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121 Reviews

Discovered in 1985, Ysatis is an elegant, soft, woody fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of mandarin, oakmoss, rose, iris, vanilla, clove, and amber. Ysatis is recommended as a daytime fragrance.

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Discovered in 1985, Ysatis is an elegant, soft, woody fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of mandarin, oakmoss, rose, iris, vanilla, clove, and amber. Ysatis is recommended as a daytime fragrance.

  • DAN DEAGLE06/13/2016

    My wife loves Ysatis.

  • HEATHER MEECE03/08/2013

    For 20 years I have been using this product. It is my signature scent. I am so disappointed not to be able to locate the body cream. Does anyone know where it can be purchased?

  • DEBBIE KOHLER09/12/2012

    I am disappointed in the scent....doesn't smell the same as what I have had before.

  • DEBBIE KOHLER09/06/2012

    I am a little distressed to find that the scent has changed. I have been using this scent since the 80's....this new bottle does not smell the same.

  • DOROTHEA09/05/2012

    I have used this perfume daily for the last 15yrs and it has received many favourable comments. I originally smelled it on a passing lady and stopped her to ask what it was. Obviously both I and my husband like it, especially for daytime wear. Others of my friends now also use it so it obviously suits a range of ages.

  • LINDA DARBY07/07/2011


  • JK04/26/2011

    I too am trying to find the eau de parfum rather than eau de toilette. Major difference.

  • ROSEMARIE WITEK04/11/2011

    ive been wearing this perfume for yrs and absolutely love it, but now cant find it anywhere

  • TAKE A SNIFF04/04/2011


  • NORA02/25/2011

    I have been using Ysatis for many years.It is a classic;The French make the best perfumes.Ysatis is my favorite perfume.

  • CAROLYN SCHAEFER11/27/2010

    I love Ysatis, but not until I started wearing the perfume, "parfum", did I realize how lovely it really is! The oils on the skin warm up and have the most heavenly aroma. But now I can't find the "parfum" anywhere! Does anyone have a lead on finding the parfum?

  • KATHY11/24/2010

    I am a loyal Ysatis women. I have been wearing this scent for 15 years and can't think of another scent that would ever take me away. I have tried others, but nothing else suites me like Ysatis, I think we were meant for each other.

  • SUZANNE11/07/2010

    After doing a lot of research, I found that Ysatis is Greek for "STRONG WOMAN." I think this is a perfect description of this beautiful fragrance!

  • RAJUL08/05/2010

    sorry for the mix up ! i posted here for hot couture..........!

  • RAJUL07/22/2010

    i was testing hot couture at a perfumerie this evening n had the full intent of adding it to my collection.........unfortunately i did not like it at all.........syrupy is what comes to mind in ref to this perfume, but, the sales person sprayed ange ou etrange on my other hand.......n guess what ? it was quite a pleasant surprise ! for people who like incense.....this is it. it reminded me of incense burning n wafting towards me on a cold evening after sundown.....quite nice :)

  • MARA10/23/2009

    This is one of my all time favorites. To me, this is the scent of a woman. Mature, beautiful, confident. A beautiful, wearable scent that will get you many many compliments.

  • WILDFLOWER05/18/2008

    I just rediscovered Ysatis, wore it occationally in the 90's and remember it seeming stronger. I recently bought a bottle and it seems weaker. I love the scent, but did they take something out? The patchouli maybe or clove, that used to make it linger longer.

  • PAM04/23/2008

    I LOVE Ysatis, and I ordered my 2nd mini bottle. But, the bottle stopper is not real sturdy and it broke off after trying to pull it off. I'm now losing the perfume to the air.

  • SHARON03/01/2008

    I have been wearing Ysatis perfume and body veil for over fifteen years. It is a classy and sexy scent on me. I wear it year round. I am forever getting compliments from women and men. Ysatis gels with my body chemistry like no other perfume. I tried over the years to try something different - never get any compliments on the other stuff, regardless of how expensive it is. For those that think Ysatis is deplorable, it obviously does nothing for your chemistry. I have to say - the Ysatis Iris is deplorable. Perhaps, some got the two fragances confused. I thought since I could wear Ysatis, I could wear Ysatis Iris - NOT!

  • PRINCESS12/17/2007

    My body chemistry loves Ysatis. It's my signature scent. It's the first and only fragrance that I have found to match me so perfectly. Best of husband loves it on me too! Everytime I wear it I get the nicest compliments. My favorite line extension was the body cream in glass jar, which sadly has been discontinued. I was able to purchase eight jars when I found out...two in the Bahamas. Even sadder is that I am on my last jar! I wish they would bring it back! I just ordered the beauty cream gel...perhaps this will fill the void! I love, love, love, Ysatis!!!!

  • BLUERAIN12/01/2007

    Sophisticated, sensual and memorable. I adore this parfume! People will notice when you are present, even long after you are gone...

  • REBECCA08/07/2007

    I have worn this since it became available.The art of knowing the right scent,is that you don't know that you have it on.But others love being near you!

  • ANGELIQUE03/18/2007

    I'd wear it if I had no other perfume to wear. Whilst it's not the worst perfume in the world, I'm not that mad about it either. Just your average nice-ish scent.

  • ISABELLA02/07/2007

    In the 20 years I have worn this fragrance it is THE one that has had people, male and female want to come closer, explore the scent, tell me it's wonderful and ask what it is.

  • KIM01/27/2007

    i think this one is not a bad quality or tacky thing. but i can't stand the cloyingly heavy floral top note it really turns me off. i like classic scents but it just seems to me that this one is something stuffy.

  • SERENITY01/11/2007

    I don't think this perfume is GROSS, but perhaps just completely wrong for me. I tried very hard to like it while sampling it. I wore it for a day, and found the smell too strong and not interesting enough to justify its strength. I kept thinking the entire day, "This one will never be worn again by ME." I know some women love it, but to me it's too much like the smell of incense. I don't care to smell like incense. There are so many perfumes out that call me- this one will NOT remain in my collection.

  • CHRISTOBELLE08/05/2006

    nothing about this fragrance does anything for me, although I admit not everything works with my chemistry. However, a colleague wears this all the time and its not something I care for on her either. not horrible, just not for me.

  • JOANNA08/02/2006

    This is the only fragrance I have ever bought in 'perfume' coz I love it so much. The EDT is a gorgeous subtle smell that is only noticed close up - not at all musty. The perfume lasts all day with a dab on the wrist and on the ear lobes. Gorgeous.

  • RAJUL06/30/2006

    i just received this perfume as a gift. i was verrrry curious to check it out as i had read reviews saying its a classic and i just loooove old classics! as soon as i opened my bottle and got a whiff i recognised it as one i had smelt many years ago on different people (i guess it was used more when it was newly introduced).the 1st thought that came to my mind was that the trend of fragrances have changed so much and that today perfumes tend to have either vanilla, chocolate or fruit influences even in evening wear whereas the classics stayed away from these influences and were more floral or incense or spice based. ysatis to me is a strong fragrance which i would not wear by day and restrict it to formal wear.i would not work out in it as im wary of the frgrance that would emit if mixed with perspiration.certain perfumes like cologne by thierry mugler or truth by ck i would work out with as the blend of fragrance and sweat is niiiice ! this one i would treat as i do opium, paloma picasso, coco chanel, samsara.......get the drift ? as i DO like classics i am glad to acquire this frgrance. since we are new to eachother i guess i will slowly build a relationship with this frgrance and may grow attatched to it.i had a similar experience with jill sander no 4. it is a loooooovely fragrance but strong and the 1st time i used it i wondered if it was a mistake. then in a few days i liked it so much that now im saddened by the fact that it is discontinued !!

