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Champs Elysees   

141 Reviews

Champs Elysees (The birthplace of the House of Guerlain) was created by Guerlain in 1996 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of floral rose, blackcurrant, mimosa leaves, hibiscus, and almond wood.

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Champs Elysees (The birthplace of the House of Guerlain) was created by Guerlain in 1996 and is recommended for daytime wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of floral rose, blackcurrant, mimosa leaves, hibiscus, and almond wood.

  • K. EARLEY11/10/2013

    Outstanding frangrance!

  • MARTIN05/20/2013

    A lovely, flowerly and fresh smell. Always have to kiss my wife twice when she put it on ...

  • MELODY PIXLEY01/20/2013

    I love it!

  • VAL PHILLIS04/26/2012

    Camps Elysees is a favourite of mine - I always get comments about how nice it is -

  • DEE PATTESON06/14/2011

    It is wonderful but pricey. Rare in Gift set. Out of stock when Gifts sets are available. Help!

  • JACQUELINE11/12/2010

    I have been wearing this perfume since I was 16 and have never tired of it. Definitely not for those wanting a subtle fragrance, very strong and defined in my opinion. To those saying it smells sour, awful etc, perfumes are often affected by skin type so don't blame Guerlain they have done a wonderful job. I love it!

  • JAN03/19/2010

    Beautiful is in the eye of the beholder, or in this case, the nose. Champs Elysees is wonderful. Not too sweet...just "interesting." I have a professional job, and get compliments all the time.

  • CC12/01/2009

    Champs-Elysées was composed by Oliver Cresp, who also did Angel. It was a cheap composition that turned out to be an expensive mistake, as Guerlain would soon find out. To no ones surprise, the fragrance flopped in Europe, but allegedly did well with its intended audience of trashy teens in America and the Far East - the nightclubs of Macau stink of it! This is the worst perfume Guerlain ever made, but the design of the plastic (!) bottle is great.

  • LINDA08/06/2009

    this is the best ever. i wont wear anything else!.

  • AVA05/28/2009

    Whoever below said Guerlain doesn't know how to make good perfume.. Obviously you do not know the history of perfume, or that Guerlain was the first. Not the second or third darling, but the first perfume house. Guerlain can stand on it's own, when the others fall aside and bow down. This is so chic, it's incredible. I spray lightly and it transports you to Spring in France. Take the trip with your senses, because this is it in a bottle.

  • REBECCA12/10/2008

    One of my favorites when I was a child and I still have fond memories of it. My mother never wore it, I just remember smelling it always at perfume counters or a magazine scent strip and thinking it was the most elegant perfume made. Nothing about it smells harsh to me, it blends so well.

  • BARBARA W07/12/2008

    I usually steer clear of florals, but Champs Elysees is something special. Very fresh and sparkling without being shrill, it's perfect for when I want to take a break from my spicy orientals. It truly does capture the essense of Paris in the springtime. Chic yet fun at the same time. Love it.

  • JOANNAH06/02/2008

    I finally got the chance to test this (Samsara and Mitsouki) at Gatwick airport. Does it matter how long a tester has been standing on its shelf? I couldn't believe it. Three fragrances that sounded really good to me, and I'd hoped to make at least one of them a signature scent, all disagreed with my body chemistry or for one reason or another didn't smell the same on me as they did at first snif in the bottle. I am so disappointed. This was the one that smelt the worst on me but I don't want to be childdish so I won't say what the fragrance on my skin reminded me of. So do test before buying for the first time or if you haven't worn a fragrance in a while. The fragrance itself is good and I'd advice anyone to test it. If it works for you, then that's great!

  • LEEYA05/03/2008

    Trust the noses of the prestigious House of Guerlain to come up with yet another winner! This perfume first came out when I was 18, & I can still recall the dreamy black & white print ad featuring French actress Sophie Marceau, with the Arc de Triomphe looming in the b/ground. However, I didn't try Champs-Elysees till 9 yrs later. To me, this perfume perfectly captures the soul of the famous tree-lined boulevard in Paris-- from its hustle & bustle of commerce & traffic in the daytime, to its magical night time atmosphere when all the lights have come on, receding into the horizon as far as the eye can see. This perfume is a sparkling, effervescent floral, with the blackcurrant note subtly threading its way from start to finish, lending it a soft fruity, delicious, vibrant smell. It truly IS happiness in a bottle! My only complaint is the somewhat soap-smell drydown-- according to, the base consist of woody note & vanilla but I don't detect any wood or vanilla at all, just an expensive soap smell, which is a bit disappointing. Other than that, Champs-Elysees is perfect in every way-- even the EDT is very long lasting, which is quite rare in the world of perfumery! This is definitely a classic in the making, if it isn't already considered as one. For women who don't usually wear florals, but want to venture out of their comfort zone from time to time, give this gem a try. I promise you, you won't be sorry! ;)

  • ANGELIQUE12/02/2007

    I used to love this scent. I tested it again recently and was reminded of how pretty and feminine it's fragrance was. Unfortunately I would not wear it again as it reminds me of a time of my life I'd rather forget - but this doesn't affect how wonderful the fragrance is.

