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Ibiza Hippie Escada Image


Ibiza Hippie   

75 Reviews

Chic, happy, wild, crazy, energetic, excessive, and trendy. Ibiza is an island off the coast of Spain that is "the place" for the party jet-set crowd. Inspired by the spring-summer fashions of Escada, Ibiza Hippie captures the moment with a delicious whirl of flowers and summer fruits. Notes include Litchi, Pear, Blackberry, Cranberry, Water more

Gift Set - 1.7 oz EDT Spray + 5.1 oz Body Lotion
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0.14 oz EDT Mini
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1.0 oz EDT Spray
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1.7 oz EDT Spray
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3.4 oz EDT Spray (Tester)
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3.4 oz EDT Spray
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5.1 oz Shower Gel
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5.1 oz Body Lotion
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Chic, happy, wild, crazy, energetic, excessive, and trendy. Ibiza is an island off the coast of Spain that is "the place" for the party jet-set crowd. Inspired by the spring-summer fashions of Escada, Ibiza Hippie captures the moment with a delicious whirl of flowers and summer fruits. Notes include Litchi, Pear, Blackberry, Cranberry, Water Hyacinth, Blue Freesia, Blond Sandalwood, Amber, Passion Flower, Musk.

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  • ALLISON07/06/2012

    Smells like a beautiful tropical vacation. Island Kiss is sweet and fruity with floral undertones. I pick up mostly on the Mango, Raspberry, Peach, and Hibiscus. This is a lighthearted and cheery fragrance. Perfect for Summer...or anytime you want it to feel like Summer :)

  • LASSIE10/02/2007

    If I wore this stink in the summer, not only would I keel over but I'd take innocent bystanders with me! Cheap, nasty, supersweet. I look for something light and elegant in the summer, not a sticky fruit punch smell that can knock you over at 50 paces. And if you DID go to Ibizia to be a hippie, you'd smell like unwashed a**; so maybe this WOULD be a good thing to bring along to mask the stench.

  • HARLEY-MAMA04/20/2007

    This is so-so for me. I read where everyone thinks it smells like Raspberries but there isn't a lick of them in this juice! Staying power SUCKS! Maybe layering it with the lotion will help?

  • KRISTY04/23/2006

    this is my favorite scent and I have been wearing it every summer since it came out. a must have for hot summer nights!

  • ZAK01/26/2006

    I never bought Escada perfume before. But, this one is extraordinary! The fruity plus flowery smell is really nice...A must- buy !

  • LIZZIE01/12/2006

    of the escada limited editions, THIS one is probably my favorite... the first blast of fruity-appley-cranberry freshness unfolds to a beautifully complex, sweet, floral dry-down that isn't too flowery or too fruity. surprisingly sophisticated, and yet young enough for the young and young-at-heart. lovely, lovely, fruity, beautiful. i highly recommend giving this one a sniff. smells like love in summer... delicious.

  • JEN12/01/2005

    I haven't run into any one, people I know or strangers in the grocery store, that haven't asked what perfume I am wearing and comment how great it smells!

  • GREENTEA11/26/2005

    It's got alot of nice notes in it but it's pretty weak for a perfume. I rarley notice it on my gf and when I do it's just average smelling to me.

  • HIPPIE08/31/2005

    Only Escada could pull it off. It's a sophisticated and elegant fruity scent. Light enough for every day, all day wear. It's a regular in my perfume collection. My main scent. Other scents I love, NEW! Soul for Women by Curve (Liz Claiborne), Paris Hilton.

  • ESTHER08/14/2005

    this perfume is so good, it fits perfect to summer time. many people were asking me which perfume i'm wearing, because they liked it so much

  • MEOW-MEOW08/09/2005

    I don't usually dig fruity scent but this one smells so chic and unique. In my opinion it is one of the very few great fruity fragrances. I don't think it should be limited to 'teen's fragrance'---imagine a cool punk gal wearing this, it's intoxicating!

  • GAIL06/22/2005

    Definitely smells like a teenager fragrance. Has a bug spray scent as well. no depth. Will give to my teenage niece. She'll love it.

  • BEBE02/26/2005

    an island of wild fantasies. ibiza passion. great. a potion of love. a masterpiece of journeys, one step of ibiza island is ajourney of ectasy. very nice.

