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Calyx was created by Prescriptives in 1986 and is recommended for romantic wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a fruity bouquet of guava, papaya and passion fruit with a citrusy blend. Middle notes are flowery, including jasmine, marigold, freesia and marigold. Lowest notes of moss and aromatic woods.

1.7 oz Exhilarating Fragrance Spray
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Calyx was created by Prescriptives in 1986 and is recommended for romantic wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of a fruity bouquet of guava, papaya and passion fruit with a citrusy blend. Middle notes are flowery, including jasmine, marigold, freesia and marigold. Lowest notes of moss and aromatic woods.

  • MICHELLE12/17/2013

    ...fresh, clear fragrance...

  • N. DORSCHEL01/11/2013

    I have worn Calyx for years and constantly get compliments on it. I'm terribly disappointed that it's no longer being made and try to buy it whenever I find it. Is there any chance it might be made again?

  • BABYLONDON12/28/2012

    I love this perfume and trying to get another bottle, have had it for years. However, brought a bottle recently and it didn't smell the same. Can it be that I mistakenly brought the recent Calyx Exhilarating spray which maybe different from the original. Really would love another bottle but want the orginal fragrance, websites don't seem to specify what you are getting. Can anyone help please.

  • JUDITH GIBBY08/31/2012

    Love this perfume, no longer available in uk stores, great I can buy it on line


    Delighted to be able to obtain this lovely body lotion thankyou

  • NANCY STEWART05/25/2012

    I haven't been able to get this fragrance for so long. Then, I found your website. I love the light, clean scent and it is so good to be wearing it again.


    Thankyou for supplying my order so quickly. I am so pleased I can still purchase this particular product. I know where to order this again. Kind Regards

  • STEPPH07/22/2009

    my mom told me how she used to wear this back when i was a baby, she bought it several years later. now she wears it, i love the smell, it is absolutely perfect for nice summer days. the whiff is not too strong, simply a perfect balance of floral & fruity. it's just right for a woman young at heart like my mom, no matter what your age. personally, i don't think i would wear it cause i don't really like floral scents on me, i prefer fruity OR sexy-spicier scents. really, the perfect scenario wearing this perfume would be: eating brunch outside with your family on a nice spring or summer day, or doing morning errands on a fresh bright day, god it's just wonderful.

  • AIKANAE01/12/2009

    I get comments on how good I smell, not on my perfume. That's what I like. It also stays all day long with a small spritz. Straight out of the bottle and for the first 15 min. I don't like it. It smells like wet dirt or grapefruit. Then it mellows into an intoxicating scent that's very natural and sporty, yet sophisticated and complex enough for evening. I've worn it since it came out. On my mother it stinks. Literally. I get the feeling Calyx smells different on everyone.

  • JEILEEN07/09/2008

    I first wore this about 16 years ago. Recently started wearing this again after not finding anything I liked since. I did buy the body lotion and was allergic! It gave a serious reaction of bumby hives. My skin isn't sensitive so this was strange. Has this happened to anyone else? I'll stick to the spray scent.

  • ANNIE05/05/2008

    I love this fruity/floral scent. I find it refereshing and uplifting. I'm really glad this is still being made after all these years. I think I need a bottle for the summer. It may not appeal to very young women who have grown up with an entirely different trend in fragrances.

  • STEPHANIA01/25/2008

    Strong sweet scents will trigger a migraine quicker than anything for me. This perfume has been a favorite of mine for the past 20 years. It so clean and refreshing . . . never over/powering!

  • GODDESS04/05/2007

    I first started wearing calyx 20 years ago in college...the refreshing hawaii type scent is so addicting...from first spritz to dry was suitable for the 20 yr old me and just as suitabale for the 40 yr old me...this scent spans the decades!

  • LYNELLE03/23/2007

    I use to work for prescriptives over 15 years ago. I loved it then and I love it now. I believe every fragrance mixes differently on diff. people. This suits me fine. Always get pleasant remarks. (Especially great for summer)

  • QL702/23/2007

    Delightful summer fragrance. Always a hit with the man!

  • MARA02/07/2007

    I usually love fragrances - almost any kind, but there is something in Calyx that is truly offensive to me. I don't like it in the bottle, on a card or on a person. I feel really bad, because I have read so many rave reviews regarding this perfume, and so many of you like it. I wish I knew what scent offends me so much. In the meantime, enjoy this fragrance, just, hopefully, not around me.

