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Ralph Lauren


75 Reviews

Safari For Men has sparkling citrus blends with a sophisticated mix of rich Caribbean spices and warm woody notes. A subtle yet sensuous blend. Created in 1992 by Ralph Lauren, Safari cologne for men is a refreshing, spicy, lavender fragrance. This masculine scent contains a blend of lemon, eucalyptus, juniper and is accented with thyme, cinnamon more

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Safari For Men has sparkling citrus blends with a sophisticated mix of rich Caribbean spices and warm woody notes. A subtle yet sensuous blend. Created in 1992 by Ralph Lauren, Safari cologne for men is a refreshing, spicy, lavender fragrance. This masculine scent contains a blend of lemon, eucalyptus, juniper and is accented with thyme, cinnamon and leather making Safari cologne perfect for evening wear.


    Always a favourite.

  • TIM12/09/2012

    When you find something that works, be prepared to stick with it. Not for everyone, this works with the oils and other chemicals in my skin - and that makes it worth finding again and again.

  • CATHY07/17/2012

    Safari by Ralph Lauren for men is absolute the best, it has a smell that attracts plenty of comments, it is not overpowering or girlie, have been using it for years, always make sure I have a spare bottle on hand, hate to run out.

  • RON ROLLINS12/26/2008

    Safari is one of the most underrated colognes in the market it's a unique strong rich scent that must be used sparingly it lasts a long time and it's not for everybody due to the chemical reaction from acids in skin to cologne ratio if it is a match for you it will be the best cologne you will ever buy a true luxury as ferrari ,rolex are to cars and watches

  • GEOGRAPHYHORSE08/24/2008

    It's alright. I have a bottle and I think guys tend to like it more than girls do. The bottle is shaped like a rum bottle and that seems appropriate as it seems to have a stale sort-of rum scent to it. I personaly like rum, but I do believe that wearing is probably in bad taste as it either means you are a drunkard and can't control yourself or you're wearing this cologne.

  • MAL06/13/2008

    One person likes a perfume while another hates it. So how are we to decide? Different age groups are affected differently by marketing strategies and trends. Disparaging references to grandpas impress neither authority nor due respect for ageing, which we are all prone to. It would be a good idea if all commentators on this site were to mention their age. I'm 54. Safari is a strong clean soapy smell with a piquancy of eucalyptus. Very interesting. Use your common sense and use sparingly.

  • EDDIE03/15/2008

    It does say something when urban alpha males can pick this up at Duane Reades, Rite Aides, CVS drugs or any other exclusive pharmacy or local drugstore. I've never cared for this fragrance. It has always smelled thrown together as if trying to meet some deadline. Everyone I"ve smelled it on has made me want to seek fresh air and certainly not made me feel as if on Safari.

  • VYXXYN05/22/2007

    For the past 12 years, this is the only fragrance that consistently drives me crazy, when a suitable man wears it. Sophisticated, sexy, and wild, Safari is best worn by urban alpha males. It's a fragrance with unique character - nothing else mimicks it.

  • MATT P. K.12/21/2006

    Better than Crest in an Eternity or Escape sort of way. Not as good as Polo original in my opinion.

  • AP10/27/2006

    This cologne is not what I was looking for. My girlfriend bought this for me and I wish she had bought something else. It was supposed to have citrus blends and Caribbean spices. What a joke, it had neither and smelled very harsh.

  • DMITRI10/09/2006

    It's a nice cologne. I'd give it 4 stars. Very sophisticated.Would be great for formal events,evening wear. I'd say for 30y+. Not for teens.

  • K. WIMPINO04/11/2006

    This annoyingly spicy-woody headache-inducing cologne from Mr. Lauren has a nice bottle and is far from youthful and rather masculine but this designer has had much better. This is worst than the original Polo which I'm not all that much of a fan of either.

  • MARK DONOVAN02/07/2006

    I' ve added a few drops of Vetiver, Tobacco Absolute and Siberian Fir essential oils to it, to get rid ot that sickening sweet, cheap aroma. Now it's much, much better, almost good.

  • AL12/28/2005

    It smells like grandpa. A very tacky grandpa. This is one fragrance even old men will stay away from. Who wants to smell like they still living in the 60s.

  • J. YORK12/19/2005

    Warm, citrusy, spicy, woody fragrance isn't necessarily refreshing like the main page says but is a fairly masculine and luxurious aroma so long as you don't overspray, you'll be alright.

