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Floral, Semi-Oriental, Vanilla. Designed in 1999, Gucci Rush is a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, peony and freesia. The middle notes are: violet, jasmine and carnation and the base of the fragrance is: orris sandalwood and vetiver. Gucci Rush is recommended for romantic use.

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Floral, Semi-Oriental, Vanilla. Designed in 1999, Gucci Rush is a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, peony and freesia. The middle notes are: violet, jasmine and carnation and the base of the fragrance is: orris sandalwood and vetiver. Gucci Rush is recommended for romantic use.

  • VICKY BOREN08/11/2016

    Good price for the product.

  • FLOWERCHILD5012/01/2011

    Something about this scent is very MYSTERIOUS, PLEASURABLE & SEXY all in one !!!!! it has it's own way of turning heads and I LOVE IT. I think it fits my personality quite well and really TURNS my hubby ON!!!!!


    Everyone should know by now that an individuals body chemistry has everything to do with whether or not you can wear a fragrance. Just because you don't like the scent on yourself doesn't mean it's a horrible perfume. Quit bashing Gucci Rush. It's been my favorite since I found it in 1999. Personally, I "exude" a soft, sensual, very "heady", romantic aura when I'm wearing it. It's an aphrodisiac for my husband. Let's just say, I'll never be without it as long as it's attainable!

  • LISY05/20/2010

    i got this from a ex bf. And i really questioned his scenes. This stuff is so bad I hate to even be around women who wear it. ucky

  • MARY S11/15/2008

    Gucci Rush is very nice and pleasant. I get so many compliments when wearing this perfume. However it is expensive. Are there any vendors that can help me out with the price of the perfume

  • EVE08/04/2008

    O yes, this is the smell to wear when you feel like a strong sexy woman who's not afraid to be sexy! It's loud and very dominant. I love it. Makes people look at you. Wonderful for a Vegas vacation.

  • BARBARA W04/20/2008

    Don't care for Rush - too harsh and florally. Love Tom Ford's other creations, but I'll pass on this one.

  • NINA08/24/2007

    This perfume is the best darn thing that ever happend in my life..i can't describe you feeling when i smell it sexy,special..since i've started to use it,ALL my boyfriends just adorre it!!i am buying it over and over,and i'm not sorry for it!The lady who want's to have it must be original,SEXY,and attractive..this perfume gives you all you need to be happy in your life..try it!!!

  • ALLYSA08/22/2007

    This fragrance quite makes me headache. The composition is too strong and boring.

  • PINKI05/07/2007

    i really love the scent of gucci rush, that one prominent note, but the overall scent is a bit too heavy for me. a friend of mine was wearing a scent i was sure was rush, and i told her 'rush smells so great on you, but i can't pull it off'. she told me that it is not rush that she wears, but bruno banani 'not for everybody' (pale pink pointed bottle), and so i bought it the next day. bb has everything i love about rush, but is more soft and 'wearable'. just a tip! i love bb and have already finished a bottle, and i get loads of compliments!!! try it if you too love that 'sharp' note in rush, but long for something a bit softer in the overall fragrance! good luck!

  • ELISABETH02/18/2007

    I really do not understand what makes this perfume so special to other people. It smells artificial like sweet chewing gum with an unpleasant watery note. Not rich, not distinct, not warm, no way!

  • VICTORIA02/11/2007

    It stands out as a very special,seeexy fragnance,great combination

  • WARMCANCERIAN01/31/2007

    I loved this scent from the moment i tried it on and my bf loves it on me too, it does last all day but the end scent on me is a little confusing, sweet with "bitter"

  • LISA01/04/2007

    Gucci Rush is strong and spicy, sexy and seductive. My boyfriend loves it on me too!

  • CHICA11/02/2006

    this is the kind of perfume you either love or hate. i happen to love it, my friend, who usually has very similar taste to me in perfume, hates it. it's a strong scent and not any woman can pull it off. i've never had any complaints from the guys. they seem to like it. but because it's a sultry, sexy, sophistocated scent, i only wear it at night. like if i'm going out to a club or bar or something. i'd recommend it to the strong sexy women out there.

  • SEXY KITTEN10/04/2006

    this one gave me a pounding headache...not very sexy and after only one spray...the scent itself is okay but I guess it's made with too many synthetics and little or no natural ingredients...the original gucci perfume (the amber colored scent) is a much better quality product and a sultrier scent.

