angel is a nice departure from the usual fruity/floral fragrance world where everything smells the same. Angel is fruity, yet warm at the same time. Definitely can smell the chocolate and carmel along with the fruit. It is a stronger scent so a nice spritz in the air and a walk through is ideal for this scent. A good scent to try if you're tired of all the same scents.

  • JOHANNE06/01/2004

    for some reason, I reach for this fragrance in the warmer weather. Others consider it a cooler weather fragrance. Because of it's potency, truly the TINIEST spray on your wrists, chest or back of neck is perfect. The most lasting fragrance that I own. Lots of complements. Eventhough it's pricey, it's excellent value as it truly lasts all day long. Another fragrance I purchased that has a softer, but chocolatly, vanilla , and a bit spicey scent is Omnia by Bvlgaris. Unfortunetely, it doesn't have the staying power I wish it did. Try it.

  • NO ONE IN PARTICULAR05/31/2004

    Originally I liked this scent. I wore it for about 2 weeks before the smell became nauseating. Anytime I smell this I get an instant headache now. I tried light application with a cottonball and just misting and walking through it. Still way too strong. Yuck!

  • GEORGE LECHTER05/30/2004

    Angel is so strong that if you take a wiff of it you cannot smell any other smells for hours. It is simply reaking strong. I rank it stonger and worse than the Xmas tree things cab drivers who do not bathe use. I cannot believe there are women out there who think it is sexy. Its like sticking your nose in formaldehyde. Maybe is you have an uncontrolled yeast vaginal infection you should use it until you get to the doctor.

  • LAURA05/28/2004

    I've heard alot about this fragrance but have never tried it as it is not available in my area and I'm afraid to buy it before I try it. Can someone please elaborate on the patchouli in it? I love patchouli although my husband says it smells like dirt; I think it's just earthy. Is the patchouli in it strong or subtle?

  • DARKMUFFET05/28/2004

    I cannot stand this perfume. Initially I liked it and could smell the gourmand notes in it. After about 2 weeks the scent changed on me and just smelled horrible and chemical. It is overwhelming, headache inducing, and unfortunately seems to last forever.

  • DIMMA GREECE05/24/2004

    It`s one of the very few scents i really dislike .I don`t like it from the botlle, don`t like it on me ,i never liked it on another person .It`s horri ble!!

  • SANDY05/24/2004

    This is my very favorite fragrance and my husband has bought me different things in the line so I have the smell lingering without having to wear the spray. If you put on the spray and lotion it is tooo heavy! If you lightly apply lotion or use the bath products it is wonderful. When you put on the spray only use ONE squirt, and don't spray your head. Spray your chest area (once) and the smell will linger up and not be as strong. The bath products are absolutely wonderful. I cant say enough about the sexy smell. Everyone who smells it on me has asked me what I am wearing, as I don't apply it to heavy.

  • SARA05/10/2004

    If you think you don't like Angel alone, try blending it with Victoria's Secret Heavenly, the two together smell beautiful. The tip about spraying Angel on to a cotton ball is a good one.

  • KYSAI05/08/2004

    Angel is one of those love it or hate it fragrances;no one that has ever tried it is indifferent to it, you either like it (a lot) or hate it (even more) there is no middle ground with Angel. If it works with your body chemestry and environment (not recomended for over 70 degrees weather, since the smell WILL change...anyway, if you are one of those fortune few that can actually wear it, and love it so much so that it has become your signature fragrance, there are ways to get around the price tag; buy the tester instead. I was able to purchase a whooping 4.6oz bottle for a fraction of the price, and now I have Angel to last me for a decade! testers are what the department stores have for everyone to wear, but are not allowed to sell, but that doesn't mean that the internet has the same policy. Try it, you'll love Angel

  • NEL04/30/2004

    It is true what they say angel is a wonderfull fragrance,but when you spray to much it could be overwhelming.

  • VICTORIA04/28/2004

    Not for the insecure woman! If you're confident, daring, and a totally unique individual, you'll LOVE this scent because it describes YOU like no other perfume has dared.

  • BIANCA04/28/2004

    Okay, let me say first that I LOVE this fragrance. I was entranced from the first time I put it on. Initially it is harsh and very odd smelling, but within one minute it starts to smell absolutely amazing. I love heavy scents (by heavy I mean sexy, as opposed to fresh and clean), and this one definitely is. It truly lasts ALL day. My brother's nasty girlfriend thought it smelled bad, because she squirted on way too much. You dont need much, which is a hard concept for me to grasp, b/c normally perfume fades so quickly that I am used to putting a lot on. This is definitely worth the money, because it lasts a long time! I also recommend Gucci Rush and Hugo Deep Red. If you like Clinique Happy, you probably won't like this, because I think Happy epitomizes "fresh" smells that I hate (Who wants to smell like soap?)

  • JENNIFER04/25/2004

    I wanted so much to like this fragrance. In the description it sounds absolutely delicious. I couldn't detect any of the edible notes like chocolate, but I sure could smell the pachouli. Too strong for me--I like softer scents.

  • BUBBLES04/19/2004

    I have worn nothing else for 4 years or more. Never will change!

  • ASCHKAEL04/04/2004

    it's a man magnet...i love this fragrance on a woman, not your average scent but that's what i love about. For women who don't mind be just a little different i!

  • JULIE04/02/2004


  • ROSIE04/01/2004

    First time I smelt it I felt sick & really disappointed b/c I like the bottle so much!!

  • BELLY03/31/2004

    men and women alike always swarm to me when i wear this perfume. it's potent, but a magnet when worn in small doses. it's only awful if you hate gorgeous men (or women) sniffing your neck and paying you compliments.

  • TARALEAN03/24/2004

    This is the besr perfume I have ever tryed. And I have used a lot of different perfumes. THE BEST!!!!!

  • SUNNY03/21/2004

    For such a pretty name, I must say there is absolutely nothing angelic about this scent! If words can sum up what this smells like ... nasty, nasty, nasty!!!!! As for the cotton ball trick, I wont pay a fortune so that I need to dilute a scent in order for it to smell nice. Not worth it. Even my husband thinks the scent it gagging!

  • PAULINA03/19/2004

    I know many people who loves this scent, as well as many who hates it. When you spray it on give it a while to develope then you can recognize if it smells good on your skin or not. For me personal it isn´t the right scent because I prefer light fragrances. This one is very sweet and oriental.

  • JESSICA03/18/2004

    Angel is the most fabiolous perfume I've ever had and I do not even think of changing it

  • NENNYA03/17/2004

    I can say that for it worked really well... most men and even some gays got attracted and attached to me 'cause the fragance... I like it!

  • BREANNA03/08/2004

    The Love of Angel

  • *JESSICA*03/06/2004

    the first thing people need to realize is that angel is overtly potent beyond words and needs to be taken's beautiful but can overpower anyone within 50 feet!!! i recommend spritzing a tiny amount into a cotton ball and lightly applying it-this way it's diluted and mellow...even if you think you hate this scent,you will come away with a different view if you follow this tip!!!

  • LARISAA03/01/2004

    It is too strong for me, but my mom likes it. I do not think angel has a sofisticated scent

  • SAKURA LOVE SONG02/29/2004

    I thought this would smell really nice, so when I saw it in Japan, I took a sniff and was I fast to put the cap right back on... It's this really messy smell and I don't like it.

  • ELENA02/25/2004

    I started a new job in November. At the same time my hubby got me Angel ( he is Chanel #5 fan actualy). Anyhow, it is a man magnet fragrance! Guys make it a point to come into my office and chat with me, and they always say: Smells pretty in here. A couple of times ladies commented on the smell at the mall, and one time a woman ran outside from the groccery store to ask me what fragrance I was wearing! It smells so different, almoste strange, losts a long time, and after awaile you can smell different notes. I love it!!!!!!

  • SINGTORIAV02/23/2004

    ALWAYS complimented by others when I wear this scent!!! This is for those who love individuality!

  • ROBIN02/22/2004

    I recieve wonderful compliments on this perfume every single day! I deal with the publc and I find that both men and women love it and always ask me what I am wearing and then tell me how wonderful it smells!

  • MAX02/20/2004

    Angel is a wonderful scent but far too many women drown themselves in it. Using a small dose id the answer. An absolutley unique scent that will always be a classic. You can't really describe the affect. You just have to try it on your skin and wait for the dry down...WOW

  • CAROLYN02/17/2004

    interestingly enough, my ex and I went to a high-end "Gentleman's Club" last year and all the strippers (who were all drop-dead gorgeous) wore Angel. They swore their tips and requests for private dances went up up up. Men cannot resist the combo of chocolate and vanilla.

  • BRIG02/15/2004

    It's toooooo strong, you smell a woman from a mile away and say "Angel" in your head- it upstages every woman, unless they spritz the air and walk through it, on the skin it's' too much. Love Intention by Estelle Vendome is similar without the awful patchouli and a much better choice. No one wants to choke on someone's perfume! Ask a professional- most will sigh when you bring up Angel.

  • JSTAGRL02/13/2004

    Shane honey, I think you need to get your spelling straight - it's "patchouli" and yes, there is patchouli in this perfume....see description :)

  • PUSUMUS02/12/2004

    This perfume smells stinky and horrible. Guys don't get this for your ladies. I thought my boyfriend was crazy to buy it for me.

  • SHANE02/02/2004

    The critics voicing their opinion, need to get one thing straight. There is no pachtrulli in this scent, get your facts straight

  • DA02/02/2004

    This scent at first may be a bit overwhelming but after the first hit, it's like a brick wall at 100MPH. It stops me in my tracks and I sniff out whom ever is wearing it and compliment them on it. Most of whom wear it I want to jump their bones, that's how intoxicating it really it is

  • LAURA02/02/2004

    This is my favorite scent in my collection. I always go back to Angel, nothing seems to compare. My husband goes crazy each time I wear it in the bedroom. It smells so soft, yet rich and full of depth. I can't understand why some women wouldn't like it unless their body chemistry doesn't work well with an out-of-this-world celestial creation.

  • MANDIE02/01/2004

    I own a vast collection of perfumes...purchased Angel and this smell is "out of this world", definitely number one on my list!

  • LAURA01/22/2004

    If given a choice, most people would not like to smell anything except foods; bread, cinnamon, apple, banana, etc. The first time I smelled ANGEL, it was on an ANGEL rep, and she DOUSED herself with it so bad it became nearly rancid. She did, however, leave samples for us. Days later I applied a small amount to my wrist. It radiates cocoa, a sweet, sensual aire...... I decided to purchase ANGEL due to all the compliments I received. A light spritz on the nape of the neck has brought the attention from 15 year olds to 50 year olds. It is comforting as well as enticing. If it's overused, yes it's unappealing. If used correctly, you'll catch someone's eye...... SORRY but young people sometimes simply have no taste....................

  • GLORIA01/22/2004

    Angel is SO divine. Nothing else comes close to this. I SO hated this at first but I am under it's spell. I can smell it sometimes when none is around. It will not let you go no matter what. Sometimes it acts up during HOT weather...There are days I don't like it but I always come back.

  • MICHELLE01/18/2004

    I went to some perfume store yesterday and since I had heard some good things about this perfume, I decided to ask for a smell of "Angel". Whoa..! All I can really tell you is that it smelled horrible! I can't even describe the scent. I don't see how anyone could say that this smells good.. it doesn't even smell "okayish" at all to me, and I'm really not that picky when it comes to perfumes and such.

  • LAURA01/09/2004

    Geez! What's with all the furor over ANY fragrance? Most people smell different when a fragrance is applied as they react with our own bodies chemistry. In saying this, most perfumes I use end up smelling like baby powder! How about that? I enjoy Angel, as it is one that does not end up smelling like baby powder on me. I enjoy the change, and the spicy smell drives my boyfriend wild...

  • GINNY GROVES01/06/2004

    Love it! Want some more of the Hair Beauty Conditioner and can't find it.

  • WENDY01/03/2004

    Did you know that 57% of me tested like the scent of pumpik pie better than any perfume? I saved my Xmas monies and bought the limieted edition Angel perfume (no alcohol). Luscious, wonderful, so much better than the spray. I've got the pumpkin pie! Save your pennies, ladies!

  • KELLY12/28/2003

    This stuff stinks. I don't even think that I can say what it smells like on here!

  • JESSICA12/27/2003

    angel is enchanting,i love edible vanilla/chocolate type scents and angel fits the bill! but the trick to wearing it is to spray a TINY amount on the back of your neck-it is soooo strong that it can be overwhelming! if used accordingly it evokes lovely comments from people-especially men...

  • CHRIS12/27/2003

    I have finally found a scent that is lasting, enduring and loved by everyone who smells it on me. Many people have purchased it after smelling it on me.

  • STEPHANIE12/26/2003

    This scent is like a warm sweater on a cold day. It wraps itself around around you and seems to stay all day. It is a scent you will not tire of. It is so comforting that I wear it 24/7.

  • JSTAGRL12/24/2003

    Though I ran out of my Angel a few months ago I still have the body lotion which suffices just fine...the patchouli is very detectable in it but not in a gross way. Some have called it rancid but I think it's definitely a scent for fall and winter, not a light summery scent...I'd recommend this if you like Obsession.

  • MILENA12/19/2003

    I adore Angel. It is very strange because I hate sweet & heavy scents, but in this perfume everything is so GREAT balanced. It is a very good mixture, very unique scent-not like any other. But I use it only for winter, it can kill someone at summer time. It is very rich, feminie, luxury, glamourous... Real Jet-set fragrance. Very longlasting. Nice bottle too. Classy and timeless...Angel.

  • PATTI12/17/2003

    I get compliments everytime I wear it. That speaks for itself!

  • HEATHER12/16/2003

    OMG, wearing it, I turn my own self on, I cant stop sniffing myself!!! Awesome stuff...I wuv it!!!!!

  • LINETI12/15/2003

    i have been wearing it for years, and i will never get tired of Angel. Thanks, Thierry Mugler

  • MAX12/11/2003

    Angel is a beautiful perfume. Not too much is needed and the affect is lovley. I am addicted

  • SUSAN12/11/2003

    HEAVENLY!!! I love the body lotion too!

  • MICHELLE12/09/2003

    I love the perfume, those of you who say it smells like body odor must be a sweaty type of person. Personally I think if you are a oilier sweatier person you should not wear it. If you don't sweat so much and retain a cooler body temp it smells wonderful. I have been dancing all night with it on and it smells good. I don't overheat so it stayed nice. My complain is that you can't find the holder anywhere so I leave it in the box because of our cat. I don't think I want a broken bottle of perfume all over the place.

  • JOHN12/07/2003

    I purchased this perfume for my girl friend. It just drives me crazy. When she wears it, she is the most beautiful woman in the world to me. It is true that some people can not wear it. Try it first. My girlfriend is just one of those women that can wear it and it just fits her.

  • ERIN12/03/2003

    this perfume is for sophisticated women only.

  • ERIN12/03/2003

    I can't stop spraying this perfume. It reminds me of a romantic night in Paris. I have been complemented on this perfume nearly every time I have worn it, and men often tell me it is their favorite scent. Angel is my little secret:)

  • MARY K.12/03/2003

    I love Angel but it is a very distinctive scent that not everyone can wear. Try it before you buy it! For me, it is a special occasion fragrance. It is apparent people either absolutely hate it or absolutely love it!!!

  • FASHIONISTA*10112/02/2003 of the very fragrances I have finished and?or bought twice. men and women ask what it is, and love it. so differnt, soft, and gorgeous. also luv "brit" by burberry ( it's new )

  • RACHEL12/02/2003

    angel lover!!!

  • VIVA12/02/2003

    absolutely beautiful. I have been wearing it since my 18, which is ten years already! I have at home also light and fresh perfumes from Kenzo and Escada, but I use these only in summer and extremely hot weather. Most of the year I use angel. It suits me best and I constantly hear compliments, even from people who usually do not notice scents on other people. I use it sparingly so there is always only the light breeze behind me and my parents and friends say it always give them great mood lift! I am so happy Angel smells good on me, my mom and sister could not use it at all, smells terrible on them. Really depends on chemistry....

  • GTHANG12/01/2003

    after all the hype, i went and tested it at a local dept. store, waited for the dry down and was very disappointed. it just doesn't do it for me.

  • KRYS2712/01/2003

    everyone has a strong opinion of angel- either you think it is the best or you can't stand it. I love it. Some of the things I can smell in Angel are pine, patchouli (sp?), and vanilla. On me, the pine and patchouli parts after the first 1/2 hour and then it smells very sweet and vanila-y. Some other perfumes i like are: flower (kenzo), burberry london, dream angel heavenly, Libertine, hanae mori, and lolita lempicka.

  • ANTHONY11/30/2003

    my girlfriend wears this. at first i wasn't sure whether i liked it or not, but i definately found it interesting. however as time went on, i found i liked it more and more. it is so intoxicating and a definate turn-on, to the point that i remember the scent while away from her and completely melt. ok i'm a freak...=)

  • CELINE11/28/2003

    Overpowering, indecent, loud, cloying - unbelievably overated and convincingly super-offensive. I guess the name angel is a black joke, i dont want to be approached by the people whos wearing this devils essence

  • MA11/28/2003

    my friend has it and i once smelled it it smells horrible

  • AMY11/22/2003

    yuck. this is the first sample i ever gave away. i couldn't even put it on.

  • NATHALIE11/21/2003

    cheap smelling. I tried it today and felt like a cheap hooker. The staying power is overwhelming! I couldn't get rid of it easily. It's a good thing for the ones who love the scent. It was really terrible on me.

  • AGA11/19/2003

    I just love it! When it came out, I just had to have it. It is just magical. It lifts my spirit to the stars.

  • SARAH11/17/2003

    My friend who, unfortunately, wears this for every "special occasion". It reminds me a bit of Jaggermeister. I think it's atrocious and very strong.

  • ANGELICA11/15/2003

    Yes it is unique but the smell of patchouli is way too strong.

  • CICI11/13/2003

    This scent is not the one i would have picked out for a gift, like my friend did. I do think that many people would love these types of fragrances, but if you're the type that pursues more feminine and light parfums, i suggest you check out something else. As of yesterday, I gave mine away to a friend who just LOOVED it and was a little startled. Who knows? Might be your favorite!

  • ADRIANA11/08/2003

    good for evenings and very special occasions, can be a bit strong, so only one small spray is enough!

  • BETHANY11/05/2003

    I absolutely love this scent. It is now one of my favorites.

  • SUZANNE11/05/2003

    I started wearing Angel before everybody else did - way back in 1993. The first time I smelled it was so exciting - how could something smell so sharp and scary and so sweet and luscious all at the same time? I thought of dusty pineapples, metal, exotic woods. and vanilla, not to mention a strange, spicy undertone of - well, pussy. Altogether enchanting and magical. It was all I wore for several years. I have since moved on to other favorites, such as Hot Couture, Escada Collection, Lolita Lempicka and Hypnotic Poison (Yes, I LOVE vanilla!!!) but I still like to spray on the old lavendar star bottle every once in awhile

  • ANGAL11/04/2003

    Too heavy, and musky smelling I thought.

  • JEN10/27/2003

    I just recieved angel as a gift. upon first whiff i found it a bit strong, but i decided to give it a chance and so, applied some to my chest. ( i believe that this location is the best to apply "warm" scents to, as the warmth of your chest makes the scent smell radiant and ambient) in just one short day i have fallen in love with angel.

  • ALICE10/21/2003

    Wonderful Best ever

  • PEGGY10/21/2003

    Never had so many compliments. Stranger said he never smelled a woman who smelled as good as I do.

  • SALI10/20/2003

    It took a long time for me to understand the Angel hype but now that I do, it's my favorite. I can smell the cool celestial note (hedione-helional) that gives it sparkle, and the counterpoint between the masculine patchouli note and the candy-sweet girlish notes is perfect. I feel that everything in it makes one great, unique perfume. Angel is universal, too: dark enough for nights and cool weather but sweet enough for romantic occasions and daytime casualwear. It's strong, distinctive and intense but somewhat innocent, too. Overall, Angel is kitschy fun, not at all serious but very sexy and glam, youthful and fashion-forward.

  • TIMI10/20/2003

    I feel dizzy,when I smell it,oh good,it smells so high!Simply this scent is too much!!!


    I got this a couple years ago and it's one of my favorites to wear in winter and cold romantic evenings. Word of caution--use it very sparingly-- a spritz will do. Otherwise I do agree it can be nauseating. I smelled on a woman recently who had too much on and I smelled it in the air even after she left the room.

