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Glamourous Ralph Lauren Image

Ralph Lauren


69 Reviews

An exquisite floral fragrance designed for the woman who wears it. Contains notes of clementine, calla lily, tuberose and vetiver. Luminous as pearls. Smooth as suede. Rich as cashmere.

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An exquisite floral fragrance designed for the woman who wears it. Contains notes of clementine, calla lily, tuberose and vetiver. Luminous as pearls. Smooth as suede. Rich as cashmere.

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  • MARY11/25/2008

    will there ever be a special edition of Glamourous? I have looked for this perfume for two years. What comes close to this fragrance?

  • SYLVIE10/11/2008

    This fragrance is discontinued now. I expected this already in my review from 2004. GLAMOUROUS was not unique and "strong" enough to stay alive in the hard and tough perfumeworld. It was not here to stay. Good hunting for the lovers of this discontinued fragrance.

  • LIZETTE09/08/2008

    I can't believe they discontinued it. It smells absolutely gorgeous, when I used to wear it...I felt completely glamourous, elegant and totally sofisticated. Every where I'd go, I would receive many many compliments about the way I smelled. It's just WONDERFUL. I had never fallen in love with any other fragrance like I did with this one. Hope they bring it back to the market again.

  • KATE08/20/2008


  • KALINA01/19/2008

    i really like this fragrance.. this is to wear when you want to feel a little sophisticated. Another sophisticated smell from RL is Pure Turquise...

  • GREEKGIRL07/31/2007

    Just tried this one the other day after always bypassing it, its actually quite nice, not what i expected i agree with Sue its like a bunch of white flowers and also a bit musky as well, this will have to be my Xmas pressie this year, also smells very expensive, lovely.

  • SWETHA06/01/2007

    This is a sensual fragrance that makes me feel like a diva! Though i've tried a few similar perfumes of other brands there's absolutely nothing that comes close to Glamourous' sophisticated rich fragrance! My favourite till date.

  • SASHA04/25/2007


  • BLONDIE04/09/2007

    Love the name, love the bottle, love the scent. A true triple threat! Try it!

  • BRANDY12/04/2006

    Smells a lot like Heavenly by VS but I did get complimented on it.

  • NEETA10/29/2006

    i get many compliments when i wear glamorous. it exudes elegance and sophistication.

  • SUE C09/27/2006

    Don't worry, the tuberose and vetiver is barely detectable. This perfume is actually very light and luscious, like a gorgeous bunch of white flowers. Try to find a tester.

  • *BARBARA W06/11/2006

    Oh my goodness, two of my most hated ingredients in perfumes - combined??? I will stay away from this one.

  • KARANN04/26/2006

    ...for me anyway. I really like this and have it in the EDT. It has a slight similarity to Dazzling Gold by EL but I like DG better than this. I see that tuberose is one of the notes. Tuberose (as in Giorgio) isn't one of my faves but I do like this lovely scent.

  • VICKIE12/26/2005

    I have just discovered this scent and truly love it!! I am very disappointed that I found it only after it being discontinued :(

  • KATHY12/08/2005

    I bought this on sale, for nearly nothing, small wonder...This stuff was just weird. Annoying sweet kind of smell. Smelled very artifical to me. Couldn't figure out the point of this one...what were they going for??

  • ALV08/02/2005

    I like women who wearing this fragrance.This fragrance is so luxurious and kewl.I love it very much

  • MICHELLE06/12/2005

    I feel So Good when I wear this. It goes on strong, but wears down to a beautiful, classy scents. Notes of bergamot and light flowers. Just enough. Everything well balanced. Lovely perfume. Why are you discontinuing this Ralph Lauren?

  • TRISH02/04/2005

    I tried this over Christmas from a Ralph Lauren mini set I received and I absoultely fell in love with this scent. This was my favorite one. Today I tried to buy some and was told it has been discontinued. I just can't believe they discontinued this lovely fragrance.

  • SHARRIE01/29/2005

    its got style. class. rich dreams. fav accent. wear it in beauty. stars shine tonight. wonderful.

  • KELLY01/25/2005

    I love it the first time I tried it in the store, love it after I bought it, love it still 2 yrs down the road. It's one that I don't intend to run out on. Really Glamourous@$

  • HAMPWIFE12/11/2004

    this fragrance smell good on me now. i guess it the season . i wore it to work and got tons of compliments!!1

  • MARIA11/05/2004

    i love the smell, cause' its not too stong.

  • HELENA08/01/2004

    Can't believe I never wrote a review for this one. I love this perfume, using it for almost 3 years. On me it's pure glamour, husband loves it....bought me a second bottle recently.

  • JACQUIE07/23/2004

    Didn't like this one at all. To strong. I bought the collection. And that is what it is doing collecting dust. Waste of money. This is the one that should have been discontinued.

