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Gucci Eau de Parfum   

82 Reviews

A powerful, feminine elixir with complete freedom and spontaneity of structure. Rich, exquisite, and natural ingredients such as vanilla, heliotrope, thyme, and orris are blended perfectly for a unique musky character that envelops the entire fragrance. Notes include Vanilla Absolute, Heliotrope, Cistus, Orris, Thyme, Orange Blossom, Cumin, Musk.

1.0 oz EDP Spray
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A powerful, feminine elixir with complete freedom and spontaneity of structure. Rich, exquisite, and natural ingredients such as vanilla, heliotrope, thyme, and orris are blended perfectly for a unique musky character that envelops the entire fragrance. Notes include Vanilla Absolute, Heliotrope, Cistus, Orris, Thyme, Orange Blossom, Cumin, Musk.

  • MIRANDA JONES01/17/2015

    ...Very earthy and sensual.

  • ANN BLAIR01/18/2014

    lovely feminine perfume

  • ANGIE10/29/2013


  • KAREN02/10/2013

    The most wonderful scent ever created...

  • ANNIE10/28/2012

    Excellent perfume

  • JOHN CURLEY06/16/2012

    old gucci is hard to beat, so says my wife and she is hard to please, she is very happy now that she has found a good supplier.

  • MARY01/07/2012

    Perfume Emporium has the best selection of Gucci cologne! Most other sites list it as for sale, but it is not in stock. I ordered and received it within 5 days. What a difference from many other perfume sites!

  • KATE DRAPER12/23/2011

    This is not your average sweet smelling perfume, this is a sultry perfume and I just adore it, it never fails to draw comment.

  • BARBIE08/19/2010

    This is my most favorite perfume scent. I hate that I must go through the internet to purchase it. This is no longer carried in any local mall stores. I am a definite fan of the original parfume "I". I am truly sad when I run out. It is my signature scent and everyone compliments me on it when it is worn especially my husband and 10 year old son. Go figure.

  • AMBER09/29/2009

    sorry but this perfume smells like THE NOTHING ...for me...., i felt a bought a perfume full of AIR..., no fragance !!!!, i, i envy you all who had great results....

  • CATESK09/27/2009

    I was thrilled to read your post the Tom Ford created Gucci by Gucci (the new one)! No wonder i had a hard time deciding between this and Black Orchid! As much as I love this new Gucci, now I HAVE to get some Black Orchid! BTW, Tom also created the hard-to-find Youth Dew Amber Nude...he created it for Estee Lauder, they split and now it's oh so hard to find...incredible, tho... I think I'm in love with Tom Ford! No wonder I keep smelling my Guccied arm...

  • TAMMY01/01/2008


  • PEETJE10/16/2007

    I really love this scent. it's very oriental and reminds me of the fairytale of 1001 nights. But although i really like it it's a little bit heavy and only for going out or other special occasions. that is why I doubt if i will buy a new bottle again. But if you like the very oriental,warm and a little bit masculine scent than this is the one for you. Not so sharp and overwhelming as Poison and Opium but warm in a sexy way.

  • BARBARA W10/06/2007

    I've finally purchased my bottle of Black Orchid, and it is incredible! Tom Ford created both Gucci and Orchid, so if you like Gucci, give Orchid a try. It's amazing.

  • GREEKGIRL08/13/2007

    Boudoir which i also love and i do agree with Barbara that its like Hypnotic Poison but with a little Boudoir thrown in, LUV IT!

  • BARBARA W07/19/2007

    Like other reviewers, this reminds me of Trouble and Hypnotic Poison, with a little Kingdom thrown in (cumin). It's a slightly "dirty" scent best reserved for evenings or romantic occasions. This perfume wouldn't suit women who like fresh scents or florals. If you like those, try Gucci II. They are totally different fragrances.

  • VICKY06/28/2007

    Gucci EDP is strong at the begining but then is turns softer ...not too sweet. Very different but as great as Gucci EDP 2. Long lasting and classy as every Gucci perfume! For all ages highly recomended!!

  • CHARRISE05/23/2007

    this is a very sexy dark fragance......not for little girls or timid women. One of my favorites.

