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Aimez Moi   

27 Reviews

Introduced in 1996, Aimez Moi, which means love me in French was created for assured, successful and modern women. A fresh opening fragrance that warms to a feminine floral heart lingers with a rich woody base. It blends floral of Anise, Violet Leaf and Bergamot with woody notes of Tonka Bean, Heliotrope, Amber, Musk and Cloves to convey warmth.

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Introduced in 1996, Aimez Moi, which means love me in French was created for assured, successful and modern women. A fresh opening fragrance that warms to a feminine floral heart lingers with a rich woody base. It blends floral of Anise, Violet Leaf and Bergamot with woody notes of Tonka Bean, Heliotrope, Amber, Musk and Cloves to convey warmth.

  • CARON BOUDRIOUA10/06/2011

    Just received my first bottle of aimed moi and wow I am not disappointed !! I love it !! Smells divine and lasts all day , and the bottle is so stylish , A definite favourite !!

  • NUMBER ONE FAN12/15/2008

    Trust me when I tell you, if your chemistry is right, this perfume will always be in your collection! This stuff is so delicious!

  • BARBARA W07/28/2007

    If this scent is anything like Louise's description, I'm going to go ga-ga for it! Ordering a bottle right now... ;-)

  • DEBS03/14/2007

    Sadly, on me this smells like a bad combintion of anise, mint and wood. This has been the worst of Caron's scents for my body chemisty. Will stay with 'Nocturnes' (aldehyic floral) or 'Parfum Sacre' (woody, but similar to 'Ciara' minus the sweeetness). Even 'Nuit de Noel' is a seasonal pleasue, though it is very light; may try the pure parfum as it can make a world of difference.

  • LADY "P"02/07/2007

    My boyfriend bought this for me when he was in paris about 7 years ago. I search and search and have always been lucky enough to find it. Thank you.

  • JESELLE01/18/2007

    Horrible, so strong and smells like my fathers cigars! after about 2 hours it is bearable. I received it as a gift, and can't wait to get rid of it.

  • SUSANNA09/27/2006

    It is pure anise. Smells like italian Easter cookies. Not really what I had in mind for amour.

  • LOUISE07/25/2006

    Hi. Sorry this is so late. I haven't checked this board in a while. No, there has been no reformulation for Aimez Moi. The older, original bottle is the one you see pictured on this site; it's a gorgeous bottle. But Caron decided to switch bottles and to house Aimez Moi in the peppercorn bottle (same bottle which houses Nuit de Noel, Bellodgia, Narcisse Noir, etc.) Last year I purchased Aimez Moi in the older bottle, and it's still fresh. Stored properly, fragrance will stay fresh a very long time. HTH.

  • HISAKO04/12/2006

    I already posted twice about this rich scent though, I must add one more thing; it is very French to me!!!

  • ANITA03/31/2006

    FInally got to try this and I have totally fallen in love with it. Thank you to all the wonderful ladies who have recommended this, you've really made my day!!!

  • DEBS03/27/2006

    A wonderful rose fragrance Is 'Ghost' by Tanya Sarne. The rose petals fade to an ethereal, sensual woody and musky scent. And 'Jungle L' Elephant' by Kenzo is a delicious cinnamon, oriental and sweet fragrance. These are both lovely and not too expensive!

  • DEBS03/18/2006

    Hello...I posted you again at the 'parfum Sacre' page, but it did not post. This happens often. Anyway, I have wondered about 'Aimez Moi' as it contains notes I appreciate. I adore 'Dzing!' and '10 Corso Como'. L'Artisan makes exquisite (mostly unisex) fragrances. Happy hunting!

  • SMELLIE KAT03/11/2006

    Maya, thanks so much for your response. I've seen two types of packaging for this fragrance (different bottles). Are they the same? Was there a reformulation at some point? Would help to know.

  • MAYA03/07/2006

    See I'd love to be able to help you with this but unfortunately I've never tried the one you're trying to replace... However having said that I think that regardless of that you'd find a new love in Aimez Moi... I think it's really worth a try :)

  • SMELLIE KAT02/26/2006

    So I'm totally intrigued by the descriptions of Aimez Moi. Question: does this fragrance share any similarities to Escada Collection (which also has tonka bean and smells like sweet pipe tobacco . . . among other yummy scents)? Collection has been discontinued and I'm looking for something new to capture my heart in a similar way. Louise and Maya, thanks for your postings - they're really helpful!

  • XENIA01/16/2006

    My favourite Caron's scent. Both serious and seductive (that is quite unusual). It is changing all the time on my skin, the quality is superb.

