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93 Reviews

Omnia by Bvlgari is Bvlgari's newest, light, modern oriental fragrance. Precious oriental spices, like saffron, ginger, cardamom and black pepper imbue OMNIA with fascination and mystery. Mandarin gives it solar freshness. Prized Masala tea, at the heart of the fragrance, blends in the taste of the orient. White chocolate and Indian wood add a more

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Omnia by Bvlgari is Bvlgari's newest, light, modern oriental fragrance. Precious oriental spices, like saffron, ginger, cardamom and black pepper imbue OMNIA with fascination and mystery. Mandarin gives it solar freshness. Prized Masala tea, at the heart of the fragrance, blends in the taste of the orient. White chocolate and Indian wood add a touch of unexpected deliousness.

  • TAUGHANNOC05/07/2011

    Love the original fragrance; worn it for years..suits my body chemistry.. not too thrilled with the additional lines; Very hard to find the Body Lotion.

  • CHELLE06/13/2008

    I absolutely love this scent, however it doesn't last. Even when I spend the money to layer it w/the lotion (maybe they need to make a body cream) and the shower gel, it still doesn't last. BVLGARI, if you're out there listening...please do something about the staying power of this lovely scent !!!

  • ANGELA03/10/2008

    I was first introduced to Omnia at work. A coworker was wearing it and she told me what it was and I ordered it online and have been wearing it ever since. I am a lover of perfumes and this one is by far one of my favorites.

  • AMY12/14/2007

    it seems that when i wear this perfume, i receive more compliments than anything else i wear. i only spray in the morning and it lasts well into my 12 hr shift.

  • BOMBSHELL08/13/2007

    I tried an Annick Goutal perfume at Saks this week which smelled just like Omnia but that had longer lasting power. I dont remember the name though

  • BARBARA W07/19/2007

    As I said in my earlier post, I like the smell of Omnia, but it lasts a total of 5 minutes on my skin. I think this one could be really nice, but Bvlgari needs to AMP it up. Please, develop an extreme version of Omnia!

  • DOLLY DAGGER03/28/2007

    It isn't unpleasant, it isn't good, it just about smells like nothing to me. Not enough power & crux to me. Not cheap either. I've tested it about 5 different times, and nothing has changed for me, just nothing. I tried though.

  • KRIS03/24/2007

    A spicey oriental fragrance but completely different from the norm. It maybe spicey but it is warm and light and completely different than say Coco or Must De Cartier. I read a post by someone who said it smelled like sex...that's it exactly!

  • **HEATHER**12/06/2006

    I read the great reviews and tried this perfume but it is not for me. To me it has a spicy smell that I don't like.

  • AMBER11/01/2006

    As far as the gourmand (edible) quality of Omnia goes, I've found that Ralph Lauren Hot has much the same quality. I've yet to find another fragrance that is as delicate yet striking as this is though.

  • SHARI08/14/2006

    I absolutely love Omnia. Looking for some suggestions on other scents that are similar to this one in notes and subtleness. Thank you for any suggestions that you may have

  • HISAKO08/11/2006

    yes, it smells still citrusy and ceder at first application that I don't care. But as somewhat I developed more likeness, I got a regular size and lotion set. Many seems dissapointed in its strength but the bright side is... because of it, the scent mingles WELL with your own scent and will become the truely unique scent which is just yours alone. Don't you appreciate it more now? I like the dry down on me which smells like little sweet hey? something. I have had many perfumes but after all I feel more and more comfortable wearing softer, natural scent like this one nowdays. Also this can be worn all year round which is nice.

  • CHRISTOBELLE08/09/2006

    although I initially really liked this scent, it gets too cloying for my taste after a while. There is something in it that made me feel slightly queazy -- smelling its lingering scent on my scarf.

  • HARLEY-MAMA06/26/2006

    Just received this today. I have to agree with an earlier post that this is a light scent...nice though. I guess I was expecting a bit more spice to it. I think it would wear well all year around.