  • LEIGH12/28/2004

    I Love this perfume! its fruity yet at the same time.. elligant... its just what i was looking for.. and at a worthy price!

  • SHARRIE12/19/2004

    daze of my life. paradize, brillant. wow.loveliness in a bottle. very mysterious. wonderful, cant say nough about ibiza.

  • SHARRIE12/17/2004

    i am an ibiza hippie at heart, a masterpiece, unique, the bottle so beautiful stands out in my collection

  • SHARRIE12/13/2004

    like being living the spirit of the wikd, a true treasure found, very 60s

  • SABS11/18/2004

    Well, if you like fruity--my sister who hates perfume really digs this-to me who Loves perfume-it's too sweet. But you're dealing with a Chanel No. 5 fan here. Ibiza Hippie is good for you if hate "pefumy stuff".

  • SABRINA11/04/2004

    I brought this product in ibiza and it really does remind me of there. The first time i sprayed it, i thoughapple chewits or apple sidekicks and then a sweeter side came though. Try it before its all gone!! sabs in the ukxx

  • BETSY10/17/2004

    This is my favorite perfume..ever! It smells like like a tropical island. So amazing! Im going to buy a bottle soon.

  • JT10/07/2004

    I saw a couple comments that say it's for very young people... I think it's for a woman of ANY age who wants to smell good! The same with Escada's Tropical Punch, Sexy Graffiti, and Island Kiss... ALL amazingly great smelling!

  • MARLENE06/14/2004

    I love this!! Can anyone recommend a similar fragrance, as they have discontinued it?? I have searched, but yet to find one that I like as much.

  • HEATHERLEE05/31/2004

    I really, really love the fragrance. I discovered it last winter while I was in Paris. I did not know it was offered in the states. So, I did stock up on the scent. I do not know if it is just me or does this scent disappear quickly? I have tried to put the body lotion on first & then spray on the EDT. A lot of people notice the scent for a short amount of time after I spray it on me. But, unlike "Still" it is not something my husband can still smell hours after I have sprayed it on me. Great Scent! Does not last very long!!

  • TOMEEKA05/22/2004


  • MANDY05/21/2004

    It's a wonderfull fragrance that is full of....Cherries! JUMMM! well, go to the shop and try it yourself!

  • BONNIE04/17/2004

    Secret Petals by Visari is fruity and fresh but last much longer!

  • KIMBERLY04/08/2004

    I love this perfume! I feel so pretty when I wear it and my boyfriend can't keep his hands off of me! It's definately my favorite!!!

  • PAULINA03/19/2004

    very sweet!!! to sweet for me

  • CLIFFYSMOM03/03/2004

    Light, floral AND fruity -- very clean fragrance; one of the very few scents that will make my husband say "OOOhhh -- You smell SO good!" And my highly-allergic friends don't have negative reactions to it. I LOVE THIS FRAGRANCE!

  • IRINA02/03/2004

    Ibiza Hippie smells like one of those cheap body sprays from Victoria's Secret,as far as I know only teenagers buy them.It has no depth,no class.

  • FABULOUS01/29/2004

    It is fabulous, but you definitely have to spray on quite a lot to make it last for the day!!!! Maybe it's the fruits!

  • CARLA12/30/2003

    This cologne gets me soooo excited! I gets lots of compliments and my boyfriend is really happy that he finally made a really good choice!

  • ALLY12/30/2003

    Nice and fruity but doesn't last. For those who thinks its too heavy, try Mambo; its is lighter and lasts longer. And to those who live Down under - think Fuzzy Peach from Red Earth.

  • BLACK JADE GREEN12/21/2003

    It's like dousing yourself in sugary punch


    This is a great scent...... This was "Sexy Graffiti" and Escada changed the name. I'v actually had guys tell me that it's a sexy scent... I love it and I feel sexy when I'm wearing it...

  • LOCA11/23/2003

    this perfume is really sweet smelling

  • JILLIAN11/17/2003

    This smells SOO good, I love it so much! It's one of the only perfumes that doesn't smell so grown-up. It smells SO much like Ralph by Ralph Lauren. Ralph smells a little sweeter though, and this is more spicy. I highly reccomend both!

