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Intrusion Oscar de la Renta Image

Oscar de la Renta


28 Reviews

A fragrance at once feminine and sensual, modern and strong. The head notes are vibrant: Sicilian bergamot, neroli and star anise. The heart notes are a white floral bouquet: lily, peony, jasmine and gardenia. Base notes are sensual: patchouli, vetiver, musk and amber.

Gift Set - 3.4 oz EDP Spray (New Packaging) + 6.7 oz Body Lotion
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0.16 oz EDP Mini
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3.3 oz EDP Spray
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A fragrance at once feminine and sensual, modern and strong. The head notes are vibrant: Sicilian bergamot, neroli and star anise. The heart notes are a white floral bouquet: lily, peony, jasmine and gardenia. Base notes are sensual: patchouli, vetiver, musk and amber.

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  • JEAN MAYALL05/30/2016

    Delivery took some time but product Oscar de la Renta perfume Intrusion fine.

  • CK07/25/2011

    Hate to say this ladies! If you can find this again grab it. I only have about little under a half in my bottle. At the time some years ago, it was at a discount store with the body cream & the bath oil. I have worn the bath oil as a perfume oil. Wonderful!

  • JIJIMOL05/23/2011

    where i can find this one ?

  • JOAN09/02/2007

    I too don't why this fragrance was discontinued. I've used it since it first came out, and now you have to basically become a tracker to find it.

  • RACHEL05/08/2007

    I cannot believe that this perfume was discontinued. I've been addicted to it since it came out in 2002!

  • DEBORAH01/09/2007

    I "enjoy" this fragrance. I am told by someone every day how good it smells. Finding it hard to locate. A must have for me!!

  • BRANDY07/19/2006

    Had to go all the way to Dallas to get it but it was worth the trip. It's crisp and modern. Good for day or night. :)

  • ROBIN 09/24/2005

    . . .L'eau par Kenzo. They're both very clean and full of "white" fragrance, crisp and fresh. I tend to go for sweeter, fruitier, woodier scents in general, but these two are gorgeous in their own way, and a nice chance from my usual style

  • SOGS07/06/2005

    I think this has a lovely classic smell. To me its a clean just bathed in an expensive soap smell. Maybe stylish is a good word to use to describe this one. Not overpowering ....theres a hint of spice too .....citrus ...OOHHhh i dont know its just lovely.

  • MARILYN05/08/2005

    Intrusion is for med a fragrance to wear either for a night out or during autumn/wintertime. It's lovely with the patchouli scent, but it's never too much. I love it!

  • SHARRIE04/20/2005

    pleaze intrusion me. accent of patchoully. wow great divininty dreams like fantasies. wonderfu

  • DEBORAH04/07/2005


  • SABLEEYES03/03/2005

    If this fragrence is an "Intrusion" it's a very pleasant and welcome one! It's mixture of many exotic notes warms up to be almost intoxicating. It's very feminine with just the right floral softness mixed with spicey exotic yumminess!!! I get a lot of compliments with this one, especially men!

  • TUESDAYS MOM02/25/2005

    This scent did nothing for me at all. Doesn't stand out from the crowd.

  • LINDA01/31/2005

    I love this perfume! It smells like nothing else, it lingers softly, and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it. Inappropriately named, IMHO... it does NOT intrude.

  • SUE C10/30/2004

    If you like soft powdery and subtle florals you won't like this one. I found it too sharp and outgoing for my taste, it is modern and quite strong with a water note and complex ingredients. If it suits you, it is of course a good quality fragrance like all of Oscar's scents.

  • MOLLIE03/03/2004

    This is well-balanced. I haven't worn it enough to see if others notice it, but I am going to give it a whirl for spring. I have been wearing Casmir all winter, and now that the sun has come out again, I want a change - this is it. It is very soothing and easy to wear, but I haven't quite smelled anything like it before. I certainly wouldn't call it boring!

  • LENA02/04/2004

    A floral-watery fragrance, very interesting combination, with some jasmine notes and a bit musky drydown. Fresh, clean and ellegant. Modern but with a classy touch to it. Cool fragrance, something like L'Eau D'Issey but the white floral notes are stronger in Intrusion. Could be very interesting on a right woman. And it is very longlasting,too. EDP has more watery notes, EDT is more floral-transparent.

  • SOIE09/11/2003

    ...fresh, and feminine scent. It's very soft and dainty upon application but does become somewhat sharp after a while. Outside of its sharp quality, Intrusion comes close to being my perfect floral.

  • CATHERINE08/04/2003

    This perfume has a really nice lasting scent, very fresh and clean.

  • JES05/10/2003

    i think that it smells sharp and soapy. it's not something that i would wear, but i guess that it smells clean

  • CMW.05/04/2003

    Giorgio Armani's Emporio Armani White for women... but still nice, clean and soft and non-obtrusive...

  • B.S.02/05/2003

    So-so. It is not special and it is not soft floral on me like other posts said here. It is (on my skin) more synthetic - aldehydic. Not too overpowering, but it is not soft at all, more woodsy. Very "formal" and as someone here said - boring.

  • MARIETJE01/28/2003

    I have been looking for a soft floral for a long time, and in the end choose this one, a bit different from my other fragrances as I tend to choose classics and this one has modern, watery notes. But lightly, it is very well balanced, not too sweet or fruity or sticky or anything, and is very long lasting for such a light fragrance. i'm looking foreward to beautiful summer evenings in it....

  • VONNI01/25/2003

    This one has a soft floral/powdery dry down. It's pleasant, but it smells a lot like quite a few other soft scents out now -- Noa, Shi, Marc Jacobs -- so it's not an especially original scent. It is very, very pleasant though, and it lasts all day, even though it is very soft. It's a good bet for a work fragrance. The white florals in the heart notes are especially pretty.

  • TAMAR01/16/2003

    Didn't smell special on me.

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