  • KATHY Z.06/17/2006

    I love omnia. I would describe it as a soft and subtle oriental scent. And I love the drydown. Normally I wear my oriental scents in the cooler weather, but this is one I can wear in the summer. Not overpowering. The only thing I don't like is the bottle. Not very attractive in my oninion.

  • CASSIE05/21/2006

    Omnia is a beautiful,creamy and softly spiced fragrance. In my opinion Omnia sits very close to the skin and only the wearer gets to experience it's delightful coziness. It truly is a relationship- that is the wearer and Omnia and nobody else. Sort of like a warm, exotic secret friend who accompanies you on your day!! Unfortunately after a while I find it hard to detect which is such a shame. Funny thing is when I put my scarf on after having applied Omnia from the previous day, there it is. I do wish it would last longer on my skin but sadly my secret friend departs me way too soon, leaving me to stand on my own.

  • *BARBARA W*05/14/2006

    Based on the notes and the bottle design, I was expecting something heavy and spicy, so when I tested this I was surprised at how soft it was. It was very pleasant initially, and I was looking forward to the different phases of the drydown, but it disappeared on my skin (which rarely happens to me). So sad! :( I didn't buy it for that reason, but I'll give it another shot sometime. First impressions were of a soft, sweet (but not cloying), very pleasant scent. Just wish it lasted longer!! All of Bvlgari scents are very well designed and classy.

  • HISAKO05/08/2006

    When I first smelled both Notte and Omnia, I could not smell Omnia at all as it might be too soft. Second time, I could smell beautifully unique orange / ceder harmonious scent which had lasted all day long. There was no Masara tea ? and white chocolate smell in it though something else was nice and warm. I wish it has more chocolate and tea in it though beautiful it is, I did not care for the ceder smell much.

  • MARTA03/28/2006

    Probably you have already bought your parfume and whichever you did I am sure you didn't regret it. Omnia and Black Cashmere are both my favotites. I love them it's my type of scent. Omnia is more spicy, warmer very sophisticated, unique fragrance while Black Cashmere is sweeter, little sharper and sexy.It has heliotrope flower omnia has masala tea and chocolate and other ingredients.(Read the notes) Whatever you buy can't go wrong amazing scents.

  • GREEKGIRL03/26/2006

    This smells just like a chocolate topping (for icecream) we have here in Australia , love it choco yum.

  • ROSÁRIA03/19/2006

    I have an Omnia and I agree with most of the messages. It is relly fantastic! I also have BLV which I think is NOT fantastic! What other fragance (from the House of Bvlgary)similar to Omnia in quality and lasting power should I try? Any suggestions?

  • SMELLIE KAT03/08/2006

    I've had Omnia for awhile (probably 6 months) and worn it only occasionally. Recently, though, I've come to appreciate it's sweet wood-nutmeg-cinnamon-coffee-chocolate "yum fest" even more than I did in the beginning. My favorite thing about Omnia? It's different - I don't think I've ever smelled it on anyone before. Staying power is excellent. I have to be in the right mood to wear it, but when I am, and I do, it's very good.


    Just read your summer post Tara on Omnia. Well . . . did you try it? And if so, do you like it? I hope so, because it's pretty depressing to shell out good money for a scent that doesn't work for you. Let me know!

  • ANTONELLA02/09/2006

    I have a collections of upwards of 70+ fragrances and this is one of my favorites. Not too sweet not too dry just perfect. I see that a lot of ladies complain about the lasting power, but I have no idea why! Omnia really lasts on me. My cousin sometimes likes to borrow my fragrances when she visits before we go out and she always picks Omnia. To me it's not cloying at all, that's in response to Louise's review. I mean on her it may be, or she may not like any sweetness in her fragrances but to me this is one of the less sweeter ones as far as 'new' scents are concerned. I see that in the description it says that there is white chocolate but you can't really tell it's even there in the way that you could single it out and say WOW that's chocolate you smell like. Actually, Omnia is so well blended and not one single note stands out too much, it's more like a nice blend of something very beautiful!