  • BRIT DONSO11/12/2007

    I lived in Paris in the 60's. This perfume reminds me of the wonderful strolls down the grand boulevards in Paris (particularly in the springtime), The smell of the trees lining the boulevards.

  • PEETJE10/16/2007

    This is a very nice scent. A little bit sweet but in a nice way. It's a soft not overwhelming scent which last long, i love it.

  • TONIMARIE08/22/2007

    This perfume grabs people's attention. It makes men want you and women want to be you the frangrance is telling people about me, my boyfriend can't keep me out of his mind cause of this scent it and so He fell in love with me.

  • MS. SHIRLEY PRUNTY08/08/2007

    I just adore this perfume. It has such a clean, crisp and captivating scent, that's unmistakebly wonderful. The best smelling perfume in the world by far.

  • GAB06/26/2007

    initially nice, but overpowering sickning sweet reminds me of red sweet POTATO SMELL. this is definitely a bad mix (so as l'instant and insolence), lacking the aesthetic of balance and restraint. what happened to the house of guerlain?

  • ROBYN06/15/2007

    This perfume has received the most compliments ever...why is it no longer made?

  • BARBARA W05/28/2007

    Wonderfully refined and delicious, but not in an overbearing, foody way. It has a dry, chypre-like sweetness that I love. Very French. Just lovely! If you like Miss Dior Cherie, give this a try.

  • SHEILA05/05/2007

    This perfume is really excellent im only 14 and i love i usally dont were perfume but this one smells really good.

  • SEXY KITTEN04/07/2007

    what a scent! White glove elegance with all the right components...not too strong, not too sweet, not too woody, not too floral and not too fruity...Champs has everything in perfect harmony...prettiness in a bottle!

  • AMY03/29/2007

    i dont think i like this one that much. the smell of rose is too overwhelming for me. good thing i bought only 1oz bottle. will have to give it away to my sister who receives all my rejects

  • QL702/23/2007

    Champs Elysees is fabulous! Sparkling as champagne. Wear it and feel beautiful. Guerlain truely is the master perfumerie.

  • ALLYSA12/26/2006

    This fragrance smells like the combination of flower and wine. This evening I was going to the guerlain counter and test a spray of it. After several minutes I smell it deeply. What I got? When I inhaled I smell the scent of flower when I exaled I smell the scent of wine. This fragrance is very suitable for daytime.

  • LASHAWN12/01/2006


  • BERITANETTE10/02/2006

    I have been wearing this since it came. For several years this was the only one for me. Very feminin soft and sweet (not to sweet). Men loves it! But something is strange: I always had Edt, then I purchased a BIG bottle of Edp .. What a Disapointing! Very weak and it didn't last on my skin, like a cologne - strange!

  • LISA09/20/2006

    I love's right up there with my other faves like oscar, angel, and's light enough for the office yet has enough body in it to get noticed in good way...I wore it to work and got lots of "who smells so good" comments...I'm a very romantic girly girl and this suits the clothes I like to wear most times...I do like it best for daytime though...I think it's a little light for evening.

  • PAM08/30/2006

    I love this perfume. Most perfumes make me sick and give me a headache. Not this one. My husband loves it. It is the only perfume I will wear.

  • GREEKGIRL08/03/2006

    Got so many compliments from men on this, that my hubby forbid me to wear it in public, but ofcourse i still do (when hes not around) and when im angry with him, enjoy the compliments too much to give it up!

  • DANIELLE07/12/2006

    I have been wearing perfume for about 15 years. This is the first fragrance I really remember LOVING. It's so feminine and sweet. I love and always have. I seem to go back to it.

  • RAJUL07/04/2006

    this one puts me off like mad ! dont want to wear it and dread it on anyone i might have to be in the company of for a longish amount of time !

  • GISELLE06/28/2006

    A beautiful, bright, vivacious, sparkling and rich fruity-floral. (It feels more like a floral.) On my skin, I detect mostly a fresh, moist rose (the flower only, no stem), succulent peaches, lots of lilies and a creamy, almond-like smell. There's also some sparkling scent in the back, maybe aniseed? I also noticed a mild cedary smell in the backbone. Anyway, I ran out of my usual Chance (Chanel) and reached for this one, "for lack of a better choice". To be honest, I got it for $19.99 at Marshalls about three years ago and never paid attention to it. Boy, was I surprised! It meshed beautifully with my skin in the midst of the hot and humid Summer days. What a pretty smell! It just bloomed into a gorgeous scent that lasted all day long. I received three Emails from men at the office today complimenting on my scent and wanting to know what it was. Champs Elysees is a very pretty, flirty and unmistakably feminine scent. If it were a piece of clothing, I'd say it would be a knee-grazing, light and well-tailored floral skirt. Needless to say, I'm in love :o). PS: If you like Tresor, try this one, too. It has that same peachy-flowery feel to it, only lighter, creamier and and less powdery.

