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French Connection


34 Reviews

FCUK for her is modern, provocative and sexy. Top notes include bergamot, muguet and water iris. Middle notes include barringtonia flower from Madasgascar, peony, jasmine and violet. Bottom notes include golden amber musk, cedarwood and sandalwood.

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FCUK for her is modern, provocative and sexy. Top notes include bergamot, muguet and water iris. Middle notes include barringtonia flower from Madasgascar, peony, jasmine and violet. Bottom notes include golden amber musk, cedarwood and sandalwood.

  • PERFUME NEWBIE08/31/2013

    This is a great modern scent. It's light, wearable and won't annoy anyone. It's a clean, fresh, light but not astringent scent. Like standing in a doorway with a fresh breeze blowing in. Light and good.

  • BAILEY12/22/2010

    this perfume is one of my absolute favorites! i think its very funny that people are putting it down because of its name. well maybe if you opened your ignorant eyes instead of mouth you would see that is F- french C-connection U-united K- kingdom. FCUK lol it is the brand! lol stupid people drive me nuts!!

  • KIM06/25/2009

    Simply, the best perfume in the world.

  • REBECCA05/23/2009

    Because last time I checked it was 2009. Prudes. The name is French Connection and not a curse word. Ignorance breeds ignorance. Who cares what your opinion is, it's one in a billion. This is a fresh and feminine perfume that's good for every day. Nothing mind blowing, but take it for what it is. It's been around for more than a few years, so it's nothing new.

  • ANN12/28/2008

    Hmmmm I hope you are can tell that FCUK is the abv. for FRENCH CONNECTION U.K.

  • CATHY05/16/2008

    After reading the reviews of this perfume on this site I decided to order some "blind" and not having smelt it myself. I was expecting it to be amazing but sadly that wasn't the case and I just think it's so-so. Nothing special but not terrible. It's not one that I will be reaching for time and time again and, in fact, I'm thinking about giving it away to someone who might like it more than I do!!

  • SWEETEST111/24/2007

    In my opinion, the name IS VULGAR and is a marketing ploy to get attention in the wrong way. I will not give my $ to any company that employs these tactics. Diane, I agree with you and we're entitled to our opinions without scorn.

  • VICKY06/04/2007

    I have just bought this really nice...thought it would be too sweet but the drydown makes it softer...really different and not expensive...for daytime not apecial ocations...but the name its not big deal...I just call it French Connection!

  • DAVE05/14/2007

    Just got this for my woman. The reviews are justified. First time out that she wore it, men and women asked what she was wearing, and of course she had to spell the name. This is one of those rare fragrances that's hard to find and should be worn every time she's around you and others to share this remarkable scent. highly recommend from a very picky perfume lover.... awesome !!!

  • PAULA03/15/2007

    I boyfriend picked up the "hers" for himself by accident. When we realized i decided to try it. Well it's been 3 years now. I wear it daily to work and wear it in the evening too. I've NEVER had so many compliments on any scent. I get at least 1 compliment a day and I've been at the same job for longer than I've been wearing this scent. My favs are Cool Water, Happy, Curve, Guess and the top of my list is FCUK. Don't be discouraged, its priced great and smells even more fantastic.

  • KALINA10/22/2006

    this is so pretty. layer it with the lotion and if you can get ahold of the body shower gel.

  • RUTH10/06/2006

    I love this perfume. I could spray it (on myself) all day long. No matter how much I wear, it smells ok. not too strong,but don't get me wrong you don't have to spray it all day long because the staying power on this one is phenominal. Top notes clean, fresh, good the ending notes are fresh, clean, good. Ladies I have only worn it once so no compliments YET, but I'm very hopeful :)


    Amen to that sista. This is the best scent around. A guy once told me I was going to give someone a heart attack with it and I have gotten only compliments on it. French Connection is classy and unique all around.

  • ANGEL01/04/2006

    i love this perfume. i bought it after reading all of the rave reviews and i must say, i am very satified with my purchase. The scent is very fresh and not heavy and nauseating like some perfumes. It smells really good- im in almost addcited to it.

  • YUMMY12/18/2005

    Old people are offended by the name and I am offended by old people and their smells... Can't win. But this fragrance is amazing, I love it.

  • REBECCA11/14/2005

    It's not that bad, and there's nothing wrong with the name. No one cares, and anyone who does needs to find a better issue than just the name.

  • BONNIE10/23/2005

    All I have to say is that my husband was quite turned on by this fragrance; so turned on, I did not know how to turn him off! Grab it girls!!

