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Gucci Eau de Parfum II Gucci Image


Gucci Eau de Parfum II   

47 Reviews

Gucci Eau de Parfum II is a companion to the original Eau de Parfum, Eau de Parfum II is a soft, fruity floral that sparkles with notes of mandarin, blackcurrant, violet, and blackberry, smoothed with jasmine, heliotrope, and cedarwood. Playful, yet elegant. Notes include Mandarin, Bitter Orange, Blackcurrant, Violet, Blackberry, Jasmine, more

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Gucci Eau de Parfum II is a companion to the original Eau de Parfum, Eau de Parfum II is a soft, fruity floral that sparkles with notes of mandarin, blackcurrant, violet, and blackberry, smoothed with jasmine, heliotrope, and cedarwood. Playful, yet elegant. Notes include Mandarin, Bitter Orange, Blackcurrant, Violet, Blackberry, Jasmine, Heliotrope, Cedarwood.

  • JUDITH03/24/2012

    I love this perfume, I wear it all the time but Kim (earlier author) is right, it doesn't last, it has to be sprayed often throughout the day or night and the bottle is quite a small amount for the cost. Beautiful smell but works out expensive. I do however, love it and will not change (certainly at the moment) so I need to shut up and put up! :0)

  • DENETTE01/18/2012

    There is only one thing that I think of when I smell Gucci II, and that is pink pepper! I don’t think that it is listed in the notes, but that is what is most prominent on my skin. I was really hoping to get more of the fruity notes to come through, but on me they are just barely there. I really like this one because it is interesting and different from what I normally wear, and that is a plus. I wear it on those days that I feel a little out of the box, but in a good way!

  • HEIDI04/24/2008

    After reading the reviews on this one, it sounded so good I took everyone's advice and ordered it first without smelling it which I never do because I like to be sure of what I'm getting but I really have to say I am soooo glad I took my chance with this one because I just found a sample and I apsolutely LOVE IT !!!!

  • GINA02/24/2008

    I have purchased this perfume a number of times and it never fails to spark a compliment. It is such a sophisticated and alluring scent that someone always asks what I'm wearing. I do have to admit that it doesn't last as long as other perfumes I've had, but it's worth the extra spray later on in the day! Without a doubt....signature scent worthy!

  • KIM 12/26/2007

    Wonderful smell, but it does not last long. You will need to carry it in your purse to keep the scent going for the evening.

  • GISELLE10/29/2007

    Beautiful and expensive smelling... I had someone stop me who was walking behind me in the parking lot to work one morning. She commented that I smelled lovely and that it must be an expensive perfume. I thought that was an interesting comment because when I bought it, the lady at the perfume counter told me that since it was a french perfume it would be more expensive smelling with less of that cheap alcohol smell you find in so many perfumes made in America. According to one person, it seems she might have known what she was talking about. I am on my 3rd bottle and love it!

  • KRYSTAL04/13/2007

    I bought 2 bottles. I wear it to work and I get compliemtns from everyone. It's every sweet and fruity - 1-2 spray is all you need.

  • VICKY03/08/2007

    Hi! I desagree with Blackambermoon, I have both of them and think that they are not similar at all...While Lauren style is nice soft floral (dont last much) Eau 2 is stronger and more spicy although its floral too...and lasts for long...both are nice but Style is more common similar to others for daytime its a classic fragance for me...Gucci is quite original

  • BLACKAMBERMOON02/23/2007

    If you like Ralph Lauren's Style, this is very similar. Both are pleasant, fresh, and feminine.

  • AGATHA02/16/2007

    I thought I could smell something similar to Clarins' par Amour Toujours in this one, and I think it must be the blackcurrent. Young, fresh smell to it that is very nice to wear on a summer's day for any age. This is a nice surprise actually. But it doesn't last long on my skin. I did try this one as a miniture, so maybe that might have something to do with it (I never have good experiences with that lasting effects from minis). Definitely try this one.

  • BARBARA W02/16/2007

    I'm not usually a floral fan, but this is very nice. My nephew bought this for my mom for Christmas, and I thought the bottle was beautiful and spritzed my wrist. It's a "pretty" scent, feminine and fresh without being too girly. Would suit all ages, too.