  • NICOLE12/30/2006

    My 48 year old mother loves, not so much. It's pretty delicate and not overwhelming though, and we both have allergies, so that is a plus.

  • JUDY12/06/2006

    Calyx is the most wonderful refreshing , feminingly pretty sensual scent that I have ever konwn - so hard to track down too !!

  • BRANDY07/20/2006

    Disgusting and outdated smell! So masculine. And even the men's one wreaks! My ex had it. Why did they discontinue FLIRT? That was the best thing to happen to Prescriptives. Who's over their marketing dept?

  • ALMENDRS07/03/2006

    What a scent, I am from México and since I discovered Calix never try another perfume again.

  • HAMPWIFE06/08/2006

    this fragrance whispers i am so pretty and i smell so good and i won't tell what i am wearing!!!!!

  • JOHANNA04/19/2006

    This is my favorite scent for the warmer months - FAB! It is so classy yet fun & refreshing - just perfect for day or evening - anytime! Try it and see for yourself! :-)

  • NIKKI03/06/2006

    I can't believe I finally found this scent ... it is just what I have been searching for!! Delicious!

  • SHANNON01/18/2006

    Unlike other fruitier fragrances which smell cheap and sweet, Calyx is on its way to becoming a classic. It gives you a refreshing burst of grapefruit followed by a sexy yet classy drydown. Must try it ... nothing else out there quite like it. I've worn it for ten years and still love it!!

  • CARLA01/10/2006

    i adore this fragrance. it is refreshing and uplifting yet a bit mysterious. i get TONS of compliments! you feel confident when you wear calyx because you KNOW you smell good!

  • ANNE01/10/2006

    One of my faves! Top notes are super refreshing and the dry-down is sensual and woodsy. Perfect for anytime.

  • MARYBETH01/07/2006

    Calyx is one of the most unique, "exhilirating" and beautiful fragrances I have ever worn. It is one I wear quite often. After 15+ years of indulgence and countless compliments it still makes my top three list!

  • ELEXA12/25/2005

    Calyx is bar none my favorite fragrance. I get tons of compliments when I wear it - from both men and women alike. I have yet to find anything as yummy!

  • LADY_MZ_LEE12/07/2005

    This was my signature scent for years. Just a great overall scent, can be worn day or night.

  • GWENDOLYN10/30/2005

    This is my 5-star fragrance! I am VERY sensitive to scent (get migraines, nausea from many) but CALYX is one of my favorites - no doubt! I have been wearing it exclusively for 16 years and only just recently started trying "new" perfumes. If you like fresh, clean fragrance definitely give this a try; I always have people comment on how good I smell. I have gone a little crazy with trying new scents lately, but this is still my fav. If you like Calyx, you may want to try Estee Lauder's "Pleasures Exotic" for a super-yummy tropical scent or "Happy" (& "Happy to Be") for a nice, clean citrus/floral. CALYX still is the BEST, though! :)

  • DEBRA SANTORO10/28/2005

    This perfum has givien me the most comments on how good I smell. I just love it!It compement's me!

  • SUPRANEE10/17/2005

    I am Thai, my first bottle was given to me by my husband 15 years ago on my birthday. There was no distribution in Thailand , but he got it from Singapore of HK , since then it has been the only perfume I use. I have to find wasy to buy many bootles from SG or HK when ever I or any friends travel. Lately I learnt that the brand were taken off Asia market. I want it back ! I can not live with out it. It has already been my signature.

  • KIKI07/23/2005

    Very nice, but I found its staying power is not too good, I have to Keep spray every couple hours

  • KELLY07/03/2005

    I like the smell, sweet and fresh. Alot of new fragrances over sweet.

  • KALYX05/25/2005

    My name is kalyx just like the perfume.My mom wore it when she was younger, she really liked the name and named me kalyx.Only with a K so I would have her anitials.

  • SYLVIE04/30/2005

    Yummy!! Yummy!!!! A long-lasting delicious fruity fragrance. So special, beautiful and feminine. It was a brandnew and extreme unique soft-green-fruity-vanilla-smell when it came out!! Now there are so many other delicious-fruity fragrances on the market. But Calyx beats the most of them. Here a subscription: Top Note: Peach, Apricot, Cassis, Green Notes, Tagetes, Spearmint, Bergamot (fruity-green). Middle Note: Lily of the Valley, Lily, Jasmin, Rose, Cyclamen, Melon, Orris (fruity-floral). Base Note (drydown!) Cedar, Musk, Moss, and Raspberry (fruity-floral). If you like Calyx, test YVRESSE by YSL (ex Champagne) and DECI DELA by Nina Ricci. Good hunting ladies :-).