  • PURFUME LOVER06/18/2006

    I was searching online for a perfume and read so much good things about gucci rush.It lead me to even by a large bottle online. I got it today and keep smelling it over and Over because Im trying to force myself to like it.I had my 2 of my guy friends smell it and they didnt have the reaction I expected when I wore a cheaper perfume.Im 18 and my comment about this perfume is I wish I never bought it because it smells like old lady perfume! Ill stay with my Live by Jlo.

  • KARANN04/26/2006

    I have tried to wear this scent so many times. I even used to wear it off and on and it didn't bother me. NOTHING bothers me in an allergic way. This has something that irritates my sinuses. Even tried using a perfume oil dupe of it. Just can't do it! Bummer because I adore the smell of it.

  • FELICE03/31/2006

    Aside from Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle and Fracas, this is my favorite scent. I like to wear it when I'm feeling a little down - once I put it on, I automatically feel sexy and vibrant. This scent is not for everyone, but if you smell it once, you immediately become addicted! I'm not fond of the plastic bottle, though - it seems odd to put such a powerful fragrance in a cheap plastic square!

  • DEBWOOD02/23/2006

    This is one of the best scents out there! It stays and doesn't fade.Someone always ask what I'm wearing.It's soft and sexy.Not another scent is similiar.It is it's own scent.One of my Favorites for years!

  • AMY12/12/2005

    i really love this scent! especially the vanilla note which is very creamy and rich.I give it 5 stars but the one thing i dont like is the plastic container it comes in. kinda cheap

  • SYQUE12/09/2005

    It has a sexy confidence about it that makes the wearer feel charismatic. Definitely attracts men cos i got this gift from a martian himself...Absolutely magnetic!

  • SYQUE12/09/2005

    It has a sexy confidence about it that makes the wearer feel charismatic. Definitely attracts men cos i got this gift from a martian himself...Absolutely magnetic!

  • VIOLANTE12/07/2005

    I first smelled this in a magazine and my immediate response was emotional rather than analytial: I have always liked fresher, citrus scents Eau de Rochas or Eau de Lancome. But this effected and attracted me in a totally different way. Thinking about it, I am not even crazy about the ingredients; but it is the feeling Rush gives.... The Orient, 1920's Parisian cafes, adrenillin, strange, head-rushes....

  • JOLIE11/20/2005


  • JESSI11/16/2005

    This is a really mature scent. Makes me feel older and sophisticated somehow. The dry-down has a vanilla-centered smell to it like Dior's Hypnotic but not as sickningly sweet and over powering. Has a bit of floral to it. I'd wear this. Another bonus, it has incredible lasting power! Just spray a little, a lot of it can be disastrous. It is a bit strong, would not recommend it for casual use, on evenings or special occasions.

  • TESS11/02/2005

    I was given the Parfum Spray 15mL one xmas and I loved it. Even though I usually go for florals, I like to wear Rush when I want to feel sophisticated and sexy. A friend later gave me the Eau de Toilette and it just wasn't the same - in fact I hated it! I will definitely continue to use the parfum whenever I can get it. It is extremely hard to come by and this is the only place I have managed to track it down. Splash out and try the parfum I say!

  • PHAEDRA10/16/2005

    Its a nice scent as long as it isn't worn in abundance....meaning don't bathe in it. Many girls I know that wear Rush don't just lightly spray it....they drench themselves in it so the whole world can smell it. I personally enjoy the smell on myself, but people please don't ruin it for everyone else.

  • ALICIA09/11/2005

    I love it. Haven't had it in a while but planning on getting some for the fall. All the men will love the way you smell and it last on your clothes for a while.

  • MAYA08/17/2005

    Hello ladies! I had to try this perfume considering all the rave comments. The moment I sprayed it on I knew that scent! I knew that I know it but could not instantly recall what it was. The staying power was remarkable but the scent did not really entice me as much as I would like it to have in order to buy it. And that constant note that stays very loud was there all the way. That is one of the first note I smell in my Deci Dela when I spray it on. (The same note my boyfriend gets nauseous from - but he loves Deci Dela after that initial note is gone -takes usually about 10 minutes). So Rush is OK as far as I'm concerned, but if you like it and yet there is just that something that is not 100% doing it for you - or you just might want to try something else on your skin that is similar, give Deci Dela by Nina Ricci and go... I love it! --- I would give Rush 5* rating but for that note that just about kills it!

  • SAMANTHA07/17/2005

    gucci rush is a very sexy smell i've used it since i was young and i trully love the way guys compliment my smell.

