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Quelques Fleurs Houbigant Image


Quelques Fleurs   

96 Reviews

Aromatic, Floral, Powdery. Created in 1912, Quelques Fleurs is a refined, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, lemon and orange blossom. Blended with notes of carnation, orris and amber, Quelques Fleurs is a formal and elegant fragrance.

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Aromatic, Floral, Powdery. Created in 1912, Quelques Fleurs is a refined, floral fragrance. It's fragrant nature explores essences of bergamot, lemon and orange blossom. Blended with notes of carnation, orris and amber, Quelques Fleurs is a formal and elegant fragrance.

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  • HELEN THOMPSON07/12/2015

    Have used this perfume exclusively since I was 18 yrs old . I am now 75 . My grandmother knew houbigant in Paris and had it sent out for 50 yrs! I just LOVE it !!

  • IRENE HOYLES12/30/2012

    I used this perfume years ago and have been unabled to track it down. I am delighted with it

  • JANE MILLER03/16/2012

    I LOVE this product; always have!

  • VALERIE02/21/2011

    I've gone with my boyfriend for over a year, and he's never even noticed other perfumes I was wearing. I wore this (an old favorite that my kids always loved on me), and I thought the poor guy was going to lose it. The first time he said I smelled so good, and the other night he just buried his head in my chest and said how good I smelled.

  • VALERIE02/21/2011

    I've gone with my boyfriend for over a year, and he's never even noticed other perfumes I was wearing. I wore this (an old favorite that my kids always loved on me), and I thought the poor guy was going to lose it. The first time he said I smelled so good, and the other night he just buried his head in my chest and said how good I smelled.

  • JANE07/23/2009

    Indeed, Houbigant in a truly stupid move reformulated that wonderful Quelque Fleur fragrance about fifteen years ago. The new stuff is HORRID compared to the Quelque I used.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/20/2009

    I can't believe I spent over a hundred bucks on this (unsniffed) to own a "classic". This may be amazing to some people, but it doesn't smell good on my skin or go w/ my chemistry at all. I do find that it has a certain depth and complexity, and as far as straight up in your face floral perfumes go, I can appreciate that, but am just perplexed as to how or why this is legendary in the parfum world. If it works for you, "You Go Girl!" because I don't think this would be for everyone. I can not think of any other perfumes I have smelled that are like this, so it is unique....perhaps Luteece would be the most similar IMO. Oh well, live and it goes to Ebay! :) Cheers!

  • ~ C ~02/03/2009

    The Original is just the original scent, not the other scents. I love this one!

  • ALAINE12/22/2008

    They made a new fragrance in 2004 I think called Quelque Fleur Royale. The Original is just to distinguish it from the new Royale.

  • SYLVIE12/03/2008

    Today I wear Quelques Fleurs Eau de Parfum by Houbigant for the first time and all I can say: ASAP I WILL SWAP IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That piercing and linear floral smells not nice on me. And I thought it would... I have a huge collection of old and legendary masterpieces, but to this I have to say: Goodbye, it was not nice to meet you... ;-). If you are interested here a description: Year Introduced: 1912/87. Scent Type: Floral. Notes: Greens, bergamot, orange blossom, lemon, tarragon, Rose, jasmine, tuberose, lily of the valley, ylang-ylang, carnation, heliotrope, orchid, orris, Sandalwood, oakmoss, amber, musk, tonka bean, civet.

  • MEL11/02/2008

    Does anyone know how to spot a fake? I have been wearing this perfume for over 20 years. Recently, I have purchased, what I feel like, is an imposter. The real Quelques Fleurs is a rich green color and has cursive writing for the lable. The "imposter" I believe that I have purchased is very light in color and smells mildew-like and also has plain script on the lable. I was told by a manager of a fragrence outlet "It's the same oily mess they've been making for years" when I tried to return. They did not want to give me a refund, only store credit. Are there any markings on the box or bottle that you are certain you are buying the real thing? Also, I was once told that Quelques Fleurs was the very first perfume ever made. Does anyone know this to be a fact? I know it is a very old blend, but possibly the first to be marketed?