  • FIMA11/10/2003

    last a short while. it's so pretty when you initially spray it on but the scent leaves quickly. if this lasted more than a couple hours, i would definitely go for a whole set. does anyone know of a similar fragrance to ibiza hippie that lasts?

  • KIMLOVESMARIAH10/28/2003

    i adore it. very sexy . smells like sweetened passionfruit . this is my special occasion perfume.

  • CHORT10/27/2003

    This smelled really great at first. But after I had it on for a while, it smelled very similar to the cheap body sprays you can get at local stores.

  • $ VS $10/27/2003

    oh first i sprayed it and i was dissapointed it smells bitter.but when i smelled on my wrist it smells abs wonderfull.try it before it is gone.

  • LEA ANN10/23/2003

    It is wonderful. I love it. It is the only cologne I have been able to wear for yrs. because of my fragrance allergy. It's nice to smell good again. Please don't quit making it.

  • HANNA FROM SWEDEN10/19/2003

    I LOVE ibiza hippie! The boys think you smell like candy and i always get to hear: No wonder you smell like candy beacuse you look sweet! Thanks Escada!

  • ABIGAIL09/30/2003

    My first impression was mmmmm. Really liked those berries. The drydown has an intriguing sweet/spicy touch. But for the first few hours, it has an excessive freesia scent on me, which always smells cheap (IMHO). Staying power is fairly long on me; I have to shower it off.

  • DANIGURL09/13/2003

    More like ibiza stinky! I have smelled cheap body sprays that smell better. Maybe it's my body chemistry, because fruity fragrances usually smell pretty rank on me. I like musky/spicy scents so ibiza hippie might work for you if you like fruity perfumes.

  • JODE08/09/2003

    This smells like a Body Fantasy raspberry spritzer... VERY fruity!

  • YVONNE07/30/2003

    When you first put it on it smells so yummy and fruity. It is pricey that would be fine if the scent lastest but it does not last long on me. I will use it but will not uy another bottle.

  • KELL07/28/2003

    ugh....I hate fruity scents like these. A note of fruit is okay, but every note in the fragrance (like this one) being a fruit is too much. Plus I smell this one too much when I go out. Don't want to smell like everyone, sorry....

  • THERESA07/22/2003

    this smell is just simply gorgeous and completely femme.. it reminds me of sweet strawberries

  • DOE07/15/2003

    What a WONDERFUL, fun, youthful & S E X Y scent. It drives my fiance' wild, I feel sexy & everyone asks me "what are you wearing?" after smiling & sniffing again;) *lol* try it.. you'll like it!

  • SANDY07/14/2003

    I sprayed this on in the store and thought it smelled like a mix between melon and cotton candy. I was shocked at the price...very expensive. As the day wore on I kept smelling it and could even smell it the next morning. I ordered a sample bottle because I wear a different scent everyday and will see how I "really" like it after that.

  • KELSEY07/12/2003

    I stumbled apon it in an air port passing Puerto Rico, and I fell in love with it, Its amazing

  • GAIL07/10/2003

    Very similar to Sexy Graffiti only with a splash of cranberry to give it a kick!

  • PAULETTE07/10/2003

    I bought Escada, loved the way it smells, but the scent doesn't last for very long

  • IK07/08/2003

    After reading all the rave reviews I sent for this perfume. I was very disappointed, not only did I smell like a raspberry, the smell would not go away until I showered. For me it lasted forever.

  • SF HIPPIE07/03/2003

    Too sweet, & too expensive. Fragrance meant to last for at least 6-8 hours. Ibiza only last for an hour.

  • BRIELLE07/01/2003

    I smelled this perfume in a department store and fell in love. It's all i wear now.

  • KIM ACREY07/01/2003

    WOW! My favorite!!!

  • CARA06/26/2003

    I love it! I use to change & get tired of my perfumes often..but not this one! I do agree it doesn't last long & I go through it like water...but I'm buying more ..& the lotion this time too.

  • ERIKA06/25/2003

    This is the first perfume that my man and I agree on. We are both happier...and I don't know what to wear if this gets discontinued.

  • HAZLINDA06/12/2003

    I just got myself a bottle last May when I was on vacation in Paris. At 1st I was attracted by the perfume bottle , once I try it , I just fell in love. Now I wear it almost everyday. My Husband adores it & my friends too.... But I have to agree with some of the comment whereby it doesn't last that long.

