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Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Boy   

49 Reviews

Citrus, Fougere, Woody. Created in 1995 by Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Boy cologne is a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine cologne contains a blend of apples, spearmint, citrus and is accented with cinnamon, cranberry and orange making Tommy Boy cologne perfect for daytime use.

1.7 oz COL Spray
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3.4 oz EDT Spray (Tester)
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3.4 oz EDT Spray
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3.4 oz COL Spray
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Citrus, Fougere, Woody. Created in 1995 by Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Boy cologne is a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine cologne contains a blend of apples, spearmint, citrus and is accented with cinnamon, cranberry and orange making Tommy Boy cologne perfect for daytime use.

  • LYLE DOUCETTE04/28/2015


  • TIM05/16/2011


  • DJ02/21/2009

    This is one product wgich is very underrated on this site. It is actually a very nice, everyday wear perfume which is very long lasting & impressive. Must give it shot. Highly recommended

  • RJ02/19/2009

    Take my word. I am thru my 2nd bottle. U buy it once, u'll want it to be repeated. Very long-lasting, woody, all season smell. Gives you a plush, sophisticated edge.

  • X-TOMMY03/21/2008

    this cologne is definitely a kiddy smell. i had it in grade 7... 1996. Every girl told me it reminded them of when they were kids... maybe of an ex-bf. They also said it was a big turn off

  • CHRIS02/04/2008

    This is just one of those scents you either like or dislike. It varies from people's skins and smells different on many people. However, on me it smells wonderful so I love it, it really just depends on the chemistry of your skin.

  • BRAD11/26/2006

    I have had a bottle of this on hand since it came out.....nice smell!

  • ARMYGUY08/18/2006

    An ex-girlfriend of mine bought me this about 4 years ago, I still have the same bottle and its about half full. I only wear this cologne when I don't expect to be around any attractive women, and I expect to sweat. I don't like this cologne very much. Its also very well known and I like to be distinctive.

  • SIRSMELLSOGOOD12/24/2005

    Every guy in the world wears this one since I've been in high school. Worn by the shallow pretty-boy types and jock douche bags (at least that's how I remember this scent). Give it up and get a new scent. Nobody thinks your cool. Get over it.

  • JACKO12/07/2005

    There's a lot of snobbish attitude against this cologne just because of it's mass market appeal. There's also the view of sexual inadequates that men should smell like "real men", which in truth usually means reeking like a freshly varnished plank of wood! Tommy is a nice fragrance and you can do a helluva lot worse than nice!

  • KINGJON09/11/2005

    It smells great when 1st applied. Then after awhile, there's no scent to it. Smells like alcohol mostly. It's not worth the money because by the time you leave your door, the scent is gone and well you umm that's it.

  • KYLE08/22/2005

    In my humble opinion, this is the finest, most uniquely magnificent cologne creation ever concocted! It is so comfortable to wear, & gets plenty of compliments.... & oh so pleasant an aroma! I never, ever get tired or bored of wearing this fantastic scent. No fragrance by any designer smells fresher or cleaner than this, & gives you this indescribable confident "feel good" aura throughout the day, every day. It is so intriguing to me how Tommy Hilfiger put all these Americana-inspired fragrance notes together to create this ONE OF A KIND super clean/super fresh fragrance! This fragrance is great to wear all year round. Especially in the autumn because of the "New England Apple Pie" & "Oregon Rain" notes that seem to come out on me the most prevalently.... with this feeling of super fresh/crisp cool outdoorsy air..... MY #1 FAVORITE AROMA OF ALL TIME!!!!! PERIOD.

  • ALV08/03/2005

    This fragrance is full with alcohol.After you spray it, several minutes later, about 30 minutes , I guarantee there's no scent left at your skin. This is not a fragrance but its alcohol in a perfume bottle.

  • GQ05/11/2005

    unfortunately i associate it with high school and abercrombie and fitch. its a decent smelling cologne but perhaps overworn when it came out. now everyone recognizes it and if you wear it, they seem to reference you to the late 90s. i would stay away from this scent for a few years until the sickness dies down.

