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Paco Rabanne


77 Reviews

Calandre was created by Paco Rabanne in 1969 and is recommended for casual wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of soft flowers with herbs and woods.

3.4 oz EDT Spray
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Calandre was created by Paco Rabanne in 1969 and is recommended for casual wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of soft flowers with herbs and woods.

  • COOKIE01/04/2018

    My mother loves this perfume-it’s her favorite...

  • YVETTE SILMON08/03/2016

    Omg!?? I'm so stoked ?? to find my favorite.Ive been out for so long,and had to buy it way out in mcminville or way over in Troutdale at the Perfume house or perfumania.

  • MIKE12/02/2015

    My wife has been wearing Calandre for most of her adult life and every time she has it on someone stops her and asks about her fragrance...

  • ERNESTINE JOBIT05/27/2014

    In my opinion, the most wonderful fragrance in the universe. Hands down!

  • LAURA05/08/2013

    Light, beautiful, indescribable

  • S02/21/2013


  • CARLA09/05/2012

    Its getting tougher to find this fragrance. I was thrilled that it arrived in a few days. I did get spooked as I saw some reviews that were not so good, so I was relieved as well as very happy with the "tester" I bought. It came in the same box and bottle. The only difference is there is plastic over the spray instead of a cap. I always try to keep an extra 3.4 oz as backup, but it is getting more difficult to find! I have heard rumors this is being discontinued, as are a lot of the fragrances I trying to find new fragrances but I still go back to my Calandre!

  • D COOK08/10/2012

    Happy to get Calandre again. I love it and they should produce it again.

  • VIOLET07/03/2012

    The closest (only) substitute I have been able to find is Vicky Thiel's "Couture". Not the same of course, but smells similar. And it's on sale usually.

  • JANE SPRAGUE04/29/2012

    Thrilled to be able to get my favourite perfume of all time which is usually very difficult to get hold of. I get so many compliments - still do not understand why Paco Rabanne stopped it

  • ANA ANDERSON04/27/2012

    Why Why WHY is Calandre only available in EDT??? PLEASE where can I find it in Eau de Parfum??? Would give anything to find it in eau de parfum!!!


    Very happy with my purchase of this heavenly scent..unfortunately it's no longer in friend found this site (even after I exhausted myself looking which begs the question as to why this site didn't show up on google).. Calandre is a soft scent...yet warm..I have teen boys who comment at how nice it unusual is that? I wish Paco Rabanne would reconsider producing it again.

  • JANE03/07/2012

    Delighted to be able to get hold of a bottle of what is my favourite perfume and has been for many years, which is so difficult to get hold of - and a handbag size, which is really useful.

  • GAIL 01/08/2012

    This is the one thing I indulge in. I feel like crying. I can't even think of a single perfume that comes close.

  • KATHY SILKS01/01/2012

    It's wonderful to have this fragrance again -- a long-time favorite.

  • VILMA12/21/2011

    I really do not understand why it was discontinued. I love the fragrance. I use it not only during the day but in the evening as well. Miss it dearly. Bring it back please.

  • EMMA05/05/2011

    Since Calandre's gone. Which perfume, no matter the brand, would be close to the gorgeous fragrance of it?

  • MARIDA SAPICHINO04/21/2011

    Hi Ladies.. I too am a fan of Calandre I have been using it for over 20 years and nothing comes close to it. I did find it on EBAY give that a try. Good Luck Marida

  • SANDY04/17/2011

    My favorite, love it, have been wearing it since 1980 then discontinued?? what is going on? The body lotion & soaps are incredible! Where can I buy it?

  • ROZ03/16/2011

    Hi Cubby, Did they give a reason for ending Calandre. Surely wasn't demand!

  • CUBBY02/23/2011

    I was introduced to this in April 2010, loved it!!, only to have it discontinued months later. Thankfully, I bought 2 bottles (wish I had bought more). I wrote Paco Rabanne and they confirmed its end. If anyone finds something similar, please post. I just don't think they make fragrances like they did decades ago.

  • CARYN01/29/2011

    I have been using this cologne siunce 1971...WHat is there oiut there to replace it??? I haven't found anything!!!

