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Oscar de la Renta


103 Reviews

Floral-Oriental, Powdery, Sweet-Ambery. Designed in 1977, Oscar for women is an exquisite, oriental, floral fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of orange blossom, coriander, peach and is accented with jasmine, clove and lavender making Oscar a recommended evening fragrance.

Gift Set - 1.0 oz EDT Spray + 2.5 oz Deodorant Stick
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3.4 oz EDT Spray Limited Edition (Green Leaf and Pink Colors)
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Floral-Oriental, Powdery, Sweet-Ambery. Designed in 1977, Oscar for women is an exquisite, oriental, floral fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of orange blossom, coriander, peach and is accented with jasmine, clove and lavender making Oscar a recommended evening fragrance.

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  • SHIRLEY11/15/2015

    This perfume is more for the mature woman. I love it and Chanel #5...I always have compliments ...

  • DARLENE07/05/2014

    Smells wonderful

  • GLORIA05/29/2014

    This is my favorite summer fragrance. It lasts and is so refreshing and light.


    ... very light fragrance not over powering ...

  • KAREN06/09/2013

    Having been wearing Oscar for many years, my favourite everyday fragence

  • JUDITH ANN04/09/2012

    product is very good and received in great time. My aunt has used it since it's introduction in 1977

  • BARBARA04/06/2012

    love this product!

  • PAM BUTLER01/02/2012

    Very good value for money and delivered within time limit. When ordered didn't realise it was being shipped from abroad.

  • BARBARA OEHM11/30/2011

    This perfume is just gorgeous

  • ELIZABETH MOORE02/06/2011

    Can someone tell me the difference between EDT and EDP? I know what the Parfum is but can't find it. The EDT doesn't last one me. Just wondering if the EDP is more similar to the Parfum.

  • BPW08/27/2010

    One of very few perfumes that don't change for the worse on me.

  • LISY05/21/2010

    def not for the younger gals

  • MRS. H05/13/2009

    Put it on warmer body parts, and even hours later when it seems to have worn off, body warmth triggers its aroma.

  • EAKSTER03/24/2009

    i have been wearing this for 32 years, kids, teens and adults love it. i am always being stopped and asked what it is. i love it.

  • ALEXANDRIA12/06/2008

    I have gotten more compliments on this fragrance than any other that I have worn over the years. It makes you want to inhale. The compliments I get are very rewarding!

  • DEB09/16/2008

    I started wearing Oscar 26 years ago when I really couldn't afford it, but it was my special favorite for every gift time. Now I buy it no matter what, people identify me with this fragrance, and I'm told over and over how delicious I smell. I wouldn't wear anything else.

  • WILDFLOWER05/29/2008

    One must have to possess the right body chemistry to wear this. I tried this maybe 15 years ago, and on me this turned into ragweed and body odor within seconds. Two other scents have done this to me, they were E. Taylor's Passion and CK's Obsession. Must be a same ingredient in these that does not like my chemistry.


    Love this one. If you like No. 5, you will love this one. My new everyday scent!!

  • TORANG ROOT10/17/2007

    3 months after the posted message and I am still loving this perfume. It lingers and opens as the day developes. By mid afternoos it smells just perfect. I used to kind of like Jeraviens by worth. But I couldn't wear it because the integrity of the perfume would change after 10 minutes into something bitter. With Oscar it goes on beautiful and it blooms even more. Great lasting power. The next morning I wake up I can still smell it. The corriander and cinnemon gives it the punch it has like a cool glass of pepsi. love it and wont ever go to anything else. I feel clean and sexy and spicy when I wear this lovely perfume.

  • TOREY ROOT08/12/2007

    I have been through so many different perfumes and returned so many that I seriously tought I have a disorder in regards to perfumes. But I found Oscar and I was cured. It is clean and warm and spicy and modern and mature and young and all together. It has it all. Strong yet gentle. Confident yet humble. Fresh for summer and warm for winter. I started with a 60ml. Yesterday I bought myself a 100ml and I will sell every other perfume I own in a garage sale! Thank you Oscar.....

