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Geir Ness


61 Reviews

A fresh, clean fragrance inspired by the luminous beauty of the Norwegian mountains. Wildflowers and subtle fruit inflections embrace to create a sheer and beguiling fragrance. Laila is distinctively feminine and captures all that is woman. The sleek, smooth bottle expresses Laila's feminine essence. The signature on the bottle is that of Geir's more

3.4 oz EDP Spray
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A fresh, clean fragrance inspired by the luminous beauty of the Norwegian mountains. Wildflowers and subtle fruit inflections embrace to create a sheer and beguiling fragrance. Laila is distinctively feminine and captures all that is woman. The sleek, smooth bottle expresses Laila's feminine essence. The signature on the bottle is that of Geir's greatest inspiration: Laila, Geir's mom. Notes include Norwegian Lilies, Natural Watermelon, Norwegian Snowflower.

  • RADO01/08/2019

    One of the best perfume.

  • K HAYWOOD06/26/2012

    Gift for my Daughter & she loves it!


    The Laila perfume is absolutely gorgeous. Most unusual smell, lasts most of the day, and everyone was more than favourably impressed. Only problem was that it arrived well after Christmas.

  • FRED MARSHALL12/14/2011

    Both my wife and daughter love this fragrance. very unique and smells addorable. Originally bought in Florida it was great to see that I could purchase it from Galaxy. First class customer service from Galaxy Perfume who quickly resolved a leaky issue with the initial bottle(top cap loose). Will now only buy from Galaxy.

  • CB09/13/2011

    Having developed sensitivity to many perfumes over the years, I was THRILLED to have found Laila at Epcot. I tend to shy-away from the "perfume nazis" at department stores, but when I encountered this scent at Epcot, I knew I must try it. It being very pricey, I needed to make sure that I could wear the scent all day without disolving into coughing fits. So after the trip, I purchased some samples from the Laila website and was delighted to find NO SENSITIVITY to the compounds in this wonderful, feminine scent. Have been wearing this & the body cream for years now & receive many compliments. The parfum smells a little stronger (?) than the eau de cologne & seems to last a little longer on the skin. Spritz on before bed and drift off to sleep on a bed of soft wildflowers. You will love it.

  • NORMA05/01/2011

    went to america for this best ever

  • ROSEMARIE02/21/2010

    Without a doubt , one of the finest perfumes I'v ever received from my hubby,,Ilove it

  • LINDA06/24/2009

    Yummy, found it at EPCOT. Perfect for summer wear.

  • SUSAN OF MASS10/19/2008

    I sampled this product at Disney World's Epcot in 9/08. I purchased the hand and body cream. This product stays with you all day. It has a very light clean scent. I also noticed how soft my elbows and hands feel. This is a must try. I am hooked.

  • SUE10/13/2008

    Can any one tell me if this smells like Casual by Paul Sabastion, because I have Casual, and if they do not smell similar then maybe I'll have to get it.

  • TAMI03/16/2008

    I sampled this perfume for the first time at Epcot and absolutely loved its light, fresh scent!! It stayed with me all day, yet wasn't overpowering. My husband and kids loved it, too. Beautiful!


    Like many of you, my wife and I first encountered this at Epcot in the Norway pavillion. I loved it, and my wife had to have it, but couldn't justify the expense. So I got it for her for Christmas. It is very fresh and feminine, without being cloyingingly sweet.

  • PATTI10/06/2007

    As I walked into a shop in Epcot off of Norway, the smell had me at the door. It's fresh, clean and very simple, I had to have a bottle of it!

  • LISA09/01/2007

    I usually do not stay with a perfume long but ever since I found Laila four years ago I always come back to it!!

  • AUDREY07/24/2007

    When I walked into the shop for Norway at Epcot the smell was wonderful, as they had samples of Lalia as you walked it, I had to have it. I have people ask me all the time what I have on. The nurse at my doctors ask me what I had on and told another nurse to go to the room I had been waiting in as the frangrance still lingered, she loved it, I do not smell it when I have it on but others do, and I get many comments about it.

  • CAROL06/02/2007

    I believe this is my 3rd or 4th order from your company. Always get compliments when wearing it. AND it is so much easier than ordering through DW. Love it!!!

  • RONNIE05/15/2007

    Everytime I wear it, I get asked what I have on because people love it. Funny story, one of my very pregnant friends wanted it because it was the ONLY perfume that didn't make her nauseous.

  • GAIL04/08/2007

    This could be a great perfume if they took the sharp note out of it. I think it's the watermelon note that stings my nose. Otherwise, it's beautiful!

  • STEPHAIE04/06/2007

    This is the best in the world. I too went to Epcot about 5 years ago and didn't get boyfriend at the time (now my husband) searched high and low...finally had to call and order it straight from them. Just recently had to get some more and this is where he came to get it. GREAT SO FRESH AND CLEAN SMELL.

