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24 Faubourg Hermes Image


24 Faubourg   

93 Reviews

24 Faubourg was created by Hermes in 1995 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent contains a blend of orange blossom, amber, vanilla, jasmine, and ambergris.

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24 Faubourg was created by Hermes in 1995 and is recommended for evening wear. This feminine scent contains a blend of orange blossom, amber, vanilla, jasmine, and ambergris.

  • KAREN12/05/2015

    Love the fragrance!

  • JOEL SUBNICK02/14/2013

    The best, been wearing it for 25 years, thank you for carrying my favorite…

  • CKMIA05/25/2011


  • SUSAN05/09/2011

    recieved this perfume today and i love it, my usual perfumes are escape and poison this one will take there place from now

  • RUTHIE11/27/2010

    Started off great, ended up with a cigarette note that I hate...but my sister loves. I gave it away. Think I'll give her a gift box this year.


    This comes on very strong, I give it credit for lasting power. Honestly it smells a lot like Giorgio, the white florals aren't as pronounced here. Unfortunately anything that remotely resembles Giorgio is offensive to me- Hermes or not.


    but this smells very much like Giorgio, maybe slightly less brash (and that's putting it lightly!). Has a lot of big white floral going on. Very long-lasting, even in EdT form. Absolutely not worth the price tag or the prestige associated with it.

  • GLORY12/02/2007

    The first time I ever heard of this fragrance was in a movie where Paul Newman made referance to Susan Sarandon wearing 24 Faubourg. It wasen't until many years later that I came to own a bottle and fall madly in love. As a fan of Vol de Nuit...L'Heure Bleu...Cristalle etc this blows everything on my vanity away. It really is a classic masterpiece that is a perfect floral blend. If you're a fan of orange blossom, no one does it better than Hermes 24 Faubourg.

  • BONNIE08/28/2007

    For those of you that find the original to much, too strong, too "old Lady", there is another option, the Delicate version of "24", I also don't like the original "24", but loved the the Delicate version. I don't think many know about it, due to only a few comments, but it is absolutely fab. classy, soft and elegant without the negatives associated with the original "24". Give it a try, it is absolutely lovely, classy, dry down is soft and sensual.

  • MARY ALICE03/08/2007

    I ordered 24 based solely on the great reviews and descriptions posted here. We live in Maine and there is a shortage of places to try these fragrances before buying. At first, I thought I had made a huge mistake. On my skin, the top notes were sharp and bitter. My first inclination was to head to the sink, but my husband persuaded me to wait because he smelled something delicious underneath the bitterness. He was right. This fragrance quickly became warm and sophisticated with a beautiful fusion of amber, vanilla and woody floral. I think the initial sharpness may have been the orange but that softened and melted into the rest of the notes and added that bit of edginess that makes this perfume so different from my other floral vanillas. I can't really liken this to anything else I have tried. It has a few of the sweet pleasant notes of Estee Lauder's Knowing without the smokiness, but it is so much better (IMO) than Knowing. I think I will wear it when I have a special night out or when I'm meeting my best friend for lunch in a nice little bistro and I want to "out-style" her. I won't tell her what is is either! By the way, it lasted all night on my skin and that is significant given our cold climate and my dry skin. Thanks for the great descriptive reviews that steered me in the direction of 24 Faubourg, Paris.

  • RAJUL02/15/2007

    i bought this one sometime back and just love it , but, somehow missed reviewing it ! i wish i had run into this one much earlier ! while flipping through a magazine i ran into an article where a movie star was interviewed and she said her favourite perfume was 24 faubourg. i happen to know this lady and am aware that she is more known for her relationships rather than her acting prowess, but then such a lady would make sure she smells SEXY & YUMMY isnt it ?! so, going by that i thought of trying her favourite perfume.......... and i was right. it is a lovely fragrance !

  • RAJUL02/11/2007


  • E. HARRIS01/31/2007

    I read Princess Diana loved this perfume and & was curious. This has this most wonderful aroma. I love wearing it and love my smell.