  • JOANNE01/14/2011

    Paco Rabanne will lose a very loyal customer base if this frangrance is not brought back. Smelled the host of new scents they came out with. They all smell like crap. They must be kidding to think Calendre can be replaced.

  • MAUREEN MCCARTHY01/04/2011

    My signature scent - I am heartbroken without it - what can be done to bring it back??


    I have used this as my only for 30 years and have given it for xmas to all my girl friends that expect it and I can't find it ...please they will be so disappointed love laurie i give out at least 10 bottles!!!! what are you thinking discontinuing

  • KOKO12/05/2010

    I've used this perfume since was first released. I'm disappointed I can no longer find it. Please bring it back.

  • DEBBIE DUNCAN11/15/2010

    has anyone been able to find calandre in stock anywhere? Thanks:)

  • ROZ11/04/2010

    Thank you, I did write to PUIG, and also noted the Rive Gauche comparison. I tried the new Chanel but that gives me a headache, so like everyone else I am praying they bring it back.

  • SARAH10/28/2010

    Only cologne I've used since 1974 allergic to everything else. Really don't know what I am going to do. I really hope they bring it back.

  • LINDA10/19/2010

    You have got to be kidding me. This is my signature perfume and have been using it for MANY years. Nothing compares. Please bring it back - I am lost without it. Thanks.

  • SHARON MUGFORD09/23/2010

    I've used this perfume since was first released. I'm disappointed I can no longer find it. Please bring it back.

  • ETTA09/15/2010

    We went through this once before and the company brought it back. I've been using Calandre for years and get nothing but compliments on the fragrance. Don't know what I'll do without it.

  • MARILYN STEIN08/26/2010

    I can't believe I can't find this perfume. It's wonderful. Been using it since 1970. Please bring it back--it's my signature fragrance. How can you stop making a wonderful fragrance? Bring it back-please!!!!!!!

  • SWJ07/21/2010

    I wrote Paco Rabanne and they told me their stock is exhausted and that it has been discontinued. I wish I could find a copy-cat. Vintage Rive Gauche smelled like Calandre to me - in fact, Calandre was the pattern for RG back in the day. Write Puig (the company responsible for the discontinuation) and express your disappointment. Many of us are doing it right now.

  • ROZ07/19/2010

    Can anyone tell me if Calandre is coming back, or has been "benched" forever... Thanks.

  • ROZ07/11/2010

    Any nformation on what's happening with Calandre. It's impossible to get anywhere.. have they discontinued it again? Any info. greatly appreciated. If it's out of production, can anyone advise a close second... thanks

  • GEORGI05/07/2010

    I absolutely love this scent on my dear hubby of 51-yrs and have been trying to purchase it for him in spray form large for some time now. Today I am thrilled to have found it on your site. Thank you!

  • HOLLY BLINKOFF03/18/2010

    i have the real perfume extract (extrait) sealed .5 ounce. i also have 1/4 ounce real perfume metal. these are not eau de parfum, but the real perfume. i have no idea what they are worth. considering selling, but can't find any comparable. been all over looking.

  • LYNN11/30/2008

    I believe the perfume was discontinued 10 years ago. I loved the perfume. Nothing else could ever come close. The cologne is a way distant second and does not have the same scent.

  • NATHALIEZ06/09/2008

    I used to wear it in the 80ties..a classic timeless scent! very unique, strong but not overpowering..a blend of fresh forest scents with a light citrus note..unique because I would recognize it ANYWHERE!! for the woman with a strong sense of herself! and not that many people wear it, which is a plus..a refreshing change from all those sweet syrupy scents we have seen lately!

  • H.03/12/2008

    Personally, I love it! And if, as some say, it smells like an old lady ... well, most of the old ladies I pass in the grocery store, etc., smell GOOD!

  • CAROL06/15/2007

    I have been a fan of Calandre for as long as it was created. Although it's suggested for casual wear, I wear it for all occassions and always receive compliments from women and men alike.

