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Bvlgari was created by Bvlgari in 1994 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of violet, orange blossom, and jasmine. A transparent and sensual fragrance with unique notes of Sambac Jasmine Tea, Mimosa and Prelude Rose.

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Bvlgari was created by Bvlgari in 1994 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent possesses a blend of violet, orange blossom, and jasmine. A transparent and sensual fragrance with unique notes of Sambac Jasmine Tea, Mimosa and Prelude Rose.

  • CAM07/11/2018

    I’ve been wearing this scent since its debut in 1994. It’s pure class and subtle. I receive compliments whenever wear it.

  • VERNA MAZAK03/04/2016

    This is by far my most favorite fragrance. Have worn Bvlgari y Bvlgari for years and have no intention of changing.

  • GAIL01/12/2012

    I love it and a long-time fan of the scent. It has a clean, crisp smell and you feel as those you just stepped out the shower.

  • SAPPHIRE04/13/2011

    I smelled this fragrance recently and it is wonderful. Sophisticated, floral, feminine and sexy. I have to get a bottle.

  • CINDY04/02/2008

    This fragrance is one of my favorites, pure class as well as being soft and feminine. I always get compliments when I wear this, in fact I got married in October, 2007 and this is the fragrance I chose to wear on my wedding day.

  • SHWETA04/01/2008

    This is a lovely scent. If this did not have that strong aldehydic smell then i would have rated it with 5 stars. It doesnt last long on me but i have smelt it lingering on my clothes...has anyone tried the EDT? The testers provided are always EDP.

  • JOYCE10/15/2007

    I am a perfume a holic from way back. I just tried Pour Femme last week...I am in love with this fragrance..It is soft and sensual. I have purchased it for both of my daughters. " Love It "

  • KELLY09/07/2007

    Thank you so much for your suggestions, I have been looking for something new for awhile and it's hard to tell what something smells like over the Internet! ;-) The older I get, I just want something feminine, warm and more adult than most of the food-y smells out now.

  • SONYA08/31/2007

    I agree that it is not worth it to spend big bucks on something that is not unique...wanted to share some greats that I stumbled on.The first is the new Bvlgari amethyste...absolutely fresh and universal.By far the best for day wear apart from Vera Wang that I am used to.The second is Donna Karan gold, for evenings and special occasions.I have replaced pure poison by Dior with it.I hope you will try them, and maybe like them!have fun.

  • REBECCA08/30/2007

    I wasn't that impressed. It reminds me of vs heavenly a little more than I expected. I haven't smelled any of there perfumes so far that I would buy. I don't know what all the buzz is about. I just won't pay that much for something that smells like other perfumes. The whole idea of buying perfume to me is to find something more precious and rare.

  • LAUREL OF THE CANYON08/26/2007

    This fragrance is fantastic. Men stop me to tell me how delicious smell. It's soft and pretty, but not whimpy. The body lotion is "to die for..."

  • BARBARA W07/19/2007

    Another one to try is Bvlgari's Rose Essentielle. It is warmer than this one, very beautiful and soft.

  • BARBARA W07/19/2007

    If you're looking for a "warm" floral, try Blv instead. This is a sharp, dry floral, more like a chypre than an oriental.

  • LISAANDTHEWORD07/16/2007

    Tried in the winter 1st, was nice but so faint! 2nd try warm day, applied liberally, much nicer! sexy feminine mix of violet & jasmine, sweet sultry one for night, no developing needed. not soapy. definite keeper.

  • MAUREEN07/14/2007

    I just got this scent and it goes in the garbage. It has a strong cheap soap smell which instantly hit me. I thought being a Bulgari fragrance the floral would smell true and delicate, not horrible and harsh. Definitely not for me.....

  • GREEKGIRL07/06/2007

    I really like this frag considering im not into florals, but it dosnt last at all, the saleslady sprayed me twice with this and i couldnt smell it after an hour at all, either could anyone else, if it had staying power i would have bought it cos it really is lovely and have a nice musky floral smell, but no way would i buy something that lasts less than an hour.

  • KELLY05/26/2007

    I want something that is feminine, warm, but subtle. Clean and soft with no notes that are overwhelming or too much in-your-face, just a nice blend.

  • BARBARA W04/17/2007

    I'm a huge Bvlgari fan, but I do not care for this one - too sharp and floral for my taste. Can't love 'em all!

  • YEEHAW03/28/2007

    This is so beautiful and feminine! The mimosa really comes out. I get many compliments on this one.

  • CLAIRE03/21/2007

    Sost, subtle, flowery and ever so feminine. My husband loves this scent on me. When first applied the top note is violets and the dry down is powdery and not too sweet. I feel pretty when I wear this and it can't get much better that that. Love it!

