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In Love Again Yves Saint Laurent Image

Yves Saint Laurent

In Love Again   

35 Reviews

A 1998 Limited Edition Collection by Yves Saint Laurent, In Love Again is a joyful and romantic fragrance. This fragrance is no longer available in retail stores, In Love again is a fragrance collector's item. Top notes include grapes, grapefruit, brimbelle. Heart notes include tulip tree, grapefruit, water lily. Base notes include blackberry, more

Mini Gift Set - 0.33 oz x 4 EDT Minis (2005 Limited Edition)
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3.3 oz EDT Spray (2005 Edition)
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A 1998 Limited Edition Collection by Yves Saint Laurent, In Love Again is a joyful and romantic fragrance. This fragrance is no longer available in retail stores, In Love again is a fragrance collector's item. Top notes include grapes, grapefruit, brimbelle. Heart notes include tulip tree, grapefruit, water lily. Base notes include blackberry, sandalwood, mush.

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  • LIZZIE02/07/2007

    i can understand the comparison to baby doll, with the freshness and grapefruit present in both. both are very energetic, light, youthful fragrances, but i think that baby doll is quite a bit sweeter, with the presence of rose and peach balancing out the grapefruit very nicely. in love again has a lot more grapefruit in it, and the musk & sandalwood ground the fragrance into something rather earthy but still not too serious. i love both... baby doll has better staying power, however. neither fragrance drive me absolutely wild (i love RED fragrances... rich orientals with amber and spice and fruit) but i'd definitely wear these two during the day with a pretty summer dress.

  • JUVENTAS01/31/2007

    i wasnt too crazy about this when i 1st wore it, but so many people adored it. i found it a bit typical floral and cutesy, but it wears well for daytime whne u dont have to seem to serious...flirty and frivolous.

  • DIONNE02/02/2006

    I know I keep saying I have MANY MANY perfumes but it's true and this romantic blend (with sharp florals) sends me crazy. An oldie but a goodie!!

  • BANGA09/08/2005

    i've the newest one(i hear ones that were available in 2004 are different from the one i have). It took me 3 times for me to like this one. At first, the drydown was not at all attractive, smelling like typical escada limited edtion fruity perfumes-i couldn't stand it. The lemony scent I got after half an hour was too...peppery, it smelled like some lemony spice that's used for "smelly" river fish or pork which i forgot the name of. The 3rd time I tried it, i didn't really notice that spice scent and the weird drydown anymore but refreshing and cute smell. I guess ive grown to like it in short amount of time?? i just had to bring one home. Besides, the name is in love again, too! =) The lasting power is excellent and the price is quite cheap for a perfume with a famous brand name. i didn't get any compliment but i like it, so whatever.

  • LEE ANN09/05/2005

    There is NO resemblance to Baby Doll. In smells very similar to Calyx by Prescriptive. I love Baby Doll and this ain't like it at all.

  • ALIZUNA08/25/2005

    It was a first - limited edition in 1998 and all bottles dissapeared from the stores (YSL marketing) they re-launched is in the different bottle and box in 2004 - but I smell very little difference and can't really tell what the difference is but still it is great IN LOVE AGAIN!!! Favorite for ever!

  • MAYA07/20/2005

    I read all these comments and thought to myself I have to have this. I went to the store yesterday to see what all the talk was about! I wanted this wonderful fragrance too! Unfortunately, it was not what I had expected... I do not smell the grape, not even the grapefruit... all I smell is saturated citrus fumes... Pretty much like a wood cleaner but stronger. I was hoping that it would be a similar scent to Baby Doll - which I get compliment upon compliment wearing but this was just frightful!

  • MAYA07/18/2005

    I would like to get a bottle of this fragrance, however my concern is regarding the lifetime of the fragrance itself? They are not in the stores anymore and I guess since it was launched in 1998 that would also be the last time they were made. Is the fragrance still the same even 7 years later?

  • MEOW-MEOW06/30/2005

    Absolutely adore it! I love its fresh opening and the soft-powdery-musky dry down works as a charm on my skin. It is never tooooo fruity or sweet like Baby Boll; In Love Again is playful on the more exalted side.

  • ERIKA G06/01/2005

    Nothing like it out there. Very harmonious and not citrusy at all. Adore the fragrantly sweet aroma of the grapes, toned by the light tang of the grapefruit. Somehow it's not overbearingly fruity (I prefer florals, yet it's my favorite) Cool by impression, lasts a very long time on clothes and hair rather than skin. Still had a bottle stashed from '98, just opened it to fall in love all over again. As far as I'm concerned, Baby Doll is a verry berry wannabe for those with a taste for a sweeeet raspberry daiquiry... Glad it's got released again, and hope it is to stay this time.

  • JANE02/11/2005

    I Love, Love, Love, In Love Again... Very nice - more a summery kind of fragrance. Makes me feel good - uplifting.

  • ANDREA02/08/2005

    I just can't get enough of this perfume! I'm allergic to most perfumes and I like a softer scent. I've been looking for a scent for a long time and fell in love with In Love Again.

  • CHRISTABELLE11/13/2004

    I absolutely love the initial smell of this perfume, a burst of flowers and citrus that is heavenly. However, after the initial topnotes very quickly fade, the predominant smell is... hmmm....musk. maybe vanilla musk. If you like musk, great! I know alot of people do. I would wear it as a fun, funky weekend perfume, for those times when i want a blast back to my 70's past.

