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Animalic, Aromatic, Fougere. Bijan created Bijan for men in 1985. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, citrus and honey. The middle notes are: coriander, amber and moss and the base of the fragrance is: sandalwood, leather and cedar. Bijan is recommended for romantic use.

Gift Set - 2.5 oz EDT Spray + 3.4 oz Aftershave Balm + 2.5 oz Deodorant Stick
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Gift Set - 2.5 oz EDT Spray + 2.5 oz Aftershave Balm + 3.4 oz Deodorant Stick
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2.5 oz EDT Spray
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Animalic, Aromatic, Fougere. Bijan created Bijan for men in 1985. It is the result of the following top fragrance Notes: bergamot, citrus and honey. The middle notes are: coriander, amber and moss and the base of the fragrance is: sandalwood, leather and cedar. Bijan is recommended for romantic use.

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  • HAITCH07/31/2011

    my wife n I have been wearing classic since the 80,s, and when people ask what it is? we say, "LOVE" , and if the man above had thought of this scent then he would have made it, well done BJ R.I.P

  • COLOGNE DOC.07/06/2010

    hey gang, this is not the same cologne, just ran out of my old bottle, got a new one and when i put it on i was floored, not the same formula. this is not made by bijon anymore, five star fragrance company now makes this and all the other colognes tha were made by bijon, dont waste your money ,this fake does not last or smell the same.

  • DONALD CARTER01/01/2008

    Love this stuff. Not too many people I know wear it,so that in itself,makes me happy. I do agree with the fellow,who stated that it is not as "classic",as it once was. "If it ain't broke,don't fix it"

  • TOM08/14/2007

    I adore this scent. However only the former one. The new stuff is not as good by far. Something has been changed in the formula, I strongly guess. If I think of it in the early 90's, oh my dear, a true killer. I hope that the old scent will be brought back one day, please...

  • PARKER06/03/2007

    As a child I remember when staying at my father's house and Bijan Pakzad would his bi-annual visits. I was alway amazed sitting at the top of the stair case looking down into the living room. Bijan would bring array of large yellow Louis Vuitton cases of all sizes. Inside would contain suits, slacks, jackets, ties...he would set shop right in house. While my father was being fitted I would watch from my prch at top stair seat. During one visit my father was give a ampule of fragrance from Bijan my eyes widdened. Months later playing in my fathers home office I found that little bottle in a desk drawer the liquid was like a magical potion and I was the wizzard who was to open it upon the world. The gold liquided inside rainned upon my youthful skin before I knew my plight. Agnes - my nanny was not too found of what her little prince discovered. I recall vivid of being place in the tub while the house sevice washed me in tomato juice. To this day I still seek out to sniff Mr. Bijan's fragrance it bring back us fond thoughts of me..The Wizzard.

  • FRANZ01/23/2007

    This is one of the best scents out there for men. Countless women young and old have complimented me on my scent. Married women have even asked me what scent I was wearing so they can buy it for their husbands!

  • AP12/11/2006

    While shopping at the mall with my girlfriend, we tested this fragrance. After it dried down, we were still wondering what was so romantic about this. Not a bad scent, just not all that people have been saying on this board.

  • STEVEN MONAHAN10/12/2006

    6 yrs. ago I was working and a regular customer came in. His cologne was outstanding ! I asked him what it was and he said Bijon. " It's expensive " I said maybe some day. On Christmas he brought me a bottle and $50 for the next one. I have been using it and my wife loves it,my co-workers say I always smell so clean and fresh. Thank you Bijon !.

  • CHRISTOPH GEORG 08/28/2006

    Yeah, yeah, its 80s and strong and whatever, whatever...BUT Hmmm with the right approach this one is a genius scent> I imagine it as a morning scent which develops through the day. Not for work. No. Sunday morning: breakfast / coffee smell lingering in the house, kids are out already in the backyard playing. The night before you have just discovered how wonderful it still is to be with your wife/partner and it makes you feel balanced and comfortable. Its gonna be an active day enjoying it in and outside of the house. Probably even some guest/friends will come by in the afternoon. Some good music plays, sunlight hits your eyes gently and you get up being enthusiatic about today. Optimism and appreciation fills you coming out from the bathroom ready to take your place at the breakfast table. You get a kiss from you loved one while suddenly your little girl comes in, accross the room, suddenly stops and huggs you "hmm daddy smell" with a big smile. Thats how I imagine Bijan. What a fantastic fragrance it is!

  • CJ07/19/2005

    Bijan is an excellent defined class and gives the wearer the confidence and it shows with admirers. The base notes are just a killer when it matures.

  • M. J.04/10/2005

    Warm and classy fragrance! I've never been unlucky with the ladies wearing Bijan

  • R.J.01/28/2005


  • MARKO06/18/2004

    Re.Thomas: You´re right, the five star version does not smell like the old stuff at all!

  • MARKO06/18/2004

    Definitely the best men´s fragrance, a timeless classic. Developes very nicely on the skin. Easily ovedosed though.

  • THOMAS02/25/2004

    Recently I bought a bottle from Bijan and noticed it is now made by Five Star Fragrances (sticker on the bottom of the bottle). Bijan claims it is the same fragrance than before. But I found it smells differently and also got the same comment from a perfume shop assistant whom I asked for her advice. The scent smells differently already when just coming out of the bottle (another strange citrus accent). Furthermore it is not as full-bodied as known to me for years. Anybody there who experienced the same? Thanks for your comments. Thomas

  • W.B.02/20/2004



    If your man wears Bijan, you shouldn't let him out of the house alone!

  • THA PLAYA11/29/2003

    I have been looking for this stuff for a year in holland no cant seem to find it anywere but wen I did I truly felt like a man of the best colognes out there

  • A. NONY. MOUS11/24/2003

    If you like to smell like smoke you'll like this. Strong in a bad way also. One of the few fragrance purchases I have made that I can truly call a mistake

  • CHRIS COLOGNE11/19/2003

    I tried this one on a whim not knowing what to expect. At first I thought it smelled a bit synthetic but after a bit it "grows" on you. I like the honey sweetness and underlying amber muskiness. Not bad. One of the most unusual bottles and stoppers for the bottle collector.

  • THOMAS08/29/2003

    I am somehow addicted to this fragrance. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. It somehow demands a huge portion of self-confidence from the wearer. It's a great scent though.

  • ME TOO06/08/2003

    This scent is just overwhelming of woodyness and incense like smell. Bleck...this should have been left in the 80's were it came from and belongs. Men's scents that god have involved since this stuff!

  • DJPETERDEE05/17/2003


  • KRISTINA04/09/2003

    It is a very sexy smell and last a very very long time! Im a woman and wear this all the time and it is funny that men always compliment me and say just how yummy I smell!

  • PHIL04/02/2003

    I found this to be very overpowering and spicy. The dry down is rather sweet and reminds me of all the other 80's fragrances.

  • DOUG02/14/2002

    Bijan for men is a very unique smelling fragrance. There is nothing else like it out now, very sophisticated. This is the cologne if you are tired of the "foofy" same ol'stuff and if you want to smell like a man. It is a bit strong out of the bottle but wait a few minutes and "BANG".

  • C.L.01/19/2002

    This fragrance is ultra sophisticated and a true lady killer...I feel like James Bond whenever I wear it!

  • MARCY07/19/2001

    this is by far the best mens fragrance ever created! Nothing else on the market smells like it. It is warm, spicy and very sexy. This is also my husband's very fragrance to wear.

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