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Charles of the Ritz Charles of the Ritz Image

Charles of the Ritz

Charles of the Ritz   

134 Reviews

Gift Set - 1.0 oz Rejuvinating Moisture Cream Cleanser + 0.4 oz Renewal Serum
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$22.00 $10.99
0.5 oz EDT Splash (Unboxed)
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$35.00 $18.99
3.8 oz EDT Spray
SKU 7243
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  • MRS. NIDYA R. HERNANDEZ01/27/2013

    Please bring back the original perfume. Most of the perfumes selling now smell the same and don't last like C of the R. This is a wonderful and very femine perfume and I still have the burgandy & silver bottle with some perfume. I have tried to save it since the late 1980's. Nothing out there compares with old classics. Bring them back.

  • GLADYS MUÑOZ11/12/2012

    I also love Charles of the Ritz,I used to wear it at all times,I will love to know where to find it.bring me good memories

  • BARBARA08/24/2012

    Why was this beautiful fragrance stopped being made? I used to wear it all the time in the 1970s-1980s. Never wore any other fragrance. Always got compliments on it. Please, please - it is time for it to be reintroduced and advertised to the public and sold at the major department stores.

  • LINDA06/27/2012

    Please please please bring this exquisite perfume back that I have adored for years!!

  • HELEN L06/09/2012

    Love this fragrance can't understand why it was discontinued. I know quite a number of ladies who would love to see this back on the market.

  • JUNE05/05/2012

    Love this fragrance- Please could it be re introduced. Too many nondescript fragrances out there at the expense of some true classics like Charles of the Ritz.

  • BETH10/22/2011

    I do not understand why a company does not get the ingredients for this smell and package it. Just reading all the 4 star reviews tells u it was a winner!,,

  • JULIE 05/22/2011

    please please tell me where i can buy some of this i love it soooo much i had some in my younger days smells so fresh.

  • BAY01/30/2011

    The fragrance comes in a glass bottle beautifully packaged in a satin lined white box with removable lid for display on vanity. Created by Jean Laporte, notes are-bergamot, Sicilian lemon, mandarine,& grapefruit, set against a floral backdrop of jasmine and ylang ylang.

  • MARY FROM BOSTON301/21/2011

    This scent was my signature !!!!No other perfume smells like this one..Why we cannot get it is crazy!!

  • TRINA KLESSIG11/28/2010

    Is there any possibility that Ritz Classic will be produced and sold again? I really like it and miss it.

  • MARY BEENS10/18/2010

    i would like to buy it in the original bottle maroon and silver if you have it pls contact me or if you know where i can buy it from please.thankyou

  • CHARLIE10/10/2010

    where can i fine it love it forever wore it in high school can't forget it

  • JENNI09/29/2010

    why is this not on the market anymore if there are this many people looking for it PUT IT BACK ON THE MARKET NOW!!! i love it, and i want it!!!

  • KELLY09/18/2010


  • CHATTAS08/20/2010

    I started wearing Ritz Classic back in the 70's. I miss it! If anybody know where or how I can get a bottle or can of this, I'd appreciate it.

  • CISSY GLASS08/10/2010

    I was given a can of Charles of the Ritz Perfume back in 1979 as I was on my way to basic training in Ft. Jackson, SC, I absolutely loved it and would love to have some more but can't afford it, why is it not affordable and available?

  • ANGELA 08/02/2010

    Does anyone know where i can buy the charles of the ritz in the burgandy or the silver can lease email me at Ty ever so much in advance. Angie.

  • CAROL08/02/2010

    I have worn Charles of the Ritz for 32 years and now cannot find it anywhere....I always got compliments on my scent..from everyone. My Godchild used to say she loved coming to my house because it smelled like me! Please bring this back!!!!!

  • JAYEJAE06/26/2010

    I believe that if this fragrance would be revived it would be a gold mine for the maker of it. I have worn it over 30 years and still have many bottles stock piled for future use. It is sad when a wonder thing goes away. Bring back Charles!

  • MARA10/13/2009

    I started using this in the 70's. It is a classic. Compliments galore from men when you wear this. This could be considered the ultimate male magnet. One of my favorite fragrances.