  • GLORIA04/28/2007

    One of the most stunning bottles to grace my vanity. Modern, hefty and timeless. A lot like the amber juice. I adore this fragrance with it's unusual cumin, clean smell that lasts and lasts, getting better the longer it's worn. A brilliant Gucci creation.

  • AGATHA02/16/2007

    This is very similar to Trouble by Boucheron, but I like this one better for two reasons: 1) It doesn't leave a funny taste at the back of my mouth like Trouble does when I smell it, 2) There is something more to this scent that gives it a bit more depth. I really enjoy exotic spicey perfumes that don't knock you over. This one doesn't over play the heavy end of spice. Its for a special occassion rather than everyday wear. Not bad at all.

  • KALINA10/22/2006

    i follow all of your comments.. what other perfumes do think are wonderful and a must have for a perfume collector like myself?

  • MARA10/06/2006

    For all of you who smell root beer in this fragrance, it must be because you love root beer. I can't stand root beer and love this fragrance. This is classy and different. Just not for everyone, thank goodness.

  • SEXY KITTEN10/04/2006

    This is one of the best products Gucci has on the market...the higher content of natural ingredients make this super sexy, warm and allergy friendly...this scent develops like a good quality cognac...all grown up and for women with confidence.

  • INGRID07/11/2006

    Your boyfriend is right. This perfme has that faint BO smell. A hint of yesterday sweat. It could be the chemistry or it could be the spices they use in the formula.

  • DIANE07/05/2006

    When I first smelled this it was an instant love. I bought it on the spot. I find it very smooth and sexy.

  • KIMC02/19/2006

    I have been on the hunt for a signature fragrance for about five years. Mine use to be Casmir by Choppard, but after wearing it for 9 years, I needed a change, and when Choppard stopped making the body products, that was it for me. Most recently I have relied on Omnia, but that too fell short on some subtle level for me, and I have continued to search and try different fragrances. Yesterday I was at the mall, and smelled Gucci Eau De Parfum simply because I liked the bottle. It smelled like newly sharpend pencils to me, very unappealing. By the time I drove home, my wrist smelled so amazing, that I drove back to the mall to buy this perfume and body lotion. I wore it last night and this morning I woke up thinking, finally, THE fragrance I have been looking for. This fragrance is warm, complex, long lasting, distinct but not so far out there to be offensive to some people. I have never worn Gucci perfumes before, but the quality of this fragrance is immediately recognizable. I am delighted with it.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE02/06/2006

    Gucci is wonderful! Spicy, sexy, classy, everything I love in a fragrance. If only armpits smelled this good . . . ! And yes, I do smell a hint of rootbeer in there! However, I wouldn't describe it as a soda pop scent; it's quite exotic. Love it!

  • MAUREEN01/16/2006

    This is truly a rich, distinctive fragrance. The top notes are Oriental yet on the burn down you pick up a slightly smokey note. (And yes a hint of rootbeer per Tess!) Its different - not for a girl but for a WOMAN to wear. And you could wear this fragrance year 'round I think. Delightful!!

  • OANA01/09/2006

    I got this perfume few days ago on my birthday... My husband brought me a nice bottle of J'adore and my godfather brought the Gucci EDP. I am going to use J'adore for daytime, while for crazy nights out I'll stick to Gucci. I fell in love with this classy, extremely sexy, rich scented perfume. Few years ago I was a RUSH I big fan, but I got borred with it pretty soon. I just have this feeling that Gucci EDP will be a very long time love, as it makes me feel real HOT...It smells as good as Initial by Boucheron, but in a very cheeky and restless manner :)

  • MYSTIQUE01/05/2006

    I like this one, reminds me of Boucheron's Touble, but I like Trouble better.