  • JK08/04/2007

    I heard several places online that this is one of Hillary Clinton's favorite. I know it is so silly, but I so dislike Hillary that I can't wear this as it would always remind me of someone I don't like.

  • RUFFDAWG07/03/2007

    I love Oscar & I love Mugler's Angel, but I've never thought of wearing them together as you suggested, so I gave it a try & you're right! Wow, they really do smell great together! Awesome! Thanks for the tip!

  • BONNIE06/15/2007

    I finally ordered a small bottle to see if it would work with my chemistry, but was quite disappointed, this smells old-lady to me, just my opinion, do not want to offend any die hard fans, but this just didn't do it for me.

  • BIANCA02/15/2007

    These are probably little girls used to wearing that fruity or foody smelling crap you find these days. This is a rich and beautiful floral that is so feminine yet grown up.

  • TAMMY02/01/2007

    What I don't understand is why this perfume is being bashed by people. Do none of you realize that perfume mixes with your body chemistry and that is what gives you the ultimate smell. If it doesn't live up to your expectations, don't "NOT" recommend it to someone whose body chemistry is completely different. My mom has been wearing this scent for the last 25+ yrs and nothing reminds me of her more. And my mom is only 53! That is NOT old lady! Stop hating so much and just move on to the next perfume if this isn't for you. And yes, I do love wearing it myself, even as a child I loved it.

  • TAJSMELLSGOOD11/27/2006

    Hello ladies. I was at the local retailer looking for some good deals on mens fragrances. While digging thru the cluster of gift sets and boxes of fragrance, I heard a woman yell, " This smells so good! This is the best perfume I have ever smelled!" Being a fragrance fanatic, male of female, I had to know what caused her excitement. I walked over to this woman and asked, "Let me smell it", as she was sniffing her hand. She gave me he hand and I sniffed. I was sure it was "White Diamonds". To my surprise, she said "Oscar " and showed me the bottle. Do any of you get the same conclusion?

  • LISA09/20/2006

    this is one of those fragrances I wore on and off over the years...and no it's not an old lady scent...I wore this when I was 19...mind you I was a refined 19 not a "teeny bopper" type...(ralph by ralph lauren is more for those types) However, Oscar really does have it all...the musk, the sweet fragrant flowers and the scent of just washed just doesn't get any better than that! Men and women do love this one and some of you were talking about mixing fragrances with oscar ...well oscar is amazing mixed with thierry muegler's Angel....just one little spray of each and it's a little piece of heaven!!

  • LEE ANN09/14/2006

    This perfume gives me an upset perfume. It is too strong. I have to take an asprin to calm it down. I won't get it again when I run out

  • TAMARA08/30/2006

    I have been wearing orcar dailyfor at least 25 yrs. I use the the eau de toilette deodorant and body lotion, without I feel undressed! I have never smelled anything quite like it and whenever I try something else which is rarely, I don't feel right! It is a timeless scent full of class and elegance and can be worn day or evening. Unfortunatel I'm having difficulty buying the body lotion in Belgium where I live. for some reason it has been discontinued,so I'm looking for another source. Thank you Oscar for this WONDERFUL scent and please never stop producing it as long as I live.XXX

  • MARIE07/05/2006

    I agree with Chrissy. Oscar was my first designer fragrance, discovered on a sample strip. After that, I bought everything in the set. I have a large collection of fragrances and Oscar is definately at the very top. Classy and elegant.

  • ANGELIQUE06/28/2006

    You get some perfumes that are timeless; no matter which era you wear them in, they never become tired, old or dated. This IS NOT one of them. I ordered this online because it sounded like a scent that I'd love. Unfortunately this wasn't to be the case. The minute I sprayed it on I was immediately taken back to my childhood of the 70s. Although I'm not aware of anyone close to me who used to wear this, it's SUCH a 70's scent. when I smell this I think of hair-spray, elevator music and Charlies Angels (Kate jackson, Farah Fawcett etc.) It's just too dated for me. Added to that it doesn't really suit my chemistry. This scent reminds me somewhat of Vanderbilt (Gloria Vanderbilt). I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this scent now. I'm only thankful I didn't pay too much for it.