  • LOUISE02/07/2006

    I read the reviews of this fragrance and decided I just had to buy it... but I HATE it and I'm crossing my fingers that the store will let me return it or exchange it. It isn't anything special in my book, and was too sweet and cloying. I couldn't wait to wash it off. :-( I'm glad some people like it but I'm not one of them -- buyer beware!

  • MAYA01/24/2006

    Hi there again! I gotta tell you I love both Omnia and Black Cashmere, but to me they are VERY different from each other. Omnia is gentle, subtle and caresses the skin - it' slightly creamy... It's warm in a very cozy way too - but I would not say that it's strictly and only to be worn during the colder months. Black Cashmere however, is a lot like NU by YSL, but I find it a lot louder... In fact, if you were comparing Omnia to Black Cashmere that would be one of the first things to note. Omnia is far more subtle but I do find both to be fairly long-lasting. Also, I would not really wear Black Cashmere during the warmer months... on me it's as loud as church bells at noon if I wear it in the warm/humid weather, but in the winter I just love it's warmth and coziness. Both are striking and beautiful but I think that Omnia might be a bit more wearable and versatile if you will... Hope this helps!

  • PAZZO01/23/2006

    How similar is omnia to black cashmere.They have many similar ingredients and also wld be good to hear which lasts longer.That will help me decide on my valentine day's gift.

  • MARIKO01/16/2006

    Omnia is a fragrance destined to re-awaken the senses to a new dimension of pleasure, in a never-ending celebration of tastes, aromas and colors. The fragrance is vibrant and addictive, decadent and indulgent, composed of precious elements such as tangerine, saffron, Masala tea (a rounded blend of aromas and ingredients: cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon and almond milk) and white chocolate.

  • MISS BEAR01/13/2006

    I love the way this perfume smells on my skin, however, by lunch I 'm the only one who knows it's there! I only wish it would last longer.

  • MATUSHA01/12/2006

    "OMNIA, Eastern light and modern interprêtant the mixture of the cultures and savours. A greedy "" and single female perfume "", in the noblest tradition of perfumery. OMNIA is a real object of design, inspired of the recognizable style of Bvlgari. " Mandarine Safran, Thé Masala Chocolat blanc

  • JT12/30/2005

    I just bought my second bottle. I really like how you could wear it everywhere without being offensive. Very versatile. I think it smells a bit like sweet dried grasses or hay, and even a buttery note on me! Those are the notes that make me like it, otherwise, it would just be soft and not unique without those very different notes. I just smelled Omnia Crystalline today... I didn't think it was anything special. This one is much better.

  • SABINA12/21/2005

    Hearing the notes in this perfume doesn't do it justice, because it sounds much heavier than it is. While the spices are apparent, they are not overwhelming. Even with the strong top and bottom notes, this isn't a fragrance you have to reserve for dressier events or cooler climates. It isn't overpowering and not what the industry calls an "elevator stinker." (A fragrance that sells itself purely on the top note.) The fragrance wafts, it doesn't lead. A man recently asked me about the fragrance, he said he caught it when I put my hand on his shoulder. He was amazed by the ingredients, he said "it sounds like it would smell like a head shop." All in all Omnia is wonderful sophisticated fragrance. However, I wouldn't purchase as a gift for a woman that prefers florals or citrus fragrance.

  • COCOA12/14/2005

    From the moment a dash of this scent is upon you, you feel sexy, sensual, beautiful and wanted by everyone around you. The unusual combination of mandarin orange, saffron, ginger, cardamom, masal tea, lotus flower, clove, cinnamon, sandalwood and chocolate scents make the perfume truly unique. This lasting fragrance will make any woman stand out from the crowd and grab everyone's attention. The perfume will truly give you 'a feeling of great happiness and well-being'. Whether you wear this perfume day or night, one is guaranteed a good time! This is the perfect gift for any woman of any age, including yourself!