  • STU11/17/2005

    Has such a distinctive cheap smell to it in my opinion. I can't fathom going outside with this on. Thank goodness there are so many more fragrances to choose from than this. I hope nobody thinks to ever give this to me as a gift. I'd have to rewrap and give it to someone else. It smells almost on the level of one of those gross Michael Jordan fragrances.

  • KENNETH V. RICHELIEU11/04/2005

    As far as I can remember this was the first and only fragrance from this designer that I ever worn and not bad at all. It's been maybe 9 or 10 years since the last time but I remember the warm spiciness and the sparkly citrus that made it rather sensual for the average price.

  • SAM WALTON10/20/2005

    Just took delivery of a bottle of Safari. Had to say It's the best 18 quid ( British pounds) I have ever spent.If you dont like this there's clearly something wrong with you. If you cant get a date while wearing this I pity you. More positive comments from women while wearing this than you could shake a stick at. Ralph Lauren makes good shirts as well. BUY NOW.

  • JAVELIN09/24/2005

    This cologne is soft, luxurious, fruity, and elegant. The bottle this liquid jewel comes in speaks for the classy content. Men! Buy this now, and spoil your ladies.

  • JAVELIN09/08/2005

    Lauren's cologne is warm, elegant, aromatic, lightly sweet, and alluring.

  • SPACE PILGRIM08/03/2005

    Smells somewhat sophisticated but for some reason it gives me a headache when I wear it. Especially when I smell it on other guys, they tend to wear a lot for some reason and it gets to be an irritation in the air.

  • ERIC05/26/2005

    I'd rather take one. Safari does nothing for me at all. The notes create nothing out of the ordinary. Patrick said something about being in his top 50. I don't have 50 favorite fragrances that I enjoy but this would be very far outside my top 20.

  • BRYAN03/14/2005

    I rate this in my top 5 colognes along with Fahrenheit, Hugo Boss Elements, Bandit, and Bvlgari Blue

  • BEBE02/13/2005

    This one is a real animal. I discovered when I was a kid, and since that afternoon this is my number one animal. I am open to change it at anytime, but I haven't find anything that good yet. The second one in my list would be Candies, but I haven't find anything as good as Safari.

  • GREGG01/02/2005

    It does remind me of Polo green, but not as heavy. it is a fine, masculine smell and can be worn any time. Go easy, it will last all day, and may become old by days end. But I do highly reccomend it

  • CHRIS12/29/2004

    I went shopping and smelled this scent and it was absolutely horrible... and I'm a teenager whos 17

  • PATRICK11/28/2004

    A spicy, fresh and masculine scent, with warm end notes, Safari is a good evening cologne but equally acceptable for daytime wear. This scent will suit all age groups and is particularly good for younger men (below 30) who want a mature scent with a touch of class. It is quite lively yet warm, and most women I know love this fragrance. Unfortunately it is quite common (probably because it's a nice scent), but it remains in my top 50.

  • BILL08/03/2004

    This is the best, especially the After Shave Balm. Like any fragrance, how well it smells depends on the individual as much as the product.

  • ROB H.06/17/2004

    Not a bad citrusy/woody scent but just don't tank it on because it is a rather powering fragrance and becomes easily annoying in the air after awhile.

  • USAMA06/04/2004

    I am a collector, I have various perfumes which are good for several occasions but SAFARI is the best one for each time and everytime. I simply LOVE this scent, long live Ralph for making this.

  • IMRAN04/30/2004

    Great cologne, lasts long and smells very masculine. Memorable for me for personal reasons.

  • MOSES03/29/2004

    what i like about this cologne is that I can wear it in almost any situation. Whether it be at work, with my friends, or out with a lady this scent just seems to work. I love the smell and I get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

  • AARON03/14/2004

    This is the one.

  • STUART02/27/2004

    Someone in the office where I work wears this and everyone thinks it smells bad but unfortunately noone has had the courage to say anything to him.

  • ~TIGER01/18/2004

    my Papa - whom I adored. He died a year ago on my birthday - in my arms. This was his favorite scent for many years and he wore it often, (though after he passed 90 he would sometimes put on too much because his smeller was not so good anymore). Anyway, I was givein some of his sweaters by my Mom, and I keep them closed in a bag so they will keep on smelling like him - and Safari. Sometimes I just hold one of the sweaters and the scent makes the memories more vivid.

  • PINKBOA11/17/2003

    Outdoor, rugged manliness to the nth degree. Love it, love it, love it. (My husband was wearing this the first day we met.)

  • RICH D09/03/2003

    Safari really gets the attention at restaurants or in the office. More than any other frangrance including Nino Cerruti types.