  • KIRAN01/22/2009

    I have been looking for this perfume for years does anyone know where I can get some, it reminds me of a very good time in my life and I just love it. if you do know where I can get it please email me at Thank you

  • ALICE C.09/16/2008

    I have worn this perfume and ONLY this perfume since 1973....that is for 35 years! I hate all other perfumes. Please don't discontinue this item!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SIMPLICITY608/28/2008

    i have a maroon cannister of charles of the ritz 100ml unused , i have just put it on ebay today . take a look at items under my username ( simplicity6 ).

  • FRANK HAMPTON05/06/2008

    I started buying this product for my wife in 1968 as a present for our wedding. I am very upset that the product isn't available. The last bottle was used up 2 years ago.

  • CINDY03/24/2008

    I remember sixteen years ago purchasing "Ritz" - a green, crisp, slightly woody floral. It was subtle with a slightly slightly sweet powder drydown. I tried the one in the maroon can called "Charles of the Ritz" and it was a heady oriental - totally different from the other, but nonetheless pleasing for that category. The only fragrance that I have found close to the first one I described is Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurant (also in a can) or perhaps the original Bill Blass.

  • JSTEPHENS02/24/2008

    Please bring the Charles of the Ritz back in the maroon container. I wore it for 10 years and it was gone without warning! So many of us love this fragrance. Help us, Revlon!


    I have been married for 20 years when i met him thats all i wore i was engaged to be married to another man my husband would smell me and want me right there well 20 years of great marriage we are celebrating hard i want to surprise him badly please help we need the burgandy spray bottle with silver neck it would be so cool pls help us yours truly sweet pea xoxox

  • LYNN01/03/2008

    I still have the silver spray can (w/maroon band around top) that I purchased in the 70s. It's nearly empty but the fragrance is still evident when I remove the cap. Nicest scent I've ever used... and I've used a lot!

  • LEE ANNE KOEHLER12/04/2007

    I too am desperately looking for the Charles of the Ritz spray in the maroon container. I wore it for years and got many compliments on it. Is there anywhere I can get it?

  • BETTY HARRIS11/13/2007

    I purchased a 2 oz. bottle of RitualEau De Parfume spray and want to know what it would go for. I have done so many searches and search engines and can't find this particular parfume

  • MARYBETH10/29/2007

    PLEASE, BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL CHARLES OF THE RITZ! It is, without a doubt, my all time favorite perfume. Does ANYONE know where we can get it? It was my signature scent for many years.

  • CRYSTAL KNIGHT09/25/2007

    My mom use to wear this fragrance alot in the 70s.As a little girl I loved it!!! I also wore it a while in the late 80s,but it was discontinued and I have not been able to find it.Also ,does anyone know if it still being made in the silver can?I LOVE IT IN THE SILVER CAN!!!

  • TBUZZ08/28/2007

    Charles of the Ritz perfume is a blend of rich florals of jasmine, rose, neroli, geranium, tuberose, gardenia and orange blossom. The drydown is a blend of delicate spices of camellia and coriander, woody accords of sandalwood and patchouli, enhanced with warm amber notes. Charles of the Ritz perfume was introduced in 1977.

  • SHARON08/25/2007

    Can anyone help..please??!!! I have a 3.8oz bottle,silver cap,frosted glass with heavier frosted leaves on it and curved across the front it says: Charles of the Ritz Orginal..It is an:Eau de Toilette Spray...and I have searched everywhere for this same matter when I wear it,I get a compliment!!! I have had this bottle for quite some time (only wear it on special occasions) but I am almost out...please

  • JUNE ETCHES08/19/2007

    Still searching as many are for the original silver can with lettering. It is very evocative for me and I would dearly love to purchase more. Please could I have assistance with the name (and place of purchase)of the product which is either the same and repackaged or its replacement please?

  • CHERYL THOMAS08/12/2007

    About 12 years ago I found both clear bottles with the silver flower imprint on the bottle in a highend retailer. I was told that onre of them replaced the original silver canister that I called the original Charles of Ritz. The other one replaced the one in the maroon cylinder container. One was in a peach colored box and the other one in a light green box. The original was soon sold out, I had only purchased one bottle and I bougfht the last 7 botttles in Atlanta, Ga in Macy's about 8 years ago. I did find one similiar to the original at a perfume outlet store 4 years ago. That scent is just not the same as the original. I have not been able to find either.

  • RHODA GONZALES08/08/2007

    I used the ORIGINAL Charles of the Ritz perfume in the silver cylinder container for years in the 70's. Where can I get more? I love this fragrance! I want more!!!!!