  • GISELLE12/23/2006

    With a few exceptions, I highly dislike scents that seem to revisit the 80's with those loud and rotten-like sweet notes of orange and peach. This happens to be one of them. I know the quality of this fragrance is excellent, but it's just not for me.

  • JB10/24/2006

    I see vanilla listed in the ingredients, I LOVE vanilla. especially scents that have warm sweet vanilla base notes, like Shalimar, Jean Paul gaultier Classique, Hypnotic Poison. Does this scent have vanilla notes like that? Please let me know! Thanks!

  • LAURA09/21/2006

    Wearing 24 Faubourg makes me feel really good. I've never encountered another fragrance that gives me such an emotional lift. And it's comforting even on a difficult tiring day. It's a remarkably balanced and layered fragrance. It is always nice to observe it go through all the levels from top note on down. The base note is particularly wonderful. A little of this great stuff goes a long way and it lasts a long time, even the floral aspect. There are a lot of fragrances I like, but this one makes me feel the best.

  • JOANNA07/15/2006

    finally a perfume for WOMEN !! Unlike these modern synthetic blends,be prepared to knock him off of his feet with a true scent of a woman!!!!

  • ANGELIQUE05/21/2006

    It's a bit on the heavy, spicy, musky side. I prefer light and floral. In saying this though, it doesn't smell bad and it does have a kind of timeless quality to it, but it's definitely not original. Although I still have it, I only ever use it occasionally, and on those occasions I usually wish I hadn't.

  • NANCI03/18/2006

    The first time I tried it on, I couldn't quit smelling it. I just wanted to keep sniffing my arm. Most elegant scent I've smelled.

  • ALLYSA03/10/2006

    This fragrance is pretty nice. I like it very much so feminie. But unfortunetly this scent doesn't fit to my skin anyway.

  • GREEKGIRL02/03/2006

    This has the most beautiful lingering scent i have ever sniffed. A friend of mine wears this and it smells wonderful not heavy just lingers,its a little like Burberry tender touch i think, pure heaven!

  • SYLVIE12/29/2005

    When 24 Faubourg came on the market, I tested it immediately and don't like it. Today, many years later, I sprayed it on: To my surprise 24, Faubourg smells wonderful!!! A beautiful, strong, very feminine, classy, floral fragrance. Warm, powdery-sweet, complex, and inviting. Without a doubt: For women only!!! Ultra-feminine! Scent Type: Floral. Top Notes: Orange blossom. Heart Notes: Sambac jasmine, iris. Base Notes: Ambergris, vanilla. "Hermès presents 24, Faubourg, a fragrance of distinction christened for the company's elite address: 24, Faubourg St.-Honoré, Paris. The elegant floral opens with an ethereal whisper of sweet orange blossom, followed by a rich heart of Sambac jasmine from India, warmed with a feminine, sensual accord of ambergris and vanilla. Exquisite and refined, it is ideal for lunch at the Ritz or a grand evening gala. Packaging design is reminiscent of a fluttering Hermès silk scarf, in shades of Hermès orange and silken yellow. "©

  • EMMA12/02/2005

    I die for this. my husband thinks this is the best, better than J'ose. Buy for the best night ever!

  • SUE C11/24/2005

    This is one of those fragrances that doesn't suit everyone due to its complex composition and woody notes. I like the smell but it doesn't suit me enough for me to buy a whole bottle. I have just a sample spray. This scent is similar in character to Givenchy's Organza which I have also tried to wear without success but I love it on other people. 24 Faubourg smells expensive and sophisticated so wear it if you can.

  • NEVENA11/16/2005

    Has a french chypré character. Nice classy aura. Slowly mellows without a dramatic change. Very Hermes -good staying power for a chypre and a good all year round scent. If You like GivenchyIII, You'll like this one too. I also like "Hermes rouge", but only for winter and spring.