  • LAUREN04/22/2005

    I have used this fragrance since it first came out in 1986 and I LOVE IT even after all of these years. It is my signature scent and I use it year round.

  • JESSICA03/20/2005

    I got my first bottle for my 16th birthday (14 years ago) and I've been unable to wear anything else since. So many comments through the years about how lovely it is ... I've had exes call me after getting a scent of Calyx in a shop, airport, etc. because it so reminds them of me, even 10+ years later. My own best aromatherapy. I will weep if they ever take Calyx off the market ... it just smells like me (and like Marilyn Monroe with her Chanel No. 5, I always wear it to sleep!

  • JHG02/28/2005

    This used to be my signature fragrance a few years ago--but lately when I try to wear it I don't like it anymore. I wonder if Px changed it or if maybe my chemistry has changed. Too bad, though, because I always received compliments on it.

  • TUESDAYS MOM02/25/2005

    Calyx is amazing. This site refers to it as a romantic scent but I disagree. I would call it sporty and sophisticated. It has great staying power unlike a lot of perfumes I've tried lately.

  • JT02/24/2005

    I have worn Calyx off and on for years, but recently my tastes have changed and for reasons I cannot explain, I no longer like it. The sharp citrus notes with prominent sandalwood seem to blend together to produce a rather peculiar scent. I returned my last bottle to the store.

  • GLORIA01/04/2005

    On me, Calyx releases a very clean and sophisticated aura. The fragrance has tremendous staying power.

  • LORI12/09/2004

    I can't believe the horrible messages I've been reading about this perfume. If you say that it stinks, there's something wrong with your sense of smell. This is, by far, one of the BEST perfumes I've ever bought (customer since early '90s). It smells sexy. For the REAL woman.

  • TRACY11/23/2004

    I knew this was popular and I love perfumes that contain citrus but this literally smells like freshly cut grass. An okay smell for the back yard but not to wear on my body.

  • ANITA11/08/2004

    Your body chemistry influences the scent you are wearing. Calyx is perfect for me yet when my friend put it on it smelled terrible. This doesn't make the perfume bad-but like someone's ex-husband, it didn't work for her but he's fine for me :-)

  • JT10/07/2004

    I smell a mix of sharp citrus notes and sandalwood... Though it is not one of my absolute favorites, I still will continue to wear it now and then. I like it, it is completely different from any other fragrance.

  • NICOLE09/01/2004

    I have worn Calyx for the better part of 15 years and I have never received as many compliments for perfume as I do when wearing this. It has a lovely refreshing citrusy smell to it and is not all sour. Also some perfumes give certain people migraines that does not mean that YOU will get one!

  • SUNNY06/19/2004

    After all the rave reviews I heard for this fragrance, I thought I would really like this one. Unfortunately I didn't find this scent pleasant at all. :-(

  • KATHLEEN05/21/2004

    I love Calyx because it isn't spicy, or too powdery like some of the other perfumes women love to bathe themselves in -- it's a bit citrusy and "fresh" - not too overbearing. And men seem to LOVE it. Everytime I wear it, at least 1 man will ask me what I am wearing. In fact, one man went straight over to the counter and bought his mother, sister, and wife the perfume for Christmas!

  • SANDRA05/12/2004

    Ahhhh... like a fresh, juicy passionfruit!u

  • ZAHRI02/27/2004

    I wore it some years back and it does seem that the Shimmering Mist version has changed somewhat. It's still a beautiful scent, although less sharp. My husband is hard to please as far as perfumes go...He's not a great fan of any perfume..but he really likes Calyx. Soft, feminine, clean, and still one of my very favorites!

  • FIONA02/08/2004

    I love the scent which is greeny yet flowery. And the good point is that the nice aroma is very long lasting. I used to wear very often, but then one day my boss gave me a very sarcastic comment on how 'tarty' I smell (well, I sprayed only once on my wrist, though)!! Since then whenever I want to wear it, I tend to use very very little amount. Perhaps I should never wear it in summer when it is humid.

  • ROSEBLESSED01/19/2004

    This is the best ever perfume I have headaches easily and this is one that does not trigger it, I have worn Calyx since 1989. Thank You Perscriptives. Give it a try ladies. It really is nice. Bless you all.

