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61 Reviews

Chypre, Leathery, Woody. Created by Guerlain in 1959, Vetiver cologne is an elegant, woody, mossy fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, lemon and coriander. The middle notes are: carnation, oakmoss and leather and the base of the fragrance is: musk, amber and vetiver. Vetiver cologne by Guerlain is recommended more

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Chypre, Leathery, Woody. Created by Guerlain in 1959, Vetiver cologne is an elegant, woody, mossy fragrance. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, lemon and coriander. The middle notes are: carnation, oakmoss and leather and the base of the fragrance is: musk, amber and vetiver. Vetiver cologne by Guerlain is recommended for daytime use.

  • JOSE12/30/2015

    This is by far the best vetiver in the market

  • JOE COLACICCO11/12/2013

    I've been using Vetiver for five years. I am constantly told how clean and aromatic the fragrance smells. I will never use anything else.


    Very good cologne. Nice essence.

  • JOHN10/03/2010

    I worked in fragrance distribution when the re-launch occurred. This has always been my favorite scent. Completely unique, classic, and original. Every woman I ever dated, says this fragrance always reminds them of me (in a good way)! As for the formulation, Guerlain did NOT change the formula, they changed the bottle, and the color of the juice. If you like the modern fragrances, that are all some variation of one another, then this is not for you. Guerlain remains the oldest perfume house in the world, and makes their own fragrances, from the sourcing of ingredients, to the bottle. Most other fragrance houses are farmed out to laboratories.

  • THOMAS03/08/2009

    after using the original Veviter for over 30 years when guerlain changed the formulation 4 years ago a MAJOR disappointment. It does not have the same fragrance nor it smells anywhere near the original. Cannot understand why Guerlain decided to do such a change.

  • NOEL08/21/2008

    I understand that the old Guerlain Vetiver formula is different than the new formula. If so, which is better?

  • ERIC05/03/2008

    It's okay on me but nothing to write home about. Everyone is different and I can't wear everything even though I wish I could because my body chemistry just doesn't allow it. Perhaps it smells better on others and that's why all the 5 stars. That beng said I didn't purchase something I couldn't pull off.

  • GUY03/06/2008

    This is one of the finest fragrances I've ever purchased. For an EDT, it is a long lasting "inviting" fragrance! After the dry down it smells even more fantastic. This fragrance is not to be out done. It's a classic, which will linger in the senses of those who experience this oh so sensual scent. Get ready for the compliments, and the "brushing" up from the women. Tastefully done - and with class!

  • JUDE C01/10/2008

    I just picked up a bottle of the old vetiver. The old bottle (the one pictured on this site) is much different than the new stuff. The new stuff was relaunched in 2000. The old formula is not quite as strong on the vetiver. Both excellent, legendary stuff. New stuff way easier to find. Not sure what PE is selling.

  • WB10/19/2007


  • ALFIE09/04/2007

    This fragrance smells so nice. Cold and spicey like scented root from Bali. It is so elegant and different from others. I love this fragrance very much.

  • PAUL G. - U.K.07/15/2007

    This is a man's vetiver and not for those in their teens or 20's who like those bloody flowery and citrus type of colognes which are closer to womens perfumes. Creed's is ok, but too much citrus and your getting ripped off by the price. If you want Creed go with Green Irish Tweed or Millesime Imperial. As for the vetiver I suggest Guerlain.

  • SANDOKAN03/27/2007

    Does anyone know if there is a chance that they re-issue the original formula? It used to be a much nicer scent before they changed it in the year 2000 or so. I miss the old Vetiver, the EdT bottle shown on this page always reminds me how good it was. And it was nice that there was also an EdC in a different bottle and a deo that smelt exactly the same.

  • ROBERT T03/07/2007

    If you belong to the Calvin Klein generation, keep going ! This is not for you. Stick to your Calvins and Perry Ellis and cheap stuff. You probably don't know it but the original formula of Guerlain's Vetiver was the finest selection of the best that ever was and ever will be, case closed!