  • MS KISS09/15/2005

    I love it!! Everyone gives me a compliment. It smells so good!!!

  • CATHERINE04/22/2005

    I just bought the 24 in the delicate version. Is it the same perfume but a lighter strenght? Does anyone know????

  • KAREN S.04/22/2005

    I hated it at first -old granny handbag. But a strange thing happens it becomes delicious after about 1 hour and I compulsively sniff it for a 'hit' (That's my test for perfume I like!!).Ibelieve it's down to your chemistry and also it needs 'heated up' a bit. It has a touch of 'GEM' about it too in it's base notes.

  • CATHERINE04/19/2005

    I just bought Delicate version at Nordstroms. It smells amazing. Does anyone know if this is just a lighter version of the original?

  • NEVA MITREA03/10/2005

    This must be one of those fragrences that either sits fabulous with your chemistry or announces a big no-no. I'm one of the latter. My husband picked it out for me and I tried really hard to like it but I hate it. It is heavy, head-achey and horrible. I've actually made people sneeze by walking by. Definately one to try out before you buy because when it's bad, it's really bad!

  • BEBE03/05/2005

    a unique luxurious scent. divinity in the numbers. smooth relaxing body lotion. very nice.

  • ANA B03/03/2005

    ..floral, yes, but so well blended that a note stays tantalisingly out of reach, eluding any attempts to define it. Kris is right. Even as a teenager I couldn't bear all those sweet foody scents. This is the business.

  • SHARRIE02/06/2005

    24 is my lucky number. its a romantic dream. powerful. made for the eccentrics. wonderful.

  • HEARTBREAKER01/18/2005

    I use 24-F. for at least 10 years (or since it came out in France) and I never changed this classy fragrance. Everybody loves this perfume on me & I love it too.

  • MARILEE01/01/2005

    I know this is a classic, classy fragrance, but I absolutely couldn't wear it. My mother bought me a big bottle of the edt for xmas last year & I had to give it away - I just couldn't like it, even after wearing it several times. Must just be me - I know this one is a keeper!

  • KRIS09/27/2004

    Please post your experiences with the EDT and the delicate versions of this scent. I have the EDP and would like to own it in a lighter version.

  • KRIS09/27/2004

    Wow! The drydown of this fragrance is unbelievable! I suggest that you try it on your skin and wait about 20 minutes and eliminate testing it on paper altogether. If you wait you will be treated to a classy, feminine, fresh scent. I have just begun to explore the classics since I can't handle the newer foody scent that are out there. As much as I would like to make an impression on the opposite sex, I just don't want to smell like cotton candy, cake, chocolate, or carmel! This is a keeper!

  • SUSAN08/26/2004

    I've owned this perfume for over a year now and love it. I do not have a "signature scent", I enjoy wearing several perfumes depending on my dress/mood. This is a GREAT CLASSIC PERFUME, it is one scent that has good staying power and I get a lot of compliments from other women. I get more compliments from men when I wear Halloween.

  • EVELYN07/24/2004

    If I were allowed to use a single word to describe 24 Faubourg, I would simple choose "Radiance". 24 Faubourg is for me bottled radiance, a fragrance masterpiece indeed. A word of caution though, it is a rather heavy fragrance, especially the EdP version. Either choose the EdT or use very little of the EdP. And don't forget to give it a bit of time to work it's wonder, enjoy!

  • J.V.07/12/2004

    I love smelling this on my wife, very femenine and sexy smelling, i'm so glad i found this for her!! Buy the edp for staying power that lasts all day.

  • AMY06/30/2004

    I bought my first bottle in Paris 4 years ago. Every time I wear it, my husband and I remember the romantic nights during our vacation in Paris. A very sensual scent.

  • ANNA06/20/2004

    I was SOO disappointed! It got great reviews, but it was just putrid.

  • TOSIN06/04/2004

    hello , to whom it may cioncern plz i need to know of the goods and the orders and the shipping , well i will be glad if u can response urgent/.

