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Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole Black   

60 Reviews

To commemorate his 20th anniversary, Kenneth Cole has designed an extraordinary women's perfume that reflects the spirit, style, and sophistication of the city. Kenneth Cole Black For Her is delicate, yet dramatically feminine and absolutely original. It is a modern, dreamy floral that opens with the unexpected paring of black violet and radiant more

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To commemorate his 20th anniversary, Kenneth Cole has designed an extraordinary women's perfume that reflects the spirit, style, and sophistication of the city. Kenneth Cole Black For Her is delicate, yet dramatically feminine and absolutely original. It is a modern, dreamy floral that opens with the unexpected paring of black violet and radiant white hyacinth with a cool contrast of citrus, exotic white flowers, sensuous musk, sandalwood, and sweet amber.

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  • DEBBIE07/08/2013

    Kenneth Cole Black has been my signature smell for the past 3-4 yrs....My CEO even comes back for a second wiff...LOL!

  • KATE196804/05/2012

    understated but memorable

  • MICHELLE 02/04/2009

    The best, I get complements from everyone on how incredible I smell. It's not too stong, and a great price, Please never discontinue!!!

  • TERESA10/12/2008

    I was really disappointed in this perfume. I love the smell but it doesn't last long at all.

  • SOLE03/04/2008

    I loved this perfume when I first smelled it but after I received it as a gift, I couldn't wear it. After reading a lot of the reviews on it, I may be the only person who feels this way, but I think it's waaaaay too strong. Heady. Nothing but flowers to the point where my head might explode. Also, the concept of naming this scent "Black" is completely backwards. I would expect a perfume named black to be dark, spicy and smoky. None of the above here. It's been collecting dust on my dresser for four years now. I really wanted to like it but it literally makes my eyes water and even sets off my gag reflex a little.

  • CANDY11/11/2007

    Black starts off a little too sweet. Perhaps it is the top violet note, but Black dries down to a soft whispering musk. It's not in your face at all. A great fragrance for a modern woman who does not want to be weighed down by a fragrance.

  • CESAR10/06/2007

    So I was at the House of Blues last night, and a woman passed by me smelling absolutely incredible. I had to stop her and ask. The answer? Black. Kenneth Cole.

  • HI08/30/2007

    blowing through the jasmine in my mind. I am not sure if Jasmine is a note in this fragrance, but it smells like straight up sensual jasmine. It's sweet, yet soft with a hint of darkness, despite it's bright composition. Yes, it's modern and sophisticated, but not in an uptight, stuffy, "channel " kind of way. This fragrance is optimistic, sexy, soft and dreamy. It's a sweet floral much like Tommy Girl, which I was a fan of years ago, but have long outgrown. Actually, when I think about it, this is an adults version of Tommy Girl. Just for reference, I love many fragrances , but these are my staples... Fracas, Poison, Spring Fever (origins), D&B for women, Stella, Shalimar, Euphoria, Obsession and now Black. I am 31, trendy and love the repetitive rhythm of trance and ambient music such as Enigma and Delerium.

  • ANGELIQUE06/11/2007

    this perfume is elegant, is delicate an soft but with a touch of sofistication, I love it, for office time is great or casual events.

  • ~SEXXYREDD~03/13/2007

    I would give it a 5 for the smell and a 1 for the lasting power, I really hate when something smell so nice and then it disappear after a hour a two,I must admit i have a hard time with fragrances lasting on me so when i found hanae mori "pink butterfly" and kenzo "jungle elephant" i was sssoooooo happy totally different scents but i love them to death, i wear angel sometimes but nit my most favorite scent i think i just really love the lasting power it has

  • MARY ALICE02/21/2007

    I tried this today and it is very much like Marc Jacobs on me. I like this fragrance but guess I was expecting something warmer and edgier. Good lasting power.

  • BETH10/18/2006

    I don't have a problem with this lasting. I do layer it with the lotion. To me, the lotion smells just as nice as the perfume. I sprayed some on this morning with the lotion and can still smell it now at 4 in the afternoon. It is a soft fragrance but very pretty.

  • BILLYE T08/13/2006

    When I first saw Black I thought it would be one of those dark, heavy, over-whelming scents so I passed on even sniffing it. This weekend I was shopping and a rep from a major design house suggested I try it. I really do like it!! It's a nice clean scent that does remind me of Beyond Paradise only much better. BP has a green note that lately has been a little too "rain forest-y" on me. I spritzed and continued shopping. In a very short time I thought it had disappeared because I couldn't smell it anymore so I wrote it off. A couple hours later I ran in to a friend and he commented on how very nice I smelled even thought I couldn't smell a thing. Give this one a try with an open mind (and nose)...the black violet and hyacinth are beautiful scents mixed together.