  • MAYA08/18/2005

    That is actually as close as anyone can describe this fragrance... A really wonderful, unique scent! It won me over with only a whiff :)

  • MAYA08/09/2005

    I wore this a few years ago and was not lucky to find it again for a while... I love it even more this time around... Ohhh what a sexy scent! I missed it! It just swirls your senses and plays with you... caresses and unfolds as the day goes on... So happy to have it again :) I love how this scent changes in most unique ways, and leaves you wanting to smell it again and again... Every time a whiff of it arrives to my nostrils a slightly different note is detected, only to disappear and hide for a while making room for others to show off... and then you wait for its return with excited longing as they float round and round...

  • LOUISE04/01/2005

    that's what Aimez Moi is made of. Seriously. The first few seconds of the drydown process are a bit strange, but hang in there. This fragrance develops into a unique and uniquely feminine scent. At one point it reminds me of sweet pipe tobacco. At another, it reminds me of the sweet smell emanating from dried oak leaves. That may sound strange to you if you don't garden, but if you do, and if you bag oak leaves to be used as mulch later on, then you know the sweet smell the dry leaves produce when you open the bag and begin to spread them around. At another point it smells like something sweet wafting from the kitchen, yet it's not cloying or cheap smelling. There are a few Caron scents I really like and have connected with. Aimez Moi is one of them. True, it's an unusual scent. Definitely unique. If you want something different, try this one. It's not like any other scent I've worn.

  • SHARRIE02/15/2005

    passion in a crazy world. yet very subtile. very sweet. grows on you as he day goes on. wonderful.

  • HISAKO08/25/2004

    Almost one year ago, I bought mini and I did not care for the scent as it has relatively strong anise/caraway seed smell. Well,I tried this today again and surprisingly it smells pleasing. As someone commented before, you have to wait 10-20 min. before the first note of anise/careway seed smells go away. Then the scent turns to soft warm flowerly pudding smells that reminds me of Christmas season. I don't have any romantic memories in the particular season yet this scent makes me think as if I have such a good, sweet memory in the past. Isn't this a good reason to try this scent? I now like it.

  • SHEILA09/22/2003

    I purchased this fragrance solely on the basis of comments from this site. I was a little concerned initially with the strong anise scent but, after the dry down is was so sensual. It's my new favorite scent for the fall. It becomes very soft after it dries down.

  • HISAKO07/12/2003

    it was too much anise smell for me. I will try if i develope "likeness" about the scent since I bought the mini.

  • CK04/27/2003

    A sales woman handed me a test strip at a department store one day while I was buying another fragrance for a gift. It was very pleasant, relaxing, feminine. It put me in a good enough mood to buy it! (I usually don't buy fragrances until I've tried it a number of times, but this one had me sold!) I've been wearing it for a few weeks now, and I still enjoy it.

  • STEPHANIE04/10/2003

    Great for work or after hours. Too sweet for Summer, but great for other seasons. (I still wear it in the Summer) I get asked all the time what I am wearing. At least once a day.

  • JULIE10/17/2002

    To Laura, I don't have allergies, but I have a ton of perfumes--you might try Angel (you either love it or hate it) and Tresor was one that someone who had allergies said she could wear. Also, Bijan might be good. Good luck!

  • LAURA 10/11/2002

    I've got severe allergies and have difficulty wearing any fragrance. I'm esp. reactive to florals. Cartier le must is about the only thing I can wear that I like. I know I do well with citrus, although I like something "headier" for fall and winter. I like oriental fragrances too, but I have to be careful. Any suggestions?

  • ANREA 09/04/2002

    This fragance is so femenine... i love it, its my favourite. The first note feels strong, but later mmmmmnn! Its delicious!

  • MIRANDA01/08/2002

    I just recieved my order, and I was a little apprehensive after reading the former comment. I am absolutely thrilled with this fragrance. It is a little cloying at application (have patience!), but it dries down to a fabulous spicy-floral indescribably unique aroma. I've never smelled anything like it. Definitely French! I've worn Boucheron, Lolita Lempicka, and Initial- I was searching for something *different* and beautiful- I think I've found it!

  • VICKI08/11/2001

    I ordered this perfume after reading abt the interesting combination of various floral and spicy notes, however, when I tried it the scent of anise was so overpowering that I gave my bottle to the first person who I found who liked it. The bottle itself is beautiful.

  • LISA07/29/2001

    It smells so good but its hard to find in the stores. I'm so glad to have found it here!!!!

  • KARA03/23/2001

    I have received many comliments when wearing this perfume. It has a rich scent.

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