  • MIKASHONAE11/29/2005

    I fell in love with this fragance when I first smelled it. It says something sensual in the smell that arouses me and men seem to love it when they smell it on me. I like the fact that is is not very loud and even though you may think it fades, it is still with you. Have a man you love to smell your nect and around your ears and I guarantee you they'll love you for it!

  • MARIA11/28/2005

    Don't know the staying power of Varsace's Crystal, but it sure smells just like Omnia. I tested it on my wrists for the first time today and it was wonderful!

  • MARIA11/28/2005

    Just today, I tested Versace's Crystal. OH MY! I thought I had put on Omnia. It smells just like it...mysterious with that sandalwood, vanilla, etc. Try it. I just tested on my wrists before buying, but I wouldn't definitely buy.

  • TERRAN11/16/2005

    I totally agree with Gina. I adore the scent but it doesn't stay with me! Talk to Estee Lauder.

  • MARITES11/02/2005

    it's sexy, enchanted, mysterious and suits a woman with sharp personality

  • NASTASSIA10/25/2005

    I remember smelling Omnia once out of a magazine, and I couldn't get the scent out of my head. Before I went to a New Year's Eve party, I spritzed it on from a store and it lasted most of the night. The next morning, the smell evaporated off of me, but stayed in my winter coat for a week. I guess it all depends on where you spray it. I still love it though!

  • SHANNON NZ09/26/2005

    Love this one, I have over 35 other scents but this is different to all of them you can smell the white chocolate!!! Very yummy. Doesnt last long though!

  • LOLA09/19/2005

    perfect for the autumn weather, sexy but wearable, not a heavy sweet scent, but chocolatey and peperry, just warmth, sexy skin and peace

  • EVA08/24/2005

    its a pleasant scent and each time im wearing it people coment that its nice..only that it doesnt last long..its not strong at all

  • MAYA08/12/2005

    I fell in love with Omnia last winter but for some reason have not worn it at all until today... Today however, it feels like falling in love all over again! I love orientals but there are times when I find them a bit too much. Not today however. Then again, Omnia is not your "cookie cutter" type of oriental fragrance anyway. It's quite distinctive and unique... Much softer then a lot of orientals and ever so sensual... It's a fragrance that's a "must have" just in case... Like today :) For me it creates a very deep, sensual mood that just refuses to allow you to forget even for a split-second that above all you are a woman!

  • TARA07/28/2005

    I too love Gucci Eau de Parfum and Boucheron Trouble, so I will have to try this. We have similar taste. I did smell Omnia on a friend and like it. Think this could be a winner for me.

  • KRIS06/26/2005

    I purchased Crystalline yesterday and returned it today for Roberto Cavalli Oro. On me it started off fresh and lovely but dried down to nothing. I hope it works for everyone else!

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE06/02/2005

    I never thought a scent could be so inviting, so delicious, so captivating. Omnia is probably the most unique fragrance I have even owned. It's up there with Gucci Eau de Parfum, and Boucheron's Trouble. These three will compete for first place in my book. So if you like Gucci or Trouble, you'll likely love Omnia. One negative, the sprayer depresses effortlessly, so when you hold it, if you're not paying attention, the sprayer can easily go off unintentionally. I like the ease of the sprayer on one hand, I just detest when I cannot lock down a sprayer with a cap or otherwise.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE06/02/2005

    Omnia Crystalline is here and available for purchase. Wanted to tell those of you who are interested in it, that it smells almost exactly like Victoria's Secret Heavenly. In fact, my nose can barely tell the difference. I like it just as I like Heavenly, but had I known it would be an almost identical clone of Heavenly, I wouldn't have spent the money on it. Also, it doesn't last more than an hour or so on me, versus Heavenly, which certainly lasts a lot longer. Do any of you posters feel the same way about the scent being so similar to Heavenly, or is it just me?