  • YG06/23/2006

    You can find the Ysatis Iris fragrance on I've worn Ysatis for about 15 years; however, now I'm curious to try YI. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • AZGAL06/20/2006

    I used to buy the very expensive parfume version and loved it. Now all I find is the EDT version which is not as nice. Does anyone know where to find the actual parfume version? It is so much longer lasting and intense.

  • ELENA06/08/2006

    Ysatis or Issatis is a Persian word Yazd or Yezd (In Persian: ???), and is the capital of Yazd province, one of the most ancient and historic cities in Iran and a centre of Zoroastrian culture. The city is located some 175 miles southeast of Isfahan, at 31.92° North, 54.37° East. In 2005 it had an estimated population of 433,836 people. Because of generations of builders' adaptations to its desert surroundings, Yazd is an architecturally unique city. It is also known in Iran for the high quality handiwork, especially silk weaving, and its sweets shops. This should give you a greater appreciation of how wonderful the perfume is.

  • JH05/24/2006

    Y. Iris is an extension of the original Ysatis line (not a limited edition) with an "iris" note, available mainly in Europe.

  • BLUE SWEDE05/22/2006

    On a recent trip to Budapest in Hungary I came across Ysatis Iris by Givenchy standing next to the "regular" Ysatis in a perfume shop. I had never seen or heard of this perfume before, but the smell was wonderful. I didn't buy it, which I regret now, since I can't seem to find it anywhere. Has anyone heard of it? Has it been discontinued or was it some kind of "limited edition" perfume?

  • DEBS05/11/2006

    This is one of my favorites. I adore the chypre type fragrances. 'Ysatis' is a lovely chypre with a hint of incense, a unique quality from the others.

  • TBUZZ04/21/2006

    Sometimes I think some of these people i.e. maya and sisters are on the payroll to try and stir up sales. Anyway I Love this perfume, its a beautiful classic.

  • PERFUMELOVER02/03/2006

    My mother has always had impeccable taste and this is her signature fragrance in cooler weather.

  • MARILYN01/10/2006

    I have been using Ysatis for almost 20 yrs. I have tried others but always come back. I always get compliments on it!!! Its Great!

  • SASHA01/09/2006

    Of course when you open the bottle and you stick your nose in it you will faint - it is strong. It is a real fragrance just like Shalimar! It needs time to develope its beauty. And you have to use very little. It is not some cheap cologne and you don't have to bathe yourself in it in order to feel the smell.

  • ANNA12/05/2005

    I do so want to buy other scents! Have been trying to find anything as amazingly beautiful and perfect and special...but have not found any scent that even comes close! Everybody I meet loves my ysatis

  • THERESA12/02/2005

    I have worn this fragrance for a LONG time and it is just fantastic. It's very different but not in a bold kind of way. It's a very soft scent and not like any others. And yes, the men love it!!!!!!!!!

  • KATHY10/21/2005

    OMG! this bickering is crazy. Can't believe even the friends and husbands jump on the band wagon. But, for sure, this has made me want to try this perfume!

  • DEB09/16/2005

    Ysatis just gets better and better in my opinion. Everytime I wear it I like it more and more. When I get a whiff of it on me, it keeps delighting me with its amazing effect. It is comforting and sensual and Very Feminine! It makes me feel so good. Just love it more and more!

  • ISA08/22/2005

    Perfume is so subjectiv because any perfume will react with a person's own body chemistry. Ysatis is gorgeous! If anyone dislikes it, then it is really a question of it reacting with their skin. I have received more compliements from men on my perfume. It is a man magnet and beautiful!

  • ROMANY08/10/2005

    Don't know why it's recommended as a day time fragrance. I've worn this many times for evenings/nights out and have got loads of compliments about the scent. It's a firm favourite with me. Love it!

  • RISSA05/15/2005

    A mysterious, heady, lush and playful scent which is definitely okay for special occasions but not for casual wear. I must also agree that it is more a mature woman's appeal. (There was a 'light' version of Ysatis, though, introduced earlier this year in Europe.) It is very much distinct and memorable just like most Givenchy fragrances. You are bound to make an impression with this one.

  • BLONDE TICA04/23/2005

    Slicing through all the opinion, positive and negative here about Ysatis, and adding my own I would say that there are many smells that are iinsipidly indistinguishable these days as everyone rushes to the market with their brand of something new. Taking the plunge and trying something that has been around awhile meant that I was looking for something classic, not a "johnny come lately". At first I wondered if Ysatis had no depth to it. Sweet, round, lingering...was it just going to be another "ho hum"? But then it reminded me of something and that something eluded me. Did I like this one? Did we get along? It's been a year and I think we have formalized a relationship. Lately, going through some difficult emotional issues I found Ysatis was what I reached for and it accompanied me and comforted me. It's one I go to for a special touch, some special reassurance. And then I realized the relationship had to do with my childhood. My mother knitted real woollen sweaters (jerseys to us, in those days) and whether my mother had ever heard of Ysatis, or if she ever owned such a luxury is unknown to me for she is no longer with us. But Ysatis means mother, warm jerseys, comfort, and a touch of luxury that lasts and lasts and stays with me until the morning. It is a perfume that belongs in an "uncommon" category for it is like no other that I know.

  • JILLIAN04/23/2005 my entire life. Seriously. Worse even than Shalimar. I understand that to some it may smell pleasant, like incense. But when I first opened up a scent strip for Ysatis, I thought I would faint. My vision literaly went dim. I remember that the fragrance was supposedly created for a woman made up of 1,000 women. To me, it smells like 1,000 women wearing really, really bad perfume.

  • CHLOE.F.PUFF03/13/2005

    Am a floral girl and have been looking for something else. This is fabulous. It has mystery and maturity to it.

  • CHLOE.F.PUFF03/05/2005

    Well, you never know when you're going to find something that's really cool...I picked up a small edp of Ysatis at Wal-Mart on a whim. Now I mainly like florals like Quelque Fleurs or Jessica McClintock, but have been wanting something different. Ysatis is it!!!! And a wonderful fragrance for the colder months too.

  • PAZZO02/07/2005

    LUUUUVVVV it.Perfect for winter wear.Also reminds me of opium.Might be the clove factor in it.The EDT is long lasting.

  • KRISTIN M.02/01/2005

    This is a very lovely perfume, however it did not fit my personality. This is a very mature and classy fragrance. I am 32 yet feel I am a bit too silly and carefree to carry this one off.

  • LISA01/24/2005

    Ysatis truly has a different scent that will set you apart from the rest! It's mysterious and sultry smelling and would be best for evening wear. The scent is actually hard to describe, which adds to the mystery of this scent. Very feminine.

  • MARY01/03/2005

    I tried this one today and associate it with heavy, sweet old lady perfume AND incense, mysterious. It is hard to define and I am not really sure what I think about it yet. I will go try it again another day. I notice that my impressions about perfumes change, so i always try them more than once before I purchase. ( I learned this through experience, because I have tons and tons of perfumes and some of them I never use. Now I try to be more careful about what I like.)

  • SHARRIE12/19/2004

    first class. nice. strength and beauty. wow. wonderful.