  • SARAH01/10/2004

    I still remember when I found this fragrance in the late 1980's.... Once I was stopped as I was checking out of a hotel as a man said, "Wait!" He inhaled deeply as everyone around him fell silent. Then he said, "Calyx.... I'll always remember the women who've worn it...." It is truly a signature fragrance....

  • JD12/31/2003

    oh yeah forgot to mention that another biter of so fresh and so clean was ralph lauren sport too.

  • JD12/31/2003

    when this scent came out it was way too trendy especially with all the preps however it's pretty obvious that this fragrance started the trend of fresh, clean and floral all in one like some the calvin klein scents...tommy girl....hugo boss...bcbg...d&g fem etc and now that the 80's youth have grown up and wearing all the new trendy scents ....i am proud to wear the scent that started it all.

  • CAT11/29/2003

    I love the smell of calyx on me. It does smell different on everyone. I highly recommend it and so would most of the men I have ever walked by while wearing it. I've worn it for over eight years and still keep getting those comments about how sexy I smell. Try it on your skin, not on a card.

  • PINKBOA11/17/2003

    I think of grass when I smell this -- it's too "one-note" for my taste. But I could see how some could see it as refreshing and light.

  • ERICA10/16/2003

    This is the worst one I have come across and I have sampled quite a few. I tried the lotion on my hand and couldn't wait to get it off! Just an obnoxious chemically burnt rubber green smell. Uugggghhh!

  • KIM10/15/2003

    Calyx has been my fragrance since the 80s. I've tried others, but Calyx is just me. I wish they had shampoo and conditioner.

  • MOONDOGGIE10/03/2003

    My girlfriends all love this one on me. They tell me I smell fresh and tropical. I love the smell, but I do have to be careful because it can overpower me. You have to wait a second after the first spritz to let the smell gently settle in. If you feel like you still need more, go for it, but if not then stop while you're ahead. A little goes a long, tropical way.

  • ABIGAIL10/01/2003

    I'm certain it's been reforumlated. After reading comments here, I smelled a bottle at my local department store. Gone is that almost uplifting green smell, replaced by something not unlike the presumably defunct Tweed. Perhaps it's tolerable when worn.

  • LYNN06/15/2003

    smells tropical, I am attracted to it.

  • NICO05/30/2003

    Dear DB, it's not that I don't like it, I just find it a bit too strong. I'd like to sell it, but I've almost finished my 15 ml bottle, it's not worth!!!

  • MALEAH05/26/2003

    Calyx was a personal favorite of mine for quite a while many years ago. I received a bottle of it for a gift last year, and at first I was happy to have an old favorite, since I hadn't bought Calyx in years. How disappointing when I started using it. I don't know if the formula has changed or what, but this stuff is nauseating!! I can't believe I used to love Calyx. Yuck!

  • SALI05/09/2003

    There is only one Calyx by Prescriptives.

  • SALI05/09/2003

    Of all the fresh, aqueous trendyfruit frags out there, Calyx of the '80's is by far the best in my book. It's unique, active, deliciously sweet yet super-fresh, uplifting, gets tons of compliments, even from my 2-year-old (and kids are honest when something's stinky, too). My husband prefers Calyx over both Happy and Mat, though I think are similar in feeling to Calyx--the fresh tropical fruits and the lightness of heart.

  • DB05/01/2003

    Nico, was wondering if you wanted to sell your bottle of Calyx since you seem to not like it.

  • NICO04/17/2003

    Yes, fascinating but really too, too, strong.

  • DEBRA 03/22/2003

    I like the smell of Calyx -- sniff it whenever I'm at the Prescriptives counter. But each time I spray some on, it seems to trigger a migraine. Lucky for you who like it, it sure has staying power -- I've lathered and scrubbed to get it off my wrist but it clings!

  • STEPH02/04/2003

    My favorite fragrance ever. It smells so good and natural. It makes me feel good.

  • RACHEL01/22/2003

    I love this scent, have had men walk across rooms and tell me I smell fantastic, but don't all start wearing it. No-one else I know wears it! I like being unique!