  • YOKO09/29/2005

    Before I tried this fragrance, with the exception of going out, I NEVER like to spray anything on. But as soon as I tried fcuk, I cannot go without it even if I am just walking around the house! I even wear it when I go to sleep! It smells soooooooo good (it gives me a light/comfy/relaxed kind of feeling). I am literally addicted to it.


    if you're offended by the name of this perfume, you're obviously not too up and at it when it comes to fashion. fcuk has been the initials of this apparel line for almost ten years. the controversy happened in the last decade; honey, you're way behind. as for the teenage sluts, they probably wear the same victoria's secret spray you douse yourself in before you leave for work every morning. fcuk is a classy perfume. pronunciation: phonetically. or just call it by it's real name: french connection for her.

  • GOTASGIFT05/13/2005

    Received compliments! I received this as a gift from my neice and I thought to myself - wow, this is a weird name; I can never tell anyone what I'm wearing! Well...still don't know how to pronouce it, BUT IT'S GREAT!

  • SABLE EYES02/07/2005

    Another glamorous addition to French Connection's Line! This fragrance warms up to be a fresh, fascinating scent! It's exotic potion contains some pretty rare notes making it both spicy & floral and very mysterious. It's "staying power" is fairly good but does require a second application for daytime wear. You will not be disappointed! P. S. Those who are offended by the logical combination of the INITIALS for "FRENCH CONNECTION" & "UNITED KINGDOM" don't deserve to wear such a progressive and divine fragrance!

  • PERFUME LOVER01/30/2005

    i love this fragrance, what is wrong with the name, nothing. French connection united kingdom. To those with there negative review's, do your home work first, do not judge a fragrance by it's name. Keep up the good work fcuk. ***** & more.

  • ALABASTERBOX01/15/2005

    To Diane et al, please look beyond the name and see the fragrance for what it is which is fantastic. When people ask what fragrance I am wearing I tell them just that. F. C. U. K. French Connection! I do not have to try to pronounce it the way it is or the way it was meant, i tell them French Connection, Simple. It is really a great fragrance and I enjoy wearing it. I am no teenager, I have teenagers as amatter of fact! I do not wear midriffs, no tatoos etc. I just love good fragrances and debarring the name, this is indeed a good fragrance. Try it.

  • GLAMOUR GIRL11/07/2004

    I really loved this perfume because it makes you feel so chic and wherever you go people ask you the fragrance name'll never get tired of using it ....

  • KJ10/28/2004

    Have received compliments each time I have worn it. Beautiful sweet smell, not too overpowering. My boyfriend thinks it's great too!!!

  • PIA08/21/2004

    french Connection must be STUPID to think they can market their fragrance with such a name, if customers are embarassed to ask for this , who is going to buy this? They probably never thought there would be a problem or purposely planned it for publicity purpose, how stupid!

  • CAROLE08/07/2004

    Smells wonderful on me, and the shower gel smells just like the perfume. I bought the eau de toilette and it is not too strong or overpoweringI get lots of compliments when wearing it. I bought it after they changed the name to protect the sensibilities of the prudish. I personally preferred the name just as it was.

  • MARY 07/22/2004

    Got this as a sample. Never thought I would like it because of the name, but I must admit I want to buy some now.

  • DIANE07/02/2004

    French Connection is trying TOO hard to grab your attention. Instead of "almost" naming their fragrance one of the most vulgar cuss words in our language, they should spend more time finding a name that signifies class. Vulgarity in a perfume name is a big turn off. In my opinion, the only people who would find this name amusing are ill-mannered teenage girls who wear mid-driff bearing shirts and short-shorts. They'll buy this and think they're "really cool." The fragrance is so-so....and the name is just plain idiotic. Definitely not for a lady who wants to exude class. If you wear this fragrance and someone asks you what you're wearing, what ARE you supposed to say???????

  • CRYSTAL05/25/2004

    I dont think that the perfume was really good i thought that it was too strong. Not one of my favorites.

  • LP04/26/2004

    I brought my man the fcuk for my husban. and every time he wears it people wants to know what is he wearing! LOVE IT FOR A MAN!

  • ERIC = O)04/18/2004

    Smelled this perfume in a magazine advertisment and almost wanted to make sweet love to the page! I tried it on my skin just to see what it would smell like on a person, and it's really quite nice. After a little while, you can start to smell the sandalwood as it evolves into a nice creamy smell. Just bought some for a female friend. The only downside i can think of is the price, but it is a newer scent, and if you shop around, you can get a deal, like i did.

  • GAIL12/19/2003

    The scent is kind of nice, but don't ya just hate the name?

  • PEB11/03/2003

    Very soft, sensual, and sexy without being cloying or overly sweet the shimmering body lotion is really nice give skin a nice glow.

  • ANGELA10/30/2003


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