  • LUCIANA 06/05/2005

    Rush is sexy and comfortable. Once, a perfum seller told me that the color of the bottles and of the liquid show the fragrance family. And the red ones are those who are not like any other. It is true. Just like Deep Red, there´s nothing like Rush, it´s a unique perfum. I love it!

  • CHRYSTELICA05/31/2005

    This fragrance is bold by itself and it is almost biting.. but guys do love it, I wear it with a lighter perfume a little bit lower down... Does the trick!

  • BRANDY05/19/2005

    Not unusual, but very unique! Very untraditional in a test the waters sort of way. It worked too!

  • JESSICA03/11/2005

    i have been wearing this scent since it first hit the stores and I swear every guy i met becomes intoxicated by the way this smells. it isn't a fragrance for everyone, but it is the sexiest thing accessory i have. you don't need to wear a hot outfit, just wear this and the guys will flock to you.

  • MADELINE H02/22/2005

    One of my favorites! Always get compliments when I wear it....Fragrance really lingers. A MUST TRY...

  • GIRLYGIRL12/29/2004

    i recieved rush as a gift, my husband actually bought it for me. whenever i wear it men constantly ask what i am wearing so they can buy it for their wives/ girlfriends. its a very sexy perfume - a must have.

  • PAULA12/27/2004

    One of many perfumes received for Christmas. I love the scent. It is not too oriental. Very light..clean smell. A definite keeper.

  • JULES12/16/2004

    I hadn't worn Rush in a while. I started wearing it in 2000 and it became 'my scent'...but over the years, several of my girl friends bought it too...and I stopped wearing it so frequently. However, I wore it the other night to the movies with my boyfriend and he couldn't get enough. He told me all night how incredible I smelled... So, the next day I wore it again, and the same thing happened... he complimented me all day...He absolutely loved it. I think I'm going to start wearing it again.

  • QUEENBASILIKA11/25/2004

    It is a very-very nice perfume but I had a problem with it.The bottle it's a fantastic designed and put it everywhere you want with no problem to crash!BUT the problem was untill I opened the bottle and saw that it's plastic inside too.So we have to RUSH to wear it coz won't smell very mach the same for long.

  • CHANNIE11/12/2004

    This is my new favorite. Compliments galore. I also love Light Blue which doesn't last but I have discovered that if you wear it on top of Rush it's a wonderful scent. Since Rush is a sharper fragrance and LB is a lighter scent, the combination is just right. It gives you a fresh yet warm scent. Ladies it is great. I feel it's my duty to share with my fellow ladies. Try it for yourself. You won't regret it. TaTa!!!

  • JT11/06/2004

    It is definitely ususual in the way that Angel is. It smells different from Angel (a little better), but is also strong and so different that I can't even describe it very well... sweet, a little fruity, very strong, and sort of like dirt like patchouli smells. There are 2 main reasons why I could never wear this perfume: 1) It is WAY too strong and could be offensive since it is so unusual, and...2) Someone who I'd rather not copy likes it. Well, if you are into strong and exotically unusual scents then try it.

  • AMADAN10/18/2004

    This perfume is great for fall or winter. It has a bergamot note which is warm and softly spicy. A little goes along way however. Love it!

  • PLAYGIRL10/17/2004

    received the body lotion as a sample from a department store, I was amazed at how great it was. the scent lasted allllllldayyy. People stopping me all day asking if it was I that was smelling so good. Of course, I claimed it. Went back to the store to get some more and they had stopped selling it. Had to order it off the net. The only other fragance I love better than this is Angel. But Angel is way too expensive to wear everyday. So GUCCI RUSH has become my daily body lotion.

  • LEE ANN10/15/2004

    A friend at gym wears this perfume and people love it on her. I got some today and I LOVE IT. I plan to buy it again once I am out of it.

  • JAY DAWG09/19/2004

    I smelled this one in a magazine and loved it. After I bought it and got it home, it was just too strong-there's some note in it that's very grandma!

  • JODIE09/02/2004

    Used to love this one but honestly its' just too harsh. Good for mosquitoes though.

  • KICHI08/31/2004

    I can't stand this perfume! I'm beggining to doubt my sense of smell because so many people seem to like it. All I can say is it smeels like the strong perfume my Grandma wears. Eeew.

  • BIANCA04/28/2004

    I am nineteen and my best friend is a gay guy. If there is one thing he knows, it is what girls should wear (you know, the stereotypical fashion forward gay guy). He reffered this perfume to me, and I LOVE it. I cannot rave about this perfume enough, Honestly, it is my new favorite. It is very very sexy, which is exactly what I look for in a fragrance. When I wore it to my new boyfriend's house one night, he was very turned on, to say the least. If you look for "heavier" sexy fragrances, you will love this, too!

