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48 Reviews

Created by Molinard in 1924, Habanita is a luxurious, oriental, woody fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of fruit peach, floral rose, vanilla and leather. Habanita is recommended for romantic wear.

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Created by Molinard in 1924, Habanita is a luxurious, oriental, woody fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of fruit peach, floral rose, vanilla and leather. Habanita is recommended for romantic wear.

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  • LEA09/26/2014

    My beloved scent. I feel with her beautifully feminine, as with any other. And it is sillage and longevity monster.

  • TATYANA08/24/2012

    Oh ... Habanita. How I love you! Sorry, I thought it would be a bottle with gold shoulders, as in the picture

  • ANNA12/07/2011

    Take the complexity of men and women, mix it together and the the result will be Habanita. It epitomizes sensuality and impenetrable beauty at its highest peak, imagine a smokey bar in the 20's and seating in a corner a beautiful dark haired girl, smoking a cigarette, a half full glass in front of her reflects the light looking like the hours of the twilight. Men are looking lasciviously at her, but her mind is somewhere else, untouchable. This is the fragrance.

  • LISA11/04/2009

    On my wrist & main body, it just smells like a boring baby powder. But on my finger tips there is a more obvious tobacco note that I really like alot. Unfortunately i want a perfume that smells great on my whole body.

  • JIM10/28/2009

    The EDT is very hard-core. Rock-hard. I can't believe people call it soft and smooth. I get the vanilla, which is sweet enough. But then there's the nasty bite of the vetiver. I don't really smell the tobacco mentioned by others. This perfume, IMO, is only wearable when sprayed no higher than one's stomach. And then only just. Good stuff nevertheless, if you want to push the limits.

  • CINDY10/13/2009

    Re: your notes on Habinita. You mentioned all of my favorites in your critiique. Just bought it again after 20 yrs! I wear Clinique Aromatics as well, seems to be at odds with all the others tho.

  • ANIA01/02/2009

    I've ordered this fragrance intrigued by all positive coments posted here, looking for my prefect powdery perfumes (love Hypnotic Poison by Dior) and oh boy how dissapointed was I!!! It is flat powder with tobaco , no other notes, I feel like being in the room full of cigar smoke, I'm very dissapointed. Very old ladish, they will make a perfect gift for my grandma hopefully.

  • TAOLADY10/21/2008

    This is one of the world's great scents. All smoky and rich and leathery too. Glittering nights in the clubs of Havana in the days of Hemingway. And this is only the EDT....wait 'til you get your hands on the parfum!!!

  • SONORANWOMAN04/03/2008

    Definitely not "high-end" like Caron's Tabac Blond, but in a similar fragrance family. One of the sweetest tobacco/leather scents, I find the dry down still a bit too powdery and sweet for my liking - akin to J & J baby powder. I would have liked stronger tobacco smoke notes, but its all personal preference. Definitely feminine, light and clean, but not particularly complex.

  • GOOBY02/12/2008

    Everyone goes on about the vanilla and tobacco. I wear Habanita because it is peppery! An elegant (not for little girls) unusual scent - I love it.

  • MARYL01/20/2008

    I recently purchased a miniature of Habanita because it sounded so good, and I love it! Its top, middle and base notes seem to be a combination of all of my favorite fragrances combined. It begins with a deep and rich, dark fruitiness like Femme by Rochas. Then it develops a powdery aromatic note that reminds me of Bal A Versailles. Lastly, it features a vanilla base, that reminds me of Shalimar, although sweeter. Wonderful!

  • PATTI LYLES09/25/2007

    I am known as the gal that always smells good!! I have been wearing Habinata since I was 21 (now over 54). NEVER use anything else.

  • ANITA THORNHILL08/19/2007

    I have worn several colognes and perfumes in my life, I am an older woman of 59 Habanita is the only fragrance I have ever worn where strangers come up and sniff me and say things like "My you smell good" or what is that wonderful cologne you are wearing...I have worn this scent for years now just for that reason and I am still getting those comments BUY IT it is soooo worth it!!!

  • LOUISE07/31/2006

    Picture this: Vol de Nuit dons voluptuous flamenco gown, dances all night with handsome stranger in fragrant woods, falls in love. They marry, have child, name it Habanita. The ambery-spicy drydown of Habanita is well worth the wait. They just don't make 'em like this any more.

  • DAWN03/26/2006

    I tried to use Habanita several times, but to me it smells depressing. To be honest, I think the perfume smells like Secret deodorant... and I'm not trying to make a joke. There is nothing clean or lively about the scent - it is simply "just there".

  • BEBE BULLET04/12/2005

    in harmony liking. a smell of peace seperates the notes. actully in disqise the gold endeavor. very nice.

  • BEBE BULLET04/02/2005

    like a spanish dance. floating. yet powerful. kind. one of a kind. light air yet heavy scent. dance of the fees. very nice.

  • KATHY Z.02/21/2005

    I consider Habanita to be a nice, clean powdery scent. It's old-fashioned--but in a good way. I also like Bal a Versailles. The two are so similar that I can spray one on one wrist and one on the other and barely be able to tell the difference. A classic.

  • SHARRIE01/29/2005

    nice blend. smooth. opposites attract. nice. out of the ordinary. one stands alone. differant. very good.