  • SARAH10/09/2003

    I love this scent in the bottle, but it smells like play-doh on my skin.

  • BECKY10/08/2003

    ...but average. This perfume smells very food-like, I guess that is why it created the new gourmand category. I know a lot of people that adore this fragrance. I like it's juxtaposition of sweet chocolately smell and earthy patchouli smell, but Angel is a little heavy on the sweet. I can see how this would give you a headache if not worn in the winter. It reminds me of Christmastime because of the overly sweetness of it; it makes me think of sugarplum fairies and the like. I do own it and wear it sometimes, but I am not absolutly in love with it. I think that the uniqueness somehow wore off because this fragrance is not that great.

  • ASHLEY10/07/2003

    i have tried everything to like this one. Smells great on some, but on myself smelt like bread mould. Even tried body products. Yuck!

  • DOESN'T MATTER10/07/2003

    But not bad. On my skin (which is dry) this smells GOOD!

  • MOLLIE10/05/2003

    Momma baked a chocolate cake with roach spray and mothballs and poured it into a ridiculous star bottle. Yikes - this was so bad that I had to scrub it off because it was making me ill, like when you smell one of those food-inspired Yankee Candles that just aren't quite right...

  • ABIGAIL09/28/2003

    7 y.o. DD received a sample of the EDP at the fragrance counter. The teeniest application smells soft and lovely on her (with the chocolate coming through). IMHO it's a very young scent (my 25 year old wore it in college). I'm always stunned when I detect it on a 70 year old.

  • CRYSTAL09/17/2003

    Love it! Smells HEAVENLY

  • GISELLE09/16/2003

    I posted a while ago otherwise, but DH just told me he LOVES this on me, he just never a word about it. (Never assume anything.) Anyways, Angel is so warm and sexy smelling, that it's my seduction scent! Now that I KNOW hubby is turned on by it! ;)

  • LAUREN09/14/2003

    I have been wearing "Pleasures" for a long time, and got sick of it, and wanted to try something different. I heard about Angel on a message board, and wanted to try it, since it had chocolate notes in it. I bought it, and I didn't smell the chocolate in it until today. Yum! I think I am going to mix chocolate essential oil into it to make it more chocolately and yummy! I do agree, there is too much patchouli in it. But, it does stay on a long time.

  • JANE08/29/2003

    I sprayed it on my wrist just one time and had to go back to every store until I found it! I am a collector of all colognes and this is by far my favorite of all. I buy it as soon as I am about to run out. Now my 21 yr old daughter HAS to have it!

  • CAROL08/20/2003

    Very sensual! I have compliments each time that I wear it. It makes me feel special. I have been told that it smells like Shalimar, but more sophisticated. I love it!

  • RAINE08/17/2003

    Why would you know how roacch spray smells? Anyone who has roaches probably doesn't know an exceptional scent when her olafactory sense is exposed to it.

  • ELVE08/15/2003

    it's so horrible! when I first sprayed it on my wrist, i started to cry from fear - it smells like death! and is sooooo lasting, i could't wash it off! Terrible scent, I hate it.

  • MARY08/10/2003

    Wonderful; so different; very expensive though.

  • STEPHANIE08/04/2003

    I own and have tried hundreds of fragrances and like most of them at least a little bit. But now I have on Angel, for the first time, and I have a headache and am ready to hurl...if I don't rush to wash this off immediately I think I actually might. Now I finally know what I haven't been missing all these years! With so many other beautiful scents on the market, like Shalimar and Organza Indecence, it would be a shame to waste my time on this.

  • ROZ07/29/2003

    I went to Ulta perfume shopping one time, and came across this particular perfume. No offense to anyone out there whose favorite perfume is this one, but I honestly thought it smelled like roach spray. I guess it's one of those perfumes that either you like it... or you don't.

  • SOFT FLORAL FOR ME07/27/2003

    I tried this scent in the store, and should not have smelled it right away on my arm. It was very pungent, and I noticed a very strong, patchouli, chocolately scent. It finally dried down to a softer musky sort of scent, but it was still way too strong for me.

  • JAN07/18/2003

    I absolutely love this perfume AND it stays on forever!!!

  • BRANDY07/10/2003

    Those who don't like it or think it's too heavy just don't have good enough body chemistry with it...I always get compliments on it when I wear it to dinner parties or dates. NO ONE can resist coming to smell my neck or my arm or wherever they feel it is.

  • OPHELIA07/08/2003

    I wear Angel mostly in the Autumn/Winter/Spring time. When it gets really hot the scent turns sickly and it's even stronger. I don't want to chase people away; the whole idea of wearing a fragrance is to make people "come a little closer.." My boyfriend says i smell wonderful when i am wearing ANGEL. Granted, he doesn't know the name of what i am wearing but he seemed to like it all the same. :)

  • KBN07/08/2003

    I agree that Angel is a "winter" fragrance. I feel a warmth when I wear this and Jean Paul Gaultier, so imagine feeling that way in the dead of summer. I know everyone feels "I wear what I want when I want", but sometimes wearing an unseasonble fragrance can be the source of why someone may be turned off by a fragrance... Also when you wear Angel, you cannot wear any other perfume with that particular outfit you wore until it is dry cleaned. It is very potent and stays in your clothes. The kneecaps of a pair of pants I wore when I last wore Angel hold the scent of Angel and I only used the body cream on my knees...

  • JENNIFER07/06/2003

    I just got some Angel and am very pleased with the scent. I disagree that Angel cannot be used for the summer. Just don't overdo it and the smell can be wonderful. At first when I tried Angel, it took me awhile to get used to it, but now I think it has become my favorite because it is so unique. Give Angel a chance! You will not be disappointed.

  • JISELLE07/04/2003

    My honest opinion is that the patchouli in it smells like rancid body odor :( I think the patchouli is supposed to imitate sexuality, so I guess that's why some men might love it.

  • GISELLE07/03/2003

    It's the patchouli in it I think, that affects people one way or the other. Not for everyone. I fell in love with it. Angel should be used very, very, very sparingly! Be nice. (I spritz a little in the air and walk into it) I get many compliments when I wear this. All the women want to know what it is! My husband doesn't like it. Oh well.

  • JENNY07/01/2003

    angel is the best... everytime i wear it i get a compliment.. and even better it works like love posion numba nine, everytime i walk into a room everyone asks wut that good smell is, even when i had a guy come and clean my carpet, he asked wut the perfume was cause he wanted it for his wife, Now wut other perfume can do all this plus more =)~

  • DEBBIE06/25/2003

    Please refrain from wearing Angel in the summer. It is for the cooler weather. It does not turn rancid so much as it is very very strong smelling and way to overpowering for a crowded city. I work in NYC and I am amazed at how many women are still wearing it even now that the temp is up in the high 90s. It is not for the summer!!!!!!!!

  • MINDY06/24/2003

    I have been wearing Angel for about 3yrs. The first time I smelled my sister was wearing it, and I have been wearing evere since. I got samples of the mens and now my husband wears it. I use the lotion also and the scent last forever

  • SICK TO HER STOMACH06/24/2003

    Worst stuff I have ever smelled in my life!

  • CHRISTAL06/17/2003

    I have never worn a perfume before this one that I actually got a unflattering comment from a co-worker. The smell is way to musky, It smell too of patcholi and to me licorice. My husband thinks it smells nice, so I wear it sometimes around him just to get my money's worth. This scent is NOT an everyday sent.

  • KBN06/10/2003

    I smelled it in the store and took a chance and bought it. Kids are the most honest of people; I asked my daughter what it smelled like and she immediately said CANDY... I haven't decided if I will reserve it for winter wear yet. Love the lotion would like the body cream and hope to come across the powder....

  • VERONICAH06/05/2003

    The scent is so sweet, feminine yet outstanding

  • GLORIA06/02/2003

    This is really such a controversial scent. I absolutly DETESTED it. Decided to buy the cute little star bottle for my mini collection. Then I decided to wear it for the day. Then, another day....then I bought the body lotion.......then the cream.......Now I'm hooked! I defy people who hate it to wear it for a few days. Never went from hate to love before. Give it a REAL chance. The immediate impression is EWEEEUUUU. After that it becomes wonderful.

  • MARVELUCY05/31/2003

    Okay, so I bought this "other" perfume. (The Classique by Gaultier). I have worn it to work and received not one compliment! When I wore Angel, I could count on several compliments a day! One man was very disappointed that my neck did not smell of my "signature scent". I miss it so much. I can't wait to run out of this "other " perfume. A bit of advice... if Angel works on you.. don't change!

  • JOY05/30/2003

    How such an awful perfume can have such a beautiful name I'll never know............

  • LAUREN05/30/2003

    It's funny to me that someone would post to this message board and state how much they hated the fragrance and nobody should purchase it. Isn't this why there are hundreds of fragrances available - because everyone is different in their likes and dislikes. A simple it didn't smell right on me would suffice instead of a hated it, don't buy it! By the way, I love Angel and continue to try other fragrances too so I can have different fragrances for different occasions.

  • LILITH05/29/2003

    Heavy. That's the first word that came to mind, after smelling this. Like entering an overheated room that hasn't been cleaned in months. Overbearing and disturbing.

  • MARVELUCY05/25/2003

    I've been wearing Angel for years now and yes, men do love it but I decided I needed a change. Went to the Perfume counter and sprayed Classique by Gaultier on one hand and Angel on the other. I walked around the mall and asked salesgirls in the stores I went in which scent they liked better. First of all, they ALL recognized Angel. Then they ALL said, they preferred the Classique. I just hope we aren't getting bored with the smell of the most popular, Angel. I still love it and I can't stop smelling the wrist that was sprayed with Angel. I spent $75 on the other but I think I'll go back and buy more Angel too!

  • PIA05/23/2003

    Hi, since you three girls are from France, you must know quiete a bit about fragrances. Have you ever tried any of the Yves Rocher fragrances, and if so which do you prefer. Also, fragrances from CCBParis, creatures de beaute, Paris. I have tried most from CCBParis, from MIchael Klien, very nice, Tan Giuducelli, Corinne Cobson. You should give these fragrances a try, not everyone will be wearing these and I like that knowing I do not smell like everyone else. Thanks for your input and I enjoy reading your posts very much. Keep up the good work! Pia

  • SARAN05/21/2003

    Hey just bought a mini. Put it on and first didn't like it....but now i love it...Makes the good in me shine..:)

  • WT05/19/2003

    Always interested in trying new fragrances, I sampled this when it was first released. My sister and I were doing some shopping, and kept smelling a foul, sickening smell remniscent of body odor and sewage - much to our surprise, it was the Angel fragrance that we had sprayed on our own wrists! Awful. I say this not in judgement of any who enjoy it, just hoping to be helpful to those of you who are investigating the possibility. Try it at a local perfumery before you order!!!

  • JOY05/15/2003

    Upleasant scent and expensive besides!

  • PATRICIA05/15/2003

    I love this frangrance. It smell wonderful and it last long on my skin. I know fine perfume and this frangrance happens to be one.

  • MURKI05/14/2003

    ..or the shower gel. Not as strong. Bought this, but didn't work for me. Ended up giving it to a coworker who wore it too. Smells great on her. Kept the lotion and shower gel.

  • MARTI05/13/2003

    hmm.. my mom uses it, my sister does and so do I... However, this one smells different on each one of us. My mom has very oily skin and Angel is very strong on her bringing out the sandelwoody, patchouli tones. It smells like a men's cologne on my sister. On me (I have very dry, flaky skin), on the other hand, it smells yummy: chockolaty, cotton candy, almost eatable. At least this is what people say when they smell us. They don't usually believe this is one smell on the three of us. Well, that's exactly it! Angel smells different on different women. It depend on individual chemistry. If you are the type it smells good on - go for it! Men will wanna eat you!

  • MAURICIO05/10/2003

    This thing on the right woman (sensual and classy) drives me wild

  • PARFUM EXPERT05/03/2003

    It is one of the best ever! THis vanilla, chocolate combo is great and not to perfumey but it is on the $$$ side. I get samples every time i go in the store buy angel it is perfect! Top female fragrances: 1.J'adore 2.***Angel*** 3.Coco Mademoiselle 4.Tendre poison 5.Poison 6.Angel Innocent 7.Lauren 8.Addict 9.Romance for Women 10.Chanel N5

  • LEMONVIXEN04/30/2003

    I absolutely love this fragrance. It can be "dressed" up or down and seriously smells very innocent and playful. It's hard to describe, but this is the kind of scent you would be wearing if you were 16, walking in the snow late at night ona first date and then you kissed ?! LOL.... I know it's crazy, but it's sexy yet innocent, devious yet romantic and heavenly yet devilish on the right girl .

  • GLORIA04/28/2003

    I have been person who has wondered what was all the shouting about person. I didn't like Angel. Yesterday I put some Angel body cream on my hand and must admit I kept sniffing. It was a very warm and lovely fragrance. Not my usual but HEY! I may have to try it. I think I will start with the body cream. Of course the star is so cute.............but I honestly believe the cream would be enough. Who knows.........I may be a convert.

  • CK04/27/2003

    The first time I smelled Angel, I thought "body odor" or "arm pit sweat" mixed with fruit & chocolate (not very tempting). I gave Angel a chance after I smelled how it dried down on my wrist. It became a very different scent from when I smelled it on a test strip. (No arm pits sweat smell any more.) It became a soft, full, and warm/exotic scent. Very comforting. One way to tell whether a perfume mixes well with your chemistry or not is by what others say or don't say to you when you're wearing it. I decided to buy this one after people kept asking, "what are you wearing? It smells really good." And when I say Angel, they are a bit surprised b/c it does not smell strong on me. I think it may be due to my having relatively dry skin that absorbs a lot of the fragrance, and leaves just a trace. This one is definitely one that you either love, or hate. Give it a few tries before deciding whether it's for you or not b/c on some people, it could smell too strong and unpleasant. The packaging is absolutely adorable and i love the refillable star. But the popularity of Angel may be linked to something other than good packaging and mass histeria. Lately, there are many articles about how the smell of (male) sweat relaxes women. Whether it's true or not, it may at least partially explain why so many people are hooked on Angel.

  • OPHELIA04/22/2003

    This fragrance smells especially "chocolatey" on me. My dad says he loves it. He described it as a "mellow" smell. I think it's more like candy and chocolate, with some patchouli and i think i detect peach. I know it can smell terrible on some people, but on me, i have had many nice compliments, (especially from men) so ladies, if it smells nice on you - go for it! It's a hit with the guys. And not just for the guys - but do it for yourself. Heaven in a bottle...

  • KEV04/20/2003

    This is way too strong. I bought my "friend" Happy by Clinique instead. It's a more pleasant smell. She became more than a friend afterwards!!! I'm definitely HAPPY

  • SHELLY04/15/2003

    This is by far the best fragrance I have ever had! It lasts and lasts and never goes away!

  • NATALIE04/15/2003

    too sweet and too artificial, imho.

  • WENDY04/12/2003

    I tried it, and i hated it as soon as i sprayed it. i felt so sick as soon as i smelled it and the smell lasts soo long i thought i was gonna pass out i had to leave the house for the whole day b/c it wouldn't go away.. i do NOT recommend this to anyone i dont understand how anyone could like it

  • LLOZ04/11/2003

    TOO much! you always know exactly what the fragrance is when someone is wearing it b/c it does not deviate from the obnoxious scent. No nuance here. Straight on stench. Pass on this unless you want to smell like the overdone women at the mall.

  • DENISE04/11/2003

    If Angel is what you love, try the Romero Britto. Please let me know if there is a resemblance!!!

  • JACKIE B04/10/2003

    magnificent, erotic, sensual!!!

  • YVETTE04/04/2003


  • ANN S04/04/2003

    For me, the smell was too much. It smelled TOO woodsy, too sweet, too much like Potpourri. My boyfriend agreed--it would be a nice smell in a potpourri, but it's a little too sweet for me. Actually, I'm a sweet scent fan--but some advice for sweet scent fans who want to try this based on descriptions--only get this if you are looking for a really spicy woodsy fragrance.

  • ANTHONY03/28/2003

    Everyone has a different sense of smell. Some people can't stand the smell of certain fragrances. We all know these things. I love the smell of Angel on women. I LOVE IT!!! Keep wearing it ladies. ANGEL makes me want to "get to know the woman" . It's good stuff

  • PEB03/26/2003

    this fragrance is so unique it is in a class all its own!!! others have tried to imitate (I have so many others) but they don't come close!!! if you join the angel circle you get free gifts and offers in the mail!!! I just received a pretty black velvet pouch to store my star in!!!

  • PEELER03/24/2003

    Iva- every man i've ever encountered loves this perfume. They tell me i smell amazing and "what's the name of that?" I'm a cocktail waitress and am around men 24/7, and i get nothing but good reviews. I love Angel. also try "michael" by Michael Kors...another fav!

  • GUERLAINIA03/21/2003

    Smells like a cat infested double-wide with the kitchenette too close to the bathroom.

  • DENISE03/20/2003


  • BRIAN03/12/2003

    Hell no it doesn't. I bought this garbage for my gf 2 years ago. This was before I knew much about perfumes and a lady said this was a good one. This stuff is exotic but as in smelling good no way. Way to heavy to smell anything but nice. Now she will pretty much only wear Christian Dior's perfume. Addict is a heavy perfume but it smells nice and sure attracts me. If your looking for a heavier perfume get Addict not this.

  • KATHY G.03/07/2003

    My boyfriend doesn't like Angel at all. I can't wear it around him because if I do, he tells me how awful my perfume smells. I like Angel very much, and I love to wear it, but I save it for times I'm not with him. ( He likes me in Issey Miyake and Marilyn Miglin's Magic.) I know some guys love Angel, but mine's not one of them. I wish he was, though.

  • IVA03/05/2003

    Could somebody please describe exactly what this perfume is really about. I have it dont particularly like it. Does it really attract men?

  • SILVY03/01/2003


  • LOLA02/28/2003

    I know many people who love Angel,obviously,it works for them, It would be nice if they refrained from shoving it up everyone's noses. But hey,perfume IS controversial. I happen to love Youth Dew,not by the tubful,not by the bucket,only a drop at a time.My sisters wear it occasionally,but I really love it.The number of tasteless comments directed at Y.D users is phenomenal. I say oh well...More for me!

  • DEVIN02/25/2003

    Lol Maya, Aphrael, Lola, and 0007. I've enjoyed your comments very much, especially how you put that stuffy & pompous Amused and Saddened in her/his place. What a hypocrite; didn't even rate Angel or express an opinion about it! I spend a good deal of time on this Web-site as well, and I love the feedback. I'm sure some people think I'm a bit of a lunatic because of that, but I really don't care what people think. I share your passion for perfumes and colognes. As for Angel, let's say it's quite potent. When used sparingly I find it very sexy. Unfortunately, everyone I know that wears it DOES NOT use it sparingly. When used in such a manner, I find it asphyxiating. I suppose that its strength is in fact a good thing, you needn't use much. As with most things, temperance and moderation are paramount.

  • FAY02/25/2003


  • MOLLY 02/22/2003

    I am thinking of buying. Is the perfume that hints smells of chocolate?