  • GINA06/01/2005

    I love this scent, but it has absolutely no staying power. Is there anything else out there similar to the Omnia fragrance?

  • JT04/28/2005

    I am running out of this perfume, but I am still deciding if I want to get more or not. The reason is, although I love the smell - it is almost "buttery" on me and really good, BUT it does not stay on or is not strong enough smelling on me. Unless I spray a good amount in my hair, it just isn't there an hour later if I only put it on my skin. It is rather expensive, even at discount stores, which is making me think about it. I will probably end up getting more, but it is a real drag that it is not more potent on me. I know people say that even if you can't smell it that others could, but I am not a novice with perfumes and I know that your nose does not get 100% used to the scent you are wearing, and even if you don't have too much on, you should still be able to detect at least a subtle whif of the scent from time to time throughout the day... but with Omnia...I'm sorry, but it is really weak. I like the smell, but am disappointed about it's strength and lasting power (at least on me).

  • TRACY03/27/2005

    I love Blvgari so I really wanted to like this fragrance. Tried it several times but try as I might could not get over the lingering scent of cedar chips. Guess it just don't work with my chemistry.

  • ELIZ03/13/2005

    I just came back from Hong Kong and Japan and had the chance to test Crystalline. Oh, my gosh! The scent is so soft and subtle, and totally romantic!


    I came across this fragrance last year while looking for something new. In one word.."BEAUTIFUL." I bought a bottle and quickly went thru' it..looking for more. Had to drive 1 hour to purchase, until now... This fragrance is warm and womanly. Works w/ my body chemistry! Lasts! I find myself sniffing my wrists thru-out the day as I savor the compliments from others...

  • ARIADNE02/14/2005

    Nice for winter, warm and comforting but not too heavy. The sandalwood drydown is a bit to sweet for me. Yes, I can definitely smell the chocolate here. :-) Nice.

  • CHRISTOBELLE02/13/2005

    tried this on twice in the shop. I always have to try before I buy because with my chemistry things sometimes change on me. However, so far this smells great. left with a chocolatey woodey smell. quite nice. does anyone else think this has any similarity to Amarni night red for women. First time i didn't smell that, but the second time, thought there is quite a similar note.......however, had been spritzing a lot of perfume on cards, so maybe some of something else is what I was smelling??? do tell

  • MEGAN01/21/2005

    I love this scent, but I too am finding that it does not last. And there does not seem to be an Omnia perfume--wish there was!

  • DP01/01/2005

    My husband was on a business trip to Korea and purchased Omnia Crystalline. All I can say is WOW!!!! I love it so does my husband need I say more.

  • K.B.12/27/2004

    I disagree with the previous post. I have worn Omnia for over a year and have not tired of it. I wear it more in the fall and winter. I have bought the largest bottle and and almost out. This is a warm, comforting , subtle scent that you can't go wrong with. I recently tried another by Blvargi called Blv Notte and it was fabulous!!!! Give this a try if you are a Blvgari fan.

  • WHITNEY12/26/2004

    Me and my friend fell in love with this perfume after smelling a sample in the mall. We loved it so much that not only did we buy some for ourselves but for our moms too. After about a month we noticed that we weren't wearing it and when we asked each other about it we both said that it was making us nauseaous. It was too sweet and clingy and hung on for days it seemed. Any clothing that had it on it we had to wash more than once. My mother doesn't like it anymore either. I really don't know what it was because we all loved it at first. Now it just sits on my shelf. I think that it is overpowering after awhile and clings to you too long. Sorry.....

  • DROPDEADCHERRY12/22/2004

    normally, i hate perfume. but i absolutely love this one. i wouldn't have known there was chocolate in this fragrance, if i hadn't been told. my husband loves this fragrance on me. mysterious, sexy, and enticing. lasts ALL day on my skin.