  • VICKY11/29/2006

    I have just bought it with Envy me 2...Im a fan of Envy me, like Envy me 2 very much but deffinitly this one is the best of all...I was not a huge fan bought it because of the good price I got but now that I tryed it on my skin wow love it! one of my new favorites!

  • **HEATHER**07/19/2006

    I really love this fragrance but unfortunately it doesn't last long. It smells fresh and fruity like berries.

  • KRISTEN01/25/2006

    I ADORED this when I first got it.. it's light and peppery and fresh and floral and pretty.. then for some reason everytime I wore it I got headaches.. it's still nice but there are better ones out there for me now..

  • SMR01/22/2006

    I bought this the other day and it smells great. It works with my body chemistry. Some people have written about a pepper smell or a foul smell but it must be their body chemistry. I wore it to work and some of the guys I work with kept walking by me just to smell the perfume (I ased their opinion before buying, I was also looking at Escada but it doesn't blend well with me).


    This is a very nice fragrance. My co-worker allowed me to wear this today and I'm lovin it. It's soft, fruity, and elegant. This is really a keeper. It also doesn't bother my allergies which is a plus!

  • MARGARETA12/29/2005

    This is a very, very nice perfume, easy to wear, and always right, day and night. The composition of tones is exelent. It´s elegant and warm, yet discret. I like the small bottle when I´m traveling, it´s easy to bring along. Yet this one is not my favourite. There is a bit of charm missing, a bit of personality. I rate it "good".

  • LINDA10/17/2005

    I really liked this scent when i purchased it, and I still do...but, I have never, ever, had any compliment me on it...I am confused now on whether or not to purchase a new bottle. The thing I absolutely hate about Gucci is the bottle. It is very pretty but too wide and awkward for a woman to spray with just one hand. There has to be a better way to package such a wonderful product!

  • IRENE10/02/2005

    I was very happy when I bought that parfum because I thought that was very clean and sweet smell. However, I went to my parents` home and everytime I wore it, my mum exclaimed without having it was a parfum: what is that horrible smell?? Around here, the smell is awful.

  • RACHAE09/24/2005

    This stuff is pretty good. It's elegant and I'd only wear it out at night. It's light but stays with me, It's different but in a good way.

  • SANDY09/17/2005

    i bought this i loved the way it smelled as a tester but then later when i used it to go out, it smelled strong like bug spray almost. i took it back and exchanged it for burberry britt, sooo much better and sweeter smelling

  • TAT2DBETTIE08/12/2005

    I can see why some people LOVE this scent. Underneath the AWEFUL overbearing pepper notes there is a beautiful fruity floral. Unfortunately for me, all I smell is the pepper. My skin just radiates it. Not flattering at all. I suggest getting a sample size to try on your skin before investing in this fragrance. I'm glad I did!

  • TAT2DBETTIE08/12/2005

    I can see why some people LOVE this scent. Underneath the AWEFUL overbearing pepper notes there is a beautiful fruity floral. Unfortunately for me, all I smell is the pepper. My skin just radiates it. Not flattering at all. I suggest getting a sample size to try on your skin before investing in this fragrance. I'm glad I did!

  • LAURA08/06/2005

    My boyfriend bought me this lovely fragrance and I must admit it is truly the best I've ever worn. Although I'm not exactly a fan of Gucci,I can definitely recommend this one to any woman who wants to smell great for that special guy in her life.

  • LAURA07/29/2005

    My boyfriend bought me this pretty scent and I was completely blown away. Although I'm not much of a gucci fan,this is the best I've ever worn and it's definitely a keeper.

  • KRISTEN07/05/2005

    i have never been a perfume person. this is the first perfume that i was able to wear without feeling nautious. it is light and i am constantly being told that i smell good to the point of being 'edible'.

  • VONNI04/22/2005

    First let me say this is not a horrible fragrance. However, there’s a very sharp note in it that gives me a little bit of a headache. The sharp note is so intense that it smells a little like alcohol and ends up making this scent smell cheap. It‘s also very fruity - so fruity that it reminds me of drug store body sprays. That said, the middle florals are nice with the exception of the one sharp note that disturbs me. In the middle and in the dry down, it smells very much like Miracle which is pleasant. Unfortunately that disturbing note stays true from beginning to dry down. I think this is one that really, REALLY has to work with your chemistry and it just doesn’t click with me.


    this perfume is amazing!! the floral sent comes through but is not overpowering. a must buy!!

