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Eternity Purple Orchid Calvin Klein Image

Calvin Klein

Eternity Purple Orchid   

46 Reviews

A limited edition fragrance that highlights the soft, luxurious florals of the Eternity signature scent. Eternity Purple Orchid captures the spirit of lasting passion, a love in full bloom. Notes include Waterlily, Dewey Green, Italian Mandarin, Purple Vanilla Orchid, Purple Plum, Freesia, White Peach, Rose, Tonka Bean, Indian Sandalwood, more

3.4 oz EDP Spray (Relaunch By Coty)
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A limited edition fragrance that highlights the soft, luxurious florals of the Eternity signature scent. Eternity Purple Orchid captures the spirit of lasting passion, a love in full bloom. Notes include Waterlily, Dewey Green, Italian Mandarin, Purple Vanilla Orchid, Purple Plum, Freesia, White Peach, Rose, Tonka Bean, Indian Sandalwood, Heliotrope.

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  • BELINDA 11/15/2015


  • MELODY12/24/2012

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  • JACKIE12/30/2011

    This is the only perfume I care to wear. Why discontinue something in such demand? Bring it back please and thanks.

  • ALISON04/25/2011

    when is this going to be available? I love the smell! last year when I went to florida, went all over to try to buy it no shop had it, we went to a market, not holding any hope when I asked at a stall do you have eternity purple orchid she said yes I bought it there and then but it was the only bottle she had left so I'm trawling the net again to find it, please calvin klein bring it back I have a few of the eternity range but nothing is as good as purple orchid

  • LYDIA02/22/2011

    why are they not bringing this back..??? it is the best ...!!!

  • DAWN02/10/2011

    I miss You! Purple Orchid!!

  • ESTHER BLOW02/10/2011

    Please bring this perfume back!!!!!!!! I just love it!!

  • TERRIE 01/13/2011

    The only perfum I can Weaar and not get a Headache

  • ALEXUS12/20/2010

    I'm only 9 and all I know is that I really wanna get this for my mom's Christmas present so please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DANIELLE11/13/2010

    Please bring this perfume back!

  • MS T10/26/2010

    Pls bring this perfume back Calvin Klein. Ms T, Norway

  • DALLAS DOTSON08/20/2010

    love this fragrance " calvin klein please bring it back or another company please manufacture it

  • SUSAN06/27/2010

    please please please bring it back noting compares

  • SHARON05/25/2010

    I love this scent so much I wish they would bring it back!

  • OLIVIA05/02/2010

    I love this product the best calvin klein has ever made please bring it back

  • MICHELLE02/16/2010

    I have been wearing it since they brought it out on to the floors!! i am having a very hart time finding it since the discontinued it!! and i cant find something else that even come close to the sent of this!!! i had soooo many compliments on it and even had a stranger ask to but the bottle off me at a football game!! he said that he wanted to remenber the smell forever!! i had a ltlle bottle that i carried with me and sprayed his jersey!!! it was a moment i will never for get!!! i hope that another perfume line will remake it!! I love it and will have a hard time replacing it

  • ESTHER11/19/2009

    Beautiful smell. Love it!!

  • NANETTE08/04/2009

    Calvin Klein had to be nuts to replace this fragrance w comparison..Calvin, this is your best yet..too bad you didn't market it well...can't even find a fragrance out there that even comes close to this perfection!!

  • BARBARA W08/03/2008

    It's better than the original, but still too much of a good thing. Very artificial smelling. Most of CK's fragrances give me a raging headache, and this is no exception.

  • BARBARA W03/01/2008

    Saw a small (.5 oz) bottle of this for five dollars in a clearance bin a few months ago, so I bought it thinking I'd give it to a colleague as a Christmas gift (she loves original Eternity). I can't wear any CK fragrances except Obsession - I don't like them and they all give me headaches. I put the bottle in a drawer and forgot about it, then stumbled upon it the other day and decided to try it. I was surprised to find it was actually pleasant, and didn't give me a headache. It's a fresh sort of fragrance, and not my style, but I wouldn't mind wearing this when I'm in the mood for something different. It reminds me a *little* of Turquoise by Ralph Lauren, but Turquoise is much better.

  • KALINA06/06/2007

    this has got to be one of the best from calvin klein..the orginal smells really good in the bottle but on my skin it just doesnt do me any justice..o think i will stock up on this one before its discontinued with the rest of the greatest perfumes that have been discontinued.

  • ANTONY10/05/2006

    I love this fragrance a powdery spirited fragrence perfect for colder weather like imagine you and mr. right holding each other til eternity he can't let you go!

  • TB07/15/2006

    Whoa...definitely not for me. I ran out & purchased this fragrance based on all of the great reviews on this site. I am starting to find that everyone's sniffer is aparently quite different. What smells great to one person, smells horrible to another. Sorry, but to me, this fragrance smells like Raid.