  • JENNA12/17/2004

    This one is very nice and understated. The products layer well together and they stay subtle but still noticeable after several hours. It's a nice change from my regular winter scents(Must De Cartier and Angel).

  • MARY12/07/2004

    My husband and I absolutely love this fragrance. It is soft, sexy, quite memorable. I get compliments from both sexes and all ages whenever I wear this one.

  • JT12/02/2004

    I have heard directly from emailing the Bvlgari company, that Omnia Crystalline is only in Asia and I believe Australia and New Zealand right now. It is due to be launched in the rest of the world in September 2005. It's apparently much different than the original.

  • JT12/01/2004

    Since my first posting, I decided to buy Omnia. Now that I own it, I can smell it much better than before. I am happy for that. I can really smell a tea smell in it, like dried grasses or tea with a hint of sweetness from the white chocolate. The body lotion smells great too but is slightly different from the perfume for some reason... it is even more herbal/grassy and does not seem to have the sweet chocolate notes like the perfume... to me it is absolutely delicious!! Omnia is very unique, and I love it. For those of you in the USA wondering about Omnia Crystalline, it is only out in Asian countries (and Australia/NewZealand I think) right now, but is due to be launched in this country in September 2005. That is what I was told directly by customer service at Bvlgari. I can't wait to see what it smells like!

  • KAMILL11/24/2004

    its absolutelly beautiful!nothing like the original omnia , very fresh, seethrough,light and summery - amazing. we don't have it in uk! but if you can get hold of it, definatelly get it!

  • DONNA11/17/2004

    I absolutely love it! A friend of mine who works in the perfume business gave me a sample and I went absolutely crazy! Everyone who smells it on me loves it, especially the men which is always a plus. So ladies, enjoy using it and gentlemen, enjoy taking a sniff, especially around the neck!!!!

  • TATJANA11/15/2004

    This fragrance is great. I have received so many comments and hope that the product line is extended to-- lotion, talc and bath gel. It's soft scent is captivating.

  • TATJANA11/15/2004

    I agree with Kelly, that Omnia lasts all day and into the next. I too get compliments on the fragrance hours after I have applied it. I do use the shower gel and lotion. I have been trying to select a signature fragrance for about a year now, and my 4 yr old smelled this on me and said, Mom, please wear only this perfume, its my favorite. That did it, and now it is all I wear.

  • TATJANA11/15/2004

    All I can say is YUMMY! LOVE IT! Sexy spice fragrance that stays with you all day long.

  • STEPHANIE11/05/2004

    All I can say is YUMMY! LOVE IT! Sexy spice fragrance that stays with you all day long.

  • JT10/28/2004

    I think I like what I smelled, but I am still deciding if it is worth it to pay top $ for something I can hardly smell even right after putting it on! That's great if all around me can smell it, BUT I want to be able to smell it myself too like I can with my other perfumes. I do like light scents, but I am afraid it would be a little TOO light and end up frustrating me. I was thinking about the lotion too, but someone here said that it still does not help much. Hmm... too bad.

  • W. LITTLEJOHN10/25/2004

    Can this be bought in the parfum form? The eau form doesn't last.

  • JAMIE10/20/2004

    I love it, but now i am looking for a new scent since its been out a while. But it is awesome!

  • KRIS10/02/2004

    Little old lady...tea party? This fragrance is truely unique and is unlike anything I have ever worn before. I think it was cleaver of Bvlgari to create a chocolate scent that is not sweet or smells like food. Omnia is exotic, wild, and has a modern edge!

  • SYLVIA 09/22/2004

    Omnia is very elegant and makes me feel classy whenever I wear it. It blends so well with your body chemistry that you may think it's evaporated, however it's subtly there !! I change up fragrances a lot, however I think this is the one !!! I have the fragrance, body lotion and shower gel. Go Bylgari ....