    This Vetiver is by far the best. I have tried Creed and it's nice, but it's scent is too rich/strong for me it made me nauseated. Don't get me wrong Creed is great! Guerlain's Vetiver smells so much the same as Creed's, but not as intense or expensive - $100.00 for Creed. During the warmer climate in spring this Vetiver takes on a nice spicy-woody scent that I had not noticed in Creed or Carven's Vetivers. Save your money and go with a winner. This one deserves 5 stars indeed or as they say here at home - Five hubbas! Hubba hubba hubba hubba hubba!!! indeed!

  • HUGGYBEAR01/13/2007

    Whomever said this stuff lasts 30 minutes is crazy. Of all the frags I have ever used, this is number one for longevity, and I've used at least a hundred of them. A small spritz will last on my skin for over 10 hours. Honest. It's heaven in a bottle to me -- earthy and fresh. I find the scent very calming, and even wear it for interviews, just a tad bit for me, because it's so relaxing to me. GV will always be in my top three - it's a true classic.

  • LARKIE10/02/2006

    This was the first bottle of real cologne I ever bought-about 30 years ago. For some reason, I never bought it again, and I've tried hundreds of others since. I've just ordered a bottle, and am looking forward to trying it again for the first time. I remember when I wore it before that I would get wildly different reactions ranging from, "You smell wonderful" to "What's that god-awful smell??" Maybe that's why I've shied away from it. Also, from the comments I read on here, people seem to love it or hate it. We shall see. . .I love good perfumes, and this is one of the classics. Sounds like they've changed it, but hopefully not ruined it.

  • BARDAMU09/11/2006

    Not the same scent from the '60's, this has a stronger nicotine smell compared to the vetiver that I remembered. Does not last long, Great for smokers...

  • SANDOKAN08/11/2006

    Sami, you write it disappears within half an hour. You must have tested the wrong cologne. Guerlain Vetiver is very long-lasting, after a few hours one can smell the pure Vetiver and it doesn´t go away even after a shower.

  • SAMI06/09/2006

    smells good at first..dissapears in 30 mins like all guerlain purchase here.

  • SANDOKAN05/20/2006

    There is a Sport Cologne now. I guess it is a limited edition. It is a bit lighter and reminds me more of like Vetiver used to smell until a few years ago when it was in the old bottle shown here. Very nice for the warm season, while the regular Eau de Toilette seems a bit heavy now. Unlike the "light" version of Habit Rouge, which doesn't smell like Habit Rouge, this Vetiver Sport really smells like the original!

  • JUDE C04/27/2006

    I finally bought a Guerlain, and man I am glad I did. Just like Caron, these are unreal fragrances. They are so deep and well made it is beyond belief. Vetiver is the best. The bottle is different than the one shown and many say so is the juice - but I am not sure. Either way buy asap. This is such a manly well made scent it is for those who know what they are doing - Antaeus, Yatagan, Ungaro III, Third Man, Bel Ami, Joop, and the like on their shelves. And then there are those who don't - Polo Sport, any Calvin Klein, Curve, and other weak trendy scents. Vetiver by Guerlain is so rich - it is an instant classic for us men. Great Purhase!!

  • JUNO04/18/2006

    I have been a huge fan for ever this brand works well for me , if like myself your skin ph is quite acisidic then this should work well I have tryed creeds too citrusy . so old leather herbs suits me fine

  • W.B.01/27/2006


  • X.G.09/23/2005

    If you want to wear some great quality vetiver, wear Creed's version. Trust me on this!

  • SABS09/17/2005

    I think if you are a woman, and love vetiver, you can wear this too! Definately a "unisex" scent. On me it smelled woodsy, verbena and a touch of hay, but I need to try it again!

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI09/15/2005

    I'm feeling too guilty about my previous review. But yes, like caviar, though it may be for the ultrasophisticated, it's an aquired taste. Can't see too many men under 30 wearing this one. Odd about some considering it a summer fragrance. It makes me want to wear tweeds and smoke a pipe; however I can see it working year round. Odd too that one of the most masculine colognes ever made can be not only admired, but as you can see from the reviews, worn by women. I think they're right. Don't ask me to explain it. Suffice it to say women can also wear its impoverished cousin, Eau Savage. New or old formula, Guerlian's is THE vetiver. Makes me feel like a billionire. Great longevity, too. Just be sure to try it before buying!