  • COLEY07/16/2004

    I just purchased this perfume and it smells wonderful. Very elegant and classy.

  • SYLVIE05/31/2004

    The only glamour of this luxury perfume "Glamourous" is the expensive advertisement campaign with the popular beauty and actress Penelope Cruz. She looks so beautyful and ultra-feminine. So I expect a very sexy and sensual scent. But "Glamourous" is a dull and meaningless fragrance. This scent has no character and in my opinion Glamourous will be discontinued in the next 5 years. There are hundred of other fragrances on the market and they all smell similar. I get tired from testing all the new perfumes. So don't waste your time: Test one and you know them all!!!

  • KIM J05/06/2004

    When I wear this, "Hollywood" watch out. As the ad says, "as glamourous as the woman who wears it"!

  • PAULINA03/19/2004

    I think it´s a beautiful scent, maybe a bit to sharp. It smells elegant and really glamourous.I have two friends who love it and also other people like it.It isn´t to strong. It is flowery and woody.

  • PATTYCAKES03/17/2004

    Very good smelling perfume. Smells like flowers. Yum.

  • CHRISTINA03/02/2004

    I bought this in duty free because I loved how it smelled at first, the top note was lovely, however it dried down to a very a very sweet musk, powdery base note which I absolutely do not like it. I agree with another comment in that it does smell like a cheap perfume. Alot of people are wearing this and I have to say it does not smell diferently on them. I really have gotten to the point where I cannot stand this smell.

  • HAMPWIFE02/28/2004

    too much bergamot!!!!!!!and powdery!!!!

  • KRIS02/19/2004

    I love the soft scent of this perfume and how long it lasts on me. And as an added bonus, my boyfriend loves it! He says that he wants to jump me every time I wear it.

  • SILVIA01/11/2004

    It's so perfect but, strangely, a couple of hours after applying this I feel that I've had enough of it. I don't even understand myself why.

  • KIM01/06/2004

    I love this perfume. It is one of my all-time favorites.

  • SLIMGAL10/22/2003

    I tried Glamorous on today and liked it quite a bit, more than I thought I would: I was expecting something kind of over-the-top due to the rhinestone on the cap. It actually smells a lot like Victoria's Secret "Divine" Dream Angels, which I like a lot, and is on this site sometimes but not often. Glamorous is nice -- smells classy, but risks being a tad sharp. If you like Glamorous, try Divine for a little less expensive, slightly softer version.

  • ERICA10/16/2003

    This is a nice floral: clean, cool, crisp, elegant. Nice for warm weather, nice evening out. It can be a tad bit too sharp with wrong chemistry, though. I have been smelling this scent on a lot of women lately, so on a lookout for a new floral. Any suggestions?

  • MARI10/14/2003

    I was looking for a white-flower bouquet, clean and fresh when i bought this.I use it rarelly, though, cause i think on me it turns really sharp, a little offensive...Such a pitty...

  • MOONDOGGIE10/03/2003

    I absolutely love Glamorous. It makes me feel so good when I'm wearing it, and even though I don't use much, other people seem to notice and like it on me a lot. Definitely one I will keep buying for as long as it's out!

  • BEACHGIRL08/15/2003

    I really like this fragrance. But I wouldn't call it "sexy". At least, NOT "HOT night" sexy. But it could be more of an "understated daytime sexy". It is VERY feminine. It's a fresh, clean floral scent, with a hint of light musk in the dry down. But, not much. It actually smells much like sniffing a light floral bouquet. Not overpowering. And it does not change dramatically as it wears down. I have normal/oily skin and I have a hard time with "fresh scents", as they seem to "turn" on me (NOA did not fare well on me. It was "ok", but nothing I would buy in a full size version). However, Glamourous is wonderful on me. I would picture wearing this with a french twist up-do, a pencil skirt, VERY fitted vneck silk or cashmere cardigan sweater (they use the term "cashmere" to describe this scent actually! lol), and expensive pumps and matching handbag. In other words...a RICH, yet elegant understated dressy/casual outfit. I don't know that this is really an "evening" or "dressy" fragrance, eventhough some fragrance sites did list it as for "Romantic" wear. I just see it as more of a daytime or "casual night out" scent. Very pretty. Very feminine. Very classic. NOT a "trendy" type fragrance, but still very "young" and fresh.

  • KENA08/14/2003

    I think Glamourous is very sweet, a nice smell. But not excellent. I wore it for awhile but got old fast. Romance has a much nicer scent.

  • MARLIANA07/29/2003

    I just LOVE Glamourous. This is my new scent and I think I'll use it for ever. I just love the sensual scent of it - not too deep or too strong. And it has a sweet and fresh scent (my boyfriend call it 'crisp scent') - so we can wear it day and night.

  • KRISA07/16/2003

    its okay. nothing special

  • DEIDRA05/30/2003

    Beautifully done

  • ANDREA03/26/2003

    Not your common scent that you smell on everybody. Refined and tasteful.