  • MAXXX04/21/2004

    This is a lovley scent. Don't over do it and you will get a fantastic affect. I love. Just got a sample this morning ..a keeper

  • REBECCA04/06/2004

    I fell in love with this perfume the first time I tried it on. This perfume is for a Strong, Sensual and Confident woman. It is perfect for me. I love it and get compliments ALL the time. The bottle is perfect because you can take it with you and it won't break.

  • BEATA03/21/2004

    I very like RUSH is the best :) but Who knows RUSH summer.How smell this one?

  • AN03/07/2004

    I love Rush - it's still and spicy at the same time. Reminds me of a garden in winter, full of moss and incense.

  • SECRET03/05/2004

    to me this is the greatest scent ever. however i have some bad memories that go along w/it. does anyone know of something close to this, or in between rush and allure by chanel? two of my favorites that i'd like to find an in between.

  • DOROTHY LEEANNA02/19/2004

    definitely different, very good, evening only,sexy, one that men would like

  • JSTAGRL01/08/2004

    I always got compliments when I wore's very sexy and different, perfect all year around!

  • MAURA11/23/2003

    this is the best purfume and it drives guys nuts. I never get sick of it

  • SONYA11/22/2003

    A friend gave me for my birthday, it is a rather strong musky smell. I personally prefer light fresh scents. My mother liked it though.

  • AMOROUS ONE10/21/2003

    I was totally enchanted when I first tried this fragrance!! My daughter gives me a bottle every year. Rush is my all time favorite.

  • ERICA10/21/2003

    This one is too sweet like candy or koolaid or Juicy Fruit gum. I don't see what's so sexy about this one unless you want to go into sugar shock. Too cloying and flat.

  • NEW 10/20/2003

    I never even considered trying on this perfume because of it's packaging. I appreciate having the scent in a pretty bottle, and Rush bottle looks cheap and ugly and looks like it'll be awkward to hold. However I recently got a free sample vial and to my surprise I found the scent to be nice-- a sweet floral. At least that was my initial impression. I'll try it again and see how it goes.

  • DOESN'T MATTER10/07/2003

    Little goes a long way! Give it another chance. I love Rush, and to me this smells like apricot candy.

  • LAUREN09/12/2003

    I hated it so much that sat on my dresser for so long, then tried it again and loved it.

  • AMY07/29/2003

    There is something about RUSH that is extremely emotional. I like it and wore it for several months, but had to give it away because it was just too... something. I think it is best for cold weather. It reminds me of dark, sultry colors and cold weather. If you're depressed, I wouldn't suggest this scent. I'd find something lighter.

  • ASH06/25/2003

    I think this perfume smells wonderful! Many compliments by men. Those of you who do not like it have no taste in perfume!

  • LXO06/18/2003

    When I smelled this right out of the bottle I thought: no way! Then I tried it on and fell in love. Probably not for everyone, but on me, a very soft and intruiging fragrance. It can be strong in warmer weather and have to use more sparingly as the temp rises. I get many nice compliments on this scent, and my boyfriend loves it on me.

  • LINZI06/09/2003

    i was told if i wore this,guys heads would turn...i laughed because that is exactly what happened!go on girls you have to get some :)

  • SCENTGIRL05/28/2003

    My friend got this as a Xmas pressie, and I asked her if she had just chewed Juicy Fruit gum. Later, however, when I whiffed the bottle, it wasn't even as nice as Juicy Fruit!

  • ANNA05/14/2003

    this is the worst perfume ever its so cheap smelling and so common among all the girls

  • MARTI05/13/2003

    I love Gucci Rush and have been using it ever since it appeared. My husband is very picky, but this one drives him crazy. I especially enjoy Rush after it wears down a little, leaving my skin smelling of patchouli and vanilla.... But now I hear that there is new Gucci Rush - Rush Summer, Available at Sephora stores, unfortunately - not in my country. Has anybody smelled this one? Especially these, who use and like Rush?

  • JENNIFER05/06/2003

    This is a BEAUTIFUL fragrance. It is very concentrated so the key to wearing it is to apply it to a limited number of pulse points. I normally spray it in the middle of my chest and behind my legs. That is enough to carry me through the entire day. It has amazing staying power.

  • DENISE04/18/2003

    After a week of using this liquid I came down with a sinus infection. When I stopped using the stench inside the tacky bottle... miraculous recovery!!!