  • MARILYN04/17/2005

    this perfume is sooo good! Everyone asks we what I wear, and one guy told me I smelled beautifully, almost lika strawberry pancake with whipped cream.. ;-)

  • REBECCA02/19/2005


  • CHRISTINE02/04/2005

    I really like the newest sent to my collection. I've been trying to get away from my old standbies. This has been a big hit for me. Lots of complimants

  • JT01/16/2005

    Although Gucci II was never an absolute favorite, I did enjoy it every now and then, and on me it had a pleasant and little bit floral, just a hint fruity, herbal based type of scent. I have also received complements on it. Lately though, I just don't seem to care for it anymore. I thought maybe I was just getting tired of it, but it actually smells a little nauseating and strong to me nowdays. I don't know why, but for some reason my taste has changed on this particular fragrance. Not terrible, but I would rate it average with 3 stars now.

  • POLINA01/13/2005

    It's great: changes from light-floral, but not too sweet, to sandal wood and warm spicy notes. Very pleasant and long lasting! I loved it.

  • HANKA12/27/2004

    I am changing parfumes all the time, because I get tired of them after a while, but surprisingly Gucci II has something what other ones do not have, I am using it over a year and I did not get tired of it! It is amazing fragrance, but of course as all the other ones it suites to only certain types of people. So if some of women says it does not last long, maybe it is not the right one for them, because I put it on myself only once a day-in the morning and when I am coming home arround 7pm the Gucci II fragrance is still with me. And the best part is everybody arround me loves it!!

  • M&M12/14/2004

    Not bad, very light, delicate, airy, soft...and then those horrible pepper notes have destroyed my impression.

  • SHANNON11/26/2004

    Tried this today and it smells really good - sweet and fruity and light. Much softer than the original.

  • KRIS11/09/2004

    I wore this fragrance exclusively for about 9 months. It is truely wonderful...and even though it is fruity, it has a contempory elegance. Also, I don't agree with those who say that it isn't long lasting. I never had a problem with it fading and would receive compliments long after it was applied. I expect the popularity of this fragrance to take off since Nordstrom has recently begun promoting it in their stores.

  • JULIE10/19/2004

    I love it cause it's different and goes well with me, but definitely like a warm pine scent or herbs. NO fruit scent to it at all though. I have gotten compliments too. This is a nice perfume. Not too sweet or typical smelling.

  • KAMILL10/08/2004

    its a cool new fragrance. very young, dynamic and very fashionable. on me, surprisingly the fruity note does not come through. it stays very fresh and citrusy but in a very elegant and safisticated way, not casual and sporty. quite good staying power.

  • JT10/07/2004

    I really like this one. I love fruity scents, but I fail to be able to smell fruit in this one. To me it smells kind of herbal for some reason. Just very unusual. I don't think you will find anything similar. Try it if you want something different for a change...

  • CASS10/03/2004

    Light and fruity with a woody base. Smells wonderful.

  • LUCI07/28/2004

    i love it but it doesn´t last too long!

  • KATE06/25/2004

    I love this perfume. It is a fruity floral that always turns heads.

  • SUSANNA05/06/2004

    I love this perfume. Light, fruity-floral, soft, feminin, elegant and not overpowering at all. My signature fragrance.

  • ABIGAIL05/05/2004

    Pretty presentation, but a little artificial and nothing special.

  • MINNIE MOUSE05/04/2004

    This perfume is similiar to Lancome's Miracle. It's spicy and sweet, a little floral and a lot fruity. After a while it takes on this raspberry note that reminds me of Hot Couture by Givenchy, except without that smoky note. Overall, it's very bright and spunky. However, fruity perfumes aren't really doing it for me lately, so I gave mine to my mom. Smells lovely on her! I hate to say it but it is a lot like all the other perfumes of the moment. That doesn't make it bad, though.

  • CRISTINA05/03/2004

    absolutely lovely,I first liked the nr but after a while my mother in law came and noticed she is using that one and after that I hated the smell...sorry,but nr 2 is soft and feminine,lasting and unusual feminine scent.Best for a pretty lady!

  • SILVY0405/01/2004

    I bought this perfume two weeks ago. It's a nice floral one. Although not too original as I find it fairly similar to Escada's Sentiments.

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