  • JB06/05/2006

    This scent is amazingly beautiful! It is soft and comforting. Some people wear it all year round, but I like it best in the summer. Excellent!

  • CHRISSY05/21/2006

    I have been searching for a signature scent for years. I have just about tested everything out there from the common to the exotic. I recently was reminded of Oscar due to a magazine test strip. Very unusual to see this scent in an ad that way but I suppose it was a Mother's Day thing. Anyway..I remembered how lovely this scent was and getting a compliment from someone when I had only spritzed it on at a department store counter. I think I shyed away from it because I thought it may be to strong or I just dismissed it as one of those been around forever scents. Of course like many fragrance junkies I am easily lured into trying the latest scents. I recently purchased the 8 oz bottle and the powder also. I am so glad that magazine ad reminded me of this truly lovely feminine scent. I have to say the powder smells just as lovely as the edt and really would be enough to have you smelling heavenly all day if you didnt want to apply anything else. This definitely is one of those been around forever scents. But what I realize now is thats a good thing !! I just turned 40 if anyone is wondering about the age thing. I dont think this is an older scent. That being said its not a teenagers scent at all. Its definitely for someone who wants to feel feminine and confident. Just love it. I think I am done with my search. Too many lack luster potions in fancy bottles out there these days. All advertising and really no allure to the fragrance at all. Tired of spending money on all those celeb scents or designer scents only to be bored with them soon after. Oscar has what I am looking for in a fragrance. I live in a climate that is warm most of the year and I dont find it too much. I would however not apply too much at first. It has great staying power and as others have mentioned it really blooms through the day. Hope this helps someone who is one the fence about Oscar. I say go for it. Who wants to smell like everyone one else anyway. Make a statement and get a compliment or two. Thanks Oscar!! :)

  • SANDY05/03/2006

    cartier must--vanilla notes bring out the best of both.....been wearing and mixing oscar for more years then i can remember.

  • MARY R.04/29/2006

    This is an elegant evening perfume comprised of jasmine, lavendar, coriander, basil and peach. It is a complex floral. I don't get any armpit smell from it. I think Bianca is smelling her own armpits and mistaking it for perfume.

  • BIANCA04/20/2006

    I'm surprised at the high rating for this perfume. It is your typical arm-pit smelling powder perfume that old women usually wear. Just nasty.

  • KATHY04/05/2006

    I didn't think this one was worth keeping, I returned it the next day. Just had an annoying smell on me. Not pretty either.

  • DMR03/27/2006

    This is a great scent. Reminds me of the scented breeze from my mother's backyard, after the orchids have been blooming at the end of a very sunny day.

  • SUE C03/02/2006

    There are 3 new versions of Oscar to be released: Oscar Bamboo in pretty green and pink packaging and containing fresh notes including bamboo leaf; Oscar Citrus in yellow & blue packaging; and Oscar Violet in red and violet packaging, all in bottles based on the original flower design.

  • JB02/20/2006

    has anyone ever considered using a peach scented fragrance or cream before using oscar to bring out the peach notes and make it a bit sweeter, younger? new twist? or maybe vanilla...any thoughts?

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    the body lotion that came along with the eau de toilette was just wonderful !! most times just the lotion was enough and the perfume was not required ! i often wore either the perfume or just the lotion coz both were superb and required no layering.

  • RAJUL02/19/2006

    i got this as a present many years ago..... i opened it with no expectations as it was not among the top 3 best sellers or a much raved about perfume....... but the moment i had a whiff of the 1st spray i new that this is going to be a fragrance i shall remember for ever !! its not too strong so you can wear it day or night and if worn with a light hand it can evoke an aura of a very feminine and genteel classy lady......this perfume calls for soft spoken, refined, elegant behaviour.The fragrance of a very beautiful woman whose very presence evokes sensuality and quickened heart beats......