  • SHIMONE07/22/2006

    This is a clean fragrance. Because of the negative comments I read, I decided not to try it out. My body chemistry goes well with just about any fragrance.So I finally went out and brought it.It's very complimentary! It's sad for someone to say they don't like something just because they don't have "that" chemistry. Black is a nice fragrance!

  • JT07/06/2006

    As my previous post states, I was sick of the perfume fading so very fast, so I went to the store to check out the lotion in hopes that it would add to the staying power of the perfume. Well, it does not smell nearly as good as the perfume, maybe even a little on the sour rancid side! I want to keep buying the perfume because I like it, but in order to make it last more than half an hour, I have to spray some on my clothes, that is the only way to make it last.

  • *BARBARA W*04/27/2006

    Your reviews are exactly what I thought when I tested Black...I scratched my head and wondered what they were thinking when they put this fresh, "water" scent in a black, urban bottle! I think that they should market this fragrance differently, because you go into it expecting a fragrance that is edgy and chic, and you get another ho-hum Acqua di Gio clone. It's not a bad fragrance, it's just been done before. Oh well!

  • JT03/24/2006

    I just love this scent, but everytime I wear it, I notice how quickly it fades. I don't mind if perfume doesn't last all day (I could re-apply it), but perfume that fades within an hour is rediculous. It goes on very strong, so unfortunately, you can't put extra on just to make it stay. I am thinking about getting the lotion in attempt to make it stay a reasonable amount of time. I love this smell, so I won't stop using and buying it, but I'm disappointed that it goes away very fast.

  • SMELLIE KAT03/11/2006

    Black is pleasing enough, but not particularly passionate. I purchased it awhile ago, then, disappointed, I returned it, but kept the free mini spray "gift" that came with it. I still kind of like it, and wear it occasionally, but I don't LOVE it, which is important to me. Bottom line: Black is fine but somewhat ordinary and much less exciting than the name implies. A bit more drama, please.

  • JT02/10/2006

    I do not usually like floral fragrances...there are only a few that I like. This is one of them. The others are L'eau Par Kenzo by Kenzo and Be Delicious by DKNY. Black smells like a delicious mix of white florals like Jasmine, marine scent, and almost like sour grape candy at first! Sort of similar to Marc Jacobs, but I like this much better. Very versatile scent. Smells classy and expensive too!

  • GREEKGIRL02/02/2006

    Maya and Sylvie dont give up on black give it another go I fell in love with this on the first spray, its a very different smelling floral (does not smell green to me) I couldnt stop sniffing my wrist all day and had to go out and get it right away.

  • ROBIN 01/31/2006

    I see some fascinating and persuasive reviews here, as usual, from some of my favourite posters, and I would love to add my own review, fascinating and compelling or not! I love Kenneth Cole Black, and have to respectfully submit that nothing beats trying it for yourself. These are compelling opinions; some say that the streamlined, chic, modern, little-black-evening-dress packaging is misleading and doesn't reflect the aquatic, ethereal nature of the juice. Hey, I can totally see that! But if you can, for a moment, try to see it this way: the simple, almost stark packaging as a pure, simple reflection of the quietly dramatic dichotomy of white hyacinth and black violet that is the very heart and soul of this fragrance. If you can wrap your nose and mind around that -- and if you like fresh florals with some depth -- I think you just might be won over! I love it.

  • JOJO01/25/2006

    This perfume is very unique - it smells creamy and fresh with a marine-type drydown and great staying power. it reminds me of a fresher marc jacobs.

  • SCARLETJAZZ12/12/2005

    I tried this on this past Saturday... just on the wrist the scent stayed with me for a long time and I absolutely love KCBlack for Men but didn't know that KCBlack for Women was the bomb too... :)

  • PERFUME-AHOLIC12/11/2005

    Precisely as other posters have stated, this scent is an exact duplicate of Beyond Paradise as well as Marc Jacobs Blush!! Nice scent, but nothing to write home about.

  • AMY 11/07/2005

    After spraying it on, I kept thinking that it smelled like something I had tried before and then finally after reading Julie's description it clicked.....This smells exactly like Beyond Paradise!!

