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La Perla

La Perla   

40 Reviews

Created in 1987, La Perla is a refined, woody, arid fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of cedar and mosses in a classic, dry fragrance. With notes of black currant, orange blossom, vanilla, and vetiver, it is recommended for evening wear.

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Created in 1987, La Perla is a refined, woody, arid fragrance. This feminine scent contains a blend of cedar and mosses in a classic, dry fragrance. With notes of black currant, orange blossom, vanilla, and vetiver, it is recommended for evening wear.

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  • ELEANOR HAMILTON03/12/2015

    Used this perfume for 18 years now, just a beautiful scent, get many comments, so dont wish to change, nothing else matches up

  • J HILL12/15/2013

    ...for sophisticated style.

  • JOY09/30/2012

    It was great to see I could buy this perfume here, as I had always purchased it in the U.K when on trips there. Service was fantastic. Thanks.

  • DIXIE NYE02/12/2012

    One of the best scents I have encountered. Very fresst and not heavy

  • ELEANOR HAMILTON01/15/2012

    La perla is georgous, but I must have ordered small bott of perfume instead of spray so I felt I had wasted my money

  • NOEMI07/22/2011

    Your perfume is Cacharel Noa Perle, not La perla by the house La Perla.

  • JEANNE02/28/2011

    I had bought one of the La Perla perfumes a year ago in a small round blue bottle with a pearl in the bottle and do not know which fragrance it was..i do not see that bottle now....does anyone know which on it was

  • MARIA09/23/2010

    I totally disagree. La Perla is a sophisticated scent, where Paloma Picasso was strong and cheap.

  • NADINE09/23/2010

    It's the ultimate scent - sophisticated, elegant and sensual. A true classic!

  • LAVINIA06/23/2010

    Lovely perfume and one I can by easily in the UK in our local high street store. Small bottle super for handbag and has a good lasting quality. They appreciate it in the office. Usually stick to the old classics - Diorella, Creed, but this one has found a place with me. And not too expensive!!

  • RUTH01/29/2009

    I've worn this fragrance for years but have recently felt that the fragrance has completely changed. Would anyone else agree? I'm now wearing something else which is a pity as it used to be my signature scent.

  • GREEKGIRL07/02/2007

    Hi again Elisabeth, going by the fragrances you mentioned, i think you will probably like La Perla, I dont know if youve tried Niki De Saint Phalle - they are very similar, i have Crystal Noir, Organza and Narcisse so we have similar tastes, if you like woody frags you might like to try Rumba by Balenciaga, its a sharp woody one with fruity notes and vanilla, did you try the other two i mentioned in my last post yet? let me know how you go, by the way my husband loves watching the Brazilian girls (Olympics) playing beach netball! bye for now, Helen

  • ELISABETH06/06/2007

    Hi GreekGirl. Thanks! Your reply and coment are very valuable.What do you think about LAPERLA for me ? I also like NARCISSE, ANIMALE, CRYSTAL NOIR, TAMANGO, PÍA PARIS, ORGANZA( autumn and winter) and LAURA, CK ONE, EMPORI) SHE, BAZAR, CAROLINA, FLUID ICEBERG, EAU DOLCE VITA, ANGEL SHELESSER ( spring and summer). I love wood sharp and chypre note.Sorry my bad english. Bye. Kiss . Elisabeth

  • GREEKGIRL05/30/2007

    Hi Elisabeth, i just saw your post, unfortunately i have never tried Mystere, but ive heard that it smells like Madame Jolie by Balmain and also Nu by Yves St. Laurent, try them and let me know how you go, see ya, Helen.

  • ELISABETH05/03/2007

    Please Girls , I dont have Mystere by Rochas in Brasil. I need similar . Do you cant help me ? I'm love countless fragrances , but Mystere by Rochas is the NUMBER ONE. Unforgettable. Kiss

  • KIM LORTON08/27/2006

    I have been wearing this for 6 years now, and I am always asked what it is and men, from small to large young and old love to get a good sniff!! It has become my signature scent and I wish it were easier to obtain. Even women love it and I enjoy knowing it is not easy to find, so I am the only one wearing it. It compliments my body chemistry perfectly. LOVE IT!!!