  • BRIDGET04/02/2003

    This is indeed a special fragrance, that only certain women can wear. Luckily, I am one of those women! Although I usually save it for the evening. Enjoy!

  • ERIN04/01/2003

    Smells heavenly, can't get enough of this one. It really is the nicest smelling perfume in al long time. Lots of nice comments when wearing it.

  • MIYA03/19/2003

    My signature fragrance.

  • VALERIE 02/28/2003

    Gucci Rush is the absolute best fragrance that I've ever smelled. I love it and I'm trying to find as many bottles as I can!!!

  • DIANA02/02/2003

    I love this perfume.

  • C01/18/2003

    My daughter and I were looking for a new perfume at a department store counter and a woman recommended this fragrance. It was an instant "keeper" for us. Very aluring to others!

  • NIKITA01/08/2003 can make a woman out of you...otherwise it can be agressive...

  • D01/07/2003

    Too sharp and strong someone had it on at work and left a trail behind!!! can smell it on the next floor!!!!

  • NANNA01/02/2003

    so don´t bother to buy it, if you want to be individual. Other than that I just love it, it smells like sweet candy, but I wouldn´t buy it and smell like all the other girls in town.

  • *RENEE*12/15/2002

    I just bought this perfume yesterday and its amazing. It is a bit strong, but as long as you don't load it on it smells delicious!

  • GWEN12/12/2002

    Leaves a strong trail of stink behind.

  • MELA12/11/2002

    It is one of my Favorite Perfumes. I received it as gift last year. I need to Buy another Little Red Box!

  • MELA12/11/2002

    It is one of my Favoite Perfumes. I received it as gift last year. I need to Buy another Little Red Box!

  • LESLEY12/10/2002

    The three guys I've dated since I started wearing this just loooove it! The strong reactions we women are having are so interesting... wonder if there's been a scientific study of how people respond to whatever element causes the strong reaction. Obviously it's something chemical.

  • KIM12/05/2002

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • LOLA11/27/2002

    Hi! I am not a big fan of Rush,either, but any fragrance,liked or disliked, good or bad,can be used as a weapon,especially if the object of the revenge is some clueless,slow- brained limpdi** who needs to cheat on his woman to prove to himself that he is a MAN!!So I say... POWER TO THE LADIES,YEEHAHHH!!

  • SUMMER11/27/2002

    .....cause you know, eveyone here has a stable opinion about this fragrance, however it's positive or negative. I personally hate it but that's the way real perfume is!!!

  • MEGAN MARSTON11/24/2002

    I'm afraid I hate the smell of Rush. It makes me physically sick for at least a day whenever I smell it--nausea and headaches. However, your advice to Marie is brilliant! You are a clever woman Lola! What a perfect way to exact revenge on someone who has done harm to you. Kudos for your great advice to Marie! I think I could even tolerate smelling Rush if it meant getting much needed revenge.

  • LOLA11/19/2002

    That really sucks...Ever thought of using the tramp's scent as for revenge? Wait until he gets sick. (Flu season's here!!) When he comes home feverish,with nausea and a sore throat,spray EVERYTHING around him with RUSH.And give him some bad news (About the stock market,his mother,his boss,make it all up,he's too sick to deal!). When you see that he is getting better, clean everything of the Rush that you sprayed and switch to YOUR perfume.Treat him to his favorite meals,movies,get into bed with him and really set off the fire works. When he is finally all recovered,he won't know that from now on,he will always associate Rush with feeling ill and out of control,and will always associate your fragrance with feeling fabulous,treated like a king,and the best sex in his existence.You will have demoted the memory of Eva- the- slut to a place your man will never want to visit again,(what man wants to be with a woman whose scent reminds him of throwing up?),and your brief bout with evil will put some ooomf back in your back bone...So,chin up, boobs out,grab his family jewels into your gorgeous and dangerous hands and...SHOW HIM WHO'S BOSS!!! Best of luck!

  • KAREN11/16/2002

    It seems like Mary is right - too many bimbos wear this strong perfume.

  • JULIE11/15/2002

    It's very spicy and heavy. Expecting it to smell better after a few minutes, it didn't. Maybe it will smell better on you.

  • MARY11/14/2002

    the aroma is worth remembering while I'll never forget the fragrance as it reminds me that my husband cheated on me with a gal name eva

  • LOLA11/06/2002

    It it a spicy floral.Not as sweet as Rush,it is a drier blend,muskier and with more woods.For some it might even come off as a chypre. I quite like it,it's very clear that Tom Ford wanted to create a classier, wealthier image,with this one.It is long lasting,and the spicy notes are evident throughout the composition from the top notes to the dry down. Unlike the previous scents,this new one is not nearly as sweet as the others.And the bottle is really,really cool.It's the difference between plastic,play jewelry for kids and Tiffany's or Cartier designs.No comparison possible.Enjoy!

