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Paco Rabanne


45 Reviews

Aromatic, Fougere, Woody. Created in 1993 by Paco Rabanne, XS cologne for men is a refreshing, woody, mossy fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: mint, coriander and watermelon. The middle notes are: citrus, geranium and cedar and the base of the fragrance is: sage, oakmoss and musk. XS cologne is recommended as a more

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Aromatic, Fougere, Woody. Created in 1993 by Paco Rabanne, XS cologne for men is a refreshing, woody, mossy fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: mint, coriander and watermelon. The middle notes are: citrus, geranium and cedar and the base of the fragrance is: sage, oakmoss and musk. XS cologne is recommended as a daytime fragrance.

  • GRAMMATON CLERIC04/05/2011

    Sharp & arid woody-mossy frag is a definite attention-getter but just be careful not to overspray otherwise you might suffocate someone with it like some knuckleheads out there do with Eternity. I've heard this is a bit comparable to Himalaya by Creed which I haven't tried yet but heard it's way more pricier than this stuff which is relatively cheap for what it is. Paco's best IMO

  • STEVE EMLENTON01/19/2009

    Outstanding sharp & woody scent is long-lasting and very powering so don't overspray if you own it. Just once on the neck and once on the shirt.

  • JOHN08/07/2008

    Hands down my most reliable attention getter to date.... Stuff's amazing.......

  • LESTAT06/25/2008

    Love it. Fresh and woody.Daytime fragrance of course.. Few sprays on the chest will last you long time.Old Gem but still hip enough!!

  • WB04/04/2008


  • BEARSCENT12/17/2007

    I really like this. The opening is somewhat aggressive with its minty blast, and the middle is a bit perfumey, but that cedar drydown is oh so nice. I love it! That said, I want more! This base is almost what I have been looking for in a scent, but it’s still a bit too sweet. I want something that smells woody like this but not as sweet. Is there anything out there like that? I’m fairly new to the scent world, so any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  • BARBARA W07/11/2007

    A winner from Paco. His fragrances are a nice departure from the overly sweet frags men are wearing today. I love the crisp woods in this - sooo masculine. Get it.

  • ROB H.09/23/2006

    Some good suggestions are the Armani, Chanel, Aquarama, Creed, Acqua di Parma and Amouage scents. BUT, you will pay the price on all of those especially the last one I mentioned. I'm surprised that Lacoste Essential didn't last for you 'cause it definitely lasts for me. Also some other individual ones that last are Le Male, Baldessarini del Mar, RL's Romances, Yang and L'Instant. Take care

  • PERFUMELOVER7909/17/2006

    hi ,everybody can anyone help me by telling me what perfume lasts longest.i tried givenchyblue lable,lascote essential,blv pour home but i am still not sastified with these cos' they dont last long .HIghly appreciate all the help

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE06/19/2006

    Finally got around to sampling this arid mossy/woody scent and I was actually quite surprised at its longevity and eventually the really good compliments I got after buying a bottle. Probably the best from PR.

  • JINGIE06/11/2006

    How come no one comes up with this conclusion? XS is exactly same as Givenchy VI pour homme, all the sesame and mocha notes. But, XS is not as green and sweet as VI, whereaas VI has a very noticable green grass note in the openning. EX is little pepery and spicy, due to when it was made. VI is more modern and trendy. I prefer VI.

  • SYNERGY05/19/2006

    Nicely powered sharp woody-earthy fragrance is long-lasting and probably the best I've smelled from the designer who I've never really been big on.

  • HUGGYBEAR03/25/2006

    XS is one of my faves and one of the best scents on the market today! It reminds me a little of Creed Himalaya but 1/5th the price and better staying power. XS is somewhat light, masculine with good sillage and longevity. Great for all seasons. It's a bit too strong or sharp at first but it mellows out and opens up beautifully. A winner!


    Love this sharp-powered woody-green aroma from PR and it's truly the designer's best. Also, I love your fragrance choices as well Mr. Rob H! :)

  • BIGNUTZ01/09/2006

    High-powered woody-mossy scent is Paco's best and is great for any occasion, day or evening. Just be careful not to overspray.

  • HANDSOME12/11/2005

    well the first thing i wanna tell is that im a big collector of colognes about 30 colognes im my collection always looking for a different cologne everytime so this cologne is different in every sense .its fresh , sexy, lasting.i dont get bored with this one .and i actually wear it almost all the time.its that good.and by the way price is great boys should buy this one cause its worth their money and personality. ciao:)

  • SYLVIA J12/07/2005

    Probably the most sophisticated from this designer and is a great buy for the price. Sharp, woody and awfully masculine alongside good longevity.

  • ONG-BAK11/23/2005

    Great sharp and woody fragrance is without a doubt, Paco's best and smells much more expensive than its small price.

  • TONY T11/03/2005

    exactly the same.i dunno which came out 1st but go with wings trust me, it will save you a few dollars. p.s. i hate ultraviolet man


    The scent has the linger of fairly high class but it's inexpensive and probably the most sophisticated from this designer. Sharp, mossy/woodiness and lasts pretty long, too.

  • SPACE PILGRIM08/03/2005

    Great woody and powdery fragrance smells fairly high class for being a Paco scent. My favorite from this designer.