  • KATHY G.02/18/2003

    How long scents last on any individual vary wildly, from person to person. Angel lasts several hours on me; Lolita is barely perceptible on me even when I first apply it. However, others have posted about how long lasting it is on them. I work for a major cosmetics/fragrance company, and here are some of the general tips I pass on to my customers: 1. Don't use a deodorant soap. Its job is to get rid of body odors, and it doesn't distinguish between a good scent and a bad one. The best way to wash your body in order to prolong the fragrance is to use the matching bath & shower gel or bath oil. If that's not possible, use a mild, non-deodorant soap or bathing gel or cream, prefearbly not heavily fragranced. 2. Use the matching body lotion or cream to your fragrance, and apply when the skin is still damp. If you don't have the body lotion/cream, moisturize your skin with a non-fragranced lotion or cream. The drier your skin, the faster fragrances will fade. Oily skins retain perfume the best, although sometimes the level of acidity in their skin can change the fragrance. 3. Apply the fragrance to all pulse points ( the wrists, crook of elbows, back of knees, back of neck, throat, and behind the ears). Colognes and eau de toilettes contain the lowest amounts of the perfume oils, and so they can be used more lavishly, all over the body. Eau de parfum is more concentrated, and can be quite strong. Use sparingly at first, then ask for reactions. If the fragrance isn't noticeable from about a foot away from you, use a little more. We often need to use more in the colder months, and less in warm ones. Perfume is the "real juice", and is to be used very sparingly, mostly on pulse points. I often use a combination of perfume ( if I'm lucky enough to have any : ) ) and the eau de parfum or eau de toilette. 4. Scent can last anywhere from an hour to 4 hours, in general, depending on the form of fragrance used, the weather, and skin type. There are exceptions to every rule of course, and some people will swear their fragrance lasts all day without retouching, and others will claim their fragrance fades as soon as they apply it. But in general, expect to have to reapply in 3 to 4 hours. Your own experience will be your guide. 5. I often have customers tell me that the bottle of fragrance they just bought has "no smell" , and has the company changed the formula? What has happened is that they just no longer can smell the fragrance on themselves any more. The scent is there, but we can't perceive it on ourselves. This condition is called "olfactory fatigue", and simply put, it just means "tired nose". We can get so used to a smell that we tune it out. If you wear the same fragrance all the time, this will probably happen. This is why I seldom wear the same fragrance two days running. I like to enjoy my own fragrances, and the best way to do this is to not use it exclusively. If you do have a signature scent that you use all the time, just be aware that you will probably cease smelling it over time, but it will still have its devastating effects on others. :) I have had women who want to return the fragrance they bought, so they spray the bottle in question on their wrist, sniff it and tell me it that they can't smell it anymore, and they must have gotten a defective bottle. I then smell it on their wrist, and it's definitely there! If they don't believe me because I'm the salesperson, I will get a neutral third party, like another customer walking by, and have them smell the wrist, and they can always smell it, too. 6. Fragrance is a very personal thing. These are general guidelines only. Some fragrances will smell good on us, and some won't. Some you can layer intensely, and the scent still won't last on you; other scents may just require a spritz or two to do its magic. My recommendation is to experiment. When you're passing by the fragrance department in a store, stop and try on a new one ot two. ( But never more than 4 at one time; after that you can't perceive the different notes). See which scents get the best reactions from others. Angel is a pretty potent scent, and I'm surprised that it isn't lasting on you for more than an hour. So some things to consider: Have you been using Angel for a long time? Do you use enough? Are you expecting it to last longer than it should? If it isn't because of any of the above factors, then Angel just may not be for you.

  • MOLLY02/14/2003

    this smells so wonderful, but just does not last. I cannot detect the scent after an hour. A real letdown considering the price. Does Lolita last longer?

  • LENA02/05/2003

    has anyone figured out the answer to my question earlier?? please someone, respond!!!

  • KATHY GOFTON02/01/2003

    You can buy Nirmala right here at Perfume Emporium, or at most other online perfume sites. As to stores, I don't know of any myself where they sell it, but you can probably get the best deals online anyway. Good luck, and post back after you've received your Nirmala. :)

  • TAMMY01/29/2003

    Wow, I will have to try the Nirmala then. That is awesome they smell so much alike. Where can I find it? Thanks for the heads up!

  • KATHY G.01/29/2003

    Hi Suzy! Glad you like my posts. :) I plan to try the Vanille by Molinard soon, too. It sounds delish. I ordered their Habanita, so I hope it's as good as it sounds. Molinard has to be one of the best kept secrets in the fragrance world.

  • GAIL01/29/2003

    Finally someone agrees that Nirmala is exactly like Angel! If you scroll way down to a message I wrote in Dec.01, you'll see what I wrote about it! Go to Angel Lovers, by Gail. I bought 3 bottles of Nirmala!

  • SUZY01/28/2003

    WHoever you are Pierre, I thank you for turning me on to MOLINARD fragrances! I love VANILLE and Chocolate scents and these are superb (Senteurs vanille and Feminines) THANKS pierre and also HEY to Kathy G. I have read all of your posts all over the site and TOTALLY agree with you....! Let's all stick together so we can always order our MOLINARD!

  • MARION01/27/2003

    I personally do not like musky scents, and the musk is way too overpowering in this one, which makes it smell cheap, flat and sickening. What is sexy about it? Highly overrated.

  • ERICA01/24/2003

    Angel is truly a sophisticated fragrance-I started wearing it two years ago-When my boyfriend went to Paris he said he smelled Angel everywhere he went and thought of me-It's very distinctive! I would describe it as warmth-vanilla and citrus-It's nice to layer the perfume with Angel lotion!!

  • KATHY G.01/24/2003

    I don't know how Angel and Les Feminines Nirmala by Molinard smell alike, but they do. As an experiment, I brought in my bottle of Nirmala to where I work, which is the cosmetics dept. of a Filene's store. I sprayed some Nirmala on my wrist, and asked some co-workers if they wanted to smell this perfume I got online. I also showed them the Nirmala bottle, so they knew it wasn't Angel they were smelling. Every single one said that it smelled just like Angel, including the girl at the fragence counter, who smells Angel every day. They were all surprised that two different fragrances could smell so much alike. And I never even said anything about Nirmala smelling like Angel when I had them smell it. They all mentioned Angel on their own, without me putting any ideas in their heads. Since Nirmala is about 50 years old, and Angel came out in the 90's, I have to wonder if maybe Nirmala wasn't the inspiration for Angel. Also, most of the people testing the Nirmala said that they preferred the Nirmala to the Angel because it was a little softer in its dry down. The girl at the fragrance counter asked me not to spread the word about the Nirmala too much, because she was afraid of losing business.

  • PIERRE01/22/2003

    Kathy I'm glad you got the 3.4 oz bottle by Molinard at a great value, I even got the same bottle myself, and I myself wear it.. I don't know why more people arent into this fragrance that is Angels twin.. I have another fragrance by Molinard called Les Senteurs Vanille, If your'e into vanilla try it it's so aromaticaly rich, it even smells like it has cocoa in it..

  • TAMMY01/22/2003

    This is the sexiest scent in the world!

  • TAMMY01/22/2003

    How does it smell like Angel? The notes aren't even close! I love Angel though!!!

  • ANGEL EYES01/22/2003

    HI THERE!I just read about fragrances like Nirmala by Molinard,Wish by Chopard and Byblos Cielo that smell just like Angel.Could anyone please tell me about some more similar perfumes?Thanx...

  • LENA01/22/2003

    i visited paris a few years ago, and purchased a cheap french parfum called "migennes" i have done some research, and have come to believe that it is a version of angel by thierry mugler. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if this is true. thank you so much

  • KATHY G.01/21/2003

    Yes, I did try the Nirmala by Molinard, and you are sooo right! It smells and lasts on the body just like Angel, at a fraction of Angel's price. In my other post about Nirmala, I said that I got a 1.7 oz. EDT spray of Nirmala for about $17, but I was wrong. When I checked the bottle again, it was a *4* oz. bottle for $17!!! Angel Gals, you are really missing out on something good here! Don't be afraid of its low price as compared to Angel. Nirmala is heavenly.

  • KATHY G.01/20/2003

    I ordered Les Feminines Nirmala by Molinard. It's an old fragrance from the 30's, I think. The eau de toilette is less than $20 online ( I think I paid about $17 for 1.7 oz. spray ), so it costs *much* less than Angel. I received it today, and I think that Angel was copied from this scent. They smell alike, from the top notes to the dry down. I sprayed some of the Nirmala on my wrist a few hours ago, and it's still going strong. I'm not usually a fan of eau de toilette because it's not lasting enough on my dry skin, but this one works. If you like Angel, but want to be kinder to your budget, do yourself a favor and try the Nirmala. ( By the way, even the bottle is blue, like Angel. :) ) Nirmala must have been way ahead of its time! It's every bit as good as Angel, and in fact I think I like it a little more.

  • APHRAEL01/19/2003

    You're welcome. the oldest perfume houses of the top of my head:Creed of course,Guerlain,Floris and the famed Houbigant.I could be wrong, but I get the feeling you like orientals.If you can find an oriental made with mostly natural ingredients,it will react to your own chemistry and become as personal and exclusive as your fingerprints. As a long distance swimmer,I spend 2 to 3 hours a day in chlorinated water, and my skin is very dry. I found that a generous buttering of body cream helps my perfume bond with my skin, and somehow allows my own scent to mingle with the parfum.Often the resulting scent is nothing like the one in the bottle, much less like any other woman!But this works better with natural essence based fragrances. Good luck!

  • PINKI01/18/2003

    Well, my little angels, hope you all faired well over the hols, and didn't do anything which i wouldn't do, which leaves pretty much every option open. I hope as few of you as possible received an offensive angel gift set for christmas (or as i like to refer to it the 'angel do-it-yourself-tear-gas-kit'), so that we can finally end world pollution. i respect those who wear it, i just can't understand why they would choose to do so when there are SO many other wonderful scents to choose from. *sigh* each his own, even if it makes my heart ache. and to lola, aphrael maya, and co (and you too a., buy that woman of yours some perfume that YOU like, then compliment that fine lady whenever she ain't wearing that nasty angel, and she'll catch on honey! d&g is a fine choice) RESPECT! i find you completely amusing! good thing we all don't have any lives, so we can fill up the message boards with our useless jabbering! me loves you! cheers.

  • BXQTNDATL01/17/2003

    I discovered Angel in the ladies room at a club, where a young lady promised one whiff of Angel and I would have him on his knees, quite reluctantly I tried it! Well it worked - and I am not sure whether it was the fragrance or a desire to cling to the memories of the night but I have been wearing it ever since and the compliments keep coming....and so does he!

  • PATTI01/17/2003


  • KATHY G.01/15/2003

    Thanks for the tip about searching out the older fragrances to find something that's not the flavor of the year. I bought Lolita Lempicka because it's not big around here (yet). I've also discovered Organza Indecence, which is perfect for winter. Those are relatively new scents, so I'm going to check out some older classics and see if anything grabs me. Thanks for the advice. :)

  • BRIYA01/15/2003

    Angel is definately a striking fragrance and catches the attention of passersby-men and women. It's warm and sensual. However, it can smell a little too musky at times for my taste. Nevertheless, I give this one two thumbs up. Wear it and you'll get compliments galore! It will more than likely enhance your mood as well as its comforting aroma overtakes you :).

  • CAROLINE01/13/2003

    Personally I wouldn't describe Angel as having a coconut/pinapple fragrance. The predominant note that stands out to me is dewberry -- actually more like dewberry on steroids. There are also notes of chocolate and caramel in this fragrance. It's a very strong distinctive fragrance. Nothing subtle about it. You definately shouldn't buy this fragrance without giving it a try. People either LOVE this fragrance or they HATE it. There are rarely any in betweens. I, myself, started out HATING this fragrance and ended up loving it. Angel is wierd that way. If you do not have the opportunity to sample before you buy and really want to buy it, I suggest you try Angel Innocent first. It's Angel's much "shyer" sister. If you like that and think you can handle that X10 then go for the original.

  • PEB01/13/2003

    In response to your question, No it doesn't smell like food it just smells warm , sexy and a little yummy /chocolately but definitely doesnt smell like food at all. Try it let me know how you like it.The first spritz doesn't smell the same as the dry down...its really different youre sure to get complements!!

  • MICHELE01/13/2003 answer your question, yes this is a strong, sweet, sensual, vanilla smell. I was never one to like these scents, but after trying it a few times, I fell in love with it. I get MANY compliments when I wear it. Most dept. sell this scent, so you can give it a try, then purchase from this site as they have the BEST deals! Good luck.

  • APHRAEL01/12/2003

    personally I can't stomach this fragrance,but I can relate to your discomfiture at smelling your fave scent on every woman at every corner!Tip for you:most scents with a lot of synthetics,like Angel, (sorry),tend to stay the same regardless of who is wearing it.But a perfume created with mostly natural ingredients will change depending on the chemistry of the wearer.There are exceptions,as always:Chanel#5 is by no means a natural composition,yet it smells different on everyone.If you are looking for a fragrance that isn't worn by everyone around, i would suggest staying away from the new ones:everybody gets to them in a flash!I've had good luck with fragrances so old that no one "in their right mind"would consider wearing them...and as bitchy as this may seem,I NEVER TELL WHICH FRAGRANCE I'M WEARING!!! if asked by a woman, I lie,because I don't want to hurt her feelings,so I usually tell her it's a sample and I forgot the name.If asked by a man,I flat out tell him that it is too personal a thing to tell a man that I don't know.(got that tip from an old friend)

  • 2010WOMAN01/09/2003

    I have never smelled Angel. In Aimee's post she describes this as smelling fruity like Coconut suntan lotion; pineapple; cotton candy. I don't like fragrances that smell like food I especially detest fruity and vanilla fragrances. Does this smell like food? I'm not trying to hurt anyone's feelings I'm just curious.

  • PEB01/07/2003


  • PIERRE01/06/2003

    I realize Angel is very expensive but a wonderful scent, but the secret is their is a Fragrance identical to Angel by Molinard called Les Feminines Nirmala, it came out before Angel in the 20's and is just like Angel maybe even better, I think the Molinard smells richer than angel, and is definately a great value, and is a big bottle.. Try it (Les feminines Nirmala by Molinard)and tell me what you guys think...

  • CODE BLUE01/05/2003

    I walked into the house the other day after perfume shopping and my husband's head almost did a 360 degree turn. He said "What is THAT?!!! Well, it was Angel (which I think is okay), and he absolutely loves it. Maybe it's the homey smell of chocolate or the vanilla scent of cookies baking - who knows. We work different hours, and it's enough to make him snuggle into my pillow after I've left for work and think of me because it smells like me. After 10 years of marriage and a reaction like that, I'll definitely give it a 10. I haven't seen him turned on by a scent like that since Oscar. It's sent our romance barometer sky high. Woo hoo!

  • KATHY G.01/05/2003

    My one regret about Angel is that it is *too* popular. I loved the smell of Angel the first time I encountered it in the store several years ago, and I haven't gotten tired of it yet. It doesn't give me a headache, and so many do. *But*, I hate that so many other people wear this one, too. It makes it hard to smell "special" when a fragrance becomes too common, like Giorgio did back in the day. I get very mixed reactions when I wear Angel. Most people like it, and I have gotten some very nice compliments with it. Once when I wore it when it first came out , a woman came out of her work cubicle to ask me what fabulous fragrance I was wearing, and she wrote it down so she could go get some, too. Of course, this was way before everyone started using it. Now very few people have to ask you what you have on when you're wearing Angel. I have also gotten some negative reactions, too, from my boyfriend, who does not like it, and my mother, who thinks it's way too strong. Even though I still love Angel, I have started using Lolita Lempicka recently as my main fragrance because it's still not one that everyone knows about yet, and I like that. Plus, I really love it. I wouldn't wear it if I didn't. So I guess that means I should go post a review on Lolita, too. :)

  • LUCIA01/01/2003

    I hate, detest and despise the Angel perfume. I find it disgusting. However, the body line has a few nice products. The body oil, for instance, is great. I use it on a daily basis during the winter to help soothe my drier than dry skin. Very light, very sheer and it smells great. It also mingles well with my favorite fragrances. The body cream is also a nice alternative to the perfume. It carries a lot of the same oils used in the EDP formula, but it smells a lot softer on the skin, somehow. I don't use it myself, but would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a more subtle version of the EDP.

  • LOLA12/31/2002

    Hi! I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I loved your post, and that I think your writing style is as awesome as it is lively and entertaining.And I totally agree on your thoughts about Angel.Be well, and have a great new year! Keep on posting!

  • PENNY12/29/2002

    I just got Angel for Christmas. It is hard for me to find anything my husband likes. He used to only like Obsession but is an Angel convert. (YEAH!!) Are the products purchased from the website as good as from the Dept. store, I mean they aren't old are they? Sounds like a good savings anyway. I plan on making this my new signature fragance.

  • MAYA12/29/2002

    THANK YOU!!!!! It's really good to see that others really do get the point.And you sure do,there is no doubt about that.I'm sure you've read the opinions that Lola,Aphrael and I have on Angel...We can't stand it! But it's so nice to be on the same page as one who understands the need and right to arguing on any given subject.I believe that's precisely what sets us apart from dictatorship ruled countries... I'm glad you have a scent that rocks you,in Angel... Actually,that one rocks me so much,it's given me motion sickness! Be well,0007,enjoy the rest of the holidays!

  • MARY M12/29/2002

    Seeing the nearly split negative and positive reactions compelled me to leave my own comments about Angel. I fell in love with this scent the very first time I smelled it--when I received the Angel Hair Mist in the mail. That's how I became introduced to Angel--I was seeking (and intrigued by) the Hair Mist that eliminates smoking and cooking odors. I've tried the perfume and agree it's too sweet, but all the other products like the body cream have a significantly less sweet aroma, and the wonderful undertones are free to come out. Of course, body chemistry plays a huge role as well--what smells great on one person smells dreadful on another. An added bonus for me is that men have been flirting with me far more since I started wearing Angel. Coincidence? Either way, this scent has captivated me and I will probably wear it for many years to come.

  • CHITOWNDIVAUS12/27/2002

    The first time I smelled Angel, I was working at Marshall Field's Water Tower store in Chicago back in 1992. It was Christmas time and the cosmetic/perfume salespeople were spraying Angel on everybody who would let them. When it finally waft it's way back to my area (jewelry/watches) and I got a whiff of this, have mercy if it didn't smell like somebody ate 3 boxes of vanilla-laced chocolate, got a sour stomach and threw the 3 boxes back up!!! EeeeeeeUuuuuuuu!!!! By the end of the day, I was absolutely through!!! I had a sledgehammer-headache that made me nauseous and—I--almost threw up! I am sincerely amazed that 10 years later, people still buy that stuff! It sort of puts me in mind of Giorgio of Beverly Hills or Ralph Laurens' Safari...because it’s so strong, you can smell it 2 blocks away and it makes you sick to your stomach. But, for those of you who can't seem to do without it, please, please, please use it sparingly. If you don't, the rest of us will have to have you packaged as a bomb and dropped over Baghdad!:~) Chow!

  • 000712/24/2002

    I know that you won't be able to read this, however I just wanted to write a reply to your opinion. well this is a forum about frangrances. It's true that people argue here in order to convince each other. Wouldn't it be funny if we talk about environmental issues here? From my point of view, angel is a perfect fragrance, I love the scent and it lasts long. The bottle is also well designed.

  • JENNIFER B.12/22/2002

    I really liked the unique scent of this when I smelled it in the store But when I wore it a whole day, I realized it wasn't me. First it seemed too masculine, then too earthy. It reminds me of incense. I like incense, but I wanted to smell sexy, not hippy. It's a very unique scent, but better suited for a candle.

  • MAYA12/20/2002

    I understand your condition,it's called the "holier-than-thou" syndrome...I'm sure that if you launch a search on the web,you could find a great therapist who'd be willing to prescribe a lobotomy to help in your predicament...Hey,if I was you,I'd sure want one...The people on this site,for your information,are good people.They are quite knowledgeable about what they love,(in this case perfume), they are intelligent,fun loving and caring people who have found this site where they can indulge in their passion,communicate,get their yayas out harmlessly and even get quite goofy...Who made you judge of our choices for what is fun for us? Who gave you the right to berate us this way? If you've got something wedged in an uncomfortable spot,get a proctologist to remove it,but don't start admonishing those who have done absolutely nothing against you!

  • APHRAEL12/20/2002

    ...Funny,you don't seem amused at all...saddened either,actually... You seem like a really pissed off,bitter, rageful entity from another planet,to me... All of us,here do have beautiful,fullfilling,happy lives that include an intense,flaming hot passion for perfume,and the love for sharing opinions and disagreements about it...I quite understand your uproar,though: This is not for everybody...Luckily,there is nothing in the constitution that forces you to endure our fragrance pow-wows...You are free to turn your back on us,and go back to your superior life,(what do we know...),as we are to scream "good ridance!!!" and go on with our harmless enjoyment.Happy holidays,you need that,obviously...

  • LOLA12/20/2002

    Hi! I am not the same lola as the one who posted the comment that you mentioned... I detest Angel,I am French,like my 2 sisters,and I really don't know why she posted that,because in France,Angel sales are quite average,really... Many magazines like to write that Angel is a top seller in France,but that's nothing more than publicity:It's just not true... Oh,and by the way...We have discovered indoor plumbing a while ago,we do take daily showers and even shave our armpits!!! Do you think you could notify the associated press,about this,I mean, that's a biiiiig deal!

