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Baby Doll Yves Saint Laurent Image

Yves Saint Laurent

Baby Doll   

113 Reviews

Baby Doll was created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1999 and is recommended for office wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of citrusy grapefruit, floral wild rose & ginger, peach, & cedarwood.

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Baby Doll was created by Yves Saint Laurent in 1999 and is recommended for office wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of citrusy grapefruit, floral wild rose & ginger, peach, & cedarwood.

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  • TRACY11/22/2013

    ...SO isn't something I would wear every day, more sophisticated wear-like an evening out, ball, dinner/dance etc. So special-I love fruity, but this is a musky fruity smell to me, Gorgeous and Sophisticated!

  • ROSIE06/12/2011

    ooh I love Baby Doll! I owned a big bottle in my early 20's now in my early 30's im about to purchase another, I think its a sad misconception that its for young women only - must be its name that does that - so ladies, if you love it, wear it! life is too short. PS I find it passionfruity, like a fruitbox drink!

  • ARICIA04/26/2009

    Very sweet, youthful and potent pineapple/currant/vanilla fragrance. Overpowering for my taste, even when lightly applied. My husband loves it.

  • SHAYLA06/06/2008

    the first whiff of grapefruit turned me off at first...but it dries down pretty nicely...this scent took some getting used to, but i love it now! i think it could smell flirty ;)

  • ANNIE05/05/2008

    I can't help but love this delightful fragrance. Yes, it's sweet and fruity, but I think it's nicely done. I love the sourball candy/rose combination - and it's pretty long lasting too. I'm 49 years of age, and I would wear it. It's a cheerful scent. The bottle is adorable. I do love YSL scents as a rule.

  • ROXOLANA01/03/2008

    I think it has an intersting fruity scent, but not for me. As it is designed for under 25 crowd (or maybe younger) I should have left it to them (although I am not that old ;))

  • ANGELIQUE06/15/2007

    My goodness, this stuff is SWEET! It's just verging on sickly. If I could bear the sickly sweet top notes it would get a better rating from me. The dry-down is very nice. Not sure if I could stand the pungent sweet tones long enough to enjoy the drydown though.

  • LE NEZ02/18/2007

    Warm summery and durable without screaming here I come. Fruity and luscious at first, it dries down nicely and last for a few hours beyond. Not as profound as the original Paris, it is a nice alternative!

  • SUZETTE02/07/2007


  • JUVENTAS01/31/2007

    i got a gift set as a present years ago. wore well at first but later realized it was just too GIRLY and sweet for my musky base scents. Better left to the younger ladies i think. someone commented its a lot like Jean Patous ENJOY, i disagree, as ENJoy wears long and leaves a darker base, this is just an all sugar high.

  • JEN01/20/2007

    I tried this about 5 years ago and had to give it away. It made me smell like a pine tree. Not too many of the YSL fragrances appeal to me, though.

  • TONY T12/22/2006

    scent. very floral and note as fruity as the notes may indicate. i will give to my supervisor who is 43 but is very young at heart. she wears lovely, ladies is this an ok choice. her grab bag gift is the best of luther vandross.

  • BUNNNIE THE CAT12/18/2006

    my friend has it and I like it a lot, I will get this one for myself next time. It is a bit young and sweet, but nicely fresh and just love how it smells.

  • SOPHIE08/29/2006

    For all those who like Babydoll!I found a very pleasant competitor: EXOTIC (the new EDP) from Lancome. it is also with grapefruit, peach, and mango-- a very fresh, sweeter scent. It is really delicious.

  • BARBARA W07/07/2006

    This perfume follows the trends of citrusy, fruity perfumes, but I like it. It has a complexity to it that many of the new perfumes lack (YSL *is* a great house)...BUT I can't see many women over 30 pulling this off. As the name implies, this scent screams youth. It would be a perfect first perfume for a teenager that she could wear into her 20s.

  • HANNA06/29/2006

    Baby Doll is my absolute favourite scent. It is very fruity and young. I dont get the scent of grapefruit though, i smell it more as blackberries but there you go...

  • TEE04/11/2006

    This was great at first!!! However, in time, it became a little to pink grapefruity for me. Don't get me wrong, it is not bitter at all, it smells more like ocean spray pink grapefruit juice cocktail. Not a bad scent.....if you like grapefruit!! I gave it away.