  • CHERY03/19/2007

    I decided to purchased this fragance because the good rating but i made a mistake. Its too strong annoying!! yuck i hate it. Got nauseas after trying it. Believe it's not for everyone.TRY BEFORE YOU BUY

  • MARLYS03/16/2007

    Bvlgari Pour Femme smells like Sensi to me. I love both fragrances. I've worn Pour Femme for years and have received many compliments when wearing it. It is soft and non-offensive, sits close to the skin. The new Rose rendition seems to last longer on my skin than the original and is equally pleasant. They are different enough to justify purchasing both.

  • MARA01/24/2007

    I am just now getting around to trying this fragrance and I must say that it is every good thing that has been said about it on this list. I find myself feeling uplifted every time I sniff it. So sorry I have missed it for such a long time. I have so many now that I love that I will have to live to be 500 to use them all up.

  • SAYA01/21/2007

    I've been in a love-hate relationship with this perfume for years. It's original, warm and classy scent, but every time I actually wear it I get bored of it in one day. I've never wore this one two days in a row... I wonder why.

  • MARY ALICE01/19/2007

    I just purchased the Rose Pour Femme EDP from another on-line site and it is wonderful. It lasted 15+ hours on me and is even more appealing than the regular Pour Femme because the floral components are more defined and focused. I'll be glad when it is more widely available and less expensive. I plan to get more now in case it is a limited edition.

  • KALINA10/22/2006

    this perfume is so pretty ans soothing. I wear it at night after a shower. I just gave birth to another little girl and she always seems to get so much closer when she smells this fragrance at night and my son crawls up in to my back to get close to me while he sleeps. this is a great late night fragrance for me.

  • VANYA09/14/2006

    Hi! I tried Bvlgari Rose Essentielle EdP - the same bottle as regular Pur Femme but the liquid is rose... As the name says, it is a "rose reinterpretation" of a regular Bvlgari fragrance. I usually don't care much about rose fragrances (I only like Stella) but can't tell you how I liked this one. It is BEAUTIFUL, sooo feminine, so ladylike. First the smell of roses is a tad harsh, very strong, but in a matter of seconds it settles down into a very elegant, warm, soft ledylike fragrance. Very sophisticated! I am definitely going to purchase it. I still don't know is it a limited edition or not - even sales persons don't know (some told me it is LE, some told me it will be a regular Bvlgari fragrance from now on). I also tried Bvlgari Voile de Jasmin EdT. Have on mind: Rose Essentielle is EdP and Voile de Jasmine is EdT, so Rose Essentielle is much stronger and longer lasting. Voile de Jasmine is a light green scent, I would say ideal for spring or summer if you like jasmin itself and greener scents. Staying power is not so good like of a Rose Essentielle EdP. I see Bvlgari Rose Essentielle as an ideal signature fragrance for a real lady.

  • ANGELIQUE07/27/2006

    Wow! Very nice scent. I bought the Eau de Toilette after reading reviews of it online. I'm only sorry I didn't buy the Eau de Parfum. Not sure if I'll actually get around to wearing this as my sig (I have a few others to get through first), but it's definitely a 'me' scent. It's so soft and delicate and has a beautiful flowery sweetness. It lasts, but isn't overpowering. This is what I call a 'pretty' smell - it's feminine through and through.

  • JOANNA07/15/2006

    bvlgari is one of those fragrances that you just want to smell all day, and not get a headache.

  • BILLYE T05/25/2006

    Has anyone tried this one yet? Heard it smells like Bvlgari Pour Femme - no difference? I don't like fragrances that smell almost the same because why buy both if the difference is slight?

  • S05/05/2006

    I love everything about this fragrance. The beginning, the middle, and the end. It's all just so lovely. It lasts all day and only gets better the longer it wears on your skin. It's a mixture of jasmine, rose, and tea notes.. very unique. The bottle is very elegant, and it matches the scent to a tee. Pour Femme will be nice in all settings and occasions.

  • FAIRLIND04/13/2006

    Ok, folks, you'd better shower with this one, if you want to enjoy it. If you pour enough of it on, it is quite lovely, floral, with a nice earthy drydown. Best used when you want to keep it between you and the one who'll be nibbling on your neck.

  • JENNA04/11/2006

    This has a subtle (but nicely noticeable) scent after several hours and so do the other Bvlgari scents that I have. I wear the Femme, Voile de Jasmin, and the mens Homme and Black which is "unisex". They are all different and so nice in their own style.

  • ROSÁRIA03/19/2006

    I think it's funny how some fragances from the same House have different quality and lasting power. I have Omnia and BLV . Omnia is EXCELLENT, one of my best. The smell is unique and you feel the smelling along with you for hours. On the other hand, BLV is somewhat a good fragance (But can't be compared to Omnia!), but the smell doesn't last at all. What about Bvlgay? Is it long lasting like Omnia or does the smell fade away like BLV?

  • COURTNEY02/24/2006

    You may also want to try the new Rose version. Also lovely for the rose-lovers out there. Pricey, though.

