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Christian Dior


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Opulent and captivating inspired by the graceful beauty of the Orient. The fragrance expression of oriental refinement and sensuality. Dioressence perfume has notes of cinnamon, patchouli, violet, geranium and rose buds. Recommended for daytime use.

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Opulent and captivating inspired by the graceful beauty of the Orient. The fragrance expression of oriental refinement and sensuality. Dioressence perfume has notes of cinnamon, patchouli, violet, geranium and rose buds. Recommended for daytime use.

  • CAROLYN MARTIN12/25/2015

    Dioressence is a great fragrance! I give it a 5star rating!

  • ELIZABETH BALK02/28/2013

    My granddaughter found me in a store just by my perfume.........Dioressence of course, I've been using it for at least 25 years!

  • SYLVIA11/25/2012

    I've used Dioressence for over 30 years, and have had difficulty getting it for the past several years. There were times in the past 30 years that I have had to resort to getting it overseas. Sure wish they would bring it back.

  • ELLEN12/02/2011

    Why is it that we can buy all the rubbishy smelling stuff (most of the new ones are dreadful - they smell either like cake mix or men's after shave ) but all the good stuff is hard to find? And what is more - there's hundreds of women like me looking for the "good stuff" Dioressence is superb. Crescendo by Lanvin is no longer on the market, also others by Lanvin have gone to perfume heaven. Coty L'Origan and L'Aimant are no longer made in the old formula - Why??? Please keep making Dioressence, Miss Dior (OLD style) Bring back the nice smells.

  • DERETA DAMMS09/18/2010

    i am so happy to find this awesome perfume it makes me sexy as everyone coments on it

  • BARBARA P. BREWTON06/30/2009

    I have been looking for this perfume for a long time and can not find it anywhere.

  • JULIE O.11/18/2008

    Plese get this product back on the market. This is the only fragrance I can wear and I can't find it anywhere. I have used this for 24 yrs and can't wear anything elsel

  • NILSA111/11/2008

    I've loved this fragrance for years now. I am having a very hard time finding it anywhere. Every site I go to seems to be "temporarily out of stock".

  • BARBARA W04/11/2008

    Florals aren't my thing, though, so I'm the wrong person to review them! Really disliked it.

  • DEBI OV THE TOON 02/08/2008

    I've loved dioressence since the 70's ,there doesn't seem to be a shortage in England.Wherever I go I still look for this (just in case !!)Fenwicks in Newcastle upon Tyne ,John Lewis and many other dept stores still stock these . Try websites such as if anyone is desperate.

  • CAROLA FORTSCH12/27/2007

    Hi, wearing it since te early 70. still my fav. you can get it at very small parfume stores across canada

  • MARTA02/21/2007

    I was wondering if You could help me...I love Cristalle edt, "Libertine" , Mitsouko, Diorella but I just don't know Dioressence, and finding it in my city is impossible. Does it smell similar to any of the scents listed above? Anytime I hear the word "aldehydes" I get shivers all over my body - I hate them, but I've noticed aldehydes in the basenotes of "D". Anyway I absolutely adore moss in perfume, generally chypre-fruity notes. I have a great possibility to buy "D" for less than 35$ for a huge bottle, but I do not know the fragrance yet!Thanx,Marta

  • MARI12/04/2006


  • SHERRIE10/10/2006

    I have used this scent since the 70s, and it was discontinued once which nearly gave me a hissy. That was the year I bought 4 bottles at once! Men find this scent very enticing; when I was a working woman, my work mates were always asking for the name because they wanted to buy it for their wives. That was a real compliment. Long lasting and very unusual.

  • RAJUL07/23/2006

    this is such a beautiful perfume....... i had expected it to be like this and i was far from disappointed ! i loved it ! its a year round fragrance which you might go easy on in the extreme heat...... but i find most perfumes difficult to take in extreme heat except may be o de lancome and a few others. dioressence is a sophisticated classy fragrance and im really glad i got it.

  • GAIL07/11/2006

    i have been wearing this perfume from the moment i rec'd it as a gift in 1980 and nothing else-this scent gets sooo much positive attention from men as well as women, at least several times a week someone will say "that scent is great, what is it". i have worn many colonges and perfumes but not one smells as great as this. the correct individual skin oil is crucial for this scent to smell the way it should, awesome!!

  • SUE05/03/2006

    Dioressence has suddenly disappeared from the shelves of dept stores & perfumers where I live. Looks like it's being discontinued - it's a shame, it's a unique classic and one of Dior's best.

  • NANCI03/18/2006

    This has been my primary fragrance since the early 80's. I get so many compliments on this scent.

  • GRACE02/21/2006

    There is nothing better. It's right for every occasion and always smells fabulous and unique. I get compliments every time I wear this -- I have many fragrances that I love, but this is my very, very favorite of all.

  • JUDY02/09/2006

    I love this perfume, I have been wearing it since the 70's and so many people have complemented me about it.