  • SUE C01/10/2006

    For all the lovers of Oscar who are looking for a change, try Dolce & Gabbana feminine (the one in the red suede box). It is similar in style, a spicy floral and was the next perfume I wore after many years of Oscar. (I have since become very fickle and now have a wardrobe of favourites). Don't wear the same perfume day-in, day-out as people tire of you smelling the same and you are missing out on lots of fabulous delights waiting to be discovered. Have a wardrobe of scents for different occasions and climates.

  • CARRIE11/28/2005

    This is the ONE fragrance that I have come back to over and over again. The first year I wore it, I used to go up to the perfume counter and say ..."this is so delicious it should be edible!" I get compliments all the time!

  • SUSAN HELM10/03/2005

    I live in east Tennessee and cannot find the oscar deoderant ANYWHERE in this area at this time I have used the deoderant for over 20 years why is it so hard to find at this particular time and when will it be available to the local department stores..I'm just about out!!!!!Please help!

  • TIKI08/24/2005

    it is sooo feminine reminds me of what fragrances use to smell like years ago. Definitely not old lady, too many young girls today like to wear those stanky scents that smell really terrible.

  • PIA05/22/2005

    I purchased the gift set a couple of years ago because I like the name "Oscar". I had a beautiful white cat named Oscar and he had to be put to sleep because he was deathly ill with heart disease. He was my sweet baby of a cat, loving , soft , pretty and comforting. Maybe it is silly but I got the perfume thinking it would smell sweet and pretty and remind me of him. Wrong. I do occasionally wear it and my husband loves it on me but I cant get myself to enjoy it on me. Instead I enjoy having it on my dresser next to my picture of my beautiful Oscar.

  • BEBE BULLET04/25/2005

    smooth sensations. i luv the 8.0 size. heaven on earth. a balance in the wind. awesome. very nice.

  • BEBE BULLET04/20/2005

    no dark secrets. the real thing. levels of ectasy. use it anytime enchanting it is. very nice

  • RR03/24/2005

    I tested this around Christmas, and found it pleasant, if average. Bought it the other day(found it on sale)and can't stand it. I think before I didn't have it on long enough(took a shower), because at first it's fine. But after awhile, it smells spicy and musty, kind of like body odor. Absolutely awful!

  • MAXXX03/20/2005

    I have newly discoverec Oscar and had my first compliment from a lady..."Who is wearing that Beauuutiful perfume!" Well i wear all sort and nobdy has ever commented like this before on any i have worn. I love it. The bath and body products too.

  • DEONNE02/12/2005

    I am never without a bottle! I love perfume, therefore; I am always trying something new and I also have some other favorites I TRY to keep on hand, but Oscar I will not be without. I've been wearing it since the early 90's and not only do I get many, many compliments on it (from women & men), but I enjoy wearing this pleasing scent very much myself - It really uplifts my mood. And when they ask what it is, all you have to say is "Oscar" and they know! You just can't go wrong with Oscar!!!

  • SHARRIE12/24/2004

    the highlite of my day. exquisite, the aroma elevates in time. grows as you go, wonderful.

  • MAXXX12/15/2004

    I wish i had discovered this gorgeous perfume earlier. I absolutley love it. I keeper in every sense of the owrd. magical:)

  • ISHTAR12/08/2004

    I love Oscar, everybody loves it on me. For years I found it heavenly, but now I don't get the same feeling anymore. I'd like to find another *heavenly* pefurme. I've been trying tons of them, without success. I also like SO d'Oscar and l'Air du Temps, but without the deep love I have for Oscar. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

  • JANIS11/19/2004

    There is no better smell I bought my first bottle and now I'm REPEAT BUYER and will continue to buy

  • TARA09/28/2004

    Love this scent. I chose it for my wedding day.

  • PIA07/13/2004

    I am re-rating Oscar with a higher rating after wearing it to a dinner party and receiving loads of compliments. I wish I could enjoy it as much as everyone who enjoys it on me. Liking this more and more as I wear it so give it a chance it may take a week or so to get used to it.

  • PIA07/07/2004

    I thought this fragrance would be amazing based on the positive comments so i purchased online without trying. Dissapointed, nothing special the drydown is nice, reminds me a little of Vanderbilt which is sweeter than Oscar. Will keep for a gift. Back to my chanel no 19 my current favorite but I am going to try First by Van Cleef and Arpels.