  • HAWT4LEANNE02/09/2006

    I'm buying this for Leanne so I know it will smell good. Then again, I could rub her down with rotten apples and she'd still smell good.

  • REBEKKAH11/15/2005

    Baby doll is nice for daytime & casual use, but what about an elegant evening scent like Cinema? How come this website still doesn't have it after all this time?! I know so many classy ladies that wear this & pay retail for it at Macy's or some other expensive place. I know you guys could carry it and shave a few bucks off those silly "upscale" department stores for all of us that love it. C'mon, don't let us down.

  • KALILA11/10/2005

    This sweet and feminine scent is a blend of citrusy grapefruit, floral wild rose, ginger, peach, and cedarwood. Very young at heart, flirty, and irresistible. FUN FUN FUN, just have fun

  • PERFUME PERSON11/06/2005

    This one starts off way too sweet and then turns masculine on me. I had to return it.

  • PINA08/16/2005

    This is the perfect fragrance for you. It's ultra-feminine and yet so youthful and fun! Full of life and play. I love Blackcurrent in a fragrance - it's one of the keys to a sexy scent, (in my opinion). "I wear Baby Doll and I have fun!"

  • MAYA07/15/2005

    I wore this about 4 years ago & I'm wearing it now again... Just love that fresh, yummy scent... This is a fresh but at the same time warm fragrance that energizes and warms at the same time... Still love it :)

  • MICHELLE06/12/2005

    Pretty perfume. Citrusey and sweet. Very nice smell. A girly girly type perfume, for when you are in that sort of mood. A bit too sweet when you first put it on, but it wears down well. Could use a bit more lasting power.

  • BONALITA06/10/2005

    This sweet perfume smells so sweet but not sickening! I cant get enough of this baby doll. I love the packaging too.. unique bottle n i like the pink liquid!

  • CHRYSTELLICA05/31/2005

    Totally smells like sugary pink grapefruits. Guys like it tho... why? It is light, good for summer.

  • DEHLIA05/30/2005

    I have only that to say, it suits me, i didnt like it at first but now its def my fav summer perfume!

  • KELLY 05/04/2005

    I have been wearing this since it was introduced, and I can't get enough! It's soft, feminine, and very girlie! I get a lot of compliments on it's fruity smell. Very refreshing and light!


    I love this perfume! It has the most beautiful combination of scents. I met my husband in '99 when Babydoll debuted and that's what he calls me. :)

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC03/10/2005

    I'm not even sure what to say about this one. I bought this because I noted the numerous positive remarks about it, especially from the more extensive perfume collectors such as myself. However, I find that this is one that u definitely need to be in the mood to wear...otherwise the grapefruit scent can be really overwhelming. I'm almost wishing I didn't know it was grapefruit, maybe then it wouldn't bother me so much.

  • ROCHELLE02/26/2005

    I bought this perfume almost 4 years ago, and used it only for special occasions... Then the other day I decided I wanted something different from my usual everyday perfume. I picked up baby doll, after not using it for a long time, and fell in love with it all over again. It'd truly a wonderful, sexy scent. I where it everyday now.

  • TUESDAYS MOM02/25/2005

    Lovely. When I wear this scent I feel pretty. It just smells really, really good. Its the grapefruit in it. However, if you didn't know the note was grapefruit you would not be able to identify what it is. Does that make sense?

  • REESE02/02/2005

    I love BabyDoll and I just realize it's a lot like Enjoy which I bought a year earlier. It's almost like going back to the same scent.

  • CHRISTA01/05/2005

    I bought this sight unseen when someone recommended that it was very simialr to one of my favs, In Love Again. Not so--it is cloyingly sweet to the point where it made me slightly nauseous. Luckily I was able to sell it on ebay. I should have known better--never take someone else's recommendation on fragrance.

  • KELLY01/02/2005

    I got this recently and it's becoming one of my favourites. It smell fresh, sweet and youthful...I almost want to use the word CUTE but I think Girly fits better. It makes my top smells so amazingly sweet and fresh even after coming out of a smokey club. Great staying power.

