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Creed Spring Flower Creed Image


Creed Spring Flower   

38 Reviews

As seen in Vogue and Lucky magazines, December 2002. Don t just think pink. Live pink, and make Audrey Hepburns signature scent your own. The gamine actress commissioned the ultrafeminine Creed Spring Flower scent. Complemented with rose and jasmine, the fruity and floral medley contains peach, melon, and apple notes too.

2.4 oz EDP Spray
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As seen in Vogue and Lucky magazines, December 2002. Don t just think pink. Live pink, and make Audrey Hepburns signature scent your own. The gamine actress commissioned the ultrafeminine Creed Spring Flower scent. Complemented with rose and jasmine, the fruity and floral medley contains peach, melon, and apple notes too.

  • IONA10/02/2010

    Feminine, but not at all sweet and overpowering. Fresh and classy. Also love Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal.

  • BONNIE02/16/2010

    This is an elegant beautiful warm floral. I absolutely love it! The only regret I have is that the 1st bottle I purchased was in a retail store, too expensive!!!! Now I'm back to purchase my second bottle at a great savings! You'll love it!! It's soft, feminine, warm and sensual, it lasts for hrs on me.

  • SPECIAL K03/23/2008

    My first encounter with Spring Flower was after hugging a friend of mine hello. I found my self smelling my own shirt all day long with long, deep inhallations. I couldn'y get enough and longed to smell her again!

  • CREED FAN12/04/2007

    I have been wearing this perfume for about a year now and I honestly don't know what some of these women are talking about. All of my Creed fragrances, including this one, last all day long without any re-application (sometimes you wake up in the morning at it is still there). Creed fragrances are extremely potent when sprayed directly on the skin and mellow down to a lovely aroma. I don't know how much these ladies want to reek, but if I applied this every two hours I would be knocking people out with the stink. This perfume has a beautiful floral scent that is fresh and sultry at the same time. That might be why Audry Hepburn chose to wear this perfume. Creed perfumes are for the discerning wearer. They contain rich, natural fragrances distiled using techniques developed in the 18th century. You won't find that harsh stink of alcohol that so many commercial fragrances have today. You also won't find any artificial fragrances used in this product, which accounts for the price. This needs to be sprayed directly on the skin to get the best results, which was an adjustment after years of spraying perfume in the air to avoid the harshness. This scent does have musky undertones so it will not be flattering on everyone, I say test it out before buying.

  • BOMBSHELL07/25/2007

    I simply adore this! I'm still milking a sample I got a couple of years ago, but am saving for a larger bottle. As far as I'm concerned, this is the ONLY fruity floral for me! Men just love it, as do young boys, too. Great for work, a wedding, or an evening out, and perfect for spring/summer/early fall. It's a nice pick-me-up in winter, but doesn't seem to last as long in cold weather. If fruity-florals are your thing, don't miss this one! Try layering with the soap and the lotion, if necessary. Audrey Hepburn was sooooooo right!

  • SAM06/17/2007

    at first i didn't care for this one because i thought it smells a bit like shampoo. but given the quality of the ingredients i tried again and came to appreciate it. theres a natural feel to it - just like strolling in a spring orchard. it never turns irritable like syntheitc fragrances, but is more consistent. (it lasts only about 3 hrs or less). u will never feel unpleasant to wear it. fleurissimo is too green and sour and tubereuse indiana has metalic undertone which i dont like, but spring flower is perfectly wearble all day long.

  • CATRENA03/15/2007

    First of all...please learn how to spell! You sound like idiot! Maybe you should stick to fragrances you can afford like Obsession by Calvin Klein, it will last all week. I don't buy a scent for it's lasting power but for how it makes me feel. Spring Flower is delicate, fresh, crisp, light, refreshing, unique and completely unforgettable. I buy the largest bottle they sell for $400 and it is worth every penny!


    Before I gush about this gorgeous scent, I want to inform buyers-to-be that I've had correspondence with the U.S. Creed rep regarding animal ingedients: While she did not guarantee that Creed never uses authentic musk and civet, the musk is extremely difficult to come by and doubtly used; the civet is easier to come by but is generally replaced with a synthetic substitute. Everything else--the melon, floral and other notes--is concentrated from nature. The scent itself is a gorgeous explosion of emotion; rich and buzzing with warmth and depth, yet it retains a freshness that promotes optimism. "Spring Flower" smells like a hike in the mountains or a spring picnic or tea-party. It could be the salty-fresh seaspray beside an historical hotel and it even generates the hazy hum of deep summer nights and midsummer days spent lounging in fields. It could also be a crisp winter's walk or an autumn day spent apple-picking. It is pure intoxication and feels modern while sending its wearer on an historical journey. It could've been worn by Marie Antoinette and her pals, Maria from "The Sound of Music" or wafting off a child playing in a garden. Oddly enough, it also reminds me of walks in damp woods, surrounded by leaves and wood soaked with rain, before running into an estate library--its complex richness allows every experience to exist as a perfumed memory. Bizzare, yes, but in the end there is nothing flimsy or shallow about this prettily glowing scent, it's fairyland...but one packed with mischief and mystery. Some wearers complain about its lack of longevity and confirm the mysteries of body-chemistry: On my skin, "Spring Flower" lingers until I wash it off and I can recognize it on my clothing for days. It's an expensive buy...but I'm sure poetry in a bottle shouldn't come cheap. I hope "Spring Flower" becomes your summer reading pal!