  • SHARRIE12/17/2004

    i agree with carly, divinity in a bottle, very rich, deep, a fav of mine

  • SHARRIE12/06/2004

    truly worth a million bucks, truly sensual, hot stuff in a bottle very eegant aroma, wear it in the bed

  • CARLY10/24/2004

    I have vivid memories of this perfume- the first time I smelled it was in a dark theatre watching the spectacular play M Butterfly. I remember the rich thick velvet drapes, the cherry blossoms littering the stage, and the floating, candy coloured kimonos; light and flickering like butterfly wings. The smell of this perfume just brings all of this flooding back. To this day when I smell it I associate it with satiny pearls, champagne, a glittering city skyline at night, and the theatre. It's a luxurious, heady and decadent fragrance, with strong stargazer lily notes, spicebox and cedar, jasmin and roses. It's not for everyone- this is a perfume for a seriously sexy, confidant and dare I say a woman who is just a bit of trouble...


    'cause I bought some "Ysatis" for that occasion. I dislike smoke, cigarettes, and smoked food; but I love this in spite of the smokey, incense-like note! It's shameless exotic and original and sexy - but still elegent. Very complex; except for the smokey note, I can't detect a single other note. I just smell "Ysatis"!

  • LIZ10/12/2004

    you're right about Ysatis, it is a classic! I haven't worn Irresistible, only smelled it -- it's very pretty, rosey and fresh, not as complex as Givenchy III, L'interdit, or Ysatis, but nice just the same. It is similar to Chris 1947.

  • KATHY Z.09/25/2004

    This scent is heavenly. I just discovered it recently. The first time I tried it on I felt like I was being enveloped in the most beautiful powdery, spicy scent. I see a lot of postings here with people dismissing scents from the 80's, but most of the new perfumes I try just smell horrible to me. This is one scent that I know I will be wearing for a long time. Perfect for fall. Try it!

  • JODIE09/02/2004

    I used to use this in middle school as an air freshener but it only contributed to the stench in the air.

  • SHIRLEY08/01/2004

    I passed this one by for years, and finally discovered it today, and was blown away! Its wonderful! I have about 150 perfumes from everywhere, but this is my favorite. Incidently, I 've enjoyed the discussion that's gone on over the past year and a half about the 'old lady' scent! If this fragrance were only available for an exorbitant sum in exclusive designer boutiques it would be for sure at the top of "the must have above all else list." Thank god I don't have to go to a major center, or order it from Holt Renfrew like I have to do for others.

  • CHRISSY07/22/2004

    I know this one has a great reputation ..but I find it cloying. may be me.

  • SHERRY07/20/2004

    This is one of my all time favorites, and I've tried a lot! People ask me all the time what I am wearing.

  • MICHELE06/21/2004

    Don't particularly care for the spray. But the Body Creme and the Body Lotion is delicious. Your lover will want to "sop you up with a biscuit!" The Body Creme is more intense than the Lotion, and costs a bit more, you'll smell the difference thought at the counter. The factor that determines which one I buy is how my pocketbook is at the time!

  • KIM C05/28/2004

    Does anyone think this fragrance smells like Boucheron by Boucheron? I like Boucheron and have worn it successfully, and this fragrance smells so similar to me.

  • KRUSHER05/03/2004

    One of my favorite! I have worn this for many years and the scent is very enticing to men! Compliments galore on this perfume

  • DEEFAY05/03/2004

    I have been wearing Ysatis for 6 yrs. I love the scent and the lasting smell. I am always surprised at the end of the day when someone will comment on my fragrance and want to know what I am wearing because it smells so great. A few years ago a guy said that "-----" is wearing hot stuff and he was talking about Ysatis. I love it!!

  • MARIE03/11/2004

    I used to love this perfume, until I couldn't find the body veil, which is a oil spray. If ANYONE knows where to find it, please tell me!!!!

  • NICOLE01/06/2004

    Yummm.... Smells so elegant, warm, seductive, pretty and sweet. I adopted it. Perfect for winter. Modern scent with all the qualities of a classic. I also use Oscar for milder days.

  • LLL01/05/2004

    Great, great scent. Just great. Did I mention that I think Ysatis is great?

  • JOYCE01/05/2004

    I've been wearing Ysatis for about 10 years and I just turned 40. It is also my signature scent and has never failed me. Men are constantly complimenting me about it and my man loves it. Even my children (7 and 9 yrs. old) tell me how good I smell when they snuggle up to me. I will never stop wearing Ysatis, it is the only fragrance I've ever had that I truly liked all the time.

  • PAT12/02/2003

    This is my signature scent and has been ever since two different men in one day followed me through a store to ask what I was wearing! It works on me. It doesn't on a friend who tried it. Ladies, scent is's not something you argue over...if it works, wear it!!!

  • TERRI12/02/2003

    A man told me once, while I was wearing Ysatis, that I smelled like a woman should smell. I think that sums it up.

  • PERFUME LOVER11/20/2003

    No matter what the reviews say,a classic will always be a classic. Ysatis definitely fits that category. But wait, i just remembered,Givenchy made another new fragrance & it's called Very Irresistible. Anyone tried it yet?

  • KAHLAN10/08/2003

    ...warm, sweet, musky panties that were just taken off and thrown accross a room for an illicit romp. Your mother in law will hate you, women will resent you, but men will drop like flies and make fools of themselves just catching a whif of you. For a fragrance so elegantly put together, it is quite impolite and extroverted...

  • NORA09/14/2003

    For those who like chypres ( like Givenchy III, Sisley's Eau du Soir, Paloma Picasso, YSL' "Y" etc.). This is very woody-floral. I don't like this fragrance family so I don't enjoy smelling something like that.

  • MELANIE09/05/2003

    I wore Ysatis as a teenager many years ago & even now, as an adult I still love its clean,floral aroma. Wow,looks like i've missed out on some serious catfighting here after reading some reviews from last year. Hey,I don't know what the fuss is all about,everyone is entitled to their opinion whether good or bad.

  • FRAN08/03/2003

    Finally, the fragrance I've been looking for. It is the type of fragrance that I don't tire of easily. I have been wearing everyday for the last month, which is not usual for me as I tire of a fragrance after a day or two and then switch to something else! But this one seems to have it all. It is floral and spicey in a sort of youth dew sort of way but more modern! I think it will appeal to women of all ages. I'm 37 and I think it's amazing!

  • ALEJANDRA07/10/2003

    I love this perfume, its sexy but in a complex way, but if you hate a warm and chypre-floral fragance, this one is not for you!!!! It seduces with elegance and it makes you feel powerful, great discovery ... I used Duende de Jesus del Pozo 4 years and I left it because my character became firmer and that perfume became too romantic for my. I believe that Ysatis will accompany to me for a long time.

  • SHELLY06/17/2003

    17 years I've worn YSATIS. I've tried to change up but when I get to the store I buy the same. I buy myself a gift set every Christmas. That way I have 1n year to use my set. Smart thinking

  • AURELIE05/17/2003

    In the past, I have bought the perfume (quarter ounce dabber) at Macy's and Filene's. I know of other sites (Can't write them here b/c P.E sells fragrances and would never let me recommend the competition!) that do sell it. If you do a search you should be able to find it. There is no edp for Ysatis, btw, it's perfume or edt. Good luck!

  • JOY05/15/2003

    EDP or perfume? Where to get? Amarage stays all day but I don't care for it. Ysatis stays great on my clothes but not on me.........