  • HAL C.07/06/2003

    I always liked Ralph Laren's colognes and have tried every one but this. Well I bought this at the mall from a paper sample and had to get it. This stuff is freakin awesome! This blows away Romance and Polo Blue together. This cologne is catching on fast as it's been quiet for so long. Not no longer. It's fresh, interesting and very powerful. Get this!

  • ERIC07/02/2003

    Do the French for some reason have better abilities to smell than others? There are great American, Italian, etc. fragrances that easily are as good as "French" fragrances. This smells okay, but I hope people have enough sense not to listen to the french fragrance is better stupidity

  • strongly recommended. Nice scent, it lasts long too. Good for office wear. But the bottle sucks, Ralph has already discovered that "less is more" (e.g. Romance Man bottle), but for Safari, "more is more". Other Ralph fragances, CK ou Tommy? Forget them. Get the best for your money. Buy a french cologne.


    Think that this is rl's best personally. Polo is too strong, crest was pretty good, and the blue isn't really that good at all. So if you like RL's scents (some snobs say americans can't make a good scent, we need the french to do it) get this one..

  • STUDMASTER 200004/11/2003

    I feel sexy and smooth, this is the best stuff I have ever smelled. Nothing other will do. Rock on.

  • ARNOLD R.04/02/2003

    An interesting fragrance; a strange combination there -- you can smell the lemon and cinnamon in it simultaneously. Kind of wild; "Safari" is an apt name for it. It's not one of my personal favorites (just not quite my thing), but I can see why the people here who dig it... dig it. It's really pretty decent stuff, better than most -- and it's always refreshing to come across a cologne that's clearly not been designed for somone in junior high. Nice, soft drydown as well; mellowing out to a smooth slightly lemony sandalwood fragrance. My girlfriend liked it even more than I did.

  • JACK LAMB04/01/2003

    I think this is a five star cologne. I also believe the fact that it isn't overly sweet smelling in a unisex kind of way makes it un-ordinary. So I disagree with some opinions here. Certainly at worst a three star, hardly a one star.

  • JOE02/15/2003

    My friend take note that Jennifer X likes this cologne. She knows whats good so respect the X

  • GREG02/12/2003

    Safari flows with male vigor testosterone.......

  • DAVID01/22/2003

    Safaris sucks, smells like an old man on safari

  • TOM01/21/2003

    You tell us what happened? This is trash in a bottle.

  • KEVIN01/16/2003

    This is absolutely one of the best colognes I own(out of 75). what ever happened to the times when men smelled like men, and not pussies??

  • ELLE12/27/2002

    It is very manly and great for traveling. Very good!

  • RICH12/23/2002

    Was that stupid comment for me? I thought this fragrance was especially tailored for guys who are into other men. That's fine, whatever you like.

  • RICHY12/17/2002

    We're's your boyfriend sunshine?????

  • RICH12/13/2002

    Jenny what State is your trailer park in?

  • DOUG12/10/2002

    Really isn't anything to brag about. It's a basic, boring smell. Nothing unusual or at all unique about it.

  • RAY12/09/2002

    Nothing repulsive, but definitely nothing unique about this scent. Does this mean I don't like ladies? What a joke these comments are.

  • JENNIFER X12/04/2002 If you don't know that this is the stuff chump, you ain't into ladies.........

  • KELLI12/02/2002

    One thing I am going to ask is why the hell are you fighting in a review section on a cologne website? Is there nothing better to do? I guess we could just argue back and forth on the cologne gay

  • OMEIR12/01/2002

    Hey Stu... I've seen your postings on some of the killer Versace colognes. Is it you who posted reviews in the Versace section? I'm new to this site and hopefully will be posting often. In relation to Safari, I remember using it 2-3 years ago. While, it's not an offensive smell, it's still a damn good cologne and quite long-lasting too. It's a blend of citrus notes, lavender, spices and woods. It would definitely work for the winter. One of Lauren's better fragrances.

  • PETE11/27/2002

    You're not passing for the comedian. Tommy? Isn't that your thing? Way out of your league? Who made you the bomb biggity? At least you toot your own horn, I'm sure noone else does since you gotta be stinking with this droll, annoying cologne.

  • TAMAR11/27/2002

    On a man with the suitable body chemistry this cologne smells wonderful. More men should wear it. Everything else that I think about this beautiful scent has already been said by other reviewers. Shame the women’s Safari doesn’t suit me.