  • HOLLY07/18/2007

    I purchased Charles of the Ritz Classic on ebay recently and it smells identical to the Charles of the Ritz Original body lotion which I also got from ebay a while ago thinking it was the Charles of the Ritz scent I loved years ago. This bottle from Ebay has big leaves on the front and the name Ritz Classic in the middle of the leaves.I don't like this scent ,it is very heavy. I remember loving the Charles of Ritz years ago in the 70's ,it was light and pretty and the little pour 1/2 oz bottle said 'Ritz' in silver. Can anyone help me figure out which Ritz is which? What are the notes for the one named simply Ritz? Thanks.

  • CHERYL THOMAS07/03/2007

    I have searched all over for the perfume that I used for over 20 years in the wonderful silver shaped cylinder - perfume spay container. Please help me find it, I believe it was the Charles of the Ritz original . Thanks

  • MARYBETH11/25/2006


  • JUDITH07/31/2006

    Want product

  • DEE DEE05/24/2006

    I used to wear their cologne and perfumed body cream all the time. PLEASE get these products back.

  • BRENDA04/28/2006

    I wore this for 25 years. Why did you discontinue it? When I have found it , it is outrageously priced.

  • KATHY03/22/2006

    Why, Why, Why was this line discontinued?? The only cologne I've used for over 20 years. And I love it. Has Revlon lost their marbles??? Please bring it back!!!!!

  • JROWE03/10/2006


  • SAOIRSE03/10/2006


  • JROWE03/10/2006


  • GINGER12/22/2005

    You cant get the original silver can for Ritz by Charles of the ritz, as it was changed to "Classic Ritz" 10 years ago or more. Searches for Classic Ritz come up with a small bottle from $149 to $289 now that its discontinued.

  • KERRIE12/12/2005

    There are so many women out there who have proudly worn the Charles of the Ritz perfumes for so many years. Why does Revelon not bring it back??

  • THERESA11/19/2005

    I agree with Terri. Ritual is such a fragrance that once you have breathed in the aroma, you fall inlove with it is soft, sensual, sexy, alouring, passionate, smooth and very unforgetable, I wish it was back on the market. New perfumes have nothing on this if you want to be unforgotten

  • PAM10/16/2005

    I emailed Revlon a while ago about relaunching Charles of the Ritz in the silver can, and customer services said they had no intention of doing so, and I should try their range of 'Charlie'. I told them I already had and it was a pile of cheap, foul-smelling junk. I got no further reply...


    I am looking for the original ritz was packed in a silver can and packed in a burgandy box please inform me if you know where i may find some thanks

  • TTE09/30/2005

    Why with so many wanting this is Revlon not willing to produce the product for us?

  • STACIE TOLLE09/28/2005

    I looking for charles of the ritz maroon can too-does anyone know where I can get it?

  • LEELEE09/19/2005

    I've always loved Charles of The Ritz, but it's impossible to find it here in Bakersfield, Calif. I wish they would bring it back.

  • KATHLEEN08/24/2005

    It's nice to know I'm not the only one looking for the maroon spray can. I was beginning to think it was a figment of my imagination! Do they still make it, can I buy it?

  • PERFUME JUNKIE08/20/2005

    Well, after reading some recommendations here, I browsed the FF. Yes, they have CoR, all right, and they ask $110 ... for the dusting powder! Are they on drugs!?!?!?! Sorry, their prices are way too high for this poor, overtaxed Mainer. :( Thanks, Perfume Emporium.

  • THAD KEE08/19/2005


  • JENNI08/05/2005

    originally in a marron metal can with a silver top/bottom (perfect for the purse!!). Then came out in a light green box with a square transluscwent spray bottle. Same fragarance - but original packaging better. I still have 2 bottles and am searching for more! Any suggestions?

  • MINA07/24/2005

    This perfume/cologne brings out lots of great memories. I am desparately looking for them. It came in a silver/burgandy bottle

  • BETHANY07/17/2005

    I'm looking for the original ritz, that used to be packaged in a burgundy can. If you know how to find it, please let me know! thanks!

  • TTE07/09/2005

    Revlon what are you waiting for to bring this back?Everyone in the world seems to be looking for this.Everyone call Revlon Customer service1-800-473-8566 .Request it back and let you know they put in your under contact us.