  • GREEKGIRL08/04/2006

    Hi Becks, sorry for taking so long to get back, gee you really know my taste in perfume, do you work in perfumes? if not you should! funny you should mention First, just tried that one last week and loved it, Niki is not available here so cant try that one, Maja i used to wear in my teenage years and i still have a bottle(like to wear it now and again, brings back lovely memories) Samsara i already have and love, Animale sounds good but havnt seen it anywhere, ill have to go check around and also Dragon i havnt seen but ill check and let you know how i go, you definitely know my taste so let me know of any others you may think of, see ya Helen.

  • BECKS08/03/2006

    G'day mate! How's winter time in the land down under? I'm longing for snow right now, because it's been over 95 degrees here for 4 weeks. Ugh! Anyway, I thought of some other scents you may like (or maybe already do). For starters, Maja, a Spanish perfume; very earthy & spicy, slightly sharp. Another one is called Animale by Parlux. It reminds me a little of Original Van Cleef & Arpel's perfume: a warm, slightly sweet oriental w/ great staying power. Cartier also has one called Baiser du Dragon (meaning "Kiss of the Dragon"). This is a neroli-infused spicy oriental. Very sexy! Of course Samsara is a good classic standby as well. Well, that's it for now. If I think of (or discover) any fantastic smells, I'll drop you a line. Hope I hear from ya soon. Your olfactory friend, Rebecca

  • BECKA07/19/2006

    Thanks for writin me again. Seems like our noses like alot of the same smells. I recently smelled a fragrance that you may also like. It's called "First" by Van Cleef and Arpel (makers of some of the most admired diamond and gold jewelry in Beverly Hills, California.) Its been around for awhile, but if you've never smelled something it's new to you, right? It has some things in common with Magie Noire & La Perla, as well as Mystere by Rochas. It contains black currant, vetiver, & some floral note, I forget. The only downside is I don't know about the availability where you live. It might be possible for you to get a sample vial or mini from another website or maybe a high-end department store. Chances are, you will like this perfume too, since you like what smells similar. OH! I just remembered another one you may like. It's a bit strong for me, but it has some same notes. It's called Niki de St Phalle- ( I think that's the whole title) This site sells it. Although it may also be available on other websites as well. A sample of this is probably harder to come by than the other, though. These two are definitely worth looking into, since we share similar taste in fragrance. Good Luck in your scent adventures. Get back to me when you can. And share some of your other faves w/ me! Thanx!!!

  • GREEKGIRL07/13/2006

    Hi neighbour! Congratulations for World Cup (soccer) as well! I ordered La Perla in EDT as they didnt have EDP is there a big difference? I also love Casmir and Mystere sounds good ill have to try it, as for Bandit, ive heard its like Cabochard, which i have (one of my favourites) i have many fragrances, my kids call me perfume freak! what others do you like? In my top ten are Paloma Picasso, magnetism, Lou Lou, hypnotic poison, Lolita, Cabochard, obsession, burberry brit and burberrys, Ghost deep nite and Fantasy, hope to hear from you soon, bye, Helen.

  • BECKA07/10/2006

    Thanks for replying so fast. Sorry it took me so long :( Anyway, it seems that we like some similar perfumes. I'm so glad to hear you experienced La Perla recently. Do you recall if it was the EDT or the EDP. I use the eau de parfum, cuz my skin's on the dry side. Some other perfumes I like are Casmir by Chopard, KL by Lagerfeld, Magic by Marilyn Miglin, Gucci Parfum II (pink bottle), Mystere by Rochas- this is awesome for chypre lovers & hard to find; although I think this site carries it. Also enjoy Bandit by Robert Piguet- one spray is all I need. If I think of any more I'll leave a msg. for ya. Hope you get to indulge your senses with some of these soon. Lemme know if ya do! From one perfume lover to another, have fun! P.S. I'm not Greek, but part Sicilian; so maybe a fraction Greco-Roman.