  • LOUISE09/30/2006

    Fans of Rive Gauche should give Calandre a try, and vice versa. Calandre came first and was successful in uniting a rose accord with diphenyl oxides (which give off a strong metallic scent). These are what give Calandre its avant-garde rosy-metallic ping. Ditto for Rive Gauche. Calandre was successful in marrying the natural rose with a synthetic rose. A real masterpiece from nose Michael Hy. I hope Calandre will always be available for those of us who like the avant-garde aspect of fragrances like Rive Gauche and Calandre. Like a reviewer below, I have fairly large collection of fragrances (70+), yet Calandre, along with Rive Gauche, are two which always seem right, no matter the mood or the occasion.

  • BLONDIE09/24/2006

    I would love to know what else is on your dressing table! haha! Fifty scents? I was a lover of Fidji too,as well as Calandre. We must have similar taste in fragrance :)

  • BLONDIE09/24/2006

    This was my first "career girl" scent in the 1970's. I loved it and wore it for years. Eventually it became hard to get and just never came back. Glad to see it on this website. It was one of the most delightful scents ever in my opinion. Sexy and classy at the same time. Hmmm...think I'll order some!

  • BARBARA05/12/2006

    This has been my signature fragrance for over 30 years and I am so glad it has stayed around. It is so nice to wear and everyone I wear it around likes it. It is just wonderful

  • JUDITH12/26/2005

    ONLY perfume I'll wear!!! Have been followed down the hall by guys to ask "what is that wonderful perfume you're wearing? I want to get some for my girlfriend."

  • NANCY06/16/2005

    I used this about 20 years ago and never forgot the scent, remember being out somewhere and wondering what the wonderful scent I was smelling only to discover hey it was me. I recently purchased it again and it still does it for me. Where are you getting that old lady smell ?????, and just what is the old lady smell, just asking as I not that old yet, I don't think. The classic scents are still the most elegant.

  • JOAN06/10/2005

    I've used it from the beginning and my family won't allow me to change!!!

  • LILIA04/05/2005

    Have been wearing Calandre since my teen years. My dad got me my first 3.4 oz bottle ('cause he liked it) and it has been my favorite fragrance since. There must be over 50 perfumes on my dresser (pretty crowded) and every morning it's kind of fun to see which I'll be wearing. Not surprisingly, I go back to Calandre at least three times a week. Second place is disputed between Fidji, Miss Dior and Ysatis.

  • DARLENE08/12/2004

    I have worn this since 1980. It is the only scent I wear. Over the years I have received many compliments. My husband used to buy it for me when he traveled to New York or outside the country. I am so glad I can now buy it on line. I wish I could still find the bath liquid, shower soap.

  • I have worn this frangrance since 1970 and am very distressed that they have discontinued the lotion. Does anyone know where it can be obtained? I am on my last bottle (I purchased A LOT when they brought it back a couple years ago--briefly)

  • KEEWEE206/22/2004

    First squirt out of the bottle smells very old lady-ish! But hold yer horses...then a vibrant green note appears, then a powdery cloud envelopes you. It is worth waiting for and remains bright and powdery. I can see why people like it (or hate it). I like it!

  • DENNIS01/23/2004

    I think Paco Rabanne set the standard for the whole 70's au naturel thing that was about to happen. I smelled a lot of this fragrance in 1969 along the Sunset Strip at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go in my misspent youth. It is genuine Hollywood-a-go-go. Courreges dresses, white lipstick, short choppy pixie haircuts & go-go boots. More Lulu & Petula Clark than it is Jean Shrimpton. If Yardley was for the flower child girl, than this one is for her grown-up 20th Century Fox sister!

  • JANET IN TEXAS11/20/2003

    my sister's mother-in-law bought me a bottle of calandre in 1971 since then i have never used anything else. it just the best!!!

  • BRENDA11/11/2003

    An old boyfriend brought me a bottle back into the country as a gift 25 years ago, and it has been my favorite ever since. Nothing can compare. After years of not being able to find it, I was THRILLED that it was available online. I have found and purchased both the Eau de Toilette AND the Eau de Parfum online. There is only one place I have ever found that sells the Parfum, and they are strictly legit. My current boyfriend says "it smells like something a little old lady would wear." He can either learn to like it, or take a hike, because I will NEVER give it up!