  • SEVENTHSIGHT08/26/2008

    The best fragrance for those who love soft enduring fragrances that reaches out to others.

  • SEVENTHSIGHT07/14/2008

    This does not smell like the Quelques Fleurs I use to get even a few years ago. Something has definitely changed in the chemistry. It smells not nearly so soft and yet rich. Now it has more floral and not in a good way. Has anyone else noticed a change?

  • MARYL01/01/2008

    A local department store is selling a perfume called "Quelques Fleurs Original". I asked the sales clerk if this meant that Houbigant have reverted to the original formulation, giving up the reformulated version. She was unaware that the fragrance had been reformulated, so I thought that I would ask if anyone here knows about this?

  • VIKKI08/15/2007

    I bought a mini of this the other day. I was so impressed. This is a lovely floral fragrance, if you love florals try this one. It's beauty in a bottle.

  • YOLANDA06/26/2007

    This is my the WORLD I have been wearing it since 1999. since i started wearing it some of my co-workers and family have started to wear it. I can't explain it you just feel good when you smell it it crosses all time constraints and you can were it to the work or evening. Just timeless.........

  • GIRL GIRL06/24/2007

    If anyone can tell me what to look for in a knockoff of quelques fleurs original I would really appreciate it. Ive seen these greatly discounted and am tempted but think that once I receive the merchandise I will be disappointed as it will be a fake. Is there something I can look for on the bottle or box to identify a fake product.

  • SUGASUGA06/24/2007

    I received this perfume as a gift and didnt wear it for months as I had another favorite and was never really a floral girl, I tried it one day and all day I was approached by men and women wondering what I had on. It happens every time I wear it, I cant even smell it after about 30 minutes but EVERY time I wear it people come out of the woodwork. At first I personally didnt think it was anything super special, but I cant deny all the extra attention I get whenever I wear it.

  • FRAGRANCE PERSON05/08/2007

    This is a floral for women who typically don't wear florals. Very good my favorite floral. I usually wear spicy, but this is one exception. Great lasting power!

  • RENEE03/06/2007

    I have worn quelques fleurs for over 20 years. I love it, and will NEVER wear another fragrance. When I picked my grandson up at preschool the other day, a little girl came up to me and told me I always smell SO GOOD. I am always asked what perfume I have on. I hope they never discontinue it!

  • TEPHYS' HEART03/02/2007

    I am soooo addicted to this scent. The first time I smelled it was on my bosses wife. She wouldn't tell me the name of the scent, so I convinced her 9 year old daughter to find out. I've been wearing the scent every since (1997). I'm no longer with that company but when I was there, I never wore the scent. I didn't want to expose my little spy.

  • ANN DATTOLA01/30/2007


  • ELISABETH01/21/2007

    Although this one is not of the fragrance type I normally prefer, I love it as an interesting timeless scent. A truly french perfume, decent, tender, floral, yet not romantic. To me, it evokes the atmosphere of a misty autumn day in Paris, 6 ieme arrondissement. Not a springtime perfume!

  • ESTELA VASQUEZ01/04/2007

    I just recently bought this perfume on ebay and I don't remember it smelling this way have they changed the smell or redone it? It doesn't smell like much it smells bad and then I wear it and people ask me what I am wearing and I don't smell it. I don't smell that wonderful floral scent that I remember especially not when I smell it from the bottle it smells weird. Am I imaging this or is that how it smells.

  • SILVIA09/25/2006

    I wore it since more than 15 years ago and I always live the same sensation when I put it on me. Also there is always someone that tells me something about my parfum.

  • HOTTIE GIRL09/13/2006

    This fragrance is definitely for the older generation and I certaintly can not identify with the scent. I dont hate it because it is an old fragrance, I hate it because it smells horrible!! Please let this fragrance rest in peace. It smells like it has died years ago.