  • MAYA11/04/2005

    I think that Sylvie has an excellent description of this fragrance, and also the perfect explanation as to why I did not like this in the first place... She defined KENNETH COLE BLACK as 'AQUEOUS' with 'artificial marine note' and that is just it. I really tend to prefer fragrances with more 'bite', and dislike anything that smells this light or 'marine/ozonic'. I also agree with her that the bottle, as well as the name, are just so far from what this fragrance is like that it really trows you off when testing... you expect one thing and get slapped with something totally different. Non-impressive to say the least!

  • SYLVIE10/28/2005

    Tested Black on a paper-strip and find it too modern, artificial, airy and light for my taste. More a fragrance for women with a preference to green, light, cool fragrances. Something in this fragrance reminds me on L'eau d'Issey or Eau d'Eden. It's the artificial marine note. Sorry - I dislike marine/ozonic fragrances. Too clean. I think the name Black and the opaque black bottle isn't nice for this transparent fragrance. Here a subscription: Olfactive family: Floral(Tuberose, Orange blossom) Green. Olfactive description: Green Fruity Aqueous Citrus Floral (White Floral, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Muguet, Magnolia, Tuberose, Hyacinth, Lotus, Iris, Violet) Musky Sandalwood Ambery. Perfumer: Marie Amandine

  • JULIE 09/22/2005

    I just bought this fragrance because it reminded me of Estee Lauder's Beyond Paradise, which I had a sample of and ran out. So far I like it. Nice soft florals and very feminine.

  • MAYA08/29/2005

    I really thought I would love this... All the reviews here made it sound so tempting and interesting, but when I gave it a try all I got was a scent of tea. Also it may have given me a headache... I think I might give this another try and then I will rate it :) Glad to see that just about all the ladies here enjoy it so much... I love Kenneth Cole New York so I thought I would really like this too... Will post again :)

  • ALLISON RAY08/26/2005

    What a scent! It evokes a feeling of sipping a hot spiced tea some where exotic. The dry down is so nice, and has a wonderful lasting power. I'm in love with Black!!!!

  • ALLISON R.08/23/2005

    The best fragrance created. I've read some not nice reviews. If you like powerful, offensive, sticky, headache perfumes, this is not for you. This scent smells like a wonderful bouqet of soft white flowers.A uniquely expensive scent.

  • MELISSA08/05/2005

    I loved the frag. I tried it in the store and now I have to have it. I can hardly wait until I get paid. It is the first thing I'm going to do.

  • TAT2DBETTIE08/01/2005

    Tried this the other day at the perfume counter in Macy's. At first I thought it was pleasant, not interesting or offensive... nothing special... but not bad. But after it dried down it was just very boring and one dimensional. Plain ol' musk. I say save your money!

  • DEB06/11/2005

    I just discoverd this fragrance. I tried it on yesterday afternoon and today almost 24 hours later I still smell it on my wrist. Very long lasting on me and that is what I need. I have been looking for something new and trying on many different ones the last few weeks. I had to have Black, now it it mine.

  • DEEVEE06/09/2005

    Enchanting, calming, & very feminine! Beautiful white floral!

  • *BARBARA W*05/15/2005

    The description and marketing of this perfume is misleading, in my opinion. It's a pleasant scent, but similar to Acqua di Gio type fragrances, not dark or mysterious at all. It's been "done" before. I'd describe it as a fresh scent, perfect for the office or daytime. I prefer a sexier, more complex oriental to go with my black dresses! :)

  • REBECCA05/06/2005

    This reminds me somewhat of marc jacobs original perfume...maybe some of the notes are similar. They are both different, but if you like mj, then this is a good one to try. I always like smelling both, but some warmer days mj is a bit strong.

  • BEBE03/20/2005

    black spirits. the vine wraps around the black one. speacil division seperate from others. night stawlker. very nice.

  • VONNI03/15/2005

    As others have said, this one is very floral. It's not at all the sexy, oriental scent I was expecting of a perfume named "Black" but it's lovely! It opens like many of the other fruity/florals out now and initially seems a little bland. But the dry down is nice. It's complex, but it ends up smelling a little woody and powdery at the same time without losing any of the florals from the top notes. Very nice, very soft, very floral, and lasts all day.

  • STRAWBERRY02/21/2005

    Nice scent, but I'm not picking up much of the fruit scents. This smells very floral on me. If you like light florals, though, this would be a terric perfume.