  • GREEKGIRL06/27/2006

    Hi Becks,(thats how we say it here in Australia) thanks for replying, well had a chance to try it and I luv it, as i luv chypre scents, to me they are the most sexiest and the ones i get complimented on constantly, I also like magie noire and aromatic elixir, what other scents do you like? See ya and thanks again. Helen.

  • REBECCA06/25/2006

    Hi! I love this fragrance because I like woody chypre scents. In my humble opinion, La perla is like Lancome's Magie Noir, but not as sharp and powdery. It has more of a dry woody smell, slightly in the way Clinique Aromatics Elixir is dry, although that quality and the patchouli are the only similarities to my they seems to share. This is a great night time, special occasion/sultry type of fragrance. I prefer the Eau de parfum because the toilette fades too soon on me. But thats just skin chemistry for you. On some people the toilette is probably just right. If I can think of any other scents that are similar, I'll write another post for ya. Take care & happy sniffing. Becka

  • GREEKGIRL06/19/2006

    Could anyone tell me if this fragrance is similar to any other one, so i can have an idea of what it smell like, thanks

  • SARAH DARLINGTON03/22/2006

    I have worn this sonce my wedding day in 1990 - I get compliments everytime I wear this - without exception - I also wear Channel No 5 - Escada but never get comments.

  • SYLVIE02/11/2006

    La Perla by La Perla for Women. Year Introduced: 1987. Scent Type: Chypre - Floral. "The Italian lingerie firm of La Perla brings forth its namesake scent, a smooth chypre composition that silkens the skin with a classic composition. Blended of fresh citrus, rosy florals, earthy oakmoss, and warm woods, La Perla forms a feminine sheen over which to slide your loveliest lingerie. Classic and chic, La Perla adds elegance to any ensemble."© - Scent Profile by Jan Moran author Fabulous Fragrances II © 2006 - Dear PE-ladies, if you like refined Chypre fragrances like Coriandre, Gucci No.3, Aromatics Elixir, Paloma Picasso, Halston, Animal, Genny, Rose Cardin, or L'Arte di Gucci, you will probably love La Perla.

  • CLMD09/16/2005

    harsh, soapy floral fading to a Summer's Eve feminine deodorant fragrance

  • EMMAP09/05/2005

    Excellent Perfume. This and Teatro alla Scalla by Krizia are my entire perfume wardobe.

  • SHAWNA RIDLEY04/14/2005

    I was introduced to LaPerla about 4 years ago; and it is STILL , by far, one of my favorite fragrances. It wear well and smells wonderfully. Without exception, EVERY TIME I wear it....I get compliments from all genders...

  • RIO RITA03/18/2005

    If you wore Sonia Rykiel's Septieme Sens & Guerlain's Parure in the 70's, then this one is for you. It smells the most true to those other two, particularly Septieme Sens. The black currant in La perla mimics the old plum fruity-chypre top note in 1979's Septieme Sens.

  • M01/22/2005

    Smells underful and is different, more fresh, than other woody fragrances. My husband thinks it´s a female version of one of his favourites Macassar by Rochas.

  • SHARRIE12/21/2004

    warm.very nice. wear it anywhere. anytime. divine. lotion is smooth and smells great.

  • SHARRIE12/06/2004

    loveliness in a beautiful bottle, over powering, not to much to take just right, inspiring, motivating

  • ANYA10/28/2004

    I love this scent, especially when its distinctive but subtle trail (French= sillage!!) wafts my way during the day. I recently made the classic mistake of thinking that more is better and was persuaded by a sales assistant to buy the Eau de parfum, which came with free Body Silk. Sadly, in my opinion, this formula brings softer notes to the fore and actually made me nauseous. I tried many times to wear it but eventually gave it away. So, it's EDT for me, sprayed lightly, and not muddied with creams etc.