  • TAT2DBETTIE07/27/2005

    Even though her statement was made over 5 years ago, I whole heartedly agree with AnnMarie. My boyfriend wears this, and has worn this for about 10 years. It's not too well known anymore which makes it one of the best kept cologne secrets out there... well, in my opinion at least! Rob H. I LOVE your taste in men's fragrances! I have seen some of your posts on other scents (like Kenneth Cole - Reaction) and the stuff you have is like the stuff in my man's collection (he is 30)... with a few that I might have to check out for him. PLUS I think it was you that listed Acqua Di Parma... more men should wear that... classic. They should get it on this site, since it is kind of hard to find! Anyway, back to the point... XS is delicious and definately makes me wanna pounce on my man even more when he is wearing it! :-)

  • Z.G. ARCHIBALD07/03/2005

    Great stuff for the price that reminds me a little bit of Himalaya by Creed only doesn't have that saltiness and is a little more sharp and woody than Himalaya. Otherwise a real good scent with decent lasting power.

  • GERANIUM12/19/2004

    When I first smelt this, I fell in love. but this cologne isn't for my body type, and evetually it started to reak of onions. I believe it was the age of the bottle (It was bought circa 94). Either way, I'm scared to touch it, no. And a girl friend of mine told me it stunk (well, behinf my back). Try before you buy.

  • POEBLK10/18/2004

    I keep at least 25 bottles of Various colognes at one time and this is one of the best

  • MARIA10/16/2004

    My husband owns this cologne and let me tell you - I love it, it's so refreshing yet so masculine. It's so...well attractive! If you're a guy, trust me this is the perfect girl magnet tool (for the singles out there) as for my husband he's taken and the cologne will have to be enjoyed only by me! ;)).

  • POEBLKMAN09/02/2004

    loved it had it since it came out

  • THE KING OF THE BIG RAT06/18/2004

    "Once upon a time....there was the man and his own smell". XS is this smell. Nothing more to say. Thank you for your attention. The Rat is bigger then the man.

  • ROB H. 05/12/2004

    Just recently I had sampled this fragrance at a store in a mall nearby where I live. I had forgotten how good it smelled being that I used to where it around 1994-95 when I just graduated from highschool. I don't know why I ever stopped wearing it. I did receive some good compliments from females. Maybe it was just that time to put it into retirement. and move onto something different. I think I'll start up another bottle for old times sake.

  • JEFF04/21/2004

    If you are looking for a scent to get a response from the opposite sex, this seems to be the winner. Of all the many different fragrances I wear, this one gets the most attention. I own many other expensive and popular colognes that I personally like more, however, this scent apparently has the right combination of fresh, clean, woody, mossy, and fruity all mixed in one that women really like. Its NOT my favorite cologne, but I can not argue with the noses of so many women. I must rate it EXCELLENT.

  • TOMMY. A.04/15/2004

    Lovely scent - one of my favourites!. In my opinion, the best from Paco Rabanne.

  • EDDIE02/17/2004

    Bought this on the advice of a friend. My wife thought it smelled really good. Wore it to work, found out that my wife was not alone in that opinion.

  • HILARY01/09/2004

    All guys should definetly purchase this item!!

  • LARRY REED12/05/2003


  • CHRIS07/25/2003

    this is one kick butt, lesser known cologne. It even smells great when sprayed before the dry down. Very clean, sweet but light. If your looking for a more hard to find one in this category, give this stuff a try. I highly recommend.

  • FERNANDO05/01/2003

    I didn't like XS at all. To me, it had a scent like a juice made of smashed plants and something else that was very strong. But I gave my bottle of XS to my brother and he liked it so much that he bought a new larger bottle later. So I don't say this is horrible. I just think it has nothing special at all and I didn't like to be smelling like a plant. "JUNGLE" would be a suitable name for this perfume. Try for yourself first.

  • HUGNKISS03/08/2003

    I agree with Nadia. I find it to be an instant aphrodesiac and sometimes also wear it myself when I can't smell it on my lover. Be aware though that it can be rather penetrating and sharp when first applied...which is why I'd rather smell it on him. For those womdering, it's made up of bergamot, coriander, juniper berries, wildflowers, sandalwood, cedarwood, and musk. So says the bottle.

  • LAURI02/27/2003

    It smells on me like Bvlgari´s Extreme, but lasts longer and is even better.

  • LIONHEART41711/14/2002

    It is not good as I expected when I got it. Maybe it's just not my type. And I still cannot figure out why it can attract women. Suggest try it before buy.

  • RON C.05/22/2002


  • TUM04/13/2002

    Sexy,light,fresh but doesn't last

  • NADIA01/29/2002

    Tell me about it! SENSUAL! girls you've got to try this on your men! I don't know what is in it but it works like an instant aphrodisiac. It's all I will ever buy for my man. Sometimes I will even put it on myself when he's away, it makes me feel so good...let me know what you think ladies! You're in for a treat!

  • JASON01/05/2002

    This fragrance is absolutely wonderful. I smells so fresh and clean right out of the bottle. I love it and i also love the bottle . This is truly one of those one of kind scents that you will wear forever. its not really hard to find you can get it discount stores and drugstores. BUY BUY BUY BUY you will not be dissapointed!! SERIOUSLY

  • EJAYBEE01/02/2002

    I used to wear it when it first came out. Its a sloid fragrance that will attract the ladies.

  • DAN12/15/2001

    One of the all time greatest for all around use.

  • ANNMARIE09/19/2000

    this is the sexiest men's cologne! it's light but will linger on your girlfriend's pillowcase!

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