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Chant D'Aromes Guerlain Image


Chant D'Aromes   

9 Reviews

3.4 oz EDT Spray
SKU 7247
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  • MICHAELANN 12/10/2011

    fragrance still beautiful

  • PAT FAIRCHILD01/05/2011

    I wore Chant d'Aromes in the early 70s when I was a student. Two men on two different occasions told me it tasted good. It does. The scent is very subtle.

  • JR02/11/2008

    Chant D'Aromes was created as a young woman's first fragrance -- a fresh floral chypre. Unlike other reviewers, I don't get powder with this; just flowers, spice, moss. It is compellingly beautiful all through the drydown and suitable for a woman of any age.

  • MOONDEVA07/29/2006

    I am a true Guerlain lover but I think this is a beauty anyone can enjoy. I have the EDT in this but have added the parfum (very rare) to my eternal wishlist. Chant d’Aromes is a smooth, subtle moss velvet fruity chypre, a classic chypre which is best worn in warmer temperatures. It was inspired by the amazing Ma Griffe (Carven) and the two do share similarities. However, Chant d'Aromes was designed to be worn in and recall hot tropical places, and does have a subtle fruitiness which smoothes and mellows the more high pitched florals and greens which dominate in Ma Griffe. It should be noted that Chant d'Aromes is closer in scent to vintage Ma Griffe, not the harsh aldehydic soup which is the modern formulation - Chant d'Aromes is so much more refined subtle and haunting. I shall have to reserve Chant d'Aromes for hot summer days as it is so delicate and translucent but luckily this is when it shines best. Be careful if you get this in autumn / winter as it can tend to 'disappear' - pack it away lovingly and do not try again until at least mid summer. Along side Parure, Mitsouko, and Choc by Pierre Cardin - Chant d'Aromes is another gem for my collection.

  • MARY05/12/2006

    I've found that Chant d'Aromes smells wonderful when combined with Coeur de Vahine by Comptoir Sud Pacifique.

  • MARYL05/12/2006

    I just saw the great description you posted for Chant d'Aromes in 2004. This "thank you" is long overdue...sorry!

  • ELISHA 10/28/2005

    I've been wearing Chant D'Aromes since my senior year in high school, 1966. It's Guerlain's most underrated fragrance and is very powdery, French, and ladylike. Someone below compared it to Estee Lauder's Azuree but I don't see any resemblance. Azuree is extremely herbal and there's nothing herbal about this perfume. And Gres' Cabochard? Even less like that! Yuk! Cabochard smells just like the men's cologne 'Aramis'! Never liked that one! Chant D'Aromes is in a class all its own and I can't think of any other perfume that smells like it. Perhaps if you picture 'Heaven Sent', only smelling twenty times richer, classier, and more expensive.

  • MARY L09/17/2004

    I bought a bottle of this, and I like the way it smells when I put it on. However, it is a very light scent and doesn't linger on my skin long enough to change in any way. All I get are faint top notes - too sad.

  • SYLVIE06/17/2004

    Hi Mary L., I found this description for you: Chant d'Aromes (Women) : 1962 Guerlain France. Olfactive description: Fresh Fruity Aldehydic Floral CHYPRE(!). Head notes: Mandarin, bergamot, honeysuckle. Heart notes: Gardenia, jasmine, ylang-ylang. Base notes: Sandalwood, oak moss, vanilla. Dry-down: Balsamic, mossy. - Refined, fresh and charming = (whatever that means...). For me *Chant d'Aromes* smells not so feminine and unique like other (more popular!) Guerlain perfumes. I miss my beloved "Guerlain-sweetness" in Chant d'Aromes. It's elegant and sophisticated. Chant d'Aromes smells mossy + leathery. For me it's similar to Azuree by Estee Lauder, Bandit/Piguet, Cabochard/Grès, Miss Balmain, and Givenchy III. Greeting from Germany.

  • MARY L.06/15/2004

    Can either of you tell me the notes that Chant D Aromes has? Does it smell similar to any other scent?

  • ATN07/08/2002

    I love guerlain especially Mitsouko and L'heure Bleue..but when the temperature hits the ninties I reach for this...wonderful, unique, highest-quality and could never be called an old-lady's or laundry detergent smell.

  • CAL04/30/2002

    I can't believe I finally found this...I used it years ago and have been unable to find it here in the South. I had the perfume, but guess I will have to try the EDT, since that's all they offer...will let you know how it is after I get and try it...

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