  • MURKI05/14/2003

    I can't say this is an old lady fragrance since I wore it in high school! BUT, I don't find it light, just has a bit more character to it. A coworker wears it now and it's like going back in time smelling it on her.

  • AURELIE05/10/2003

    Have you tried the perfume? I swear it won't quit until you wash it off! I wore it last night, didn't get out of bed until early afternoon (I know, I know... But it's saturday!) and I could still smell it on me. mmm...mmmmmm!

  • JOY05/07/2003

    Love this scent; wish it was even stronger....

  • CHRIS05/05/2003

    I happen to love this scent. On me it works - men notice, women compliment. Body chemistry has a lot to do with it, and I have learned that no matter what I think of a scent in the store, I have to give a little spray and walk around for about half an hour before I decide to purchase it. 9 times out of 10, within 8 minutes I hate the scent and can't wait to wash it off... Yet it can smell great on someone else. AND some scents.. some people just think smells great on them. Ysatis on me has been tried and true.

  • GAIL04/24/2003

    Ladies, I have been wearing Ysatis for years and it is my all time favorite of all perfumes.

  • AURELIE04/10/2003

    At times, I love it. At other times, I can't believe I ever wore it. But then I love it again! A beautiful floral oriental, very heady and full bodied. When I wear it I always picture an old European castle, at night, and a beautiful dark haired lady in a heavy black and burgundy silk cloak. Don't ask me why!

  • ANGELA03/21/2003

    Maya I have to agree with what you said to the angy lady about the perfume. You know I have become quite a fan of this website and I enjoy reading all of the lady's responses to fragrances but onething we must realize is that perfume reacts differently on everyone due to your body chemistry. I mean sad to say that it smells one way in the bottle and then when you try it on it just may take on a different effect. So to the angry who criticized this perfume I think that it was foul to put down a fragrance that obviously other people enjoy true as Maya's husband said you don't have to wear it. Its good to know we have some very sensible people out here though. By the way I have a mini bottle of this perfume it smells okay no I would not say its one of my favorites but I would never criticize anyone who does enjoy it. What works for any of you keep the ball rolling.

  • BRITTNEE03/17/2003

    This is the only fragrance by givenchy that I actually love enough to spend money on. The other's I'd probably wear if they were free, but would buy. It's a very classy scent, clean and elegant. Good for office wear.

  • MAYA02/20/2003

    I love Opium in the summer.For a fresher scent,try Oscar,it has a gorgeous body line.Helmut Lang, T.Mugler's Cologne,Dune,Sublime, Mariella Burani are all great choices.But there are so many! Good luck,I hope this helps.

  • GLORIA02/17/2003

    I am intrigued by your opinions of fragrances. I tend to like the same ones. I wear Opium, Must, and like the orientals. I also wear some of the ones you don't like but ..... What do you girls like to wear when it's not fall or winter. I live in South Florida and still wear my heavier and spicy perfumes year round. Sometimes I like lighter ones but I do like perfumes that are sensual and have some depth. Hope you see this to respond. Perfumes are one of my favorite things in this world. Cannot relate to girls who only occasionally wear it. It is as important as any article of clothing or make-up. I would go back home if I forgot my fragrance. Obviously it is as important to your persona as it is to me. You all sound so interesting.

  • MAYA02/13/2003

    We argue about perfume because that is precisely what perfume forums are for...We share opinions, sometimes disagree,sometimes even explode.It's perfume,it's emotional, it's crazy.YEEEHAAAAAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KIM02/04/2003

    Talk about a bunch of freaks! Who on earth has time to argue about perfume???? I think this perfume is beautiful....anyone want to argue with me?

  • KIM02/02/2003

    I have worn this perfume for years - although only in the fall and winter - a little too strong for summer but I think it's very beautiful and I always receive compliments on it.

  • APHRAEL01/07/2003

    It's all in the nose of the sniffer,I suppose,but...Youth Dew??? It is possible that you got a bad batch. Youth Dew has a strong spicy angle that is evident from the top to bottom notes, and although there is clove in Ysatis, to me that is not spicy at all...More like a warm, sweet floral oriental.(yet it is usually classified as a chypre-floral-animalic) We all react to scents differently,though,that's why fragrances smell different from woman to woman.

  • SHERYL12/31/2002

    every time I travel, the sales girls at the duty free try to sell me something new, but I stick with this one. It's one of my signature scents.

  • MAYA12/29/2002

    Yeepahdeedoooooo!!! There are several of you out there who aren't trying to stone us! Well then,many scented hugs to you all,and have a totally kickbutt new year!SMOOCH!

  • MAYA12/29/2002

    I know that I'm probably just pissing into an empty violin,here,but i'll say it again:There are 3 of us,born of the same womb,at the same time, Mom has the stretch marks to prove it!!! But you know what,Lurker? You must be the only one who has shown a willingness for tolerence and openmindedness. That shows balls and brains,and I respect that. The funny thing is we only started to get bashed on when we got vocal about speaking out against those who had no problem stepping on some "minor people",like the elderly,for example. We never attacked anyone unprovoked,all we did was respond to verbal assaults. All 3 of us no longer post on P.O.L, because that forum turns out to be nothing more than a good ol'girl network,(I think that's what Lola called it),and that any show of personality or creativity is seen as a direct threat to people's right to mediocrity.The P.E site is a lot more accepting of people's true colors, and I think that brings out more brutally honest facts about perfumes.P.O.L is so full of PC crap that it's impossible to tell what people really think,IF people really think...Anyway,thanks for your post, it got me thinking that whoever you are,your interest is in perfume,and the art of communication with words,my grandmother would call you a "feeling,sensational and creative type".More human than most,less stupid than most humans...So cheers!

  • NORA12/26/2002

    To me this scent reminds very much of Estee Lauders' Youth Dew. Does anyone else think so?

  • LURKER12/21/2002

    Ysatis is a great perfume and I LOVE the PE message boards precisely because of people like Lola. Who cares if Lola and sisters are real or fake. They are more entertaining than half the stuff I see on TV. I have tears of laughter running down my face when I read their posts. Hopefully I have not hurt their feelings but like I said they are entertaining. But getting back to this message board. I adore the way people on here tell you exactly what they think about a perfume. I find on some perfume message boards the people want to act all "lovey-dovey" with each other and hold back on their real opionions because they are trying so desparately to be friends. But on this board people let loose when they don't like something and that is ok with me. I like all that passion as I generally think the "friendly" message boards are the real bores.

  • THE TRIPLETS12/20/2002

    Thanks for understanding!Have a rip-roaring holiday season,and many more!

  • STEPHIE12/19/2002

    I just sampled this at the store. Trying to find something for my husband to buy me for Christmas. I really LOVE this stuff. I can still smell the little drop I put on my hand. I can't describe the smell except it's rich and I smell spice with vanilla. Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies and pray he buys it! Otherwise I am buying it for me. By the way, I am 31 and think age is about attitude. The triplets rock!!

  • RENA12/17/2002

    I really like this perfume! Despite all of the stuff going on in this forum -- hey, it keeps things interesting and it forced me to try Ysatis to see what all the fuss was about -- my impression of this fragrance is modern, sexy and warm. The more I smell it, the more I like it. This reminds me of a refined, elegant and classy woman -- regardless of whether she's married, single, 19 or 60!! Happy holidays everyone! :)

  • RENA12/16/2002

    You have got to be kidding me -- I love how the triplets go on and on (and on, and on, and on ...) about how someone would have to be lonely and unfulfilled to post such a comment when they obviously have a hell of a lot of time on their hands to write all of these posts and get their husbands involved. Maybe she shouldn't have referred to this as a scent for "married women over 50), but the triplets' scathing comments were a thousand times worse.