  • OANA06/12/2006

    Today I felt like purchasing another perfume...I've been trying all sorts of perfumes for days and none of them seemed to chatch my attention. It's summer time and I wanted for something really classy and ellegant, yet with a young note, not overempowering, not a headache maker, not sporty. I've had Champs Ellysees like two years ago and thought I wanted something brand new. the saleswoman insisted on me trying the CE on my wrist. First, i was undecided between CE and Calvin Klein's Escape...After an hour, my old friend Champs smelled ellegant and extremely pleasent, while Escape smelled nice, but had no depth. So I decided for will be my summer fragrance for this summer. I don't consider it an old lady perfume, as I am 25 and think this perfume smells gorgeous on my skin. I'm pretty curious what my husband will think of it...

  • LEE ANN06/06/2006

    I agree with Stephanie in her Jan, 2006 post. On me, it does not smell like cigarrette smoke. I do not smoke and I have smelled cigarette smoke before. To me, it does not have that smell. To me, the fragrance that really smells like cigarettes on me is ESCADA and the ESCADA COLLECTION. I can't wear those because of the strong tobacco smell.

  • LIS06/02/2006

    This is a fresh, fruity floral scent that's beautiful, soft and transparent; it's light, with no trace of artificial ingrediences ..... no musk or vanilla, just sparkling and deliciously feminine! It always gets compliments!

  • DIONNE04/23/2006

    the effort placed in the making of this delicious fragrance must have been HUGE - sensational. Recommended if you like the fresh florally type

  • ARLEEN04/15/2006

    Does anyone find that this perfume doesnt last? I put it on, and couldnt smell it after an hour. The scent did smell fantastic. I just purchased the lotion to see if the layering will help. Hope it does. Great smelling scent

  • SUZY02/13/2006

    I dont know why I haven´t tried it sooner. this is soooooo pretty! Very classy, little sweet, floral, feminine!!! my new desire!

  • LAURA02/10/2006

    Very classy. A bit on the sweet side. It is right on the border for me with sweetness. Any more sweetness would make it too much. but, the way it is makes makes me smell kind of like fabric softener but very classy. I mean that in a good way. I love fabric softener smell.

  • DIDI02/02/2006

    I do not smoke. Come to think of it it does smell more like tobacco than smoke. I am not around smokers so I have no idea why it smells like that on me. Is it my chemistry or olfactory perception of certain ingredients or scents?

  • VICKY02/01/2006

    Hi Didi, just a quick question; Are you a smoker? Perhaps that could be why this scent would smell a little different on you and your co-worker. By the way, if it smells like tobacco - fresh tobacco that is, that may not be a very bad thing, a lot of fragrances especially mens have it. But if it smells like nasty cigarettes well then that's just a different thing altogether. By the way do you hang out with smokers? I am just trying to get an idea as to why this could be happening to you! Also, if you are even remotely close to this person you are working with just ask her about it and let her know too that both of you share the same issue with Champs Elysees. But then again, it could just be the place you work at maybe there is something there that makes the smell like that. Hello Beth, I think that Tresor does not smell anything like Champs Elysees they are so different in my opinion but both are excellent fragrances. Hope you like Tresor but if it does not work out then you can always get it online! Best of luck!Vicky

  • BETH01/31/2006

    I love this perfume and have worn it for years. Everyone comments on how great it smells on me, but I can no longer find it in stores. There are so many perfumes that have been around way too long - I don't know why this one has been discontinued. I see some people say it smells like Tresor - I guess I'll have to give that one a try.

  • DIDI01/30/2006

    It has a hint of cigarette smoke smell on me. Not kidding. Even my sister said so. I can smell that also on my friend at work who wears this fragrance only I don't want to tell her.

  • STEPHANIE01/10/2006

    This perfume is very good. It smells really great and it isn't over powering AT ALL! It isn't the "One spray and I can smell it on me all day" sort of perfume, it is more translucent. If you like rich smells like vanilla and spices etc. then I don't think this is for you. This smell is not too fruity, and not too stuffy. It smells like wine and cherries. I would get this if you aren't that much into the REALLY rich, REALLY fruity, or REALLY floral smells.

  • LYNN R01/03/2006

    This is one of my favorite perfumes (there aren't many that I like). I have asthma and sensititives to perfumes, but Champs Elysees doesn't bother me in the least. I highly recommend it to anyone who has similar problems with perfumes!

  • DESDEKID01/03/2006

    Tresor from Lancome. The ingredients seem to be different but the result is very similar. It's a classy, light, enjoyable perfume. Fit for a lady or a youg woman (not teenager)

  • TIFFANI01/02/2006

    I never leave home without my secret scent! I get lots of compliments with this one.

  • LAURA12/29/2005

    I'm still trying to figure out some of the bad reviews I'm reading on this one. I have been wearing Champs Elysees for about 7 years. I have never gotten so many compliments on any other fragrance. I've tried wearing others because I like to change it up now and then, but this is my favorite!

  • DESDEKID12/28/2005

    i read that is has almond wood in it. can you actualy smell it? i mean, almond wood is the same thing with almond? does the perfume have a sweet note to it?

  • KEY WEST12/27/2005

    I have been wearing this fragrance for four years and I love it! I always get compliments wherever I go. I spoke with a perfumist about it and was told it is considered a higher quality product due to the purity of the fragrances that are combined that make Champs Elysees so unique. Enjoy!


    Im 21 and i love this perfume. its very classy and fresh at the same time!! perfect! smells like summer in europe!