  • JENNA02/20/2006

    Try this new version with more jasmine. It's beautiful and so timely for Spring. You'll love it

  • RAJUL01/22/2006

    somehow this one is a dud on me.i was drawn to its classic status but it did absolutely nothing for me !! havin a tough time finishing my current bottle.

  • LISA01/04/2006

    first time buying perfume & this one was nice when i tried it on at the mall. my fiancee liked it so i bought it. The fresh smell is really starting to grow on me but the dry down to baby powder... not my favorite. clerk said was similar to chanel 5 (one i can't stand fresh but really luv the dry down on) :/

  • PAGE01/03/2006

    I love it; wish my whole life smelt like this all the time. Bought an expensive bottle recently and wished I had seen this site first! However, I do wish it stayed with me longer , for me to smell. Seems my daughter can detect it on me after I can't,yet it seems to disappear from my wrist an hour after spraying. I am hoping adding the body cream too will keep it lingering or trying the perfume and not the edp,which a 3.4 oz bottle just cost me over 130 bucks w/ tax whewwwwwwww and could have come to this site. I want it to linger more , for the pleasure and the cost of it, but the scent itself is classy;pure class. Light, floral, delicious;speaks of luxury-needs to last longer on me though.

  • SUE C12/26/2005

    Oops the sample I had was actually the one with extra green tea notes, which I didn't like. Bylgari Femme however is luxuriously beautiful, classy and tasteful and is a rich blend of very pretty florals. I came across a 10 ml purse spray bottle set and wore this scent at Christmas and got lots of compliments. Not for casual or outdoor use, you will feel really lovely in this perfume. The EDP has excellent staying power.

  • KATHY12/11/2005

    My thoughts exactly!! I tried this yesterday and upon spraying it, seemed as if it was nothing but water!! So about 20 minutes later, I finally detected a little scent. It smelled very faint, not bad, but like very weak toilet water.. This is nothing that I would spend that kind of money on. What would be the point.

  • AMY12/07/2005

    i really like this one even though i don't usually go for floral types but it's very soft and feminine. not too strong to offend anyone. i admit it's little pricey but aren't we worth it?

  • ZUANIA11/23/2005

    talking about this perfume or the Petits et Mamans perfume?, I love them both!!!

  • MAYA11/22/2005

    This Bvlgari scent is most certainly not meant for kids let alone babies, so feel safe wearing it and enjoy... This a true floral from top to bottom, in fact one of the very few florals I ever enjoyed.

  • S.11/18/2005

    Hi girls! I love this perfume. Is it meant just for babies or...To me, it's just gorgeous but I wonder whether it looks funny using it as an adult. Thanks.

  • ZUANIA11/15/2005

    I just discovered this scent, I have been a Blvgari Petits et Mamans user for almost 3 years and I'm so glad I decided to try this fragrance. This will be my new signature fragrance. It's not overwhelming and that's what I love about it, It's wonderful!!!

  • SVEA11/12/2005

    I didn't like Bvlgari Pour Femme when it was designed years ago. It was sort of nice but not very attractive to me, it is hard to explain it. Something when you say: "That's a nice fragrance but for other ladies, not for me". By the way, I didn't like green fragrances so much before and now I like them better...Recently I have started to appreciate this fine fragrance...because thare are not fine fragrances any more out there. Bvlgari is fine, elegant, chic and rich fragrance. Fresh and feminine, a green-floral with a touch of aromatic notes (Sambac jasmine tea). Very classy!!! I'm surprised that it has not staying power on some of you, well - it seems that everything is a body chemistry: it is VERY longlasting on me, great staying power! I have to say that EdP is a tad sharper and greener than EdT and EdT has more noticeable mimosa note in it. EdT is softer than EdP but very longlasting too. EdP has a great 'sillage', very good staying power! If you prefer greener notes try EdP and I recommend EdT for summer. I read that Bvlgari made LE for Christmas Bvlgari Pour Femme Rose, and Bvlgari Pour Femme Jasmine. Anyone tried? I'm so curious, please response if you've tried it!

  • MARJH10/28/2005

    I went to a perfume store and took a sample on a paper, it smells ridiculous. Pungent odor.The price not worth its scent. Women above 70 years of age might appreciate this perfume, not for the middle age.

  • KAREN10/20/2005

    is it just me or does this perfume smell of NOTHING??? I mean there is a hint of something spicy and then . Where is the impact, the elegance and uniqueness thats supposed to be BVLGARI?? First I though it was a bad baottle and then I tried it at the stores. Even Omnia has the same complaint from me. I dont know..what am I missing?? I can smell everything else but not this one. Its very sad

  • PEACE09/28/2005

    Hi, thanks for your reponse. I have another question: which is for you the cleanest and most long-lasting parfum for women? thanks, peace

  • PERFUME JUNKIE08/20/2005

    Peace, I don't think it smells like Paris, although Bulgari is also floral. Paris makes more emphasis on rose and although I like it, I find it a bit overpowering. Smells lovely on my mum, though. I like Bulgari very much. I have a sample tin which has the scent and the body lotion. I think this is greener than Paris. Hope this helps. :)

  • PEACE07/17/2005

    I just bought this parfum because I did read comments on its clean qualities. However, it seems to be sweet rather than clean or fresh. I have a question for all you: is this parfum very similar to Paris parfum from Christian Dior? I smell my wrist every now and again and it reminds me of Paris. Please, comments.