  • LOLA12/08/2002

    Thanks,girlfriend! That site is a ton of fun!!!

  • BEV12/06/2002

    one of my favorites & i've tried them all - if not just a sample - of course i'm partial to oriental spicy's - this & boucheron & believe it or not royal secret - my favorites - & cabotine is also wonderful though a different family - the french perfumes are different from americans - not so sythetic

  • 2010WOMAN12/05/2002

    Hey ladies, I love reading your posts in here. I discovered a really cool perfume message board that I think you would really like. It's You can't buy perfumes on it but there is alot of discussion. I think you would really enjoy it. You ladies have a very Merry Christmas.

  • TOBY12/03/2002

    its not only the older crowd that loves ysatis, i am 23 years old and i have not been able to live without this scent for the past 3 years!!!

  • APHRAEL12/02/2002

    ...Now,THAT's an opinion I fully respect!Not an attack,it's simply an opinion.Lola always says...It's all in the freedom of coice,baby!!!Peace.


    I'm 80 years old and have been using this delectable nectar since it came out.No,my sense of smell has not been erroded with old age, thank you very much,and my beloved husband of 62 years finds the scent delicate,feminine and simply beautiful.I have read all on the "Ysatis explosion",and wanted to thank Lola,Maya and Aphrael for their fierce determination in standing up for us "ancient creatures".It's a little disheartning to be faced with the daily put down of younger people who assume that once you've reached a certain age,the only valuable input you can have is on the quality of Depends,denture paste and walkers!Yet,maybe young Anatolia has a point in saying that Ysatis is "only" fit for us dinausores: More for us! ...This would be one thing we wouldn't have to fight the younger,more socially acceptable crowd for.

  • GREEDA12/01/2002

    i dont know how ahrael is and all the others but this parfume is the most discustin thing on the earth I WONTHER HO CUD EVEN THINK OF BUYIN IT UUUUUUUUUFFFFFFFF?

  • APHRAEL11/30/2002

    ...It would seem that my mention of bitterness and loneliness has struck a nerve...Yet as I keep on thinking about this whole hooplah,I keep coming back to the same thing: Love the scent,hate the scent,and share your opinions on how and why,no problem,right?...But then why the gratuitous,mean spirited, and frankly cretinous attack on a group of people whose only crime, other than to DARE to like a scent that Anatolia does not,is to be married and over 50?I am 37,and unless my life is cut short,I fully expect to reach that age and even far beyond,with the gray hair and the stretch marks,the softness and the slowing down...With it will come, I hope,the wealth of past experiences,the wisdom that comes from that,and a ton of memories that I hope to share and exchange with peers as well as with younger, greener,"newer" people.And if,with all that I was and all that I've become,I decide to enjoy something that someone else does not,will that be, then,a license to sneer at me and dismiss me like yesterday's garbage? And when Anatolia reaches that same point, will it be ok,then to make her the focus of other's discomfort with old age and insecurities?So to get back to my "disturbing" words on assuming the state of her personal life,I stand by each and every word, because I seems to me,after all this P.C debate,that only a person who is utterly lonely,bitter,and I'll add INSECURE as hell would turn off her brain,go on automatic pilot and deliver such a black hearted line without any provocation.Either that or or an I.Q that has been rendered freeze-dried with unuse.

  • MAYA11/29/2002

    You really think that the reason the P.E staff puts our messages on the board is because we buy TONS of perfume from them?!?! If that's the case,Why did they put your post up?For the same reason? Or is it possible that P.E has decided to let EVERYONE have a voice,Anatolia, my sisters,myself,even YOU, Nicolette?...If speaking up is,in your not-so-humble opinion,making trouble,your life must be incredibly stressful:There are so many articulate,opinionated people out there!Have you considered a career in censorship? As far as us buying TONS of perfume from P.E,Geez, thanks for the upgrade,we had no idea we were so wealthy!Peace!

  • APHRAEL11/29/2002

    Hi again! If you want something REALLY warm,Dolce & Gabbana is a good one,with a slight soapy edge, and P.E just got Costume National, which is more on the spicy side and is a huge fave of my sister.

  • THE TRIPLETS11/29/2002

    Lola,Maya and Aphrael aren't in-laws but a set of triplets.The reason why we assumed that the author of a post that was so mean toward the older crowd was lonely and bitter is because it seemed to us that no one with a truly satisfying and fullfilling personal life would feel the need to get that mean.If there was an error,there, it was,as they say, purely human.And again,none of us 3 ever considered to speak up against Anatolia for her dislike of the fragrance itself,God knows we here have encountered many scents that made us want to scream,barf and run (not necessarily in that order), and,Challenger,as you obviously know,Angel is one of them.As far as sharing our lives with all of you,well, you are wrong:you are only reading what we are willing to share,and that,I'm afraid,is only a tiny bit.But perfume is indeed a huge part of us, it is a true passion and all 3 of us have had countless experiences, positive and negative,always educational,connected to scents. This being a sight where people share their experiences and opinions with perfumes,we did not realize that being articulate about the subject was going to irritate your delicate sensitivities.May we suggest a great big whif of your top favorite fragrance,a total body massage,a glass of Champagne and a long,slow,envelopping hug with all the trimmings from your very special someone to soothe and rejuvenate you?Life really IS the bomb,sweet cheeks,ain't it?Take it easy.

  • LEAH11/28/2002

    Thank you for your suggestions. I really don't like this particular perfume, but I would like to try something warm and sexy. Very nice of you to offer some ideas. I will try, thanks.

  • CHALLENGER11/27/2002

    A quote from your sister-in law Lola.... But my sisters and I are all VERY opinionated on the subject of fragrance,(whether we like the scent or not) and it seems we have ruffled a lot of feathers...That's o.k, others have rattled the hell out of us,too,it's only human,there's no harm done!(I agree) Aphrael assumes that because someone says a perfume smells like old-lady perfume, that they are automatically lonely, bitter, and have no one in their life to share "perfume memories". You ladies know perfume, stick to judging that and not someone's personal life-- even though you seem it necessary to share yours with all of us.

  • LOLA'S HUSBAND11/27/2002

    Don't wear Ysatis if you don't like it...Tell us how you think it sucks, as graphically as you want,but can you please find it in your heart to refrain from insulting the "old ladies"? They're much to busy enjoying life to be a threat to you,Anatolia,really. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  • APHRAEL'S HUSBAND11/27/2002

    ...I challenge anyone who has taken an interest in the Ysatis controversy to go back,read every post that my wife and her sisters have written in response to Anatolia and expose,word for word,anything that berates Anatolia FOR HER DISLIKE OF YSATIS ALONE.You will not find any such words,plain and simple.Believe me,I know first rate how intense those 3 can be,we all share a mammoth house with our respective spouses and children. And I know all of them well enough to know that they would never lower themselves to attacking someone based on something as basic as a simple difference of opinion.But all 3 of them are die hard liberals who get hives anytime they see a gratuitous,baseless and cheap attack on a specific group of people just because these people dare to enjoy a product that someone else does not.They never spoke against Anatolia's distaste for Ysatis,but all roared in unisson at the absurdly moronic pooh-poohing of mature ladies.Just go ahead and read the messages...Then try to prove me wrong.Good luck!