  • AUDREY02/27/2007

    I love it.Each time I wear it people will ask what it is that smells so good. I found it at epcot and fell in love with it. I am ordering another bottle today, a gift from my hubby.

  • JOOLS02/17/2007

    Laila perfume is absolutely gorgeous. I purchased a bottle when I was at Epcot last year and have frantically been trying to locate it in the UK since my return. Thankfully I've now found Perfume Emporium. I just can't imagine wearing any other perfume, nothing else I've tried comes close to Laila.

  • SUE02/13/2007

    I first smelled it at Epcot too! I sprayed myself and then smelled my wrists all day long. And I very regretably didn't buy it. I recently visited there again this past weekend hoping to find it as I couldn't remember what it was called and much to my suprise, they had it! I love it. Very fresh, very clean and yes, I bought some!

  • AUDREY01/18/2007

    I love it, the smell is fresh and clean. I have had many ask what I am wearing.

  • JOHNNY X09/06/2006

    I love it when my wife wears Laila.....super clean and sexy sent..I can always smell it but its not strong..I also bought Geir for men,,,my wife loves it!

  • BETH07/19/2006

    I love this frangrance. This is very clean, soft smell on me. Laila does last. I purchased the lotion and perfume at Nordstroms. Laila is a unique fragrance, not the typical floral. Just beautiful and feminine!

  • FAIRLIND05/29/2006

    I took a nap with this scent on, and woke up to a floral, watery, jarring scent. This seems fine for very young girls who like single florals, but not for women over 30. Reminiscent of Snow by Demeter.

  • CHERYL T05/16/2006

    I just picked this up at a dept. store, and I love it. At first I was concerned about the watermelon note, but it works and keeps the fragrance from becoming just another white flower boquet.

  • LINDSEY03/27/2006

    My family is from Norway and Sweden, and when I smell this immediately takes me there. It's the most relaxing, invigorating and comforting smell... like ice capped mountains surrounded by the meadows filled with beautiful flowers. Also, my mother and I have never had a problem making this perfume last all day. But with any perfume if you will spray it on after putting the lotion on..the scent will last longer and have a softer smell.

  • AMORETTE03/21/2006

    Besides being one the best fragances.i consider it my lucky charm.It always brings me luck everytime i wear it.single ladies,please try this fragance!

  • ZOE11/29/2005

    Yesterday I got it. I had only read the description before and had read opinions here, in Perfume Emporium. So, yesterday I first tried it, and I'm so happy. It's weak, though, but tha makes it good for summer. I love it. :)

  • NICOLE11/28/2005

    This perfume is wonderful. I HAD to buy it when I was at Norway in Epcot. I get stopped everytime I wear this perfume. Men seem to love it and think it smells really sexy. I am not usually more of a vanilla gal, so I was shocked that some reviews said it was overwhelmingly floral. I have to disagree, it smells really fresh.

  • LIZZIE11/26/2005

    i think this smells wonderfully on other people... not really my type of fragrance but i appreciate it nonetheless. it's VERY FLORAL... white, brilliant, full of sparkle. it takes my nose straight to norway, so i suppose it does what it sets out to do. i sniffed it just today in sephora... and i realized how DIFFERENTLY it smells compared to the bouquet of other paper stems i clutched. so it really isn't my thing (i'm a floriental gal at heart. i mean nose.). i would love to smell it on others, just not my own skin. if you're a floral gal-- especially a white floral gal-- you're going to fall in love with this. i understand why it's so well-loved. beautiful.

  • DIANE11/08/2005

    I have found it online! For years, I have had friends travelling to Epcot, where I found it. It is an outstanding scent. Very fresh and light and so different. Glad to have found it.

  • JANE10/22/2005

    Laila captivated me when I tried it in Norway at EPCOT. I'm so glad I found somewhere to buy it on line.

  • KELLEY09/23/2005

    Ever since I found Laila at the EPCOT pavillion of Norway this is the only perfume I wear.

  • KIM09/04/2005

    I love this stuff! But yes, I have found that the scent fades pretty quickly :(

  • MICHEL09/01/2005

    Hello, I was fortunate to buy this fragrance at our local Nordstrom store when it debut, and for the past few years, I have enjoyed wearing it. My husband is fond of the fragrance, so much so, I spray our bed sheets with it, it's a relaxing scent, fresh, crisp and beautiful!

  • TESS08/15/2005

    Light, unique - It'll make you stand out in a crowd. No one wears this perfume. Very hard to find. It's a wonderfully fresh scent. It does not have a powerful floral scent. This is my all time favorite perfume.

  • MIKKI VAL08/03/2005

    Absolutely one of the sexiest scents I've ever worn. I am constantly getting stopped over this fragrance!