  • MAYA12/15/2005

    I sampled this Gucci a few days ago and my initial impression was that it somewhat reminded me of a variety of different scents... Burberry Brit, Hypnotic Poison, Boudoir, By... just to name a few... So I really liked it. "This fragrance is a touch daring, a touch different, it definitely makes an impression in a seductive, earthy, animalic kind of way." A real potential to make a seriously seductive and lingering impression on anyone... The fact the it reminded me of all these scents, which by the way do not make me think of each other, is really interesting to me. I guess that perhaps Gucci just has it all... Now as for the comment about the 'armpit', well I really don't know how to take that one... if you are using a Gucci deodorant, I surely hope that it would smell the same - and therefore deliciously alluring - the way it should by the way! But, if that comment was meant as a negative thing, then that is just a sad reflection of the person who would describe herself and her hygiene in that manner. Gucci in my opinion reflects a woman who enjoys being at the center of mysterious and sophisticated sexiness...

  • DANA12/07/2005

    When you first spray on it has of hint of armpit smell. I think is cumin, the spice used in mexican food that has this sweaty smell to it.

  • SCOTTISH 4912/02/2005

    this is for the over 30s who want to be remembered it slightly heady and unforgettable

  • GUCCI EDPLOVER10/29/2005

    I have many perfumes, but this stands out as a real classic! Just love it. It is so special, not like any other perfumes I know. Just divine! Perfect for a Diva. Brings out the Goddess inside! Worth trying for sure!

  • DIDI10/06/2005


  • ROBIN 09/24/2005

    Top note's like mouthwash! Still, I actually don't mind it. (Maybe a good first-thing-in-the-morning scent???)

  • ANGELA09/09/2005

    smelled this on a customer that comes to my job often and I know when she is in the store because this perfume tells on her it has a awesome aroma I would love to have some of this perfume dont know if it would smell the same on me as it does on her though.

  • KRIS08/24/2005

    I wore the eau de parfum II for about 9 months and couldn't see the similiarity between the two. I have just worn this one for the whole day and love the deep, richness of it. I can really see now that eau de parfum II is basically the same fragrance with the addition of some fruity notes. But, what I really like about this fragrance is that the vanilla is not gourmand like so many of the new ones out. Hanae Mori, Trouble, Jean Paul Gaultier...the vanilla is so sweet. To me, this is a classic!

  • TESS08/15/2005

    To me, my husband, and my mother, this perfume smells like rootbeer. It's a light but rich scent. It smells Oh-So-Good! I went to the mall to get J'Adore - smelled this while I was there. It's so addictive, I had to return the next day to buy it! I LOVE this scent!

  • MAHOGANI08/15/2005

    All I do is get compliments on this wonderful gucci parfume!!! I finally found my signature scent, Its the perfect scent for a woman!! Go GUCCI

  • LIA08/08/2005

    This is my absolute favorite perfume. I fell in love with it instantly and purchased it on the spot. It does not get better than this. Really. I have so so many perfumes and none of them are as good. Gucci found the perfect elixir for me.

  • FRAGRANCE JUNKIE05/03/2005

    This is everything I love in a scent! It smells unbelievably good. I've never come across a scent anything like it! I love the spicyness of Gucci, yet the floral notes still shine through. It doesn't weigh you down with heavy musky notes. Perfect!

  • SUSAN03/27/2005

    This stuff is absolutely AMAZING. It is so classy, so grown-up and SUPER sexy. It has a musky quality, reminscent of one's natural skin smell. It's definitely not for the teeny-bopper scene, it's a fragrance for a real Woman. Fantastic!!!!!

  • BEBE03/03/2005

    babys got class. a mature. magnigficant scent. oh the great dipper. very nice.

  • DEB02/08/2005

    Boy was I suprised when I smelled this. It is absolutely gorgeous. I bought it instantly and love it. It is more of an evening or going out scent, but I might start wearing it to work. It is rich and elegant and smooth, and woody also. Not sharp. Very well rounded and full. Highly recommend this one. It is special.

  • JJ01/13/2005

    Girly and sunny. It's not sophisticated, more like spontaneous. It's an everyday perfume..not really for a grand event.

  • MARY12/25/2004

    This is one of my favorites! Very sensual, beautiful, sophisticated, smooth, deep. It is a mystical smell for me. I purchased it on the spot when I smelled it and love it. Very special.

  • SHARRIE12/19/2004

    the godfather. brillant bold and beauty. great. a flash of light. true love. wonderful.