  • CLARA06/01/2003

    Escada Ibiza Hippie is so fresh and sweet, but I agree the cost is high. I first tried it yesterday in an airport duty-free, and fell in love. I had been looking for a perfume just like it with strawberries and a hint of citrus. It's lovely but pricy, and the scent doesn't last all day; but why not treat yourself when it comes to a perfume this gorgeous?

  • DEIDRA05/30/2003

    I am usually such abig fan of Escada's summer fragrances, but this one was like sugar water and pepper. I'd give my left arm for another scent like last year's Sexy Graffiti!!

  • SUSAN05/25/2003

    Escada seems to do different summer fragrances. I have a previous one, Tropical Punch and I have to say they are almost identical, as is Sexy Graffiti. they are all very fruity and "edible" but all Escada tends to last only a short time except for Collection in the Gold bottle (the vanilla based one). This is delicious and lasts! Needless to say is is a lot more money!

  • LEANNE05/25/2003

    I am a fan of Sexy Graffiti. Ibiza Hippie, even though has a similar sweet smelling scent, is more intense and captivating. Very sweet, very fruity, very nice. I have found a new love.

  • NAZI05/25/2003

    its perfectttttt, sexy and wowww

  • AMY05/24/2003

    Got my bottle of Ibiza today and I am sooooo in love with this fragrance!!! It is so YUMMY! It smells good enough to eat! It is a fruity, sweet smell that is just out of this world. If you like Hanae Mori, you will like this one. It is similar but different. This is much better than Sexy Graffiti which was a little of a bitter scent. If you haven't tried this yet, do it quick before it is gone!!!

  • TILIAKIA05/19/2003

    I tried Ibiza Hippie because "Sexy Graffiti" by Escada was discontinued. Even though "Ibiza" is supposed to be similar it's not the same. I was much happier with Sexy Graffiti and it lasted alot longer!

  • AMY05/17/2003

    I just smelled of this today at the mall and I HAVE to have some!!! This stuff smells good enough to eat!! I love a sweet, fruity smelling perfume and this is it!! If you like sweet perfumes like Hanae Mori, you will LOVE this! Too bad it is only out for the summer........guess I better stock up!

  • MELISSA05/13/2003

    bought a bottle today. One spray and HAD to have it. Its unlike any other. I don't think it smells anything like cheaper fruity sprays. Has much more body and alcohol smell at all as so many cheap sprays do. I found it lasts on me for hours. Husband loves it. Its my new favorite. Will wear it everyday this spring and summer

  • GAIL05/10/2003

    WOW! Holy! This is a delicious fruity fragrance. Wery pretty it passes as casual but very elegant. perfect!

  • CONNOISSEUR05/10/2003

    From a man's perspective, this perfume is simply amazing! So sweet and luscious, I want to devour my girlfriend when she wears it. Escada's fruity scents are the best. If you're young, modern or just want to feel that way, try Ibiza Hippie. Those cheap fruity body sprays don't even come close to this. I agree though, it would be nice if it lasted longer.

  • MARTA04/29/2003

    I am from Spain so I was curious to know how this would smell. It is sweet and fresh, I did like it. The problem is, I have one of those fruity body sprays that has the same smell. The point is, you can get that same fresh raspberry scent without buying such an expensive perfume.

  • MARTA04/28/2003

    I got a sample the other day in the mall. It smells very light and fresh, but you can find body sprays with the same smell, for much cheaper. I actually have one that smells just like it.

  • BROWNEYEDMA04/17/2003

    fun tropical sexy, great for summer holiday.... Big hit with the guys, not much out there like it. Better buy two, fades fast

  • MARIA04/07/2003

    One word, Yummy!!! But would like to some more words, fresh, inspiring, cheerful, fruity, fun and summer! My Husband likes the scent too. And I got the same complain, the scent doesnt last long.

  • DENISE04/07/2003

    if you like stronger or more grown up scents, go with HOT COUTURE by Givenchy

  • REDHEDCHICK04/05/2003

    Delicious raspberry/citrus scent. My husband loves it. Perfect for wearing with jeans, summer dresses, casual wear. Only complaint I have is the scent doesn't last all day--wears off fairly quickly.

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