  • EURY11/25/2004

    I can't believe my good fortune to have found this website! After reading these posts in here -- and nothing more, not even a memory -- I bought Habanita, which arrived today. One small squirt and it's still here, a lovely vertiver dry down. The top notes are leatherish, smokey. At first whiff, it reminded me (not that I'm that old, but more the evocation) of Paris in the 30s -- sort of sleepy, dark, with a certain Old Money aura. There's a bit of heliotrope in there, sweetness, but that leather - tobacconist, too.

  • GABRIELLE10/06/2004

    My sig for 2 decades, now. There is something of such delightfully bad faith, stubborn rebellion and naughty sexiness in this, I find it impossible to resist. Foggy smokiness, mysterious spices and heady flowers make for a most euphoric scent.

  • HEATHER08/05/2004

    I recieved several samples while in St. martin and one I love is called - Musc et Fruits et Molinard, however I cannot seem to find it. Anyone heard of it?

  • LENA06/18/2004

    I received Habanita today!Wow what a perfume.smells sooo good!

  • ERIKA02/17/2004

    i bought it after reading all the comments and hated it i returned it, too. then i smelled the sleeve of a sweatshirt i'd been wearing when i tested it and couldn't pull the sleeve from my face. it smelled so good! so i re-ordered it and get compliments all the time. it's a spicy-ish smell and not all floral and light. but it's not quite "heavy," either. worth a try.

  • JAG01/15/2004

    Posted a message after receiving Habanita and am relieved now that it was never made public. Maybe it was because the bottle was cold, I was cold -- whatever. But, I have never smelled a more disgusting perfume. All I could smell was the tobacco, which actually smelled more similar to the repulsive aroma of marijuana. But, tonight I am sitting here all warm and cozy so I decided to give it another shot. At first, I thought I had picked up the wrong bottle. I keep sniffing trying to pick up something I can describe. Maybe a touch of floral is coming through with just a twinge of tobacco, which is dissipating as the moments pass. It is a very unique fragrance, far from the maddening crowd of clones sold today. I love it. If you are like me and absolutely hate it on first try, don't give up. The dry down is unglaring and soft. Still can't describe the smell but to say it is wonderful! I've gone from a rating of "horrible" to "excellent." Go figure.

  • KATHY G.02/11/2003

    I received my bottle of Habanita EDT a couple of weeks ago, and I've tried to wear it a couple of times, but it just doesn't smell good on me, IMO. I kept trying to like it because all the other posters rave about Habanita, but it has a really obnoxious top note on me, and the dry down isn't much better. I have no idea what notes I'm smelling, but I find them overly strong and not at all feminine. It doesn't smell like flowers, spices, or vanilla, so maybe it's the tobacco I'm homing in on. I'm glad I only paid $5 for the bottle. I love Nirmala by Molinard, so I thought I might like this one, too. Thumbs down on this one for me.

  • STEPHANIE01/28/2003

    This is a very luxurious fragrance. One perfume site described it as "silk pajamas underneath a fur coat." Glamorous. It reminds me of the glamour days of the 1920's when it was created. Love it, love it, love it!

  • KATHY G.01/25/2003

    I ordered Habanita after reading all the glowing reviews on it, and I can't wait to smell it! I have the Nirmala EDT by Molinard, so I'm already impressed with the quality of their fragrances. Being an Angel fan, I love the Nirmala. Not only do I like its smell, but it also lasts a long time on my body in spite of it being an EDT and not an EDP. I usually don't even bother with EDTs because I need a more concentrated product for my dry skin. But Molinard's Nirmala EDT stays on me for hours. l hope the Habanita does as well. I also plan to order the Senteurs de Vanille by Molinard also. ( And you gotta *love* the prices for these compared to many other fine fragrances. :) )

  • BETH ANNE10/03/2002

    I love this perfume. I've been wearing it for two years having switched from Miss Dior. It's a perfect blend with my body oils. People always tell me how wonderful I smell.

  • LIZ KAYNE06/05/2002

    I have been wearing this scent for 35 years - it is wonderful.

  • UMA SUMEROS03/30/2002

    I found this perfume about 15 years ago, it is VERY hard to find in the US, and there was a rumor that Molinard had ceased production of this marvelous perfume, I hope this is not true, for it is truly a unique scent. Thank you for having it here for all of the Habanita fans.

  • SUSAN01/10/2002

    Habanita has been in production since 1924, so it certainly should be the same fragrance you purchased 33 years ago.

  • HOLLY 08/27/2001

    Yes! Cindy, Habanita has been my favorite scent since I found it in St. Croix way back on a shelf very dusty! 25 years ago It has been very hard to find ...but now I have found it! It has a vanilla oatmeal cookie note Wonderful!!! Holly in Atlantic Highlands, NJ

  • CINDY (CWP801@AOL.COM)07/26/2001

    is this a vanilla scent? Or could someone describe it for me. I have had a Molinard fragrance that was a vanilla scent but I think it was called VANILLE and it is great

  • LADY8'S07/06/2001

    I wore this fragrance many,many years ago. The only way I was able to get it was from the Islands or Europe. Then a few years ago I heard it was no longer available. It has always been my favorite and I am delighted to find it here. The only problem I had the last several times I purchased it was that the top of the bottle broke off when trying to open. I hope this has been corrected.

  • KATHY05/26/2001


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