  • KRISSANA01/09/2003

    Dear anyone, I would like to know of how many kinds of calyx there are in the market because I am trying to order one for my own and I saw that some with Bergamot ingredients, some with the citrus like papaya and jasmine. So, which one is the best? I wear it everyday and I do like it the most. The first one is almost gone so I have to find the second one and after. But the problem is I got the first one as the X'mas gift and I don't know of which to choose. Thank you in advance for your information Krissana

  • MIIST12/27/2002

    Your personal experience with this fragrance may have resulted in a headache, but that doesn't mean everyone else will get one. This is the one scent I have worn for many years and will wear for many more. The print ads first drew my interest in the late 80's with their minimalist closeups of fresh leaves - this was quite rare at the time. I was wearing this perfume in a crowd once when a giant of a man yells, "Who here smells like a freshly-cut watermelon?!!" He decided it was me, and insisted it was the best perfume he ever smelled. I can certainly see how it could turn sour smelling on a person with the wrong chemistry, though. Not a perfume to give as a gift, but to find for yourself to love.

  • AMY V11/15/2002

    If thats what you like in a scent then get this.

  • DANA09/20/2002

    SO ORIGINAL!! So green and sweet! Definitely not irrating at all and people will be asking you what fragrance you're wearing! It's a little on the stronger side but it will last with you thoughout the day, not just 30 min like some other fragrances.

  • MELH09/15/2002

    but nothing special! It works great on clothes but not on my skin!

  • MARK08/23/2002

    This is wonderful fragrance is wonderful. My wife wears this all the time and I find it hotter than July.

  • BETHANY06/07/2002

    Hi. IMO, Calyx smells nothing like Sunflowers. Sunflowers is a very sweet, warm floral. Calyx is more of what people refer to as a "floral with strong green notes". It has a refreshing (or sour) smell depending on how it reacts with your body chemistry. Hope this helps :-)

  • MARGARET05/02/2002

    This fragrance caught my attention when walking through a major department store many years ago, so much so that I stopped in my tracks and had to sniff it out. It remains one of my very favorite fragrances - light, clean & fresh, not cloying or sweet at all. It's simply lovely!

  • LESA04/06/2002

    I have perfume allergies and this is the only one I love to wear!!! I wear it year round!

  • STEPHANIE03/31/2002

    I've never smelled this fragrance, but I've read that it's a matching fragrance to Sunflowers by Elizabeth Arden, and that one I like. Has anyone found this to be true? By the way, I do love the name of this fragrance!

  • CRAZYGREENRN02/26/2002

    I love this. Smells very green and citrusy but still unique. Very fresh and alive. Good for spring/summer.

  • AVORY8802/18/2002

    Smells clean, fresh and green like a rain forest. The best perfume I have ever worn.

  • SHARON02/18/2002

    I LOVE IT ... I LOVE IT ... I LOVE IT!!!!

  • SUSAN01/01/2002

    I agree with Kris...this turned horrible on me, but yet a friend of mine wears it beautifully. Everyone's chemistry is different, but I definitly can't wear this one.Also, if perfume can give you headaches easily, pass this one up....

  • LIANE12/31/2001

    If you like citrus undertones, this one is the one for you. Can be a bit overpowering.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Floral; orange; bitter. Boyfriend's comment: air freshener.

  • SANDEE SMITH12/14/2001

    I've worn Caylx for about 7 years, I've tried many others but none stay with me all day like this one!

  • KRIS09/25/2001

    This is the first fragrance I remember that smelled explicitly citrusy, and I loved it in the bottle, but honestly, when I wore it, it just ended up smelling all sour, like I'd drunk 5 cups of coffee and then sweat all day. Beware!

  • CATARINA08/21/2001

    I like it on a blotter, but it clashes horribll with my skin. It smells like burnt leaves on me! My roomate from college gave me a bottle for christmas during our freshamn year and it's still full.I get the feeling it should smell quite nice on the right person.

  • LAURA07/27/2001

    I have been looking for this perfume for a while. I wore it when I was in highschool. I absolutely love it!!!

  • BONNIE06/29/2001


  • MOLLY04/01/2001

    I havent worn this fragrance in years -- but have found it again and remember why I loved it so much. The citrus scent is so unique - and clean -- its not overpowering at all

  • RANA03/19/2001

    I have bought my fifth bottle of Calyx lately. It is completely different from any other perfum I've tried. It is fresh, clean and lasts long. Go for it!

  • STACEY03/19/2001

    This is one of the greatest scents out there! I got a sample and have loved it ever since! White flowers, grapefruit, and other citrus. I never had so many men and women compliment me on my perfume befor.

  • HOLLY01/29/2001

    This is absolutly the best perfume I have ever used in my life. It is a wonderful scent that will enhance your sences. Its invigorating and intreging. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!

  • KRISTEN11/20/2000

    Try this frangrance out! Especially if you like fresh, green fragrances. This is a very light, clean scent.

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