  • SONIA11/05/2002

    I'm so curious about new Gucci perfume (I don't know the name). Anybody tried it - what is it like???

  • MOI10/22/2002

    the way i see it most of you either rate horrible or excellent, like marmite, you love it or hate it, and frankly I LOVE IT!!!

  • SUSAN10/14/2002

    Absolute heaven it's the best perfume I've had by far. Guys love it too.

  • LOLA10/05/2002

    I don't know the name,I'm not even sure it has one,but it is MUCH,MUCH better than the last ones.It's a spicy scent,aromatic,a bit woody, not too sweet.And the bottle is gorgeous!Square,made of heavy weighted glass,with a really cool top,it looks a lot classier than the tacky red plastic horrors of the Rush era.I think this one will do well.

  • DG09/19/2002

    There are some fragrances even more horrible than Rush: i.e. Boudoir and Libertine by Vivienne Westwood.

  • HUMRA09/12/2002

    i got it as a gift from my fiance'...and its the most wonderful fregrence i ever used..

  • TORI08/21/2002

    Wow, this board is turning into a war of some sorts... I guess that Rush is the kind of perfume that you either love or detest. I myself don;t really like it that much. It smells a little like bug spray and makes me want to puke and no, we don;t have weak stomachs... To each her/his own I guess. I much prefer Rush 2. It smells very different. But many people don;t like that... I guess it;s the person wearing the perfume

  • BETHANY07/26/2002

    I don't consider myself faint hearted. I've been alive too long to qualify ;-). I just think it's incredibly rude and obnoxious to not care about whether your perfume is making other people sick. Thank you to the ladies who use a liitle common courtesy and taste when applying Whatever you wear.

  • JUSTINE07/26/2002

    God-Awful scent. Way too strong, tacky bottle. Rush to the pharmacy for aspirin...

  • MARTI*07/14/2002

    ~ I love this smell!! I worked with a girl who wore it and she smelt so fresh, it was strong ~ so I had to get it for myself. I spray on a lot so that it is intense & you get comments. Long lasting but you pay for that! I like the independent smell ~ something origional. Very hip and in your face, not for the faint hearted!! ~

  • MARY07/14/2002

    I love this scent!!!And although it´s sweet , strong and flirty, I feel really girlie whenever I´m wering it.Guys love it!!!But I do preffer to wear it on special occasions, and carefully...I´d choose a more delicate fragrance for daytime.

  • BETHANY07/10/2002

    A former co-worker used to wear this one.I think she must have bathed in it.I kept getting headaches and nausea whenever she wore this. Most of the Gucci scents are very potent/strong. Please use with care, the rest of us would like to breathe too.

  • STEPHANIE06/11/2002

    I just bought a bottle and I love it. I loved it from the first time I smelled it in a magazine. It is a mysterious smelling scent, I think. Hard to tell just what it consists of, and I like that. I don't like perfumes that someone can smell and tell exactly what flower notes are in it, etc.. Also it is very sexy and flirty smelling, very rich.. totally fell in love with this perfume and have been wearing it constantly. I think it will become my signature scent. I do not think it is cheap or vomit-inducing as some have said.. Come on, do a lot of people have weak stomachs or what? I can't think of a perfume or cologne for that matter, that made me want to gag when smelling it. I may not like it, but never felt like upchucking... Rush is divine, ya'll, heaven scent.. lol Fabulous stuff. Oh and I actually love the bottle. It is very cool and modern, stands out, and won't break. What is better than that?

  • GOGI06/09/2002

    Dear Terry! I feel sick every time when I smell Rush on someone!

  • TERRY05/26/2002

    Ack. My girlfriend wears this all the time, and usually it's alright. Though I'm not too fond of it. However, once I had a bad case of the stomach flu and this scent seemed to only make my head spin more and my stomach churn harder. Now everytime she wears it, i feel sick again.

  • JACKIE05/21/2002

    I absolutely LOVE this fragrence!!!!!!!! I have received so many compliments--from both men and women-- about Rush since I purchased it about a month ago. I have never, ever received this much attention about a fragrence I've worn. It's worth the money. Go ahead and splurge--get the big bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JOHN05/12/2002

    I recently joined this wonderful site with only one was to purchase Rush by Gucci for my mom, she just can't get enough of it, she says it the best perfume she's ever smelled and owned!