  • RN08/25/2005

    Its more like, Vetiver Guerlain has become a way of life for me. I spray it on everything. Its my deodorant, bedsheet spray; I layer it under OTHER colognes, even creeds. There are scents that amaze you (Baie De Genievre); impress you (Cartier Declaration); surprise you (Trumper Marlborough). However, there is NO smell as far as I know, can even match Guerlain's Vetiver - to make you GRIN from ear-to-ear. ;)

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI08/18/2005

    For those of you who think Bay Rum is too trendy and mod. :) Ironically, with everyone and his cousin wearing Versace Dreamer, Herrera's 212 and so forth, this ancient one will probably make you stand out from the crowd. I'll leave it to you to debate wether the new formula is better or worse--to me it still smells like vetiver.

  • CHRIS COLOGNE04/02/2005

    Guerlain Vetiver is an undisputed classic. The smell of the vetiver has a very calming affect on me, its fantastic in warm weather. Its subtle and doesnt scream. Young people, no this fragrance isnt for you, youll probably hate it, but the more experienced fragrance wearers will appreciate it. Geurlains best.

  • AMEEU02/17/2005

    I never could get to grips with men's fragrances despite being dragged into countless perfume shops by an ex-girlfriend. Then she bought me Vetiver and I loved it. It's earthy, low-key, very sophisticated but with a real Grrrr underneath. I feel the fragrance has changed, though, even though that first bottle was in the new post 2000 style. The last bottle I bought still dries down lovely, but it starts off with a very persitent orange note which is OK but can be a bit cloying. The old bottle also had this lovely, tarry Tonka note, which seems to have gone too. I still love the dry, earther fresh-baked bread of the vetiver though and it's still the only scent I wear.

  • MERMISS02/06/2005

    The powderiness of Guerlain's Vetiver surprised me. It is a masculine scent with a green bent, no doubt, but there is a comforting softness to it. Two kinds of men come to mind when I smell this-an insouciant bohemian dandy or a shy, sweater-clad sweetie who has his surprising sides, too.

  • RICKIE H.02/02/2005

    This is the only cologne that my wife can tolerate. It leaves a kind of woodsy/outdoors after scent.She's not much for fragrances.Smells great.

  • ROB H.12/29/2004

    My girl had bought this for me just for the heck of it being that she liked the bottle design (the new look) and thought it smelled pretty good. On me it's alright but I think it's a bit sharp and chalky from the first sprays and throughout the drydown.

  • TONI FINISH12/29/2004

    Well done for me, well done also Emporium itself. Thank you anyway, and greetings to moderator.

  • TONI RONKONEN12/09/2004

    Yes I did. And you know what: I`ve never even smelled that stuff in the new bottle! That`s just because where I live (Imatra, Finland) hasn`t been available nothing but that original-one, among with new Frozen/Eau Glacee version. And since I don``t have that sniffin experience with new print, I certainly can`t do any comparison with the two. So I`m just wondering now, am I lucky at all to have old version instead new...At this point I really can`t say, but someday I`ll learn that for good - for sure. But now...I don`t know... Still; somehow it is very easy for me to believe that talks about old stuffs betterness aren`t just "old" guys cynical shouting in the chaos of modern crimes - or should I say times... Well, that is just what the bottle design is telling me anyway. The new bottle is very modern off course, very fresh and also young. and that is nice. But: It really does not have the style of the old bottle, which is just so stunningly classical, and timeless in a manly way. But yet; like I said, what comes to juices inside, I can`t tell about possible differences. But what I CAN say, is that the juice in the old-original bottle is...hmm...just amazing!! The best thing is it`s incredible natural character. And it is definetly natural with some style, not in that soapy, unisex way which is so boringly common these days. Praise the nature - praise your manhood. Vetiver starts with crispy, agressive lemony rush, where it settles down soon enough - Then it smells like ground insides after some heavy and serious digging. And that sweet wonder is spiced up by a strong marriage of hay and grass. Very, VERY natural smell. Satisfying drydown leads to this fantastic bottom, which includes highly rich tobaccos, rounded note of leather, and some animalic chords of civet. Vetiver will give you ultra-confidence all the way, and some strong masculine appeal. Finally it can be everything you`ve ever wanted and needed, as it will produce very calm, very peaceful behaviour. Excellent, indeed.