  • KIM N09/22/2004

    Has anyone tried this yet? I just noticed the name when I was online and wanted to know if this is as pretty as Omnia.

  • ZHARA09/13/2004

    Saffron? Chocolate? Spice? Masala Tea? Woods? Not one bit of it. This stuff just smelled like overly sweet soap. That's it. Just another sweet, flowery, nondescript little-old-lady type perfume. I was expecting Masala Tea, and I got Ma Sally's Tea Party. YEUCH

  • AL09/10/2004

    I am ardent about fragrances and have about 20 on my dressing table being utilised whenever whichever gets my fancy. but I must say that the one that my 4 kids (ranging from age 1- 10)love is Omnia. Why this is so I'm not too sure. Could be the beautiful bottle but my eldest boy who's 10 always comments when I spray it on- mmm... that smells so beautiful.For me, I like to wear it when it's a rainy overcast day when the warm fragrance of the spices will spark my senses. However, as the other readers have commented, I didn't think it had much staying power on me as other fragrances

  • CCNALLEY09/07/2004

    Love this fragrance! It is my ultimate favorite! I only wear soft scents and to me this is one of the softest and prettiest fragrance out there.

  • STEPHANIE09/03/2004

    Finally! Something unique and beautiful at the same time! This scent is definitely my new favorite, and I may be ruined for all my other ones. I liked it after I sprayed it in the store, but a little later on, I started wondering, what smells so GOOD! It was Omnia on me! (Of course I then had to buy some) It's the perfect balance of warm and lovely without being strong or heavy, and it does last and last. Perfection, especially for fall and winter.

  • KIM C.08/25/2004

    I agree with Kelly, that Omnia lasts all day and into the next. I too get compliments on the fragrance hours after I have applied it. I do use the shower gel and lotion. I have been trying to select a signature fragrance for about a year now, and my 4 yr old smelled this on me and said, Mom, please wear only this perfume, its my favorite. That did it, and now it is all I wear.

  • KELLY08/23/2004

    I have read many comments on this perfume that it doesn't last. I have never found that to be the case. I think this is one fragrance that blends so well with your body chemistry you don't detect it but others do. I spray it on in the a.m. and have had compliments in the afternoon. This is one of the most beautiful perfumes on the market in my opinion. There are only 4 perfumes so far that I have found I could wear and do not tire of. They are Omnia, Herve Leger. Chanel Allure and Ginger Essence by Origins. I think Omnia is mysterious and warm and wonderful. I suggest laying the body lotion for those of you that have problems with lasting. I think this perfume is worth spending the extra $.

  • MGARIS08/12/2004

    Well, if this fragrance isn't unisex, I don't know what is. Certainly nothing like what traditional, feminine perfumes smell like. It's light and smooth, but to me it is unisex, big time. The chocolate comes through with time, and the pepper. A little strange, but these days more and more fragrances are becoming 'intellectual,' rather than emotional. Try it before you buy.

  • VINI08/02/2004

    This is the best smelling perfume. If you want to drive your man crazy you have to try this. It is a very errotic fragrance.

  • VINI08/02/2004

    This is the best smelling purfume. If you want to drive your man crazy you have to try this. It is a very erotic fragrance.

  • SPF07/27/2004

    Omnia is a great scent, but after about 20 min. it's almost completed unnoticable. Too, bad.

  • PETRA07/25/2004

    Love at first spritz! I can't detect the chocolate but love this warm, soft, slightly spicy scent. I detected quite a bit of alcohol at fist, but it was soon replaced with the warmth of the sandalwood. This scent appeared to not last as long on me so I layered it with Caswell-Massey Sandalwood lotion. It anchored the scent and enhanced the sandalwood note. I picked up a blouse I had been wearing the day before and it still smelled of Omnia. Maybe it is longer lasting than it seems...I loved this scent even on a hot day; the heat seemed to bring out more of the woody,sensual notes. IMO-the BEST Blvgari fragrance of all time. If you are a sandalwood lover, I reccomend giving this fragrance a try.