  • A.S.02/18/2005

    I had ordered Black through PE, it arrived yesterday. I tried it and was thrilled because the fragrance smelled beautiful on me, definitely worth 5 stars. It is not overpowering and doesn't change; long-lasting also. My other favorites are Vera Wang, E.L. Intuition, Bulgari, Organza, Opium, Boucheron, Davidoff Goodlife, Mont Blanc Presence, Chance by Chanel, RL Romance, EA Provocative Woman and YSL Cinema. I know they are all different kinds of fragrances but I love them all since they work well with my chemistry. I think PE is great for purchasing fragrances becasue I got Bulgari for free through their Beauty Bucks program.

  • EMERALDGIRL02/09/2005

    I love this perfume! It smells so good and the scent (and bottle) remind me of New York City! Every girl should give this a try! Really.

  • LAURA02/02/2005

    I love the parfum. It's light and sensuous. Don't care for the eau de toliete too much. Wears off too fast.

  • LAUREN01/26/2005

    This is my new favorite!! My husband loves it too. It just makes me feel good when I wear it!

  • RANJIT01/18/2005

    Eveytime i go to the store i have been draw to this scent. It has just stuck in my mind as a very mysterious scent....because of that i have to buy it!!!!!!

  • GIOVANNI01/13/2005

    This is one of the best smelling perfumes. I was a dedicated B&BW customer but this made me throw it all away!!!

  • FAME01/07/2005

    It doesn't remind me of anything deep or dark. Very superficial with few layers. As boring musk as you can get.

  • LITTLE ONE01/07/2005

    I had a man once ask me if he could smell my neck 3 diffrent times, I think it drove him crazy... I love it-

  • ANNA12/23/2004

    Gorgeously understated, sweet without being sentimental; this scent is my new love!

  • SHARRIE12/21/2004

    star light. star bright. i choose Black star tonight. inside my dreams are black flowers. wonderful, street smart.

  • MARY ANN12/14/2004

    I don't get a floral scent at all from Black...more of a woodsy or herbal scent. Regardless, it really is wonderful--my new favorite scent.

  • SHARRIE12/06/2004

    radiates in a dark black night. black is in.awesome, truly unique and differant, like a scent you cant quite figure out, outstanding

  • ANNETTE FREEMAN11/12/2004

    It smells wonderful on my husband and our son. Your the best.

  • COLEY11/08/2004

    This is wonderful. It's light and floral but not over the top. A great spring time scent.

  • RACHELLE10/12/2004

    I recently smelt it. It is awesome. Hoping to get it soon!

  • JT10/07/2004

    I love this one... I usually don't like scents which are primarily floral, but this one's different. It has a great smell to it. I have heard it described as soft and feminine, but I don't agree... I wouldn't emphasize that in this scent. It is powerful and liberated rather than soft.

  • A.J.10/02/2004

    I don't usually comment on a lady's perfume. But this one happens to drive me crazy. My girl friend wears this one (I have the man's counterpart). This one is so alluring and fresh. Somehow I love jasmine. I think this one has that scent. Matches well with the man's cologne.

  • CINDY09/20/2004

    what a beautiful sensual fragrance

  • ERICA09/10/2004

    i don't know what happened, if i sprayed too much or what, but suddenly this perfume makes me feel nauseous whenever i wear it. i can't even stand it! so disappointing.

  • MIZZE09/08/2004

    I LOVE this perfume! So light and feminine! Great for a nice spring/summer day...I have recieved a ton of positive comments that I will make this one of my signature fregrances

  • BLUEY08/21/2004

    this is beautiful! I dont usually like florals, but this one is just perfect. Like jasmine but a little warmer. Doesnt last too long though.

  • NIECY08/14/2004

    The first time I work it to work, everyone wanted to know what it was that I was wearing. I use it with the body lotion and it last for a very long time. I love this stuff.

  • AUREON08/03/2004

    I fall in love with my self when I wear this. It is down right beautiful.

  • COLEY08/03/2004

    I received a sample of this scent over the weekend and it smells wonderful. It's soft and sensous and oh so feminine.

  • ERICA06/28/2004

    i think this smells like summer and the beach. i love it! although it doesn't last very long on me. :(

  • MARIA06/21/2004

    This smell's wonderful! I love it and so does my husband:-)

  • MONTANA GIRL06/14/2004

    I adore Black by Kenneth Cole! It doesnt scream soft and sensual ~ it whispers it. I will wear this for everyday but it is too soft for evening. Luscious ~ My new favorite for daytime!!! Reminds me a little of Nina Ricci PrimierJour, another favorite.

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