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Ungaro III   

29 Reviews

Created in 1993 by Ungaro, Ungaro III cologne is a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine cologne contains a blend of citrus and lavender with sweet spices and exotic woods. Ungaro 3 cologne is recommended as an evening fragrance.

3.4 oz EDT Spray
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Created in 1993 by Ungaro, Ungaro III cologne is a refreshing, spicy, lavender, amber fragrance. This masculine cologne contains a blend of citrus and lavender with sweet spices and exotic woods. Ungaro 3 cologne is recommended as an evening fragrance.


    Definetly the best in the market at reasonable price, to get anything better I would need to spend 10 times the amount of money

  • OTAKAR 04/08/2010

    you're wrong,Ungaro III is the absolute best

  • TRAVELING ONE02/07/2010

    Deafening loud and coarse, smells like a cedar chest on my skin - moth repellant, probably women repellant too, unlike Kouros... This is in NO WAY in the same league as Guerlain's, YSL's or Caron's stuff! Give instead Cerruti 1881 a try...

  • BADOU11/01/2007

    I discovered this fragrance many years ago.But it suddenly disappeared from stores.Discontinued it seems.I've been fortunate enough to get one recently.It's a milestone.When you wear it you just make ladies go crazy.Manly,classy and sexy as well

  • TONY T09/25/2007

    more complex than 2 but hey. what do you expect for a sequel? not all spice like (derrick black or smalto) but complex and super masculine with a touch of sweetness. with all that said i still prefer ungaro 2 but i do enjoy this one as well.

  • KEVINB.08/12/2007

    very classy scent, moderate lasting power, can be worn formally or casually.

  • WIRRAL GUY02/13/2007

    I recently purchased this scent-based on reviews posted on this site-and i have to say i am glad i did.To me if a rose could ever blush-then ungaro 111 is how that rose would smell.It simply is an outstanding fragrance-and i put it up and alongside quite a few of my fragrances like escada pour homme,tsar,and sung!! You will not regret buying ungaro 111-it has that "whats that smell" air of mystery to it-if you can locate this powerhouse of a fragrance then do buy it!!

  • MATEI01/31/2007

    Ungaro definately is unique with this oriental-spicy-citrus notes (also present in Ungaro 2). Perfect is the word for this scent.well balanced,misterious... and the best thing are these oriental spicy notes. so unique... this is an elegant perfume, for evening occasions

  • VAL01/25/2007

    For me this was a blind order based on reviews here and on Well it`s not as sweet as I prefer my purfumes to be, although there is a hint of sweet in it, not more. The scent is definitely classy and misterious, not as misterious as Givenchy Xerious Rouge, but just right, I beleive because of roses. I don`t know much how it drys down since I only got it today. But I already checked "excellent". I will be back with more once I wear it a few times. Cheers.

  • JUDE C01/22/2007

    Just wanted to revisit this stuff. Did not realize Jacque Polge created it, his work on Antaeus speaks for itself - simply unreal. Rob H is the designated king of this site, we all know that. But I myself, have had an edt or two in my day. And let me say one simple thing: ungaro III and the Third Man by Caron, are the best that I have ever been in contact with. These two are the best to my knowledge. Ungaro III is more than sexy, it will do more than seduce. It is the best of all time. It is the ultimate power edt. It is so strong, so classy, so sexy, so deep, so long lasting. Not sure how anyone can dislike this stuff, but believe it or not, there are people who do not like chocolate, so I guess you never know. But I promise you, give this stuff a try, your girlfriend or wife will thank you. It is the king.


    Ungaro III is an ultra luxurious fragrance. Jacques Polge is a genius, i get a similar feel from Ungaro III with Platinum Egoiste also made by Polge. The two are different, but both contain this undefined and mysterious sexiness about them. Polge working for Chanel is no fluke, he knows how to make a killer fragrance, and Ungaro III and Platinum Egoiste prove it.

