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Chypre, Leathery, Woody. Created in 1976 by Halston, Halston Z-14 cologne for men is a bold, woody, mossy fragrance. This masculine cologne contains a blend of lemon, gardenia, patchouli and is accented with coriander, cedarwood and tonka making Halston Z-14 cologne perfect for casual use.

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Chypre, Leathery, Woody. Created in 1976 by Halston, Halston Z-14 cologne for men is a bold, woody, mossy fragrance. This masculine cologne contains a blend of lemon, gardenia, patchouli and is accented with coriander, cedarwood and tonka making Halston Z-14 cologne perfect for casual use.

  • JESUS07/25/2013


  • ANGEL11/19/2012

    Time endured and a real classic. But use sparingly as it can knock you out. Strong but not sickly.

  • ROBYN GILBERT10/13/2012

    My husband has used this for many years, and it is his favourite fragrance. Very familiar and lasting.

  • GLEN B03/06/2012

    I had high hopes for this gentlemen's classic. Those hopes were dashed. Z-14 smelt wrong on my skin - just wrong. *sigh*


    I have used this cologne since its inception in 1978 and have never had so many positive comments. I was frustrated on leaving US 10 years ago at being unable to find this cologne in Europe so I am absulutely delighted to have found Galaxy and will certainly purchase again in the future.

  • VIS09/08/2006

    Sorry guys, I've been wearing this scent for around 20 years now. And still, almost anytime I am out somewhere (dressed up, especially), I get compliments from women - old AND young - that "You smell so good." (Usually, with an extra "lean-in-to-sniff-again") Granted, it is strong when you hit yourself aftershave,etc in the mornings, but by midday, it seems to settle into my body chemistry perfectly. No fruit, no flowers, or other "bright" smells. Just "dusky, spicy, with a hint of lemon." A classic "mans" scent that women love as long as it matches your body chem.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD07/22/2006

    This is not a bad fragrance although it smells rather harsh upon smelling my wrist.It smells even better "in the air".Thats the point Im trying to make.Initially, you may smell a fragrance on someone else and think its great, but upon applying it on yourself, it doesnt or smells harsh.Some contribute this to chemistry and I am sure that has something to do with it.I think distance has alot to do with it.This is a strong fragrance smelling it o the wrist and you may think it bad.To others from a distance, its just right.Its projection is just right for others.Basically, its likened unto smelling a fragrance immediately after applying or waiting for it to settle for a moment.You wou detect a difference.this could be the problem with many fragrances.I have received compliments with this.One, from an mature women,which I expected, and the other from a 20 year old man.All said and done, this is the basis of Polo(check the fragrance notes) minus the pine.

  • RYAN T05/31/2006

    I have a bottle of this that I bought from "wallywood" and I later sprayed it on myself. I was pleasently surprised. I will say that the scent is heavy and "dark". This is due to it being a more spicy natured fragrance. I would prefer this scent in the wintertime use :)

  • BOB01/30/2006

    The jury's still out. I bought it 2 days ago and really liked it in the store. I agreed with the comment that it's strong. Use sparingly. I'll let you know if I get a compliment (haven't gotten one yet). My wife said she liked it (but you know that sometimes women don't mean what they say). Have used Michael Jordan for 8 years (like it), but want a new (not expensive) fragrance. Keeping my fingers crossed that someone doesn't find it offensive (like one of the other commenters).

  • R.J.12/02/2005


  • ROCK11/27/2005

    I think i see they have Jeff Gordon endorsing this product now...i'm sure their intended clientelle (Nascar-hicks) will buy it up because of that, haha. Note to the company: I'd never touch anything endorsed by Jeff Gordon.

  • JONNIE11/02/2005

    This scent a choking harzard to you and anyone around you!!! You barely smell the gardenia in it! Gasoline would smell better.

  • ADRIAN10/08/2005

    I like how this stuff smells, but it gives me a splitting headache almost immediately. It's very strong -- I only used one squirt -- and the scent lasts a long time. It's very sexy but definitely try it before you buy it.

  • THE BUZZ06/29/2005

    One of my old time favorites, classic comfortable scent.

  • HIEU06/24/2005

    Applied it to body and clothing. Still reeks! Stinks. Don't know why people hype it.

  • JON06/12/2005

    Even though my mom bought me this for X-mas in 2003. I haven't really worn it much. I don't like the smell! It's too strong, and doesn't have a charateristic scent to it.

  • BEVERLY02/26/2005

    My husband has been wearing this off and on for 22 years. It's incredibly sexy. A classic is always a classic. Don't let the fact that you can buy it cheap keep you from trying it - it used to be sold only in department stores - just like the smell-alikes made today. You won't smell like every other man out there when you wear this!

  • TOURAY02/06/2005

    I smelled this for the first time yesterday. I would love this as the signature of the man in my life.

  • W.B.01/28/2005


  • VAL01/16/2005

    I'd follow a man anywhere who was wearing's definately masculine and sexy, very sexy!

  • JON01/16/2005

    The scent smells like cigarrettes, root beer and musk mixed together. It's a horrible scent that is way to stuffy!