    DOES ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW HOW TO READ?!?! The "primadonna sisters" (give me a break...) NEVER objected to Anatolia's dislike of this perfume,goddamn it!!!All 3 of them have said more than once that it was the crap about older ladies,they objected to! LEARN TO READ before you attack someone's post without understanding it!

  • LOLA11/27/2002

    ...Yawn...No,it's not that we cannot stand anyone having a different opinion and decide to "gang up on the offender",it's just that everyone has the right to not only speak up, but also to disagree and counter. My sisters and I usually agree on fragrances,because we are a set of triplets and have identical chemistry.(Although at times we do differ,read on Must de Cartier...) And each of us has had our fair share of experiences with scents that were great on others but dreadful on us.The objection came from the deregatory,negative tone used with the mention of "married women over 50"...Which is a group of people like any other,which was being belittled and demeaned for enjoying a fragrance that Anatolia, who is "single,young,attractive,not to mention modest" (her own words) did not like.If anyone went on the offensive because of a difference of opinion,it was her,not us.We only called her B.S line about the more mature crowd.Also-Would you care to try a little experiment? Read Anatolia's post again,only this time, replace the words "married women over 50" or "old ladies" with the words "gays and lesbians" or "black people" or "jews" or any other classified group of people.It would be offensive as hell,totally unacceptable,rude,ignorant,crass, and likely,the tital wave of outraged emails would have caused the P.E site to crash more than once. But "all" Anatolia did was to step a bit on older women,so "what's the big deal,why the onslaught?" This double standard makes me want to puke.

  • CONFUSED 211/25/2002

    Do you realize how many perfume comment entries I have read that referred to the perfume as old and for old women?? Yet, the other commenters took it for what it was and figured hey, the person doesn't like it and simply refuted by saying "No, it's not for old woman!" You 've got it wrong!!. Do you realize how many people have said that about Shalimar and I love it? Taking cheap shots at a woman about her personal life because she made a comment you didn't like about a perfume is a little too obsessed, don't you think?

  • NICOLETTE11/24/2002

    I like this perfume. I don't like what's happening on this board though. There is no great mystery to this. Aphrael, Maya, Lola are all sisters. None of them can stand anyone having an opinion different than them on perfume,so they gang up on anyone who feels differently. Thanks LOADS Perfume Emporium. I hope these people buy TONS of perfume from you, otherwise they are not worth the trouble they cause. 5 Stars for this excellent perfume.-5 Stars for the Primma Donna sisters.

  • APHAEL11/24/2002

    I've heard similar views on Ysatis from other people,as much as I love it,it is very full bodied,and admittedly,not for everyone.Have you tried Jil Sander #4,Davidoff Good Life,or the original Boucheron? They are all floral orientals,but not nearly as densely packed as this one.

  • MAXINE11/23/2002

    First, I hate this perfume and I am in my 40's and divorced. It does not mix well with my body chemicals. Second, I'm not sure why eveyone decided to beat up on this Anatolia person. I wasn't thrilled with her remarks, but I think that the comments that followed bordered on the inane. This is just perfume, for God's sake. I am grateful to the people on this board-Lola and Confused who added notes of sanity to this board. I was nearly afraid to post for fear I would be tarred and feathered for not agreeing with everyone's opinion with this perfume. I decided that I have the right to post-Now don't attack me because I don't like this perfume. It smells absolutely wretched on me. I don't smell like a sex bomb, more like a stink bomb ;) Just my opinion.

  • LOLA11/22/2002

    I think that no one on this site would have complained about Anatolia's aversion to Ysatis,if she had omitted the "old lady" line.It's perfectly normal for people to have differences of opinions,especially with a subject as personal as perfume.But the destructively critical stuff that singles out a specific group of people is first of all,way off target,(as "confused" said,this is a site about perfume), and secondly is insulting to some persons whose only crime is to like a fragrance that doesn't have the Anatolia seal of approval!Personally I think that anyone on this site should be allowed to voice any opinions that they have in any way that they choose,but when some words are perceived as offensive by some,then their answers should be respected and allowed on the board, too.I believe that's exactly what P.E is doing,letting everyone have a voice on this,and that's the way it should be. At this very hour,all over the world,there are people being jailed and persecuted for having dared to speak their minds.We live in a society where,although some conservative nutcases are always trying to censor something,we basically have the constitutional right to open our big mouths and say whatever we like.So yes, although I fully respect the fact that Ysatis makes Anatolia want to vomit,I also think that her line on "married women over 50 " and "old ladies" was plain mean and stupid, yet it is her right to feel this way,it is even her right to post it here if she wishes to,as it is OUR right to get all worked up about it and answer. And by the way,if the negative comments had targetted an ethnic or religious group,there would have been a lot more people jumping on Anatolia's case.Yet,as incredible as it may seem,older gals are fully functional human beings who do get rattled when we feel offended and have the back bone to speak up and fight back. On the flip side of the coin,I think it's really cool that something as deliciously frivolous as perfume can get people roaring this way!Much love to everyone!(EVEN Anatolia and Confused!)

  • MAYA11/22/2002

    When I first responded to Anatolia's post,my exact words were:"I respect and understand your dislike of Ysatis." What I objected to was the critical,deregatory tone of Anatolia's words toward us older, married women. Tell us you think Ysatis stinks enough to wake the dead,that it should be marketed as bug spray,that you've seen public toilets that smell better,tell us that the scent of Ysatis conjures up images of the kind of woman you never want to become,that this is one fragrance the F.D.A should have outlawed because even mustard gas can't possibly stink that bad,that you can't understand,for the life of you,why anyone would want to smell like that,hey,it does take all kinds to make up this world,we are all different in many,many ways and that's cool. But if you choose to sneer at mature,and (GASP!!!), married women,you need to grasp the fact that there are an awful lot of us who make up part of the P.E clientele,and that upon reading your message,at least some of us will react and speak up.Then again, fragrance is an incredibly emotional and sensitive subject,for most people,and that's why the reactions can be so outrageous.It is possible that in the past,Anatolia had to put up with an incredibly mean hearted old bitch who reeked of Ysatis,and anyone would understand ,then,the nature of her reaction.So,to answer Confused's message,if anyone got off subject in their message,it was Anatolia when she set the tone against the older crowd,all we did was respond and let her know what we think.Don't dish it out if you can't take it in!

  • LEAH11/22/2002

    I really don't care about all this big talk about sex appeal, good taste, class, age,etc. I think this is a really bad smelling perfume. It is way too musty and musky. It smells sour, sweaty and thoroughly unappealing to me.

  • APHRAEL11/21/2002

    You are,indeed,very confused... No one was attacking Anatolia for her strong opinions on the fragrance,but apparently quite a few objected to her trash-talking about more mature,older women. As far as my description of my hickey laden vacation,I mentionned it because it was closely entertwined with the aura that my choice of scent had on those 3 magical weeks; + as you so diligently pointed out,this is a site where people get to write their impressions and experiences with various fragrances.It is a deeply sensory and emotional subject for most people.Who cannot relate to a perfume,when catching a whif of it brings them right back to a specific moment of their life? This is why so many people write so many different things on this site,that is why the P.E site is so successful. So,Ms Confused,don't expect me to apologize for standing by my words, (I certainly wouldn't expect that of Anatolia either,if she had the balls to write her words,no doubt she has the balls to stand by them,too) , and don't expect me to stand to attention because "Colonel Confused " bellowed to "get back to perfume". Fragrance is an artful titillation of senses and feelings,it brings out a lot of whacky things in us humans,who happen to be the most beautifully imperfect creatures on the planet.You don't have to like it,of course,but I do wish for you to find yourself in the throws of a passionate,and(YES!!),hickey filled vacation with an incredibly special someone,because as the tone of your message shows,you really unquestionably need it. Big,loud, wet,Ysatis scented smooch to you, darling,LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S: Guys do not fall into my lap because of my perfume,I make sure of that because I am disgustingly happily married to the great love of my life.Peace!