  • TONI FINISH12/07/2004

    Yes I did. And you know what: I`ve never even smelled the stuff in the new bottle, since where I live(Imatra, Finland) they haven`t got that new one...Only original with that very new Frozen/Eau Glacee version. And the funniest thing is that bottle I bought was the last one of it`s kind in the store, and now they will order some new bottles there. So the question would be, how lucky I was to get that last "old" version bottle..? Like I said, I really can`t do the comparision yet, but somehow I would like to believe that I REALLY was lucky. I can`t see this talking about formula changes being just the "old" guys talk, being overall very disapointment in these modern actions. That`s at least what the bottle design is telling me... Yes; that design is certainly very different from each other. The new bottle is very modern, young and fresh, when the old bottle has so much more style to it, and depth of classic design. So if I would have to make my conclusion, I really wouldn`t be suprised at all if that same fashion would go on inside that bottle...I don`t know... But anyway, what I DO know, is that the juice in old and original bottle is just...hmm...amazing! The best thing in (old) Vetiver is the incredible natural nature it has: It starts with crispy lemon rush, and thre it settles soon enough, to this amazing point, where it smells like ground-insides, after some heavy and serious digging. There it goes to this great marriage of grass and hay- Very, VERY natural smell. And it is not, for thank God, natural smell in a way like many fragrances are today. You know; there are so many these soapy kind, unisex styled fragrances around...And they are ofte so very boring, and even stupid... This is nothing like that. Praise the nature with some style- praise your manhood. The bottom of Vetiver has stunning tobacco aura, with some leathery notes, and, very full-bodied accord of civet. The drydown comes slowly and will give you real satisfaction. It will give you ultra-confidence and masculine appeal. It can be all you need, as it will produce some powerful,peacefull behaviour. Excellent, indeed.

  • ELAINE SWEENEY10/31/2004

    The first time I smelled Vetiver I was taken in, I have been buying it for my Man ever since.

  • DENNIS06/11/2004

    Recently I have noticed a change in the dry-down of Vetiver. It used to have a grassy-woodsy drydown on me & now it appears as though the citrus predominates every note. The new spray bottle is really klunky & clumsy as well. I liked the original bottle: it was a streamlined design, a petite squared-off bottle, that you could throw into any suit case. This new one with the heavy frosted glass must way a ton! Although Vetiver will always be my favortie cologne, I still wish they hadn't changed anything about it.That said, I have noticed that the new version of Shalimar for women has gone through many unpleasant changes as well. When are the ever going to learn - if it ain't broken, don't fix it!

  • SANDOKAN06/03/2004

    I, too, miss the old formula as well as I miss the wide range of products and the old scent of the shaving-foam, the deospray (!!), soap, showergel (!!). They don't smell as good as they used to until some years ago. The deostick ist quite interesting, though. Functional. But I used to like the products when they all really smelt deliciously like the cologne. Now there is only an eau de toilette, no eau de cologne and only few sizes. The new eau de toilette ist still very good, and after a few hours it smells like real vetiver oil (!) on my skin. Nevertheless, in 2000 or so, I was very disappointed when they discuntinued many of the product and changed the design and formulas. It is a pity!!

  • JIM SAM04/30/2004


  • EZHNO PAH-TOO04/07/2004

    new formulation... IRUSSIAN: Better than I first thought! JOHN PRICE: Though I miss the older formulation, I will continue to use this fragrance. TED: Smells like grass. All true, Gents! I just bought my first new bottle in 18 months -- and Zounds! -- what a shock! New bottle, new color, and alas -- a new smell... That said, after two days of wearing it, I now like it just as much or more than the "old" Vetiver. To me, the "difference" lies in the low end -- that "grass" note. The top notes are the same! It seems to add a few extra hours of life before the fade that the old formulation did not. There are several old vetiver-base colognes out there -- but I think Guerlain remains the best.