  • K2K05/26/2004

    I love this fragrance; for what it's worth, women are the ones who compliment me on it most often -- men don't compliment or complain... but I always feel good wearing it!

  • PIA04/23/2004

    This site is to post our opinions on fragrances not offend people by saying they have no class and the that 24 fabourg is too good for Charlotte. That was totally out of line and you owe Charlotte an apology. It sounds like you are the one without class offending people because of a difference of opinion. Charlotte does not like it so why does this bother you?

  • CODEBLUE04/10/2004

    is what 24 is, and then some. I recently tried this one and was captivated immediately. Elegance, sophistication, femininity, angel wings and lace in a bottle. Truly a glowing jewel among the classics.

  • NICOLE04/07/2004

    Hummm. I tried it today & will definitely buy a bottle. At first, it smells fresh, green, little spicy and develops gradually into a sophisticated, lightly sweet floral and soapy scent. But everything well balanced, no overpowering note at all. It is definitely classy. I thought it was an old scent and was amazed that it came out only in 1995. Not following the trend at all with those fruity, transparent or cloying scents with plain vanilla drydowns. 24 Faubourg has all the qualities of a classic. It reminds me of "L'Interdit" of Givenchy which is heavier and has too much musk for my taste.

  • ANA C.03/30/2004

    Have ordered some 24, Faubourg but it hasn't arrived yet so I can't rate it. Some of the posts concerning 24, Faubourg have mentioned Princess Di and her fondness for this particular fragrance. Add Arpege to her list of favorites. If you haven't tried Arpege by Lanvin, I highly recommend it. It is truly elegant and classy. An adult fragrance, similar to Chanel No 5, only softer. Also, the House of Creed was developing for Princess Di before her death the fougere fragrance Royal Water. So, you Princess Di admirers might want to add not only Arpege but also Royal Water to your lists of fragrances to try.

  • JOANNE03/07/2004

    Charlotte you poor thing. What difference does it make what success Diana had with "her men"? She had one thing that you are so glaringly lacking..she had CLASS! As for 24,Faubourg, you would be better off not wearing it, it is much too ladylike and exquisite for you. Why not try something a little more pedestrian, it would suit you much better. To all others, this is a beautiful, fresh and unforgettable fragrance and I wear it all the time

  • SHANIA02/05/2004

    My boyfriend bought me this EDT spray and I must say that I just love the scent. I've been getting compliments on it irl as well. I've noticed a bit more male attention lately I don't normally like different perfumes and am really quite fussy about it. I think he was intrigued by the fact that it was a favorite of Princess Di's and that it was supposed to be similar to Samsara by Guerlein that I like as well. This is my new favorite scent...

  • KIM01/27/2004

    What on earth does being successful with a man have to do with perfume?????? And by the way, this perfume is fabulous - whether she wore it or not.

  • MURKI12/15/2003

    Bought it and love it. It's warm and fresh, elegant yet totally unusual. I can't stop spraying it!

  • JEAN12/06/2003

    To me this is a lovely perfume! I will wear it from now on!

  • CHARLOTTE12/06/2003

    It isnt a bad smell, but no character and very strong aldehydic floral which becomes progressively unbearable. and i dont think its sexy/captivating. If i want a classic Paris scent i would rather go for Annick Goutal - has got character, at least. One word about Diana - true she was a popular princess, and i like her as well - but had she ever been successful with any of the men in her life?

  • MURKI12/05/2003 least on me. I really like this, it's different, yet very elegant. Not sure I think it smells like Giorgio..

  • CONNY12/01/2003

    it's the best fragrance.I tried all the parfumes.Who wear 24 faubourg has very much style and personality

  • CK11/07/2003

    I have been wearing this scent since its "birth". I think it represents me perfectly. Did not know it was Princess Di's fave as well (After ISIS). It pleases me to read that some people love it, some people hate it - perfume is so subjective - like people - and chemistry has so much to do with it! That is what makes it so personal! 24 makes me feel elegant, clean, dressed up, rich.