  • BEEPEE12/04/2005

    This is a heavenly frangrance. I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear this. My Hubby even loves it and he is VERY picky about perfumes. (He thinks most stink.)

  • CJ DOYLE12/01/2005

    this is a wonderful mix and sorta strange in a way, but in a good way. At times it seems to "Sneck" up on you and smell strong and at other times very soft and femi smelling. Very much a girlie smell. Not over the top. To me it has a under tone of semi-sweet lemony frangrant smell. So it's not not too sweet or tart. No spiceyness to it at all.

  • TIFFANI11/03/2005

    I love this perfume. It is the only one I use. I always get compliments when I wear it! To Karina, if you have a bottle collecting dust send it to me and I will use it all up!!!

  • MAYA10/27/2005

    I wore CHAMPS ELYSEES while attending university almost 10 years ago and have to say that I've never received that many complements on any of my fragrances except maybe Samsara and Sun by Jil Sander. CHAMPS ELYSEES is so beautiful and passionate... I wore it for many years, then when 'Too Much Champs Elysees 'came out I got that one instead of the original when I ran out, and for some reason the complements ceased... and even though I thought that Too Much was just about identical to my original there was something missing and little by little, I almost forgot about my CHAMPS ELYSEES original altogether. It sort of got left behind by me... So a few days ago I found the almost full bottle of Too Much... and I remembered just how much I loved the original CHAMPS ELYSEES.. so I made my way to the mall and tried it again... thing is I also tried Shalimar - this one for the first time... and I found myself to identify with that scent far more easier at this point in my life... I really loved it! So instead of CHAMPS ELYSEES I came home with Shalimar... Now that does not mean that CHAMPS ELYSEES had entirely lost it's appeal for me, on the contrary I still think it's just gorgeous... but Shalimar took my by the hand and while Champs Elysees just smiled from the counter-top ;)

  • ANNAMARIE10/22/2005

    This is the EDT that got me interested in perfumes. I love it. I even sprayed it on my wrists and went to sleep in this lovely scent.

  • KATHY Z.09/12/2005

    I tried this fragrance based on some of the posts here and I was not disappointed. I guess I don't know exactly how to describe it except to say that is a wonderful floral blend--very elegant and rich. Love it.

  • MOGGY08/30/2005

    I have worn this since its launch , I love it especially the pure perfume but I can now longer find it anywhere in the UK or on the internet .Guerlain appear to stopping producing pure perfume, body cream and shower gel -why ? There must be enough of us who love this perfume to make them keep it going

  • R08/21/2005

    i have tried many of the guerlains and just don't get the appeal... this one however is gorgeous! sweet and soft but not boring. this is the only scent i want to wear. it is perfect, in my opinion

  • Hi Susan, I am so happy that you love this fragrance as much as I do. Not only do I love it but everyone that I come in contact with loves it as well. I've worn it exclusively for about 9 years and is the only smell that I want in my clothes. I spray it on in the morning around 6 AM as I'm getting dressed for work. I feel so lovely and complete. Once I reach my office, on my way to the elevator it's on for the day. I must say that my husband acts as if he doesn't smell it but it's unbeleivable how many times I'm asked during the course of a day what fragrance I'm wearing. Both men and women of every age. If I'm out at 3 AM in the morning someone will ask. I don't want to wear anything else. I pray that it is not taken away. However, I will say that it doesn't always smell the same on everyone. I'm so glad that I'm one of the lucky ones. Continue to wear yours in the name of beautiful.

  • JAN06/21/2005

    I am a writer and speaker in the professional field. I have never had so many compliments on a perfume in my life as I have CE. When I tell them what it is, most women have never heard of it. I like that. It is different. Can't even buy it within one hundred miles of my town. I like that, too. I first discovered it when I worked with a woman who was very well dressed, professional and classy. I am so glad she introduced me to CE about seven years ago. It is one of my two top favorites. I also love Fracas. Many compliments on that one, too. Both are great for the professional woman.

  • SANDY05/27/2005

    This is the ONLY perfume I will wear! The stores in my area stopped carrying Champs about 3 years ago, did not know what I would do without it. Thank God for the internet, and Perfume emporium. 5 stars is not enough!!!

  • CLAUDIA04/28/2005

    Please do not discontinue this product. I love it. I have been wearing it for nine years now. The best ever.

  • MELMARIE04/13/2005

    This is my new signature scent. I get compliments on it daily; everybody wants to know what I'm wearing. It is so light and floral, and just smells great on me. I heard they were going to discontinue making it - hope not, because it's the best!

  • SUZANNE01/28/2005

    I have been wearing Champs Elysees for at least 5 years. A lady at Sak Fifth Avenue asked me what kind of scents I prefer and like, I told her very soft floral scents, and she introduced me to Champs. I love this perfume and on a daily basis I still get compliments. Thank you for making a beautiful perfume.

  • CLARISSA01/01/2005

    This scent is gorgeous, absolutely fabulous. Its fragrance is very subtle, sweet, and delicate. I had never smelled a scent more feminine than this one.

  • ELIZABETH12/09/2004

    Regarding your message that this page is for C.E. lovers - not, it's not. It's for everyone with an opinion about this perfume. I really love this scent, but when using this Web site, I find the hateful reviews very helpful.

