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Sotto Voce Laura Biagiotti Image

Laura Biagiotti

Sotto Voce   

16 Reviews

Designed by Laura Biagiotti in 1996, Sotto Voce is a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of white flowers, patchouli and sandalwood, a light oriental scent. Sotto Voce is recommended for daytime wear.

0.17 oz EDT Mini
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0.85 oz EDT Spray
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1.7 oz Deodorant Roll-On
SKU 7421
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1.7 oz EDT Spray
SKU 2743
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2.5 oz EDT Spray (Tester)
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2.5 oz EDT Spray
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5.1 oz Shower Gel
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6.8 oz Body Lotion
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Designed by Laura Biagiotti in 1996, Sotto Voce is a refreshing, oriental, woody fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of white flowers, patchouli and sandalwood, a light oriental scent. Sotto Voce is recommended for daytime wear.

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  • LEE03/16/2010

    I don't believe I actually found it again...I've been looking for years. The best perfume out there

  • RANDY11/27/2006

    Does anyone know where to buy this perfume. I am desperate. It is my wife's all time favorite. Mine too.

  • CHRISTINE10/11/2006

    i love this perfume so much. i want to buy it but i cant find it anywhere i believe its no made anymore. such pity

  • SYLVIE07/05/2006

    Two PE-ladies mentioned that Sotto Voce smells similar to Sun Moon Stars. That could be true because both fragrances were created by Sophia GROJSMAN. She is a successful and famous "nose" and created wonderful and popular fragrances (Paris, Eternity, Yvresse (ex Champagne), Jaipur, Sun Moon Stars, Sotto Voce...). I love her ultra-feminine delicious-fruity-soft fragrances. Enjoy!!!

  • ERICA06/05/2006

    The name Sotto Voce means "Softly Spoken" and I just love the idea of this perfume. In the bottle it smells perfect. I gave this 5 stars even though it didn't work on me. It dried down to something sickeningly sweet, which I couldn't stomach. But it smelled so good in the bottle that I want to try it again someday to see if anything has changed.

  • ROBERT05/13/2006

    My wife has the biggest collection of perfumes you could imagine yet this fragrance is my definete favourite, nothing comes close. If you can find it grab it bacause it is rare and simply the best there is!

  • JOCELYN07/09/2005

    My favourite perfume, just right for day and evening wear. Just a shame I can't buy it in the UK

  • MILA09/01/2004

    This is the best parfume i had ever discovered. I have never got so many compliments from men as i did by having this parfume on. Actually, i had it on when i met my husband!!! I would recomment it to anyone.

  • JENNIFER08/28/2004

    Yes, I LOVE Sotto Voce, I wore it for my wedding too. i bought my first bottle in italy in '98. I had my sister who was recently in Europe, look for it, and was told that it was discontinued.

  • MIA03/08/2004

    I LOVE this perfume! For a long time I have looked for that one frangrance that would be mine forever. I choose this for my wedding and beyond. I am hearing this is now discontinued. I am SO sad. Does anyone know anything about this? THX

  • MEG11/10/2003

    I agree with Nina and use Sun Moon and Stars too but would love to get Sotto Voce again. It used to be produced near to me in North East England by Proctor and Gamble which is how I first discovered it.

  • FINN07/28/2003

    I've been wearing this perfume for many years now and would not change it for anything! Even my friends say it smells perfect on me. Usually the PH of my skin makes most perfumes smell like insect repellants on me... I live in Finland and I will have to get my supply from Italy each year!

  • MARI03/18/2003

    Laura Biagotti belongs to Ellen Betrix. Ellen Betrix is a company near Frankfurt. Some years ago the American Concern Procter & Gamble overtook (?) E.B. Sorry for my English, I'm German. I don't like perfums by L.B. The First I liked. The Name was only Laura Biagotti. It was a white, clear smell. Very fresh, also a little bit flowery. I regret that the company stopped producing this first perfume.....)-: At the moment I'm using Jean Louis Scherrer, the first perfume. After one hour it begins to make me happy because the perfume is going to make a symbiose with my skin. Very extraordinary, really. I recommand it to all women who are looking for a perfume they don't smell each day...(-: mari

  • NINA10/13/2002

    I found that Sun Moon Stars by Kalr Lagerfeld smells quite similar to Sotto Voce. But still I'm sad I can't get "my" fragrance any longer.

  • A.07/19/2002

    A sweet, lingering smell...nice, but not really interesting.

  • ASCHATAN03/11/2002

    I was told yesterday that Sotto Voce was discontinued, or at least taken from the market in Germany. Hopefully I can get it in Italy...

  • ASCHATAN03/05/2002

    I recently discovered Sotto Voce. I tried it, quite liked it, and the lady at the counter gave me the tester bottle (almost full) as a gift, because she didn't have it in stock anymore. At first it smells like bubblegum, but later on it develops a real nice bouquet, I can't really describe it - but I like it very much!

  • TINA02/03/2002

    Never tried Sotto Voce, but I like all other L.B smells. I just have a difficult time to find them in the USA - well in smaller cities. Looking for samples too - they are hart to get.

  • LINE NJIE01/31/2002

    its the best perfume i know but wonder why it dosent sell in europe ??anymore:(

  • BELLA08/03/2001

    smells like a bag of sweets! Yummie! :)

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    very nice. unique. a bit like calvin klein truth maybe.

  • SHARON01/29/2001

    This perfume is light and lasts all day. It is like putting on a whisper of perfume. Just a little goes a long way. It is hard to find this Laura Biogiotti perfume outside of Italy so it is not likely that you and someone else will be wearing it at the same time. One bottle of perfume lasted me 6 months. I have been searching high and low for my resupply.

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