  • KAREN07/01/2005

    I have worn nothing but Charles of the Ritz since it came out in 1977-I love it and strangers remark on its beautiful bouquet-why does this company not do a better marketing job so that we can find it!?

  • JUDY BROWN06/07/2005

    I would like to find the charles of the ritz in the silver canister. If there is anyone that can tell me where I can find it, please post the message. I wore it in the early seventies and was in love with the fragrance.

  • SHARON RUST06/06/2005

    I have worn this fragrance for over 25 years and it is getting harder and harder to find it. I DO NOT want to try out a new fragrance now. Where, oh where, do I find it?

  • JANELL05/31/2005

    I've been looking for this for years... and years. please come back

  • DINA05/28/2005

    I used to wear Ritz perfume in high school and loved it. I dont remeber if it was the Classic or Original. What are the notes in both? Anyone? Thanx!

  • DEBORAH04/21/2005

    I will like fine the Charle of the Ritz Classic .I have wored it over 30 years

  • CATHY DAYTON04/20/2005

    This has been my favorite for years...why stop selling one of the best?? Where can I get it??

  • CAROL04/10/2005

    I'm looking for "Ritzy" or "Ritz" first brought out in the 70's, was in a silver & burgundy packaging I think. It had a strong, floral/woody/citrus fragrance (it was my favourite night-time fragrance). Does anyone know exactly what it is called now? (It smells just like Australis "SeaSpray" (australian fragrance) but "Ritzy" lasted longer (must've been an EDP?) Please help!

  • COLLEEN03/12/2005

    icannot believe you have stopped this fragrance i have used it for 30yars and nothingelse i am heart brokern it has many good memories please bring it back

  • SHERRYL02/20/2005

    Please do all you can to have a come back for this product. This is my very favorite fragrance ever.

  • D. ANN02/12/2005

    Where can I find the original "Charles" in the maroon metal spray can...anyone...

  • SANDRA12/12/2004

    i've been loking for ritz also the one in silver can. who made it? does anyone know where i can find one

  • PAT SWANSON12/09/2004

    I miss the fragrence so much. Where can I get it made. I will pay anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GAIL12/08/2004

    I have been using the Charles of the ritz revenescence for 34 years. Nothing comes close to it. I am very upset that it was discontinued.

  • KIM12/06/2004

    'Charles of the Ritz Original' perfume was packaged in the Burgundy aerosol can or in a frosted 3.8oz glass bottle with 'Charles of the Ritz Original' and a big leaf on the front center. Certain ads or perfume reviews will state that the 'Charles of the Ritz' has a classic scent but it is not the same as 'Ritz Classic'. It is still easy to purchase at online perfume stores. 'Ritz Classic', 'Ritz' or 'Charles of the Ritz Classic' was packaged in a silver aerosol can with Burgundy lettering or in a frosted 3.8oz glass bottle with 'Ritz Classic' printed in the center and four leaves in each corner. It is impossible to purchase now except occasionally on eBay every once in a while.

  • SANDY BRENZ12/06/2004

    I am in dire need of the Charles of the Ritz in the burgundy can. The glass bottle smells flowery like a meadow. The burgundy can has a soft and powdery afterscent, which makes it unmistakably "Charles". Please tell me where I can find it...I've been searching for over a month. Thank you

  • MARY DERMODY12/05/2004

    I agree with everyone that this is best (the only) moisturizer in the world! I am 68, until it was taken off the market last year, I have been receiving compliments about my skin since I began using this cream 29 years ago! My understanding is that someone would have to buy the "recipe" and produce it. Please find someone to do this and make all of us happy.

  • MILLIE12/03/2004

    Through some store closings I have been able to acquire quite a bit of the Charles of the Ritz products. I currently have Revenescence products and the fragrance and body lotions as well as many other items. Please e-mail me for more information. Thank you so much for your time. Happy Holidays!

  • SUSAN12/01/2004

    I wore this for years and for all of us Ritz lovers, I have written to Revlon to see if we can get them to relaunch our favorite perfume. Everyone write Revlon.

