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Jean Philippe


14 Reviews

Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDC Spray + 2.5 oz Solid Deodorant Stick
SKU 11840
$25.00 $13.99
0.48 oz EDT Spray (Cream Box)
SKU 6513
$18.00 $16.99
1.2 oz EDT Spray (Purple Box)
SKU 10936
$13.00 $7.99
1.5 oz EDC Spray (Purple Box)
SKU 10935
$13.00 $4.99
2.4 oz COL Splash (Cream Box)
SKU 5041
$28.00 $20.99
3.4 oz EDT Spray (Purple Box)
SKU 4037
$19.00 $17.99
3.4 oz EDT Spray (Orange Box)
SKU 5039
$19.00 $17.99
4.2 oz Body Powder
SKU 5975
$22.00 $21.99

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  • CATH01/29/2015

    I have been wearing Intimate since I was 16 years old, and I am now 60. It is a timeless classic, and always attracts compliments.... I once had a lady follow me around Marks and Spencers before asking what perfume I was wearing. Suitable for all ages.

  • SARAH02/09/2013

    I absolutely adore this old scent. My Mum wore it in the seventies and I used to surreptitously douse myself in it! I still love this great, heady classic even though I am in my forties now.

  • ELIZABETH10/19/2011

    I remember as a child, that my mum had this Intimate perfume, I really loved it, and wore it most of the time, the fragrance lasted for weeks, even when I washed my clothes, I could still smell it. Intimate & Evening In Paris were my favorite Perfumes, i was only in primary school, in the 1950's I was born in 1953 and is 58yrs old now. I would still love to buy these perfumes....Does anyone know where I can buy the Original Perfumes please?

  • BARBARA05/14/2011

    Is this the same as Revlons???

  • CATHARINE07/31/2009

    When I was 16, I discovered Intimate. I used to save my allowance and use it just for special dates! My husband used to love it-and me in it! Now, we are in our 60's

  • JUDI W.05/19/2006

    I'm so glad there are some women who like a womanly scent instead of smelling like a candyish little girl. Back in the day, that's when companies made perfume that was timeless, now eeehhh! My cousin used to wear this when she was a teen, and I always thought how grown up she smelled, and liked it! Alot of your posts say your loved ones feel comforted & attracted by it, and identify you with that lovely scent, isn't that what's it's all about?

  • P A BENNETT11/29/2005

    My sons say this is the most wonderful smell in the world. It is the smell of their mama.

  • PATRICIA MYERS10/25/2005

    Intimate perfume has always been my all time favourite, I never wear anything else. Just like my mum did. Very soft and sensual. My children love a snuggle even now they are older and always say, "mmm you smell lovely mum". Husband likewise. I have had to shop around for it over the years. Even buying it abroad but I have never been without it. Keep on selling it please.

  • FANNIE PARK08/27/2005

    Is their anyway that you can get intimate by revlon in the lavender bottle?

  • TONI02/26/2005

    love this perfume,use to wear it when i was 17, I'm now 33 and i still love it

  • MARE12/23/2004

    I want to know if it is the same.My hubby got me Intimate perfume years ago and I loved it.I want it again, but can't find it in the stores anywhere.Help!!!

  • PATRICIA BENNETT09/25/2004

    I have been wearing Intimate since 1950's. My husband gave me the first bottle. My children & grandchildren love it and says that nobody smells as good as grandmaw.

  • CINDIE08/30/2004

    I purchased this years ago and remembering me loving this perfume. However, I lost the bottle and was recently trying to find it. I recommend this fragrance. It's sexy and it lasts all day long. Are you getting the Intimate musk as well? I heard it's the bomb!!!! Well, hopefully I can find it and start wearing it again. If not, this is a great price and I can get some here.

  • NITA09/09/2003

    Fabulous! Just like Revlon's Intimate of the 1950s. Still love it, still get compliments. My favorite of all time, except for Chanel's "Russia Leather."

  • SHERRI09/25/2002

    I found that the 3.6 oz. bottle of the Jean Philippe version was more like the original version by Revlon versus the smaller 1.2 size. I'm actually kind of embarassed to say I've been wearing this since 1965, but I still like it at much as I did when I was a teenager and still get compliments from men and WOMEN!

  • PAT BENNETT03/07/2002

    Love this stuff, my husband use to give it to me for birthdays, christmas, mother's day. For years could not find it. Finally found some cologne, not perfume.

  • MAGGIEMAE02/17/2002

    Used to wear Revlon's Intimate when in high school and loved it. My mom wouldn't let me spray it in the house. :-)

  • NONI10/11/2001

    revlon-pinesolish,terrible,bad,unwearable,stunk,too loud jean philippe-none of the above THANK YOU.

  • MARYLOU08/21/2001

    I wore this in my early 20's, then couldn't find it. Found it recently. Still very nice! Soft, sensual. Reminds me of E.T.'s Passion. Husband says it's sexy.

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