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La Nuit Paco Rabanne Image

Paco Rabanne

La Nuit   

20 Reviews

0.16 oz EDP Mini
SKU 12658
$20.00 $16.99
1.0 oz EDT Spray (New Packaging)
SKU 2269
$53.00 $35.99
1.7 oz EDT Spray
SKU 5160
$45.00 $33.99
1.7 oz EDP Spray (New Packaging)
SKU 69956
$68.00 $58.99

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  • ROSLYN WOODS12/11/2012

    My mum used to wear La Nuit when we lived in Canada and was very upset when she couldnt get it in Northern Ireland! I cant wait to see her face when she opens it on Xmas Day!!! Yours was the only website I could get it on! So thank you for much and no doubt my mum & sisters will be using you it the very near future!!!!

  • BRANDY06/24/2010

    La Nuit is my favorite and I found it again at "" thankyou

  • PERFUMERA05/22/2009

    I am trying to get this parfum very long time ago, I can not find it anywhere. I used to wear it and I have been always asked and drawed compliments.Who can help me? This is a very especial parfum and it is lovely if you like powdery scents.

  • AVA12/07/2008

    LaNuit is one of my best scents, used it 20 years ago, looking for it again...Beautiful Mature Scent.

  • SANDRA08/22/2006

    I've been wearing this exclusively for 15 years. Very hard to find. Only available on the net. Do you have lotion? I love it!!!!!!

  • DOODS06/17/2005

    I bought one for me because I love the initial effect on my olfactory nerves... if you go for the softer type of scents, definitely this on is NOT for you. It will need a strong type of female to carry this type of scent.

  • M03/02/2005

    Smells ok but the staying power is zero even when I`m spraying a lot. Maybe beacause it´s an Edt?

  • KATHLEEN 212/15/2004

    If you like patchouli as much as me, you will love this fragrance.

  • KATHY Z.09/25/2004

    Bought this scent based on the postings here and was a little disappointed. It's not horrible, but shortly after I put it on it becomes this soft, kind of average scent. Not one that I will be buying again.

  • SILL12/19/2003

    I can't think of anything worse than this scent.

  • TAMMY11/28/2003

    I have been looking for this for years! I bought it in Italy, originally.

  • DEBBIE06/21/2003


  • ZALE01/21/2003

    I particularly don't wear it but bought a bottle once and found that it was not for daytime wear!'s called La NUIT after all I should've figured it out. Very powerful and old-fashioned scent nothing like the new florals, orientals or vanilla-based. This is for the chic woman who wants to make an entrance at a party! Wear only if you like STRONG and powerful scents. Very hard to describe and very hard to find.

  • HANNAH HOO10/08/2002

    I saw the very seductive TV add back in 1986 at the age of 17. The pefume was represented by a very confident but cool, sofisticated and intelligent looking Lauren Bacall look-alike. The image and the music made me walk straight into a shop and ask to try it on. I already admired Bacall, loved her appearance and dress, her coolness and especially her confidence and tough femininity. But the perfume that promised to make me at least SMELL like that? What a disapointment! I was completely dissalusioned thinking that I'll NEVER find a perfume that could capture that feeling I was looking for. Hours later I had forgotten that I had it on me but realised that somewhere near me there was something sensuall that discreetly called for my attention... something around me smelled SOO deliciously seductive I started wondering where it came from, and, you can guess what it was... IT was me! or rather La Nuit... I swear NOTHING makes me feel as beautiful, confident and well dressed as these magic drops! I would prefer to wear a jogging suit with La Nuit rather than designer clothes and a different perfume. Shall I go on??? Thank you forever Paco Rabanne! Long live La Nuit!

  • PAUL09/22/2002

    This is very unknown scent. I like it and wore it years, it reminds me of a lighter version of Antaeus Chanel use to make. The is very dry woody spicy scent, deep with patchouli and leather notes it has a very very masculine edge to it. I don't think evey woman could pull off wearing this one.

  • REDONE09/10/2002

    To me it is a Winter fragrance, the dry down is much better that than initial scent. It is a rather nostalgic smell. Not bad, definitely not a teenager scent.

  • SATI05/09/2002

    I am too young to wear this parfum

  • NEITA11/30/2001

    Found this at a wonderful price in a discount catalogue a few years ago in the mini bottle. Bought one and loved it so much, got more for gifts, then more for myself. Finally used them all up and just opened the last one. Thought I would never find it again. This is as good a fragrance as I have ever used. My aunt used something like this when I was a little girl back in the late '40's.

  • EVE11/26/2001

    I have been using La Nuit for many, many years. The only place I've been able to find it is in a duty-free shop when I travel abroad. Macy's used to carry it many years ago, then they stopped ... don't know why. A little dab goes a long way. I can't smell it any more during the day, however, everyone around asks what I have on. I've asked many times if it is offensive, I am being assured that it is not ... it smells clean, clean, clean ... the frangrance smells differently in the colder in NJ than it does in AZ ... same bottle, nothing is different ... interesting ... either place, thoughis is wonderful ... I hope that not too many people buy it ... sorry ... let's keep it a secret ... :)

  • MAGGIE09/04/2001

    Oh, my God, I can't believe it! I thought I'd never see this bottle again. Thank you, Emporium!

  • SUE KASTER12/08/2000

    This is a wonderful little known fragrance. Lingering notes of Patchouli. I am thrilled to find it at last and have it on my christmas list!

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