  • DIANE06/25/2004

    I had the most beautiful teacher while I was in second grade. She was absolutely a true lady: classy, elegant, refined, and demure. And she smelled absolutely heavenly. In class when she would walk by my desk, that lovely scent lingered. One day I asked her how she smelled so good. She said she owes it all to "Oscar." Being in second grade, I didn't know that she was referring to the name of the perfume! I have always associated that scent with the virtues of a true lady. I swore that when "I grow up" I was going to smell as good as my second grade teacher. Well, when I became older and aspired to being a true, classic lady myself, I discovered what my teacher meant when she said "Oscar." That scent was "Oscar" by Oscar de la Renta. It's the ultimate feminine fragrance, and every time I wear it, I feel like a true lady. Its scent mesmerizes others, and I'm always asked "what is that lovely fragrance you have on?" I always tell them, "I owe it all to Oscar." I'd recommend this fragrance to any woman wishing to unleash an essence of utter femininity. It truly is a memorable perfume...and everyone will associate you with it because it's that great.

  • JENNIFER H05/15/2004

    A nice powdery fragrance. It actually smells young to me. Very feminine and light. It's a classic.

  • SUE C05/13/2004

    This was my signature scent for many years. Well-dressed men would stop me in the street to find out the name so they could buy it. I have never come across anyone who doesn't like Oscar. To me it is the perfect balance of flowers, spice and other luscious ingredients. It is very feminine and well balanced like other classics such as L'air du temps and Fidji. I'm taking a break from it only because I've discovered lots of other wonderful scents and too many of my friends are now wearing Oscar. The Oscar bath products are gorgeous also.

  • ANIA05/04/2004

    After I read so many good opinions about this fragrance I was so intrigued I bought it. Waste of money!!! It's a fragrance for older ladies, very havy and musky.

  • CONNIE05/04/2004

    I have worn Oscar since the '80s. I receive many compliments from both men & women. It is my signature. I won't wear any other fragrance.

  • LULU04/12/2004

    At one time, I wore this regularly as a day perfume. One of my kids particularly loved the perfume itself on me, but wasn't all that crazy about the spray. Now, I believe I have outgrown the spray, and have a full huge bottle just sitting there, along with an old bottle of Fiji.

  • MARCO02/11/2004

    I've always bought this for every woman I've dated since college... and it smells GREAT. Very sexy, and very feminine. There is no better fragrance line than Oscar's!

  • CAROLE12/24/2003


  • ANNETTE12/17/2003

    I get more compliments on this than I have on any other perfume! It is my favorite!

  • OSCAR11/25/2003

    I have tried Oscar many times..I have a bottle..its a truly pretty scent. Its not too heavy..but its going to be noticed. It starts out a bit strong but the dry down is really powdery and lovely. It also seems to have a clean smell to it. I definitely think this one is one you have to try on yourself. But all in all its a classic.

  • ELLA11/05/2003

    I was given a bottle of this fragrance 14 years ago. At the time, it smelled wonderful in the bottle, but dried down to something I can only describe as "sweaty thighs". Sadly, I put the bottle away in a cabinet. I recently took it out to try again (I'd forgotten that I had it!) and was amazed at how good it still smelled in the bottle. My body chemistry has changed in those years and I was delighted to discover that I can now wear Oscar! A light, clean, feminine scent that lays lightly on the skin like morning mist on a tropical leaf. What a joy to be able to wear this fragrance at last!

  • JACKI10/15/2003

    Like many others I strayed from Oscar but have returned to the fold.This will always remind me of Cruises in the Pacific and warm tropical nights. I am glad to return to this wonderful Perfume with all the happy memories it triggers and that indulgent Fragrance it gives off.

  • DONNA08/30/2003

    I adore Oscar - have been trying to stray and have tested so many other fragrances recently - Oscar is clean, fresh, happy and quite classy - alot of the newer frangrances have a synthetic smell and tend to smell alike - long story short - just bought another bottle of Oscar yesterday...just can't stray.