  • LIKESTODANCE04/19/2002

    Very strong. Men seem to love it though. They used to come around my desk "just to smell the perfume" I'm not kidding. I got sick of it too, though, I agree with that.

  • SARAH04/12/2002

    This smell is so bad it screams out tramp.

  • GINGER04/09/2002

    This smell is so strong, like if you're really begging to get attention.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    milky oriental like Coco mademoiselle, but softer. Too strange for me

  • CRYSTAL03/10/2002

    I know it's a quite strong perfume but there's something intoxicating about it that you just can't resist! I'm hooked on it!!!

  • LIZ02/25/2002

    My favorite fragrance! Sexy, deep and amazing. I was hooked the moment I smelled it!

  • LA SHADOW KITTEN02/13/2002

    love it.. just like the name

  • V.V.02/09/2002

    It is so-so. Trendy and agressive. Too strong.

  • ANDROMEDA01/20/2002

    I bought it and loved it for awhile, but I got tired of it fast. I still think it's a sexy perfume but it's not for me. It's spicy but it has a lot of sweet freesia in it. I wish the bottle was prettier. It's pretty strong so people shouldn't overdo it.

  • SARA01/08/2002

    very distinctive. I like the smell of it. be careful though - it may not be for you even if you like it on other people. learned this the hard way.

  • ANDREA_CROATIA01/07/2002

    This is a champion! die for it! vanilla with nice flowers! yum i like vanilla!

  • RENEE12/24/2001

    It smells sweet and sexy. I'm complimented all the time on it.

  • LAURA12/20/2001

    It lasts a very long time and it's a good one for the winter, but be aware that it kind of gets "old" on you as the day wears on. It's spicy, definitely not delicate. I like it, but it's a little strong.

  • L.K.12/19/2001 opinion:too heavy,too sweet...reminde me all those old russian perfumes,...nothing trendy for this century.

  • SONYIA12/17/2001

    Hey disrespect intended gurlfriend...but I have Jovan's Woman at home too and these 2 fragrances smell NOTHING alike in my opinion. Woman is very strong and spicey while Rush is sweet and sensual and lingering. each her own sister!

  • SONYIA12/17/2001

    From the moment I smelled this in a magazine I fell in luuuuuv! I am always getting compliments on this and I love it so much that I turn myself on!! ;)

  • GAIL12/13/2001

    Boy, does this perfume remind of a scent from the late 70's called Woman by Jovan. Does anyone out there remember that one?Anyway that's just my opinion! It's ok.

  • D12/12/2001

    I think it is very sensual and sexy. Its a little strong so put a little on don't over do it.

  • LT12/09/2001

    Carla is right! Rush turns my stomach, too. Rush 2 is not much better.

  • TOURAY12/08/2001

    Are you sure that you're not refering to Rush2, the one in the pink bottle?That is the way I would describe it also.It has a very offensive synthetic smell about it.

  • CARLA12/06/2001


  • TOURAY12/04/2001

    I think it is the bottle and the magazine ads that contribute to the idea of Rush being a "cheap" scent. But I love the way it smells and am on my second bottle. The thing is not to apply too much. I think it smells kind of like those yellow tree car fresheners.

  • ARI11/30/2001

    Wear it if you want to kill someone with your scent!!!

  • GIOVANNA11/19/2001

    I too enjoy wearing Rush. I love the heady florals and creamy vanilla note that follows. It's not a classy fragrance, just plain sexy. Perfect for the days/nights I wanna have fun flaunting my wild wavy hair and 5'11" tall body in skirts and strappy heels. I also understand it is heavy and invasive, so I avoid it during work hours.

  • FRIEND11/19/2001


  • MIREILLE11/17/2001

    Eamus, amice! Well, Lisa, you are so agressive, I'm going to try to calm you down, and tell you some of my favourites (sorry for my spelling errors - English is not my native language, I'm not American, and I'm not from english-speaking country /could you imagine that!!!/ - maybe you speak and write perfectly five languages, who knows - sorry!) So, favourites of this "dumb idiot" (me) are: oriental family - Guerlain - Samsara, Fendi-Asja,Dior - Hypnotic Poison, Givenchy - Organza Indecence. Floriental family, for me good for every ocassion, day&night: Lancome - Tresor,Annick Goutal- Petit Cherie. Light, refreshing perfumes, that I like in summer: Issey Miyake - Eau D'Issey, A.Goutal - Eau du Sud, Biotherm - Aqua Relax.Bye - this is the end of our beautiful friendship.