  • BETTS12/05/2004

    A beautiful scent. Soft, citrusy..I always get compliments when I wear this. Hubby also likes it and he's VERY opioniated regarding fragrances. He rarely likes anything..

  • JOSIE11/18/2004

    I've worn this fragrance since its launch in 1995 and I never tire of it. I get rich peach notes among the florals in the top notes, and the almond that sneaks into the drydown keeps this from being just any ordinary floral! Champs Elysees is truly a gorgeous scent that reminds me of a Van Gogh painting of trees or flowers. It's flowers, and femininity without naivete.

  • MIMOSA10/15/2004

    This is a light, creamy, fresh green floral scent. It smells great on me. I will wear it for as long as they make it!

  • LIZ09/29/2004

    I admire your patience francine:) but if she doesn't get Champs Elysees - a soft fresh scent, she probably won't Jardins either. It's much more complex and unlike any other fragrance. You are very generous to recommend it though -- it is beautiful.

  • CRISTINA09/11/2004

    it is really a shame to talk this way,Evelyn,Guerlain never brought out a fragrance just to see what happens if they will sell it or not as many other brand names are doing,this fragrance is not a new one,if you hate it,dont use it,I really dont understand why do you bother to post a message about it?hate it,do what you want...this page is for us,the Champs Elysees lovers,and this perfume is my signature,everybody around me love it and almost evryday I get compliments from different people I meet,and Evelyn,believe me,there is no better and more feminine and elegant fragrance out there.Thank you.A real LADY will never talk this way,dear...bye

  • EVELYN07/23/2004

    First there is Guerlain: one of the most respectable perfume houses for sure. But then there is Champs Elysee, a very cheap scent at best. What a shame for Guerlain!

  • DIANE07/09/2004

    Oh, to have the words to describe this elegant fragrance! It's soft, it's shimmery, it's sparkly, it's ultimately feminine, it's like a fairy-tale. Champs Elysees is one of my signature scents. When I want to feel completely like a lady, I spritz this on. It's floral blend is unlike any other floral fragrance I've encountered. The only safe way to describe this scent is to let someone smell it. Their expression will describe it for themselves! I enjoy light and airy scents like Champs Elysees and more sizzling scents like Initial by Boucheron. They both give me exactly what a want: The auora of smelling like a lady should smell.

  • ANGELA06/24/2004

    The fragrance world was not complete untill Champs Elysees was created. It is truly one of the most beautiful and unique scents on the market. The truth is that this scent does not work with everyone's skin, it does not smell right on some people. Champs Elysees is a floral unlike any other. For me this scent evokes emotion whenever I sniff it. NO other perfume does that to me. Thank You Thank You Guerlain.

  • SUSAN06/15/2004

    I discovered this scent in the French pavillion at Epcot last Dec. I couldn't stop smelling my arm and bought it immediately. I am stopped and often asked what perfume I am wearing. (both by men & women). A seductive, sexy, clean scent. A true winner

  • AG06/03/2004

    When I wear this perfume, I feel I'm irresistible. It's the smell of beauty. Good for any season.

  • J8205/31/2004

    Delicate, flowery, soapy scent. Really sophisticated and feminine. I highly recommend it!

  • CRISTINA05/22/2004

    After buying a lot of fragrances,spending a lot of money trying to find a signature fragrance for myself,I finally found it...this is one of the perfumes that I can wear for a long period no matter if its spring,summer,autumn,winter,Im in love with nice,clean,gentle,feminine,elegant,unusual,classy,long lasting,and I love that I know noone who uses this this moment,because out there are coming out so many new scnets and people use to try new things,forgetting about this one.This is what I like most...I hate when someone else is using the same fragrance even though will never feel the same on her...anyway,I think I will get old with this one ...thank you Guerlain,after so many years,this perfume is so good and nothing can be compared to it...So pretty from Cartier is close but is no guerlain...absolutely wonderful...

  • PETRA03/14/2004

    I think the mimosa gives this scent a nice change from the usual floral. It is a very easy to wear,clean and long lasting scent for an edt. Very nice for warm weather.

  • FRANCINE03/07/2004

    Guerlain perfumes are not suitable to be worn by everyone. The fragrances tend to vary (tremendously) from one person to the other. Guerlain's primary ingredient (s) are not from synthetic bases, and the results are obvious. Also, in some cases it takes time to get acquainted, and or get use to them. I think this an exceptional fragrance (my opinion). You might want to try "jardins de bagatelle", and try before you purchase. Sephora is a good place to try almost any fragrance, but their prices are outrageous. I find perfume emporium to be fairly reasonable with their prices and make all my purchases through them.

  • ELLISE02/21/2004

    sampling from magazine paper smelt fine but i personally think guelain (?) doesn't know how to make good perfume.

  • SUE C02/17/2004

    Both this fragrance and Too Much are lovely, bright, clear and with a sparkling character. Light and well-balanced, most women would find them easy to wear and would be lovely to receive as a gift. Nice for a spring or summer party or any social occasion.