  • KEEPIN IT REAL 01/09/2007

    This message is for all the creed lovers !!! First of all any time you spend over $100.00 for a bottle of perfume it should atleast last long enough for you to be able to work and share this beautiful scent with your co workers before stopping in the bathroom to apply more "as one creed lover says" so what do you have to spray it every 2 hours the bottle is only 2.5 oz so ladies do the math and see if it's worth it first 2 sprays every 2 hours time a 8 hour shift 12 a day... so how long would a bottle really last... oh and please dont let it be a co workers birthday and they wanna go out after work and have a drink 2-4 more ...oh i cant take no more it's way to much work for the price... and the price wouldnt be bad if it last... totally a waste in my book never again... lladies try something like burberry tender touch...or hanae mori great graet graet ...last much longer and cost a lot less... and one more thing for the ones who keep sayin drug store...just stop it thers not too many people on here getting perfume from the drug store if they were they would be around the corner at walgreens and not on this site....i hope i saved some of you ladies from wasting your money...

  • SIAMESEMOM11/16/2006

    This is without question, the best fragrance I've ever experienced. I'm asked what I'm wearing and given compliments almost three or four times a week! Love it

  • BLONDIE09/24/2006

    I tried this recently as it was just made available where I live. Had high hopes and at first it delivered. However after a couple of hours the dry down was not impressive. Lost it's freshness and became almost musty and old fashioned smelling on me. If you like this type of scent, try Burberry's Tender Touch. Same mood, but stays much nicer on.

  • CAT04/08/2006

    This is completely amazing. it doesn't last all day but who cares. just keep touching up. Also, layering with other Creed fragrances helps to make it last and puts a new spin on what I consider the best scent out there.

  • JOHN03/03/2006

    My X GF wore this one night during a candle light dinner. The scent of this perfume totaly seduced me. I was so wrapped in our experience that I lost track of where and when. Absolutley beautiful and totally intoxicating.

  • HOLLY01/13/2006

    I wore this in 2000 and intend to buy some more before spring gets here this year. floral-fruity but with a clean , crispness about it. Not overly sweet like so many today. It is light - so I save it for evenings out during spring and summer. It lasts on me fairly well but I live in the south where it is quite hot and humid.

  • ALVIN KWOK07/21/2005

    My girlfreind and I like it very much. It's different, it's beautiful. Since it's out of stock in HK, we bought a bottle of body lotion.

  • CJ06/03/2005

    Beautiful, romantic and unique scent. It lingers rather than screams.

  • CHRISTOBELLE02/28/2005

    When I spend this much I expect it to be perfume, concentrated, and hopefully lasting. By that I don't mean that everyone in the room can smell you walking by, but I would like to be able to smell it on my wrist - as someone else said here - if I hold it to my nose. I am getting the impression that this fragrance is light and fleeting. I was not that attracted to this scent, however I LOVE Imperial. Is it also fleeting???

  • SHARRIE02/22/2005

    i need a bigger bottle. heavenly floral. sweetness. richness. royal bouquet. very nice.

  • FRANCINE01/14/2005

    I agree with Clover ... it is a lovely fragrance, but it does not last at all. I should at least be able to smell on wrist pulse point when held directly under my nose! That only works for a very short time. If you like Creed Spring Flower and want a similar fragrance with great lasting power, I would suggest Quelques Fleurs by Houbigant.

  • CLOVER12/21/2004

    Smells great but does not last at all!

  • SAM.E12/02/2004

    I've found this fragrance and many creed fragrances for cheaper than this, there was once a creed only website. If anyone knows about this site please help thanx

  • MERMISS11/17/2004

    I'm not sure what I expected this to smell like, but it is a fairly simplistic fruity floral. I can see Audrey Hepburn wearing this because it is light,airy, and fruity-almost modern in that respect. Not bad, but too girly for me.