  • RENEE02/08/2003

    This perfume is so lush, and sweet smelling. It's just so amazing and different form everything out there, worth a try!

  • MONICA02/06/2003

    I have found that men find this fragrance to be very sexy. It is very feminine and lasts a long time. I love it!

  • ANITA01/10/2003

    I received this scent as a gift for Christmas. I smelled it before. It is not your everday scent...It is quite endearing and more than inviting...People truly gravitate to it thus far. Just like they do when I wear Eternity. I am so grateful for my body chemistry makeup because some fragrances you love can be tricky and smell awful on you...but this is one that smells DIVINE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ELLE12/27/2002

    I think this scent is for a truly Glamourous girl if not it can be to normal.

  • MEG12/24/2002

    Val: I will atempt to describe what it smells like on me. Expensive comes to mind first. It sort of smells like a department store. It's not too floral or too spicy. The closet I can compare it to is Chanel's Allure, or Donna Karen. It's not too overt in any way, but poerful enough to make a memorable impression. A woman passed me in a store about a week ago, wearing this. I thought she smelled really rich, flowery, yet expensive (not old-fashioned). I'm still not sure if I should get it. I may want something a bit more original, deeper, or sensual (yet run the risk of offending). It seems the best perfumes are offensive to someone! Hope this helps.

  • GIN12/24/2002

    Love in a can close your eyes and you are there

  • TAYLOR12/15/2002

    This is one of the most beautiful scents in the world. I used to like Chance by Chanel but this I just smelled yesterday and wow it is Glamourous!

  • JANE12/08/2002


  • ALICIA COTTEN12/05/2002

    All the words to describe it are in it's name "Glamourous"

  • STEPHANIE11/23/2002

    It is too sharp smelling and overpowering. I don't like it, though the shimmer version is cool, because of the sparkles, but I wouldn't buy it for that reason alone..

  • CAROLINA11/14/2002

    This is my favorite scent! So flowery and luminous... though I have to confess it's a bit sharp.If you love florals you're going to looove glamourous. Give it a try! :-)

  • DEE JOH.11/12/2002

    Very nice and original. The scent stays with you and its not too flowery or too spicy or too woodsy. Nicely balanced. Pleasant ans sexy

  • TERI K11/11/2002

    I've tried them all and have never had as many compliments as I have with Glamourous. Everyone asks, "What is that wonderful perfume you have on?"

  • VALERIA11/11/2002

    Sharp, spicy in a masculine way. Not sophisticated at all. I don't like it.

  • OLIVIA10/21/2002

    I have never been so taken by a perfume!

  • FAIZAL10/08/2002

    The moment I took a whiff of this stuff at the department store, I knew this is how I wanted my girlfriend to smell like. I just love this scent.

  • KAIA KLOCKEMAN10/07/2002

    I am in love with this perfume. It's amazing.

  • VERONICA10/05/2002

    I've never smelled this perfume before, and I've heard a lot of good things about it. Is this fragrance similar to others?

  • GODDESSATHENA09/27/2002

    I love the smell of this pefurme. It's so glam. I plan to make this my next perfume purchase.

  • HANA09/15/2002

    I'm very dissapointed - I expected much more from the description ("rich, luminous...bla,bla...). This is very average perfume or less then average, in fact "rather mediocre" as someone said in the post. It is harsh and synthetic, and it has some similarity with both "Romance" and "Ralph". They are all three like three sisters though I don't like any of them.

  • ERIC09/13/2002

    Smells okay. Just smelled it on someone today, but I think Romance is a much better fragrance.

  • DANA09/12/2002

    I'm truly disappointed - this scent smells cheap..i was hoping for something more, like coco mademoiselle..but sadly this is no match for chanel. It smells artificial and doesn't appeal to me. Sorry Ralph!

  • NICOLE07/17/2002

    Very classy, elegant, soft, sweet floral. Top notes remind me "Romance" that I cannot wear because the dry-down is too spicy. But this one makes it... I love it.. worth every dollar.

  • DIVINEBRN05/25/2002

    I really love this perfume, it is one of my favorites. It is sooo sexxy and feminine!!

  • DM04/08/2002

    whewwwwww....too much tuberose for my liking

  • VALY04/07/2002

    Haven't tried it yet! Could anyone compare it to some other perfume, please? Someone told me it's similar to Romance, but warmer!? (I don't like Romance).

  • LINDA01/02/2002

    Earth to Aimee: date rape isn't something to joke about, ever. The perfume itself is classy.

  • LIANE 12/31/2001

    I love this scent. It's classy & sweet and not at all overpowering. It's my fave new perfume!

  • PJAY12/17/2001

    This perfume really smells good. Its top of the line in my opinion. Its not overbearing and it really stays on along time.

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