  • SHELLEY10/12/2004

    It is NOT like Baby Doll! It is so much better. I wore it when going out for the first time with my now husband, and I can tell you HE loves it. We are so delighted to find it again since it is no longer in retail stores. I can guarantee you will be in love again if you like light, sensual not sweet fragrance.

  • JT10/07/2004

    I absolutely love it!! Personally, I can't smell the grapefruit that much that everyone else seems to smell... to me it is pure Guava juice! I think some who know what that tastes like will agree. Yummy...

  • PELIN09/05/2004

    I dont wanna smell like grapefuit.It ain't for me

  • SOPHIE09/01/2004

    It is absolutely the same as Baby Doll. I can't distinguish between the 2. The only very small difference might be that Baby Doll is perhaps little sweeter than this one. If you can't get In Love Again in the stores, don't get upset, buy Baby Doll.

  • BELLE08/06/2004

    I'm not "In Love" with this one. I like to eat grapefruit, but I don't want to smell like one. I like to smell grapefruit, just not wear it. You get the point... it screams grapefruit and a lot of the citrus fragrances can at times turn sour smelling on people. This one is not for me.

  • GRISI07/28/2004

    Uaaaaaaaaau!!!This cologne is so wonderful!!!The first time i smelt it i liked a lot! I think that iks an sparkling cologne with some sensual exotic breezes that creats a refreshing smell that invite you to refresh on a hot summer day. I believe taht is very similar at Baby Doll, but not so sweet, more light. My mother loved taht perfume, and when i smell that fragance, it reminds me my lovely mother. I'ts a lovely fragance and very optimistic. Love it.

  • KAMELIA07/26/2004

    I'm from Sofia,Bulgaria. This parfum is the Best ! Fantastic...

  • CHRISTA07/02/2004

    My new signature frangrance--it's fresh, clean and sexy. I knew it was a keeper when my 23 y/o son who has very discriminating tastes complimented me on how great it smelled. My only disappointment is that it doesn't seem to last.

  • J8205/31/2004

    I'm more into fresh scents, but I have to say I totally loved "In Love Again"; it's very sexy and charismatic. Either you really love it, or you hate it.

  • MGARIS05/28/2004

    This one doesn't get going, for a while. Wait maybe twenty minutes, before deciding it's purely grapefruit. You'll be surprised when other fruits, flowers and some moss, emerge. I found it lasting . . . but honestly, if you're looking for a citrus top note, DIORELLA is more elegant and just as refreshing.

  • CK05/28/2004

    Never purchased the old "orignal" but I do like the notes of this one! Unfortunately, it does not last long! Only if it I had the lotion or body cream to layer it, it would last much longer! Hey! Why didn't they make this a eau de parfum? I wish these manufacturers stop cutting corners on everything!

  • BETH 04/30/2004

    I bought this whe n it was a limited edition in 1998 and have used it sparingly since due to its unavailability, and I was thrilled to find it this spring. It is no longer a unique grapefruit scent as it once was but it is still about the best and I receive many compliments on it!

  • DERK04/29/2004

    I went to the store to buy Vera Wang and left with In Love Again! Great Spring/Summer scent.

  • TASH04/23/2004

    This is one of the nicest fragrances I have smelt in a while. The fragrance actually lasts on my skin and the top notes are very intense. An all-round excellent fragrance. Can't get enough!!

  • DOROTHY LEEANNA04/06/2004

    good daytime fragrance

  • CHRIS.04/02/2004

    I think you can call this scent lovely. Don't be angry on it just because it is not that unique and follows a certain style (Hermes just came out last year with its "Un Jardin en Mediterrane" which is very similar). In Love again is to me a lovely, feminine, young and optimistic springtime fragrance! Well done!

  • ~EVELYN~03/19/2004

    I just sampled “In Love Again”. Truthfully, I cannot call it a fragrance; it is just another of the all-too-many faddish scents mass marketed today. Initially, upon spraying there is a STRONG burst of grapefruit and then gradually mellows. It is clean, crisp, fresh, and faintly sweet…as air freshener. I do not find it any more short-lived then others of this type. "In Love Again" is geared towards the young as evidenced by the packaging and bottle. It certainly is not worth the exorbitant retail price. Forget the hype…save a bundle by buying an imitation or something similar for a fraction of the cost.

  • CLAUD03/09/2004

    Nice scent, not initially though. Smells very familiar of other citrusy fragrances and unfortunately does not hold up for very long.

  • CHRISTINA03/02/2004

    I tried this and first thought what a gorgeous smell! Wonderful florals and freshness. After it dried down the base note on me was sort of a vanilla musk, which is not my favorite. Too bad, because I loved the top note.

  • GRACEY02/19/2004

    Ever since my first bottle got finished in 1998 when it came out i tried looking for it several times with no luck. I stumbled upon it in January 2004 when it hit the stores (i.e. The Bay) again. Absolutely sensual, feminine and yet with a touch of independence. Absolutely beautiful smell.

  • KATHY1102/15/2004

    When I first sampled In Love Again I thought "yuck, grapefruit" but after a couple of minutes the scent of beautiful water flowers and fruits emerged. This scent is fabulous!

  • XXX02/13/2004

    love the smell! does not stick to the skin though

  • LOUISE02/06/2004

    This is SUPER grapefruity. It is very reminiscent of Baby Doll. I think it's kind of a cloying, irritating fragrance, but it will probably be popular with the Baby Doll crowd.

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