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Paradise Alfred Sung Image

Alfred Sung


26 Reviews

An aromatic interpretation of a perfect place, an idyllic setting for complete happiness, Paradise by Alfred Sung is a lush, feminine floral that's rich with dewy tropical greens, juicy fruits, airy flowers, and delicate woods. This perfectly balanced fragrance is destined to be a classic. Notes include Dewy Tropical Greens, Tagete Absolute, White more

1.7 oz EDP Spray
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An aromatic interpretation of a perfect place, an idyllic setting for complete happiness, Paradise by Alfred Sung is a lush, feminine floral that's rich with dewy tropical greens, juicy fruits, airy flowers, and delicate woods. This perfectly balanced fragrance is destined to be a classic. Notes include Dewy Tropical Greens, Tagete Absolute, White Peach, Night Blooming Jasmine, Gardenia Buds, Rose de Mai Petals, Orchid Vanille, Sandalwood, Cashmere Musk.

  • JOANNE STOLL01/23/2013

    I loved this perfume but it was more musky than I like. It still is a beautiful smell though.

  • BONNIE06/13/2007

    This is a lovely feminine fresh scent, it is unique from so many of the scents on the shelves now. I have fallen in love with Oscar Bamboo, it is the BOMB!, this is similar, only softer, I layer the two and it's perfect. Although, Paradise on it's on is lovely, especially as it dries down, it's wonderful, It does have a moderate staying power, but you can layer it, and some sites carry the perfume, I just purchased two bottles of the perfume from another site, along with the Shower Gel, Lotion and EDP, I LOVE THIS SCENT!, It is one of my favorites of all time. I think many would love it, if they would give it a try. I also want to try the other Alfred Sung scents. Some fragrances are described as fresh, but paradise is not just fresh, it is also warm, green but definitely feminine. Try it.

  • ERIN05/30/2007

    This one is quite different from his others - very earthy, herbal, floral, relaxing. A slight grass scent, very refreshing and good for a change, although not the one I would reach for every time. I prefer his other perfumes a bit better but this one is still good.

  • CLAIRE05/25/2007

    I picked up a bottle of Paradise at a discount store because I remembered reading positive reviews posted here. So glad I did. This scent is lovely and so pretty and feminine for the hot summer days. Thanks for the helpful comments.

  • LOVELY12/16/2006

    This is truely a guy magnet.LOL.Its a combination of perfect and relaxing...Just what a working mom needs.To feel perfect and beautifull even when washing dishes...LOL.

  • JAYBEE03/09/2006

    Has anyone else noticed this to be a softer gorgeous version/hybrid between armani mania, hot couture AND lacouste pour femme??? it's crazy!!!

  • GL01/20/2006


  • BIANCA10/11/2005

    Wow! What can I say? LOL. This perfume is gorgeous. Think Elizabeth Taylor 'Forever' but lighter. The vanilla in the fragrance doesn't overwhelm. It's such a feminine scent that is hard to desribe. But I get a woody base that balances the sweetness. Beautiful and lasting!

  • ALLISON R.10/07/2005

    It's so funny, but today I finally realized what this scent reminded me of. Summer camp! The camp counselor always smelled so nice, and wore her make-up and hair just so perfectly. It is a warm vanilla, very green and floral. I love it and my memories of that summer.

  • MAYA08/25/2005

    I really like this on my mom... My sister got it for her a little while ago and until then I'd never even heard of it. It's really, really nice though! It smells fresh but not like soap or shampoo it's candy-like too, sweet and refreshing! Really nice on her... I've not tried it on me as I prefer oriental fragrances but I just might give it a shot and see how I like it on me... On my mom it smells creamy and delicate - it's a happy kind of fragrance :)

  • BRANDY 05/28/2005

    My sister always compliments me on how this smells like water and hair grease pomade.

  • BRANDY05/19/2005

    Too bad estee' lauder shoved the other done our throats! This one whips its butt all day long. You'll get nothing but the compliments with this one probably all day long!

  • CALLIE05/08/2005

    I like this scent because it is soft and does not overpower. Great for the workplace. Femine and delicate, which is the kind of perfume that I like. The only negative issue I have is the bottle. Is it just me getting feeble, or did anyone else find the shape of the bottle awkward to hold while spraying?(3.4oz size)

  • JANN12/05/2004

    An average smelling white floral scent with nonexistant staying power.If you like Michael or Marc Jacobs chances are you'll like Paradise.

  • JT10/26/2004

    I really wanted to like this one because of the looks very nice. I tried a few times to give it a chance, but I think it is just so plain smelling and nothing unusual, great or attention grabbing enough to buy. It's not bad smelling, it's just soft and very non-descript. Oh well, just another pretty bottle that's not worth buying.

  • DANA10/16/2004

    hmm..i'm not sure why so many people enjoyed this item. i found it to be very synthetic.

  • JOJO10/12/2004

    this smells good for a millisecond and then it stinks like horrible, strong patchouli or incense! very strong, masculine and outdated!

  • STEPHANIE09/01/2004

    I had high hopes for this one, but it was very ho hum on me.

  • MARY08/14/2004

    this smells really good but for some reason it fades away after 10 minutes and i have the EDP not EDT

  • JULIEANN07/28/2004

    I just started wearing this perfume -it has a soft, intriguing scent that lasts all day. My new favorite!

  • PAZZO06/27/2004

    Better than beyond paradise by estee.

  • SANDEE06/20/2004

    Try the hand lotion. It is very nice and thick. I love this scent

  • KELLY06/06/2004

    This is just wonderful in my book. I am extremely picky when it comes to fragrances but was pleasantly surprised with this one. It is very different from the fragrances out there. It is a fresh floral that dries down and has a nice light vanilla, powder scent to it. I normally do not like floral scents but this is incredible. It is not heavy and is a fragrance that would never be overpowering. It stays nicely but is smelled only by those close to you. It does not enter the room before you. I agree that it is a great summer scent but feels you could wear this all year round. It is one that you would not grow tired of wearing. Reminds me a little of Kenzo Flower but softer and much nicer with a fresh note in it. A 5 star scent.

  • COLEY05/03/2004

    I bought paradise in July of 2003. It smells so wonderful and feminine. The dry down is a soft floral vanilla.

  • SOPHIA05/03/2004

    when i first smelled it..i liked it but didnt think it was good enough but as you get use to it the smell is amazing

  • SHAMY05/01/2004

    This is a scent that I have been looking for for a long time, It's warm and very refreshingm it reminds me of Escada sintement, actually it's very close to that scent but only more refreshing. lady's love it

  • PERFUMEGIRL04/28/2004

    pretty soft and powdery floral that has orchids,peach and vanilla...

  • JUST BOUGHT 03/12/2004

    I just got mine and started wearing it today. It lasts a long time and dries down to a nice flowery vanilla scent. I give this one all the stars I can - nice spring or summer scent.

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