  • H.08/20/2006

    Read about it in a magazine (Nicole Richie wear it) ... found it at a store for $20 (it's a lot of money in department stores) A little disappointed though ... thought it was just okay. Wore it once in a while. BUT, the other day I wore it and finally got a wiff of it "later" in the day and WOW! Love it now!

  • HOPEY07/28/2006

    My grandma started wearing QF in 1920 when she was a teen, she always wore it her whole life. So when I saw it recently at Costco I bought a bottle for old time's sake. It hardly smelled anything like hers! I bet it has been redone!

  • ROB07/06/2006

    To be honest, my sister wears this ALL the time, it reminds me of Estee Lauder's "Beautiful". Hope that helps. It has that sweet floral note to it. I should know, I buy her both perfumes every year either for Christmas or her birthday. No wonder I am her favorite brother! Good Luck!

  • LS06/26/2006

    Could someone tell me what modern scent this resembles (i.e. Anais Anais, McClintock, etc.)? I'm interested in trying this fragrance. Thank you.

  • FRAG. ADDICT06/16/2006

    I just got my bottle today. It is very long lasting and great for summer. I usually wear heavy spicy fragrances, but this works on me for summer time. Love it so far! It does remind me of a more floral 24K by Ilana Jivago - another fav of mine.

  • CICI04/21/2006

    I've never been able to smell this perfume but I get a strong chemical reaction when I'm around anyone wearing it. The only other perfume I have a bad reaction to is Poison. Luckily, you can smell poison a mile away and avoid it, but with QF, I just think I am coming down with the flu or a migraine: headache, nausea, tightness in the chest, dizziness, and confusion. I was sick at work for weeks before my new coworker stood close to me and I almost passed out. A lightbulb went on and I asked if she was wearing QF. (Yes.) Strange, because the description is very similar to my all-time favorite perfume, Norell. Normally, I love perfume on people and always let them know it. I'm lucky that Poison is out of fashoin and not many women wear QF.

  • YEEHAW03/09/2006

    I love Quelques Fleurs. It is an elegant beautiful classic. Very feminine. I get lots of compliments on this one.

  • ETOILE02/24/2006

    I have been wearing this perfume ever since I was 17 years old. I am 32 now and still wear it. This is my signature perfume and I hear lots of compliments every time I wear it. It also stays on the whole day. I own lots of perfumes at home, but use this one on a daily basis. A very elegant and sexy perfume indeed.

  • TRICIA02/24/2006

    How can men go crazy over it?? It is a smell for ladies over 75. I just bought it but it is horrible indeed. And I am not a young girl and I like classic perfumes, but still I don't like it.

  • REBECCA 02/06/2006

    Kellka fler Fleur is difficult for non-French speakers. The vowel sound on the eu is fuller than an American er and French r's roll. If you really want to get it right ask someone who speaks French to pronounce it for you, but this should get you headed in the right direction.

  • MELINDA12/24/2005

    This is the only perfume that I have worn for over 18 years. I never tire of it. The scent lasts all day and smells better at the end of the day.

  • STAR12/16/2005

    i must say, love is every where when i wear this, especially my car when i get back in it. Im happy i bought it.

  • RICHARD11/09/2005

    Like Grandmother's favored scent. This recalls a guilded age when florals were valuable treasures. This perfume last for hours and has wonderous effects. It is the classic springtime pick me up. Timeless and ageless!

  • STELLA11/04/2005

    I absolutely love this one. I once had a sample of it I dabbed it on my neck and instantly was asked what I was wearing. Everyone who smells it one me has asked me what I am wearing. They all seem to like the scent. I love this perfume. I wonder if there are others perfumes that last all day as this one does?

  • AMY11/01/2005

    I smelled this scent on a visitor at work and asked what it was since it smelled great on her. i bought a bottle and tried it on but sadly it did not smell good on me at all! I guess body chemistry is different. I wore it once to work and had complaints that it was too strong and too old lady like from co-workers. gave it to my sister right away!

  • SHARONF08/18/2005

    I first tried this perfume in 1991. I was 37 and just been told the tumor in my breast was cancer. I needed something to lift my spirits and make me feel special. This perfume was the answer. Since then I've tried three or four other fragrances, but I always come back. Ended up giving the half full bottles of other fragrances to the local battered womans shelter. QuelQues Fleurs is the best!