  • HELENA07/13/2004

    Very unusual, interesting smell, good chemistry with my skin. Spicy, but mild, a good scent in my opinion.

  • ANYA06/23/2004

    This was THE perfume I'd been searching for, sampling everything new and hoping it would be The One!(remind you of any other area of life?). I just loved the sweet sandalwood, the soft spices that didn't hit me with a mallet like Samsara, the mix of old-fashioned hippie scent with modern depth. And then it was gone! I could glory in it for an hour or so and then there was no trace of it. Thank God for the exquisite body lotion slathered on first - it's gorgeous by itself but the way it hangs on to the eau de parfum.....please try to get both together, you really won't be disappointed if you long for a complex, subtle but definitely THERE perfume to accompany you through life!

  • JOHANNE06/01/2004

    I absolutely love this fragrance. Reminds me of essential oils that I mix for massage. As with essential oils, they don't last for very long. I have the body lotion as well, and still, a couple of hours maybe 3 and it's practically unnoticeable. Although it's very light on the skin, I spray it directly on my clothes. This definetely lets me enjoy this beautiful scent longer. Does anyone know of a fragrance that's like Omnia, only a bit stronger??

  • KELLY05/21/2004

    I must say this is one of my favorite scents. It drys down to a warm yet fresh scent. I always get alot of compliments on it when I wear it. I have not grown tired of wearing it either. A different, yet very nice scent.

  • CHRISTINE04/05/2004

    Great Body Chemistry! Omnia, like no other perfume, blends with your skin. That is why some people "can't smell it" after awhile. It either smells great on you, or it doesn't. I had to try it three separate times. On paper, I couldn't smell it. On my skin, I smelled pepper for a few minutes, then the most wonderful sandalwood came out and lasted all day, all night, and into the next morning. Super! Give it a chance, it's like no other. Sexy like the musk oil we used to wear long ago. I tried all the Bvlgari perfumes, and this was the best scent on me.

  • DANA04/01/2004

    I've always preferred powdery smelling perfumes and this one is lovely. It has a beautiful powdery smell, not over powering or at all chemically smelling. Has a slight oriental under tone that I would associate with sandalwood. The great thing is, this perfume has all day staying power, whereas most light and powdery fragrances disappear by the end of the day.

  • H.03/30/2004

    This is an absolutely "GORgeous" fragrance ... staying power could be better ... it's just so soft ... but so nice ... they won't smell you coming ... more of a "just for you and him" scent.

  • ILONA03/26/2004

    i think its truly oriental yet fresh and mysterious. i guess i would advise it to ladies that like soft and warm yet with a modern kick to it.

  • LENA03/17/2004

    Omnia is really modern and "different" Oriental not "into your face". Soft, distinctive and refined. Nice smell of white chocolate, hm...very interesting. It is not too spicy, just soft and warm - elegant.

  • MARY K. 03/12/2004

    Very interesting, distinctive, warm and spicy fragrance.....NICE!

  • RHONDA03/08/2004

    How is the staying power of this fragrance?

  • ROMONIA11/08/2003

    This fragrance is great. I have received so many comments and hope that the product line is extended to-- lotion, talc and bath gel. It's soft scent is captivating.

  • DONNA11/05/2003

    have a few samples and will be buying this one...long lasting with a distinct scent...very nice.

  • ERIKA11/04/2003

    It refreshes me every morning.

  • SHEILA GRAHAM11/03/2003

    Very few perfumes interest me. Omnia is an exception. Its absolutely delicious!!!

  • MINNIE MOUSE11/02/2003

    Not as sweet and delicious as I had expected. It's hard to describe. It's a very soft floral with something powerdy in it. It has a bit of the original Bvlgary in it but with a twist.

  • IVONNE11/02/2003


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