  • LORRAINE11/04/2004

    I think Creed fragrances are addicting. I just have to say that all the comments I read about losing the fragance or you can't smell the fragrance after a while, is a misconception. If you can smell your own fragance on you, then you've sprayed too much. The beauty of a Creed fragrance is that others can smell it on you when you walk by and then they follow you to find out what fragrance you are wearing. Yes, Creed fragrances are expensive, but they are not mass produced; they are mixed by hand. And, the ingredients are 95% natural, not synthetic. Next time when you try the fragrance, spray it all over your body and then see what others tell you about how you smell. In this case, you cannot be your own judge.

  • SALLY CLAYBURN10/29/2004

    Creed perfumes, like other high-quality lines, are not scents that are meant to overpower you. This is because they are made from high quality essential oils, not synthetic fillers. Spring flower is a gorgeous fragrance and should be judged on its quality, not the ability to last eighteen days.

  • CAT10/02/2004

    Why do people think if they spend $$$ it means it will last all day? It is very common for perfume to only last up to 3 carry your (scent of the day) and spray away. It feels great! If you want a heavy, stong perfume that lasts all day, stick to warm spicy scents. Creed Spring Flower is for women that want more than ordinary. It's a classic. It is the most beautiful scent I have ever experienced and I am a perfume fanatic. P.S. They also have an oil based version of Spring Flower and if you can afford...layering both together is unbelievable. My husband oos and awes when I have this on.

  • LORI08/26/2004

    This perfume smells great but doesn't last at all.I'm glad I sampled a friends before purchasing.If I'm going to pay this much I want it to last all day.

  • BPD08/21/2004

    Sometimes when people are so used to wearing "Drug Store " or lower scale purfume; They can't even tell If what they are wearing is a good thing or not. Purfume is designed to add a nice smell to a clean body not to be so strong it covers up the smell of a dirty body.

  • JENNIFER05/06/2004

    It actually doesn't smell as expensive as it is. I was expecting much more.

  • CATHERINE04/22/2004

    I am a perfume junkie and this is number 1 for me! My husband loves it and I get lots of compliments. Very refreshing...a great spring/summer scent. I have been wearing for a couple of years and have still not tired of the beautiful Spring Flower aroma.

  • MELH03/30/2004

    I smelled this perfume today and was lucky to get a sample vial. The first moment I sniffed it, it has been like a flower rain on my brain! it's soooo soft and flowery, but with a fruity undertone and it lasts quite well even if it's not very strong. Many fragrances turn over-sweet or acidic on my skin. A shop assistant in a store in Milan while testing a new Hermes' fragrance told me that I have a very acidic reaction! This sounded strange because I wonder how other people perceive me! Do I stink?!? I don't think so! I take a long shower everyday and I often sniff myself because I feel that I smell good :-D I hope other people around me don't think the opposite! Well, my boyfriends used to enjoy my body odour. They said that is very delicate.


    I heard it was Audrey Hepburn's scent, so I got a sample. It's very pretty, soft, sweet, fresh--lovely just like Audrey. However it doesn't last at all, so it's not worth the hefty price it has on it.

  • SUSAN08/22/2003

    It's fresh and feminine, very pretty. Too bad it's so pricey though...I save it for special occasions.

  • DENNIS08/19/2003

    I understand this was created for late Audrey Hepburn? Noted as a "bombshell" fragrance? At first sniff, over-ripe fruit. At second sniff, Skinny Dippish from the 60's drugstore chains. Third sniff? Over-ripe melons. I think you'd need a really acidic body chemistry to carry this off.

  • JAG07/19/2003

    Maggie, I admire your will power. I had one of those moments of insanity and bought two Creed fragrances at the same time, one of which was Spring Flower. It's a great fragrance for people who like to wear perfume that no one can smell. By the time I got home, I had practically sniffed the skin off my arm trying to pick up the scent I had just sprayed. The smell was great -- for the five minutes you could smell it. For $125 per bottle, people within a two-mile radius should have known my presence.

  • PL06/02/2003

    floral and fruity -very elegant

  • PL06/02/2003

    beautiful feminine floral

  • MAGGIE05/10/2003

    ... that it smells good, ladies. $125 for perfume is too much for me. Pity.

  • MSCHUE03/28/2003

    I absolutely love this perfume - it is gorgeous - light and sweet and I can wear it everyday. My husband loves this one.

  • MSCHUE03/28/2003

    I absolutely love this perfume - it is light and wonderful, sweet but not overpowering. So classy.

  • SOPHIE03/24/2003

    I think this fragrance is great! Only bad noses think it's awful, or simply has a bad body odor!

  • GUERLAINIA03/22/2003

    I may have been "created" for her, but I can't believe that my beloved Audrey Hepburn actually WORE this AWFUL stuff. Like all Creed fragrances, I find this utterly unwearable.

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