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Seduction was the inspiration for Cabaret by Parfums Gres. This truly exceptional woody floral fragrance is comprised of vibrant floral accords such as rose, lily of the valley, peony, and pink bay layered over middle notes of incense and blue orris, and finished with sensual sandalwood, amber, and musk. Notes include Rose, Lily of the Valley, more

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Seduction was the inspiration for Cabaret by Parfums Gres. This truly exceptional woody floral fragrance is comprised of vibrant floral accords such as rose, lily of the valley, peony, and pink bay layered over middle notes of incense and blue orris, and finished with sensual sandalwood, amber, and musk. Notes include Rose, Lily of the Valley, Peony, Pink Bay, Blue Orris, Woody/Amber Notes, Violet, Incense Wood, Patchouli, Indian Sandalwood, Amber, Musk.

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  • MARIA PAPATSOULI05/16/2012

    Excellent Product and Amazing Service and Support from Perfum Emporium

  • MANDI08/20/2011

    This perfume is just from out of this world!!! Very sensual and classy and smooth. Not sharp to the nose and very pleasant. Also long you'll have your bottle for a while if you like that. You will not be disappointed!!!

  • SCENTSATIONAL10/27/2008

    I absolutely love "Cabaret." It has become my signature scent, and I love it because I've never smelled it on anyone else -- I really think of it as my secret. Every time I wear it, I get incredible compliments, and people ask what I'm wearing. Most importantly, it seems to make men swoon!

  • DMARIE09/20/2008

    That is a really beautiful bottle! Looks more like a vase then a perfume.

  • MISSY04/22/2008

    I bought this without testing it at a discount store and did I get lucky or what, I love it.

  • LEE03/18/2008

    This is the most lucious scent I think I have ever found. It is not overpowering, which can make me feel a little sick, and EVERY time I wear it EVERYBODY remarks how wonderful it is.

  • MARA02/21/2008

    I hate to be the contrarian on this group, but I don't care much for this scent. If it takes Cabaret to be seduced, I guess that just won't happen to me. It is an okay scent, but it certainly wouldn't be at the top of my list.

  • ANNEELISE12/30/2007

    How many scents I've bought un-sniffed, only to be disappointed! I bought Cabaret for my mom for Christmas and we both love it. Someone said not to judge Cabaret too quickly, and at first I didn't like its salty smell. But sure enough it softened, sweetened, and took on a lovely scent that lasted all day. It's not my favorite perfume (still haven't found my favorite perfume!) but it comes pretty close. I think the bottom line is that the scent is downright beautiful, lovely, pretty!

  • LISAANDTHEWORD07/16/2007

    1st try I hated this, now it's a favorite!! Try a couple times before deciding. So far the best woody rose scent I've found. Sunny, clear, sandalwood & rose, awesome. totally fits me.

  • MANNA07/08/2007

    Dear readers, if you like SMELLS, please try this smell. I can't tell this is a perfume. I have tens of perfumes and they all smell like perfumes. This one smells like SOMETHING. As if the perfumer caught the smell of the most beautiful flower from another planet. I'm not kidding at all. I love perfumes for years and this is the first to strike me so unusual, so holy and celestial. This is pure beauty. It's not in my opinion rosy. I don't know if it's woody or incence-ish. It's one whole thing. It smells like the air in a cloud smells. So real. So unreal. Great.

  • MARLYS03/27/2007

    The bottles of Cabaret that I have gotten from discount outlets and the bottles I have gotten on this site have been vastly different in terms of staying power. Maybe the discount bottles are older...? I truly love this fragrance and the compliments roll in every time I wear it. The bath products are rich and lovely.

  • HAPPILY HUNTING02/21/2007

    Now it's one of my faves! So unique. A beautiful woody rose, light and airy, with a little attitude. Not as spicy or rich as I usually like, but still signature-worthy. Don't know why it struck me wrong at first!

  • MARY ALICE02/11/2007

    I have used the perfume for years and received many compliments for this light, inoffensive floral. It lasts for hours on me, which is unusual with my body chemistry. The bath products are of high quality and layer beautifully.

  • GWEN01/27/2007

    Best perfume I have ever smelled. I don't wear anything else but cabaret. I am constantly shopping the web for discount prices to stock up on this.

  • SUE C01/25/2007

    Cabaret has appeared at a discount outlet near me, so at last I had a chance to try it. It is surprisingly light, it goes on very fresh and cool then settles down to a soft rose, floral and musk scent. The musk note then predominates so you have to like musk if you want to wear this one. But it is very feminine and fresh.

  • JOANNA12/22/2006

    I was given this magic smell as a gift. I cannot do without it anymore. Problem Switzerland it is very difficult to find. This is a real 'find'. Thanks Gres Parfum.

  • SANDEE08/18/2006

    I love this one, but it has no staying power at all. Sorry to say

  • KINSEY08/12/2006

    Sexy and absolutely gorgeous. This is one of the most beautiful rose scents ever; it's like Stella with prominent patchouli rather than amber. Cabaret is striking and mysterious; perfect for a woman who wants to smell unique and confident.

  • GRETCHEN03/25/2006

    I bought this one because I love Parfums Gres' Cabochard. I wasn't expecting them to be anything alike, but I did discover with Cabaret that I don't like scents with amber in them. It smells wrong on me. The notes are interesting though. Enjoy!