  • MELANIS02/13/2004

    I love this perfume. It's hard for me to wear a perfume that does not irratate my nose. This is my favorite I wear it everyday.

  • LISA02/05/2004

    This is a very nice scent. It reminds me a great deal of Tresor but not quite as fruity and more almondy. The dry down is quite wonderful. It is a classy scent.

  • DONNA01/23/2004

    I've worn this perfume 4 yrs or more and have ALWAYS had comment on how nice I smell! Have also been told this fragrance does not offend those w/allergies.

  • SOPHIE01/06/2004

    Champs Elysees is a joyful classy fragrance. It smells elegant and misterious. It has a strong individuality. Floral-- on the sweet side.

  • KARINA01/03/2004

    I like almost all fragrances by Guerlain - but not this one. It's sour! Very sour and plain. May be it's just me - but that's what I felt about it. I still have hardly used bottle sitting in my closet and collecting dust - disappointing!

  • KAREN11/23/2003

    I am very sensitive to fragrances. Being a nurse I'm also aware of how overpowering fragrances can be to patients. I have been using Champs Elysees for the past year or more and continue to receive compliments almost daily. It is a light, clean fragrance. Some people ask what fabric softener I use saying .. "you smell so clean". I recommend this fragrance to those who are looking for that light, clean, non-overbearing scent. I am 50 years old and this is the first fragrance that I've worn for this length of time .. and continue to enjoy.

  • CHORT10/27/2003

    I started wearing this in my teens and love it. I love the sweet flowerly smell and it's beautiful on me.

  • TONIE10/23/2003

    I got burned out on beautiful as my day time fragrance an was looking for something that made me feel just as "pretty." This was it! I love how soft it is. Every time I wear it someone comments on how "pretty" it smells. It's a true lady's fragrance.

  • TC09/05/2003

    I am in my 50's and have this to be one of my all time favorites. Soft, yet very alluring. I receive compiments from men and women. Wear what you want, age is but a state-of-mind! A must for anyone!

  • SERDRENA08/12/2003


  • ANNE08/12/2003

    hi ! i am 23 years old and i love to wear this perfume .Also a friend of my mother who is now 47 also wears this and it smells wonderful on her also.So i dont think it has to do with age acctually.Thing is that if you like classy things and your skin chemistry is right when wearing this perfume then you should definetly wear it!

  • GABI07/25/2003

    This perfume is my worst nightmare!! I like Samsara and Shalimar by Guerlain but this one seems to have had a bad reaction with my skin. No so bad on other people thoug...

  • MARY 06/11/2003

    I bought this scent because I usually love anything by Guerlain, but this one took my breath away, not in a good way! It smells like bug spray to me; it made me nauseous....sorry Guerlain. I still love Samsara!

  • GOLDENLADY06/05/2003

    I have tried several scents that claim to be based on mimosa, but none of them smelled like the pink mimosa trees which fill the air in the summer, here in our little corner of the South. We finally figured out it was because the others had yellow mimosa in them, which is a bit of a greener scent. This is really lovely, if you would like to smell like a fragrant flower on a warm, sunny day. It's a nice scent to fall asleep in, too. Easy does it... :-)

  • VONNI06/03/2003

    This one is very nice with good construction top to bottom, but it’s a tad too fruity for my taste. Even in the EDT concentration it’s incredibly potent, so it’s best to go lightly. I think I’d like this best on youngish women, but definitely not the I’m-a-sophomore-in-college-and-trying-to-smell-sophisticated set who would probably be tempted to bathe in it.

  • OANA05/05/2003

    A friend of mine just bought me a bottle of Champs Elysees and I simply love it. It is both ellegant and fashionable. I'm 22 and I find this fragrance extremely suitable for me. I've heard rumours about it being discontinued, because Guerlain cannot keep the price anymore.

  • BERTA04/23/2003

    thank's.J buy deo nat.spray.Is beautiful.And I now the next I buy edt.By By

  • WHO-S-THATLADY04/15/2003 are absolutely right!! Berta, I was over 40 when I discovered this wonderful scent, yet I know women in their 20's who also love it. Taste HAS no age...and this fragrance is truly beautiful, light, romantic and it has a wonderful's lovely!!

  • X.X. KIKI04/12/2003

    "Young" floral perfume plus vanilla and bitter almond. Not bad but nothing faboulous.

  • TONI04/10/2003

    Do you have class and sophistication if so Champs Elysees is for you! This is one of the most beautiful, feminine fragrances in the world. If you like it where it, be unique your own person. Does age really have anything to do with it? You must have great taste and a super sense of smell!

  • JANE04/06/2003

    I've been wearing this but today my BF said "well I lke your smell but when it sprushes from the bottle ,it smells like public bathroom" well I think it's true.

  • BERTA03/31/2003

    Is fragrence Champ Elysees is for 28 old women or it is for olders?

  • EDEN03/16/2003

    iT'S BEAUTIFUL. Very soft, delightful. You will bet compliments, count on it

  • CAROLINE02/21/2003

    I am in my early 20's and I love how this scent is both lively and sophisticated at the same time. I will admit it is a scent I had to get used to, but now that I am I would not wear anything else!