  • My girlfriend has a bottle of Calandre, for me isn´bad at all, but really smells like her make-up. Do you wanna know?? I think you all try L´Air du Temps, by Nina Ricci. I would get down on my knees for a girl who uses it. It´s fantastic, very romantic and not too strong. Everybody likes it.

  • NAT03/17/2003

    I liked the scent on me but it faded around an hour after I sprayed it on. I usually like a perfume to stay on a little more than that...

  • ZALE02/09/2003

    I also dated a boyfriend who hated Calandre~! I didn't dump him at the time, but he learned to bear it! He's gone my Calandre remained!!

  • OLATZ02/03/2003

    This is an old favoritel. It is so different and hard to describe. There is a sexy warmth to it but also a casual floral scent. It is complex. I first received it as a Christmas gift from a friend and I just went nuts for it. My boy friend at the time hated it - he said it smelled like gasoline!!! I dumped him! I will not give up my calandre.

  • ZALE12/18/2002

    My signature fragrance for the last 20 years. Never gets old! Too bad they discontinued the EDP and perfume. Can we get those from Europe via the WEB?

  • MICHEL10/12/2002

    Sold as women's fragrance, great for men too, providing just a very small amount is used.

  • TAYLOR09/29/2002

    Where in Europe can you get Calandre perfume. I too don't care for the Eau de Toilet.

  • ROBINDAY09/21/2002

    This has been my signature scent for many years -- and I am NOT a little old lady! What I love about it is the mysterious, sexy backnote below the lovely romantic forenote. I ALWAYS get compliments.

  • JMK09/20/2002

    Calandre has been my "going out to dinner" perfume for 20 years now. Just the smell of it makes me hungry! As it happens, I still have the same bottle - don't get to go out much :-( - which I keep in the dark and it hasn't deteriorated at all.

  • REDONE6608/22/2002

    I tried this fragrance on a whim. I must admit at first I was skeptical - but it truly grew on me. Give this one a chance, it is good for everyday wear, not too overpowering for the office. It lingers just long enough. I enjoy wearing a fragrance that smells different than everyone else.

  • ANNA FROM TEXAS08/07/2002

    Have loved this for years..but also try Armani "White"...fresh

  • JAMES07/27/2002

    Have worn Calandre Perfume for around 30 years. Only the perfume! which is available now only in Europe. I have never cared much for the eau de toilette (U.S.). It has a slight "baby powder" note!

  • CAROLINE06/11/2002

    It's slightly similar. It has a powdery smell with aldehydes in it. I'd say if you like Rive Gauche, you'll like Calandre, Ombre Rose, and Anna Sui.

  • CARLA04/03/2002

    how does it compare to RG?

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    Might be what I am looking for: a fresh floral with some green, but soft and not too sharp. I've tried it a few times but have too try again. What is the bottom-note ?

  • MS KITTY02/14/2002

    I love this scent. Have been wearing it for over 20 years and never fail to get compliments. Very sexy, very subtle. The best. I just wish it was still available in bath powder and body lotion.

  • SANDRA02/05/2002

    I´ve been wearing this scent for fifteen years and I dont´see why I should change it now. Calandre is my truly self.

  • ANDY01/26/2002

    Wore it 20 years ago and bought a bottle last week. Same impressions as two decades ago - delicious out of the bottle but doesn't dry down well. Is anyone else conflicted about this scent?

  • CAROLINE01/14/2002

    I used to wear Calandre in my late teens and early 20's. Then last Christmas, I just had to get myself a bottle for nostalgias sake. I just love it's silky, powdery, light fragrance. And when I really want to get nostalgic, I wear Calandre and listen to INXS Kick, and later take a shower with Rainbath.

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Air freshener.

  • LINDA11/16/2001

    If your perfume had the "old lady" smell - you left it in the light or heat too long and it went rancid. I've had my Calandre since last year - always store it in the box away from light and heat and it's still the light fresh scent I fell in love with 20 years ago. It has not changed. Maybe your chemical makeup and hormones have, but Calandre has not.

  • CJ10/23/2001

    Calandre was one of my favorites during the 80's. I tried it a couple of months ago and I hated it. It had the "old lady" smell

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