  • CONFUSED11/20/2002

    I thought this was a discussin about perfumes? Why are you guys ganging up on Anatolia? So what, so she has a strong opinion about the scent. We all can't have men dropping at our feet(or sitting in our lap) no matter what scent we wear like Aphrael. I would rather read someones opinion about the scent than read about a hickey-laden honeymoon. Get over yourselves and lets get back to perfumes. I cannot wear Ysatis--it stinks on me!!! I don't like 3 dimensional scents--I like scents to breakdown.

  • APHRAEL,AGAIN11/10/2002

    I am very sorry that you've obviously never experienced the magic of Ysatis with someone special.It must be lonely and quite bitter .That is sad,and I understand your need to throw bunches of sour grapes at others.I don't think it's right,but who am I to judge? I have never been in your position,so I honestly don't know what it's like.If you could only open your mind,a little,and gently take your time. (There's no rushing these things!) Ysatis is a fragrance best described as a chypre-floral-animalic,with a definite oriental twist.Basically,it has everything.On some women,it evolves into 3 distinct movements, on others,it seems more linear,with no beginning nor end,just a fugue of notes that ressurface throughout the day,in no particular order.It is a very full-bodied fragrance that can be,like most,a real olfactory monstruosity if you overdo it.But when used sparingly,with a light hand,and correctly,Ysatis really is beautiful.If you are very young,and your hormones are exploding all over the place,it is then possible that the fragrance itself is just too much.Try to experiment with just the shower gel and lotion,possibly the powder.Perhaps this scent will choose to never accept your own chemistry,it does happen.But That doesn't mean the fragrance is a bad one,it just means it doesn't suit you.That's too bad,really,because I know I am not the only woman around who associates Ysatis with some incredible moments past.

  • SOMEONE11/10/2002

    Anatolia,I hate to break this to you, but if men have been turned off when you were wearing Ysatis,it's probably because something about you turned them off, I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with this perfume. I'm a guy,I'm reasonably normal and I love all kinds of women. And the only smell that turns me off is the smell of an unwashed and otherwise neglected body.Even a so called "cheap scent" can be great on the right person.(I believe you Ladies refer to this as "chemistry"). But there is one thing that never fails to send me into hiding: It's when a gal pretends to be so goddamn superior that she has to make fun of,and badmouth all those who like different things that she does.Maybe Ysatis is all wrong for you,but I've had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with women who at times wore it,a few even used it as their signature scent and the whole experience of inhaling the result of their essence mingling with the fragrance was always intensely pleasurable.And no,those Ladies were not at all the "married women over 50" that you mentionned in your message. (I'm no gigolo).They were beautiful,healthy, in the prime of life,single,available, willing,and a ton of fun.And you,my dear,certainly have a lot to learn. P.S:By the way,what would be crime if a mature,experienced, possibly married lady in her 50s or over had enough good taste and breeding to appreciate Ysatis? What a scary thought,there must be more than one!Better run for cover...

  • LOLA11/10/2002

    Hi! I really loved your description of Ysatis.You're right about the "golden october" thing,but for me,it only marks the beginning of the Ysatis season. I just read all the posts about this scent,and I can really feel the kinship between all those who have had the luck to understand Ysatis and bond with it. Aimee's boyfriend said it reminds him of a warm burgundy:so true,Ysatis is more like a rich,strong,full bodied red wine,to be enjoyed with spicy food and a huge bonfire!As for the comments depicting this fragrance as "fit only for old ladies" and the likes,well,I can't exactly feel insulted by such language,because if Ysatis really does smell like old age,then aging must be the same for women as it is for wine (I'm refering to the Burgundy thing,here):It gets better as the years go by! So let's put in our dentures and chomp on some roasted chestnuts,if senility hasn't totally moldied our brains away,we will not get confused ,wear the Yogi tea and drink the Ysatis! (I know I'm goofing like mad,here,but Anatolia's post had me laugh so hard I can hardly type straight!)Peace!

  • APHRAEL11/10/2002

    No,my love,I will not do anything of the sort.As a matter of fact,I think it's a good thing,that you loose your marbles at the sight/scent of a gorgeous lady who finds herself on your path.It tells me that your male instincts are in good working order, and I have a wonderful time enjoying the effects it has on you! Plus,if you only knew how much fun it is for us women,to know exactly what will get you men all hot and bothered,since we are the ones with the power to control it!...I mean that in the nicest possible way,of course...As for Ysatis,do you remember our summer vacation? It was the only fragrance I'd packed with me,and I wore it exclusively for 3 weeks,every night after the beach.And you could not stop yourself from sniffing me like a hunting dog (I still mean that in the nicest way,of course),I walked around in a bikini,covered with,(no lie),HICKEYS,thanks to you and your total inability to control yourself,and I believe we enjoyed some of the loveliest nights since our honeymoon some 17 years ago...But what I thought was the sweetest sight to behold happened after we came back: You were helping me to unpack,picked up a shirt from my bag and buried your face in it:You could not stop smelling it! And now,everytime I wear Ysatis,I can see you relax and take deep breaths in when I'm around,and I have learned to plan our evenings together accordingly...I also know that , should you happen to detect Ysatis on another lady,the only effect it will have is to cause you to drop everything and run home... to me.Ysatis,for old married women? Well,isn't it nice to know that us,old married women are getting not just some,but plenty?YEEEEHAAAAH!!!!!!

  • APHRAEL'S HUSBAND11/04/2002

    Just read your post.WONDERFUL!! And make sure you never go anywhere near a Bottle of Ysatis, so there will be more left for all the beautiful,classy,tasteful,sexy, fun loving,humorous,FAAAAABULOUS ladies out there who know a top fragrance when they smell it.So that us lucky guys can catch a whif, take a second look,dream and fantasize while smiling like idiots at the heavens...(Oh,Jesus,Aphrael is going to strangle me...)

  • MAYA11/04/2002

    I undestand and respect your dislike for Ysatis.I wonder,however, why it is,that if you don't like a scent,it becomes something fit "only for married women over 50". Your aversion seems to be more connected to marriage and aging, than to the fragrance itself...And that's a real problem,then,because you can stay away from the perfume,and you can certainly choose to never marry,but how on earth are you going to avoid getting old? Do you plan to pull a James Dean,or something dumb like that? I am a 37 year old "crone" with 3 devastatingly cool teenage kids and the sexiest husband on the planet.I still get carded in bars and liquor stores.I swim 5 miles a day and hold a black belt in kung fu. And Oh! Horrors of horrors,I also happen to use Ysatis fairly often . So far,no one has hired a hit man to deal with me and my olfactory public menace.People usually come closer to inhale deeper and then beg me to tell them what I am wearing and where to get it.My 21 year old Goddaughter wears Ysatis on occasion,and it smells beautiful on her.This masterpiece creation is obviously rejecting your chemistry.It's a pity,you are missing out.Be well,little sweetheart,you need it.