  • MEGAN08/28/2003

    I discovered this in the 80s - loved it in an instant and used it for 5 yrs. then tired of it (all you fellow fragrance junkies know how that happens sometimes). Well, I was sampling testers at a department store fragrance counter the other day, and rediscovered this beautiful fragrance. Bought some on the spot and am enjoying it once again. It is so chic and femenine.

  • ANDAGI07/12/2003

    I see all the men who've posted give Oscar rave reviews. I've worn it for maybe 20 years, though it's too heady for Summer in Honolulu. It's white flowers and and sophistication. I wear it when I want to be noticed. My new love is Ibiza Hippie, though it doesn't last.

  • MYLAAN06/17/2003

    Quite underrated... It's a great floral oriental scent, nice woodsy/spicy background. I never think of this one until I reach for it on a day when I don't know what else to wear. No, I'm not a grandmother, (Some say it as if the word itself was a swear, for Pete's sake!) and yes, I have a brain, good taste and I know perfume.

  • CHRISTI04/29/2003

    Try layering the cologne over the body lotion. The shower gel is wonderful too. I don't understand people saying oscar is strong and/ or bitter. It is a very light and powdery scent. (Now something like Red Door and Giorgio I would call strong). Anyway, I've worn oscar for almost 20 years and I haven't found anything I've liked better since.

  • KATHLEEN04/16/2003


  • BRITTNEE04/11/2003

    This is absolutely wonderful, classy, seductive, all in one! It's great!

  • JULIANN03/10/2003

    I agree with Ellen, I've worn Oscar for many years. It's my favorite. I've tried other fragrances, but I come back to Oscar.

  • SANDRA01/19/2003

    Try wearing Oscar and Obsession together. Try them both on at your favorite department store. They mix so well, and that "my grandmother would wear it" scent gets a modern update with the musky Obsession.

  • JUDI12/26/2002

    Must be the type of oil in your skin, Oscar is light and has a heavenly scent. You need to wear a fragrance that you can't smell on yourself after you had it on for a while, one that doesn't overwhelm you, when you find that fragrance stick with it.

  • JUDI12/26/2002

    Must be the type of oil in your skin, Oscar is light and has a heavenly scent. You need to wear a fragrance that you can't smell on yourself after you had it on for a while, one that doesn't overwhelm you, when you find that fragrance stick with it.

  • GRACIE12/11/2002

    Still love this perfume after all these years. Its wonderful! Its best for nite time use, but I have worn it during the day as well.

  • IANA12/10/2002

    This scent is so unpleasant ! I tried to like it - i thought that if i kept wearing it i would somehow get used to it but it is just downright unpleasant - something bitter about it. This scent is something my great-grandmother would wear

  • JASMINE11/22/2002

    I just smelled Intrusion yesterday and it is gorgeous! It's a rich sensual powdery slightly sweet floral, kind of soapy. It's a little like Gloria Vanderbilt (the part that isn't like Oscar if that makes any sense) but much much better.

  • JASMINE11/22/2002

    is a lovely fragrance and many scents have been influenced by it: Red Door, Senso, Gloria Vanderbilt, Balahe and probably more I haven't smelled.

  • XENIA09/18/2002

    I like "Oscar". Nice fragrance with a caracter, strong, sophisticated... And answer to Dani: "Intrusion" is elegant but very formal fragrance (let's say "for office wear" - I mean, it is not sexy at all). It is kind of floral-aldehydic fragrance with some woody notes.

  • DANI09/01/2002

    Hi. I like this perfume. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what Oscar De La Renta's perfume "Intrusion" smells like. Thank you :-)

  • JIM08/28/2002

    My wife has worn Oscar for years! I can't get enough of it!

  • CHARLENE TILTON07/19/2002

    I have worn Oscar since my days on Dallas. JR couldn't get enough of me!! (A little humor) Just wanted the girls to know that Oscar is the way to go. Love ya all. Charlene

  • JIL07/04/2002

    Oscar to me is very close in smell to Beauitful by Estee Lauder. Yet, I find myself more attracted to Oscar to me it has a nice soapy floral note. Estee's Beautiful can't hold a candle to it. jil

  • TRACY06/27/2002

    Go figure. I asked a co-worker what she was wearing during a break - she told me it was Oscar, which was heavenly on her. I bought a small bottle of it and, like Aromatic Elixir, a little bit goes a long, long way. On me I give it a 2, on my friend a definite 10. Gave me a headache, but most strong perfumes do.

