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Lacoste Pour Femme Lacoste Image


Lacoste Pour Femme   

44 Reviews

Show off your spontaneous side with this beautifully feminine, uplifting perfume. Warm, comforting and sensual with a graceful elegance, the Lacoste Pour Femme woman has an impulsive personality with an all-embracing character. She is beautiful, inside and out. The Woody Musky fragrance character is the key to the scent: the delicately peppery, more

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Show off your spontaneous side with this beautifully feminine, uplifting perfume. Warm, comforting and sensual with a graceful elegance, the Lacoste Pour Femme woman has an impulsive personality with an all-embracing character. She is beautiful, inside and out. The Woody Musky fragrance character is the key to the scent: the delicately peppery, floral notes quickly subside to reveal a deep, velvet skin-like muskiness facetted by the gentle, persistent woody note of Sandalwood.


    Beautiful fragrance long lasting feminine and fresh

  • AFAT07/02/2012

    Very feminine, sensual fragrance. I love it.

  • LESLEYHM08/30/2011

    my most favorite perfume ever, can't wear anything else and difficult to find, but now know where to direct xmas present buyers.

  • JUSTINE02/26/2011

    OMG,you're so right!! This perfume really does have that soft warm baby smell,and to think I almost exchanged it for Touch of pink,which really did not appeal to me at all.

  • ANGELA11/17/2010

    love this fragrance but dissappointed i cant find it in a gift set anywhere in liverpool

  • DMARIE04/30/2009

    I thought this smelled like newborn baby.Like when they are fresh and have that birth smell. It also smells like a really clean house. I kind of liked this scent but I would buy a small bottle this wouldn't be no signature scent!I like it though it is not your average fragrance!

  • SUSAN01/03/2009

    can any one out there tell me the difference between lacoste and the pour femme and is there a difference and which one smells better? Thanks for your help.

  • MMMB607/09/2008

    I have had a real hard time finding this fragrance and was heart-broken for its my very favorite,I got it as a gift last week and now I know where i can buy it!

  • SHARON05/09/2008

    I swear I could drink this stuff. I can't really describe the fragrance, but on me it's clean and cozy. I spray it in my hair too! I think it could almost be unisex though..??

  • CHRISTOBELLE08/11/2007

    Well its not exactly similar but I find Allessandro del Aqua, the original women's fragrance, has something in common with Lacoste pour femme. Clean, fresh and warm at the same time. Allessandro is a little less floral perhaps. I just tried Lacoste -- a woman at the gym was putting on the lotion and it smelled heavenly. Bought some for me and my hubby loves, loves it!! This is what I will be wearing the rest of the summer I think!

  • SMELLIE KAT02/04/2007

    Okay, I know this is weird, but this perfume reminds me a bit of sweaty little kids when they come home from school or from playing outside (all mothers know what I mean). That's not necessarily bad, it's just not exactly how I want to smell. Lasting power is so-so. Kind of clean and "summery" but not all that impressive.

  • MARIE12/30/2006

    It's soft, feminine, clean, and romantic. It doesn't hurt my nose nor does it hurt anyone else's and that's GREAT! Whenever I get a whiff from moving my arm or shifting on my seat, I feel happy! Really good investment, if you ask me!

  • KATHY10/26/2006

    I bought another perfume and received a free sample of this. I returned the original perfume and bought a bottle of this instead.

  • LAURA05/16/2006

    This one is very soft. I like to blend it with Hugo Boss Deep Red to make more of a statement. All and all a nice, if faint, fragrance.

  • JASON04/19/2006

    I have been in love with this scent since i smelled it in amg. It reminds me of a baby, so fresh innoscent and pure. On me it smells very masculine and clean. everytime i spray it and get a whiff i smile and feel so comfortable and happy. yeah yeah its weird and feminine i know but i dont care i love it and wear with pride.

  • KITKAT03/27/2006

    After buying and returning several perfumes because my husband couldn't stand them so I finally took him to the fragrance counter with me he smelled maybe 10 different scents and this is the one he chose for me and I love it. It smells delicious and not perfumy. Thanks honney

  • JO ANN03/04/2006

    When I don't know what to wear, I always choose Lacoste pour Femmne. I have the edp. Unlike a lot of scents, this one actually lasts on me. I can get a wee whiff of myself 5 or 6 hours after spraying

  • TY01/17/2006

    i was looking in the line of vere wang but it is nothing like it. i suppose their is no comparison.

  • GARDENIANGEL11/27/2005

    very clean, alcoholy smell. It smells pretty good right out of the bottle, but didn't when mixed with my already musky natural body scent. reminds me of a lemon-scented alcohol swab. Its not very strong, which is good. I give it an average rating coming from someone who usually likes sweet, vanilla scents for the fall.

  • NGUYEN LE07/30/2005

    I really love this fragrance. The name "Lacoste" has describe it all: classy and feminine. The smell is light and sweet. It's perfect on my GF's body. It took me miss my GF all day long. Try it ladies, you'll love it.

  • CHERYL 07/24/2005

    I really love this scent and I always get compliments everyone wants to know what I'm wearing, clean and fresh glad I tried it!!

  • SHILPA07/08/2005

    Hey Minnie, i didn't find Lolita Lempicka similar to Lacoste Pour Femme. But i think you were talking about LACOSTE and i was talking about LACOSTE POUR FEMME. But thanks anyway for your efforts to help me. I am yet to find anything similar to Lacoste Pour Femme..........maybe it's too unique to find anything similar!!!

  • PERFUMEPHILIAC07/03/2005

    I give this one the "thumbs up." Like Susan observes, it's similar to Sensi, but more long lasting on me!