  • MAR12/31/2004


  • MARY K12/29/2004

    I completely agree with Lisa's review. I am 41 years old and am a perfume collector myself. My collection is not nearly as large as Lisa's but feel that my nose is pretty well trained. I will no longer purchase a perfume unless it completely dazzles me. I had purchased this fragrance and quickly gave it to my 17 year old daughter. I thought that my estimation of it was wrong because at first it seemed too young. However, one day she was wearing it and I was so taken at how fresh but sophisticated it was. It wasn't a typical young scent like Escada Island Girl. The marketing for Baby Doll appropriately says, "for the young at heart". I consider this a daytime fragrance for any age woman as long as she has the right attitude. She must be easily excited about life and have alot of energy. Paris is way too serious for me so I purchased it for my mother-in-law. Another sophisticated fruity scent is Gucci Perfume II.

  • MISS SWEET BLUE12/27/2004

    I'm only 11 and it fits me to the t. When I was 6 or 7 my mom got it for me and I can't thank her enough. Anyone who says this perfume is horrible is an idiot. I think it is for anyone and for all ages. It's a summery fragrance. I think that it could also be used for every day life. When ever I can't figure out what perfume I want to wear (I have lots of perfume but not as much as my moms. She has over 100.)I just put on Baby Doll. It makes me happy. I dare anyone to say that it smells horrid.

  • KRIS11/17/2004

    I completely agree with Lisa's review. I am 41 years old and am a perfume collector myself. My collection is not nearly as large as Lisa's but feel that my nose is pretty well trained. I will no longer purchase a perfume unless it completely dazzles me. I had purchased this fragrance and quickly gave it to my 17 year old daughter. I thought that my estimation of it was wrong because at first it seemed too young. However, one day she was wearing it and I was so taken at how fresh but sophisticated it was. It wasn't a typical young scent like Escada Island Girl. The marketing for Baby Doll appropriately says, "for the young at heart". I consider this a daytime fragrance for any age woman as long as she has the right attitude. She must be easily excited about life and have alot of energy. Paris is way too serious for me so I purchased it for my mother-in-law. Another sophisticated fruity scent is Gucci Perfume II.

  • TEDDY BEAR09/23/2004

    i was rubbing my lady's sexy legs down with this lotion the other night and i was thinking about how good it smells...this world would be a better place if a these beautiful women who go through so much suffering could get a sensual rubdown with baby doll...just a thought.

  • KK09/14/2004

    When I tried this frangrance in the duty free 2 years ago, I couldn't stop sniffing my arm. Caution: Don't overdo, it can be sickening.

  • LLEETAH09/12/2004

    is it possible that this perfume contains pheromone?Because it is so good and so sexy,that excites men so quickly!Unbelievable!Can anybody tell me?

  • JODIE09/03/2004

    I don't know, I bought this and after 2 days I had to return it. It was sickeningly sweet and strange on my skin. Something about the smell of it made me feel like off kilter.

  • SMILEY06/26/2004

    It's an energizing, youthful and very-very fresh scent, I like it(at first I didn't, maybe it's a bit too harsh). My mother just LOVES it on me but my brother doesn't really share her opinion. I'm 17 years old and I can NOT imagine this fragrance on laydees over 25.

  • KELLY06/14/2004

    sweet..but I am not willing to use it every bf doesn't like it.. is dizzy when use it everday.

  • RT04/27/2004

    Thought I wanted to buy another bottle, but sampled it on my skin and its way too sickly. My taste must have matured from four years ago when I had it and loved it...

  • ELLIE04/26/2004

    powdery, condensed sweet water, that you get sick of wearing it again.

  • KIRAN04/07/2004

    isnt good at all.the smell got into my nostrils nd i cudnt breath well for next few isnt good. I dont like the smell..

  • APRILB04/05/2004

    I dont recommend this scent. It have me the most horrible headache.

  • PERFUME LOVER04/01/2004

    I loved this scent so much when I smelt it on a friend, she says it reminds her of those red "Fruitbox" fruit drinks you get... I bought an adorable Baby Doll gift set with the perfume and sparkling body lotion (gorgeous!) in a hot-pink box. Used it all up and loved every minute I wore it until two girls at work both got it also & now it just reminds me of work... very disappointed! I feel like my signature scent was stolen :( Amazing fragrance though, so sparkling feminine & sweet - tangy at the same time. I love it.

  • PAULINA03/19/2004

    Just a nice bottle,I didnĀ“t like it on my skin. It smelled to sweet and chemical for me. But it can smell different on your skin, try it when you have interest.

  • ELLIE02/20/2004

    sugar water that is. powdery sweetness that makes you sick of eating another sweet stuff. i hate sweet fragrances. i like to smell fresh with soap and right shampoo.