  • LISA11/12/2001

    Gucci Rush rules! If it's too much for some of you whiny, pea-brained waif wannabes then keep on wearing Tommy Girl.

  • SOPHIE11/12/2001

    I never even had to try this one! I had the samples in many of my magazines, and had to rip them out because the smell was so strong, it was giving me a headache when I was trying to read the magazine!

  • MIREILLE11/11/2001

    And the rate is 1 out of 5, of course (or 0 out of 5)!

  • MIREILLE11/11/2001

    It is so cloying and heavy,I can't understand how can anyone wear it!

  • ELLEN11/10/2001

    Love the fragrance and the bottle! Rush is so unique; thats what I love about it. It doesn't smell like any other perfume.

  • KATHY11/08/2001

    I've been wearing this since mid-2000 and I've gotten nothing but compliments whenever I wear it. Guys looooove this scent. I think it's sweet, sexy, seductive and very distinctive. The bottle has to go, though.

  • TRUEBLUE10/30/2001

    If you are woman of taste, don't wear this! Please, have mercy! It is heavy, terrible and disgusting!

  • MONICA MYERS10/07/2001

    This smells so good! I get nothing but compliments when I wear it. Why do people automatically conclude that a fragrance is cheap just because it's sweet??? It doesn't smell cheap at all! The plastic bottle is cheap, but not the scent itself.

  • PAT N TENN10/03/2001

    Love this! It makes me feel worldly and wise and sexy. The guys on my pool-league melt whenever I wear it! Love it!!

  • VIKI10/03/2001

    NO,NO,NO!!! Cheap,cheap,cheap! And what a headache!

  • MAGGIE09/03/2001

    The scent is perfectly delicious. But like other posters, the bottle is a marketing error. Maybe I'm too conservative, but I hate cheap looking containers. That's why I'll never buy those Versace things that come in a can. Just as you don't drink champagne that comes in a can, you dont' wear perfume that comes in a can. A very personal comment.

  • VALERY 08/24/2001

    Very unique and distinctive. No other perfume smells anything like it.

  • MICHELLE08/23/2001

    Ugh. This is an extremely strong and heady scent, with an overwhelming sweetness. It's a definite headache-causer!!!

  • JOLENE07/30/2001

    I like Gucci Rush a lot. It has a very unique, sweet scent. I don't know why, but I also like the modern-artsy square red plastic bottle! It makes this perfume stand out from the others.

  • KIMBERLY07/27/2001

    I really love the scent but don't like the plastic container!

  • LEAH07/12/2001

    Like this and get comments, but Gucci Rush2 is lighter and delicious, like this and the packaging better.

  • SUE K.07/09/2001

    It is absolutely the greatest scent I've ever used. It is sexy and delicious. I buy it whenever I se a bargain price.

  • KARINA07/08/2001

    Oh dear. I find it so disturbing that anyone would buy this fragrance. There are only two perfumes in this world that I can honestly say I detest: one is Angel by Thierry Mugler, and the other is Gucci Rush. It gives me a headache and actually almost makes me nauseated. It has a "cheap", sticky-sweet fruity scent that is just unbearable. Definitely not recommended- if you want a much nicer perfume by Gucci, try #3 instead.

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    i think it has peppers and carnations in it. strong. nice smell.

  • MARCY05/10/2001

    this is by far the weirdest scent I have ever smelled, and I usually find something to like about every fragrance!

  • TRESA04/22/2001

    I just love this perfume! It's very sexy, fruity and sweet. It has become my absolute favorite. I love the bottle too. It's modern and unusual. I like the fact that it's plastic too because I can put in my purse and I know it won't break.

  • CHRISTIE03/23/2001

    Unbelievably sexy, mysterious, and confident! Every woman NEEDS this stuff!!


    I think that this is the sexiest, warmest and most sensual fragrance ever! The bottle is creative, stylish and fun! Buy this and you won't regret it!

  • DANIELLA01/17/2001

    this perfume is verry sexy, elegant, a must for every woman!! and I think the bottle is very cute actually!


    I really like this fragrance. Unfortunately, I hate the bottle and haven't as yet been able to bring myself to purchase it because of that. It may sound silly, but I really appreciate a beautiful bottle. What was Gucci thinking when they designed this cheap looking plastic thing?

  • PATRICK CORDOVA12/16/2000


  • SARA M.12/07/2000


  • AURETA08/29/2000

    The best parfume i've ever smelled. It's the best, i love it

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