  • MOONFLOWER10/27/2003

    I love this fragrance, it has a classy, heady air about it, much like the late Princess Diana. I too am wondering though, why Butler Paul Burrell failed to mention Di's fragrance Isis which would have sent lots of money to her charities.I suspect Diana was the kind of woman who wore more than one signature fragrance, so it just baffles me that Burrell failed to mention Isis on Larry King. The cunning way he was so quick to push 24 Faubourg makes me almost think he might have a kickback arrangement with the Hermes House. Not knocking the scent, just Paul.

  • TIA10/21/2003

    I don't like it. A very "old" scent...boring...My husband don't like it either.

  • ERICA 10/16/2003

    I just got a mini based on these glowing reviews and curiosity about the fact that it was late Princess Diana's scent. Well, it didn't work for me. I expected pretty bouquet of fresh cut flowers. What I got was very sharp strong green scent at first. Then it softened to a nicer mellow warm floral, yet there's some wood note (I think) that didn't agree with me. If you like chypre florals, this one might be for you.

  • MARIE10/11/2003

    Great scent. I love the creme jar. They are great to collect. You can put all the samples you get in them. Pretty to the bathroom.

  • CAKE07/01/2003

    I smelled this scent on someone else and finally asked. Every since I purchased it, I've gotten compliments galore. With all the powdery, sweet scents - this is a refreshing change.

  • MARTHA06/25/2003

    I had written that 24 Faubourg was Princess Diana's favorite perfume -only because her Butler and his wife had stated this fact- on Larry King Live! I was thus very interested to hear about ISIS- I am now wondering why Paul and Maria Burrell would not mention this one- especially when a portion of the money would go to her charities!! I too find 24 Faubourg a bit heavy for the summer and most likely it would be better in the Fall and Winter!!

  • PIA06/19/2003

    24 Fabourg was not the Princesse's favorite scent. It was one of her favorite< since she liked wearing a few that she liked. She loved one that was made for her in the 80's< by William Owen master perfumer for European royalty. IT is ISIS. You can get this on the ISIS web site. just key in ISIS Perfume. This fragrance is a blend of white rose< white violets and bird of paradise. I love it! It is intoxicating! And the price is reasonable< part of the profits go to some of her highness's charities. The package has a lovely portrait of her, very nice. Highly recommend it! I DO LIKE 24 FABOURG ALSO, IT IS A NICE FALL SCENT.

  • MARTHA05/24/2003

    I have tried many good perfumes over the years and yet had never heard of 24 Faubourg by Hermes- since I live in a small area where it is difficult to obtain expensive and quality perfume! I had heard recently that this was the Late Princess Diana's favourite perfume- I adored and had great admiration for her- thus I just had to get this perfume! I finally was able to have it shipped to me -from a larger city here in Canada- and it is just as beautiful and awesome as I had hoped! I also have the benefit of wearing a perfume that is not available locally- this makes my scent unique- which is an added plus!!

  • HISAKO05/16/2003

    Beautiful! It reminds me of peaceful, cozy days in autum somewhere in the park.

  • GOLDENLADY05/07/2003

    This is a fragrance that smells great during the autumn, when the air cools down, the leaves start changing, and the sweaters come out of the closet. I wouldn't wear it any other time of year, but it is a very nice fragrance for fall. I would not describe it as "light," either, hence the seasonal aspect of it.

  • KORI04/12/2003

    A wonderful bottle and a very boring scent.

  • MECHELE04/09/2003


  • CAROLINE04/08/2003

    This is a pretty but boring scent

  • JAN HOOVER03/22/2003

    Absolutely classy and feminine.

  • LOIS03/14/2003

    This is just a beautiful perfume - if you want to smell wonderful all day long - this is the one!

  • MARYMAGS02/11/2003

    a great warm weather fragrance. A little too "goodgirly" for me, but if you dont want to offend anyone, this is it. simply gorgeous and lovely bottle.