  • FRANCESCHETTI08/12/2006

    I was looking for a bottle of Ungaro III in my opinion one of the best on the market and I called Ungaro shop in New York and the shop assistant told me it was discontinued and not available anymore! Then i called Paris and the boutique manager told me they still do it and its absolutely available. I wish Ungaro III was easier to find in USA and that some shop assistants or shop managers were more professional for such high quality product shops. Ungaro III remains a wonderful fragrance...

  • DANIEL08/01/2006

    I loved it since the first time I smelled it. Very classy, fresh and elegant. Just for a real male.

  • MARCO FROM CHILE04/21/2006

    This fragance is so elegant and sweet. I recomend it for all year, summer,winter,spring, automn,night,day,etc.... Ideal for a mature man between 40 and 50.

  • JJJJ11/14/2005

    Ungaro III is ok , but nothing like the origonal Ungaro for men that was one of the best sents ever made. Please bring it back.

  • ANN10/31/2005

    Women you will love the smell of this frangrance on a man. Men women will want to get close to you if you wear this scent. It is potent. Even at 13 my son knew the difference he kept it for best.

  • ANDY12/06/2004

    Ungaro III is a classic fragance, good, robust but with sweet notes. In my opinion, is a very good present to a man.

  • JUDE C09/17/2004

    Let me tell you. I bought this stuff pretty much based solely on the remarks here. This stuff is incredible. I had my doubts, buying a product on reviews, but not any more. That is what I love about this site. Buy this stuff. I have done numerous postings - my favorites are - antaeus, kouros, santos de cartier, body kouros, mambo - this stuff might be better than all of them. It is a night fragrance no doubt. Unbelievably sexy. This cologne is worth every penny, I promise you. Plus it is rare, lasts forever and a day. Trust me, this stuff is worth it. I gurantee you will not be disappointed. It could be the best cologne I have ever used, and Lord knows I have used a number of them. Buy it asap. You will see for yourself. A perfect scent.

  • R.J.08/26/2004


  • ROMEO08/24/2004

    in any other times i wear a different colonge, only few juliet caugth my attention. when it comes to this excellent scent "UNGARO Iii" they surely chase you for a reason. in many different ways to satisfy there question and needs. one woman said.."sexy scent".

  • MRMACNASTY08/22/2004

    women love it more than any other fragrance I've worn! I've even had guys ask me what I was wearing. not in stores in USA..a best buy!

  • W.B.12/02/2003


  • CAG11/21/2002

    Ungaro III is still the best of the best!

  • ERIC07/29/2002

    CAG says its the best on the market. She forgot to mention "to her".

  • CAG11/10/2001

    ...from a woman's perspective, I want to say that UNGARO III is the ultimate man's fragrance. My husband has many different fragrances, and all of them are nice. Farenheit, Drakkar, Pleasures, Savage,- this list goes on. However, no matter when it is and where we go, if he suddenly decides to wear UNGARO III and does not tell me, I will get a whiff of it and my pulses will start pounding. This stuff is amazing, and the absolute best men's fragrance on the market. Mossy, with a clean, yet mysterious undertone, this stuff lasts a very LONG time and constantly puts out whiffs of its fragrance for as many as two days. It is truly a remarkable fragrance. For the man who loves a little mystery, has some class and is not opposed to having some real style in his life. This is the best out there right now. Meshes excellently when I wear DIVA at night. Truly high class stuff.

  • UNCLE TANOOSE11/09/2001

    Is it true about Ungaro 4? I hope so...I ran out of 3 about 14 years ago, and haven't seen much action since. With Ungaro 4, I will be meeting many attractive and classy ladies for sure! And when I do, I will marry them, and then who knows what? NICE!!!

  • TIMMY11/09/2001

    While Ungaro III is quite an improvement from Ungaro II, I've heard that they're coming out with a new one pretty soon. My friend Sal beta-tested Ungaro IV.iii and said it put his cat in heat, but I've heard they've worked out all of the kinks now. Check out Ungaro IV, release date Nov. 24, 2001.

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