  • BROOKE08/15/2005

    I've been wearing this scent for more than 10 years. It's light and sweet without giving me a headache. I get compliments all the time.

  • SR06/17/2005

    Who cares if men love this scent. I wear a fragrance because i like it, not because some man, or men in general like it. Give me a break!!!! Some of you girls really need to get a grip on reality!!!!!

  • MERMISS05/20/2005

    I read that burlesque performer Dita Von Teese wears this perfume, and I think she kind of personifies it well-a nostalgiac, romantic fragrance that skims a very fine line of sexy and innocent. The floral notes are present, obviously, but there is something that makes it different.

  • MZPLACEDINPHILLY05/13/2005 that this is similar to Jivago 24k but less obtrusive and hookerish. However, this tends to turn to more of what I consider an old lady scent on me. I am not sure if it is the tobacco. Can't see this one turning too many heads. Not my cup of tea.

  • FIFI04/13/2005

    My first bottle of real perfume, purchased when I got my first real job out of school. Always makes me feel special and pulled together. That rare blend of elegance and femininty, this one will always be special! Guess that's why there are so many comments.

  • OLIVIA04/09/2005

    To me, this scent is floral but not sweet-it has a herbal note in there. I wear it on and off, somtimes have to be in the mood to wear it. It's quite unique,though, and the lasting power is great.

  • PERFUMELOVERL03/06/2005

    Qualques fleurs may not be for everyone because it IS very flowery but those who love florals as a rule I think would LOVE it...... Not for those who will only wear single notes as it is not close to one..... However given the age of this perfume it does not smell too old ladyish at all...... it is actually very florally but fresh enough for the modern women..... if she likes lots of florals...... it is not powderyy or musty like some old perfume....... and it has not nasty "sharp" as some call it chemical smells...... it simply smells like a vast array of mixed flowers...... many bouquets...... I think the name means many flowers and that's what it is!

  • CHLOE.F.PUFF03/05/2005

    I love QF but I have a question. On another perfume e-tailer they are selling QF and another fragrance, QF L'Original. Both by Houbigant, of course. What is the difference? The QF L'Original is listed as introduced in 1987, I believe. Is this a refomulation? Calling the much more recent edition "l'original" seems somewhat misleading.

  • VAL01/16/2005

    This fragrance is not readily available anywhere close to where I live, and EVERYONE complements me on it...whether I am at work, or at the drug store! It's lovely and feminine, and it lasts without being too strong.

  • MAXXX11/28/2004

    I love this perfume. I spray it in the ait one or twice and walk throguh. At first nothing magical but as the time goes on just magical. Classy flowery not headachey.

  • CL10/14/2004

    Yes, it's true; Princess Diana wore this fragrance on her wedding day. I love it a lot. Even my 9 year daughter told me that I smelled good when I wore it. So, not just men, kids love it too. And I agree that it does last all day. No kidding!

  • QUELQUES QUEEN09/11/2004

    I have worn this fragrance for 12 years and there is not a day that goes by that I don't get stopped and asked, "What are you wearing" it's so nice to wear a hidden treasure that very FEW pwople know about...This perfum is the BEST...perfection...I have had several friends convert to QF and it does depend on ones body chemistry as to how this scent works on if your new to this perfum, give it some time to blend with your body.... I have to agree, it drives men WILD!!!

  • PIA08/27/2004

    I don't know what the hype is on this one, run of the mill scent and a twin to Jivago 24K, or should I say the Jivago is a copy to Quelques Fleurs, it is stronger but the same exact scent. There are so many other fragrances out there much nicer for instance, Venezia by Laura Biagiotti, if you want to be remembered as the best smelling girl.