  • M07/11/2006

    This is one of those that I always go back to. It smells rich and floral, but not in an artificial way - more like smelling a rare freshly cut flower; that green leafy smell is there too. It's a bit dark and sensual. I like to wear something different every day, but when I wear this one, I enjoy it so much that I usually end up using it for weeks before I convince myself I need a change. Of all my perfumes, this one hands-down gets the most compliments. The best part is most of them come from men, who just can't get enough. "It's driving me crazy, how good you smell" they say. It really turns heads. This is definitely one of my top 5.

  • MELISSA08/11/2005

    I've been using this perfume for about 2 years and always get complements. I've actually had some people ask me to write the name down.

  • MAYA08/02/2005

    I went through a bottle of it... I really liked it at first, but I don't think I would get it again. It's a nice enough fragrance but not unlike many others. I go through my bottles fast and yet this one seemed to live longer in the shelf then many. Certain ones I know I would get again and again, but this one does not do that for me. It's a fragrance I wore and enjoyed, but can totally live without...

  • BRITTNEY04/01/2005

    i've been using eternity purple orchid for about a year now and i never get sick of it. It is my favorite perfume i've ever owned!

  • LILMSE01/30/2005

    I adore Eternity Moment - but Purple Orchid is average at best. Nothing special or unique.

  • KRISTIN M.01/24/2005

    I had a sample of this and was disappointed. I like the name and the purple bottle but the fragrance I found boring. However, I found the excitement I was looking for in Eternity Moment...that on is awesome!

  • HANNAH12/24/2004

    Wow , This perfume is wonderful. My husband bought this for Christmas and I can't stop smelling myself.

  • SHARRIE12/16/2004

    like being wrapped in purple silk, pretty in purple, calvin creates the beautiful ones

  • SHARRIE12/13/2004

    purple orchid the passion royal des fleurs, wear it and dream be in a purple daze, wonderful

  • SHANNON11/22/2004

    Love this one. Am not normally a fan of CK fragrances, but this one is soft and airy. I can catch a whiff of the original Eternity somewhere in the topnotes, but that disappears quickly and leaves behind a soft fresh floral with a bit of depth. Not too cloying - just right. The sleek purple bottle is great. Too bad it's only a limited edition : (

  • JT11/07/2004

    Ok, I have smelled it again and have a sample now... and admitedly, this time it is much better than the nice soap smell I reported smelling before. It actually gets 4 stars now. I am getting to like it more as now I can smell all the different notes... the sandalwood - wow, this is great in it and it needs it, the sandalwood really gives it an edge, gives depth and makes it more unique. It is also fresh and clean smelling and is not overly floral which I thought before. I think what happened before, is that when I was at the store smelling too many perfumes, I couldn't get an accurate account of what this really smells like. Contrary to some other posts, it really is not too strong and is easily overpowered by other smells in the perfume department. Now that I am smelling it with a "clear" nose, and can detect all the notes, I can really see that it is a nice and unique scent. Who knows... I think I'll probably even buy it!!

  • JT10/15/2004

    It is not terrible, but just so-so to average. Kind of smells like nice soap. Nothing special enough to buy.

  • ROXANE09/16/2004

    Yes, it's true, or so it seems! I used regular Eternity for so long and I've used almost every Eternity product! It's become one of my TradeMarks! I was cautious when I first saw Purple Orchid but it didn't stop me from checking out the tester. Ummm, so glad that I did! It fits me purrrrfectly! I never knew guys could be so nice!

  • JACINTA05/22/2004

    Like the original but this one is fabulous!!! Not too strong. Out of the 14 scents that I own. This one is definately in the top 3 if not the best!!! I hope to stock up on this one before they discontinue it. A+++++++++

  • ADRI04/11/2004

    but I am begining to like it, I find that if I spray it away from the face or use the lotion instead of the EDP, it smells much nicer. I am begining to like it more, since my last review

  • ADRI03/14/2004

    I like the smell of it, but it just doesn't go with my personality. I do not like it on me, yet I love it on other people and I often use my bottle as room spray. A bit too strong for my taste. The lotion is more wearable than the edp. I would recomend it for evening wear, my boyfriend seems to love it though, then again I got it as a present from him.

  • ELLIE03/06/2004

    back in a day in a class, my teacher asked if anyone got chlorox on this morning and it was me with ck1. this perfume smells like soap which is nice and fresh. i like the bottle and the color and want to have it. nothing floral, just fresh.

  • DIANE01/18/2004

    A very clean, fresh smell with a hint of musk. Expect lots of compliments when you wear this one!

  • CHRISSY11/24/2003

    I'm sorry to say that this was very disappointing to me. The original is a nicer scent than this. This is too strong.

  • ELAINE11/18/2003

    Wonderful, feminine scent a must have!

  • DINI10/11/2003

    I wish this weren't a limited edition. Just delicious! Try spraying over their lotion or an unscented one to make it last longer.

  • CLAIRE09/29/2003

    Such a lovely scent! Unfortunately, it doesn't last very long (unless you layer....)

  • JANELLE09/07/2003

    Reflects Romance and Love - A beautiful scent !!

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