  • NICOLE06/26/2002

    Wonderful scent. Fits for both summer and winter. It is amazingly long lasting. One spray lasts until the evening even though it is not a strong perfume. Since I bought it and tried it, I won't be able to live without it. Classy, sweet, light, romantic. It has everything!!

  • MAGGIE05/26/2002

    I just love Oscar. I always receive compliments every time I wear it. Just a wonderful smell.

  • MARY ANN03/30/2002

    I wear this scent every day. I feel like a million dollars.

  • LIZ03/01/2002

    A little too floral but nice

  • AMY02/21/2002

    This is a very classy fragrance, however it smells more like something my mother would wear. This isn't realy a scent for younger people. I am 25 and I feel "old" when wearing it.

  • MARI02/02/2002

    I have worn Oscar since I was 16 years old. That means about 20 years now!!! Oh My!!!! I very rarely wear anything else. Usually when I wear something else it is only from a sample of something, trial size, etc. I have had so many compliments over the years from both men and women. My daughter is turning 13 this month and I am giving her a small bottle of Oscar. She has always thought she was so special when she got to wear a splash of Mom's. So, on goes the tradition!!!!

  • NADIA01/29/2002

    Yes I know, Oscar is a classic fragrance...but like a fifties bombshell it will always be beautifull and sexy. Oscar is divinely poetic....a bit erotic, like a Baudelaire poem..It is the "sublime feminine" of fragrances..femininity in a bottle, always and forever bewitching yet pure..oh it.

  • MIRANDA01/10/2002

    This was a great fragrance- in its time. IMHO, it has been overused. Too many people wear it, and like a good song played again and again on the radio, it's lost it's shine. Move on, find something new and original, something that people will have to *ask* you the name of...everyone recognizes this one- they won't need to ask.

  • DIANA01/07/2002

    My favorite Winter cologne. Drives men wild.

  • JACQUELYN12/31/2001

    Oscar got me through college with it's clean, carefree fragrance. Now it just smells like freshly mown grass. Go figure!

  • AIMEE12/20/2001

    Very sweet; spicy-sweet; mouth-watering; balsamic; cola candy; warm spice; soap; vanilla.

  • JACK12/15/2001

    My woman of 40 years ...wears Oscar or nothing at...all

  • SCOTT GRAMATIKAS12/08/2001

    I buy Oscar for all the women in my life. It mixes with most anybody's body chemistry. It's clean and fresh while being sexy and sophisticated but never overwhelming.

  • CHRISTY10/28/2001

    I agree with cheryl it really stinks. Would not recommend it.

  • ELLEN09/24/2001

    "Oscar" is my signature scent and my husband and I call it "our scent"! I have worn it since 1979, wore it on our wedding day, and always get compliments on it. Men love it, and a little goes a long way..but it's not heavy or cloying. I wear other fragrances, but this one I never tire of and always continue to wear. It's a beautiful floral/oriental. Give it a try. It's lovely and I only wear the really classic, sophisticated, European fragrances- my husband is very picky, as well, and loves Oscar.Women also ask me what I'm wearing when I have on Oscar. This is the scent my husband buys me and that says alot! Try it.

  • NANITA108@AOL.COM07/03/2001


  • TATIANA05/18/2001

    Delicate fresh and sweet scent, not overpowering and easy to wear. For summer is the best!

  • CYNKOONTZ05/05/2001

    I'm trying to locate some spray deoderant by Oscar. Where can I get it?

  • SHERYL04/20/2001

    This perfume is so strong and unpleasant, that you will get a head ache very soon

  • GINA12/06/2000

    i love this perfume!! it's so sensual, but fun and spontaneous at the same time. it also is a good companion and substitute to Chanel 5.

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