  • MEOW-MEOW06/30/2005

    I had this before & thought it is fantastic--floral, pepper-ish and elegant. But there was this time i sprayed ONLY 3 times and the smell went crazy on me...i felt nausea and nearly fainted. After I gave Lacoste pour femme away and haven't recovered from that horrible experience yet. So please be careful with the amount you use...

  • MILENA04/22/2005

    Very nice spring fragrance. I like it b/c it is not sweet, it is very elegant, feminie...very nice.

  • HEATHER04/10/2005

    Hey minnie mouse, before you give an opinion try smelling the perfume first! Lolita smells nothing like lacoste pour femme. Lolita has notes of vanilla, violet and anise (anise being the major note!)

  • SUSAN03/27/2005

    I think Lacoste Pour Femme is fabulous stuff -- I love it. It has a crisp, classy quality. I think it smells a bit like Armani's Sensi, which I also love, but is less sensual than Sensi. I think of it like Sensi's preppy sister. :-)

  • MINNIE MOUSE02/13/2005

    Try Lolita Lempicka. It is stronger with better staying power. Many people have agreed with me that this is pretty close to lacoste. Lolita is a much rounder sexier version of this.

  • TIFFANY02/11/2005

    I found this purfume in a magazine and fell in love with it. Well when I fianally brought everyone noticed the scent. I got alot of compliments and the best part was that my fiance loved it so much he brought me some more. Its kind of expensive but its worth every penny!!!!

  • SHILPA01/31/2005

    Lacoste pour femme is my favourite so far. It's clean and fresh. light floral scent; not too strong. I wish it lasted a little longer on me. Can anybody suggest a similar fregrance with better staying power.

  • KRISTIN M01/23/2005

    This is a wonderful scent. I have a sample vial of this and can't wait to purchase a full size bottle. Love it!!!

  • KEISHA01/12/2005

    Love it! Love it! Smelled the scent at the mall. And my best friend got it for me, for x-mas. Its smells really good.. Sometimes I just spray it on and climb into bed.. Its really light and beautiful.. Its perfect for work and cuddling.. I wished it lasted longer though.. I got the gift set and it came w/ a small one for your purse.. love it!

  • PAULINA11/27/2004

    I got a sample and fell in Love with this beautiful scent.It´s one of my favourite scents. It smells warm,floral,spicy and it´s just seductive,not owerpowering. Everybody around me like it either.

  • NICOLE11/01/2004

    I love it. I just bought it. Great scent: light white flowers, mixed with citrusy & warm soft scent. Light but lingers all day. Not bothersome for your nose or others. It smells quality, distinction, class. Reminds me of Champs-Elysés from Guerlain. But I could wear that one because Guerlain perfumes are too strong for me. But Lacoste is just the right touch.

  • CHRISTA10/27/2004

    I love this one. I receive a lot of compliments. I bought it on my trip to Germany this summer and I wear it ever since.

  • LYNNBEE10/15/2004

    It's okay, not really my style - smells a little too "avante garde" or something

  • HILDE10/13/2004

    Yes, it's a clean and fresh scent. It's different. Just like the other Lacoste perfume it's five stars.

  • REEM10/11/2004

    This smell seriously took my breath away.I usually stick to sweet or clean scents....and this one is a keeper.It is light, but warm and sensual.You can smell the musk and a hint of pepper in it, but overall it just makes me feel fresh and feminine.All my friends like it and its unique but for those of you looking for something with staying power..look elsewhere.This only lingers once dry.

  • CHRISTINE B.09/25/2004

    I love the new Lacoste Pour Femme. It smells amazing on and in the bottle. I have a very sensitive nose and tend to get headaches from perfumes, but this is definitely one that I can wear with ease. It's soft and muted, but that doesn't mean that it's bland or undetectable. It's mild enough that you can wear it everyday and it makes a great work perfume (or school perfume). No one wants to be in a confined space with someone wearing a heavy, sickening perfume, so don't be the one to do it. Instead, try Lacoste Pour Femme. Those of us who have been stuck around the people with the incredibly heavy perfumes will thank you.

  • DANA08/29/2004

    Wow! I was shocked at how great this smells! Lacoste doesn't have too many fragrances out on the market, but I would have to say this is one of the most agreeable fragrances that I've smelled in a long time! clean and soft!

  • BELLE08/06/2004

    Not a bad thing. Smells really clean! :) Soap is cheaper though. This is just weird. I guess it's okay, but why spend a lot of money to smell clean, just bathe. Nothing special at all in my opinion. I didn't think I would like it at first, then after a while I was just indifferent. It doesn't stink, it's just plain clean once it dries down. Not bad, but definitely not impressive either.

  • MISKA08/04/2004

    My favorite! Very soft and floral. Does not smell too much and is very light. I love it.

  • PAMELA07/30/2004

    I have soooo many fragrances, but this one is just absolutely lovely!!! I could never imagine this being offensive to anyone. Soft, but spicy, and just beautiful!!!

  • K07/29/2004

    I gave this a 3 star earlier and have to change my rating. As much as I didn't want to like it because it is not an oriental; I love it. It has picked me. It is described as style on skin and I totally agree. A very light, stylish scent.

  • SCENTS07/29/2004

    There is something different and classy smelling about this one. Not like so many others out there, although I feel as though this could be worn with a black dress or jeans and a tee shirt. Fresh smelling. I like it because it seems to blend right in with my skin. This would not ever be offensive. Lovely!

  • K07/21/2004

    This scent is o.k. I received a sample of it and wear it every once in awhile. Not one I would buy. A little sharp for me, I prefer the softer, warmer scents. I think if I smelled this alot or someone had it on too strong it could give me a headache.

  • KELL07/18/2004

    This is a nice fragrance for women. I plan to buy this one in the near future.

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