  • AISHA01/26/2004

    This scent impressed me (not in a very good way) at first due to its strong grapefruity, sweet top note and made me wonder if it's an absolutely teen scent. However, sharp at first, the heart note is more tender and floral than I expected. Dry down smells good on me too. I won't say Baby Doll is a sophisticated scent, compared to Paris, but if you like fruity perfume, this might be a good try.

  • SARAH01/21/2004

    A girlfriend of mine wears this and it totally suits her. She is very stylish, blond and beautiful, yet totally down to earth. It is very fresh, but very feminine. Smells truly 'pink'! In her own words 'baby doll is the scent for the kind of girl who likes to spend the day shopping, but she eventually gets fed up and goes for a glass of champagne in a nice bar'. It so suits her.

  • SAKURA LOVE SONG01/11/2004

    luv at first smell and i bought it right away~~ it smells like a mixture of peach and grapefruit, really sweet...^^ i wear it everyday and carry some around with me in a little spray bottle~ xD

  • SOPHIE01/06/2004

    It smells like grapefruit, mango, guava, peach: one after another. I can't detect the flowers. Maybe due to the abundance of fruits this fragrance can be seen as "shallow" but Baby Doll is more delicate than cheap fruity body sprays out there. it is classy and lasting. i agree that it better suits younger women who usually like sweet fruity smell. It is light, but very fruity. Not my absolute favorite but worth a try once in a while. the thing is I think it is lovely, I like the way it smells but I think it might be too fruity for people around me. I'm 30 and I use it for casual occasions, not in the office though. I think an office fragrance should be an understatement. Baby Doll has a clear statement.

  • JANE11/28/2003

    In my opinion light perfume is not necessarily shallow, but this one is. and the sharp, lingering grapefruty note is not so pleasant.

  • LOUISE11/25/2003

    I bought some of this at a specialty shop just because of the great reviews. I initially liked the smell when I sprayed it on, but as it dried down I felt like it was WAY too sweet and strong. It smelled cheap to me. I was worried that my coworkers would be offended by the smell so I took it back. Fortunately, the shop owner let me exchange it for Dior's Tendre Poison, which I'm glad I found. I guess I learned my lesson.

  • GRACE11/15/2003

    I'm in my mid-twenties...And this is perfect for my lifestyle and suits my outgoing yet sexy personality.And the bottle reflects femininity, too.

  • ANGAL11/04/2003

    Too sweet good scent at first but after awhile it gave me a headache.

  • LAURA10/26/2003

    I've been thinking of buying this fragrance for about a year and honestly don't know why I didn't do so sooner!!! It's just LOVELY! It's very light, grapefruit-citrusy and sweet. However, it's not a fruity/sickening sweet but a "tangy" sweet. Like candy. No musky, powdery smell in Baby doll! Anyway, I could go on and makes me feel wonderful just to wear it. By the way, I'm in my late twenties.

  • NORA09/29/2003

    Fruity-gourmand scent. Too citrusy, in fact grapefruity for my taste. Not very sophisticated, just an average fragrance.

  • JANNINE09/13/2003

    I definitely smelled a predominance of pear (!) in this one. Pretty original scent. It is kind of young, but I love gourmand scents and this one is totally edible. It doesn't last even 30 minutes on my skin though, so I did not buy it.

  • SEXYRELLE09/10/2003

    This is one of my absolute favourite fragrances!! The subtle change from grapefruit to guava, incorporating citrus and floral scents, makes it very distinctive, without being too overpowering. If there is one perfume to have in your collection (and I have tons), this is definitely it!! enjoy :-)

  • LISA (PERFUME GODDESS)09/08/2003

    As a Perfume Goddess, I'm appaled @ myself for forgetting to rate this product. It is beyond ecxcellent. I would give it 10 stars! Oh, Marie (Can't get enough), I hate to break the bad news to you but this perfume has definately been discontinued for over a year. I learned this from inside sources. Since my daughter and I also can't get enough of this fragrance, I recommend doing what we're doing; stockpiling it in the 3.4 oz size!!!! If you keep it in the refrigerator, it will last for decades. I know this from experience. Happy stockpiling and best wishes.

  • LISA (PERFUME GODDESS)09/04/2003

    I'm a young @ heart sophisticated 42 year young woman with over 100 designer fragrances. They must be the best to be in my collection. Baby Doll is in a class of its own. Catarina, you're correct. Angel is awful. But to compare it with baby doll, I'm sorry, you need a brain transplant. And, there's nothing barbie doll about it. Also Donna, by comparing Baby Doll to cheap perfumes shows you need to stick to cheap perfumes.