  • KIM11/29/2004

    'Charles of the Ritz Original' perfume was packaged in the Burgundy aerosol can or in a frosted 3.8oz glass bottle with 'Charles of the Ritz Original' and a big leaf on the front center. Certain ads or perfume reviews will state that the 'Charles of the Ritz' has a classic scent but it is not the same as 'Ritz Classic'. It is still easy to purchase at online perfume stores. 'Ritz Classic', 'Ritz' or 'Charles of the Ritz Classic' was packaged in a silver aerosol can with Burgundy lettering or in a frosted 3.8oz glass bottle with 'Ritz Classic' printed in the center and four leaves in each corner. It is impossible to purchase now except occasionally on eBay every once in a while.

  • LOU11/29/2004

    Thanks Linda, I guess I will have to keep searching. Why in the world would a company pull a great thing!! It would be nice if they could read our messages and understand that we want this perfume back!!

  • LINDA11/24/2004

    No they are not the same, the one in the burg/silver is the {CLASSIC}, the one with the leaf is ORIGINAL.

  • SHARON11/24/2004

    A friend of mine was popping over to the States and I asked her to try and get me some Charles of the Ritz (I specified that the one I wanted was the one in the silver and burgundy can/ bottle) Whilst she did purchase some for me it was the wrong one! Green and gold bottle (not the same at all). Some years ago I happended to be n a local chemist browsing for perfumes and spied the burgundy and silver cannister of Charles of the Ritz - when I asked the assistance for a squirt it was one and the same as the one I used many years ago. She only has two cans (which I promoptly purchased for an unbelievable £9 each) this I treasures until it ran out. I did ask the assistant if her buer could get some more but was told that they did not deal with the same perfume house as they used to. Anyone got any ideas on how we can all be very happy bunnies and smell divine at the same time.....?

  • LOU11/23/2004

    I have been reading your messages on the board and have enjoyed everyones comments (some more then others). Ok, when I was 15 my mom gave me this round, silver and burgandy can of pure heaven. Now all I can find is Charles of the Ritz Orignial (glass bottle with a leaf on front). I need help because I miss my scent from heaven and would like to know if the can is the same scent as the glass bottle. Now, I did find a web site that had that same can for 199.00. I found some for sale on ebay too. If anyone can tell me, it would mean soo much to me. Thanks and hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!

  • ANN11/20/2004

    I agree with comment by Kim - the Charles of the Ritz "Original" with leaf motif on glass bottle DOES NOT smell the same as the Charles the Ritz I bought years ago in a burgundy red container

  • JILL 11/15/2004

    I agree with the previous message. I loved this perfume and still think it is one of the best for me. I used to be a longhaul Air Cabin Crew member and sold perfumes, but for me this was still the best. I can't get hold of it at all now over here in England.

  • MARTINE FROM PARIS11/14/2004

    I have a friend who is comming in new york next week, is there someone who will said me where she will find for me the perfume,Charles of the ritz, whish was in1970, IN A SILVER bootle. I supposed that now the bottle have changed THANK YOU FOR YOUR QUICKLY answer Martine

  • LESLEY (UK)11/11/2004

    I have been searching everywhere to find this perfume. Please - start producing it again. I bet there are loads of women out there who want it!

  • KIM HATHAWAY10/05/2004

    I have been looking form this perfume for too long - why do all the best perfumes get to be discontinued?

  • PIA09/18/2004

    The classic Charles in the silver can is discontinued but is available from the I think I also saw the dusting powder last time I visited the web site a month ago. Also available is the original which I do not care for either. Good luck, hope you are able to get it from them. PS. The classic is in the orange bpttle now and the original is packaged in a green bottle with leaf motif.

  • IZZY UK09/08/2004

    Does anyone know stockists for Classic,you know, the one in the silver can from the 70's? Bought Original by mistake and didn't like it.From previous comments it looks like Revlon make it now, but there is doubt about it being the same fragrance? More questions than answers I fear!

  • KIM08/01/2004

    I hope that CHARLES OF THE RITZ/ OSCAR BY OSCAR DE LA RENTA smell similiar if the Ritz is Classic & not original. Does anyone know which Ritz & if it is similiar to Oscar?

  • KIM08/01/2004

    I wear Charles of the Ritz Classic & haven't been able to find it anymore. I remember the 'Classic' Charles of the Ritz just being called 'Ritz' by Charles of the Ritz. I remember a silver canister spray with Ritz along the side. The glass bottles have a big leaf om the front with Charles of the Ritz Original to the left going from the bottom to top. The Ritz Classic has four leaves in each corner & Ritz Classic in the middle.