  • LOLA12/20/2002

    Whoever you are,if you don't like the comments,no one is holding a gun to your head to force you to read them...You are obviously afflicted with a severe and acute case of grandiose narcissism,and that is not only sad,but pitiful as well...If you find all those comments so very distasteful,don't read them... Your brain dead assumption that those who exchange opinions here have no life is ignorant and speaks volumes about your own insecurities.The people who share, on this board,are intensely passionate about the same thing: the art of perfume...Obviously,this is way beneath you...But we're all chilled,and happy to meet here,we certainly did not beg your pompousness to come bark in our faces...Yet,if you could grow a brain,come up with a name,expand your tunel vision beyond your sense of self importance,we'd love to share opinions with you as well! Peace and love to you,oh your superiorness,you're obviously in dire need of both...As for us inferior, meaningless,amusing and sad little beings,we'll continue to share and argue and comment,there's not need for you to squeeze a brain-fart over this,really...

  • LITTLEDEVIL12/19/2002

    Honestly! This fragrance is the most tenacious odor on the planet. Millions of years from someone will dig up old bottles and the scent of Angel will still be going strong. To the person who posted "can millions of Frenchwoman be wrong?" I say HELL YES! But what credentials can I offer since I'm merely a crass American who prefers daily bathing.

  • TIGRUSHKA12/19/2002

    Hi Megan! Yes, I've noticed the similarities: both scents are very "rich" and quite sweet but have a deep, dark, slightly "sweaty", musky base. The patchouli note is very strong in Angel, but I still think that the chocolate note is quite dominant. In Shalimar vanilla note is much stronger. Love them both!


    People, a perfume passion is one thing, but posting day after day, continually fighting about how you are angelic and that's why Angel works on you, showing off abilities to speak in French to prove how much more educated you are than others.......don't you have lives? Aren't there real problems that need some attention in our world? And before you say anything about me, I just came on here ONE TIME for some opinions on this perfume and all I am leaving with is the conviction that there are a lot of sad people out there. Get a life, all of you!

  • MEGAN MARSTON12/16/2002

    Hi Maya: I think you and your sisters are supercool! I wish we all lived in the same city so I could meet you three and we could go perfume shopping together. That would be a riot! Anyway, keep posting all of your opinions about fragrances. I think you guys are awesome! Take care!

  • LAURA12/16/2002

    When you first spray this stuff on your wrist, it smells heavenly, like candy and chocolate, but by the end of the day, you feel sick and can't stand yourself. And it won't go away no matter how many times you wash your wrist with soap. It's heavy and powdery, it reminds me of an old powdery grandmother.

  • CAROLYN12/16/2002

    I wear Angel every day and receive compliments every day from both men and women. I will stick with it until the compliments stop.

  • CHRISTINE12/13/2002

    After hearing so much about Angel I decided to try it on my wrist. Well, it turned out to be a big mistake because it smells very unrefined and harsh. One of the only perfumes that REALLY gave me a headache. It's really heavy too. I can't even imagine wearing this scent in warmer weather for that would be nauseating.

  • MAYA12/13/2002

    Go you,girlfriend! YES!YES!YES!!!!!!!!

  • ANDREA_CROATIA12/13/2002

    perfume it's ok but not too good

  • MEGAN MARSTON12/12/2002

    Hi Tigrushka~My mom is a Shalimar addict and has worn it for most of her life. I have noticed a similarity between Angel and Shalimar. I think that Angel would basically be the same scent as Shalimar if it didn't have the patchouli. Have you also noticed this? I'm glad that you are enjoying Angel!

  • CHRISITNE12/11/2002

    That's all I really need to say.

  • TIGRUSHKA12/08/2002

    Thank you so much for your posts! They have been a riot! I still have tears in my eyes from all the hysterics I've had reading this ever-continuing saga of Angel hate/love... I loathed Angel on the first time I tried it (Tinkerbell-hit-me-with-a- HUGE-mallet time) but on the second time it quietly seduced me, and now I wear it quite often and enjoy it throughly. What I find hilarious is that my hubby thinks that Angel (of all scents) is "refined and ladylike"!!! XDD (Shalimar is the scent he finds sexy and I do agree... Whenever I'm on the bombshell mood, Shalimar is the one I pick!)

  • UPTOWN GIRL12/07/2002

    Hi Megan, Nice to read your post. I agree with you when you say you cannot buy class. I am hoping you saw my apology for my statement, and I will admit that Lola and her sisters are too funny. I never really said that you had to have class to like Angel. It was the way some said that it was so horrible that it reminded them of all sorts of vile things, and to me it smells so different and engaging that I felt it had a certain class to it. I am sure you know what I mean. I also have to agree that I hate Gucci Rush too. Whenever someone wears it around me, I get a severe headache. The same goes for Tresor, Poison & Beautiful. It is something how these fragrances either do, or do not hit us a certain way. I recently received Angel Innocent and I have to say that it is even more likable (almost) than Angel. It is not as strong. I am sure you will love it too. Well, Happy Holidays, and hope you receive many more bottles of Angel for Christmas..hehe.

  • LOLA12/06/2002

    Sweetcheeks,you were never on our sh**list,honest! I tried Sui Dreams,a while back,and I like to wear it when I work with children.It's very soft and gentle,has a slight vanilla- comfort zone thing going on,and it's very youthful. Not a favorite, but nice.Take care!

  • MEGAN MARSTON12/05/2002

    Thanks for the car fragrance tip. I can't wait to try it. Its also a great way to test a new perfume to see if you can stand the fragrance over the period of a week. That eliminates purchasing the perfume and being disappointed with it. I hate when that happens. Have you smelled Nu yet? What do you think of that fragrance?

  • MEGAN MARSTON12/05/2002

    Hello Uptown Girl~I will always agree with you that Angel is a wonderful perfume. I am in my mid-20s and I will forever associate Angel with this period in my life and the city that I currently live in. Good or bad, Angel is part of who I am right now and it will evoke a lot of memories for me one day. However, I don't think that wearing Angel really has anything to do with a woman's class or economic status. Just because Angel is exclusively sold in high end department stores doesn't mean it's a classy fragrance. Women from a variety of economic backgrounds are attracted to Angel but not because it makes them smell "rich". Angel has nothing to do with class or wealth--you can live on Park Avenue or in a trailer park and still adore Angel. And to be frank, I personally believe that you can't purchase "class" you can only choose to act with it. Rather than say that wearing Angel is akin to status, I think that some people are drawn to it because they perceive it as a sophisticated, beautiful smelling perfume. We are in that group. Angel makes us feel glamourous and feminine. We should still be respectful of those who despise Angel as they are entitled to their opinions. Almost all of my friends hate Angel because they think it is a weak perfume that has no basis. My sister finds it absolutely revolting and gags whenever she smells it. While I find her reaction to be rather drastic and untrue, she is still entitled to her opinion. I really enjoy the opinions of Lola and her sisters. They are very intelligent and I like the fact that they are not afraid to express themselves and to stand up to controversy. That is why I commended Lola for being so honest. I like to hear what she has to say about perfumes because she knows A LOT about them and sometimes its just plain fun to argue your point. Whether or not I share the same opinions with her or anyone else, I will still respect their viewpoint if mine differs. For the record, I hate, hate, hate the smell of Gucci Rush. I had a boss a couple of years ago who wore it constantly and sprayed the damned office with it. She was an evil woman--hateful, mean, stingy, stupid, petty, and extremely negative. I would not wish her as a boss on my worst enemy. I thought it fitting that she would choose to wear such a vile fragrance. However, just because a woman's favorite scent is Rush I will not automatically assume that she is Hitler's incarnate just because my former boss wore Rush. Most likely, I would question the woman's taste in perfume but if it makes her happy and she feels feminine wearing the fragrance it is hers to enjoy. I may ask her to use it sparingly around me, but I would still respect her choice. I guess my point is that perfume is a sacred symbol of femininity and one should carefully choose the fragrance they want to represent that part of themselves. Maybe that is why people get so touchy about different types of perfume and have different reactions to it. Keep using Angel Uptown Girl. It makes you feel happy and special and that is what is most important thing you can do for you! Please take care!

  • MELISSA12/03/2002

    Last month I bought a small miniature bottle of Angel. There were no testers...I had never smelled it before. I was intriqued by the name and the bottle. At first spray I was hit with memories of Christmas trees, sugar cookies, fresh air, rain, and the heavenly very slight scent of patchoulli. My daughter (26, I'm 46) tried it and she had to have a bottle too. We are addicted. I can't get enough.. the box boy at the store today asked me what I was wearing that smelled so great. This is my fragrance forever. I keep smelling my wrists and my mood lifts

  • UPTOWN GIRL12/02/2002

    Hi! I cannot believe there are 3 of you.. lol..that is too funny. I was not even aware of this until you put all 3 of your names in the author box. I stand no chance all by myself. You are all so funny and so animated with your descriptions. I am glad I am not on your misfit list anymore..hehe. Have any of you tried Dreams by Anna Sui? Just curious as to how you feel about that scent. My friend wears Amarige and I can't take it. Along with Poison and Tresor. Now those are some potent fragrances. But as you said, there will always be someone loving or hating a particular fragrance, making the world go 'round and 'round... Talk soon and be well!

  • KENNEDY WILSON12/02/2002

    I think Angel smells phenominal

  • LOLA,MAYA &APHRAEL12/02/2002

    We're sure you must have seen the opinionated controversies on several of the P.E boards! Like Megan says, controversy is the spice of life;and so is variety.The 3 of us tend to agree on fragrances,because as triplets,we share chemistry.Liking or disliking a scent is never what sends us into an uproar,it does take all kinds to make up this world,but so many,out there have launched gratuitous,unprovoked verbal attacks and destructive criticism on others just because of a mere difference of opinion ,well,one day,we just decided to respond... and challenge the name calling. Luckily,it has become obvious that many people out there have a fantastic ability to describe a scent and elaborate on the impressions, positive or negative,that fragrances make on them,without falling into the "insult-all-those-who-don't- agree-with-me" trap. As far as Angel goes,it's obviously a chemistry thing,please understand that strong words about the FRAGRANCE is not and never will be an attack on you or any Angel lover.It probably smells completely different on you than it does on us 3,though. On us,it smells simply deadly:you've obviously read some of the descriptions we've posted,no need for an encore,other than to say that for us,it is truly a weapon of mass destruction...But luckily,there are many other heavy, sultry orientals that do agree with us! And that's without counting the chypres,the florals,etc...How many perfumes were ever created, worldwide?There HAS to be enough of an inventory for everyone!Peace.

  • FAIRYTALE11/30/2002

    This is my favourite perfume for about 5 years.Men love it.Could anyone please tell me what's the BYBLOS perfume that smells exactly the same as ANGEL?

  • LOLA11/29/2002

    Hi! So nice to hear from someone who isn't trying to crucify me or my sisters for being opinionated!(I'm sure you have followed the soap opera on Ysatis) I adore Shalimar, and to me it is very different from Angel.I see Shalimar as profoundly emotional,penetrating and yet envelopping.There is a slight aromatic angle to it,but it's also hazy,fleeting and flirtatious.Angel, to me is like having an elephant fall from the Empire state building... onto my head!I have tried it many times,I have experimented with various products from the line,to no avail:every single time I end up insulting myself,wondering why I keep putting myself through this. It's just not for me.As far as Addict is concerned,I need more time.The quickie sampling in the store was promising,but I haven't experienced the dry down on myself,yet. And no,I haven't layered Shalimar and Ysatis together,this may seem terribly old fashionned to some,but I usually don't mix fragrances.I'm not very adventurous,that way,I like to experience the scent as it was envisionned by its creator...From head to toe,that is,I'm a HUGE fan of body products.Have you ever tried to put a cotton ball soaked in your favorite fragrance (parfum works best) in your glove box? It beats the hell out of those nasty air freshners!Be well,Megan,I'll be looking for your posts all over this board!

  • UPTOWN GIRL11/29/2002

    Hi, I see you also love Angel..and hope you saw my post apologizing for hurting the feelings of anyone who I hastily called classless for not loving it. But may I ask you two things Megan? 1) Why do you commend Lola for having such a strong opinion on hating Angel? 2) Why do you suppose so many people are offended by my statement? I did not even get angry about it ..I just stated my opinion and got called "skanky" rich girl just because I love it. It seems people are only entitled to their opinion when it is against something, and if they try to defend something they are wrong? Oh well, just felt like asking you since you both love it, and are understanding of those who hate it. I guess I got upset reading so many posts reflecting people hating Angel as if it were their enemy. I have a friend who does not like it, and this comes from someone who wears the horrible Aromatics Elixer and Amarige. I guess we have to laugh since life is full of those who differ in their opinion. How do you feel about Anna Sui's "Dreams" You might like it since you love Angel. Well,thanks for your time. Happy Holidays

  • UPTOWN GIRL11/29/2002

    I must admit your post made me laugh and perhaps I was a bit too hasty in saying "all" those who do not like Angel are classless. It was completely unfair of me, and I guess I got defensive because I love the perfume so much. I have to admit you are also right when you say using it sparingly is a must, for it can be overpowering. If it makes you happy, I use one squirt on my neck and one on each wrist, and that is it. I would not want to have anyone running for the hills in order to escape from me. So, if I have offended anyone else please accept my apologies. Isn't it amazing how one person could love Angel and another despise it? Thank God for our differences for I thnk it would be pretty boring if we all were wearing Angel. Who knows, maybe then I would be one of those people who would be running for the hills. So forgive me oh worthy Holidays

  • MEGAN MARSTON11/27/2002

    Hi Lola~Controversy is the spice of life. I actually like reading people's opinions about Angel and other perfumes. I think they are very interesting. Perfume is incredibly controversial but everyone is entitled to his or her opinion about it. After all, fragrance sends out a message to people and if one wears too much it can offend others. That is one thing I've learned from reading all these posts about Angel. People should go lightly with Angel (as well as all perfumes) because people can be sensitive to fragrance. (Unless of course you are going to purposely piss off someone you don't particularly care for which I have done when the mood strikes me). There was a woman who used to work at my company who bathed herself in Clinique Aromatics Elixir every single day. It was absolutely repulsive. Everyone would immediately turn in the other direction when they saw her coming. She did not win a popularity contest at my company that is for sure. She also should have been more considerate of others. To me Angel smells like Shalimar but with a spicier edge. (I've read your posts on Addict by the way--I've noticed a similarity between Shalimar and Addict what do you think?) Shalimar actually happens to be my mom's favorite fragrance and Ysatis was my grandmother's. Have you ever mixed the two together before? You are lucky to have grown up in Paris and had such a glamourous grandmother. I truly hope to come back as a perfume chemist in my next life. I think it would be an ideal career to have. I am definitely like you--when I get stressed out I turn to perfume also. I love talking about it, shopping for it, wearing it, and looking at the bottles! It is wonderful way to express oneself plus is a simple way to lift one's mood! Have a happy Thanksgiving, Lola! Please take care and always remain true to your convictions in life! :)

  • A.11/27/2002

    PINKI FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MAYA11/27/2002

    ...I have no class!I refuse to let myself be influenced by a carefully marketed "image" ,and I have decided to let my nose,heart and soul call the shots on what fragrance I wear,so I have no class. Although I do respect the opinions of those of you out there who like it I have to say that,as classless as this makes me in the eyes of some, I just don't get the Angel thing.I find it to be a rude,crass and brutish assault on my senses.I find it to be a truly abnoxious odor.Angel makes me think of stepping on a melted ice cream cone,on a sidewalk,on a 100 degree day.It reminds me of opening a drawer in an overheated classroom to find that someone stuck a piece of gum on the underside of the drawer...Angel is like getting a sticky candy wrapper on my skin,angel is like morning sickness without the pregnancy, Angel simply reeks of decay...At least for me.And to smell it on anyone (I have yet to meet an Angel user who understands the meaning of the word "sparingly") makes me feel like I'm being gagged with a big blob of day old cotton candy or drowned in a cesspool of pepto bismol.I enjoy many different perfumes,I do not have a signature scent because I like to experiment and switch as often as I please,and if not liking this "toilet bowl residue extract" makes me out to be without class,then so be it.I wonder who was the Godlike genius who appointed "uptown girl" as judge of what is or isn't classy.Her words didn't exactly strike me as the holy grail of sophistication...Ooops,my deepest apologies,Your Smelliness, I am not worthy,I am not worthy!!!

  • APHRAEL11/27/2002

    Oh,where do I start?I read your post and laughed so hard my abs started cramping,I totally agree with you and heartily second your opinion on this...It is possible that some will feel offended by your words and will respond with their swords drawn,it happens fairly often on this site,but Pinki,your style is unimitable and ballsy.I loved reading it and I'm still cracking up!

  • LOLA11/27/2002

    What turns me off,with Angel,is the super-ultra chocolate pudding punch that,at least on me,just won't quit. A lot of people,out there,have described it as "soft",so there is,no doubt,a huge chemistry angle,here. For me,the top notes start very sharp,like pine (a bit on the floor cleaner side...very pine-sol),and then in just a few minutes,out goes the pine-sol and in comes the Jello- chocolate pudding snack! I can't help it,there is something in this blend that makes me want to scrub myself raw and run for my life!Yet take a look at Tigrushka's most recent post:She had a change of heart after trying it again...(I had a similar experience with Must)But it's not to say that I don't like sweet scents:I like quite a few of them, (Must is a new favorite,Ysatis works for me,Shalimar,Dolce&Gabbana took a couple of times and many other orientals),but I also like a lot of deep hearted,heady florals,and earthy,musky chypres as well...I don't go for " one type of fragrance" I just go with what works for me, chemistry wise,depending on the mood I'm in and the impression I want to create.My grandmother worked in the fashion and fragrance industry in Paris,her whole life,and when my mother and step-father would drive me and my sisters so insane we thought we'd explode,we all rushed to her apartment for a few days and hang out like girlfriends do...She and her friends taught us a lot about perfume,but mostly opened our minds to the passion of it...And when the shit hits the fan and I need to escape a bit,the art of perfume (as Grandma calls it) is one of the things I like to turn to...But my sisters and I are all VERY opinionated on the subject of fragrance,(whether we like the scent or not) and it seems we have ruffled a lot of feathers...That's o.k, others have rattled the hell out of us,too,it's only human,there's no harm done!Peace to you,have a kick ass thanksgiving,and be well...

  • MEGAN MARSTON11/26/2002

    People who dislike Angel definitely do not lack class. Its a very distinctive smell. That is why it is considered a cult perfume. I think Angel can favorablly grow on people. You just need to get acquired to the scent and find things about it that you do like. I first smelled Angel in the early 90s and found it revolting. I smelled it again almost 9 years later and became addicted to it and now it is my signature scent. People's preferences do change over the years. Plus, climate also has a lot to do with the way fragrance smells. Angel smells very strong in a hotter climate (such as Phoenix) because the patchouli comes out very strong. But in a more mild climate (such as Seattle) it smells less offensive to the senses. That is my theory anyway. I think its the best fragrance on the planet!

  • MEGAN MARSTON11/26/2002

    Lola, what are some of your favorite fragrances? What is it the most that you hate about Angel? Is it the patchouli in the perfume or do you dislike the sweeter scents that comprise it? You seem like a very intelligent, glamorous and sophisticated person and I would love to know what perfumes you like to wear! :)

  • GTHANG11/26/2002

    i finally got to smell Angel last night and, I must say I was so disappointed. After so much hype and the positive responses, I just knew I had found a new favorite. I tried hard to like it, but I just couldn't. Oh, well, I guess I saved myself 70.00 for a tiny bottle. For those people that say people who don't like this perfume are classless, those who are in the know, know that you don't have to TRY to be classy, it comes naturally........

  • TIGRUSHKA11/25/2002

    Oh, the mysteries of chemistry! After seeing the beautiful Fatal Star Angel Celebration bottle and the necklace that came with it as a gift I decided to give this scent another try. This time it was like a completely different fragrance! Maybe there was something wrong with the first tester bottle because the stuff really reeked. My husband who went "Yuch!" on the first time came sniffing and "mmmming" on the second time. So now I understand why some people love this scent! On the first time it yelled but now it whispers sweet nothings... I'm glad I gave it another chance!

  • MAXINE11/24/2002

    I too, lack "class" if not liking this God-awful concoction puts you in this category:) This is a sickeningly sweet perfume. I have no idea when it originally came out, I don't really care. I hate it and would be happy never to smell it on another human being again. It is very, very sweet to begin with and most of the people who wear it seem to bathe in it. A hint:If you must wear this perfume (and I sincerely wish you didn't) please use some sense.

  • PINKI11/24/2002

    this reek-juice should be called 'satan', not angel. i would expect a perfume named angel to smell heavenly, light, delicate,not like a nose-rape; burnt sugar (blech), chocolate (blaag), plus some other nauseating i-ate-too-many-chocolate-chip-cookies-feeling inducing aromas. to top it all off, it is not exactly affordable. that's probably why it's (unfortunately) so popular with the rich skanky girls who inist on dousing themselves with this to assault innocent passers-by. as to the classiness of this fume: the first time i smellt this concocotion was on a gay british guy (nothing 'gainst gay brits, that's not the point here) in a disco in prag who was pissed out of his trees. but if you insist on wearing it, please apply sparingly, and in a well-aired area to prevent sudden death of civilians. cheers.

