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Burberry Weekend   

50 Reviews

Citrus, Floral, Woody. Created in 1998 by Burberrys, Burberry Weekend cologne for men is a sharp, woody, mossy fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, citrus and sandalwood. Blended with notes of ivy, oakmoss and honey, Burberry Weekend cologne is recommended as a daytime fragrance.

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Citrus, Floral, Woody. Created in 1998 by Burberrys, Burberry Weekend cologne for men is a sharp, woody, mossy fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, citrus and sandalwood. Blended with notes of ivy, oakmoss and honey, Burberry Weekend cologne is recommended as a daytime fragrance.

  • TIM03/20/2011


  • A DUDE ON THE NET03/29/2009

    This actually goes on smelling a bit feminine. It gradually becomes more masculine. Not a bad fragrance at all.

  • JOEYBEAR01/24/2009

    Weekend smells like cheap floor and tile cleaner. Very typical scent. Gave the bottle away to my friend after a girl told me it stunk.

  • LUCK04/09/2008

    This scent seems to be pretty unique to me. It definitely has a summer feel to it. Very cheerful type of scent.

  • DARRSHAN01/05/2008

    in todays world there r many other great frag, so leaving this behind would be ok.

  • BARBARA W07/15/2007

    It's not a bad scent to me, just not unique or sexy. It's fresh and safe for those times when you need a "neutral" cologne. Citrusy, good for summer. Could be unisex, too - a woman could easily pull this off. Again, not bad, but there are better choices out there.

  • SARAH - TULSA OKLAHOMA05/12/2007

    This cologne smells like a Glade plug it in airfreshener. At first, I thought it smelled a little like lemon Pledge. Burberry is awesome and their other products like Red, London and Brit kick butt. My hubby uses those 3 and he always smells great. This cologne should be renamed from Burberry Weekend to Burberry Weakened. Plug this on in the trash!

  • R.B03/05/2007

    It's ok, just way too flowery for my tastes. TOUCH by Burberry is very good though, Compliments never stop.

  • KIATBKK02/10/2007

    I love this scent right from the first sniff. I already have 65 bottles before I added it to my collection. It lasts about 5-6 hours and smells pretty fresh and invigorating.

  • KAKA2212/21/2006

    Ubber spicy. Doesnt last long. Bottle nothing to shout about. Given to me an an X-Mas gift two years ago and its still amost full...

  • BARDAMU09/09/2006

    Way too flowery for me, a woman is better suited for this fragrance.

  • PASSING STRANGER07/25/2006

    Weekend At Burberry's is a great scent for spring and summer. Spicey but not overbearing as long as you don't apply too much. Weekend also lasts a long time, I can smell it on me for up to 12 hours after applying. Good stuff.

  • JASON1305/29/2006

    Pure funeral procession flowers!! I ordered a sample and unless i was mistakenly sent the women's, an absolute floral nightmare!!

  • TONY T02/13/2006

    or happy is a weekend clone, depending which 1 came out first. nice light lemony,orange scent. strictly casual summer/spring wear.

  • TONY T02/11/2006

    happy is a weekend clone, depending on which one came out first. i would guess weekend. great citrus scent mainly a summer/spring causal scent. think oranges and lemons.

  • M.R.12/03/2005

    Not a bad selection from this designer is a woody/earthy scent that's a notch below the designer's first and Brit but overall not bad and strictly casual.

  • EMMAD11/29/2005

    got it as a gift ... hated it the moment i sprayed it on the skin .. caught a wiff of it on my skin after a while .. too my surprise it was smelling amazing .. the drydown kicks ass !!!

  • OBRIEN11/13/2005

    Sure. Liked it, a very clean scent. A bit like soap. Noticed died off, not in 5 min, but a bit quicker than some of my other scents.

  • LAWRENCE11/10/2005

    Headache inducing, dry soap smell. Thought I try this since I love Burberry London. Big mistake. Anybody want a free bottle? Used only once.

  • RN08/23/2005

    Really nice scent, sometimes even overpowering. Too bad it's gone after 5 minutes. this is the only cologne I know that can't last more than 5 minutes.

  • MAYA08/08/2005

    Hi there... My BF wears this & I just simply love it! Yes I agree too that all Burberry fragrances are just awesome! Weekend for men smells clean & fresh to me and he says it makes the work-day go by faster for some reason :) But to answer your question, I really don't think that it's a feminine scent at all... Enjoy it! We do :)

  • NIKITA 07/19/2005

    You cant go wrong with any of Burberry's colognes. I love them all. Weekend is the bomb on me. It lasted on me. The dry down had a clean shampoo-like linger. But does anyone think it smelled like a woman's perfume?

  • NIKITA 07/14/2005

    Hands down! Yes! I don't know exactly which one but they are both the bomb. How come i never got this before when I smelled I don't know.!Couldn't stop smelling it. I was like what the hell is this on my arm that smells good with my chemistry?! Believe it! 10 stars for whichever one

  • LOVELY07/06/2005

    The top note is very lemon like and it dries down to a soothing honey note.. I love fresh and clean fragrances.. I love this cologne I hope it will become timeless...

  • MARCOS06/29/2005

    i love this smell it gives me memories and good fellings and those who says it doesnt last, its because people like you dont deserve waring stuff that smells as good as this!

  • MRLONGROVE04/19/2005

    I left out one very important thing - Weekend At Burberry's lasts a long time as well. No point in buying a nice smelling cologne if the scent isn't going to last...right? This one lasts.

  • MRLONGROVE04/19/2005

    Weekend At Burberry's smells very spicey to me...kind of peppery. It's a nice fragrance. As far as the soapyness goes, I just don't smell it.