  • SHARRIE12/17/2004

    best wishes in a bottle, bold and strong on its own, a brave heart aroma

  • SUSIE12/09/2004

    I never would have tried this by description alone, but I had a salesperson suggest this to me, and I love it! Of course, it will smell different on each person, but on me it has a lovely earthy, musky, sandalwoodish scent, and I use it daily. Maybe some would reserve it for evening, but I think it works anytime. I don't even care to try anything else -- this scent is "me"!

  • SHARRIE12/06/2004

    wear it it never ens, timeless, very sensual, feel the energy of magnatism, truly blazing with fire

  • JT11/06/2004

    I own Gucci II and like it, so I decided to try the original Gucci EDP... I have to say that even though it was not horrible, it just wasn't me. I don't really have the words to describe it... kind of sweet, but not vanilla or powder, just unusual. I'm a young 38, and it smelled too old lady for me! Unique though.

  • GABRIELLE10/09/2004

    Soft, sexy, long lasting oriental. Love it.

  • JODIE09/07/2004

    I love it. It is classy, expensive, refined, and sophisticated. It smells very divine if worn in small amounts. Definitely for evening wear.

  • SUZANNE05/24/2004

    This is such a unique fragrance! It just does not smell like anything else out there. At first it is soft, with vanilla and herbaceous notes and a certain, undefineable odor - an animal or human odor, like the smell of your lover's breath - lurking underneath the civilized exterior. The dry-down is warm and dry, spicy and smoky like incense. It could be my signature fragrance......And teh bottle is fantastic too - a chunky, clear glass square with precious amber fluid cradled in a slightly curved hollow in it interior. Very aesthetically pleasing all the way around!

  • CT04/26/2004

    this isnt for everyone. it's sexy, confident and a lot of fun. men love it. trust me.

  • JULES04/24/2004

    Although I was initally quite excited about this scent, the longer I wore it, the more musky it began to smell. My boyfriend commented that I smelled like his grandmother's closet. With that, I sold it to a girl at work.

  • SUZANNE SOUSA04/13/2004

    I bought this for my girlfriend and everytime she wears it I go MAD! VERY....VERY SEXY!

  • SASHA04/12/2004

    Hi everyone, what do you think about Eau de Parfum II ?(same bottle, but the fragrance is different, and it's pink unlike the original brown)

  • FI04/03/2004

    I was expecting more vivid kind of 'class' from the sample. But I find it very boring. I can see the smell blends with my skin (very, very quickly), but it's not a fregrance kind of smell, it's just a tiny hint of wood chips or something. In fact it subtly reminds me of my grannie in a hospital (sure it's a clean kind of smell indeed!!). If you like to spend a fortune for this 'nothingness', it's your choice, go for it. I definitely wouldn't.

  • ILONA03/26/2004

    i usually try perfumes on my skin straight away in the shop rather than spraying on the card cos it gives a clear picture if you like it or not. its smelled exteremelly different but after ten minutes i had a severe headache and felt physically sick. nevertheless, few weeks later i smelt it on my friend who has dark (black) skin it smelt absolutelly fantastic! its smelt clean, fresh and oriental. i assume it did not agree with my skin chemistry and it smelt absolutely fabulous on others.

  • HEXA02/27/2004

    One of the best scent's on the market today, I wear it all day every day and often get great comment's on how good I smell...

  • LISA02/10/2004

    For a 'night out on the town' only fragrance.

  • YAYA01/21/2004

    It worth it, you´ll feel like a million dollars

  • LOUISE01/02/2004

    I sprayed a bit of this on and really liked it. It dries down clean, soft, and warm and to me is reminiscent of musk/skin smell -- very sexy. Boy, you can really tell a difference when you test quality perfume: right away it was lovely and so luxurious -- nothing cheap about this one. I'd buy it if it wasn't so darned expensive, but I'm sure it's worth it.

  • STEPHANIE12/13/2003

    the second i smelled the fragrence, i just had to buy it. i love the foral smell and that it was not a heavy smell loke others that i have. i just love it!