  • WHO_S_THATLADY01/27/2003

    Does anyone know if this fragrance has a "cedar" note to it? Whatever is in it...I'm STILL trying to find that adjective....this scent is just "magical"....light, sexy, classy and a bit playful....but it really reminds me of a rainy spring day. As for the targeted age group ending at thirty.....guess again....I'm over 40 and I intend to STAY with this one!!!!

  • WHO_S_THATLADY01/26/2003

    I fell in love with this fragrance the moment I smelled it in a magazine ad! I couldn't stop inhaling it...not just sniffing....INHALING the scent. I KNEW I had to get it!!! Once I wore it for myself, officially from the bottle, I was in heaven!!!! This fragrance reminds me of the air after a heavy spring rain... clean, flowery, but very soothing!!! I wish I could think of the word to describe it,'s like entering an enchanted garden!!!

  • RETHA12/10/2002

    I absolutely LOVE this fragrance. It is my absolute fav' & has been for approx. 6 yrs. now. Not only do I buy the perfume, I buy the bath gel & body lotion. I don't know how a comment of 'for the older woman' can be attatched to a fragrance as lite, airy, & sexy as this. Nor have I ever thought of it as 'overpowering' either for the same reason. I've thought it was detectable @ times but, if I ask about it, they'd say they could smell it & add that it smelled good too. However, to each his own but, I'm young & I LOVE this fragrance as do many others each time I wear the combination.

  • MEGAN MARSTON12/09/2002

    Every time I smell this fragrance, it seems to infiltrate my nasal cavities and settle in my sinuses. It gives me the WORST sinus headache imaginable which last for 6 to 8 hours after smelling the fragrance. For some reason, it has a very salty smell which does not settle with the overpowering sweetness of the fragrance. Repulsive and vomit inducing. Please, please go lightly if you are wearing this fragrance. It does make some people ill.

  • BB11/28/2002

    Everyone at work loves this scent. The men I work with tell me all the time how much they love it and the women compliment me as well. I went into Costco and the guy checking me out told me I smelled feminine and really good. Not overpowering.

  • JASMINE10/31/2002

    The first thing I smell when I put it on is the sweet scent of yellow pears. Later on I can smell the mimosa and rose. It's like a cross between Tresor and Paris. As is the case with most florals, it starts out with a nice burst but fades and goes flat (on my skin at least). Still, I prefer it to most.

  • ANNE10/30/2002

    So Pretty!

  • BOOMANGOGNA10/22/2002

    Okay men are always walking up to me telling me I smell wonderful and women are always asking me what my scent is. No lie this scent is the most impressive non-threatening, non-choking scent I've ever used! I feel completely sexy in this scent. My friends and family are always trying to steal sprays when they visit me. When my sweetie's out of town and I'm feeling lonely I just spray some on my pillow and sheets and cosy under the blankies thinking of my baby until he gets home or calls. Fresh, light and beautiful that's what this scent is. I shopped for a year to find it and have been using it for the past 6 years with the same effect. Since this is all I wear I'm always getting complimented on it.

  • NICOLE10/02/2002

    Unique scent. Smells like nothing else. Soft, sweet, almond, fresh. Excellent for spring, summer, fall. My fave for winter is Shalimar. Guerlain is definitely the best to me.

  • YASMIN09/13/2002

    I sampled Too Much at a department store and absolutely loved it but I didn't think the scent would last long enough (perhaps a bit too light). I have decided to purchase Champs Elysees. I have a feeling that this is the fragrance I'll absolutely love given the previous comments about its long-lasting power and wonderful scent.

  • ANNIE09/11/2002

    A friend brought me a bottle of Champs Elysees parfum from Paris. I got so many nice compliments on it. It is sweet but with an underlying woodiness that seemed to work well with my chemistry. Now my little bottle's empty! Boo hoo! ;-(

  • JOY08/19/2002

    This is my very favourite perfume, ever. As soon as I spray it on I feel like a million dollars and it makes me smile all day. I've had so many compliments when I wear this scent - IT IS DIVINE.

  • ALYSSA07/28/2002

    it smells so nice & all the boys love it! i dunno how they made it smell so good, especially considering these are the same people who came up with shalimar :(

  • MELH07/25/2002

    It seems to be a fresh and aromantic perfume but actually it's overpowering! Perhaps because of mimosa, I got a teerible headache everytime I try it on or someone close to me wears it!

  • NANCY07/14/2002

    It grew on me and grew and grew. My husband loves it!

  • PETITCAJUN07/04/2002

    I don't like sweet florals but I can definately make an exception for this one. I find it intoxicating. I could smell it all day and never get tired of it. Recently I purchased the bath soap and it smells so good I wanna eat it. I love this one.

  • AUNTGOOEY07/02/2002

    This is way too sweet. When I first spray it, I like it. But when it dries down it becomes super sweet. I had to go the restroom at work and scrub it off with a paper towel and it still lingered.

  • ROSE05/24/2002

    Pretty,pretty,pretty! Perfect floral for spring~summer or when you want to feel pretty!

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    too fruity, blackberry's or something. No

  • LUCIA03/05/2002

    It is not my favorite, but it is fine, it is nice and I like it. Classy. Not typical Guerlain, because Guerlain fragrances are heavier... but that's the one for spring!!!

