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Borsari Goccia Di Cristallo Borsari Image


Borsari Goccia Di Cristallo   

7 Reviews

2.5 oz EDP Spray
SKU 6625
$70.00 $59.99

  • PERFUME JUNKIE08/20/2005

    Come stai? :) This sounds lovely and I know the Borsari house has a worldwide reputation. Does it have good staying power? I really hate to spend my hard-earned money on scents that disappear as soon as you walk out your door. Grazie.

  • PIA02/03/2005

    I finally was able to locate two wonderful Borsari fragrances I have heard much about, Fontana Deco and Coeur de Parfum. Lovely, elegant, very fragrant. I also have Lavanda Alpina, best lavender scent out there and also have Cocktail di Flora. They are all just wonderful. Available from Only miniature collectables available from this vendor. I am eager to try the many other Borsari fragrances, Mughetti, Rosa, gigli and especially Il Mio Sogno(MY Dream) that my mother used to love when she was a teenager in Italy.

  • PIA12/22/2004

    I would like to thank Perfume Emporium for making it possible for me to post opinions on their site. Also thanks for the Beauty Bucks and the great promotions, ie, coupons free gifts and free shipping. Than you so much for the purchases I have made everything was always great. Happy New Year and looking forward to many more "posting and reading and buying"! Happy Holidays!

  • PIA12/22/2004

    Moira, I used to live in Montreal but I now reside in US and love it but am still a Canadian citizen born in Italy! My favorite fragrances are Italian made from different design houses. The fragrances I have from Borsari are Violetta di Parma which is a lovely, lively, lightly sweet, a little green with the truest violet scent I have ever experienced in a fragrance. If you love violets this would be the one for you. The other fave is of couse Goccia di Cristallo and I am not good at describing scents but believe me you would love this. To me it is an elegant but can also go casual. It has pineaaple in it but does not smell fruity at all and not too floral sorry like I said am horrible at descriptions but a friend of mine describet it as close to Noa by Cacherel but much much prettier. I wore last Christmas for the first time and loved it and everyone I gave it to loved it too. By the way , I have never tried Noa so I cant say if it is similar. This fragrance is a four season scent good all year that is what I like about it. It is also elegant in an understted way . A good description is on a post at One other Borsari fragrance I have is Lavanda Alpina, Alpine lavender. Very nice, woodsy and true to scent. Best lavender smell I have tried much better than Yardleys. I am impatient to try Fontana Deco their 1930's fragrance, if i can only find it! You may want to check out Parmashop a web site from Italy that I have checked out , these fragrances are all available but shipped from Italy so the shipping may take a while. Also check out JKB Trading all these fragrances available but are very tiny miniatures.This is a web site you can order from not sure if they ship to Canada but check it out anyway. Joieux Noel to you !

  • SHARRIE12/17/2004

    a touch of loveliness, classy, radiant, a treasure of the time, inspirational, wonderful

  • MOIRA12/14/2004

    I reside in Canada and am not familiar with your products. Can you describe the fragrances? Of course, there's nothing comparable, but is there anything close?

  • SHARRIE12/14/2004

    it casts a spell on me everytime, enchanting, a true bouquet of flowers worn,

  • PIA12/08/2004

    Grazie for responding to my letter, I understand there has to be a large demand in order to produce bath items to go with the fragrances. I still love Goccia. I am interested in trying Art Deco perfume as well. Where can I get it. Wish I could write the entire letter in Italian but I forget how to since I moved to US from Italy (Molise) when I was seven years old, although I speak it well and read it it is hard to write especially since we speak a certain slang from the region I come from. Enjoyed the correspondence. Buon Natale e Buon principio D'anno.PS. My mother(70 years old) has worn Violetta di Parma since she was a teenager, still her favorite, thank you for making it!

  • ALLA GONOPOLSKY11/29/2004

    I was looking for this perfume couple of years(I'm not Italian, I'm russian-american), finaly I can get it in USA. (before I bought it through some Italian site on Internet). I love the smell. It's awesome!!!

  • BORSARI11/17/2004

    Dear Pia, you asked us if it would be possible for us to make a dusting powder? I'm afraid to inform you that usually our productions are based on general requests and only if these are for big quantities. Anyway we are very glat to know that Borsari is appreciated between the Italian women in America. Ciao from Italy!

  • RITA06/04/2004

    My sister pia gave me two mini bottles of the Goccia di Cristallo at Christmas in the beautiful gold baskets with soaps and flowers. The fragrance is like no other, fresh , pretty, warm like sunshine, and very elegant. This fragrance is very unique you must try it you will get hooked. Grazie Borsari!

  • PIA06/04/2004

    i just want you to know how beautiful Goccia di Cristallo is. it is like no other. I tried it last Christmas when I purchased the Goccia di Natale cestino di filo d'oro. I bought a dozen of these as gifts and kept half for myself. the soaps are lovely, the carved scented wood flowers too. Every woman in my family is wearing Goccia, it is very popular with us Italian Americans now. Would it be possible for Borsari company to make a dusting powder? That would be great if you can! Also love Violette di Parma and all the females in my families love this too. Thank you for your wonderful fragrances they make me very happy, grazie molto, tanti auguri. Pia Burgess,

  • BORSARI05/14/2004

    Thank your for your beautiful opinion about our Goccia di Cristallo!

  • PIA12/21/2003

    One word for this fragrance, STUNNING!

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