  • KRIS08/25/2004

    I requested this fragrance for Mother's Day because I was sure that I tested it at Nordstrom and loved it . I must have been mistaken. My husband purchased a bottle for $175.00 so I am trying to acquire a taste for it. It's just not happening. You know when you accidently get hairspray in your face? That is what this smells like to me. My son comments that I smell like an old attic everytime I have it on. My daughters who are young adults can't stand it either. Some of the fragrances that I wear are very mature scents but this one just doesn't work.

  • COLEY07/16/2004

    I received a sample, actually, I requested a sample and I was so excited about getting and when it arrived it did not smell at all how I'd anticpated. It smelled old and rosy, like old flowers. I really wanted to like this classic scent but it just did not work out.

  • PAULA05/25/2004

    A truly feminine and floral fragrance. Romance in a bottle.

  • PULURETTA04/09/2004

    I tend not to like the floral scents, however this one I love. It is feminine, romantic and reflects sophistication.

  • BREE01/14/2004

    usually very expensive scent

  • WHITNEY12/15/2003

    I've never been a huge fan of scents that seem to overpower the person. When I smelled this perfume on my best friend I just had to have it. It has a wonderful floral scent that is definitely an original. And I must say, every time I wear men tell me how good I smell!!

  • LB10/10/2003

    My sister wore QF during her college years. A decade later, I ran into her ex boyfriend and he instantly asked me if I was wearing QF. I wasn't, but my friend was. She claims men frequently inquire about her fragrance when wearing QF. Something to be said for standing out in a crowd, I suppose!

  • LISA09/12/2003

    Very original..not too strong...I love the way it wears

  • LESLIE07/23/2003

    I was at a department store sniffing one mediocre bottle after another. When the saleslady had me try this, I said what is *that*? I love it! She said Quelques Fleurs, very high class. I fell in love. True story: a friend asked me what I was wearing (in a tone of voice that told me what she thought) and before she could say something nasty, I said I don't care what you think I *adore* it. The VERY SAME WOMAN asked me what I was wearing not 2 weeks later (in a different tone) and said it smelled wonderful when I got in the car. Just goes to show, smells hit everyone differently - was it her mood or her nose that changed?!!

  • MURKI07/22/2003

    I got a sample, and it's nice. Reminds me of Demi Jour which I had worn when it came out. I wonder if this is the original formula or was it redone like so many classics? Anyone?

  • JOYCIE06/12/2003

    So many fragrences give me a headache........this one does not...not does Ysatis

  • NICOLE06/10/2003

    I just bought this fragrance today and fell in love with it! I usually don't care for florals but this one smells great! I highly recommend this fragrance for everyone!

  • WONDERFUL06/10/2003

    This is a lovely powderly floral; just right.....not too heavy and not too light so it's gone right away. I love it.

  • CK04/27/2003

    This is a complex floral that still smells very clean, elegant, well balanced, and delicious. It's light, but it lasts all day, not overbearing. Bought this for my dear friend, and she loves it enough, it may be her new signature fragrance.

  • QUEENILLY03/25/2003

    This is truly an exquisite scent. It smells amazing. Its subtle and relaxing. My boyfriend loved it too! This is a perfect fall scent.

  • GLORIA03/10/2003

    I'm still practicing how to pronounce this...I decided to purchase a 1 oz. bottle yesterday. It doesn't smell so light on me. Very distinctive and I agree....kind of a floriental. I will see how I like it. I am not such a floral person usually but it is very nice. I am waiting to see if any men comment on it. You can also get it at Bloomingdales. Gotta tell ya, I think it will be becoming more popular since Dr. Phil's wife gave it away to everybody in the audience on the Valentine's favorite things show. I just had to see what it was all about. I think it will stay with me throughout the day.

  • ELONA03/07/2003

    I just tried this one. It has a very sharp bite to it and found it disagreeable. Too bad, I really wanted to like this one. Am sure it smells lovely on some people.

  • DEBORAH02/27/2003

    I recently purchased a mini bottle of this wonderful scent. I liked it so much I purchased the larger bottle. My problem is it doesn't have any lasting power on me. Is there something I can do to make the scent last longer on me? I don't mind re-applying it often but I feel like I'm wasting it.