  • ANATOLIA11/01/2002

    Being young, attractive, and single (i forgot to mention "modest"...), this perfume does NOT appeal to me. It smells like "old lady perfume" and actually turns men off. I wore it one day because it came in a gift set but scrubbed it off after asking myself "what's that horrid smell?" all day and realising that it was ME. Please don't buy this, for the sake of your loved ones.

  • SYLVIA10/13/2002

    ...fragrances that smell more or less the same from beginning to end. This perfume doesn't change on the skin, does not go through various stages as most do. It just fades away - slowly. I love it.

  • NINA10/13/2002

    I have known and loved Ysatis for some years now. Some fragrances have a seasona aspect, and for me, Ysatis is perfect right now, Golden October. leaves are turning, set off bright against the blue sky by a sun that is still strong, but the nights are chilly and in the morning you can already smell the coming winter... Ysatis is spicy with a touch of smoke, like roasted chestnuts and Yogi Tea, but at the same time it is a very elegant fragrance, seductive, feminine, classic.

  • APHRAEL10/01/2002

    Heady,heady,heady...And warm,full- bodied,like 2010Woman said,it is a masterpiece.The sweetness in this blend is just right.A little goes a long way,so use sparingly.A small tip for those of you out there who like experimenting:At night,take a shower using the Ysatis shower gel, then use the body cream and nothing else.Then go to bed.The next day,when you wake up,smell the scent left on your bedsheets.It will make you want to stay in bed all day!(so you probably should try that on a week-end,preferably not alone!)

  • ERIN09/05/2002

    I like Ysatis over Amarige. This one is wonderful and pretty strong. I smelled the perfume, not the spray. A wonderful scent. A little on the more expensive side but definitely worth it. I am planning to invest in a large bottle soon!

  • SN08/23/2002

    I first smelled Ysatis when I was 12 and my best friends mother wore it. I immediately fell in love. It's a warm, floral oriental scent--very classic.

  • 2010WOMAN08/22/2002

    I think this scent is a masterpiece. When I was younger this was my signature scent. I was so addicted to it. I would spray it all over my bed sheets. Now that I'm older I prefer more spicy fragrances. But I can still appreciate the beauty of this floral scent. I really don't think Givenchy has ever come close to making a scent as wonderful as this one.

  • RITA C07/12/2002

    Very lovely, feminine, sexy and seductive. It's floral yet warm.

  • STEPHANIE07/04/2002

    If you haven't tried Organza Indecence, also by Givenchy, I'd recommend it. It's not one of my favorites, but it's quite the trip!

  • LOLA06/20/2002

    always loved it,always does have a mind of it's own,though,it is extremely volatile:what some people may detect as sugary sweet will become round and full-bodied on others.

  • JAKQUA05/16/2002

    You go girl!!! I had to give you a shout because we are on the same perfume wave~~~~~~~I like this scent for the same reasons you described and I also wear Paloma Picasso, it has been my favorite standby for almost five years. Although I have not tried KL, but I will...any more suggestions????

  • STEPHANIE04/14/2002

    Not a t-shirt and jeans type of fragrance. One of my top five of all time.

  • EVONE03/26/2002

    I wore this fragrance years ago when it first came out. I turned my mom on to it, and now it is practically her signature scent. Nowadays, I feel that it is more suitable to a more classic and refined woman. However, it is still a nice scent for all.

  • ASCHATAN03/05/2002

    This is about as heavy as I can get. I love Ysatis, for me it's my perfume for going out and feeling sexy and feminine. It's a mature fragrance, not for very young women, I think. Not old, but mature, someone who knows what she wants.

  • MARIA D.S.02/26/2002

    Timeless... for women who are ageless, regardless of their age...

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    never cared for this fragrance.

  • JULIET02/10/2002

    eeh - sah- tea

  • STEPHANIE02/08/2002

    The word "Ysatis" is just a computer amalgamation of the words Yseult and Isis.

  • PAULINE02/05/2002

    One of my favorite.Smells good too!!

  • STEPHANIE01/25/2002

    I absolutely love Ysatis, it stands in a class of its own! It's an oriental/woodsy scent with just enough floral so that it's not too powdery and just enough spice so that it's not pungent. Ysatis ingredients are mandarin, oakmoss, rose, iris, vanilla, clove & amber. I'm always attracted to fragrances that include clove (as in Opium!) because it's such a lasting scent and most of the florals that I love fade off on me very quickly (must be that dry upper-midwestern skin). Very few fragrances seem to last on me, but this one, along with Paloma Picasso, KL and a few others, never disappoint me. It just seems like an overall high-quality, untacky, very classy fragrance. One of my top five for sure.

  • SUSAN01/18/2002

    Extemely strong

  • LINA K.12/29/2001

    Ysatis is a scent that does not "open" for me. Maybe it is too oriental. Too spicy. I prefer more floral, soft and powdery scents. I heard that Princess Alexandra of Denmark likes this fragrance. I guess it is understandable - oriental for oriental.. :) But for me, nice, soft and romantic scents with sweetness and sophistication!

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    My comment: Exotic flowers and bath beads...Boyfriend's comment: Warm floral burgundy.

  • MARIAM12/06/2001

    What does "ysatis" mean?

  • HARRIET11/30/2001

    I agree with Debbie. Fantastic fragrance.

  • DEBBIE11/27/2001

    This Parfum is "FIRST CLASS" ! Delicate,Sexy and Very Classy. People will take notice !

  • KARINA11/17/2001

    Oh wow! Somehow I'd forgotten how much I love this one- I used to wear it several years ago, and then just never bought another bottle when it ran out- but I think I will be! Reading all the comments reminded me how sexy and alluring this fragrance is. Like incense and exotic flowers, it's Oriental but not as spicy as some others- more floral notes. Absolutely beautiful! Also, I always wondered if the name means something or if it's just a made up word-either way, I think it's a really cool name, too!

  • TONYA09/20/2001


  • JOLENE07/29/2001

    Ysatis smells so good! It's an animalic-chypre type of floral fragrance. It's a warm, sexy scent. Most men I know love it. I love the great Art-Deco inspired glass flacon that it comes in too!

  • AMY07/23/2001

    Tried this scent, didn't like it. I think it smells musky and cheap. I smell it on people now and the overpowering smell about makes me gag. It is very strong.

  • BETH07/22/2001

    Ysatis is a classy, refined fragrance. It contains: mandarins, oakmoss, roses, irises, vanilla, cloves, and amber.

  • PAUL07/14/2001

    This scent say all woman! Very classy!

  • RUBY07/07/2001

    quite strong and sweet and spicy

  • BARBARA-ANNE CLARK07/03/2001

    This is the best fragrance in the world. It speaks of wealth,class,elegence,sensualityand most of all A LADY.I loveit.

  • YSATIS05/25/2001

    This is my favorite perfume by Givenchy, although a lot of them smell great. It's a wonderful sweet-smelling, very luxurious fragrance. I definitely recommend it.

  • ELISHA05/15/2001

    Thanks thats what I thought

  • CHRISTIE05/12/2001


  • ELISHA05/07/2001

    I love this perfume. It is very warm and sweet smelling. It last also. Its great but how do you pronounce the name?

  • NATALIA11/04/2000

    EDT means Eau de toilette

  • SUSAN W NEWHOUSE11/02/2000

    Is this the real thing? I do not want a designer deal. This is for a Christmas gift for my daughter. EDP is what?

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