  • BOB R.11/25/2002

    Listen to you fools trash this great scent. Go back to your Joop and Tommy and leave real cologne to the big boys. This one kicks ass and is the best most UNDERATED RL cologne there is.

  • STU11/25/2002

    Very pathetic and a waste of words. Take your philosophical meandering and Tommy wearing yap to the coffee shop to chit chat with the fellows. Your way out of your league.

  • PETE11/22/2002

    So Safari makes you a man? Nice that that's all it takes nowadays. I thought it took more, apparently not. There is nothing even remotely original about Safari. But you in your little manliness has drawn your own opinion. Keep it from me.

  • STU11/20/2002

    It's a masterful blend of citrus, spice and wood notes. It's hot, manly and adventurous. Any man, who IS a man (that would be me) and hot chics love the stuff. It sells like mad on top of the previous positive qualities.

  • PETE11/12/2002

    Safari is it period? What exactly is it? It definitely isn't the best fragrance if that's what you meant. I'll do the Hi Karate and you can stick with your Safari which is about as good as Jovan Sex Appeal or British Sterling - it don't do it.

  • STU11/08/2002'll probably ask for Hai Karate or Canoe. That'll stand out for you. Gimme a break. Safari is it period. Bye-bye.

  • PETE10/29/2002

    Safari is so blase. Nothing stands out about it. Hope I never get it as a gift.

  • JOSH10/23/2002

    I fell in love with this cologne when I took a whiff off a magazine sample when I was 16yo. It became my first and one true love. My other 15 colognes could never replace it. Some scents came into my life, but Safari still remains as a memory that never died.

  • JAMES10/21/2002

    To me this smells masculine, where as most newer men's colognes are more androgynous. I like a clear difference between a man and a woman fragrance. I don't blame women for liking the more androgynous men's colognes I just don't that is all.

  • CHARLES10/19/2002

    If I want eucalyptus I'll get vicks, not Safari. Hopefully, the ones who wear this boring fragrance will be away on Safari while wearing it.

  • USAMA 10/18/2002

    I simply fell in love with this perfume. This fine fragrance contains lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon and leather making SAFARI perfect for formal use. And believe guys...girls love it.

  • I AND O 09/13/2002

    another overrated scent by rl (one of the most overrated designers of all time)

  • HEATHER08/29/2002

    This smell really is more boring than anything else. Try it on before wearing and if you find a lady that likes it good luck.

  • YASSIR08/13/2002

    I love this. If i wear it everyday, my co-workers tell me daily that they love this too. They have kept the ingrediants very balanced in this. A wonderful product

  • TOM08/07/2002

    Chick o'meter? whatever. definitely all women don't dig this. i've worn it and was told it was ordinary smelling by most women. to each his own.

  • LARISA08/02/2002

    If you trying to pick something for yourself and reading this comments i think you are convinced by now that you at list should try it. Why? Because all the comments written by women, so obviosly it has something to it

  • TNT 06/20/2002

    Yeah Right, It's a classic and a friggin' spike off the chick o' meter.

  • ERIC06/12/2002

    All men don't wear it because all men don't like it. Someone at the office soaks in this and I try to stay away. No thanks.

  • JO 205/27/2002

    Absolutely wonderful and not too overwhelming.

  • DAVID D.05/15/2002

    I got this for Christmas one year and my former favorite was Polo...not anymore. This is definitly the best cologne I have ever owned.

  • BRIAN05/13/2002

    Hands down one of the best cologes on the market. This seems to be one of the lesser popular of the greatness of Ralph Lauren colognes but in total honesty this is the best. This is a very wild scent. I found it interesting how they used 10 different ingredients but it worked. First time I bought this I went to the zoo and I could smell it on me all day and it really felt like I was at a REAL SAFARI! Top of the line and recomend this for day or night.

  • CRAZYGREEN03/16/2002

    This is sooooo incredible. Men, you better watch out when you put this on. My husband wears this and he gets sniffed by all the women. Drives me crazy too.

  • ANGEL12/17/2001

    my husband wears safari and let mejust say when he played volleyball all the girls wanted to be behind him, i have never spelled anything better grrr

  • KARINA10/22/2001

    This is one of the best men's colognes I've ever smelled-it makes me weak in the knees!! My boyfriend has a bottle of it, but for some reason he doesn't really care for it-and I'm constantly trying to make him wear it! If you want a great scent for your man, buy him a bottle of Safari!

  • SARAFIAN08/21/2001

    makes me feel im in the wilderness



  • CHRISTINE06/15/2001

    this is by far the nicest afterhsave i've ever smelt on a man why don;t all men wear it?

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