  • N.N.06/09/2005

    I use the EDT and love it. EDT is softer than EDP but still very longlasting. This is an exceptional fragrance of high quality...The best of Bvlgari. EDT is an ideal soothing summer fragrance, it develops so nicely in hot weather into a rich, mellow, aromatic scent.

  • DEB05/16/2005

    the one I turn to whenever I want to feel natural and beautiful.. so sexy.. after all these years!

  • KELLY05/15/2005

    I had the eau de toilette in '97 and it was enough in Asia where it is hot and humid. But now that I'm living in N. Europe, even eau de parfum can seem a bit light during winter. I use the eau fraiche for summer now. This is, in my opinion, the best bvlgari parfum, and I have bought the rest of bvlgari's parfums to compare them. The most feminine as well.

  • DANCER4LIFE03/20/2005

    This scent happens to be one of my favorites. It smells floral yet it is light, pleasant, and stays on all day. I like how it wears down - to a powdery floral base, I find it very pretty. Can wear it pretty much anywhere, can be a dress up as well as a dress down scent. Thumbs up.

  • PAZZO03/18/2005

    I use Blv, but i have noticed it's not very long lasting - meaning i can't smell it on myself after an hr or two even after using it quite generously.Also no one else can smell it on me.Wondering if this is a characteristic of the perfume or just my chemistry.Anyway may be you guys could recommend a stronger bvlgari for me?How is Bvlgari original?Am wondering about buying some , but am totally put off by my Blv experience.Also from the post i know that Omnia is not long lasting either.So is this a characteristic of bvlgari perfumes?.

  • NICKIE03/17/2005

    It has been 3 years now I wear this perfume, always have very nice compliment of this scent. I find this scent is very feminin, sensual, romantic, classy etc... I love this scent very much, I wear to work, to the party to anywhere I go its too beautiful not to wear it.

  • ELAINE03/05/2005

    clean & fresh & sexy all in one.. its makes a statement.that i'm a very senualous woman

  • ARIADNE02/14/2005

    Fine but somehow it lacks personality. Could be boring. But anyway this is a very high quality, very longlasting fragrance, excellent staying power. So, if you like "tea scented fragrances" this might be your ideal signature scent.

  • E-DIDDY01/17/2005

    I love this fragrance especially because it's versatile- suits both younger and older females and it's appropriate for pretty much all sorts of occasions. It's very rich and lively, completely worth it and it's a great female counterpart to one of the best male colognes out there.

  • PEPE LE PEW12/24/2004

    It's smells nice and clean but it wasn't for me. Smelt too much like hand soap. Prefer Silver Romance and Seduction

  • KAREN S.12/18/2004

    I was sceptical as this brand 's reputation goes before it. I have only tried the EDT but I love it. Can't wait to try the perfume. I think one has to be a little in love with violets and roses for the story to be magical but it certaily works on my imagination. Seductive and dream-like. I felt like Sheherezade

  • LYNN12/14/2004

    Love this one, and men love it very much on me. My other 3 fav's are Chanel-Coco Madamoselle, Very Sexy #1 by Victoria's Secret, and Basic Instinct by Victoria's Secret.

  • MIRA11/27/2004

    great perfume, very long lasting and distinguished. it's not an wear it everyday or wear it at work kind of perfume. It's a little sweat/heavy, especially for SoCal weather. Like somebody noted before, it's perfect for colder weater. I LOVE IT!

  • MIRA11/27/2004

    great perfume, very long lasting and distinguished. it's not an wear it everyday or wear it at work kind of perfume. It's a little sweat/heavy, especially for SoCal weather. Like somebody noted before, it's perfect for colder weater. I LOVE IT!

  • BRIDGET11/01/2004

    Amore, Amore...what can I say? I love this fragrance. It's not too overpowering. It's very feminine. I feel so "rich" wearing it! Bravo, Bulgari....ciao!

  • KRIS10/16/2004

    I live in Southern California. I loved this scent last winter when I purchased it. I thought that it would be good for the spring and summer. WRONG!! On me it was horrible in the heat and I almost threw it out. Well here it is October and once again I like it. I don't love it but it can be pleasant.

  • VALANTINA09/17/2004

    Hi adore this smell. it is soft, powdery and oh so feminine! Keep it up Bvlgari

  • LINA09/11/2004

    Absolutely elegant, very fine, not overwhelming, ladylike but not very sexy. Scent of a tea is very obvious, it is more "aromatic" than floral scent. VERY LONGLASTING!


