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Yohji Yamamoto

Yohji Essential   

22 Reviews

A fragrance of elegant simplicity, sometimes bold, sometimes serene. Yohji Yamamoto Essential is a floral, fruity musk. The fragrance opens with delicate notes of chamomille extract, linden leaves and galbanum resin. This accord is reinforced by an original blend of natural ingredients, sandalwood, patchouli branches, iris root and a hint of amber more

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A fragrance of elegant simplicity, sometimes bold, sometimes serene. Yohji Yamamoto Essential is a floral, fruity musk. The fragrance opens with delicate notes of chamomille extract, linden leaves and galbanum resin. This accord is reinforced by an original blend of natural ingredients, sandalwood, patchouli branches, iris root and a hint of amber of plant origin, which gives the fragrance its haunting, sensual aura. Especially tangy, delicious notes of red berries, raspberry tea and pink grapefruit add a sparkling, light-hearted touch. A bouquet of white flowers, including freesia, lily of the valley, jasmin and ylang ylang enriched with musk and white rose gives Yohji Essential sublime softness and feminity that exquisitely counterpoint the unusual, tangy top notes.

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  • KATE05/05/2013

    The fragrance is interesting and really lasting. It goes better for an evening event.

  • GILL01/20/2013

    I've been looking for this perfume since first bought it 13 years ago. I just love it & was so pleased to find it, although not in a larger bottle, but that doesn't really matter.

  • KP11/14/2007

    I need MORE Yohji!!! This fragrance is simply divine! I get so many compliments from women & MEN! I refuse to wear anything else. I have been ordering it online for a few years and was saddened to received some imitation bottles that were not authentic!! SO PLEASE find a way to get Yohji Essentials back in the Departments stores :) Thanks.. KP

  • HISAKO01/16/2007

    I just got this a couple days ago from amazon. Since I have never smelled, I got a travel size. When I first sprayed, I did not like the dry down, which I can not describe..may be rose and something. today I tried again and wow! this smells SO expensive just like someone mentioned already. this one is definitely for the special occasions. I smelled little more herbal like something this time with full-bloomed red roses in it. it may be heavy and cloying if you apply too much and may give an impression of an old lady's perfume as someone also mentioned in the posts. very little do the trick with this one.

  • CAROL10/08/2006

    The perfume shop used to sell it , for £20 a set I couldn't beleive it for a 30ml btl now it's discontinued it, that was 3yrs ago i last wore it on my wedding day and the smell is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

  • MICHELLE ALLEN09/04/2006

    Pleae can anyone tell me where I can get Yohji mine is nearly gone and I have never found anything that even comes close I can put this on if Im wearing dirty jeans and feel a million dollars

  • ISABELLE08/30/2006

    I bought it 8 years ago rather by coincidence and never found a better smell. Now that I want to buy that same smell it is very hard to find even online. Gladly I found one in the internet and had it sent to me from the States and whas not even expensive, shippingcosts included! WONDERFUL, so happy! This is the most sensual and long lasting perfume i ever had!

  • JEN HA08/10/2006


  • *BARBARA W*04/29/2006

    Proctor & Gamble has just bought the house that makes Yohji fragrances, and they are all being discontinued! Buy this while you can....

  • LUCIANA01/26/2006

    I usually by perfume in this store here in Rio (Brazil) and browsing at there website, I found the review for Essential and I thought I'd like it. The attendant did not know she had it at the store. When I tested it on my arm I did not like it (it smelled like tobacco), but later on the same day, I kept on smelling that spot and it was the greatest scent I had smelled in years...Sweet (not at all sickening), Light (but with a great fixer), Permeating, marvelous, adorable! I got it and friends love it too!

  • MARCEY01/20/2006

    This has to be the best fragrance that I've ever used!! But it's very hard to find!!!

  • GML11/22/2005

    I bought this fragrance in Australia several years ago but it is no longer stocked by the store (Myer). Can't understand why. Have had someone buy me a bottle in the States but it is now as difficult to find everywhere, including online. What is the story behind this?

  • COCO10/01/2005

    Guys, this perfume has disappeared from the shops! Who knows the story behind?

  • JO-JO07/19/2005

    Can't believe that so few people know about this WONDERFUL fragrance. So glad that it's rather difficult to get - it will remain exclusive to the few of us in the know of where to get it. My very favourite !!! Yummy.

  • CALLIE01/04/2005

    This fragrance has become one of my all time favorites. It is light and beautiful and clean and doesn't turn on me like many perfumes do. I, too, wish it was more readily available, but then everyone would be wearing it and it would no longer be my secret in my little corner of the world. Mmmmm, it's wonderful!

  • SHARRIE12/25/2004

    fabulous. a delightful treat. spellbound. haunting. wonderful.

  • BLOSSOM10/03/2004

    A friend introduced me to Yohyi Essential in '99...Sephora used to carry it..but no longer..I kept the empty bottle and nothing has compared since then to the essence of Yohyi Essential...but a reminder it must be 'Essential' at least for me as the original is completely different....not at all to my liking...wish more stores carried 'Essential'

  • ANOTHER MARY12/23/2003

    I honestly don't understand how there is not one negative comment here regarding this perfume! Someone recommended it to me saying it was "fresh". I don't think so. It smells like an old lady's scent if you ask me. I couldn't even give the stuff away!

  • CATHERINE12/01/2003

    This has to be the world's most exquisite perfume - and also a pretty guarded secret. No-one has heard of it in Australia, and it took me a year before a friend brought it over from the States for me. Worth the wait though. I think this scent is what heaven will smell like.

  • 137KMPH03/15/2003

    guess i'll never ever find anything i'd be so much into. japanese perfumes always have some more to tell. a scent definetely must work. but this one really acts. prolly, Yamamoto is not the only one who created it - Holy God himself should have put hands onto it)))) for me))))

  • MIMI02/27/2003

    The best pefume I ever put on...

  • MARY02/19/2003

    This fragrance has something definetely magic in it! It's not an easy to find fragrance but when you do get a chance to get your hands on one of these slim and minimalist bottles, you'll fall in love with this fragrance! It's hard to describe...all I can tell you is that, when I smell it I think of a very cold winter day and the good sensation that we get from a warm fire or a warm room...this is a warm type of fragrance...I don't think this would be appropriate on hot days but that's just my opinion. This is a complex perfume...there's a lot going on in it...many woody and warm tones...warmth is its main charateristic, that's why I think that once you smell this, there's no way you would use this perfume in a hot summer day or in a warm spring night... A very very different and unique type of fragrance. I highly recommend it!! Oh more thing...although it's very hard for me to describe this scent, I'll tell you that I detect a VERY VERY pleasant smell of ripe pears....not an ordinary note in a perfume...that's for sure!! So...just for this uniqueness...two thumbs up for Yohji Essential and for its creator!!

  • DEBRA B02/11/2003

    Yohji Essential is difficult to define -- and hard to find, but well worth the effort. I've seen it described as an oriental, a chypre, and a floral. I go with chypre -- it has a dominant mossy/earthy note in the drydown that is like a kinder, gentler version of patchouli. Think Aromatics Elixir, but you can still breath around it! Top note is lime blossom, middle notes are fruity. I get stopped by a lot of men asking what scent i'm wearing with this one.

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