  • ANONYMOUS11/22/2002

    So many people don't like Angel because so many people lack class?! Well,then,I am not only happy but relieved to finally find out that I,like so many others,apparently,belong to this uncouth group of people who choose to trust their instincts instead of trying desperately to live up to an "image",no matter how "upscale".I find Angel to be an assault on the senses,and I also think that to subject others to its stench is the rudest insult to their sensibilities...Where is the class in that?

  • TIGRUSHKA11/22/2002

    How on Earth did I come up with the Tinkerbell description? Well; the ads and packaging of this scent are quite fairy tale cartoonish, but the scent itself is no pixie dust but a very potent stuff indeed. Thus the mallet. I could also quote (and slightly mutilate) the song Orange Coloured Sky: "One sniff and I yell TIMBER!"

  • ARMANDO C MARTINEZ11/21/2002

    i love this women's fragrance and i wear the men's. this one is just as wonderful as the men's. i love them both. i would wear the women's too and probaly could get away with it. they are both somewhat similiar. this fragrance is absolute divine and an instant classic. and what a beautiful bottle it comes. the xmas editions are the most beautiful out there on the market. ck out the new one out now called " a star is born" at Nordstroms and Saks or any other high end store. too bad they don't have it here. it's a definite collector's item.

  • UPTOWN GIRL11/21/2002

    I cannot believe when someone says that they do not like the scent of Angel perfume. It is so classy and timeless. I guess that is why there are going to be so many people who dislike/abhor it...because so many people in this society lack class. I am happy that not everyone likes it...this way you won't smell yourself coming and going. I love Angel, and consider it my favorite fragrance of all time.

  • LINDA11/20/2002

    I absolutely love it. It smells wonderful on me. It is the only perfume that my husband loves on me.

  • LIZ11/19/2002

    who cares how long this nasty stuff has been around?It reeks,it stinks, it should outlawed!

  • A.11/18/2002

    Look,y'all,I don't know the EXACT launching date of Angel,but I do know for sure that the original Doce&Gabbana was launched in 1992,and for me,that was a real blessing,because my girlfriend had been using Angel (which I cannot stand) for quite a while,and I remember making her promise NOT to use Angel around me,since I was prepared to keep her supplied in Dolce&Gabbana for the rest of her life,if that's what it took.I am sure about the date,because I had just recovered from a nightmarish car accident,and that's just not something you forget.Angel WAS around before 1992;It stunk back then,it still stinks today.

  • LOLA11/17/2002

    Est il possible que des echantillons soit distribues au public quelques saisons avant le grand debut? Il est vrai que a l'epoque,je n'ai pas vu Angel dans les magasins,mais le defile couture de T.M a bien eu lieu en 1989,je venais d'avoir mon premier enfant,je m'en souviens tres bien.Ciao!

  • JASMINE11/16/2002

    I have checked 5 sources and all but one say that Angel was released in 1992. The other (Nigel Groom's book) says 1994 which I think is incorrect. The sources I've checked include a book from Givaudan I received from a perfumer who worked there called "Classification des Parfums" released in 1990 compiled by the technical commission of the Societe Francaise des Parfumeurs. The fragrances released in 1989 include: 273, Joop!, Red, Red Door, Safari, and Samsara. There is no mention of Angel in 1990 either. En plus, j'habite pas trop loin de Paris et je peux vous assurer que je me rappelle que Angel a ete lance au debut des annees quatre-vingt-dix. L'erreure est humaine. a + tard

  • JASMINE11/16/2002

    I can't stand it.

  • LOLA11/13/2002

    I agree! I am ,like your sister,an Angel hater. I do,however,Have a problem with people who feel compelled to insult others because they think differently. ( I'm sure you've read the posts) Incidently,I decided to research the controversy of the Angel launching date,and I found out,not surprisingly because it does happen fairly often,that Angel was indeed launched LATER in the U.S than it was in Europe.

  • MEGAN MARSTON11/12/2002

    I recently read an article in the November 2002 Allure magazine about contemporary perfumes inspiring love/hate among their users. Perfumers aren't into creating universally loved scents anymore. This is certainly true with Angel. It seems like love/hate is definitely a trend with perfumes nowadays. My sister hates Angel and thinks it's the most vile perfume imaginable. However, there are so many perfumes out there that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Thank goodness for variety, eh?

  • M.L11/12/2002

    Funny,I'd have thought that if you can afford Angel,you could afford some manners! I am a natural redhead,and my boyfriend of 3 yrs has not had any complaints about my so called " accrid skin sebum " or natural body scent...I just happen to think Angel is a horrible kick in the head,as far as fragrance goes, and I have yet to meet anyone on whom it smells decent.

  • APHRAEL11/12/2002

    Tinkerbell armed with a huge mallet? YES,YES,YES,that's exactly how Angel feels!(How on Earth did you come up with such a description?!?!) Although my husband thinks the fragrance is ALMOST aptly named: He thinks it should have been called "Hell's Angel".

  • LOLA11/11/2002

    Your comments are as rude as they are innacurate and clearly based on ignorance. My sisters (Maya and Aphrael) and I were all at the T.M fashion show when the very first travel sizes of Angel were given out to the people who had attended the show.Maya is correct on the date, (1989),but if you were only 13 in 1992,you were 9 or 10 at the time of the show and you probably never even heard of it,back then. About your insulting,baseless,absurd and assinine words about redheads,all I can say is you are obviously entitled to your opinions,even if your choice of words to voice them speaks volumes about the source.Ma pauvre petite,tu ne sais absolument rien.And no,my sisters and I aren't redheads,we all have very dark brown hair and eyes,with very fair skin,and there are only 2 or 3 fragrances out there that won't blend with our chemistry.Peace and education to you,you obviously are in serious need of both.

  • MAYA11/08/2002

    Tu as grandi en France? Et tu n'es pas plus au courant des nouvelles dans l'industrie de la parfumerie de ta patrie maternelle? Ma pauvre petite! Just so that you know,I picked up Angel in Paris in 1989. (I choose to continue this in English, I wouldn't want to challenge you too much) I was at a Thierry Mugler runway show, it was the beginning of the Angel launch,and travel sizes of it were distributed to the audience members.But then,if you were only 13,that may explain it: When I was 13,I did not attend couture shows either.Tip for you, though: Just because there are events that happened before you were in age to be affected by them does not mean that they did not happen. I was 24,back then,that does not make me old enough to fall victim to senility or memory loss. Ce n'est pas la peine de monter sur tes grands chevaux,persone ne te critique sur tes differences d'opinions,calme toi,la vie est belle!

  • Z11/07/2002

    angel is definitely the scent for me. it stinks on my roomate. i guess its just a chemistry between the perfume and the oils in your skin. all i know is that ill never buy another perfume besides angel again!

  • TIGRUSHKA11/06/2002

    I was very curious about this one, but it didn't work for me at all. Too strong, too sweet, too everything. Very loud and indiscreet scent. Like Tinkerbell armed with a huge mallet!

  • MEGAN MARSTON11/04/2002

    For several years I hated the smell of Angel but changed my mind when I met a Phoenix News Anchor who was wearing it. I've come to realize Angel smells different on every person who wears it. It smells spicy on some, sweet on others, and even powdery on certain people. I love Angel and it has been my favorite perfume for the past 2 years. The patchouli makes it smell very sexy but I like the chocolate notes in it as I find them very, very calming to wear. Angel is a wonderful, classic fragrance and it has a beautiful bottle. It will be my favorite fragrance for the rest of my life! It just smells so yummy! I've heard men love it because of the chocolate in it. I think that is very true because men stop me on the street to ask what I'm wearing!

  • PINUPFAIRY11/04/2002

    First of all, in response to Maya, Angel was first released in 1992 not in the late eighties. I started wearing Angel the year it came out, I was 13 years old. I grew up in France as my mother is French, my father is from Queens NY; I was hanging out in this upscale department store on the day it was launched and received several samples and I fell in Love with it immediately. At 13 years old I couldn't afford to purchase Angel myself so I asked my grandmother for it for my birthday,..... that quickly became a tradition. After my parents divorced and my father moved back to the United states, I followed him shortly after in February 1994, the tradition continued, my grandmother kept sending me Angel and various other Angel products including limited edition items every year for my birthday until the kinda sad day when it became available in the United States,............needless to say it was only a matter of time before people started to recognize the scent. Throughout the years of moving around and various other adventures, Angel has been and remains for me "MY" scent even if other people wear it. When I met my boyfriend 5 years ago, I bought him AngelMen as it is called nowadays (it used to be called Amen but I imagine that came under protest by some uptight religious group); He wears it on the same days I do and it really complements each other and our skin types. If you do not like Angel, by all means do not wear it and go back to something boring that smells like the grass in my backyard (literaly) like CK1 or something;...............Less for you and more for me! Please, if you are a natural Redhead and are fair skinned, try to avoid wearing this as redheads have this naturally acrid smelling skin sebum, or you will probably smell like pee. I Love it, if you don't like it then by all means stay away from me. ; >

  • ANIA10/23/2002

    I'd love to rate it horrible if i took a personal flavor to it...but once i tested it on my best friend as a routine testing of ma perfumes and this one hit the right spot;) i couldn't belive the impact that ma perfume which lay dormant for over a year had on MEN!!! now i wear it anywhere ma Tigger goes...he loves it so much that "OUCH" it hurts;)

  • DENEAN10/23/2002

    I have been a wearer of Angel for about 4 years now. I am crazy for the fragrance however, I have found that the lotion and body creme last far longer than the parfume which was perhaps my only disappointment concerning Angel. To spend that kind of money on the parfume and it not last all day is a bummer. You can smell the lotion or the body creme though for days in or on whatever you wore that day. So spring for the lotion considering it is cheaper or splurge on the body creme as is only takes a little to smell heavinly all day!

  • JENNIFER10/23/2002

    Ever since I tried a sample in a department store in Chicago when Angel first came out, I have been hooked! The smell is so unique and works great with my body chemistry. It has a nastalgic odor that I can't put my finger on, and almost smells a bit lit patchouli oil, but sweeter and spicier and not as pungent. I love it! (And men love it too!)

  • ALAN10/23/2002

    At Saks 5th they told me that its a good mens fragrnace too and many men buy it. Waht do the ladies think of men wearing this? They said just as many men buy this for themsleves as they do AMEN.

  • ERICA 10/22/2002

    I really wanted to like this perfume. It didn't smell sweet at all on me. It was really strong and spicy. I think it just didn't work with my body chemistry.

  • LOLA10/21/2002

    ...Is that despite all the initial strength,the " punch in the nose " effect,it is a rather flat slap of a scent.The transition between top, middle and lower notes is so fast, the wearer is left with a "blah" linear fragrance that can be found in any junk food vending machine. That makes its price tag a bit steep for what amounts to flavored vanillin...The bottle would be cool if it didn't have that "adolescent mommy's girl" look to it.And good God,it's EVERYWHERE!!!

  • MARY10/20/2002

    Try a bit on a day off. Just see. I, like every one, thought ohh I don't think I like this, but it isn't the scent really, it's what it starts reminding you of,like childhood smells. Like I don't like strong "pine" smell, but it does remind me of christmas. I don't know if I love the scent of this perfume, but I like the things it reminds me of. )I know, "Wierd"

  • VONNI10/19/2002

    Perfume interacts with body chemistry making it a very personal thing, and then there’s the ineffable aspect of personal taste that makes people either love or loathe this fragrance. That being said, I find Angel to be cloying and disagreeable, and I’ve never smelled it on a woman and thought that it smelled like anything other than a persistently lingering death syrup. I certainly respect the opinions of women who adore it, however. As many have already noted, it’s such a strong fragrance and SO many people have negative reactions to it, so it's just not feasible to wear this fragrance with reckless abandon. I you are an Angel admirer, please employ a light hand.

  • VANESSA10/14/2002

    Somedays this perfume smells soooooo good on me and some days it doesnt...I guess the smell is sooo swet that it makes you kind of sick!!!

  • CHRISTINE10/13/2002

    My best friend wears Angel all the time & has for years. I always despised it on her & would have to leave the room whenever she was spraying it. However, after reading all of the strong opinions on this message board & knowing that it does react/smell differently on people based on their body chemistry, I decided to test it for myself. I am now absolutely hooked. It does smell sweet when first applying it, but then dramatically changes after drying. I can't explain it, but have gotten unsolicited compliments from men I know who are NOT big fans of perfume! I think the big mistake that women make is they love it to the point of bathing in it. It IS a very strong scent, and should be used very sparingly. I overdid it one time, and paid for it all day long. I do agree that it's not for everyone. But my advice to women would be to TRY it for yourself.

  • CLAUDIA10/06/2002

    I have now joined the club of angels..I know it gives some people headache (need to be a little careful - not really a daytime perfume..) but It´s like an addiction...It really lifts my spirit when I sniff on the inside on my wrist when I´m at work, and I it lifts my mood..crazy, but true...And in the evening, It makes me feel like a really sexy woman!

  • APHRAEL09/25/2002

    Been on a crowded bus at rush hour next to a woman wearing Angel?I got heart palpitations,headache and and nausea,and had to get off the bus two stops before my destination because of this stuff.The interesting thing is that three other people did the same thing,and most of the rest of the crowd who stayed on looked truly miserable.So if you need to clear a space so you can find a seat on the bus,go for it,Angel will not fail you.

  • DAZHIDAYONG09/23/2002

    The name Angel is not a good fit with this perfume. The scent is pretty strong and hits you hard. Knowing how controversial this scent is, I sprayed it on a tester card first rather than on my skin, because I was afraid that if I hated it I would have to live with the smell on me all day long. Good thing I did that...because the first whiff made me pretty nauseous. I've heard alot of comments that this is sweet, but I felt like it was very sour, like sweat?... In any case, it is way too strong to be remotely feminine in any way. Just my honest opinion. I prefer Lolita Lempicka and VS Heavenly.

  • SHON09/22/2002

    Can you say COTTON CANDY? My mother and I sampled some of the perfume and honestly my MIGRAINE hit me like a hmmer. This expensive perfume smells like concentrated coton candy. I guess it would kinda be appropriate for the circus or something. But please, use with caution and be considerate of others, wear in a well ventilated area. YIKES!

  • TAMMEY09/18/2002

    I think this should be the number 1 perfume...All the guys i know love it and so do I

  • MAYA09/18/2002

    This is to whoever wrote that Angel is the top selling fragrance in France:Either someone lied to you, or you are making this up.Angel exploded all over the teen market when it was launched in Paris in the late eighties,(the U.S launch came a few years later),but then sales flattened out like an old souffle. Why?Because once the novelty had worn off,the only thing that was left was an overpowering,cloying and flat sugary punch in the nose. The women and teenagers in France have obviously recognized this fact, and haven't spent any serious amount of money on Angel since the mid nineties.I have worked for the French perfume industry (in R&D and marketing)since I got out of college, and I know this for a fact.Also-To all the Angel wearers who can't figure out why it smells "great" on some,but awful on others,the answer is simple:Angel contains NO natural essences.And I do mean zero.The only way to get the blend to start out sharp,a little like pine, and then to get it to change so quickly to this chocolaty stuff in the in the final dry-down,(achieved in under 5 minutes,which is like the speed of light,in perfumery)was to use purely synthetic extracts,since natural essences are so volatile and seem to have a mind of their own. Those are easily controlled in the lab but can be a total nightmare on some people. In all fairness to Thierry Mugler,his latest,"Cologne",is a hit with every age and gender here in Paris. As for the top sellers,the great perfume houses still rule:Creed,Jean Patou,Guerlain,(no surprise there), Chanel(except for the last two),and Y.S.L. P.S:Sorry if there are any spelling or gramatical errors,my english is not yet fluent.

  • NANO09/18/2002

    When I bought Angel first time from Amsterdam, I thought if I won't like the smell at least the bottle is beautiful. Now I don't care about bottle all I care how full it is. It drives men absolutely crazy.

  • PATTY09/18/2002

    I've been wearing Angel for almost two years now. I've gotten more comments on this perfume than any other-both by men and women. It's definitely MY scent! I love the way it intensifies when I workout, the way it seems to last all day AND night, and the way it seems to change throughout the day. It's the most wonderful perfume I've ever used.

  • BEAUTYQUEEN09/18/2002

    Angel is the best smelling perfume that I've ever tried! I get so many compliments on it everyday. It is definitely a keeper ;) I am so sick of all of those perfumes that make you smell like an old dead woman...YIKES!

  • EILEEN09/17/2002

    After reading the description and some of the comments, I needed to try it. Was I disappointed! My olfactory machinery must be completely different from most. I sat next to a woman on a plane who was wearing it and it was all I could do not to vomit. She smelled unwashed. Sure, you may like it, but please consider those of us who don't. It's a truly visceral response. Wish I could stand it.

  • PSYCHE09/16/2002

    This is my first time wearing Angel and this is the most long lasting perfume I have ever worn. The next day I still smelled this on my clothes and I am in total heaven, it is worth every dime, because it subtly last all day and night. Very sexy, I just wanted to kiss someone so they could smell me! LOL

  • SARA09/16/2002

    I bought Angel several days ago and I am quite happy! It smells even better when I wear it in conjunction with Victoria's Secret Heavenly. I guess the scent would be called Heavenly Angel. That's got a nice ring to it!

  • GINA09/14/2002


  • ANNIE09/11/2002

    I think the reason people either love this or hate this perfume is because of the patchouli in it. People either love or cannot stand patchouli. I received Angel as a gift several weeks ago, and as someone else posted below it smells different on me at different times. I'm not sure this is a keeper but it's definitely interesting and I LOVE vanilla.

  • LINDA09/03/2002

    I don't usually post my opinion on things like these, but I could not resist. Quite honestly, I think that this is one of the WORST scents I have ever smelled. Maybe I have a strange response, but I almost get physically sick when I smell this. Let me add that I generally like something about most scents. I realize "to each their own"..but the reason I am writing this is to hopefully convince even 1 person NOT to wear this. S-T-I-N-K-Y!!!!!

  • VIRGO09/02/2002

    To Kristen, since you didn't seem to be revolted by Angel then I would suggest that you get a sample and see how it works for you w/you in control. That way it will either win you over or repulse you at which time all you'll have to do is toss it. I wasn't sure I liked it either initially but it eventually grew on me. It's all going to come down to what works on you. As you can tell from the 100+ posts, it varies from person to person. Wish I could give you more detail on the scent, I'm not sure I've figured it out myself. There's just something about it for me! GOOD LUCK;-)

  • JESSICA09/01/2002

    I don't know if I like this perfume or not. Some days it smells good on me, some days it doesn't. Have other people had this experience?

  • RITA08/28/2002

    A group of women were in the ULT store in Texas, they were all commenting on Angel, It was concluded it smells like sweat, with a little sweet, it made me gag!! But I saw a man buying the most expensive bottle, guess mem like to smell sweat on women!!

  • REDONE08/28/2002

    Ok, I am jumping on the Angel bandwagon. I have had Angel for a few years and never thought too much of it. On a whim I pulled it out and began to use it again. The response is overwhelming - I had 5 people in one day tell me that I smelled great, Men and women! Word of advice....a little last all day.

  • GAIL08/27/2002

    Hey!! Who says it doesn't work on Blondes? I've been wearing heady scents all of my life, and I'm a natural blonde!! LOL!

  • GAIL08/27/2002

    Yes,I think it is a chemisty thing!My sister tried wearing it and it didn't smell as nice on her as it does on me! You would think that because we are sisters it would smell similar. I guess I'm the lucky one, because it smells great on me! I can't tell you how many compliments this one brings! Though, I am always careful about not over doing it because it is so strong!

  • JOYCE08/25/2002

    I get raves on everytime I wear Angel. People always ask me what I'm wearing and say that I smell wonderful! Now it is all that I wear and I wear it everyday. After reading the other comments, I think it must be a body chemistry thing! It smells wonderful on some people and not so great on others I guess. Try it at the counter and live with it for a day before you order it.

  • OLIVIA08/24/2002

    What Angel? Where? All I smelled was this sickly sweet smell. There are so many good perfumes in the world, why do people talk about this one like it is the be all and end all?! Angel? The Emperor's New Clothes is more like it.