    I have this fragrance and it is very unique and alluring. It's timeless smell and bottle is something to appreciate. It wears very nicely on me and stays on all day long. Guys, if you want to impress a woman, then you need to familiarize yourself with all elegant scents. This being one of them.................

  • HELENA08/02/2004

    I would like to change my vote to 5 stars. I sprayed this perfume on myself almost 9 hours ago and I can't stop sniffing my arms and wrists, it's smells like heaven and actually lifts my spirit all day long ! Wonderful and not heavy for summer at all.

  • PENNY07/30/2004

    I have been wearing this scent for 7 years now and I have received compliments on it over and over again. I have to admit though, I like it better in the cooler months than in the summer.

  • HELENA07/25/2004

    No, it's not for an old lady IMHO at all. My husband brought me this perfume from the duty free (never tried it or even smelled it before, but he liked it and bought it) and it's rather nice and elegand smell. Thank God it has a good chemistry with my skin, because he bought 100 ml and a body lotion. It's very original and light, took me a couple of days to get use to it, but I really do like it now.

  • KELL07/20/2004

    Is this an old lady fragrance. I was considering it but don't know if its more for me or my mom. I'm 24 years old

  • INGRID05/16/2004

    A verry classy perfume!! Love the elegant smell of it, not to overwelming but a verry soft apart, lovely scent. This is a perfume I buy again and again and again.......

  • PULURETTA04/09/2004

    I thought this was way too strong and overpowering- to the point of causing a headache. Definitely a floral scent.

  • SUZANNE04/08/2004

    Hi Staci - I think you and I are on the wrong site - everybody else seems to love this stuff! Which perfumes do you find that you love? It you are like me, you go for spicy, vanilla oriental-type fragrances. I am just not all that excited about or attracted to really floral perfume - which is funny because I love to smell REAL flowers!

  • STACI04/07/2004

    Subjective sure is the word! I found Bvlgari repulsive. Suzanne is right about the true description of this perfume. "Overpoweringly lemony and nasty sickening honeysuckle... Not at all like it is advertised." I became nauseated and had a headache all day after just a quick whiff of this stuff. Luckily, I applied the perfume on a piece of paper and not my skin. Blah! :-p

  • MANU03/18/2004

    This perfume is one of my favorites, it's elegant and delicate. Bravo Bvlgari!!!!

  • DK02/23/2004

    I went to the shop 3 times before I bought this Bulgari. At first I hesitated because I perceived the brand Bulgari as old rich ladies' purfumes. First time I got the testing paper which I couldn't stop sniffing it. Second time I tried it on my wrist and I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist. Finally I went to bought it. It's a love at first sniff for me.

  • SUE C02/18/2004

    This perfume has green tea in both the top notes and middle notes (all Bulgari scents are composed around this unusual ingredient). It can be a little tenacious and if you don't like it, its persistence can become annoying and you may want to wash it off! I found it had this effect on me, but it is still a very classy fragrance that many people will love if it suits them.

  • DEBBIE02/04/2004

    yes, this is nice, yet boring. I really liked it but after trying it for several times, I almost stopped using it.The powdery smell in Bvlgari is appropriate only for cold weather.I also has Anna Sui by Anna Sui, it has also powdery smell, but at least it has some uniqueness(though it's too sweet) maybe I am too picky

  • BELLE02/02/2004

    Beautiful scent! Different, uncomparable! Very feminine, but pleasant(not a too floralish smell). I know it's been around, but I'm just now trying it out, and it truly is one of the classics!

  • BROWNIE12/18/2003

    i just tried the new one Omnia and was terribly disappointed. Plastic, yorghurt, various spicies mixed up with insect unattractive and plastic...who'd like to smell like this bad??? By the way i quite like Bvlgari pour femme. Classy, sweet but natural, very sophisticated.

  • LADYBUG12/02/2003

    I think that those of you who thought this was a horrible secnt were smelling it right out of the bottle. Put a little on and TRy AGAIN. BEautiful soft SEXY as hell. I love it I am so happy I found this scent i will never use another parfume again I have never recieved so many compliments in my life!

  • FRANCESCA11/28/2003

    I bought bvlgari in Italy in the year it was launched and even if I had tried millions of other perfumes I could never get away from this. the class, elegance, natural sophistication is simply unbeatable.

  • LIZ11/20/2003

    I bought my first bottle 6 years ago. My husband was with me as I tested several perfumes, and this is the only one he liked. Since then, I've had strangers stop me and ask me what I'm wearing. When I took my car in for servicing recently, the man (very attractive) writing up my order complimented me and said he'd fix my car personally if I'd stand within smelling distance of him. It's a classic for me that always elicits compliments, so I feel wonderful wearing it ... even when I can't smell it myself.