  • K.L. GOLDMAN07/26/2004

    My mother has used this product for 40+ years! I can't find it anymore. Please Help me to order it. Thank You.

  • CARLA07/08/2004

    I read on a perfume web site that Charles of the ritz is similar to Oscar by oscar de la renta. Which one is it similar to,the original or the classic? Thanks for response.

  • MISTI ARNOLD06/28/2004

    I havent had any luck either. I have to find this perfume!

  • PIA06/08/2004

    Hi ladies, my original post "the mystery deepens was meant to inquire about the classic Charles of the Ritz. Sorry, I was sidetracked by a rude comment from another post so i felt inclined to respond to that. About the fragrance, I have a half ounce glass bottle with a silver cap, it is a pour bottle. supposedly this is the original. I recently got this from my sister who got it on the net. I wore Charles back in high school late seventees, but this does not smell the same. Is it possible i wore the classic back then? It was just a glass spray with the name Charles of the Ritz printed in front vertically.Exactly what are the notes of the classic fragrance, I vaguely remember a dry rose scent, nevertheless I loved it but this little bottle I now have is nothing like it, this has a strong smell but good more of a formal scent. Help, I really need an answer thank you ladies.

  • NANCY BALDWIN06/06/2004

    Help! I've been using Charles of the Ritz for 30 years (as have my sisters) - where/when will it be available? Is Revlon crazy?? They should MARKET this cream - it is wonderful! It has been a secret for too many years!!!!!

  • PIA06/04/2004

    First, let me say that no one has the right to comment on a fragrance by comparing it to where some people live, ie trailer park chic? most people who live in trailor parks have no choice, they don't have as much as some of us do. Secondly, i purchase a scent based on how it makes me feel, if I feel happy, pretty or confident I will wear the fragrance no matter how much or how little it costs and I live in a very large expensive home and own a new BMW. For this Grace person to insinuate that Charles of the Ritz is only good enough for poor people is an insult to them and I resent that. Get a life and oh, by the way maybe you need to take some lessons in French , you don't know how to spell "tres" do you? Yes, I speak French too as well as Italian, Latin and French Canadian, so as you can see I am well educated and I enjoy all types of fragrances including what you rate as "tre(your spelling again) trailer park chic"!

  • KIM HOLLINGER05/29/2004

    The name of the Charles of the ritz in the burghandy can, is "Charles of the Ritz" by Charles of the Ritz. In my opinion the new fragrance that came out w/ the leaf as the motif does not smell the same. (I believe that one is by Revlon). I have only found it for sale from people that bought it years ago & still have a can they are willing to sell.


    They could not give this stuff away. I used to get in those 1.00 make up clubs in the 70's. Hated it then and now.

  • WENDY05/17/2004

    I am nearly out of Revenescence and am trying to locate it. Nothing else works like the cream on my face. Does anyone know where it might be found?

  • LINDA05/09/2004

    Terri, I also was given this perfume in 1971, not by my boyfriend but he absolutely loved this perfume on me. I have been trying to located this perfume (possibly in discontinued warehouse), but thus far have been unsuccessful. Good Luck! It was a great fragrance.

  • SHANNON DEATON04/30/2004

    I can't find this but am still trying. Have you had any luck?

  • SCARLETT LONDON04/28/2004

    This has been my favorite perfume since my step-father bought my first bottle for my sixteenth birthday. I've had a terrible time locating it. And since I don't own a credit card I can't buy it off the net. Does anyone know of a store that caries it?

  • CINDY GALLO04/25/2004

    has anyone had any luck finding this perfume? My mother-in-law would love to have it again but I can only find the original.

  • CISSY04/12/2004

    HELP PLEASE-Need to find this product. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • JANE OSEN04/10/2004

    the best in the world how can they dis. why dont they dis. the a pder. they sure have a lot of them

  • FEENIE04/08/2004

    I wore this perfume for years. Now I am unable to find it. I still have one bottle that I wear when my son comes to visit me.

  • BARBARA FOR AILEEN04/07/2004

    My 84 yr old mother-in-law has used this product for years and years and now we can't find. Is it discontinued?


    Ritz in the silver can/glass bottle/burgandy atomiser floral fragrance. can anyone out there tell me where I can purchase some and have it shipped to London. It has been out of circulation here for years ultimate fragrance for me

  • LINDA04/01/2004

    the classic of the 2 scent by charles of the ritz is the same scent that used to come in the burgundy canister.Very hard to find.