  • ANNALISA02/25/2002

    What happened mr. Guerlain? It doesn't seem an your perfume. I don't like it.

  • CAMMY02/23/2002

    This is my signature scent. When I walk by, everybody knows I've been in the area. And it's not because the fragrance is loud or's just a fresh, clean-smelling fragrance. In fact, I don't want other people wearing it at my workplace because it's mine, mine, mine! It took years to find it!

  • CINDY02/23/2002

    A beautiful, feminine fragrance. It even won over my Mom who was a die-hard Tresor fan. She's changed over too! Just 2 little sprays and you have entrigued a wide audience!

  • LINDA02/23/2002

    Be prepared for a lot of attention. The scent is very long-lasting. The oil-base can be seen and felt on the skin, hence it's lasting power. People have followed me through malls just to ask what fragrance I'm wearing. This is my signature scent and I'll never change!

  • JENNY02/20/2002

    Champs Elysees is a wonderful floral fragrance. It's one of my favorites and my 13 year old daughter is asking for a bottle of her own.

  • JEERIE02/06/2002

    This one was a gift from an old beau. If you're an older woman and looking for a powdery, creamy, yet classy and elegant perfume, then this will be a winner for you. Personally, I prefer the fresher, younger scents.

  • ANNA NO. 212/31/2001

    I forgot the rate: 5 out of 5 for Champs Elysees, and 4 out of 5 for Too Much.

  • ANNA NO. 212/31/2001

    Champs Elysees and Too Much are the only two Guerlain's perfumes I can wear, all other are too heavy for me, though I can recognize that all of them are of the finest quality and I know that Guerlain uses only the best ingredients for all his perfumes. Champs Elysees was a very nice suprise for me (similar experience like Patricia). The sales lady persuaded me to try it ("...if you want something really FINE" - she said), and she was right. It is an extraordinary mixture of light, transparent florals and woody, warmer undernotes. Too Much is even lighter but more "one flower fragrance" (mimosa), and I like it too. But Too Much is kind of simple and Champs Elysees is more elegant and *classy*.

  • PATRICIA12/29/2001

    That is probably the best Floral perfume I've ever tried! I thought it was something *naive* (flowers, flowers, flowers and without character), but I was wrong. It is floral and luminous (mimosa, buddleia and rose petal), but incredibly classy, sophisticated and elegant, with a great slightly powdery-musky-creamy base (almond blossom and almond wood) that I especially like. When it was made (1996?) Guerlain declared it was for 20-30 age range, but I believe there's not age limits for the perfume of such quality and class.

  • AMY V12/29/2001

    I wore this on my wedding day. I just cant stop loving this one ever! Its smells very classy and far one of my favs!

  • TAMICA12/22/2001

    I was trying to find the right scent for me that I wouldn't react to, I have truly found it in this one. All my friends have a signature scent they all wear I finally found mine. I will NEVER wear another, unless Guelain comes out with a vanilla-ish spicy winter scent that agrees with my nose. Thank You so much for coming out with this one I wear it everyday & my husband loves it too..:):) This scent is beyond excellence

  • BB12/17/2001

    Mollie, try "TOO MUCH". This one is definitely not overpowering! It is softer, more tender,more airy and transparent *sister* of "Champs Elysees".

  • MOLLIE11/24/2001

    While its a nice scent -- its too overpowering for me and a bit too harsh.. but I feel that way about all of Guerlains fragrances (except Mahora which I love) The fragrances are just too strong -- and overpowering

  • JOLENE10/13/2001

    I'm a great fan of Guerlain's fragrances, and this one is no exception. Unlike most of the Oriental fragrances produced by this particular fragrance house, Champs Elysses is a lighter floral fragrance. It's a good high quality floral perfume unlike most of the others that are on the market today.

  • CAROLW10/06/2001

    Paris in the springtime! Light, very French floral and almond scent.

  • SHIRLEY PRUNTY09/22/2001

    Thi s the BEST smelling cologne in the world. If I could bottle the company I would. There is no other cologne that can compare to this.My friend gave hers to me because she was sensitive to the smell and I'm glad she did.

  • LAUREN09/19/2001

    This is my signature scent! I don't use anything else. I searched for 1 year to find just the right scent and this was it. Men are always commenting on how good I smell. One man at work even claimed he could tell when I was there because he'd always catch a gentle wafting of my scent. I like that, not overwhelming just subtle enough to remind people of me. What more would a woman want from a scent?!!

  • CATARINA08/22/2001

    I can't bring myself to appreciate this one. Too sweet for me. It's a good fragrance, though.

  • H.07/05/2001


  • DANA05/27/2001

    Reminds me of the time I stood by the Arc de Tri in Paris - the sweet air and aromas of the flowers around me...lovely fragrance from a company who has many famous actrices as fans!

  • KAREN MYERS05/05/2001

    This is my favorite perfume. I get great compliments whenever I wear it. It's a soft and erotic scent.

  • ELISE02/22/2001

    Champs Elysees is a very beautiful and romantic perfume. Floral, sweet, elegant and very womanly.

  • THERESA SUTTON12/27/2000

    This smells as pretty as the bottle

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