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Designed in 1995 by Nikos, Sculpture cologne is a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance. This masculine cologne contains a blend of aromatic spices, wood and lavender, and vanilla. Sculpture cologne is recommended for daytime wear.

3.4 oz EDT Spray
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Designed in 1995 by Nikos, Sculpture cologne is a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance. This masculine cologne contains a blend of aromatic spices, wood and lavender, and vanilla. Sculpture cologne is recommended for daytime wear.

  • BIGNUTZ12/11/2005

    This is basically a more sugary and weaker version of Minotaure but I really like this one though and so do the women.

  • MARCO TESTAVERDE11/22/2005

    This one-hit-wonder from an unknown designer is a nice citrusy-sweet fragrance with a sensual vanilla drydown-which is what I love the best about it.

  • HAROLD11/04/2005

    When I wear this sweet cologne I feel like I'm in heaven and all the beautiful women that compliment me on it, are the angels.

  • WES CLEMENS10/16/2005

    A beautiful sugary sweet fragrance that's starts out with a burst of citrus and ending with a lovely vanilla drydown. I have never heard of this designer until now but this is without a doubt, one of the greatest sleepers in mens' cologne history.

  • J. YORK09/29/2005

    Basically a less sharp, powering and citrusy version of Minotaure. Otherwise it's a beautiful and sweet fragrance with a lovely vanilla drydown.

  • R.J.09/26/2005


  • W.B.09/06/2005


  • K. WIMPINO07/26/2005

    This sharp, sweet and oriental fragrance is a definite sleeper and keeper in my collection. My favorite part about it besides the bottle is the warm vanilla drydown.

  • HENRI07/12/2005

    The best cologne out there...been stopped at least 5 times by girls wanting to know what it is and comenting on how good it smells.

  • SEAN KLER05/30/2005

    its the best perfume i've ever used. its good at any time any place. all my friends like them. its not sold in malaysia, so we get our supply from dubai.

  • MARIO JUSTINIANI05/22/2005

    May the gods of Olympus forgive Nikos for taking their name in vain. I really, really gave this a try based on all the great reviews. Sorry, gentlemen, the abstract sail bottle design is cool but after the citrus notes die down you are sailing on a sea of sugar. Cloying is too kind a word. However, to each his own. So if you like this kind of scent allow me to reccomend Estee Lauder. You'll like Intuition and Beyond Paradise will send you to heaven. Both are supposed to be for men. BTW before unisex was in, I gave one wonderfully wicked girl C.Dior's Eau Savage as a gift. She loved it; however if at present you're NOt sleeping with someone crazier than yourself and you regret this purchase as I did, give it to someone nice. My aunt loved it.

  • MILES11/15/2004

    A truly invigorating and highly original fragrance. Fresh, masculine and very sensuous, it will definitely trigger a favorable response from a woman who knows. Sculpture is awesome!

  • ROB H.09/23/2004

    Excellent scent that seems to have a similar ring to Minotaure. Could just be my skin.

  • MAKOTO04/03/2004

    I'm surprised to know you can't find this one in the USA.In Japan it's so popular that every fragrance store sells it at low price.Because it's Japanese famous star's favorite.Why don't you visit Japan and buy some? Surely you can find it.

  • HENKE01/14/2004

    Sculpture is not available in Sweden, so I must order it on the net, and it is worth it!!!!!!!!

  • FAIRLADY11/25/2003

    Should definetly get it, fresh smell from the beginning and excellent drydown. Won't regret!!!

  • FAIRLADY11/25/2003

    definetly get it, fresh smell from the beginning and excellent drydown. Won't regret it!!!

  • FERNANDO11/10/2003

    Nikos Sculpture is in fact a great alternative to the "sweet" kind of fragrances that are so modern. I think this is more of a romance kind of fragrance. Not casual at all. It is strong and fresh at first and it has an optimal staying power. In my case, I like the fragrance better after it has dried for a few hours. I have a thing about fragrances that have bad drydowns, since it makes me nuts. Sometimes a fragrance that would smell nice changes to somthing horrible after some hours. Nikos Sculpture seems to be the opposite. The drydown is excellent and very pleasant. And it lasts for hours. Keep in mind these two things though: 1) It is strong at first(sort of fresh) 2) It is a sweet kind of fragrance. And yes, it reminds me a lot of Desire Blue. Also, if you like Nikos Sculpture I think you should try Laguna for men by Salvador Dali, since it is very vanilic and has an excellent drydown too.

  • PJDJ06/14/2003

    But better.... I can't find this in the USA anymore so I now wear Desire Blue which is a perfect copy of this scent

  • DEVIN05/15/2003

    I bought this online because of the positive comments on this message board ( it's very tough to find in stores). Although it is complex, warm, sweet, and very sophisticated, this is so close to feminine that I don't plan on wearing it. Don't get me wrong, it's a very unique & nice scent but for me it just doesn't work.

  • MARIUSZ04/03/2003

    Hey guys! This is it! Totally different smell. So sweet, and sophisticated. And very nice bottle. Buy it now!

  • MARIUSZ04/02/2003

    For example Pi Givenchy doeasn`t lasts for long. Cristobal little bit longer but I don`t know what about Sculpture.

  • MAURICIO03/25/2003

    This is a good choice for sweet perfume fans, (much better than J P Gaultier), I can compare this whit Cristobal, Casran and Rochas Man (very nice too).

  • KEVIN BOLDIN02/24/2003

    I tried this product in Germany and it's the bomb. It makes the people wanting to know what is that smell. I give it 5 stars.

  • KATANASIX02/05/2003

    This cologne definitely goes in my top three. It is sweet and vanillic, which is why I love it. It definitely is a girl magnet, if you want to attract the ladies. I thought about getting Pi by Givenchy, but I don't need it now that I own this fine scent. Nikos keep making it.

  • AZRA AKIN01/24/2003

    I totally love the smell when one of my friends was using it. I had to go to the trouble of getting it in another country since it was not available in mine.

  • XLENDON01/06/2003

    This scent is far better than big names like Givenchy Pi, Chanel Allure or perhaps it is better than Casran Chopard! A sweet masculin scent, components: bergamot, orange blossom and coriander balanced by cedar and warm vanilla. If you like Pi or Allure or Casran you must try this superior fragrance!

  • KORD06/10/2002

    and I have to say that I am not a big fan of this scent personally, but then again I might just have the wrong body chemistry for it.

  • BRIDGET05/09/2002

    Really I think I coul love any man wearing this scent.Only one word: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • ALEC05/06/2002

    So sweet

  • TUM03/24/2002

    It's so hard to buy it in my country. It is heaven in a bottle. My mom borrowed it and didn't give it back to me.

  • JOE ALEX G03/15/2002

    Compliments from the ladies, and my buddies at work asked me where they can get this. It is sweet, fresh, and different

  • CHIEF04/07/2001

    this is great. love it but i was told they stopped making it.but its a real sweet thing. smells sweet love at first smell.enjoy it.

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