  • RUTH11/17/2003

    I read something about the formulation changing. Could someone tell me if it has changed since the 80s. Husband liked it then because he said it reminded him of his father's pipe tobacco or something like that.

  • JOHN PRICE11/12/2003

    Though I miss the older formulation, I will continue to use this fragrance. It has been my distinctive companion since 1968. My friends know me by this signature.

  • CARL08/18/2003

    Or so I discovered when I swiped some of my friend's from his secret dresser stash. I thought it would smell like Sicilian limes, bergamot, but instead the girl I was dating (to whom I am now married) told me it smelled like rancid b.o. I switched to Givenchy and she married me anyway.

  • BOSTON IVY08/10/2003

    I got a sample of this and thought it was more offending then good smelling but that's me

  • ERICK2506/28/2003

    I don't know why people are so rude about it, I really don't like to go smelling like every Joe in town. That's what I got from Vetiver. It is just amazing as a fragance, no sex, no ages, no races... You only need a natural and elegant attitude to wear it. Anyway, I don't care being different from the crowd. The less people use it, the most I enjoy it.

  • THE WOLF06/14/2003

    too old, too much, gosh,, its just nasty... smells like a somebody's great, great, great, great, grandfather

  • MARIUSZ-K04/25/2003

    Very masculin scent, strong and long lasts. Very good and timeless.

  • TED03/12/2003

    Grass? I dont want to smell like my lawn!

  • ERICK2503/12/2003

    Hi everyone here. I left a message for "Habit Rouge" and let you know how much I admired "Vetiver". It's timeless and wonderfull for spring-summer season. Did you guys know it is the EDT of King Juan Carlos I (Spain)? Also his son (Felipe) wears it. Guerlain knows how to rock!!!!!!

  • DOLCEVTA703/11/2003

    You're in good company, Dennis. Supposedly Paul McCartney wears Guerlain's Vetiver, and John Lennon wore Eau Sauvage!

  • DENNIS03/05/2003

    I first discovered this fragrance at a small men's boutique while briefly living in Toronto in 1974. After 1969, I had given up wearing my classic Aramis for hippie oils. Suddenly, Aramis seemed too "James Bond" for the times.My fling with the oils lasted briefly. Then Vetiver came along one afternoon. I sniffed a bottle in the store and I was hooked. It's still one of my favorite classic stand-bys. It makes you feel elegant and well dressed. Even when wearing jeans, it adapts well to one's casual side. I wear Vetiver, Eau Savage & Tweed, mostly.

  • PEGGY02/04/2003

    clean, yet sexy, masculine undernotes. I love this on my man.

  • IRUSSIAN02/03/2003

    Well, it seems like I warmed up to this scent and I really started to love it now.I agree it is timeless, like classical music, and very understated which I see as a BIG plus. A beautiful scent, wonderful for a gray, overcast, damp early spring day or any other time and occasion. Guerlan does know what it is doing. Now I wish I could figure out what's so great about Habit Rouge.

  • LOVITCH12/30/2002

    Vetiver has the natural fragrance of woods and grasses. Wearing Guerlain Vetiver makes a statement of understated elegance of style. After all of the "loud" "notice me!" clothing designer fragrances (most of which make me cough) are gone and forgotten, Guerlain Vetiver will still be here for the man who knows timeless quality.

  • IRUSSIAN11/06/2002

    Mauricio described it very well. It does smell old. Despite being fresh and light this edt has a component that smells dry and old, and resonates in my stomach. I can't quite place it but it must be yellow in color, and old. Overall the fragrance is light but persistent. It has a lot of character that can be good or bad. This is a new scent for me so maybe it needs time to grow on me. Given so many positive reviews, and Geurlan's reputation I am still looking for a redeeming feature in thi EDT. Somebody on this forum described it similar to O de Lancome for women (vice versa actually). Well, it is not even close. O is much more sophisticated IMHO. Try it before buying.

