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Van Cleef & Arpels


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A contemporary scent infused with lush notes of freesia, white rose, orange blossom, and cedar - as subtle as its name suggests. Notes include Mandarin Orange, Freesia, White Rose, Extract of Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom, Cassie Flower, Vanilla Infusion, Brazilian Rosewood, Cedar Wood.

1.6 oz EDT Spray
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A contemporary scent infused with lush notes of freesia, white rose, orange blossom, and cedar - as subtle as its name suggests. Notes include Mandarin Orange, Freesia, White Rose, Extract of Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom, Cassie Flower, Vanilla Infusion, Brazilian Rosewood, Cedar Wood.

  • AKINABO11/04/2011

    Is fragrance still on the market? I've been looking for it at shops and on internet with no luck. Is it available in South Africa

  • AKINABO09/20/2011

    I was introduced to fragrance by my boyfriend 10yrs ago and felt inlove with it. I love it, it's the best

  • MICAELLA01/25/2011

    Like all fragrances.........try it before you buy it and walk around with it for a few hours to get the true essence of the fragrance. Fragrance is a very personal thing what smells great on me may not be all the great on you. I'm 40 and love different scents...I happen to love this and it was a gift from a male friend, always recieve compliments when i wear it to my office.

  • SHERIDAN ELLIS07/10/2008

    ARE YOU KIDDING?!? I think the bottle is so tacky I couldn't get past that to smell the EDT. The notes look like they would be so great to. The designers at VC&A must have had cocktails at lunch :)

  • JUDI W*03/07/2008

    Your comment is hysterical. It reminds me of the show "Everybody Loves Raymond," when his Mom sculpted a statue that resembled what you thought this bottle did. The whole family was repulsed by it, and she didn't even realize what it looked like until they told I kind of like the bottle.

  • BARBARA W05/13/2007

    Didn't care for this fragrance, and even if I did, I'd have trouble buying it and looking at that sexually obvious bottle design! Very low class.

  • MARILYN02/12/2007

    I have been wearing Murmure for about 3 years. I have several other fragrances but this is my favorite and I always receive compliments. I've never smelled cigarette butts. It must have something to do with the individual body chemistry because it's a winner on me.

  • VIENNA01/05/2007

    this perfume reminds me of an older lady wearing tons of make up, drinking lots of alcohol and smoking a lot :-)

  • ANNIE12/17/2006

    On my skin, the gorgeous jasmine and orange blossom in Murmure really come into play, and the drydown is soft and only very slightly vanillic, not a sweet or artificial foody vanilla. The cedar in it is quite subtly done, too, and not too much like a cedar chest. On my skin, it's just a pretty floral fragrance. I don't think it smells cheap. It actually reminds me of 24 Faubourg without the amber, or Amarige, or Beautiful, those type of floral fragrances. So, it's a bit "perfumey", and it may be too old-style for some people's taste. It's classic in type. I would wear this fragrance anywhere and feel feminine and pretty in it. Note: I'm 48, and I don't go to clubs and bars anymore. When I say I'd wear this "anywhere" I mean: work, church, a wedding, a dinner party. I wouldn't call this a sex bomb fragrance, though it is pretty. ;-) Murmure doesn't knock my socks off (a little bit boring), but I think it has a lot going for it (fresh, clean, refined - there's a certain purity there), so it may turn out to be a keeper. p.s. Someone mentioned to me that, depending on your diet, jasmine will vary in how it interacts with your individual skin chemistry. A very spicy diet may make it smell off, while a blander diet will not. I'm going to test this myself to verify. :-)

  • BRITTNEE09/20/2005

    I loved this one at first when I sampled it, but after I wore it a few times I noticed that it has a strange dry-down that smells like cigarettes. I noticed that another person commented on that too. I definitely do not want to smell like I have been smoking. Yuk!

  • STELLA08/14/2005

    I got this perfume as a present, and after smelling it i thought it must be a cheap one. I was really surprised when I saw how much it costs. I would never get it!

  • VONNI03/20/2005

    I really wanted to like Murmure but alas, no. There’s something very disagreeable in the drydown that smells very much like a dank cigarette butt. Too bad, because the top notes are pretty. The top notes smell a lot like So de la Renta which is gorgeous. But Murmure costs way too much just to make me end up smelling like a chain smoker!

  • TUESDAYS MOM03/07/2005

    Waaa! I didn't get a cedar dry-down. In fact I could not smell a cedar note at all. This scent was empty on me.

  • SHARRIE01/30/2005

    a magificant yet subtile scent. smells incredible. im abit weak when it comes to this. luv it.wonderful.

  • LLL07/29/2004

    This is such a nice, nice fragrance!!! Light but very aromatic, and unique! It does not smell like all the other "fresh" scents out there--a beautiful cedary drydown--warm, sexy. I love it! I am getting myself some right now!

  • SUE C07/14/2004

    I sprayed this on a piece of card and a week later it still smells purely floral with no discernible base notes of amber or the other usual dry-down ingredients. It has an unusual transparent quality of fresh-cut white flowers. It's quite a conservative classic aimed at the 25-55 age group, I think, and won't appeal to the very young. The bottle is lovely and the scent is of course of the highest quality like all those by Van Cleef & Arpels. Like all fragrances you should try before you buy and wait a few hours for it to develop on your skin.

  • PELIN01/24/2004

    this perfume is very simple.I mean it's so classic but it's ok

  • FERN11/30/2003

    lasts all day long

  • NAKEDCITY06/13/2003

    Jasmine is a good alternative for those who like gardenia scents but find them too strong. This one is light and fresh and lasts, at least on me.

  • CLAIRE04/29/2003

    Tried this on at a department store and my husband asked if I've been smoking!

  • BRITTNEE04/28/2003

    To me, this fragrance captures the true essence of a light, delicate floral. I notice a top note of Jasmine and a second note of gardenia, even though this is not what the description claims. I think it is a very innocent and flowery fragrance which is perfect for spring/summer. For that matter, I have not found any Van Cleef & Arpels fragrance that is terrribly bad. Yes, some are better than others but none of them are horrible. And to the post which called it boring, I disagree. I think it is quite a dynamic scent which goes on with the top note of jasmine, then dries to a more complex but subtle flavor. Very much worth a try in my humble opinion.

  • MIA03/27/2003

    I've tried that but I don't like it. It is very plain floral fragrance like thousands of others out there. Drydown is a bit artificial, with no sophistication and allure at all. Very boring!

  • BLUEHOUR03/01/2003

    I absolutely love this fragrance after it has been on for several hours. It goes on slightly sharp and has a dominant note that I'm not crazy about, but the drydown is worth waiting for. This seems like a daytime scent to me - perfect for the office, as it has a clean, fresh quality to it.

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