  • LENORA01/19/2006

    Cabaret has very good staying power. If I spray it on my clothes it lasts for days. The nice thing is that the dry down gets better the long I wait. It gets softer and turns into a totally addict scent. Now I spray it on my underwear in my drawer and by the time I wear it, it smells fab! Oh, I also apply it to my skin.

  • FAN12/31/2005

    Cabaret has been my staple favorite perfume since I first tried it. Very unique and sensually seductive, but fine for the office as well. There is a clean-effect that makes me feel like I just got out of the shower. Cabaret will continue to be my favorite!!

  • KIMBER 12/30/2005

    I am a perfume lover....However I have NEVER encountered a fragrance that is this awful.....It is so disgusting that after I put it on just to boyfriend and sister made me leave the room because it smelled so putrid....It is by far the most terrible scent I have ever smelled. I have NO IDEA how anyone can enjoy this misery

  • ANNA12/05/2005

    This is such a perfect scent. ALthough like all 20-somethings I would love to buy the newest and hottest scent out there. I can't say I've ever liked 99.9 % of them in the last 10 years. So I stuck with the equally perfect Ysatis by Givenchy. Untill Cabaret.. it's clean but not like the yukky fresh,s clean. Feminine but not to sweet, not too dry, not to heavy, but very sexy. Very hard to describe, but beautiful. love it!

  • OPINION OF A MAN11/11/2005

    This is one of the sexiest scents I have ever experienced. Dry, rich, floral, flirty, adult and an immediate turn on to myself. It is like being out all night dancing, drinking and when you feel you've had enough, you meet the perfect woman! She gives you a rose. It is pressed in a book. Many years later, you remember it in this scent.

  • SHER09/23/2005

    I just recieved this perfume today. I bought it after reading all the great reviews. I'm so glad I took a chance because I LOVE this perfume. Not spicy like someone had said, but has a fresh sexy smell to it. It's light and crisp with a hit of floral smell to it. This one is different from other perfumes, that's why I like it. I won't be smelling like everyone else. I've never smelled anything like this one before. I collect perfumes and can honestly say this is one of my favorites now.

  • OLIVIA06/09/2005

    This scent is sex appeal in a bottle! Has to be THE best one on the market. It's spicy, but not overbearing.

  • BEBE BULLET05/02/2005

    history in the making. smooth. sensation. sparkling personalitie. bubbly and spiffy. very nice.


    I really like Gres fragrance. I've used Cabotine and Grain de Folie for years. Cabaret is a dry woody rose scent that is awesome. I picked this up at a discount store. Now I wish I had bought 2 bottles!

  • KYLIE03/02/2005

    I've never tried or worn a perfume that I really felt suited me or that made me feel so wonderful every time I put it on. This is the only perfume for me. The scent is right up there with lavender on a summer's day, fresh basil leaves, baby's skin. Totally irresistible.

  • BARBARA/BROOKLYN01/05/2005

    One of my 3 favorite fragrances (the other 2: Mauboussin and For Her). This is sexy, clean, seductive, and like its name, something Parisian about the scent - that is, Paris in the 1920s. Utterly unique, irresistable, my daughter's favorite. She tells me when she smells it on her skin she feel happy. What could be better!

  • SHARRIE12/30/2004

    had to get more. for my sister. for my daughter. remarkable beauty. as the outside so is the inside awesome. wonderful.

  • SHARRIE12/24/2004

    the gift that always gives. awesome. tremoundous. a treat to any sex. wonderful. trinklet sparkles in the sky

  • JT11/23/2004

    I am so particular about fragrances that there are not many that I like. I have probably smelled hundreds, and I currently have 16. I was actually surprised that I liked Cabaret so well, since I usually do NOT like florals. It is not typical floral though. It is really ambery on me and I usually am not too crazy about amber either, but I have to make an exception for this fine smelling fragrance! There is just something about it that makes me really like it. It is sexy and light and versatile.

  • JANET10/28/2004

    This is a beautiful fragrance. It is very unique and not overpowering. I feel happy when I wear it!

  • BARBARA F09/21/2004

    Cabaret fragrance is very soft and seductive. I receive many compliments when I wear it, from woman and especially men.

  • JR05/28/2004

    Smells like a rich lady!

  • JANE05/28/2004

    I absolutely love this fragrance!

  • L CRAYCROFT04/21/2004

    My new "favorite, can't get enough, keep inhaling my wrists" perfume! The sales person at Ulta made me try it because no one knows about it and she's right. It's different in a good way, smells clean, but sexy at the same time and works for day or evening. Parfums Gres knows perfume.

  • CK01/08/2004

    This fragrance could be a dress-up or a dressed-down kind of scent. Lightly seductive and clean smelling. If you want something different this is it!

  • CONNIE12/29/2003

    I've worn this scent for a few months. It is very unusual but in a nice way; has a woody/musky base instead of a lot of floral. Definitely doesn't smell like 75% of the perfumes out there. I bought it "unsmelled" because I liked the bottle. I'm glad I took a chance on it.

  • BARBARA12/18/2003

    Wonderful new fragrance

  • DIMMA GREECE12/05/2003

    I tried it yesterday.Because of the name i was expecting a heavier scent.But it turned out to be a light floral with a pleasant woody ending. It`s the kind of perfume which can be used around the clock!

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