  • TAMARA08/24/2002

    Save yourself some money ladies, just pour honey and chocolate syrup all over you, then follow with vanilla and patchoulli. OMG this fragrance is awful. Note to A. Babe, all fragrances have 3 notes (top, middle and base notes on Everyone). Also this fragrance is not for young women or "mature" women. It never should have been made for any age woman (although I heard that it is geared towards the older, more bold woman)-HA! This fragrance is awful at any age. Kristen, the saleslady was doing you a favor. I used a LIGHT spray-still awful. I never got a chance to try this in the department stores,so I purchased the mini. Thank goodness I did not buy the biggest bottle.

  • A.08/23/2002

    As with most perfumes that have patchouli, this one should be used LIGHTLY. Otherwise you're going to give yourself and whoever's with you a migraine and a sick stomach. And too much patchouli just smells rank, like an unwashed Phish fan waiting for a "miracle." That said, I find that this scent is really nice. Not all that mature, but I'm still in my 20's and can get away with it. It's got 3 levels on me: sweet candy-corn and vanilla on top, plum-peach-guava underneath, and patchouli at its base. Angel is much less chemical and artifical-smelling than its cheaper counterpart, Wish, so if you like this type of scent, spend the extra money and get Angel.

  • JAY08/20/2002

    Isn't it strange how alot of people do not like this perfume at first and then change their minds????

  • KRISTEN08/20/2002

    Hi. I need some information about Angel before I make the decision to purchase it. I think that the saleswoman who sprayed it on my arm sprayed too much (she seemed to really HATE Angel and seemed really angry when I asked to try it). It smelled really sweet. Is it supposed to smell that sweet, or did she just spray too much? She sprayed a lot, then tried to talk me into buying Angel Innocent. What exactly is Angel supposed to smell like? Thank you.

  • LOLA08/19/2002

    I was just reading posts,trying to kill time,and saw a message written by "Lola".It wasn't me.My opinion on Angel is totally opposed to hers. I happen to hate this one. I used to wear it when it just came out,but then,everyone else started wearing it,too,and usually poured on by the tubfull! I am also older, now,and the sugary-syrupy-sweet odor just doesn't appeal to me anymore.

  • LEIGH ANN08/19/2002

    I have NEVER gotten so many compliments on perfume except when I wear Angel. Everyone I have come into contact with while wearing Angel has loved it. I don't necessarily wear the spray. I found an awesome Angel body oil that works much better. The oil contains no fillers or alcohols, which cause perfumes to turn, smell like insect repellant or just plain nauseate. Angel is a dream come true for me!

  • CASSIE08/17/2002

    This perfume is so strong and sickening that words cannot adequately describe it. Why do most people seem to rave over this one? It is gross.

  • TAMMY08/16/2002

    I have to say at first I didn't like it at all, it make me a little puky, but I went to sleep with it on and woke up craving the smell, and have since bought the body creme and gel. I absolutely love it.. It is a little strong at first but as you get to using it, it has an absolutely beautiful smell. It is all in getting used to it. I personally think it RAWKS!! I am an Angel addict now!!

  • A.L.08/15/2002

    Way tooo strong! Very, Very chokey!

  • MADELINE08/15/2002

    I ordered this thinking that it was something I smelled on someone at work. When it arrived I opened the bottle, smelled it and thought "yuk". I put it on, thinking that it would change. Still it smelled badly to me. All in all, it smelled sick...and I usually like fragrances that have a vanilla note to it.

  • JOY08/15/2002

    Unfortunately, this scent on me smells like doggie doo-doo with pineapple.

  • DENNIS08/11/2002

    I am sorry ladies. But I smelled this fragrance on four different women so far, and I couldn't back up fast enough. There is something in it that immediately causes my stomach to churn. I detected a scent that is similar to the bug repellant, Raid. And it was very very strong. I juist couldn't bring myself to get close to these women. Is there anyone else that lived the same experience with this fragrance, or is it just me? I also looked into the Men's fragrance , it wasn't as bad, but it wasn't for me.

  • LARA08/10/2002

    My favorite! The only one that contains chocolate. But it doesn`t work on blondies

  • RENNAE08/08/2002

    Bellisimo, Bravo...Kudos to Thierry Mugler for this delicious, decadent, alluring scent...all angel!

  • LYNN08/08/2002

    definetly the best perfume and body lotion i have. my room smells angel and even my wardrobe. i like angel coz it last for a long make me feel feminine and sexy 2. everyone likes it one me :)

  • JULIE08/07/2002

    I love Angel, everywhere I wear this, i get raving compliments. It is a very strong perfume,so go easy. Don't ever wear it to onocology dept where you get chemotherapy.

  • TTIMENLONDON08/04/2002

    Since trying Angel, there is clearly no other like it, nothing compares or even comes close. So many compliments from male and females. I love it and will always wear it!

  • JOSEPHINE07/28/2002

    I really loved this, and so did everyone else that smelled it on me. :) My husband hates perfume, and he actually liked this one. I detected a hint of chocolate at first, but can't smell it anymore. It lasts a really long time, and it's easy to put on too much if you're not careful. Definitely a favorite, though.

  • ARLEEN07/21/2002

    An overwhelming scent of coconut...

  • ROCHELLE07/19/2002

    Definitely the most sensual perfume ever. Men do not stop complementing me. It's almost to the point of harrassment. I don't wear it when I want men to leave me alone, otherwise, it's all over my every curve.

  • OVBIA07/18/2002


  • CAROLYN C.07/16/2002

    Absolutely wonderful scent if your body chemicals match this perfume, a very unpleasant smell if not. It matches my body chemicals so I love it!

  • BRIDGET07/10/2002

    I have worn many different perfumes and this is the only one that I have actually gotten compliments on. People at work and on the street are constantly asking me what perfume I am wearing or telling me that I smell good. The price is a little high, but I find it pretty cheap off the Internet, it is well worth the price in my book.

  • KENDRAH07/09/2002

    I first was drawn to the bottle when I saw it. Then the woman at the counter gave me 2 free samples. Both of the Angel scents. I decided I liked the original best. And it drives my boyfriend wild. He absoultly loves it! It makes me feel beautiful and sexy whenever I wear it and the scent lasts for hours. I love it so much!!

  • RALPH07/01/2002


  • CHANTELL07/01/2002

    I like this scent very much. I got it as a gift from my boyfriend. Only thing is, it has a tendency to change on you. Very funny perfume, sometimes extremely sweet, other times beautiful. It does last a long time though. You better try this first. Interesting smell, but not for everybody. Also-Way Too Much Money. Glad I got it as a gift :-) Beautiful bottle too.

  • BECKY06/30/2002

    love it that's all.......

  • JENNY06/26/2002

    Angel is gorgeous! Often perfumes make me feel sick after smelling them for too long, but I could smell this perfume all day and night!

  • TK06/20/2002

    It smells like candy frosting-way too sweet. My 20 something son was offended by it and said it was a sickening sweet. Why is it so expensive?

  • JENNA06/12/2002

    I love this perfume. My mum says that it is too sweet but she said that that works for me. My boyfriend likes it too!

  • MARY06/11/2002

    This is one of those perfumes that don't come along the way too often...its fragrance is rare and it's this uniqueness that makes it stand out among all the others... A friend of mine had it and that's how I tried it for the first made such an impression on I knew that it was one of a kind!I remember I made it try to my mom and well she's been using it for years now...that is by far,her favorite perfume!!And I have to say..I love it too!In any case,it sure surprises you!! :-)

  • IKA06/06/2002

    I just bought the ANGEL. Yes, too late after launched in 1992. I noticed it is "french" perfume, and I read some comments here it was said as french scent (?) I am not a french and I don't know how french scent is... mais je tellement l'adore. Ce sent bien! It is my first Angel, and surely will be always Angel in my life the way, my boy friend is an angel lover ...:)))

  • GAIL06/05/2002

    Boy, does this perfume get mixed reactions or what!! As I've posted before, this is one of my favorite fragrances, but if it's used to heavily it can really be quite nauseating.I love this stuff, but one time I over did it and I had to stay away from it for awhile!It is very "French" maybe that's why I like it so much because I'm French!!

  • TRACY06/01/2002

    I can't handle floral fragrances at all so for yrs I've searched for a perfume I could wear more than once w/o trying to scrub it off. I had mixed reactions to Angel at first but found that it draws you in completely - I found myself craving the smell! I've tried many fragrances but this is the only one I've ever worn where I've had ppl come up to me or follow me and ask 'what are you wearing?' w/bemused smiles on their faces. Not for everyone but for those who can pull it off it's amazing.

  • LOLA05/31/2002

    Angel has been one of the top selling perfumes in France every year since it was first launched in '93. Divine.

  • GINA05/30/2002

    I know a lot of people love this stuff, well I don't. I'm sure those who do get so used to the smell so quickliy they find it necessary to use half a bottle in one go. But the rest of us who are sensitive to that smell, we really suffer. It gives me a headache, and I can detect it from yards off. Someone said "go back to baby powder", well maybe you should do that yourself for a month, then go back to your usual amount of Angel and judge for yourself...

  • ~L~05/16/2002

    I guess it smells good to some people. I heard it smelled chocolately, but I don't smell anything chocolately about it. To me, Angel smells kind of manly and old ladyish at the same time. Kind of reminds me of old spice. I just can't stand to wear it because that's all i can smell all day long and it's quite an annoying scent. One good thing is that it didn't give me a headache. Smells cheap though! PEW!

  • MEL05/12/2002

    I have been wearing Angel since it first came out(in this area anyway)and I will hardly wear anything else!

  • ELISHA05/10/2002

    This perfume is unique and pretty. One word of cautio though, use a light hand when applying. You also have to have the right chemistry to wear it, for those who do its great.

  • ANGELIC05/07/2002

    This perfume is great. I get a lot of positive reactions from men. For those who said it was too strong, maybe you shouldn't spray that much on. Don't drown yourself with it.

  • ASYMENIA05/07/2002

    Not sure if anyone has this problem, or maybe I got used to the scent, but I swear that my perfume is not as strong/noticable as the tester I used in the store. I could still smell the tester on my wrist hours later, but when I wear my perfume, it is so faint. The saleslady told me that Angel was definitely not for everyone, and it takes a strong confident woman to wear it, but I have been wearing it for a week and there is nothing strong about it, and its so 'pretty' smelling that I can easily wear it to work. A friend of mine had the same problem with Clinique's happy. Could I just have gotten used to it that I don't notice it anymore??

  • KAREN05/02/2002

    Quite remarkable! When I first tried this fragrance, It was unique - but, I have never had so many men stop me and ask what I was wearing. The clerk swore it had a high remarkability factor - and I swear it does. As for the headache crowd- or the too strong crowd. Go back to baby powder....

  • MICHELLE04/30/2002

    I think that every woman should experience Angel. At first I loved it however, I can't wear it anymore because it gives me migraines. I do recommend it (if you can handle it). IT IS NOT A FRANGRANCE, IT'S AN EXPERIENCE!!

  • DONNA B04/26/2002

    To the gal that wonders where to find a sample of Angel~ I got one by Emailing a Perfume site, I don't think it was this particular site though! Just look up "perfumes" in your search the web box, & Email a few of em~ I'm sure you'll get lucky from one of them! Ask for the one that has chocolate in it~ That was the 1st one I smelled, & loved it~ Haven't gotten any yet~ Maybe this Mothers Day I'll ask for a small bottle~ It's spendy~!But worth it!!!!!

  • SHARLA04/22/2002

    I absolutely love this fragrance! I can't get enough of it. I have written the company to let them know and now they send me little samples of new product. I collected perfumes, but now I'm going to be exclusive with Angel! It rocks! I like the packaging as well!

  • ANA04/19/2002

    The BEST fragrance ever. There's nothing like it. And to Gisele: if it's toxic why would u use it as an air freshere. And since when a.f. smell soo powerfull and soo long lasting?

  • CHIARA04/17/2002

    Awful! It's too strong, too much chocolate and i think it is toxic to smell, and it gave me a headache!

  • MINI04/11/2002

    can anyone tell me if the dusting powder reflect funny blue light on the skin ?

  • GISELLE WONG04/03/2002

    Here is my honest opinion. To me, Angel DOES INDEED have a sweet sense to it, by sweet I call to mind chocolate, or honey. However, the other tones and notes in the perfume does indeed somehow make it seem almost toxic to the smell. whatever it is, I can still sense the sweetness from a close distance- BUT THIS IS NOT something I would like to smell on people. I have smelled it on many of my friends, I have smelled it on myself, I have smelled it straight from the bottle, but regardless of whoever was wearing it, it should be used MORE AS an air/room freshener than a scent. Seriuosly, think about it. Room refresheners smell nice, but to smell it on people? The same with Angel. it is tolerable, but NOT the fragrance one would find pleasant on humans.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    too much chocalate, don't like it at all. Try Ghost instead, simular, but more subtle

  • VANESSA03/30/2002

    I despised this fragrance until I tried the body cream. It's much softer. Try it, you'll probably like it, too.

  • EVONE03/27/2002

    I agree that it is stronger than we women realize. When I first wore it my husband commented that it was too strong also. The funny thing about Angel is that I have never really liked it on any other woman. I just like the way I think it smells on me, not so much the spicy patchouli notes, but the fruity notes.

  • JENNIFER03/27/2002

    It is unusual, long lasting and I only found it strong at first

  • TRAV03/24/2002

    This perfume is SOOOOOO strong!!! I almost choked when I smelled it. It has a nice drydown, but it's just so powerful and so long lasting it's almost unbelievable. I sprayed a card at Filene's with it, and found it in a drawer two weeks later. It STILL smelled strong, and I only sprayed it twice. I suppose that's not entirely a bad thing, at this price you'd want to make it last. Every time I've smelled it on a woman it seemed like she literally bathed in it. Ladies, this can be very sexy but only when used very sparingly. One hit should do it.

  • SUSAN03/22/2002

    I never have had more compliments on the scent I am wearing than with Angel.I was in the hospital and had put it on early that morning. 10:00 pm people were asking me what i was wearing because it smelled like heaven. I just love it.

  • SHAUNA03/22/2002

    I'm sorry that Angel gave you a headache. You have to try the new one..Cologne..It's fabulous..when it's first sprayed it smell like soap but then warms up nicely..kinda reminds me of Bulgari homme. Good luck!!

  • DARLENE03/21/2002

    I know this is a very POPULAR fragrance, so I bought a bottle. I did not like Angel and it gave me a headache. My teen daughter didn't like it either, but hubby said he liked it. I like more fresh clean type scents.

  • PHYLLIS03/21/2002

    The sweetest smell on earth

  • PHYLLIS03/21/2002

    My signifigant other thinks it is just the greatest. He relates to the first date each time I wear it.

  • JESSICA03/20/2002

    I personally love the fragrance. And to all those people who think it smells like 'toxins', why don't you suggest a perfume that you like? It would make your claims more credible.

  • GIRLIE03/20/2002

    I know a woman who always has this distinct smell to her, where ever she goes. I made it a point one day to check her bathroom to see what perfume she always wears, because I was fascinated by it. After discovering it was Angel, I researched it on the internet to see where I could buy it-- all leading me to this very site. Anyway, the perfume is incredible and everytime I smell it, it puts me in a good mood!

  • ASCHATAN03/19/2002

    It's a french name. And Mugler - Mooglar

  • JOANNE03/16/2002

    I first noticed Angel perfume about seven years ago .... I was around several two different people that wore it.. when I asked what their heavenly scent was (no pun intended) they both replied "Angel". I had never heard of it.. the only place around where I live to buy it is about 25 miles from me.. it's worth the trip. When I wear this perfume (and I would absolutely pay double what I pay for it) I never, and I mean NEVER can get through one day with many people asking me what I am wearing and where can they get it. I work in retail and am around many people every day.

  • BLAKEMEN03/15/2002

    Thierry Mugler = Terry Moo-glay

  • FOLDWAGGON03/15/2002

    This is a really weird perfume - not my usual, though it does contain patchouli - it is really, really strange infact I can't stop sniffing my wrists and .... very powerful things, the olfactory glands.

  • ANGEE03/14/2002

    I started wearing Angel 7 years ago and I can't stop. I have two of the large atomizers, the large candle, two or three refillable purse sprays, a miniature star, the crystal desk set... I could go on and on. I have always periodically changed fragrances, but this is the one that is made for my personality and body chemistry. I get at least two or three compliments on it every week. I'll never switch.

  • SHERRY03/13/2002

    Terry Mug-ler. Not Teary or Thea-ree, just plain old Terry - at least that's how the girl at Nordstrom pronounced it.

  • MARYUS03/11/2002

    That's how a women should smell like.Angel-the celestial fragrance. Feels like in HEAVEN!!

  • ASCHATAN03/11/2002

    Yesterday I smelled it on a young woman standing at the same bus stop as I, but at a distance. And with LOTS of fresh air between us, I found her fragrance actually fascinating. I did not really like it, but I could not stop trying to catch another whiff, just like the way you keep poking with your tongue when you have a loose tooth as a child. It hurts, but still you keep coming back. Angel is nice ;-)

  • CURIOUS03/11/2002

    How do you pronounce Thierry Mugler? Thanks.

  • THE REAL JOEL03/10/2002

    No Sophie, someone is using my name. I realize my first message was a bit vociferous and crass about this product, and to Angel lovers I sincerely apologize. My wife and I have very little money at the moment, and I was utterly horrified and furious when she spent almost $100 of MY money on something that smells like this. I asked her to get rid of it as she "lost" the receipt, I didn't "force" her to throw it out. I still maintain my original opinion however, I absolutely detest this perfume. Ladies, in my humble opinion, Ocean Dream, Pure, Opium, and Realities all exhibit taste, class, femininity, and intense sex appeal and are all excellent, with special emphasis on Ocean Dream. Angel is just too sweet and I just don't find it pleasant at all. Innocent isn't bad at all, it's milder. Something to consider.

  • MARIA03/10/2002


  • ASCHATAN03/08/2002

    I personally cannot stand Angel, neither on myself, nor on other women. I'm quite happy the stuff is so expensive, because if it wasn't, I fear many of those Angel lovers would literally bathe in it - there are enough messages to that effect in the forum. And that would really and truly nauseate others... I know you love it, and I know many others do as well, but others hate it, and that does not make us bad, unangelic people. Most fans say they heard only positive feedback, but... who is brave and unpolite enough to tell another one that they smell horrible?!

  • SHANNON03/06/2002

    it seems that whenever i am out and about, men always ask me what sent i am wearing, then they state how provacative it is and mysterious. i danced with one guy and he had his head on my neck the whole night saying how good i smelled and when i looked at him he was just smiling.....Angel is a beautiful scent, but i actually recommend it more as an evening scent. enjoy ladies!!!!!

  • SANDRA03/06/2002

    This is one of the most deliciously unique fragrances ever. One sniff and I was hooked, and had to have it!

  • KAREN03/05/2002

    Angel can be worn year round. The quality and concentration of oils in the "eau de parfum" is equivalent to a lot of other lines' "pure perfumes" so use it accordingly. Also, the shower gel leaves a light but noticeable Angel scent all day. You may also like the dusting powder which is exquisite.

  • TRINA03/04/2002

    This perfume IS my mom. Everytime I smell it, I think of her.I love it!

  • ELISHA03/04/2002

    Hi, Sharon Yes wish is quite a bit lighter than Angel. I hope I have helped. Have a good one.

  • MICHELE03/03/2002

    I have been an Angel addict for over 7 years and I now wear no other perfume but Angel! Many many people have commented on the wonderful scent when I am wearing it. I have recently purchased the universal oil - it is bliss!!!

  • SHARON03/02/2002

    Thanks, Elisha for your response. Could you tell me if you consider Wish by Chopard to be "lighter" in scent than Angel? I would like something a bit lighter for summer. Thanks!

  • ELISHA02/28/2002

    Hi Sharon, I am just writing to let you know that Wish by Chopard is very similar to angel, but to me it smalls a bit fruitier. It is nice.

  • SHARON02/28/2002

    Is anyone out there familiar with the fragrance Wish by Chopard? I heard it was similar to Angel and I'm looking for something similar in scent to Angel (which I really like), just a lighter scent. If your familiar with Wish let me know if this would work. Thanks!

  • CAROL KIRBY02/26/2002

    A young man from California on our cruise ship picked me out of a crowd when he smelled the reminded him of a very special young lady back home!

  • SOPHIE02/26/2002

    Joel-Are you the same guy that his best friend's wife wore this and he made her throw it out? Just curious, what changed your mind? I am one that absolutely loves this--must work well with my body chemistry....lucky me!!! I always smell nice with this one.