  • RAE02/10/2003

    Very beautiful fragrance. I have received sooooo many compliments on it I can't belive it. This is my new signature scent!

  • NILAR02/01/2003

    This has been my fav and signature scent ever since I was given it by my mum simply cos she doesn't wear perfume! I love it!

  • PERFUME OBSESSED01/31/2003

    Who wouldn't want to smell like the Princess of Wales....if it was good enough for her it's good enough for me! I just bought some and it's very pretty!

  • KIM01/31/2003

    I ordered this after I heard it was Diana's favorite and I see why! It's very beautiful and soft.

  • SCOTT01/15/2003

    Did you all know this was Her Lady'd favorite perfume??

  • LINWE01/08/2003

    When it dries, this perfume reminds me of Tiffany which I have worn for a long time--except lighter. It is a beautiful bottle, though.

  • EURY01/07/2003

    Lovely! This reminds of me of a classic white flower fragrance (sweet and light) with a spicey depth to it. That touch of ambergris gives it something special, too. Hermes certainly knows how to do scent -- Caleche is another personal favorite of mine!

  • ZALE01/02/2003

    Then that's for you. It's not as strong as Giorgio but it is very similar. The bottle is exceptional. It is recommended for evening wear but you can pull it off during the day if you don't go overboard.

  • KATIA12/22/2002

    I've tried that in 1995. in Paris, the very first week when it came out and didn't like it at all. To me it left impression of a very heady, cloying, very boring floral. Now, after reading your messages about how great it is I decided to try it again. I've tried that for three times in the last couple of weeks. And I can only say that my first impression from Paris 1995. was right. For me 24 FAUBOURG is really not special, first notes are very tart (my husbandt said that, too), and after a while it developes into a very plain and boring, a bit heavy floral. My husbandt said it was very tart and not sophisticated and sensual at all. He strongly disliked it, even more then I did. I'm not impressed at all.

  • JEFF11/29/2002

    Here's the male perspective for you. I bought this for my wife the year it came out at N-M. LOVE the scent and it is still as enticing today as it was the first Christmas my wife wore it...and nothing else. I LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE....worth every cent for the perfume...yet, even the eau de toilette is fine...but splurge and get the perfume.

  • JASMINE11/12/2002

    Giorgio, but not as strong.

  • JULIE10/17/2002

    This has been my "signature" scent for several years, and I still love it. Unfortunately, my brother in law gave some to his wife and now that's all she wears-and she never even wore perfume much! So, I'm on the hunt for another spectacular perfume. any suggestions?

  • CHRISTINE09/14/2002

    a truely elegant perfume destined to be a classic

  • ANNIE09/13/2002

    This is a lovely, classic, expensive smelling fragrance. Not trendy, but complex, with a beautiful blend of florals. I wore this for a couple of years and always received compliments on it. The bottle is beautiful, too. Hermes is always a nice product. I've worn their other fragrances, too.

  • CLAUDIA 06/20/2002


  • AUNTGOOEY06/16/2002

    I usually steer clear of florals, but when I opened up a sample of this I literally said "wow." It's a complicated, perfectly balanced bouquet of flowers with a lot of amber that lingers, and the long, long drydown is even better than that first spray! The first spray can be a little heady at first, but it mellows quickly and deliciously. And as an added bonus, the bottle is the most elegant one on my dresser. I've heard there's "light" version. I'd like to try that one, since I go so easy on this one during the day. This is my ideal of real French perfume and I immediately bought a full size bottle.

  • A. 06/04/2002

    O, this is NICE. I usually don't go for something so blatantly floral, but this scent is extremely well-done. It's balanced and refreshing. When I think of French perfume, this is exactly the scent I imagine.

  • JM06/03/2002

    24 Fauborg is unique and unlike many fragrances it smells better and better as time goes by...Classy, rich, and sensual.

  • MAGGIE05/29/2002

    I agree with Julia - this perfume makes you feel incredible. I finally got my hands on or should I say in the body cream and it is amazing! It claims to be for evening wear, however, go lightly and enjoy it all day.