  • LADY B02/23/2003

    I wear nothing but Quelques, nothing smell better!

  • S.R.02/15/2003

    You mentioned that alot of fragrances give you headaches. I'm interested in your opinion, since most give the headache and I'm so very picky too. What fragrances do you recommend.

  • LAUREL02/07/2003

    A safe, pleasant enough mixed floral bouquet, but nothing that would make you stand out and be remembered. Then again, could be exactly what you like if you prefer to make a very soft statement. If you're looking for a timeless floral, Bellodgia is far more interesting and unique. Just didn't think QF was anything remarkable, even though I love many understated classics.

  • OLATZ01/31/2003

    When I was twelve an aunt gave me a Quelques Fleur gift set (cologne & body lotion) for my birthday. It was the first adult fragrance ever given to me. I loved it and felt very grown up. Then it was impossible to find for decades. Three months ago I found a bottle at Marshalls. It brought back all the memories, however, I've moved on to so many other more fragrances since then.

  • MAYA10/30/2002

    One thing about Quelques Fleurs,is you have to decide if you REALLY like it,because it transfers easily.So if you do like it,and you find it has scented your coat,car,bedsheets and so on when you only applied it to your neck,it's actually kind of nice;But if you DON'T like it,good luck in washing it off your things, because the musk used in the base is of the highest quality on the market today,and it is as tenacious as it is lovely.(I think).

  • BEVERLY10/19/2002

    I was given a sample of Quelques Fleur by male friend who thought I should give it a try, and I am so glad that I did. Everywhere I go, people always ask "What are you wearing. I love it!

  • KERRI09/27/2002

    Quelque fleurs sounds like "kelkuh flir". (You barely pronounce the "uh", as if you were saying the "a" in the word "alot." And when you say "flir" the vowels sound like the "ou" in the word, "young."

  • COCOAPUFF09/18/2002

    This is a scent for a LADY who has it going on, knows what she loves, and doesn't need a magazine or trendy TV show to tell her. Teeny boppers and girls looking for fragrance of the week should pass on this one. I have worn Quelques Fleurs since Houbigant brought it back in the 1980s as an exclusive to Neiman-Marcus (it's got a limited distribution now). The scent holds on me for hours even after a whirlwind evening of dancing. Layering is the big key to staying power and the lotion is a very rich body treatment. It's not a cheap fragrance to like and I am pleased at the prices of Perfume Emporium.

  • TERI ANGUS09/18/2002

    I used to wear a perfume that was flowery by Houbiqant. It was called Ciao. They discontiued it. I have heard that they still make it and it is sold in England. Do you know anything about it?

  • LOLA09/17/2002

    Definitely a "come closer" scent.My husband loves it on me,he says it's the kind of smell one just can't get enough of.If I put it on at the crack of dawn,it keeps on getting better as the day goes by,and in the evening it smells still flowery but also very,very musky and yet still fresh and clean.A real turn on!There used to be a body cream that was out of this world fabulous,but then Houbigant stopped making it and kept only the lotion.It's ok but not as good as the cream.

  • MADELINE08/15/2002

    I found this perfume appealing when I first sprayed it generously on this morning. By mid-day it smelled bland, dry, and somewhat like bread. Organza did the same thing on me. I wish it smelled as good as it did when I first sprayed it on...which is a nice, rounded, gentle, floral, with a little depth.

  • KIMBERLY08/04/2002

    I like this one alot and it reminds me of Jivago 24K. I have never had anyone tell me they dislike Quelques Fleurs. Men really seem to like. If you like a spicy-soft floral-yet stays all day-This is the one for you. It is a very pretty fragrance. Enjoy!!!

  • MELINDA CONRAD07/09/2002

    I have worn no other perfume since trying this over 13 years ago. You apply it in the morning and it only smells better as the day passes. Men love it.

  • DANICA06/27/2002

    I am not able to tolerate the sharp, artificial floral notes. The lovers love it, I don't. I am more into ambery or powdery fragrances, although I like most of the annick goutals. This falls into the Grand Amour category for me--perfume my boyfriend's mother would wear.