  • SHARON GOULD02/26/2002

    My husband bought this 2 christmas's ago , and I just love it

  • JOEL02/26/2002

    I changed my mind about this one! I love it now!

  • THRILL'S ANGEL02/24/2002

    Anyone wanting a light version of Angel for summer should try the body mist. It is VERY light. I believe I got mine in the mail as a sample--but can't be sure. Here's a lesson for anyone interested: My guy asked me to bring my bottle of Angel to his place the next time I visited. (He REALLY likes the scent on me.) He then sprayed the heck out of his body pillow with it since we can't always be together. It's been about 1 to 2 weeks and he still smells me when he has to sleep alone! He says he is getting the best rest now. Soon though we plan to pitch the pillow and be together forever!

  • GAIL02/23/2002

    Your "Deep Impact" message cracked me up!!LOL! I love this perfume, but you are so right, it is strong. The trick is to go light!Bye!!

  • PERFUME ADDICT02/21/2002

    Once you smelt this scent you will never forget it. It's like being hit on the head with a frying pan. It should have been called "Deep Impact". It is so strong you can usually smell it from 5 metres away when someone is wearing it. I understand it is unusual, and it's cool how they combined the different notes together but the base note is too strong for a girl scent.

  • CINDY02/20/2002

    I have never seen a fragrance cause such a controversy. It's hard to believe that people are describing the same scent. I would love to try the scent before I buy. Can anyone tell me where and how to get a sample. I am intrigued by all of the messages I read on this board. Thanks!

  • SHAUNA02/19/2002

    Angel innocent is similar but nowhere as nice. I use just the shower gel and then dusting powder in the summer. If it's after sundown I will spritz ONLY ONCE into the air and walk through it and it will last lightly all evening.

  • GEO02/18/2002

    I received Angel in the cologne spray crystal star for Christmas from my darling daughter this year. I cherish it, and swear that it has so many levels to it, that for 2 days it is acting on you. I love the classics, and this gave me a wonderful adjustment to new perfumiers concoctions. Have you ever been to Grasse and toured a perfume factory??? They are surrounded by fields of flowers and it is so amazing and so primitive at the same time how these enduring perfumes are made. I think there is vanilla and tobacco and about 20 other essences in this, all taking on their own beautiful balance. It is strong the first 10 minutes, but then watch and see. You'll be entranced with what this will do to you, and others. The glass spray bottle is a keeper, and fits like a glove in your hand. So beautiful, I wish it could stand upright on my dresser. Please give it a dare Georgia

  • CYNTHIA02/18/2002

    Smells like cotton candy laid over something dark, oily and musky-adult. Carry a bag of cookies in your purse if you want to smell like Angel.

  • R.F.02/18/2002

    I love the original Angel, but some say it's too "heavy" a scent to wear in summer. Is the Angel Innocent similar at all in scent to the original? And, are there any suggestions for something that smells like Angel that is light enough to wear in the summer? Thanks !

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    Like others on this board, I only wear in the winter and very sparingly. The drydown is heaven!

  • THERESE 02/16/2002

    This fragrance is the best!! Everyone flocks to me when I wear this one. Hard to keep a low profile with this scent.

  • SOPHIE02/16/2002

    I have been wearing Angel all year long for 3 yrs now. It is a stronger scent, but I can't help it. I haven't received any complaints just compliments.

  • GAIL02/16/2002

    I personally don't wear Angel in the summer simply because it is a heavier scent! So,when I start missing it, I wear the lotion. You might want to try Angel Innocent for that time of year. It's slightly different though, a little more fruit and spice. Still very similar to Angel!

  • ASHLEY02/16/2002

    This is the most intoxicating fragrance I've ever worn! I absolutely love it! I even spray it on before I go to bed, just so I can breath in it's wonderful aroma.

  • VIVIEN02/15/2002

    Personally I would restrict ANGEL to winter and fall, as it is such a sweet and strong fragrance and very little of it goes a long way.

  • RITA02/14/2002

    1. Hypnotic Poison (very delicious, vanilla and almond) 2. Lolita Lempicka (again very sweet, smells like vanilla icing) 3. Angel (chocolate, yum!) 4. Escada Tropical Punch (the name says it all) 5. Sui Dreams by Anna Sui (another really fruity one)

  • SHARON P.02/12/2002

    Do any of you ladies out there wear Angel during the summer, or is it just for winter?

  • CHRISTI02/10/2002

    I, too, love Angel. To me, it is almost addictive. People that say it is a love-it-or-hate-it perfume are right. But aren't most great, origin al perfumes like that? I would definitely put it in my "Top Five" ( I also have a top 10, top 20, etc.)My top five favorites are Angel, Knowing, Amarige, Giorgio, and Jil Sander no 4. You can tell I like distinctive fragrances. I was curious if anyone else has a top 5 or top 10?

  • PJ BY THE LAKE02/09/2002

    I love it, every since my husband bought it 3 years ago. Hard to find in our scent I've every worn.

  • TONI02/07/2002


  • ANGEL02/07/2002

    Angel is my all time favorite, it is no longer available in my home town, so i have flown to chicago to buy it at the duty -free shop, but now i can buy it here for half the price, plus save air fare.

  • CAROL E02/03/2002

    I wish you had a wish list, where you coule highlight a product and send someone an email to let them know you'd like that product.

  • SOPHIE02/02/2002

    My husband bought me Cuddle Duds for Christmas this year. They are thermal underwear for women. They are made from this awful-feeling material that I hated as a kid. When I tried to explain I couldn't stand the polyester feel to them, he really took it personally. After returning them, I have decided to refill my bottle of Angel instead. Although this perfume isn't for everyone, it's just right for me.

  • ~K*E*L*L*Y* J*E*A*N*~02/01/2002

    It's so funny. I always loved Angle, but its sooo expensive, so i never bought it, but then I decided to splurge. Ever since, it is my all-time favorite. On my mom it smells like garbage, but on me its smells really good! People always ask me what Im wearing, even guys! I heard it is an aphrodisiac, so....well, the guys are going good. Anywaym try it on and if it works with your chemistry, buy it! I love it, very very happy! -Love Kel

  • MARIA ECHEVARRIA01/30/2002

    I was introduced to this perfume while I was in Paris about 5 years ago. I was immediately hooked. When I came back to New York people would stop and ask me about my fragrance. It is by far my all time favorite.

  • CHFUNNYFARM01/29/2002

    i stopped a lady in a grocery store and asked what she was wearing. she told me angel and in mobile, al nobody sells it. i have to get it off the internet or make a trip to saks in n.o. i'm hooked and even bought it for my husband.

  • ANGEL01/24/2002

    Ladies, I have read most of your comments on ANGEL and am delighted! I work for the company and must tell all of those ladies out there that say Angel is to strong, wear it!! It is a truly French perfume and must be worn, to appreciate it. Angel does not contain any flowers. It's wonderful for Women with allergies!! To wear this Fragrance is Heaven on Earth!!!! All of the body products are treatment products. They all are all heaven sent. The body powder is like velvet. It's only sold at Christmas. The body cream is the BEST!!!!!!!

  • ANGEL01/24/2002

    Ladies, I have read most of your comments on ANGEL and am delighted! I work for the company and must tell all of those ladies out there that say Angel is to strong, wear it!! It is a truly French perfume and must be worn, to appreciate it. Angel does not contain any flowers. It's wonderful for Women with allergies!! To wear this Fragrance is Heaven on Earth!!!!

  • SALI01/23/2002

    Angel to me is a very potent, sweet blend of vanilla along with all the other gourmand notes of fruits, chocolate and honey. The drydown is heavy with patchouli. I feel it should be worn with a light hand. It does not smell of flowers at all. Angel is unique and I think it's one of those love-it-or-hate-it scents.

  • T01/22/2002

    my sister turned me on to it, I live in Pgh. You can't find it except one location as far as department stores. When I smell the fragrance it's well appreciated.

  • SATOKO01/21/2002 not a good thing. Also the vanilla/chocolate accord is neither sexy to me nor my man. I like Angel as a perfume but not on me. With just about everybody wearing it now, I'd rather wear something else.

  • DAPHENA01/15/2002

    I love it! Its my favorite perfume, and we all know there are many out there.If you love feeling like a woman, why not smell like one? It's # 1....

  • LIZA01/14/2002

    Two things might help: 1. If you use the spray, give one quick spray in the air away from you and walk through it before getting dressed. Let dry before putting on your clothes. OR 2. Using unscented body lotion, measure out the amount you need for one use and mix in a couple of drops of Angel. That way, you can use it without getting such a strong dose. Buy the smallest size and replace it once a year - think of all the habits out there that cost so much more!

  • CAROLINE01/14/2002

    Here's an Angel story with a strange but pleasant twist. I tried Angel for the very first time at a department store a few months ago. At first spritz, I thought this smells pretty good, and got a sample vial to take home from the sales lady. Twenty minutes later, I found myself overpowered by the smell, with a headache, sweats and nausea to boot. Like one of the other ladies, I went in the bathroom to wash my wrist. Five minutes later I could still smell it. I washed my wrist again but to no avail. At home, I washed with scented bubblebath, again to no avail. My only solution was to rub deodorant on my wrist (after which I vowed to stay away from that stuff forever.) But a week later, I found myself thinking of the fragrance and wanting to smell it again. I found my sample vial another week later and put the minutest amount of Angel on my wrist. It was nice. I tried wearing it to work one day, again being very sparing with it. I got compliments. My dilemma now is, I really don't want a spray bottle because the amount it jets out is too much for me. But, if I get the non-spray refill, I have to use it so sparingly that it will go bad from being opened all the time. What to do, what to do?

  • CARRIE01/07/2002

    I love the perfume & the bottle!!

  • PERFUMELANG01/03/2002

    I love Angel it is truly amazing.It is so divine I am always getting compilments when I wear it.Last month I wore it to a Christmas party and everyone including my babysitter and Friend wanted to know what I wore she said it smelled wonderful.When you get it buy the refill bottle you save a ton and just refill it.Also send in the little card in the box when you first buy Angel then you are registered in the Angel club you get lots of goodies in the mail and also you get nice little booklets and discount cards what a great company and even better perfume.Enjoy!

  • COYOTE01/01/2002

    I am not fond of Angel; I find it oversweet and a touch strange, but as others have said, fragrance likes and dislikes are very much a matter of individual taste. Pricing: Yes, many fragrances (like Angel) are overpriced. Whenever I can, I shop in the New York City wholesale district -- that's Broadway between 31 and 30 streets in Manhattan. Great bargains, but you have to know what you want and you can't get all the components of a fragrance wardrobe in the discount shops. I have not seen perfume there, only eau de toilette spray or eau de parfum spray; sometimes body lotion or shower gel as well.

  • TINA12/30/2001

    This really smells devine!!My favorite!

  • BETH12/29/2001

    This perfume is wonderful!!! I love it!!! One word of caution though... it's strong, so use it sparingly. It last a long time and if you put to much on,it can be too over powering!!

  • HEATHER12/29/2001

    This fragrance is just ok, not great, not bad. I definitely would not waste money on it.

  • JOEL12/29/2001

    Well, I don't know if I'd go quite that far, but I do hate it. I know a lot of people like this stuff, that's up to them. I just think it's positively dreadful. Maybe if it wasn't so strong, Innocent isn't bad.

  • E12/26/2001


  • as a male, I do not pretend to be an expert on women's fragrances or (anything else for that matter), but a friend of mine my wears Angel. She is best smelling woman I have ever been around. I love Angel. When women ask me what fragrance I like on a woman, I tell them Angel. Everyone's body chemistry and sense of smell is different, so it is understandable why some individuals would not like it. My friend is beautiful and she wears a fragrance to match it. Just my opinion.

  • MARIA DEL CARMEN12/20/2001

    I think this is the best perfume that she wears.

  • CARLA12/20/2001

    This is a great scent.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Coconut suntan lotion; pineapple; cotton candy. Why?

  • GAIL12/19/2001

    For all of you out there who love Angel, I found out something interesting about the original scent.I've heard that there is a perfume called Les Feminines Nirmala by Molinard that smells just like Angel, so I decided to check it out.When the man in the store sprayed it on a card, I couldn't believe how much it smelled exactly like Angel.We started talking and he asked me if I heard about the law suit against Theirry Muegler brought by Molinard.Long story short,the creator of Nirmala in the 1950's also created Angel in 1993. It is the EXACT same scent.So here's the kicker, you can get 3.4 oz. of Nirmala for sooooooooo much less than Angel. Of course the bottle isn't near as pretty, but if you're just going for the scent, there you have it!!Also, I tested each scent on fragrance strips and they both last long!

  • L.K.12/19/2001

    ...about the parfume:for myself I say the best ever,deep,sexy..something about!when you wear it,by the time passing,the smell is changing into different levels...and people around me like is up to opinion. about the people on this web-page:please if your hormones getting messed-up,you have thousands another web links to show off....nobody is interesting about your bullshiting!it a web to share the opinions on parfumes,wake-up!

  • LINDA12/18/2001

    Where can I find a sample of Angel on-line? Thank you!

  • CINDER12/14/2001

    I loved this fragrance from the first time I smelled it! I have never had a perfume get so much positive reaction. I will never wear anything else.

  • NONAME12/12/2001

    zekiye don'y know what classy fragrance smells like, because you probably like smelling like shit. ANGEL SMELLS WONDERFUL

  • LANA12/12/2001

    At first, i did not like angel and could not understand what all the fuss was about, then i got a little sample and it grew on, plus the fact i love its packaging and signture bottle, i even started wearing innocent too, and everybody always tells me how wonderful it smells on me, now its one of favorites, next to tiffanys, chanel #5, qulec a fluer, michael kors, etc.

  • ZEKIYE12/09/2001

    A colleague of mine used to wear it and I am not sure whether it was the frangrance itself or the way it interacted with her skin but it smelled absolutely horrible: sweet and cheap mixed with b.o.

  • KARINA12/08/2001

    Vanessa, I think you may have hit the nail on the head about Angel. Actually, I like the smell of patchouli on its own, or blended with florals, but you're right- when I thought about it blended with chocolate and caramel, I thought "Yuck"! It's funny you mentioned Gucci Rush as well, because (in addition to Angel and a few others) it's one of the only perfumes that makes me feel nauseated. Thanks for the input!

  • LOO12/07/2001

    This service is just to share opinions of fragrances! Now, I bought this fragrance 3 years ago and it smells great it is very different! And I know everyone has there own opinion, preference and taste! Isn't that what makes us unique!!!

  • TONI12/06/2001

    The first time that I smelled Angel, it instantly became my favorite perfume. I liked it so much, I pretty much stopped using anything else. Although it's a bit pricy, its well worth the cost.

  • TONI12/06/2001

    The first time that I smelled Angel, it instantly became my favorite perfume. I liked it so much, I pretty much stopped using anything else. Although it's a bit pricy, its well worth the cost.

  • VANESSA12/05/2001

    I think it's the patchouli. It doesn't mix well with all those other edible smells. Gucci Rush has patchouli too and a lot of people hate it.

  • NIECY12/04/2001

    I just tried this fragrance and I absolutely love it. I am on my way to purchase other products in this fragrance

  • MARGO11/29/2001

    I've been wearing Angel for about four years. It is the only perfume I've ever worn that makes everyone react! Most people say it smells edible. Sounds good to me.

  • KARINA11/29/2001

    I find it really interesting that certain fragrances on this site seem to generate intensely heated debate- and Angel is probably the most controversial of all (Estee Lauder's Youth-Dew and Chanel #5 are close seconds) Guess it just goes to show how powerful and personal the sense of smell is- people will condemn or defend a fragrance with equal passion. It makes me wonder if there is something specific in Angel that causes all this furor? Some people have complained about it being too "heavy"- but I don't think that's it. I for one love many heavy, Oriental scents (e.g., I adore Youth Dew and Opium) but I can't stand Angel. I've looked at the breakdown of the ingredients- no florals at all, main notes are chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and honey- all pretty inoffensive, wouldn't you say? I mean, most people, if asked, would say they liked the smell of any of those ingredients on their own. Those are comforting smells that we all grew up with. So what about it makes so many people not merely dislike it, but actually get sick from it? I would really love to know, since I am one of those people- I can't help it, and it's not something I can control, I just smell it, and I want to throw up! And there are just as many people who swear by Angel and can't get enough of it. A fascinating mystery!

  • GAIL11/28/2001


  • KELLY11/28/2001

    It takes some getting used to because it's so different. It grows on you, and then you're hooked! I love it.

  • *J*11/28/2001

    just as bad as poison...nothing angelic about heavy smelling toxins...

  • CHRISTINA11/27/2001

    My roommate brought a sample home for me and this stuff smelled nasty. Angel smells like a mix of cotton candy and Opium and simply permeates anything it touches. It has one thing going for never forget the smell. This girl in the elevator had it on and I almost needed oxygen by the time I got off the elevator. GROSS! The men's is equally as nasty!

  • TRINA11/27/2001

    I luv it!

  • ZARA11/26/2001

    i absolutely love the angel perfume, im wondering about purchasing angel innocent, will i like it???

  • KAREN11/26/2001

    I find that the shower gel lasts a long time on me. If it's warm or I'm going to be around alot of people, all I use is the gel then one quick spritz of the fragrance (I walk through it) because it is so powerful. The patchouli in the base notes lingers all day on me. I hope this helps.

  • TIFFANY11/19/2001

    angel is the best

  • GAIL11/19/2001

    The bath products in this line are also excellent!!!The body lotion is perfect alone if you want a lighter touch for a work out at the gym!!It's really great stuff.

  • GAIL11/19/2001

    I bet you wear Brut, or better yet Old Spice.EEWWWWWWW!!!!!!YUCK!!!

  • AMANDA11/18/2001

    I bought the dusting powder and it is wonderful!!! the shower gel doesn't last long but shower gels normally don't anyway

  • SOPHIE11/17/2001

    I use the shower gel, lotion and perfume. The lotion is lovely--doesn't leave you greasy. The shower gel is nice in the shower, but doesn't last long. I like the lotion and perfume the best. Doubt I will buy the gel any longer. Of course if it's a gift--I'll take it!

  • JACQUELINE11/17/2001

    Angel is my favorite perfume to wear. I get nothing but compliments on this beautiful celestial fragrance. I've only bought the fragrance and not any of the other products. I'm interested in buying the shower gel and dusting powder. Can any Angel-wearers give me an idea on what the shower gel and dusting powder are like? (The people who don't like Angel needn't answer this.) Thanks.

  • SANDI D.11/16/2001

    If anyone remembers in the movie Micheal, they talk about how he smells different to different people.How appropriate.Maybe that's how it is with angels. I feel the same about Angel Parfume. Great for some and not so good on others.At a crowded conference (2500 people) One of the vendors asked what my daughter and I were wearing. She said she couldn't smell it when we were standing there, but finally figured out that she could smell the lovely fragrance whenever we walked by. What a compliment. As for too many people starting to catch on to this, how fortunate for me to live in a smaller city where it's not sold. I certainly don't mind a little trip to pick it up.

  • JOY11/15/2001

    i just bought their dusting powder, it's soooooo beautiful,it made me feel like a 500 carat diamond

  • KINGA11/14/2001

    Angel is by far the greatest fragrance out there! It is strong,but does it ever attract attention!

  • MICHAEL11/09/2001

    I agree with Giovanna. I can't believe that people take it as a personal insult just because someone doesn't like a fragrance. I thought we were adults. As for Angel, I personally don't care for it. Innocent isn't bad though. As far as body chemistry goes, I think it smells bad right on the piece of paper. Not for everyone.

  • GIOVANNA11/09/2001

    I don't understand why some people become so angry whenever someone writes a negative comment about certain products. How childish! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, be it positive or negative.

  • CATHERINE S11/09/2001

    Angelica, i agree with you 100%! You put it so aptly.... males love the aura of Angel...

  • GIOVANNA11/09/2001

    Some women in my office wear this. Guys hate it, and so do I. I wished they were a little more considerate and saved this for after-work activities. This stuff is so strong it is sometimes hard to focus with all that heaviness in the air.

  • CATHERINE S11/09/2001

    Just reading all these comments has made me realise how controversial a topic Angel is. Just look at the long list of posted entries. To me, Angel is the best thing that has come into my life. People ask me: "what are you wearing?" "it smells so good". Angel is definitely MY most favorite perfume, partly because it agrees with my natural body oils. And that irresistable blue star bottle.. only Mugler genius could invent that. Chocolate? Not always. How it smells is different for everyone. Some men love the scent, and the women who wear it are, in fact, angels themselves. So well done, Thierry Mugler, for making this absolutely celestial scent for all the angels in the world... Sexy!