  • DIANE SPENGLER03/24/2004

    Please tell me it's not true that this wonderful product is no longer available!

  • CAROLE WAHLER03/10/2004

    I could handle losing the lipstick but not revenescence. Somebody get smart.

  • CAROL03/10/2004

    I too am looking for this discontinued perfume - anyone know where i can get it?

  • TERRI03/02/2004

    In 1971 my boyfriend gave me a bottle of Ritual perfume by Charles of the Ritz. When I went to purchase more of it I was told that it was replaced with the new fragrance "Ritz". Ritz was good but not as good as Ritual. I have never forgotten that scent and if I could find it I would be forever greatful to anyone who can tell me where.

  • MAXXX02/22/2004

    Wow i remember this lovley perfume from 1982 when i left school. I smelled it and had to have it. I used to drown myself in it. I cannot find it here in england though. I would buy it again

  • PAM01/28/2004

    Burgundy can was "Charles of the Ritz" not the original Ritz which I have worn since 1975

  • LINDA CARON12/31/2003

    Yes it is packaged different, it is the original that you are looking for. I had the same problem. Don't you just love the scent.

  • JENNIE12/18/2003

    Does anyone know where I can find Charles of the Ritz Classic perfume in the peach colored box. different from Charles of the Ritz original in the green box.

  • LOUISE12/10/2003

    I to am looking for the fragrance I bought years ago called Ritz. It was in a silver can. I don't believe it's packaged that way anymore. Is the same fragrance now called something else? Is it the classic? Help! Anyone know where you can get it?

  • JENNY11/21/2003

    Back in the 70's I joined acosmetics club and got a sample spray cologne I think, not perfume, It was just called Ritz and I remember the container being silver or grey. Is this the Charles of the Ritz perfume everyone is talking about? I don't remember it being too sweet or powdery.. Thanks, Jenny

  • RIA09/16/2003

    Is this the same perfume that was in the gray and burgandy bottle? If it is, I too am in search of some for my mom. She has worn this perfume for over 20 years and we search every store. Please let me know if you find any!!

  • J.B.08/11/2003

    Susan, Ritz was the name of the cologne in the burgandy can. Very powdery smell!

  • SUSAN O REILLY07/02/2003

    i remember about 20 years ago my mum used to wear the cotr which was in the burgandy can. does anyone know which of the new design bottles it is and what the correct name is. many thanks.

  • P. J. 06/30/2003

    I'm in Lubbock, Texas and cannot find Revenescence Liquid. Help, please.

  • DONA06/23/2003

    Same here. I even get compliments from strangers. Please get it back!!!

  • DONA06/23/2003

    I live in El Paso, Texas, and Penney's was the only place I could find it. They are getting rid of their cosmetics department. Does anyone know where I can find Ritz Classic or have it sent to me?? My e-mail is

  • DONNA06/17/2003

    JC Pennys carries this item

  • ANGIE CASSIDY05/05/2003

    I have been wearing Charles of the Ritz for 30 years, it is getting harder & harder to find, I found it in JC Penny in Paramus NJ..but they are planning to discontinue the line in a few months..does anyone else know where to purchase it in NJ . I absolute love it can't live without it.. Help

  • GAIL ELLIS04/29/2003

    I Can' locate Chas of the Ritz REVENESCENCE. J C Penney used to stock it. Bergail @

  • HAYLEY ANSELL04/22/2003

    I am also like Mrs D Raing, want to find original red top, for my Mum


    I found some bottles at JC Penny's. Also I want to add, the light perfume spray called Ritz Classic is an amzing fragrance. I like it much better than the Ritz Original (yellow bottle). Yummmmmmmmm, the Ritz Classic is still one of the best perfumes ever.

  • BARBARA FRIEND02/09/2003

    I would like to purchase but can't find it anywhere. Do you carry it? If not do you know where I can purchase it? Please reply.

  • KIM02/07/2003

    I to am looking for Charles of the Ritz. It used to be in a slender burgendy can, is this the same as what I'm finding in the glass bottles now?