  • SUZANNE11/05/2003

    Interesting how subjective scent it - I read others saying they think perfumes that I love (Angel, Hypnotic Poison, Hot Couture, Escada Collection, etc) are repulsive. Well. I made the mistake of trying a sample of this Bulgari on my wrist once....Agh! It was so awful I had to wash and wash and still couldn't get the smell off of me. On me it smelled like a cheap Avon scent from the 60's for little girls. Overpoweringly lemony and nasty sickening honeysuckle or other overpowering floral smell. Not at all like it is advertised. But of course, that is just how it smelled on ME. I might even like the way it smells on someone else, who knows

  • LENA09/16/2003

    I agree with Hisako (6/20). It is nice and boring at the same time.

  • MJC09/10/2003

    I have been wearing this scent for years and I consider it my signature scent. Everyone always tell me how nice I smell, and want to know what I am wearing, and where they can get it. I just love it. I just wish I could find the body lotion. I also like Desnuda by Ungaro, and BY by Dolce and Gabbana. If anyone could tell me where I could find the Bvlgari lotion I would appreciate it.

  • CLAUDIA09/05/2003

    This is a beautiful fragrance. This is my signature scent. I ALWAYS get compliments when ever I wear it!!

  • CMW.07/15/2003

    I own a lot of perfumes... I also try out a lot of the ones I don't own or new ones that come out... but still through it ALL... when it comes down to the most beautiful scent... I'd still have to hand it to Bvlgari... it's just amazing... never obtrusive... just beautiful in every way... wow.....

  • IRMA06/26/2003

    I was walking by the perfume counter at Neiman Marcus one summer, many years ago, when one of the associates sprayed me with Bulgari... Well, the effect was amazing, on my way home (via commuter train) men were turning their heads when I walked by...

  • ANGELICA06/24/2003

    I recommend using the edt instead of edp because this fragrance is strong. I have used this for over 7 years now and nothing tops Bulgari!

  • HISAKO06/20/2003

    Refined, sophisticated, classy and beautiful scent that I almost buy. It is so perfect that it became boring....what do you think?

  • ALEX05/28/2003

    As I am reading the messages, I am surprised that still there are people testing a perfume by sniffing from the bottle!!! It is a strong has to be tested on skin, on cotton, paper and give it some time in order to rate it!

  • ALEX05/28/2003

    Very refined, very elegant. Bravo, Bvlgari!

  • BULGARI05/28/2003

    To me, Bulgari fragrances are "safe". Not bad, offensive, headache or nausea causing, not "run for your lives" perfumes, just "blah". To me they smell generic. Even Black is contrived and boring. I just don't "get" Bulgari.

  • M04/20/2003

    Very good. Pure, fresh, clean and sexy at the same time. I really like it. It is one of my two favourites, the another one is 212 by Carolina Herrera.

  • NICOLEB04/10/2003

    Love it so much.

  • GABRIEL03/17/2003


  • TINAB03/14/2003

    After wearing this fragrance more frequently, I'd like to re-post--I've really changed my mind. When I wore it today, it came to me that I absolutely LOVED it--very softly floral without being sweet--actually, quietly sophisticated. It is Fabulous!!!!!

  • KBN02/21/2003

    bulgari pour femme is one of my top two favorite fragrances, issey is the other... i love this fragrance, it is soft, feminine and elegant...

  • TINAB02/20/2003

    The initial spray is fabulous--then an odd almost chemical note comes into play--the final dry down is light and pleasant--nothing to rave about though!!!!

  • DEBRA B02/10/2003

    For a while there, this scent was on everyone's must-have list. I confess, I got sucked in to the hype -- even wore it for a while. Then my teenage son said it smelled like the laundry detergent aisle at the grocery store, and I went, " 75 bucks a bottle?"

  • BB01/11/2003

    i promised myself i would not judge a perfume till i have given it the 16 hour shift test at work. mackie was a bad experience. loved it in the bottle but on my skin after two hours it turned sooo so bad. so bulgari got the test too. this stuff lasts. but it morphs into something totally different after about 8 hours. it becomes unrecognizable as bulgari. heady warmth and something very personal is what it turned into on my skin. i can still smell it on my lab coat and that still smells like bulgari. very sexy and very yummy.

  • SID12/30/2002

    This to me smells like rotting strawberries mixed with nail polish remover.

  • DEB112/20/2002

    It is soft and subtle at first, but after wearing it for several hours, it really starts to get on my nerves. Not sure why it becomes too much to bear.

  • ABERCROMBIE12/19/2002

    I thought this was vile. It smelled like bug spray. Very sharp and unpleasant. It wasn't even my body chemistry, because it smelled that way just sniffing the top.

  • BB12/15/2002

    when i first got this in the mail, i was making tuna salad. in my excitement, i decided to open it in the kitchen. that was not a good idea, and the first impression was not a good one. i have used it more since hoping to get used to it and i have, i really like it now. its very delicate when used sparingly, as most perfumes should be used.

  • CONNIE12/07/2002

    Yes, I absolutely agree that this scent is the ultimate feminine smell. It is floral in a very natural musky womanly way, not the typical sweet floral scent. I like the smell on myself as it makes me feel very womanly, sexy and natural (no pretence fragrance). My hubby who does not really fancy the sweet floral type of smell, loves this on me. He says that it makes me smell really, really woman and desirable. The smell is very relaxing too, it does not smell too artificial and potent like some other perfumes.