  • MANDY06/23/2002

    I have so much difficulty finding perfumes that I enjoy and that don't give me a headache. And after a year or so I have moved on from every fragrance that I've ever tried...except this one. Quelques Fleurs is a beautiful, soft, and sexy scent and has been my signature for over 7 years now. I love it just as much today as the first day that I tried it - as much as I think it would be fun to try something new at times, I just can't find anything that compares!

  • LORI06/23/2002

    I have used Quelques Fleurs for over 10 years now. Unfortunately, the scent doesn't stay on very long. I love it so much, that I'd rather layer the scent, and keep a spray with me, than give it up for something else. It is a clean, non-offensive scent.


    My ex-girlfriend used to wear this perfume and I must say it is the best I ever smelled. Not many people know about this perfume, but it drives guy crazy. A definate buy!!! I am buying some for my next love in advance!:-}}

  • LIKESTODANCE06/05/2002

    I have to agree with Carol. I am in Canada and paid $90 for this and it simply won't stay on me. I will admit, however, that I've had this problem with other light florals. It IS very pretty, though, and NO synthetics which is a plus!

  • CAROL06/03/2002

    I just tried this recently and found it too light for me. It did not do anything for me. Even though I like florals, this won didin't do it.

  • SHANNON05/20/2002

    I was given a bottle of the real stuff, parfum sans the eau, for high school graduation. Has lasted me until now (going on twelve years), still smells great, and has been commented on by every boyfriend and a few potentials in the interim. My husband loves it. Besides the fragrance itself, which I have always loved, it now has so many memories of my youth wrapped up in it that I love it even more.

  • JEANNIE04/26/2002

    I love this stuff, the price here is a steal. It is very romantic, and light.

  • NURSEPEBBLES02/16/2002

    I just got this perfume today..when I first sprayed it on..I did not like it..but as the scent dried down..I really like it a lot...

  • JOANNE02/02/2002

    I loved Ambergris by Houbigant, but haven't been able to find it in years. If anyone can help me on this, please email me at

  • MIRANDA01/10/2002

    This fragrance is a classic. Introduced in 1912, pronounced "Kelkay Flurs" meaning "Many Flowers" Heather:0)(correct me if I'm wrong anyone)It really is nice. I had narrowed down my choices at the fragrance counter to this and Initial by Boucheron, and my husband sniffed and fell in love with this one.(I got both!)

  • HEATHER01/08/2002

    I just received my mini of Quelques Fleurs (does anyone know how to pronounce this??), & smelled this fragrance for the first time- & I love it! It's a beautiful scent! I'm pretty picky about fragrances that I like a lot- & this is definitely in the top 5. Plus I'm sensitive to a lot of fragrances, because they give me headaches, but this one doesn't. So I'm very happy with this purchase & will be getting a full size bottle real soon!

  • KIM TURLINGTON12/27/2001

    My husband used to keep the top to this perfume bottle in his bathroom cabinet to smell me when I'm away. He loves it!

  • KIRSTEN12/10/2001

    I love this fragrance, I knew people that wore it in high school, and it is one of the most unique scents. You can find it at Nordstrom's, although I've found it a lot cheaper on the internet!

  • KELLI11/16/2001

    I discovered this frangrance about 5 years ago. I have found it once at a TJMaxx store and bought all of them! I had a friend begging me for a bottle. I also get a lot of compliments on the scent!

  • ANGELA09/13/2001

    Our grandmother, Sidney, always wore Quelques Fleurs and I thought it was no longer made. I have thought of that fragrance since she died. My sister found your site and ordered some for my birthday. It is a nostalgic gift and very dear to our hearts. Thanks for still making it!

  • VALERIE09/06/2001

    Please tell me how I can find your perfume

  • TMI08/07/2001

    You can purchace this perfume at any Nordstrom.

  • S.D.Y.06/21/2001

    I have been wearing this fragrance for over ten years and still LOVE it. I have also tried the Quelques Violettes and Quelques Roses- liked them ok. Not as good as the original!!! Men seem to love it...