  • S.12/14/2004

    It is the MOST rememorable scents even. Powerfully masculine and sexy! I adore it-- however-- it is strong so use it sparingly. Ladies will remember you for your scent-- make sure you have the personality to go with the powerful scent.

  • GIMPY11/13/2004

    Dated, yes. Been around a long time...yes. But this fragrance still turns me on!! If people think it's cheap, it's only because it's been around so long they sell it at Walgreens nowdays. But when it first came out, every guy I knew had to have it! It's yummy!

  • DIRK H10/19/2004

    Odorous scent. My body odor is better then this scent. Try Egotiste Platinum or Joop if you want a quality cologne (that chicks will drool over).

  • DAVE10/06/2004

    This scent creates some kind of primal urge with women. I have had women actually put their noses on me to locate where the scent is coming from. Consistently one of the most sensual scents created for men!

  • JOHN09/12/2004

    When I first came across this in a 4 pack mini assortment from Walgreens, I thought it was overpowering and old man smelling. (I'm 19) Then one day I was out of my favorite colorgne (at the time: emporio armani) so I decided to splash some of this on. I'm not sure what changed my mind, but soon enough, there were only a few drops left in the bottle, and I found myself adding water for the time being to keep it going. Not sure if I'll buy it again, but ladies seem to like it, and my guy friends call me a hippy because of the patchuli. Oh well, I do really like this scent!

  • SYLVIE09/07/2004

    A beautiful fragrance is a beautiful fragrance without any question! If you are self-confident enough you will wear the scent YOU like, even if it's unmodern, old-fashioned, nostalgic or dated. Halston Z-14 is a wonderful, masculine spicy fragrance for men. One of the very best in the last 25 years! A masterpiece! The newest women's(!) fragrance "Black Cashmere" by Donna Karan reminds me of Z-14. Compare both and enjoy!

  • KEVIN D08/15/2004

    I agree with those that say its strong and out of style. I won't wear it to work because of this.

  • KEVIN D08/15/2004

    I agree with those that say its strong and out of style. I won't wear it to work because of this.

  • SOL07/01/2004

    Dude, i wanted to try something new..when i first smelled it it smelled sort of cheap..and its very strong...i think i smell like an old only 23 and i dont know if i should wear there anyone around my age that wears this? a message please

  • ALEX06/20/2004

    Oh yeah! I've got a huge collection of name brand colognes but this one really smells genuine. My wife loves it ... if you know what I mean!

  • LISA MARIE04/25/2004

    tear a man's clothes off and have my way with him! This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE men's cologne.

  • LLL01/05/2004

    A boyfriend of mine used to wear this, and it smelled excellent on him. I always remembered it, and I liked it so much that I've purchased it for others. It's a masculine, sexy, and, I think, subtle scent.

  • KARL12/26/2003

    a very masculine scent,woodsy,and very popular with the ladies.I'm an eighties man and have worn z-14 for since it came out,why try and fix something thats not broke.

  • MOONRAT08/23/2003

    Very strong with a very heavy bad smell. Last & lasts - the dry down is still strong and stinky ! Try I-12 or Z for a better scent.

  • KEN07/12/2003

    Reminds me of an ageing gigolo, complete with gold chains and plantations of greying chest hair on display.

  • PJ07/06/2003

    Z-14 may have been all the rave back in the late 70's to early 80's but mens scents have so evolved since then. This is not a bad scent and is a classic but it is just too dated in its make up. I feel it is more popular with people who wore it back in the day. I really can not identify myself with this fragrance or period it came from it just way before my time.

  • TOM07/02/2003

    This stuff went out ions ago and it smells putrid.

  • BRAD06/26/2003

    This product smell very much like cheap cologne. The department stores don't sell it because it smells cheap.

  • MOODY05/15/2003

    nice smelling,long lasting,affordable price,thatz all & i like it

  • ARNOLD R.02/20/2003

    Absolutely delicious. "Like Polo with the volume turned up." Like, the mossy, spicy notes from Polo jacked way up, without the woodsy notes. I've always felt that Polo was simply Ralph Lauren's diluted, copycat version of Halston's Z-14 (which came out 2 years before Polo). It's wonderful, it's masculine, it's powerful -- lasts all day, it's one of those "bulletproof" colognes. You can pull your dirty shirt out of the hamper the next day, and still faintly smell it. I love that. Definitely worth making one of your "signature" scents. Check it out. You'll be glad you did.

  • GEORGE10/26/2002

    It is very strong!! Becareful not to spray too much.

  • OBIWARREN10/22/2002

    A fresh and woodsy classic. Nothing else is like it.

  • BRIAN10/01/2002

    I finnaly got to smell this classic stuff. This is AWESOME. It is a mossy scent alot like Fahrenheit. I got to get a bottle of this. I smelled it at the mall and after smelling so many colognes this one blew them all away!

  • AMY03/07/2001

    Z-14 is my favorite scent that my husband wears! It drive me crazy! It is a very sexy smell! I highly recommend Z-14!

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