    I am extremely picky about scents! I don't like florals, or difficult scents, or those that enter the room before you do and stay after making small chat you didn't take part in, either. But I bought a bottle of this, and my husband who has no scent glands went nuts over it. To be really sexist i think this is how men expect women to smell. But a man whom likes a woman in a flowery dress in summer, a woman with long tressess flowing. This is not sport scent! To risk even more sexism, I'd say, this scent says " I am not here to compete with you dear man, but to flatter you , listen to you ( or pretend to) and smile sweetly as if i cared at the right moments... I don't think this smells like Mom, But then, I am Moms age now. I couldnt' get enough of this smell and dotted on my last drops and sadly threw the empty bottle away, and my husband even noticed when I didnt' have it on. This scent makes me feel like a beautiful woman!

  • MYRTLE11/23/2002

    it smells really great i bought one as a gift for my mom... i havent given it to her yet but im confident that she'll adore it...

  • AMY10/22/2002

    I really love this is hard to describe what it smells like though. Worth every penny!!

  • JUDY10/13/2002

    This was simply the best of at least 17 samples I recently tried. Others I liked are lot were Cabotine, Red Door, Champs Elysees and Sung. But I must have a full bottle of Bvlgari!

  • ANGELICA10/12/2002

    Bvlgari makes me feel so sexy! I get alot of compliments on this one.

  • STEF10/09/2002

    Actually...I'd be lying if I this scent is boring. This is my sig scent (8+ yrs.) Great for those looking for a sweet fragrance that isn't fruity or vanilla-ish. But do test before buying since it is quite expensive.

  • SAYRAH09/16/2002

    it is wonderful

  • BETHANY08/23/2002

    Very gentle,soft kind of scent. Extremely light. I usually appreciate soft,light scents, but this one seemed to have no real Oomph to it, if that makes any sense. Maybe it is better when layered, I could hardly smell it when I tried the cologne. It does have a soothing feel to it though...

  • STEPHANIE07/18/2002

    I agree with Carla's message. At times I like wearing it, but sometimes I just find it a bit too cloying once I've had it on for a while. I have to be in the right mood to wear this I guess. I don't have the same luck with it lasting long as many others here seem to.

  • MARISSA07/01/2002

    Another "relaxing" overpriced perfume that will help put you and your loved ones to sleep. It does smell nice, but I have perfumed soap that smells nice. Not worth the price-A Rip Off.

  • CINDY05/01/2002

    Love other Blvgari's but not this one so much. It really lasts though!

  • I.P.I.04/29/2002

    I can't say it's bad. It is elegant and the good quality perfume (VERY GOOD staying power!!!), but it has really something boring in it. Deffinitely not sexy. Calming...I wouldn't use it for my signature scent or something like that.

  • LOLA04/19/2002

    another good girl,boring scent.all judgemental mothers-in-law and insecure relatives will approve of this one.

  • CARLA04/01/2002

    I like it, but it doesn't suit me. Far too sweet. I get a bit sick of smelling it on myself. Like it on others though

  • HANA03/25/2002

    Those who said there's something relaxing in this fragrance were right! It has kind of aromatherapy effect on me. It is one of my favorite florals, one of the best light perfumes that will not make you sick... but, sorry, it is not sexy. Not at all! Nice, calm and relaxing, but not exciting.

  • MIMI03/24/2002

    then I'd be lying! THis is my sig scent, so I hate to spread the word about how good it is, soon it'll be like tresor- everyone will wear it!!! :p I love how clean, refreshing, yet elegant and sexy this is. Love it.

  • D03/08/2002

    maybe it makes you drowsy because it is a relaxing soft perfume. Do you feel drowsy every time you wear it?

  • CRYSTAL03/07/2002

    For some reasons,this perfume makes me feel drowsy....not to mention all the people surrounding me too!

  • K.03/02/2002

    No, Deb, there is not tuberose in it. Someone already told you about Bvlgari composition! Why don't you try it and decide do you like it or not?

  • DEB02/21/2002

    is ther tuberose in it?

  • ELSIECLAIRE02/07/2002

    As I am normally a 'First' wearer, (Vancleef & Arpels), I am so pleased with this fragrance. It is feminine and not overbearing. Always receive compliments.

  • RHONDA01/29/2002

    Wonderful fragrance! Mild scented and luring

  • KATIE01/21/2002

    Received Bvlgari from my husband this Christmas and have to say that it's the most soft, sensual, and sexy perfume that I have ever worn. I encourage everyone to give it a try.

  • DEB01/15/2002


  • KASIA01/11/2002

    Deb, one more note for you. I found this description of Bvlgari: jasmine tea, mimosa, prelude rose, bergamot, jasmine, woods, orange blossom, pepper and corriander. Hope that helps, but anyway you have to try it yourself. If you like the fragrance I recommend you their new product - Poudre Doree Pour Le Soir (Golden Body Powder For The Evening).