  • DAVID03/11/2005

    I haven't had enough experience with this yet to rate it, but is it me or does this stuff smell REALLY soapy? At first it's kind of citrusy, but that dies down and is replaced with a really strong, almost spicey(?) soap smell. Now I know there's of course nothing wrong with smelling like soap....but especially if this stuff doesn't last very long, why not just use.....soap?

  • JOHNNY COCKRAN10/18/2004

    This isn't bad. I wish I had discovered it earlier in the summer. It's great for warm weather. Weekend has a very light casual scent...far too light for these cooler temps. I haven't bought it yet but I got a free sample in the mail from another site. But come sometime in spring, I'll probably buy some Weekend At Burberry's.

  • TAZZ09/06/2004

    Not a bad scent for spring/summer. Probably best worn in the daytime. I can't say it's exceptional, but it is good. Try some and see how you like it.

  • TONI FINISH09/02/2004

    I quess I`ve just had enough of these scents like this, which are trying so hard to be modern and young. I myself prefer scents which are much more deeper, or atleast someway more interesting than this one. Weekend is, like so many other, fresh, light, and amazingly shampoo-like. And you know; if I pay 30orsomething euros for a scent, I really don`t wat it to smell like soap, with little bit of wood.

  • ERIC08/05/2004

    Such a nice fragrance. Puts me in the mind of CK One but a little spicier. I will wear it.

  • BURRRBERRRY04/20/2004

    this colgone is exactly what im looking for! its really REFRESHING with the citrus scent! smells simliar with clinique happy but a LITTLE bit better...a perfect cologne for us high school/college students.

  • CASTOR04/17/2004

    the best cologne i ever smelled.

  • ALEXANDER04/14/2004

    This cologne has a very refreshing scent. For some, it seems to fade away quickly. I have a different opinion. Although it softens overtime, it still lingers. I don't like a cologne with a strong scent for a loooong time. Day time wear only.

  • JUNIORA02/11/2004

    Burberry Weekend only keeps its scent for about three and a half minutes and then poof its gone like magic.

  • SHAMY01/31/2004

    This is avery fresh, clean and distinct fragrance, it lasts for 6-8 hours, I got nice comments from coworkers when I wore it, Try it, you'll like it

  • W.B.01/20/2004


  • KAREN12/07/2003

    I noticed several guys said it didn't last - it does! In fact, to me that is THE indicator of a perfect cologne for you - you can't smell it on yourself because it works so well with your body chemistry! I live in Florida, and heavy scents are almost nauseating in the high heat and humidity. This scent is soft, but still masculine and elegant. The scent lingers on my husband for hours and he's always receiving compliments and being asked, "What are you wearing?".

  • SULTAN11/11/2003

    This is an AWESOME smelling EDT........however, on me, it doesn't even last 5 minutes, what a crying shame!!!!!! of what use is an EDT that does not even last? I made the mistake of buying the 100 ml bottle.........I would never buy it again, but yes, if Burberry releases a weekend extreme or something that lasts long(and smells like the weekend), I'm definitely going to buy one!

  • KEV06/05/2003

    I have quite a sensitive nose and this doesn't last long ... not on me and not on anyone or anything else that I tried it on

  • PICKLE PIRATE04/29/2003

    weekend is perfect for summertime

  • TONY BOLOGNA04/22/2003

    weekend is terrificly refreshing and very clean and crisp. it's a little bit on the 'pimp-stench-water' side, but only a tiny bit. otherwise, it's great stuff to wear anywhere anytime.

  • FAISAL IQBAL04/18/2003

    refereshing, great smell, wear it in the morning and you feel that wicked rush feel. my all time favourite and Acquo di Gio by Giorgio armani.

  • BUTT BOOGER03/28/2003

    weekend is like ck1 but a little spicier. i just bought it and i very much like it.

  • CHARLES02/11/2003

    This is a really nice fragrance, one that you could feel really great about choosing for "the big moment" or for everyday wear.

  • ZAARNIS12/14/2002

    it reminds me the scent of CKone. very sweet and fresh. i reccomend to wear for casual and days. hhmm... yup. it doesn't last long.

  • CAMEL11/18/2002

    It is really the best perfume for the people which are calm, nice and in the same time really strong personalitys

  • DRIZZT10/10/2002

    I think this is an outstanding cologne for daily use, light, refreshing fragrance.

  • NEAL10/10/2002

    i've used it only once but dint like it so gave it to someone, its realy too strong, give's a toxicating fragrance. but Touch by burberry's has an excellent smell. hey guys' if you want women to notice get touch soon

  • CLINT09/15/2002

    This scent brings me the idea of a walk in a garden during the the summer or a special vacation on the shore. It's perfect for spring and summer days, very inspirational. If only I hadn't bought Cerruti Image I would buy this one.

  • THE BIG R08/11/2002

    This is one very nice cologne. Too bad it doesn't last, otherwise it would be a top 10 candidate for best all around use.

  • ZEUS05/31/2002

    This stuff is nice and light, not over-powering. It has a very intoxicating smell, I spray it on my arm when it is sunny and warm outside so I can sniff it and feel like I am at the beach.

  • DOUG05/24/2002

    This is a very nice light cologne that is perfect for summer evenings. not very strong

  • ALEX04/17/2002

    Like a journey in the country side.Fresh and innocent. Wear it when u go at a mansion in the country.

  • PHIL04/04/2002

    interesting smell....very nice and sweet.....But, it doesnt last. i had several buddy's try it and they call it the 5 minute cologne

  • MARYUSS02/08/2002

    A perfect fragrance for spring and summer.Very fresh like a summer rain.Relaxing, revigorating and and happy.That's how u'll feel after using Weekend.

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