  • LADYW06/17/2001

    would like to try it.

  • TERRY06/10/2001

    Do you have a scratch & sniff or a sample you can send me of this ? I'd like to smell it before spending so much !

  • BECKY05/30/2001

    I think my boyfriend loves Quelques Fleurs more than I do!

  • LINDA TURNEY05/25/2001

    Does anyone know where I can purchase this fragrance? Thanks!

  • CARLA05/22/2001

    I happened to get a sample vial of Quelques Fleurs a few weeks ago and I've fallen in love with it.

  • JOLENE05/20/2001

    This is such a wonderful floral classic! Having originated in 1912, it has stood the test of time, and continues to remain an all-time favorite from generation to generation. It's definitely one of my favorite fragrances - ever! I also LOVE Quelques Violettes!

  • MICHELLE04/19/2001

    I beg to differ with Liz. This fragrance lasts forever. When I spray it on my wrists, I can still smell the scent at the end of the day, when most perfumes don't. Both men AND women ask what I am wearing when I wear Quelques Fleur and love the alluring fragrance. They also make Quelques Rose and Quelques Violette. If you love Quelques Fleurs, you have to try the other two. You can find them at Nordstoms, on the West coast.

  • DAVID04/19/2001

    It has an inspiring appeal. There are a few women that have worn the fragrance at my college. Most of whom are stopped and questioned. This is certainly one of a kind, but be careful, many sites charge too much. I found one selling the 3.4 oz for under 50. Wear it, smell it, be noticed. Makes a nice scent for a long evening.

  • YVETTE04/11/2001

    There is no question that this fragrance is French! It is for the purists and men do love it! Mine told me 'it haunts him'! How's that for heady!?

  • E. RUZBASAN03/25/2001

    Does Hobigant still make the perfume CIAO? I have been looking for it for a few years now I really love it.

  • CATHERINE03/20/2001

    This is a classic fragrance, which I would describe as a floriental. It is rather heavy, and makes a wonderful evening scent. It is smoky and mysterious. I believe most men would like it.

  • TERRE03/15/2001

    This wonderful fragrance is made in France. I was told in the Neiman Marcus stores in both Dallas and Ft. Worth, Texas, that this has been their number one seller. Because it is not so easy to find, not many people are wearing it, and I, too, have been asked by many people, what fragrance I am wearing. It is light, yet captivating, and I am out of it. I guess I will have to correct that.

  • JENNIFER03/08/2001

    i also have 2 disagree wit liz - when i wear other perfumes, i dont get comments like i do with this one. every guy that i met LOVE to sniff me when i wear this. they all agree that this is the absolute LOVE POTION. =)

  • ERNESTINE02/17/2001

    wonder why i cant find this product in my area

  • ELANA02/06/2001

    I beg to differ with liz, men go crazy over it!

  • BURT LEVEL02/02/2001

    Re men not liking Quelques fleurs: My wife wears it and I think it is by far the most erotic scent I have ever smelled.

  • LIZ 12/19/2000

    I absolutely love Quelques Fleurs. One problem-it doesn't last long and men do not seem to care for it!

  • JO-ANNE12/14/2000

    I have the same experience as Kathryn. I love Quelques Fleurs.

  • TAMI12/14/2000

    I Recently went to purchase a bottle of Quelques Fleurs in a Seattle area Nordstrom. You can imagine my surprise when the gal at the counter told me the price for a 3.3fl. oz. bottle was $190.00. I couldn't believe it! I treated myself to a bottle years ago (probably 12) and I'm sure I wouldn't spent more than $60.00. Thank you Perfume Emporium!

  • KATHRYN FRANKS10/23/2000

    I started wearing Quelques Fleurs in college,and people would stop me everywhere to ask me what I was wearing. It is such a distinctive fragrance, that people smell it on others and think of me.

  • IRENE KOZAK09/29/2000

    Can you please tell me which of the Houbigant is the most floral and can you please give me a description of them all. Thanks Irene

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