  • JULIA03/22/2002

    Last spring, I spent my holidays in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There, in the 'Burj Al Arab' - the most excluvie and luxurious hotel in the whole world (the only one with seven stars!) - you can find a bottle of this magnificent perfume in the ladies rooms, along with the complete bath line, for the guests. I always wear it since. To me, it resembles the orient's sensuality and affluence. You'll feel like a modern princess from 1001 night that is wearing an hermes scarf! ;-)

  • DEBRA03/12/2002

    this is a complicated perfume -- one that could be your signature scent, unlike all those bath-and-body-works, fruity things that are out there. and like everything hermes, the bottle and packaging are exquisite -- something to show off on your dressing table!

  • FELICIE02/28/2002

    Mirage,charme, chaleur, seduction, feminité,amour tout ca dans un seul parfum 24 FAUBOURG

  • PERFUMEGIRL12/29/2001

    It reminds me of Lancome's "Poeme"!?

  • SONJA12/27/2001

    Scentsational! It doesn't get any better than this. Love it & so does my man.

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    Peach-like; weedy green floral; a white floral that can be sharp or antiseptic; vanilla and musk ending but floral still comes through.

  • XO12/01/2001

    It's a beautiful fragrance, but it would be better to get it at Scentiments than on this site. This site is very, very expensive. You are barely getting any discount on the perfumes here. It's much cheaper at Scentiments.

  • MICHELE11/23/2001

    soft, sensual, warm; love it

  • GIGI10/13/2001

    Maybe the one I have got was rancid. It really did smell like an old ( I mean very old) soap. I returned it. Sorry.

  • KARINA07/29/2001

    Like bathing in sunshine! This fragrance makes me feel so happy when I wear it. It is unmistakeably "French"- there is such sophistication, but combined with a real freshness. Warm, sensual and a pleasure to wear-this is also a great price for it, so buy it here if you want it! When you can find it at all in the department stores, which is dfficult to begin with since so many don't carry it, it is EXPENSIVE! Hermes only produces the best of everything, so it's worth every penny, but why pay full price? I highly recommend this beautiful fragrance to everyone.

  • CJ07/23/2001

    Oh Yes, those vacations. I too experienced Hermes on holiday with my husband (oh yes my daughters too)! Whenever I wear Hermes it reminds my husband of our trip to Paris and he becomes romantic all over again. I love the frangrance for many reasons :)

  • KATHY07/01/2001

    It seems that so many of us have discovered this fragrance while on vacation. Het with it, America! I saw it advertised in the Air France magazine and bought it in the Hermes store in Prague, Check Republic last week. My husband loves it and that's what counts with me! Wear it spareingly!

  • APRIL06/28/2001

    Great light scent I discovered while on holiday in St. Barts,jasmine and flower feel to it. NOT a fragrance which will remind a man of his mother's scent or old flames either.

  • STEPHANIE06/18/2001

    I agree with the others, this is a very nice fragrance and the bottle is exquisite.

  • H.05/31/2001

    A killer fragrance!!!

  • KRISTINA04/21/2001

    I first discovered this perfume while on vacation in Paris. Ever since then it is the only perfume that I will wear. It smells incredibly good and my boyfriend loves it.

  • CRIS04/10/2001

    Very warm and sensual - smells like Paris in the springtime (or what I imagine it to smell like anyway). Men love it

  • LUCIENNE01/26/2001

    24 Faubourg is one of my favourite perfumes. It was given to me as a present from France and I have not found this perfume in my country yet. It is such a romantic and sensual perfume and I love it.

  • LIZANN09/22/2000

    I first came across this fragrance in Paris 1996. I loved it immediately. Complete strangers stop me to ask what I'm wearing!

  • SHEENA09/21/2000

    This is a wonderful fragrence. I'm always being asked what I'm wearing. The scent is flavorful, but not overpowering

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