  • LLOZ02/03/2003

    This fragrance is overpowering. It is for the mature women, if she can use it lightly. Thats the problem


    what is this fragrance like? is it a floral and how many are out there is there more than one? I don't like florals. Thank you

  • LAURE01/06/2003

    Is Charles of the Ritz going out of business? Why is it so hard to find Chucky's products? It's driving me crazy and causing my face extreme anxiety and giving me new wrinkles. This is terrible... Anyone, anywhere, please let me know what is going on!!! Are they going out of business and if so, why? If they do go out of business what product should I switch to, to keep what beauty and sanity I have left. Please respond to this ASAP!! Thank You

  • SUSAN SMITH01/04/2003

    have you found where you can buy ritz in the burgandy bottle

  • EULA HALL12/26/2002

    I am looking for charles of the ritz, perfume body cream. In large white jar with burgandy lid. Let me know if I can order it. Thank you kindly. Eula, (

  • DONNA12/21/2002

    Good news....I just found our favorite at Penneys. !! What a shock. After reading all you ladies were also looking.


    At first I didn't like it too much, sort of dry. But after wearing it for a few days I really like it. I plan to go back and buy another bottle. It smells like a fresh bunch of carnations and chrysanthumums, with a hint of cinnimon. It is a great fall fragrance. It also lasts ALL day. Wonderful! I am using Charles of the Ritz Classic. How is that one different from Charles of the Ritz Original? Anyone know.

  • CLAUDIA HILL11/01/2002

    That spray is now packaged in a glass container. For the past few years, I haven't tried one lately. I've been wearing this fragrance for nearly 30 years and STILL get compliments from everyone, even strangers in the elevator! I would be heartbroken if it was ever discontinued.

  • MARY ANN10/22/2002

    I'm looking for charles of the ritz revenescence cream. it is no longer availabe where I live.

  • SUE BENNETT10/17/2002

    I am looking for the CotR fragrance that used to be in a silver and burgundy metal spray. Is this still available? I don't want to buy the wrong one! Thanks for your attention!

  • XANTHE GOWERS08/09/2002

    Hi guys, i found Charles of the Ritz at The Fragrance Factory. Do a search (fragrance factory) and bingo there it is. I ordered mine less then 2 weeks ago and am wearing it now. I am one sweet smelling happy lady. And they deliver to anywhere in the world. Anyone reading this and wanting CotRitz should be extremely happy with the fragrance fractory. There is no excuse now for missing out on having your fave perfume. aaaahhhhhhhh heaven........

  • IAN CRAWFORD07/30/2002

    My wife used to wear this perfume for years until she could no longer find any in Britain. Does anyone know where I might find some for her as a 25th Wedding Anniversary present. I know she would be over the moon if I could

  • XANTHE GOWERS07/30/2002

    Please please please does anyone know where I can get the original bottle (burgandy). It is my absolute fav and it's nowhere to be seen. I have used this for years and I am at the end of the bottle. I won't use it unless it's a special occasion. I do have the light CotR but it is too sweet. Somebody help me. It's not available in England.

  • BETTY COLEMAN07/18/2002

    I am looking for the old burgandy can of this. I loved it.

  • PAT THOMAS07/12/2002

    I love this perfume and have worn it for years. The old silver can is now in a yellowish spray bottle. There is also a greenish bottle which may be the old red can.

  • TRINA07/04/2002

    I purchased this product and am happy with the "splash", however, I really wish that Ritz Classic was available. I really miss this fragrance. PLEASE Charles of Ritz come back into the marketplace!!!



  • JAN06/10/2002

    Desperatly looking to buy the orgianal Charles of the Ritz. can anyone help me find it?

  • JJ05/28/2002

    I used to buy Senchal by this maker and can no longer find it. Do any of you know of a fragrance similar to it?

  • MRS D RAINE05/10/2002

    Can anyone help-I desperately want to purchase original (red can) Charles of the Ritz perfume can co longer purchase in Britian

  • MARTHA MCDONALD05/06/2002

    I have used Charles of the Ritz forever. However, now I cannot find it around Jackson, Mississippi. This is my favorite, my trademark. I'm still looking.

  • BECKY05/01/2002

    This fragrance is subtle, yet gets the attention it deserves. Not overpowering - it complements. I really like it.

  • BARBARA JEAN CLARK03/30/2002

    I have used this product many years ago as it was difficult to come by. To me, the fragrance reminds of Oscar de la Renta. Because Oscar was more expensive I would use Oscar powder and spray with Charles. To me, the same wonderful scent, yet not costly. I received many compliments; no one could tell that I had two separate fragrances as the blended very nicely.

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