  • KRISTA11/29/2003

    Perfect for everyday wear or a night on the town, this is by far the most romantic fragrance Iv'e tried in a long time. Beautiful!

  • RANA10/22/2003

    I have worn hundreds of fragrances, but this is the one that is now my signature. It's soft and sexy with enough vanilla to make it slightly sweet. I love it!

  • VONNI10/19/2003

    Not the worst scent in the world. but it smells very much like Obsession with some extra cedar tossed in.

  • ALEXIA10/08/2003

    This is a hard to like scent if you only smell it on a card. I didn't care for it at all when I tested it in the mall. It was only when a friend convinced me to spray some on my skin that I fell in love with it. I guess you should never judge a scent by what you smell on the testing cards. On the card it smelled synthetic and off-putting. It was an immediate 'no'. On my skin it was very rich and sweet. The orange blossom was delicious. As it matures it only gets more delicate. This really is a wonderful scent.

  • MAD MAGGIE09/21/2003

    went to a Gucci promotional event when they launched this. classy, sophisticated, lasting, all true. this is not for those of you who use PVC in their daily wardrobe, or those who just got their driving permit. Gucci boasted that this was to be the next "No.5". Not a good idea to toot one's own horn...

  • LINN09/21/2003

    This is very different to most of my perfumes. I like floral fragrences and usually stick to lighter florals. When I tried this at first I thought 'that's so bitter'. Then it started to warm up. It's kinda like a new pair of shoes mixed with sweet florals and vanilla. The bitterness went away really fast. I didn't think I'd like it but now I love it! Great for going out.

  • ALISON09/18/2003

    A very classy rich fragrance. I love all of Gucci's fragrances but Rush2.

  • AG 200309/05/2003

    a very boring scent, there's nothing alluring in it... the scent you'll even not remember after trying it...(i expected a lot when i saw the nice and classy bottle).

  • YELLOW BIRD08/23/2003

    The second I smelled this perfume it was instant love. It's floral accented with spice and has base notes that remind me of expensive leather. It's very sexy and feminine. I think this will become my signature scent. The only negative is that the leather notes won’t appeal to everyone. Personally, I think they add sultriness to a scent.

  • YELLOW BIRD08/18/2003

    I'm seriously considering making this my signature scent. It's feminine, exotic and soft. Not to mention very classy.

  • PERFUME JUNKIE07/04/2003

    at the negative comments on this wonderful scent. I think it's very elegant. I get compliments every time I wear it.

  • MOLLY06/24/2003

    I'd give it a negative rating if I could! It smelled promising in the bottle, kind of sweet and powdery. But when I sprayed it on, the drydown was AWFUL!! It was so strong, and it had a horrible stale/rotten smell about it. My BF said it reminded him of B.O. I could not wash it off me fast enough!! Maybe the rest of you ladies will have better luck with this fragrance, but it did *not* work for me at all.

  • PAULA06/24/2003

    Gucci has produced some really captivating fragrances in the past, which is why I'm disappointed with Gucci EDP. Before the fragrance dries, it is lovely and light, but after drying down, it transforms into an old musky smell reminiscent of stale air. But at least the bottle quite aesthetically pleasing!

  • SANDY06/23/2003

    This fragrance is absolutely stunning. It is a gorgeous, feminine scent, which lingers and allures. Being a parfum, it hangs around too...

  • KAT06/20/2003

    This is more of a night-time scent, but can be pulled off in the day as well. I have gotten a ton of compliments on it from men and women alike.

  • MYLAAN06/19/2003

    Eversince Tom Ford has taken over Gucci and YSL fragrances the perfumes suck...

  • PB05/30/2003

    Very good scent this one can be used day or night

  • ORSI05/27/2003

    My new signiture fragrance. I recommend it for those who appreciate extreme and unusual scents- although it is a pity that anybody can just go and buy it:((

  • NANNA05/23/2003

    Not very exiting, pretty boring, very mature and smells like a thousound other perfumes I´ve smelled over the years. Just your average perfume. Funny, given that Gucci just made the super nice perfume, Gucci Rush, that they should come up with this one now.

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