  • TIM12/29/2004

    the alcohol in this is so strong it covers up the fragrance notes and makes an awful cologne that i can't tolerate but T by hilfiger is nice i like that

  • WAYNE12/09/2004

    Tommy is great, clean, fresh fragrance, sadly it's too light and you'll probably get little more than an hour out of it. Find that the Tommy deodorant lasts a lot longer.

  • RYAN10/09/2004

    I would figure that a high end cologne should smell better than this. It makes good deodorizer for my shoes.

  • IMRAN06/29/2004

    Not a bad smell, but not extrordinary either, does not last at all

  • ROBERTO06/10/2004

    I like almost all of the tommy colognes this one like T has a nice fresh clean scent, my favourite is Hilfiger Athletics its just a great scent that actually Lasts unlike this one and i believe the Athletics cologne should have been the signiture scent instead of this one.

  • CUTEGLADIATOR04/21/2004

    i hate when a designer gets his 15 minutes of fame.. everyone use it ...hate to smell like everybody else¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • DAVE02/25/2004

    This cologne is just O.K. nothing more or less. It is far better than colognes like Tommy T, Prefered Stock, or Drakkar. But doesnt compare to ones like Aqua Di Gio, Intuition, Dolce & Gabbana, or even Pleasures. But is still an overall good fragrance.

  • SEAN02/02/2004

    Great scent. Great bottle. Even the sprayer is just right. Nothing not to like. C'mon, let's not over-think cologne. Have some fun.

  • JUSTIN01/05/2004

    Its Nice...smells tommy cologne...

  • MR. LONGROVE12/21/2003

    I wore this once and thought it smelled ok...but it's completely unoriginal and boring. For someone over 25 this is not a good scent to wear.

  • TOMMY FRUSTRATED12/02/2003

    After you sprayed it, it will only stay for a few minutes, and the fragrance is gone. I expected more from you guys.

  • ROB11/27/2003

    This cologne stinks. I expected more from Tommy.

  • MARK09/22/2003

    I think the best part about this cologne is the spearment scent, it makes it smell very fresh. Does anyone know if there is another cologne that has a similar scent? But maybe a little stronger.

  • PHIL08/18/2003

    I used to love this stuff till I got tired of it. I think most of the morons only dislike this stuff just cause it's American and it's popular. It's like it has to be underground to be cool. But being real this scent is very sharp but has some neat clean undernotes in it. You may like this for daywear.

  • RYAN07/29/2003

    This cologne is a very light, very clean fragrance. It carries about it an American scent. Traces of orange, vanilla and subtle bark influences make this an every day wear.

  • NILLER06/09/2003

    I kinda like it. It´s better than Freedom, (also T Hilfiger)

  • DOGG05/21/2003

    smells like bug spray, dont waste your money.

  • TONY BOLOGNA AGAIN05/12/2003

    I finally had a sample bottle or two to bring home with me and concluded that Tommy Boy is a pretty nice cologne; it smells like spearmint and is also very fresh and clean. And like most, if not all, Hilfiger colognes, this particular fragrance is perfect for the preppy, frat-house jocks, for better or for worse. I, however, personally like Hilfiger's T cologne better than Tommy Boy because it's more of a 'right-out-of-the-laundry/shower' fresh cleanliness.

  • JAMES04/27/2003

    This was my first perfume. I got this one for chirstmas present when I was in grade 10. It looked pretty ok but when I used it it was HORRIBLE. Well, at least for me... it was too strong and it gave me headache and nausea.. Maybe I am kind of weird. I like some light perfume such as Desire blue by Alfred dunhill or some fruity fresh perfume like OP juice for men

  • TONY BOLOGNA04/16/2003

    I've only smelled this stuff in the store, but I thought it was fantastic when I did. I own a bottle of T by Tommy and I absolutely love it, and the original Tommy kind of reminds me of it in that it's a fresh, clean, preppy cologne that needs to be layered to be real effective over time, like and 8 hour work day, for example.