  • "ANGEL"ICA11/07/2001

    I have a suggestion for all of those Angel lovers out there who love the fragrance but hate the price. Perlier makes a fragrance called Sun of Sicily that smells almost identicle (I say almost because true Angel lovers will notice a slight difference) to Angel at a fraction of the cost. I believe it is only available through HSN. It smells just enough like Angel to keep me satisfied, but I must admit I'm sure I'll breakdown and get the original eventually. Just one comment for everyone who purchases Angel and then regrets it. Why didn't you try to get a sample first? I wasn't sure I would like it either, so instead of making a big $$$ purchase on something I wasn't even sure I'd like, I went to Nordstroms and got a .04oz. sample "for free." That way if you didn't like it you could just throw it away and the only thing you would've been out was the time spent scrubbing it off.

  • JOLENE11/06/2001

    I can't make up my mind about Angel. I know it's supposed to be one of those instant love it or hate it fragrances, but I'm still undecided. I've heard people say things like, "You don't wear Angel, Angel wears you.", but somehow it doesn't seem that overpowering to me. When I've previously tried it on in the department stores, it's sweetness didn't gross me out the way certain other perfumes have. It doesn't smell like chocolate on me though, but it was still agreeable with my body chemistry. Angel does have great packaging too. I love the blue star bottle. What I don't like about it, is the price. $80 for a 1.7 oz bottle??? Thierry Mugler must be joking! That is just a rip-off for this type of fragrance. At that price, I could buy a fragrance of a much higher caliber than Angel is - like something by Chanel or Guerlain. If some of you are looking for a less sweet fragrance without the steep price, you might want to try Lolita Lempicka.

  • JEANNIE11/05/2001

    I love the fragrance of this perfume and better still, my husband loves it. Thanks to Thierry for putting this fragrance together.

  • BOB11/03/2001

    I guess you either love or hate this scent. I'm of the latter school. I digress a bit here, but I can't believe people take things so personally in these forums. Just because someone doesn't like a certain scent doesn't mean they have to attack them verbally. Grow up. Anyway, I'm not disrespecting any of the women who like this scent, it's their choice if they want to wear it. When it's used lightly, ( which it almost never is), it is tolerable. But this is a very heavy, very thick scent. My best friend's wife wears it and he absolutely hates it. I won't say what he says it smells like. Use your imagination.

  • MICHELE HEADS11/02/2001

    I worked in the city and have used Angel since it first came out. I will never use any other fragrance. People (men and women) stop me and say -- "What are you wearing?" -- its so beautiful that they want to get it. Men say it's edible. A true blessing -- a gift.

  • SOPHIE11/01/2001

    Well said, well said! You certainly seemed to figure it out. Maybe we lovers of the scent possess an aura to carry it off. Nice of you to put it so "angelic"

  • PERFUMELOVER11/01/2001

    Another good wintertime scent is Todd Oldham, or Nikki de St. Phalle

  • JOAN OF ARC11/01/2001

    I see 2 opposite sides for this coin! Some of you hate it, and some of you love it. I went to the Sephora store at Downtown Disney, and sprayed a bit on my wrist. My boyfriend really liked it, so, I decided to order it from here...but I it really that overpowering? Does it really make you gag? Or it is all perception? I am an intense and outlandish type of woman, and I want my fragance to reflect some of that. I felt that Angel is the right compliment for the right person. Perhaps if you are a bit odd and unique, you will love this scent, and are proud of it. And perhaps if you are a bit more conventional, you will hate it. Any more comments?

  • JESSICA10/30/2001

    I am so happy with Angel. I normally don't spend so much on my perfume, but I really fell in love with this scent. My younger sister asked for it last holidays and that is where I heard about it. I don't like the smell when it goes on, but the fragrance really individualizes in about 20-30 minutes.... Just put in on before you go out and you are ready to smell good soon.

  • DIANE10/29/2001


  • SOPHIE10/27/2001

    Sorry to hear you don't fit in the Angel set, Jen. I admit at first Angel may be too strong for some, but I would rather invest in something that doesn't wear off after an hour or so. Maybe personality has something to do with it too. Like the saying "You are what you eat"--I wear what I am! Just so happens I'm an angel!!!!

  • PHYLLIS10/24/2001

    Anyone who does not like Angel really has no sense of smell, Mr. Mugler you have done a wonderful job. I love all of your products. Keep up all the good smells.

  • JEN10/22/2001

    I smelled the bottle and thought "ooo, that's kinda nice." Had my friend smell it and she said "Yuck!" The sales lady came over and said it had a base of chocolate with notes of grape and blackberry. We walked away and my friend said "all I could smell was the chocolate!!" I hadn't picked up on that the first time so I went back and sprayed a bit on my hand. Five minutes later the scent was so overpowering we were both gagging. The sickly sweet chocolate smell was awful! I went to the washroom and SCRUBBED my hand for five minutes straight and the scent still didn't come off. Its the only perfume I've ever smelled that I've had such a strong revulsion for.

  • GAIL10/21/2001

    If you're looking for another good winter scent, try Paloma Picassso.

  • SOPHIE10/20/2001

    My husband and daughter bought Angel for me as a Christmas gift a few years ago. It seems to fit me well. I get complimented because it smells great on me. Scents are different on people. Guess that explains why some love it and some hate it. Lucky us that can wear it! For the person wanting a winter scent--try Cinnabar by Estee Lauder. It's very spicy and good for the winter months.

  • MONIKA YOHANNES10/20/2001

    men and women i don't even know stop and ask me what perfume i am wearing and where can they purchase it. they fall in love the scent is so clean smelling and not overpowering just plain sexy.

  • ASTRID10/18/2001

    i just love this perfume!! For me life is incomplete without it. Thank you Mr. Thierry Mugler for giving us this heavenly fragrance.

  • BETH10/18/2001

    i really like angel except for the fact that it smells a little too powdery for my liking .. alas, i've experimented and everyone says "it's not you." too girly, maybe? my search for a winter scent continues ..

  • SAMANTHA10/17/2001

    I was given Angel as a gift and my first impression is that it had a strong not-so-nice scent. Then I tried it a couple of times, and I guess my nose is getting used to the scent. I now think that is not the best one, but it's not that bad either.

  • VICKI10/15/2001

    I've been wearing Angel for years (approx: 4) and I've tried other fragrances just to switch it up a little. Nothing compares to Angel. YOu'll keep going back and start receiving compliments again on your scent! It's a no brainer. Wear Angel!

  • GAIL10/10/2001

    This has to be my all time favorite perfume. I started wearing it in 1993. When it first came out. It was so different.Too bad it seems to be catching on. I liked it better when just a few people knew about it.It's not for everyone though.Pretty strong!But really nice.

  • JENNY10/10/2001

    This is the absolute worst smelling perfume ever. I couldn't wash it off fast enough. Yuk!!!!!!

  • PERFUME LADY10/06/2001

    My kids, husband and many others love Angel. I enjoy it too but I have a problem with how strong it is. Just one spritz on my wrist and people smell me coming and going. I think that perfume should only be strong enough such that someone who gives you a kiss or a hug can smell you. So I have avoided Angel because it is so strong even though the comments I got were often good. I think it is impolite to wear a fragrance that assaults people when I enter a room. I just got a new Angel product though that gives me the smell of Angel but is very light. It is called HUILE UNIVERSELLE - Oil for face, body and hair. I got it at Filene's and I am sure that most stores that carry Angel will have it there too. I hope this will be of help to all of you that love Angel but I avoided it becuase it is too strong.

  • SPITBATH10/05/2001

    P.S. It really isn't bad at all to wear when I have a cold and can't smell anything. I get lots of complements and don't have to suffer the consequences!!!

  • SPITBATH10/05/2001

    I bought this since I was curious as to what it smelled like considering all of the comments were either very negative or entirely positive. I wanted a certain guy that I've been after for years to like me, so I tried this stuff on and went for the kill. He liked the smell, I spent the evening gagging. At the end of the night, I confessed how noxious the scent was to me, and he said he would've liked me without the smell simply because of my humor and confidence. My advice: if you're buying this to catch a guy, try your OWN qualities out first. You might be surprised at the result, and it'll probably save you a heck of alot of money!

  • KRIS09/25/2001

    Everyone raves about the chocolate note in this fragrance, but I think it's overshadowed by sweet, sweet, sweet! For a real chocolate note, buy a fragrance by Comptoir Sud Pacifique or Fresh.

  • BEARUK09/23/2001

    I have noticed a few negative comments about Angel. As a man I can tell you, I love the scent of Angel on every woman that has worn it. I gave some samples to my best friend, she said it was the only fragrance in a long time she liked. How could I refuse her, I bought her the 75ml glamour star.

  • AMY09/21/2001

    My father purchased Angel for me as a birthday gift. It is the only fragrance I have ever found that literally drives men crazy. My boyfriend and others constantly tell me the scent is intoxicating and my boyfriend told me "I love your dad for buying this" I never would have picked this on my own, but I love it

  • CARRIE09/19/2001

    That's the only word I can think of for this fragrance.

  • EBONY09/18/2001

    I love Angel. Angel is not for everyone. It smells great on me and last all day long. Its smell is sweet and sexy at the same time. I think that this perfume should be used in the wintertime, it's a little too heavy for the spring and summer. The only thing that I don't like about Angel, is that when you wear it everyone how knows the sent, they know it's Angel. Angel has a very unique sent. Lovely if you ask me.

  • MEME09/17/2001

    No matter what they say about it smelling like chocolate or doesn't. That was the reason I tried and I was very disappointed and upset that I spent that much on something I absolutely hated and made me sick to smell.

  • VIKI09/17/2001

    Yes,it's special and unique, but I don't like perfumes with FOOD notes, especialy chocolate notes!!??? (I only like to eat chocolate). I hate when I smell Angel on someone, I can't stand it.

  • KATHY09/14/2001

    Perfume is like Art --- it's all an interpretation of the eyes of the beholder. To each his own. Kathy - Texas

  • KATHY09/14/2001

    I was wearing Angel the night my husband and I statred dating, and we had our first kiss because he was smelling my perfume on my arm..... I know super sappy-- but true! I love angel, and yes it is a very powerful scent. A little goes a long way-- try the body cream or lotion. ONly to be used during the winter months. Kathy - Texas

  • HAPPYGIRL09/12/2001

    I did not like this scent at all. Way too strong and heavy. Not at all what I expected. Yucky.

  • H.09/11/2001

    Angel is different. Very strong at first, but it softens, and in my opinion, beautifully. Definitely sample it first because it is expensive.

  • MARY09/07/2001

    I have tried so many different perfumes for the past several years to find something I liked more than anything else. I found that in Angel. Not everyone will like it and I am sure I would not like what they use. It's the only scent I have used in years where people in restaurants have approched me to ask the name of what I was wearing. Men love the scent.Try the body lotion.

  • MAGGIE09/04/2001

    I did not like this at all. Mind you, I LOVE strong, heavy perfumes, but this one was too much. Even for me(gasp!)

  • ANDREA09/04/2001

    I was browsing around the *Mac* cosmetic's as the sales lady approched I had to ask her what fragrance she was wearing. She then said; "Angel" I can't wait till I get my hands on a bottle of "Angel" so people can start asking me what I'm wearing!!! I guess its the whole era of the scent, you start thinking a halo is above your head :O)

  • MJM08/23/2001

    I am addicted. The scent of Angel satisfies my senses. I love it!!!

  • MICHELLE08/23/2001

    This is another one of those extremely strong scents! Way too overpowering!

  • JULIE08/23/2001

    Angel is a very different fragrance. I received it for a gift, and didn't like it, but it grows on you. People comment on it when I wear it, smells better after you wear it awhile. Can still smell it after waking up in the morning, a little goes a long way. I'm on my second bottle! Hopefully I receive it every year!

  • CINDY 08/18/2001

    i am have been going to all the stores and i am unable to found it . would like to try it before i buy it. and i return it if i buy it from the net thanks.

  • CATARINA08/17/2001

    Why would anyone wear this still remains a mistery to me.

  • JULIA DODOO08/16/2001


  • CATHY TANNER08/14/2001

    Angel is not like any other perfume I have ever worn.I get compliments everytime I wear it.Angel was a gift to me and I get special feelings when I haave it on.Pamper yourself...Buy it.

  • CATHY TANNER08/13/2001

    Angel perfume is like no other I have ever worn.I get compliments everytime I wear it.Angel was a gift to me wich brings special feelings everytime I have it on.Pamper it!

  • ELISHA BACON08/10/2001

    In my prevoious post I said that Angel did not smell good on me because of my chemistry. To my surprise I bought a miniature bottle for my sister and it smelled good on me. I guess the bottle at the department staore was old. i am definately going to get myself a bottle now!!

  • BRENDA07/31/2001

    Angel smells absolutely wonderful. Men and women stop me and compliment me on my perfume. The other wonderful thing about it is I am not allergic to it. 99% of the perfumes give me a headache or make it hard for me to breathe. Since Angel is not made from flowers I have absolutely no ractions to it. It is heavenly!

  • SHAUNE07/29/2001

    This is the most exquisite scent ever made. Every time I go out both men and women stop me to ask me what the wonderful scent is that I am wearing. I get more compliments on this than I have ever gotten on Chanel, Lauren, Gucci, and Biagotti products. It smells different on everyone. Try a sample size first if you are unsure, but try it!!!

  • AMY07/24/2001

    Angel is WAY over rated. It smells cheap and is definately not cheap to buy. It is not worth it. I tried it myself and had to shower immediately because the smell made me want to gag. Too musky, has a hint of vanilla, but not enough to make it smell good. Don't waste your money on this one, I am afraid you would be disappointed like I was. Luckily I was able to sell mine on eBay (poor bidder).

  • KARINA07/07/2001

    I adore perfume, and even if I don't love a particular fragrance, I can usually understand how someone else might, or enjoy the way it smells on another person- with the exception of Angel! There is someting about it that I find absolutely nauseating- it smells cloying, and even though it is made by Thierry Mugler, and I'm sure was produced by a good perfume house, it smells very cheap. Also, it seems that every woman who wears it (I can spot it each and every time-it's very distinct) takes a bath in it! Please- if you must wear Angel, apply it lightly, because you should know that you're making some people sick!

  • ELISHA07/07/2001

    My English profesor loved this perfume and it smelled wonderful on her. The classroom smeeled like Angel, so to my disappointment when I went to the department store to try it it smelled horrible on me. It did not work with my chemistry.

  • SUE06/25/2001

    this perfuem is the best perfume i have ever smelled! even thu it is very expensive i wud still buy it (if i had the $$$, i'm only 14 yr). but you could get the big one for 75 and then when u empty it, go to a macy's department store and get it refilled for $35.00!

  • LINDA06/24/2001

    i'm complimented,and committed

  • SANDRA06/13/2001

    This fragrance is divine. It is all I ever use. Everywhere I go I get comments on how wonderful I smell. Everyone wants to know what it is and where they can get it. One morning while dropping my son off at school, a 6 yr. old boy stopped me in the hall & asked me how I always smelled so good! What more could I ask for! Now, every time I see him I give him a hug!

  • LINN06/13/2001

    hai... at last I got an Angle Perfume...I really love it... But I got one problem. Well, when I spray on my skin, my skin turned red. I don't know why? because before this I used so many perfume from other different brand but I don't have this kind of problem.I really love the smell and I can't stop myself not to used it. So, is there anybody got a same problem?

  • CHERYL06/10/2001

    That's the best word to descrobe Amgel. On a visit to my orthopaedic Dr., he immediately said "you're wearing Angel" and went into a speel about it. He then had all of the females in the practice coming in to smell what I was wearing. He had been trying to describe it to them but could never get the right words. I had one of the small sample sprays with me and let them all try it. They all left rambling on about it, and his remark was "don't think about it as Xmas gift next year and they all laughed. On my last visit, I immediately recognized the fragrance on some of the staff. Greatest fragrance out there. Talc Powder leaves a shimmering sparkle and aroma lasts forever! Thank you Thierry Mugler!

  • CINDY06/05/2001

    This scent is heavenly!! I have worn it since I sampled it in Dillard's, This scent is different from any others because it is made with chocolate. Who would've guessed? It is very pricey but I feel this luxury is worth it! I have found that a man can't seem to keep his hands off of me when I have it on and I'm sure other women feel the same!!! ENJOY!!!!

  • TMBE05/18/2001

    I became very curious about this fragrance after hearing a description of a perfume by Perlier that is supposed to smell similar to Angel. I'd never heard of it or smelled it before, but was very intrigued with all of the descriptions I was reading. I got a sample of it and had mixed emotions at first but , it has totally grown on me. It is definately all of the things everyone says it is unique, different and exotic. It's kind of like beer, you have to acquire a taste for it. It might sound weird but, it also reminds me of that sweet smell of tobacco. Not for everyone but, it's one fragrance where you won't meet yourself coming and going. However, the men's version was too much.

  • KAREN05/02/2001

    Be careful when buying ANYTHING in Chinatown--almost everything is an imitation of the original. The perfumes are made by a company that recreates the scent and the packaging, therefor, you are really paying way too much for a knockoff. They do the ame with bags, watches, belts, scarves, etc. (I got a fabulous Coach bag for $30.00 that was IDENTICAL to the one a friend paid $300.00 for at Coach).

  • YONNIE04/30/2001

    Hai! where in Malaysia did I can find the Angle. I live in Malaysia and would to know.

  • LESLIE04/28/2001

    Alexandra, That was a 3.4 oz but just the same great price. It was somewhere in Chinatown, not too familiar with streets. Next time I go down, I'll get the location. Or I will ask the person I went with My email is goldl @

  • ALEXANDRA04/21/2001

    Leslie, where in Manhattan did you find the refillable 8.4 for $80? I live in Manhattan, and would love to know.

  • CHRISTINE04/16/2001

    my first experience wearing Angel was when it was brought back from Greece with a friend, I am so happy to have found a site to buy more i love it!

  • MICHELLE SAMPLE04/12/2001

    I immediately fell in love with this fragrance. As a african-american woman, my body chemistry does not hold perfumes very well. I was suprisingly pleased. I would recommend ANGEL to anyone. Although, I must admit that I do not tell a soul what fragrance I am wearing because I do not want them smelling good like me.

  • LESLIE04/11/2001

    After scanning tthe net for reasonable prices, I finally bought a 3.4 edp of Angel in Manhattan for $80.00 and it can be refilled. Beat that!!!!!

  • JOLENE03/31/2001

    I have enjoyed this scent for the last couple of years, I therefore am in search of a "deal" or reasonable pricing. This product is rather difficult to locate (our little boutique has it once in awhile). I travel often to major cities, thus have had the opportunity to compare a great deal. I have found your site to offer outragous pricing. My last 1.7 oz purchase was just under 30.00 dollars at Costco. The little boutiqe i spoke of even has a more reasonable price. This is taking advantage of thee consumer! Shame on you!


    ...Angel is a concoction of very different fusions~ not for everyone but definately for me! I LOVE IT!! Hard to believe, but "chocolate" is one of the ingredients! A must "smell" for the discriminating woman w/class!

  • DANA03/30/2001

    Whoa!! what made this fragrance? It's very strange and overpowerful. I don't suggest buying this fragrance, just try it on in a department store. It has a smell of caramel and licorice combined together. Not very pretty but different...and STRONG!! I suggest his other fragrance, Angel innocent..also not a winner but 100% better than this one.

  • CATHERINE03/21/2001

    this scent is ok on some people, but amelia is completely right, it is a bit weird, plus it smells exactly like the australian deodorant body spray "australis hype" so for a TINY fraction of the price of angel, you can smell like Angel for a longer time!!

  • DEBBY S03/20/2001


  • AMELIA03/18/2001

    Yes, its distinctive but it is a little strange.

  • ERICA02/02/2001

    I buy a new bottle of perfume every month. Angel is my absolute favorite. Every time I wear it I receive a compliment.

  • MANDY01/04/2001

    I just recently got angel..and it is my favourite perfume ever! It stays on all day, and smells perfect! it's definitely an elegant, sexy scent!

  • ANGELICA12/31/2000


  • SABRINA 12/13/2000

    Angel was the first of the "edible" fragrances. It is a fruity, caramel-y fragrance anchored by patchouli. I once had a co-worker follow me around all day because my Angel reminded him of a girl he left behind in Paris. Very romantic and unforgettable.

  • GLENYS PORTER11/15/2000