  • SASHA09/04/2003

    It is one of a kind.It is my favorite perfume ever.When I smelled it, I fell in love with it.Nothing is like it.I recomend it to everyone, whatever your age.

  • DONNA 07/12/2003

    i must say this perfumes cheap imitations are already in market and they smell EXACT the same.

  • ALEX06/24/2003

    This is my favorite perfume! Very lovely and fruity! I just love the grapefruit.

  • ALEX06/14/2003

    I am very glad with the purchase of Baby Doll. It is not a flat fragrance. It developes from fruit to flowers and makes people come and snif me:) .I disagree that it has any resembalnce with Angel- absolutely different. And I disagree that it can be copied by the producers of cheap imitations.

  • MARY06/11/2003

    I'm sorry, I can't stand it. It has way too much grapefruit in it for me. Headache-inducing fragrance if you ask me.

  • M04/20/2003

    I don't like it, but I don't even hate it. It is for younger ladies, but for me (21) this is too much sweet, but not in a bad way. Bottle is sweet too, I really like it, and pink colour too, but as it's name tells-it is for younger. My favourite is 212 by Carolina Herrera. Because I can't say is it is good or bad I will not rate it.

  • RALE03/25/2003

    Very nice for a hot spring day.Baby sexy

  • RHONDA03/04/2003

    I don't like grapefruit therefore I don't like this scent. Gives me a headache.

  • STEF02/23/2003

    Baby Doll is the best perfume, nothing more to say than that.

  • ALEX02/16/2003

    Of course you will smell like a Barbie, the name of the perfume is "Baby Doll" and it is supposed to smell light and flowery. You can't expect a fragrance for an office wear... Acoording to me it is quite a good and longlasting positive fragrance. And by the way we may not like this kind of sweet and light smells but men around us love them:)

  • MARIA02/08/2003

    Glad you changed your mind but jelous that the scent lasts on you. This is my current favorite. I smell only grapefruit, not guava and no chemicals. But it is gone in an instant. After the drydown, I am left with something so soft it's not even worth mentioning. I need to reapply often.

  • ZALE01/19/2003

    Hate to admit it...but I love this now. I guess I love that guava smell after all. When I wrote my first review I had not given enough time for the dry down. The drydown is very sexy and sweet and just a hint of rose (like the original Paris). It stays all day long on my skin and I love it after a few hours. The only negative is...I think it'd be very easy to reproduce this scent. I can see Parfums de Coeur coming up with their own cheap version soon. Love Doll or some silly name like that!

  • MELANIE01/13/2003

    A wonderful feeling of youth and confidence is revealed when this fragrance is worn. I get compliemented from men and women every time I where this fragrance. It is best enjoyed when layered with the matching lotion which has a tiny hint of glitter. Try it today it is wonderful.

  • BB12/27/2002

    its ok in small doses and not too often. very sweet. takes getting used to.

  • ZALE12/19/2002

    Just purchased it at a duty free shop! Only paid $38.00 for the 3.3! Thank god was only that because it smell awful! Guava mixed with rose plus some chemical unknown scent combined...Very strong and sweet. People will certainly ask what you're wearing BUT for the wrong reasons!!

  • GRAPEFRUITIS12/19/2002

    Baby Doll is merely ok. YSL In Love Again was also a grapefruit fragrance, and much better than Baby Doll which replaced it. I suppose YSL didn't want two grapefruit scents competing against each other. But Baby Doll is too sweet and cloying while In Love Again was fresh and citrusy.

  • WONDERING12/16/2002

    Is this a Spring/Summer scent? I need to find a good scent for these seasons...any suggestions????? Please help.

  • SUMMER11/26/2002

    This perfume , I guess, includes some artificial scent in it. I just cannot stand this chemical.

  • DANCER11/20/2002

    I was hoping I'd like it, but the grapefruit smell is too overpowering for me. I like fruity sweet fragrances, but all I smelled was tart grapefruit. The second time I tried it on I could finally smell some sweetness to it, but only after several hours.

  • JASMINE11/04/2002

    The initial grapefruit and rose notes are pleasant. Something about the drydown is a lot like Anais Anais.