  • DEB07/29/2005

    i have been using this now since january, and although i still love it, it seems to fade so quickly. does anyone have any suggestions for something similar to this: light, fresh, clean.....that might last better? tx!!

  • KIM06/17/2005

    This perfume is so wonderful and smells incredible, I found it at Epcot Center in Disneyworld and fell in love it. My husband and I liked it so much, we named our daughter after it when she was born

  • JOLENE03/28/2005

    I usually get bored with my perfumes after a few months, so I've definently tried quite a few. By far, this one has ALWAYS gotten the most comments (and good ones, not bad). The notes are definently unique, I mean, c'mon, how many have norwegian flowers? You come across A LOT of perfumes with amber, jasmine, etc, but not many with what's in this one. I may actually go for longer than a year with this perfume. But realize that everyone's chemistry reacts differently. Plus your tastes...for me, I don't like extremely sweet (i.e. vanilla) or too flowery (i.e. rose), so this is a great balance. My other favorite past perfume was Dolce & Gabana's Light Blue if that gives any clues.

  • JACKIE R.03/01/2005

    I first smelled this on my friend Marga and thought it was a beautiful, fresh ,feminine fragrance. I recently visited Epcot center and lo and behold , found Laila in the Norway section of Epcot!! I decided to buy it and can't get enough of it... I spray it on my light bulbs, my linens and my bedroom!! It reminds me of a crisp, fresh sunny spring/summer day!

  • DEB01/24/2005

    i recently got a sample of this, much due to the reviews i read here. i LOVE this perfume! it is the fresh, clean, soft scent i have been searching for!!! i agree with previous comments, that it is similar to l'eau d'issey, but yet different. not as sharp. so thanks for the input recieved here.

  • PAULA06/30/2004

    The ideal clean and fresh fragrance. Great for warm weather but can see this worn year-round as well. Also great for ladies with sensitive skin like myself. If you are a fan of light fragrances such as Issey Miyake, Laila is for you!

  • MIRIAM05/29/2004

    I've worn Laila since 1999 when I found it, at all places, in EPCOT in the Norway section. An allergy sufferer all my life, this was the first time I found a fragrance that didn't bother me. I've loved it and worn it exclusively ever since!

  • NATASHA05/01/2004

    This perfume is in my top 5!! I love the fresh, tasteful, and delicate scent it leaves on my skin. I get compliments from both sexes.

  • CATHERINE05/01/2004

    Laila is just smells so fresh and clean. I love floral scents that are soft and delicate. Men go crazy for it. It's one of my secret scents I hope few discover.

  • METTA W03/29/2004

    i immediately went on-line to research this fragrance the moment i smelled it... i'm patiently waiting now for wednesday so i can place my order...

  • MARY K. 03/24/2004

    This is a hit you over the head with a bucket of flowers type of perfume! I know, it's just my opinion, and florals are just really not my thing, but I expected more with all the great reviews. It also reminds me of some air freshener sprays I have smelled.

  • MARIMO02/20/2004

    The floral is too pungent for me; gave me a headache.

  • VERONICA 02/08/2004

    love it smells clean

  • CAROL02/03/2004

    This perfume is wonderful. I also bought this at Epcot. My husband thinks it is great and so do I.

  • AMY01/30/2004

    This perfume reminds me of spring time on a warm sunny morning. I get soooo many compliments on it.

  • ISZ08/21/2003

    the smell is very familiar, maybe issey miyake? it's quite strong, so use sparingly. great staying power!

  • ELIZABETH08/11/2003

    I love this perfume. I have sensitive skin and it's one of the few I can wear without any problems. It also really does remind me of Norway!

  • DEBBIE08/09/2003

    My boyfriend gave me a bottle of Laila for Christmas and every time I wear it I get compliments. The fresh scent is perfect for day or evening and a little bit goes a long way. Laila is number 1 in my book!!!

  • DEIDRA 05/30/2003

    Is this fragrance sharp at all?

  • CHERYL05/16/2003

    Based on everyone's reviews, I am hoping this is what I've been looking. Something clean. I just ordered a bottle and am hoping it will get here soon. I will post my review as soon as I try it out. Thank you girls for your honest reviews. They've been so helpful.

  • ANNE04/13/2003

    This is the most beautiful perfume I have tried. It is fresh, clean and elegant.

  • GEN03/31/2003

    This is a very fresh and floral perfume. Very nice to wear in the warm months. When I do wear this people always want to know what perfume I am wearing. They seem to love it. Do use a light hand though. This perfume does have great staying power, so do not over do it. Very fresh and pretty.

  • JACKIE02/06/2003


  • BETH02/01/2003

    This perfume is just beautiful. It is fresh and flowery. Very Springy. It's about the only perfume that my daughters and I agree on. We first came upon this perfume in the Norwegian part of Epcot in Disneyworld. I didn't get it there, and I'm so glad to see that I can get here. Definitely a favorite!

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