  • KASIA01/10/2002

    Deb, notes are, as far as I know, jasmine - jasmine tea, orange blossom and a blend of violet...etc... Nice, refined, flowery-powdery fragrance.

  • DEB01/02/2002

    Anyone know what notes are in this perfume?

  • ANDI01/01/2002

    This is pure pleasure. Well worth the 120 dollars. I am always asked what is my signature scent

  • AIMEE12/19/2001

    Subtle, sweet honey; warm; powdery; spicy; dry; chalky; ends with woods. It was somewhat subtle: I had to put 2 applications on to sample.

  • DEB12/06/2001

    Its sexy and feminine at the same time, a man at the fragrance counter smelled it and said it was sexy and romantic

  • DINA11/16/2001

    Not my favorite and really, as some of you said very tea-like, but definitelly very elegant, classy perfume. Smart bottle, everything is excellant, for those of a good taste.

  • KENDALL10/27/2001

    It is very soft and not overdone. I would say it's the top of the line! Anyone with great taste should wears this. Strongly suggest trying this one out.

  • TRUEBLUE10/07/2001

    Very chamomile-tea like, but surprisingly long-lasting. Mild, pleasant. But, anyway, I'm not crazy about it. I like the packaging - ellegant and cosy, the real Bvlgari.

  • CAROLW10/06/2001

    If you like the Bvlgari pour Femme, and would like a more baby powdery and chamomile touch to it, try the Bvlgari Petit et Mamans, kind of hard to find, designed with mothers and babies in mind, this fragrance smells to me similar to the pour Femme with above variation.

  • CAROLW10/06/2001

    Very feminine, classy, warm, romantic, golden floral. A small spritz lasts all day without being overpowering.

  • EVONE09/28/2001

    I agree that this fragrance reminds you of tea or chamomile... but my husband bought it for me and he loves it. I don't wear it in the daytime, I save it for evening as I think it is a romantic scent.

  • VIKI09/17/2001

    It's pleasant, but not exciting perfume. Kind of mild, like chamomile tea.Women like it, but most of the men I know don't like it.It's good (relaxing) for daytime and job, but definitelly it's not for evening/romantic wear.

  • LEAH09/02/2001

    Great gift epecially if an entire set to layer, delicious.

  • MICHELLE08/23/2001

    I LOVE this scent - it's so clean, light and airy!

  • MONTE08/21/2001

    Discovered this scent after several smell tests at a fragrance store. You would think after all the different smells, it wouldn't have an effect on me, but it did! I love it and now I won't wear anything else. I get several compliments on this light, fresh, wonderful scent!

  • CATARINA08/21/2001

    I like how soft, discreet and lasting all the Blvlgari scents are. This one smells like tea in the beginning, but it dries down to a very clean and pleasant scent. Guys have told me it's too 'soapy' for a woman, but I rarely wear perfume to please them ... unless I'm trying to get one to swallow my hook ;o)

  • VICKI08/02/2001

    Always, but, ALWAYS check a fragrance on your own skin as various scents will differ depending on skin chemistry. I've personnaly found perfumes to become overly sweet on me but have not had that problem with this one and am very fond of it. Lasting, without being overpowering indicating sophistication not cheapness.

  • NURSE PEBBLES07/13/2001

    Another scent besides my "Ellen Tracy",where strangers will stop and ask what I am love this one too:)

  • PETRA06/21/2001

    I am not a *floral* person, but LOVE this scent. I bought based on the recommendations found here, and don't regret it. It's the perfect scent. Most perfumes seem overdone after wearing this and I don't worry about overpowering sensitive persons.

  • DEB 06/21/2001

    My all time favorite, almost everybody loves this soft, sexy scent. One of the few perfumes that do not turn sour on me after a few hours.

  • BONNIE06/19/2001

    Classy, feminine and sensual. What's truly amazing is that the scent lasts all day. Definitely one of my absolute favorites. Men love it too!

  • SARAH WATSON06/15/2001


  • SARAH WATSON06/15/2001


  • GISELLE06/11/2001

    I bought based on positive feedback of others - makes me very queasy, strongly dislike this one.

  • DANA05/27/2001

    All time wonderful scent - nothing compares to it!! It's sweet, sexy, and sensual. MEN LOVE IT!! My boyfriend loves when I wear this! Definetly and amazing floral/green scent.

  • LEE05/09/2001

    Totally recommend this scent.

  • PATTYE02/24/2001

    This fragrance truly smells like heaven, like very early Spring. It is so feminine and seductive, but gentle.

  • ANGELICA12/23/2000

    Everytime I wear Bvlgari to work, my male coworkers always tell me I smell damn good!!!

  • CHARMAINE11/24/2000

    Very nice,light scent for people with allergies.

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