  • MARIE11/04/2002

    Absolutely love the crisp grapefruit topnote. Wish it would last. Have to reapply every hour or so. Hate YSL Opium with a passion. Babydoll is 1 of my top 3 favorites. Never ever discontinue it.

  • JODI11/03/2002

    I love it b/c it smells like roses, not necessarily grapefruity. If you like the sweet smell of roses, you'll love this. And it's not overpowering.

  • STEF11/01/2002

    This is a good summer fragrance. I'm into heavier florals (like Bvlgari) which do not wear well in the summer. Baby doll starts out VERY grapefruity. It's got a lot of kick. Very tangy sweet and spicy at the same time. Not my favorite part of this fragrance. But once the fragrance starts to dry down, it's absolutely beautiful...sweet and slightly woodsy I think. Too bad it doesn't last long. Baby Doll is gone halfway through the day :(

  • LABRUJA10/20/2002

    When I first smelled it I wasn't sure how much I liked it. Baby Doll has slooowly seduced me. A highly original, very unique scent I've grown to love. Sadly, I think YSL has marketed this as a 'trendy fragrance'. Those rarely endure. However, I felt the same about YSL's Opium & I've (happily) been proven waaay wrong on that!

  • DANNI09/18/2002

    ohhh i love this scent...its refreshing and sweet. Its very grapefruity. I absolutely love it. GO BUY IT NOWWW!

  • ROSE09/12/2002

    Pretty 7 Pink! Dries to a soft floral~fruity,has pink grapefruit,rose,freesia,peach...a happy pretty...just adore Baby Doll!

  • ZIA09/02/2002

    my close frind likes that kind of perfumes - very, very sweet, too sweet I think, for my taste when you put it on you smell like a Barbie - cotton candy doll...sorry, absolutely not me:((( but for someone it can be the best fragrance ever, but when someone wears it and is close (10 meters:)) to me I feel short of breath....

  • TAPDANCER7808/21/2002

    I *LOVE* this perfume! It smells very feminine and sweet.

  • AMY08/15/2002

    This is a very feminine scent---kinda strong, but smells good!

  • LUWA08/04/2002

    it'so so so so lovely and wonderful that take me out of the world and feel like enjoying each heart beat passing by.

  • MEL07/25/2002

    Really too sweet!

  • SARAH07/10/2002

    My father brought me this perfume back from Paris. It is not one i would have chosen myself for it is very strong. I would not recommend this perfume to teenagers.

  • TINA07/01/2002

    there's something very annoying in in...I just don't like it neither on me and anybody else....and it's not just that's too sweet, becouse it also is:)

  • BETHANY06/27/2002

    I recently tried the lotion. It went on cloyingly sweet and spicy-kept this way for an hour. Then it morphed into a lovely, different smell-light, sweet, citrusy with some good smelling spiciness for kick. Then...after 2 hours it just faded into practically no smell at all. May be my body chemistry, but I'd defintitely recommend trying first before buying.

  • IKA06/07/2002

    Once, when it's launched, I bought Baby Doll. The top scent is like guava juice. Fresh. Unfortunatelly it fades away so easily. Just gone with the wind. Compare to Paris, it's nothing. The only thing I like most from Baby Doll is the packaging. Nice. At least I have souvenir from what I bought.

  • TINA05/29/2002

    baby doll is the best perfume smells soooooo good! go buy it right away!!!!!

  • BILLY05/28/2002

    I gave my ex a bottle of this right before we broke up.

  • BETH05/20/2002

    I like this one alot - very fresh and summery. But it doesn't last on my skin for very long at all.

  • JULIA REID05/14/2002

    Baby Doll is an indulging, sharp scent. Pefect for grabbing attention in a sweet, innocent way! Its flowery, refrshing fragrance is perfect for me to wear day after day! The Ideal Feminine Scent!!

  • ANIKA05/14/2002

    I like this one a lot. Fresh, sweet, grapefruity opener, warm/gentle spice over sherbet. Refreshing. Can see that it would not suit more sophisticated types who like heavier Orientals, although I do not necessarily think this one is just for little girls. I'm 36 and I wear this one quite frequently and get lots of compliments. Think/smell for yourself- don't go by trends or by fashion do's and don'ts. Wear what you like and what makes you feel special!

  • GTHANG04/12/2002

    i just received by baby doll in the mail. i hadn't smelled it before and was just going off of a few trusted peoples opinions. they were absolutely right!! baby doll is so fresh and clean from the morning until evening. the dry down is also very soft and pretty. i love the grapefruit and i think i detect a little lemon(?). this is a great spring/summer fragrance. very happy........