  • RICKY03/18/2003

    tommy boy is a sweet fresh scent, although i just spray it once or twice on me. it can be overpowering and can give me a headache if i put too much on. i recommend though

  • ROBIN JONES03/05/2003

    Hi! I was looking for a fresh alternative to Cool Water, and having tried many different sporty fragrances I decided to purchase Tommy. Very unlike me I based this decision solely on the top note of the fragrance. Mhhh, after a few minutes or so it becomes the identical twin of COTY's Route 66. Now, Route 66 is a mid-price cologne from the cheap-bargain region that I bought for using after sport to regain freshness. It's a fragrance that you don't spend too many thoughts on, because you don't pay outrageously high amounts of money on. Don't get me wrong. Tommy is a nice fragrance, but it's definitely not worth the money. Buy it's identical twin instead and save a lot of your hard-earned money! No one will notice the difference, even the experienced among us, coz the same fragrance does indeed smell different depending on other people's skin...

  • AMY02/27/2003

    This one is still one of my favorite on my husband. But, I like the Tommy Summer Cologne better!!

  • STIFFLER12/30/2002

    This stuff is terrible. Get something more classy!

  • RICK12/02/2002

    Great stuff, girlfriend loves it and cuddles up to my sweater just to smell the stuff. This cologne stays on your clothes for a very long period of time, I have put it on my neck and it got on a sweatshirt..I left the sweatshirt in a friends car for 4 days and when I finally got it back it still smelled like I had just put it on. Been useing this for over a year, no complaints and the women love it. To the people complaining about the price, 40 bucks for this smell..I am not complaining.

  • 91111/28/2002

    Good cologne

  • CHEZTER11/20/2002

    Its a good perfume, but when you get used to it. Youll probably think that your a sweaty geek. Stinky..Buy the Acqua Di Gio Instead. Its more better!

  • OBIWARREN10/22/2002

    It's a shame that some people rate this cologne based on some kids they see in a mall. I can't image anyone truly not liking Tommy. It is a nice fresh fragrance with the clean accords of apple, cranberry and mint. I love it. It is a big seller because it is REAL GOOD!

  • LOLA09/20/2002

    I will always associate this one with one of the most horrible human beings to have ever entered my life. So obviously,my opinion is tainted, but I have heard many negative comments from both men and women.

  • ALLISON07/26/2002

    Not bad for a boy to wear. I like Tommy Girl better. The male version is okay, but not as good.

  • MARK06/12/2002

    Smells clean, and I'm told very very nice

  • BRIAN05/14/2002

    I can't tell if I liked it or hated it. I hate it more then liked it. Doesn't even smell like cologne. Smells like that mosquito replement. However this stuff probaly appeals to teenage boys or somthing. Hilfiger is pretty overated. Not to mention this stuff is too pricy for what it is...a bad cologne!


    Sherrlyn has i right on the button. Every cologne will make a statement about you and your qualities. Whether it be good taste, class, intelligence, aggressive in the boardroom, courtroom or bedroom. THIS one says to all you come in contact with that your a loser, slacker, going nowhere, unoriginal, will live at home until your 40 clod. Screeching little 12 yr. old girls might think it's great, but it will get you nowhere with real people.

  • SHERRYLN03/12/2002

    Hello there...Me again. This is for pimply faced little rug rats and scrawny losers with baggy pants, with no sense of be an individual or having taste. Try Santos, Tuscany or Rocas Man when your ready to be Men. Until then, lock yourself in your room Skippy.

  • PURGATORISTAR02/13/2002

    I love Tommy Boy it is probably one of the best mens sents ever and it even smells good on Women...It drives my boyfriend crazy when I wearit

  • BARBARA12/12/2001

    it is a nice aroma to have on a guy but too expensive!

  • JACK11/04/2001

    Doesn`t last

  • PRASH10/09/2001

    This has a nice scent but doesn't last long and is very expensive.

  • BRENDA07/25/2001

    I agree with Clays' wife, smells good, tastes revolting!

  • CLAY03/14/2001

    I like this fragrence, for some reason it makes my wife SICK!!!

  • PATRICK CORDOVA12/16/2000

    A Nice Fragrance, but is much too expensive.

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