  • ANNIE01/28/2006

    It's different than it was in the 70's. It's definitely been changed, some feel not as nice as it used to be. But I tested it recently at Saks and I still love Dioressence. It seems more abstract than I remember it, the notes not as distinct somehow. I'm not sure what it is, as I'm not a "nose". But I find I still love this fragrance. If I had only once choice from the Oriental category I would might pick this one. I love most of Dior's fragrances.

  • VIV10/16/2005

    The best fragrance from the House of Dior. I just hope that they will eventually bring back the parfum as well.

  • LORI09/03/2005

    it's a classic and very lovely. not a scent for young girls.

  • SNEZANA05/09/2005

    I've been using it from the year it was first produced (more than 18 years !) and it's the best perfume that Dior family ever made. It's just made to last. (A bit difficult tofind, though.)

  • HUGE FAN01/21/2005

    This my favorite perfume in the whole wide world. It's so smooth and very sensual. It's a woody oriental scent like no other.

  • SHARRIE12/04/2004

    a disappointment from the dior fmiy however hopeful, need to wear it the right time and space to enjoy it, misssing something though

  • KELLEY03/11/2004

    I wore this scent 20 years ago and still love it - it's becoming quite hard to find but I know where to get it. I always received compliments when I wore it - it's now a rare fragrance, spicy warm, and at the same time, complicated and fresh.

  • SUE C02/24/2004

    Keep this one away from your teenage daughters! It is warm and seductive, wear it with beautiful evening clothes in the cooler months. It is unique and timeless, I like the touch of roses which is unusual in an oriental perfume.

  • *SYLVIE*01/04/2004

    DIORESSENCE is UNIQUE. A refined, powdery, oriental scent. No other perfume comes close. DIORESSENCE smells like DIORESSENCE and nothing else. I love this perfume very much. It is a *hard to find* fragrance. Soo good!!! EXCELLENT!!!!

  • LANIHULI11/19/2003

    this fragrance is absolutely wonderful. truly a nectar of the gods!!

  • M.10/04/2003

    Dioressence smells a bit like an old lady's perfume but if used sparingly it lasts long.

  • NORA09/29/2003

    NICE, but where to find it???

  • LOEY06/11/2003

    This cologne is wonderful! There is nothing like it! I am hooked on this cologne. But where can you get it?

  • BERNADETTE11/21/2002

    I wrote Christian Dior in paris about the unavailability of this product. Sadly they have discontinued it. Maybe if those of us who love it so much protest, they will reconsider. L

  • KELLIE11/17/2002

    I discovered this fragrance a couple of years ago. It's the only one that stays true to its scent at the end of the day. The problem is I'm having trouble finding it. No luck so far in Canada...any suggestions?

  • KELLIE11/17/2002

    I discovered this fragrance a couple of years ago. It's the only one that stays true to its scent at the end of the day. The problem is I'm having trouble finding it. No luck so far in Canada...any suggestions?

  • BERNADETTE10/29/2002

    I have used Dioressence for years and simply cannot do without it. Strangers would come up to me and say the loved the scent ask for the name. I absolutely loved the Body Creme but somehow cannot seem to find it. Would anyone out there know where I can purchase the Body Creme?

  • VICKI09/15/2002

    Guess what! I loved this fragrance the first time I tried it, but my ex-husband said it smelled like a "French cat house." Well, I dumped the ex over 12 years ago (partially due to his complete lack of taste, class, and refinement, needless to say), but this beautiful oriental is still one of my favorites. Unlike a lot of orientals that dry down into a sour, vinegar smell after about five hours, this one stays light with a lot of snap even after a full day's wear. It really does not dry down but stays quite close to its original sparkle, something I have found very few scents are capable of. Dior, you have showed a talented "nose" all these years. Keep it up!

  • JOAN07/25/2002

    I've been wearing this scent for 30 years (Dior took it off the market once and then reintroduced it). I love's sexy, not too sweet, and unique. I've tried dozens and dozens of other perfumes and always come back to this one. I do wish we could obtain all of the Dioressence products in the U.S. though

  • SUSAN06/06/2002

    I have been wearing this scent (and only this scent) for about 20 years. I discovered it in France and purchased the whole line (which does include body creme, soap, talc, bath gel, esprit de parfum). For some unknown reason, I have only been able to find the scent on a regular basis in the U.S.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    very strong oriental. Nice in winter

  • ADRIANA03/23/2002

    For me this is the best Dior's fragrance, warm and sophisticated, but it's hard to find it. I've never seen body lotion or something like that from this range.

  • LEOA03/19/2002

    This fragrance is very warm as it dries, it gets softer, You can smell a little vanilla in it! Do they have a body creme for this scent?

  • CHM03/18/2002

    This is my favorite perfume! It has a lovely light scent, perfect for both day and evening!

  • V02/28/2002

    It is warm and soft - I like it!

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