  • ROSANNA09/10/2004

    I always receive compliments when I wear this perfume. It's my signature scent!

  • GLORIA12/05/2003

    This is very powerful and stays with you all day. Definiately an evening fragrance. Try the test size first.

  • SANDY12/02/2003

    I have been wearing this perfume for over 10 years after buying it in London. I really think it is a body chemistry issue with strength, smells great on me, but not so good on others who tried it after raving about how great it smelled on me. After many other perfume purchases, I just keep going back to it!

  • SUSAN11/21/2003

    I ordered this on the basis of rave reviews and so many stars. I should have listened to Cindy! Her review made me hesitate, but then I clicked "Add to Cart" anyway. Wise sage Cindy! This perfume is a clone of Paloma Picasso's perfume ... heavy, too strong.

  • DELYTH11/19/2003

    This is a fabulous fragrance! Everyone wants to know what perfume I'm wearing.

  • SALLY10/02/2003

    This scent drives people crazy! They have to ask what it is I am wearing because it's one of a kind! I am so glad I discovered this accidentally!

  • JANICE06/30/2003

    While visiting in Italy in February, my friend suggested buying La Perla fragrance. Love it and get compliments every time I have it on.

  • TERESA02/19/2003

    I've been using for 5 years also and get lots of compliments. I love it too!

  • JULES01/24/2003

    ... I've been looking for. I'm sorry I cannot give you a description. It reminds me of something, Clinique Wrappings maybe? I don't know, but, it is just so nice.

  • YELENA05/31/2002

    I am using this perfume for more than 5 years and i still love it. But i love to use this whith a shower gel.

  • CARLA04/02/2002

    chypre, soft, floral. Not bad

  • CINDY03/27/2002

    very disapointed! Strong, not what I expected. Sample first.

  • MAGGIE02/22/2002

    What a lovely scent! I finally took the chance and tried this one and LOVE IT. It is soft, yet not powdery soft almost a spicey soft. A wonderful addition to any fragrance collection.

  • D L KIEFER02/19/2002

    The first day that I wore La Perla, I received countless compliments. It has an unusual scent that is undescribable. I like the slight hint of spice, (not STRONG like FENDI) that doesn't wear off in a few hours. This is definitely a classic and is perfect for the woman who is looking to compliment her personality as being one who offers slightly more than the average woman today. The only problem is that the cost is QUITE HIGH in the United States compared to Europe. I can purchase Three (3) bottles for the price of one in Germany. But, no matter what... The price is worth being different.

  • MS. V.12/04/2001

    I go to Florence & Venice, Italy sometimes 3 times every year and you can't beat the beautiful fragrance of LaPerla. Here we are paying far to much for this product and if you get the chance to go to Italy please buy 5 or 6 bottles of the Body Silk Eau De Parfum Vaporisateur, 83% Vol., 100 mlE, 3,3 Fl. oz. Although I am going to try the 3.4 oz bottle of the EDP Spray - this will be a true test and still I can get 2 bottles for this one price. Perfume Emporium is still less than buying it at the LaPerla Store or Trump Plaza Hotel store which charges some $125 per bottle for the smaller bottle.

  • MOLLIE11/24/2001

    This one is hard to describe -- its different -- which I like -- you dont smell like everyone else (I still remember the 80s where everyone smelled like Poison) - but it also has something vaguely familiar (no one says -- What is THAT you are wearing...) its nice -- and unobtrusive..

  • ELKE C.06/30/2001

    A subtle and very sexy fragrance..drives my man absolutely crazy...

  • KAREN C04/28/2001

    This is a beautiful, feminine scent that I ALWAYS get compliments on. It is a classic.

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