  • MAURICIO10/09/2002


  • GRAND LORD09/14/2002

    I recommend this woody fragance

  • JEFE DE ESTADO05/20/2002

    For those who pretend to be an aristocrat or a conservative person, I recommend this perfum!

  • BRIAN05/14/2002

    Compared to Guerlain's other cologne, Coriolan this is a little better. It's a little much for the nose so this isn't one that you want to use alot of.

  • SCARLET04/22/2002

    This is a wonderful fragrance that women like me are sometimes brave enough to wear. If you like a woody and very earthy smell you will definately like Vetiver. I always like the way it smells on me after its been on a couple of hours. When you first spray it on you can smell all the notes like lemon and tabacco. But the dry down is pure vetiver, so woodsy, primitive, and sexy. The house of Hove in New Orleans also does a wonderful vetiver. I can definatly recommend this. I would love to smell this earthy scent on any man.

  • HAPPY BELGIAN 12/17/2001

    I bought thisone 2 days ago, I have to say I'm impressed witht the scent. It's very strong, you don't have to put on too much, it's like 'fresh woody'. btw, happy canadian, nice post!!

  • HAPPY CANADIAN10/11/2001

    Voted best men's fragrance by Basenotes visitors in the Basenotes Men's Grooming Awards 2000 This popular fragrance by Guerlain was relaunched in 2000 with new packaging, a new bottle (designed by Robert Granai) and new colour juice. Luckily the scent remains unchanged and is as good as it ever was. "Vetiver is a fresh, elegant, sophisticated and masculine fragrance. I normally wear it during the spring/summer seasons and this lemony scent tends to last about 3/4 of the day on me. I am perhaps just one in a million of devout followers of this wonderful fragrance. " Guerlain is almost unique in modern day perfumery in that it exists purely for perfume and beauty. Most of it's competitors, eg Chanel, Dior are all fashion houses first, where Guerlain has always been about fragrance. Maybe that is why, Basenotes visitors voted Guerlain as their favourite house. Guerlain's history goes back to 1828 when a young Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain opened up a shop in Paris, his policy still lives on in Guerlain today: "Make good products. Never compromise on quality. For the rest, stick to simple ideas and apply them scrupulously" Although it was probably in french. In 1853, Guerlain creates Eau de Cologne Impérial which earns him the title of His Majesty's Official Perfumer. Pierre-François-Pascal then goes on to create perfume for Queen Victoria of England and Queen Isabella of Spain amongst others. When in 1864, Pierre-François-Pascal dies, the business is passed on to his two sons, Aimé and Gabriel. Thus beginning the tradition of passing down the Guerlain family business. Aimé goes on to create Jicky, widely heralded as the first 'modern' perfume. Apparently Sean Connery is a big fan of Jicky. Later the business is continued by Gabriel's sons, Jacques and Pierre. Jacques goes on to create amongst others, Après L'Ondée and L'Heure Bleue. His last perfume is Ode, which he is helped in the creation by his 18 year old grandson, Jean-Paul. Jean Paul is still today, Guerlains perfumer.- the trouble is, he keeps threatening to retire, and with no-one to carry on the Guerlain family business, what will be the future of one of the worlds finest fragrance house? Anyway enough doom and gloom. Let's take a look back at Jean-Paul's triumphs. In 1959, when JP was just 22 he creates the classic Vétiver, six years later in 1965 he creates Habit Rouge, which is considered the first male oriental fragrance 1992 gives us Heritage and in 1998 Jean-Paul creates Coriolan. The house of Guerlain has created almost 400 fragrances in it's 150 year history, so we couldn't possibly list them all. Here's a selection.. 1853 Eau de Cologne Impérial 1889 Jicky 1894 Eau de Coq 1904 Mouchoir de Monsieur 1906 Après L'Ondée 1912 L'Heure Bleue 1919 Mitsouko 1925 Shalimar 1933 Vol de Nuit 1959 Vetiver 1965 Habit Rouge 1975 Parure 1985 Derby 1989 Samsara 1992 Héritage 1998 Coriolan 1999 Launch of Aqua Allegoria range 2000 Mahora

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