  • ALIZUNA03/10/2002

    Too bad that they discountinued In Love Again ... it was the perfect fragrance but only for one year 1998 ... they replaced it with Baby Doll ... which is perfect but not perfect enough to fully replace In Love Again ... too bad !

  • LESLIE03/09/2002

    I loved it when I bought it, but am slowly getting sick of it.

  • PERFUME ADDICT02/21/2002

    This perfume has my favourite smells - grapefruit and peach. It's my favourite perfume. However it is too strong to wear during the day, I think.

  • VANESSA01/30/2002

    Too sweet, too musky. Very bad.

  • SOPHIA01/25/2002

    THE BEST! THE SEXIEST! but can anybody tell me if it's proper for a day wear? s

  • SALI01/21/2002

    Baby Doll to me is a sweet and vivacious citrus-floral. I think of Miami Beach or the tropics when I smell this. The bottle is gorgeous, and the miniature can be displayed on a Baby Doll stander base that I've seen sold on European sites. I also love the sparkly pink body lotion (silver sparkles).

  • SATOKO01/21/2002

    Baby Doll is one of my man's all-time favorites. It's sweet, grapefruity, perfect for those beach parties that stretch into the night. I love the sparkly body lotion the most.

  • VICKIE01/16/2002

    just too sweet, can't take it.

  • A.12/17/2001

    I bought Baby Doll for my wife. She didn't like it but my two little girls ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! It is very innocent and sweet.

  • *J*11/25/2001

    I *Love* this pefume :) I have had such a difficult time sticking to only one fragrance in the past. This caused me to own a ridiculous number of different perfumes which caused the problem of all my clothes smelling different and ofcourse spending vast amounts of money :-) (not good when youre a broke college student!) That was until one day I found The One, i have never looked back since:))) recap: Baby Doll..."best episode, ever!" :))) hurray for baby doll lovers!

  • AMBER11/19/2001

    if you want to be noticed- wear it. you will be different from everyone else. very sweet- buy it today! 10

  • MARIE11/17/2001

    I just bought Baby Doll and I love it. It's very fresh and light. I get complimented constantly.

  • KRIS09/25/2001

    Does NOT smell like a grown-up. (Perhaps that accounts for the title...) Pretty, but way too little-girly for me...

  • MAGGIE09/04/2001

    I agree with most posters. This is a very grapefruity scent. Makes you want to drink it! The day I wore it, EVERYBODY wanted to know what it was. Big success.

  • HRBETTYBOOP08/29/2001


  • MICHELLE08/23/2001

    This is a very sweet scent with grapefruit undertones. Not a good choice if you have a sensitive nose.

  • CATARINA08/21/2001

    Way too sweet. It smells like overly sweetened passion fruit juice. I hear this is supposed to appeal to my age bracket, but no one I know likes it. Just as terrible as Thierry Muegler's Angel.

  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    Adorable name for a fragrance! It's a very unique, youthful scent consisting mainly of red currant, grapefruit and a hint of rhubarb. Some grenadine maybe?? Very sweet. Cute bottle too - looks like a spinning top!

  • WATERQUEENE07/17/2001

    I love this fragrance ... the longer I wear it the more complex it seems to be. Roses, grapefruit, hints of vanilla and caramel ... but ladies beware! This scent is a mosquito magnet. If you are going to spend the day outside, pass on this one.

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    very similar to in love again by ysl, though i like in love again a bit better (discontinued though). very sweet, and grapefruity. Maybe a bit too sweet.

  • ANGELINA04/04/2001

    Fresh and pretty like pink grapefruit and pink roses on a pastel summer's day! Clean, fresh and feminine - light and sweet, fruity and youthful....

  • DANA03/30/2001

    Brillant smell of berries and ruhbarb. Delicate and feminine with a bright halo of fragrance. The best of yves saint laurant yet!

  • ANGELICA12/23/2000

    This is the most wonderful fragrance ever. I love the way it smells sweet without being overpowering.

  • SUSAN12/01/2000

    This is a sweeter version of "In love again" by YSL released a few years ago. Equally as nice though.

  • ELENA11/24/2000

    Wonderful fragrance by YSL. I went to a large parfume store. This fragrance was 1 of 2 which I really liked and I tried 100s. :)

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